Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua 11.10.10

After tribal, Naonka felt badly for Jane.  Really?  She admitted that if it had been Marty going at her, she would have fought back.  Jane re-dubbed Marty "Farty" and said that he was grasping at straws, and she wasn't planning on changing her game.

Next day, Marty lamented that he was playing the game with stupid people.  Hetold his group that they should tell people they were voting Naonka out, and they should vote Holly instead, and it would flush out the idol.  He was gunning for Holly because Sash told him it was her who wrote his name down.  Interesting plan..

Reward Challenge

They will be randomly divided into two teams, through an obstacle course to collect three keys, and then use the keys to unlock three locks.  First to raise their flag wins.  They win a zip line experience, and a Survivor BBQ.

Teams are randomly Men vs. Women, with Chase not selected.  If Chase selects the winning team to back, he's going on the reward with them.  He admitted to doing something crazy and backed the ladies.  The two teams are seriously neck and neck... until there was a stick blockade that they had to break, and the men brute forced through first.  And then, poor Jane fell behind.  The men won it as the women tried to get through their walls... and Chase was staying at camp with the women.

Purple Kelly broke down crying because she was hungry.. Probst gave the men a chance to offer reward to someone on the women's team they thought deserved it for working so hard.  They declined the offer.  Nothing for the ladies.  Marty called Chase joining Jane "like watching Dumb and Dumber."  Tell us how you really feel, Marty..

The reward looked amazing.  Dan said that there aren't any zip lines in Brooklyn, unless you are a burglar.  And the food?  Looked like heaven.  Marty was excited to have a chance to talk to the guys about his plan.  Everyone seemed to buy into it.  But, Sash admitted in confessional that while Marty's plan makes sense, he thinks that he and Brenda are the smartest two people in the game.

Back at camp, the women gave Chase some hugs, before Brenda admitted that Chase wasn't making smart decisions.  The girls all want Marty out.  Chase doesn't want to ruffle Brenda's feathers, and he worried that she might be in with Marty.  He and Naonka went to talk with her on the beach, and she was very quiet.  She called him a little baby and too paranoid, with the illusion of alpha male persona.

Tree mail brings clues to an Immunity challenge, which seems to be a Trivia.  and so it is.

Immunity Challenge

Memory challenge - It's like Simon. A series of symbols will be shown, and they will have to repeat them with cubes with symbols on them.  Jane and Naonka are the first ones out, at just the third symbol.  Then Dan pulled a symbol that wasn't even in the first group.  Next, Holly, Kelly, and Sash fell.

There were five left for the second round.  Jud Fabio was out next, followed by Chase, then Benry.

It's between Brenda and Marty, and then Brenda won it.

Back at camp, Jud Fabio was talking with Benry, and Jud Fabio said that he hates playing stupid, but it's easy.  Wait... is this stupid all a strategy?  Then, Marty told Chase it was going to be Naonka... so, they aren't telling him of the Holly switch?  Chase told Holly that they told him they were voting Naonka, but he thinks they are going to blindside Jane.  Then, Marty went to tell Brenda that Sash's plan is to say they are voting Naonka and then blindsiding Jane.  Is that the new plan?  Brenda said that Marty isn't running the game, she and Sash are.  She and Sash talked, and they were vascillating between Marty and Jane.

Tribal Council

Probst talked of the random men vs. women at the challenge, and Jane said the hardest thing was the bamboo sticks and the "brick" wall, which they bounced right off... Sash admitted that they used the time out to strategize, and Jud Fabio brought up that back at camp, the girls plus Chase were strategizing, but he was happy to be eating while strategizing.  Brenda admitted that Jane is more of a threat against the jury, because she is so nice, whereas Naonka is a trouble maker, so she wouldn't be so tough against.  Probst brought up the food theft again, and Naonka said that it wasn't something she wanted to talk about anymore, and then called herself a "humanitarian," which she took to mean only human.  Um, not quite.  Even Jud Fabio looked aghast at her gaff.  Then, she got into it against Marty, saying that his "walk sucks," and she went on and on about how she was fighting him, and she was going to scare him.  Jud Fabio tried to stop her, but she kept going on.  Then, Marty said that it gave him the insight into the kind of person she is.  Jud Fabio said that she wasn't making any sense, and that she was saying she was sorry, but she still did it.  She said that they were still talking about the damned flour.  Jud Fabio admitted that Naonka's behavior irritated him, and she said that she was irritated by him, too.  She said "this is who I am," and said that she's not putting on a show, this is who she is.  Wow.  nice.  Probst said that he wonders if her recurrent outbreaks and continued presence in the game meant that she was going to be carried to the finals... maybe.  Ugh.

At the vote, Jane said that she wouldn't let her kids or grandkids play with Marty's, and that he is a disgrace to all fathers.  Wow.  Personally, I would put those same words to Naonka being a teacher... and Naonka didn't play the idol.  Guess she's feeling pretty confident.

Votes go to Jane and Marty... and Marty is going home.  Guess that's what you get when you announce to the person who is charge of the game (Brenda/Sash) that your plan is the only plan... buh-bye.

And next week - Something terrible happens and they didn't show us.  Just shocked dismay.  I wonder if an animal gets into their food or something?  We'll have to wait and see...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 11.3.10

Sorry that I didn't blog last week, it was a crazy week with Halloween and all..

Time for a merge!

Benry is plotting against Alina.  Espada is surprised to see Jill gone.  Marty feels like it's home sweet home and he's been given a new lease on life.  They open the treasure chest together and find a wealth of bread and food and new buffs.  Jud Fabio is more excited than anything about the merge.  Marty dubs the new tribe Libertad.  And then, there is rum in the treasure chest.  and cookies.  And salami.  Naonka was shoving food in her clothing - peanuts in her bra and the like.  Brenda was super excited to see Naonka again.  Ugh.  I hate that Naonka is in a strong alliance.  They went for a walk and discussed everything that had happened, including Marty giving Sash the idol.

Jane and Chase discussed North Carolina and her prowress in P90X.  I could dig this alliance.  And I have even more respect for Jane.  P90X is rough.  Good for her.

Naonka is annoyed because she made tortillas and she got the last, smallest one.  And then, she took the flour in her bag and left camp.  Holly saw her do it.  She buried the flour.  Wow.  I really can't stand her.  She then took all sorts of fruit and cooking tools and hid them, too.  She is such a baby.  And then, she decided to share with Alina, and told Alina that people would be gunning for her, and so she needed to win immunity.  I don't get Naonka.  I do, however, like Alina, so... Naonka admitted in confessional that she told Alina so that she would have her vote in the jury.

Then, the tribe realized that there were some things missing - bowl, frying pan, flour... and Jud Fabio said "that doesn't get swept away by the tide."  And Holly brought up that she saw Naonka take the flour.  She denied, denied, denied.  Alina felt badly about not saying anything.  Sash and Alina told Naonka that she needed to admit that she took the flour and the other things.  She did admit it, but then threw Alina's name in the mix, too.  And she said she brought it away to portion it out so they didn't go through it all.  Marty wasn't buying it. 

Jane continued the be The Man, and was catching fish left and right.  Marty felt threatened by Jane in the game, and said her connections would spread like "cancerous tentacles" through the tribe.  Marty brought up his problem with Jane to Brenda, and she didn't think that he had the right idea about Jane, but worried that he would be able to bend others to his will, so maybe they should just go with him, in order to lessen his influence.  What?

Immunity Challenge

They have to hold onto a steel handle and keep tension on it, to not let it slip down a pole to drop break their plate.  The last man and the last woman will win immunity.  And Purple Kelly and Dan are out almost immediately, followed by Alina, and then Brenda and Benry.  Sash followed, and Naonka.  And Jane won Woman's Individual Immunity, but continued, saying that she wanted to stay in the challenge and see if she could beat the men.  She said "Picking up 80 lb dogs helps."  Marty lost it, and it's between Jud Fabio and Chase for the men's immunity.  And Jane was still hanging on.  Chase dropped his bar, and Jud Fabio won - and Jane held out strong right to the end.  Nice job, Jane.

Jane really wants Marty out.  It's between Marty and Alina.  Sash told the group that he promised Marty when he gave him the idol that he would give it back if he was in trouble for the next tribal.  Jane worries that Marty might get the individual immunity the next time, and she worried that she was Marty's target.  They assured her that they were her alliance.

Then, Dan went to Marty and told him that Chase was gunning for him.  Marty confronted Sash and Brenda and was upping his own paranoia.  Sash said he was digging his own grave. 

Alina went up to Jud Fabio and asked him to vote for Marty, but Jud Fabio brought up the (very valid) point that Naonka should be going home.  Then, he told her that her strategic thinking is why people want her gone, and he told her that he gets along with Marty, and she stormed off, saying "seems to me that we got along, too."  Oh, Jud Fabio, you just can't win...

Tribal Council

Marty immediately attacked Jane, saying that if Jane makes it to the final 3, he would vote for her, because the people who let her get there made a terrible mistake.  He said "If you think someone's going to take a million dollars out of your pocket, that's what you have to think about."  Alina said that perhaps Marty just called himself out as the biggest threat in the tribe.  Then, Dan brought up the food theft, and told Probst that it was Naonka and Alina.  To Naonka's credit, she took all of the blame for it.  Then she said she was punished because no one talked to her for the rest of the day.  Poor baby.  And Alina admitted that she knew about it, but called herself the ultimate swing vote, she they should keep her around.

We'll see...

Benry called Alina a "dirt squirrel" in his vote for her.  I don't get the animosity, but again, we don't see everything...

Votes went to Alina... and she's gone.  That makes me really sad.  She didn't do anything wrong, except for not having a really solid alliance... Sad.

Next week, Sash and Brenda try to maintain power, and ... another tribal of Naonka being a grade A beotch and Jud Fabio scoffing in disbelief at her behavior.  Ought to be fun...