Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua 11.10.10

After tribal, Naonka felt badly for Jane.  Really?  She admitted that if it had been Marty going at her, she would have fought back.  Jane re-dubbed Marty "Farty" and said that he was grasping at straws, and she wasn't planning on changing her game.

Next day, Marty lamented that he was playing the game with stupid people.  Hetold his group that they should tell people they were voting Naonka out, and they should vote Holly instead, and it would flush out the idol.  He was gunning for Holly because Sash told him it was her who wrote his name down.  Interesting plan..

Reward Challenge

They will be randomly divided into two teams, through an obstacle course to collect three keys, and then use the keys to unlock three locks.  First to raise their flag wins.  They win a zip line experience, and a Survivor BBQ.

Teams are randomly Men vs. Women, with Chase not selected.  If Chase selects the winning team to back, he's going on the reward with them.  He admitted to doing something crazy and backed the ladies.  The two teams are seriously neck and neck... until there was a stick blockade that they had to break, and the men brute forced through first.  And then, poor Jane fell behind.  The men won it as the women tried to get through their walls... and Chase was staying at camp with the women.

Purple Kelly broke down crying because she was hungry.. Probst gave the men a chance to offer reward to someone on the women's team they thought deserved it for working so hard.  They declined the offer.  Nothing for the ladies.  Marty called Chase joining Jane "like watching Dumb and Dumber."  Tell us how you really feel, Marty..

The reward looked amazing.  Dan said that there aren't any zip lines in Brooklyn, unless you are a burglar.  And the food?  Looked like heaven.  Marty was excited to have a chance to talk to the guys about his plan.  Everyone seemed to buy into it.  But, Sash admitted in confessional that while Marty's plan makes sense, he thinks that he and Brenda are the smartest two people in the game.

Back at camp, the women gave Chase some hugs, before Brenda admitted that Chase wasn't making smart decisions.  The girls all want Marty out.  Chase doesn't want to ruffle Brenda's feathers, and he worried that she might be in with Marty.  He and Naonka went to talk with her on the beach, and she was very quiet.  She called him a little baby and too paranoid, with the illusion of alpha male persona.

Tree mail brings clues to an Immunity challenge, which seems to be a Trivia.  and so it is.

Immunity Challenge

Memory challenge - It's like Simon. A series of symbols will be shown, and they will have to repeat them with cubes with symbols on them.  Jane and Naonka are the first ones out, at just the third symbol.  Then Dan pulled a symbol that wasn't even in the first group.  Next, Holly, Kelly, and Sash fell.

There were five left for the second round.  Jud Fabio was out next, followed by Chase, then Benry.

It's between Brenda and Marty, and then Brenda won it.

Back at camp, Jud Fabio was talking with Benry, and Jud Fabio said that he hates playing stupid, but it's easy.  Wait... is this stupid all a strategy?  Then, Marty told Chase it was going to be Naonka... so, they aren't telling him of the Holly switch?  Chase told Holly that they told him they were voting Naonka, but he thinks they are going to blindside Jane.  Then, Marty went to tell Brenda that Sash's plan is to say they are voting Naonka and then blindsiding Jane.  Is that the new plan?  Brenda said that Marty isn't running the game, she and Sash are.  She and Sash talked, and they were vascillating between Marty and Jane.

Tribal Council

Probst talked of the random men vs. women at the challenge, and Jane said the hardest thing was the bamboo sticks and the "brick" wall, which they bounced right off... Sash admitted that they used the time out to strategize, and Jud Fabio brought up that back at camp, the girls plus Chase were strategizing, but he was happy to be eating while strategizing.  Brenda admitted that Jane is more of a threat against the jury, because she is so nice, whereas Naonka is a trouble maker, so she wouldn't be so tough against.  Probst brought up the food theft again, and Naonka said that it wasn't something she wanted to talk about anymore, and then called herself a "humanitarian," which she took to mean only human.  Um, not quite.  Even Jud Fabio looked aghast at her gaff.  Then, she got into it against Marty, saying that his "walk sucks," and she went on and on about how she was fighting him, and she was going to scare him.  Jud Fabio tried to stop her, but she kept going on.  Then, Marty said that it gave him the insight into the kind of person she is.  Jud Fabio said that she wasn't making any sense, and that she was saying she was sorry, but she still did it.  She said that they were still talking about the damned flour.  Jud Fabio admitted that Naonka's behavior irritated him, and she said that she was irritated by him, too.  She said "this is who I am," and said that she's not putting on a show, this is who she is.  Wow.  nice.  Probst said that he wonders if her recurrent outbreaks and continued presence in the game meant that she was going to be carried to the finals... maybe.  Ugh.

At the vote, Jane said that she wouldn't let her kids or grandkids play with Marty's, and that he is a disgrace to all fathers.  Wow.  Personally, I would put those same words to Naonka being a teacher... and Naonka didn't play the idol.  Guess she's feeling pretty confident.

Votes go to Jane and Marty... and Marty is going home.  Guess that's what you get when you announce to the person who is charge of the game (Brenda/Sash) that your plan is the only plan... buh-bye.

And next week - Something terrible happens and they didn't show us.  Just shocked dismay.  I wonder if an animal gets into their food or something?  We'll have to wait and see...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 11.3.10

Sorry that I didn't blog last week, it was a crazy week with Halloween and all..

Time for a merge!

Benry is plotting against Alina.  Espada is surprised to see Jill gone.  Marty feels like it's home sweet home and he's been given a new lease on life.  They open the treasure chest together and find a wealth of bread and food and new buffs.  Jud Fabio is more excited than anything about the merge.  Marty dubs the new tribe Libertad.  And then, there is rum in the treasure chest.  and cookies.  And salami.  Naonka was shoving food in her clothing - peanuts in her bra and the like.  Brenda was super excited to see Naonka again.  Ugh.  I hate that Naonka is in a strong alliance.  They went for a walk and discussed everything that had happened, including Marty giving Sash the idol.

Jane and Chase discussed North Carolina and her prowress in P90X.  I could dig this alliance.  And I have even more respect for Jane.  P90X is rough.  Good for her.

Naonka is annoyed because she made tortillas and she got the last, smallest one.  And then, she took the flour in her bag and left camp.  Holly saw her do it.  She buried the flour.  Wow.  I really can't stand her.  She then took all sorts of fruit and cooking tools and hid them, too.  She is such a baby.  And then, she decided to share with Alina, and told Alina that people would be gunning for her, and so she needed to win immunity.  I don't get Naonka.  I do, however, like Alina, so... Naonka admitted in confessional that she told Alina so that she would have her vote in the jury.

Then, the tribe realized that there were some things missing - bowl, frying pan, flour... and Jud Fabio said "that doesn't get swept away by the tide."  And Holly brought up that she saw Naonka take the flour.  She denied, denied, denied.  Alina felt badly about not saying anything.  Sash and Alina told Naonka that she needed to admit that she took the flour and the other things.  She did admit it, but then threw Alina's name in the mix, too.  And she said she brought it away to portion it out so they didn't go through it all.  Marty wasn't buying it. 

Jane continued the be The Man, and was catching fish left and right.  Marty felt threatened by Jane in the game, and said her connections would spread like "cancerous tentacles" through the tribe.  Marty brought up his problem with Jane to Brenda, and she didn't think that he had the right idea about Jane, but worried that he would be able to bend others to his will, so maybe they should just go with him, in order to lessen his influence.  What?

Immunity Challenge

They have to hold onto a steel handle and keep tension on it, to not let it slip down a pole to drop break their plate.  The last man and the last woman will win immunity.  And Purple Kelly and Dan are out almost immediately, followed by Alina, and then Brenda and Benry.  Sash followed, and Naonka.  And Jane won Woman's Individual Immunity, but continued, saying that she wanted to stay in the challenge and see if she could beat the men.  She said "Picking up 80 lb dogs helps."  Marty lost it, and it's between Jud Fabio and Chase for the men's immunity.  And Jane was still hanging on.  Chase dropped his bar, and Jud Fabio won - and Jane held out strong right to the end.  Nice job, Jane.

Jane really wants Marty out.  It's between Marty and Alina.  Sash told the group that he promised Marty when he gave him the idol that he would give it back if he was in trouble for the next tribal.  Jane worries that Marty might get the individual immunity the next time, and she worried that she was Marty's target.  They assured her that they were her alliance.

Then, Dan went to Marty and told him that Chase was gunning for him.  Marty confronted Sash and Brenda and was upping his own paranoia.  Sash said he was digging his own grave. 

Alina went up to Jud Fabio and asked him to vote for Marty, but Jud Fabio brought up the (very valid) point that Naonka should be going home.  Then, he told her that her strategic thinking is why people want her gone, and he told her that he gets along with Marty, and she stormed off, saying "seems to me that we got along, too."  Oh, Jud Fabio, you just can't win...

Tribal Council

Marty immediately attacked Jane, saying that if Jane makes it to the final 3, he would vote for her, because the people who let her get there made a terrible mistake.  He said "If you think someone's going to take a million dollars out of your pocket, that's what you have to think about."  Alina said that perhaps Marty just called himself out as the biggest threat in the tribe.  Then, Dan brought up the food theft, and told Probst that it was Naonka and Alina.  To Naonka's credit, she took all of the blame for it.  Then she said she was punished because no one talked to her for the rest of the day.  Poor baby.  And Alina admitted that she knew about it, but called herself the ultimate swing vote, she they should keep her around.

We'll see...

Benry called Alina a "dirt squirrel" in his vote for her.  I don't get the animosity, but again, we don't see everything...

Votes went to Alina... and she's gone.  That makes me really sad.  She didn't do anything wrong, except for not having a really solid alliance... Sad.

Next week, Sash and Brenda try to maintain power, and ... another tribal of Naonka being a grade A beotch and Jud Fabio scoffing in disbelief at her behavior.  Ought to be fun...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Survivor: 10.20.10

Uh oh... Did not know that Yve was not told about the ouster of Tyrone.  This could get messy.  Holly has come around from her near quit, and realizes that you should suck it up and finish what you've signed up for.  This is just as Dan decided to be done.

Yve is upset about being left out of the decision, and Holly told her that they didn't tell her because she and Tyrone had an alliance... which she didn't.  Holly says maybe they should be more open and honest.  Then she told Yve that Dan had declared he was done....

Over at La Flor, Marty and Jill worry that the young people just sleep all the time and don't do chores... but Jane fits right in and Becky says that votes would be split between Marty and Jill at a tribal, and it would flush out the idol...

Immunity Challenge

And.... it's individual immunities.  Both tribes are going to tribal and voting someone out.  Each tribe will have someone immune...

Everyone has to go out and dig in an individual area for rings, which they have to toss over their shoulders into baskets on their backs.  First back with all their rings wins.  Then, the winners compete for tribal reward - a feast enjoyed while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council.  That's a ring toss.

Holly wins immunity for Espada.  And Jill wins for La Flor.  The best laid plans of Becky are dashed.

And Jill won it for La Flor.  Fantastic.

And the schemes began... the plan was to split votes for Marty and Kelly B. - but tell Kelly B. they were voting for Jane.  Not sure about that...

And of course, Jud Fabio is the wild card.

Marty of course has a plan.  He told Jud Fabio that he is a grand master in chess and pulled some tennis player's name out of his butt as being the best strategist for the situation... and Jud Fabio ate it all up.  Marty admitted that he could pull anything out of the 70's on these kids, and they would buy it.  I think that is mostly true of Jud Fabio.. not so much all of the others.

And Espada was trying to figure out their move... Dan and Yve seem to be on the chopping block.  Naonka continued to show no sympathy for people with physical ailments and said that Dan's knees are about to give out and sooner rather than later he's going to be walking on nubs.  Nice.

Yve tries to pull in Naonka and Alina and tells them that she's got good relationships with the old Espada tribe, and this would be good for them somehow.  Alina brings up the point that this is the perfect reason to vote her out.

Chase was not sure what to do, and Naonka told him to not vote with his heart, but to vote with his gut.  She said that if they want to vote out Yve, she will write her name down and then smile in her face.  Nice.  Oh, nice. 

And La Flor, Jane thinks she is as thick as peanut butter and jelly (her words) with the younger people.

Sash told the plan of the split vote to Jud Fabio, and Jud Fabio is reticent to vote for Marty, because he thinks he's in thick with Marty.

La Flor Tribal Council

Becky brought up that Jane should perhaps be worried about Marty and Jill voting her out.  Marty told her that was preposterous - because he and Jill are two, against the rest of the group.  Kelly B. feels pretty safe in the tribe.  Uh oh.  Marty says he felt less secure than before Brenda started talking.

And of course, because Becky brought up Marty's plans, Jane voted for Marty.  Marty voted for Brenda, saying she was a black widow, king cobra, and black mamba all rolled into one.

Marty made a STUPID move and did not play his hidden idol.. Votes went Split between Marty and Kelly B, with Brenda getting Marty and Jill's votes.  And it's a tie.  Revote.  This is Kelly B going home, I'm pretty sure, because Jill isn't voting for Marty...  I am really sad.  I liked her.  She had spunk and never did anything to deserve to go home.  Boo.  I guess Kelly B. was going home no matter what, though, even if Marty had played the idol.  He probably figured that and that's why he didn't play the idol...

Espada's Tribal Council (while La Flor feasted)

Naonka pointedly did not look at the eating.  She looked close to tears.  Probst told Dan that they could hear the ice cubes plunk into the glasses, and he said if it wasn't a martini, it didn't bother him.  Yve brought up Dan's complaints and that he said he wanted to quit.  Probst tried to get them to admit that Dan was bad at challenges.  And Dan said that Yve is just speaking up because she's in trouble.  She admitted that was fair.  Then, he called her arrogant, and she countered with the fact that she is not the one talking about her cars and houses and the like, and Dan admitted that he does that, but thinks it's her attitude that's arrogant... ummm... ok.

La Flor left before the vote, and Yve is gone.  Lesson learned - saying what a great competitor you are and how the other guy is no threat?  Not the best strategy to be kept around.

Next week looks good - Sash is trying to get the idol away from Marty, Jane is cooking a fish in the forest on the sly, and Jud Fabio likes to pee in the water that they will all be competing for the challenge in.  Nice.  I forsee that being talked about on the reunion show...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 10.13.10

Post Jimmy T's ouster, Espada despairs at having to go to tribal again and again.  Holly didn't have any idea that Jimmy T was going and she's really upset.  Marty called tribal a slam dunk and declared himself in charge of the game.  He "can't imagine anything going wrong" and tells Dan the same.  This is sure to be foreshadowing.

And over at La Flor, Naonka is proud to be on the younger tribe, and she has a happy alliance, has her hair done, has her shoes clean, and thinks if she looks good, she's going to do "good."

Challenge Time.

And.... ha.  Drop your buffs.  Tribal shake up.  So there, cocky people.  Probst brought out a bag of rocks and they drew for new captains.  The new captains are Brenda and Holly.  Brenda gets three people from the older tribe, and Holly got four from the younger.  Jane, Jill, and Marty joined La Flor.  Aline, Benry, Chase, and Naonka joined Espada.

And no more Medallion of Power.

It's Survivor Plinko - with balls going down what is essentially a plinko board, after being thrown up a flat wall, with tribe members at the bottom catching the balls.  If you drop, the other team gets the point.  First to three points wins.  And they are playing for two chickens and a rooster.  Naonka can't wait to "wring them necks on them chickens."

Right off, it was tied... and then Marty dropped one for La Flor, and Espada pulled ahead.  Then, Alina dropped one for Espada, and it's tied again.  And Marty dropped a second one, and Espada headed back to camp with the chickens.

Newly mixed tribes got to know each other.  Tyrone wanted to leave all the chickens alive for a while so they would produce eggs, and seemed to be stepping right into leadership role of the tribe with Marty gone.  And he was telling all of the new tribe members what to do, keep things clean and do chores and such... and Naonka took offense to being told that there were things to do.  Holly felt like the "kids" were receptive to her.  She and Naonka got on well together right off.  Two crazies together.  Awesome.  Alina was hanging with them, too.  Naonka wants to go where ever the numbers are, so suddenly she's ok with Alina.

And on La Flor, Jud Fabio is pretty stoked about the switch.  Then, Marty starts asking about responsibilities and tribal chores, and Brenda just looks bemused, with Jud Fabio looks confused at the concept.. Jane likes new tribe and their easy-going attitude.  She wants to get rid of Marty and Jill.  Then, Marty found out about Naonka's tussle with Kelly B, and her running away with the clue, and Jud Fabio said "I guess we're the young tribe, and we really don't know what we're doing."  Marty talked to the tribe as a whole and told them that he has the immunity idol.  Brenda thought it was cocky of him, and said it was like he walked in and declared himself king.

The new Espada is feeling rather unfortunate... the resources at their camp don't seem as lush as at La Flor, and the shelter is built in such a way that the rain drives right through them.  Naonka is cold and she doesn't do well when she's uncomfortable.  Poor thing.  Alina said that Naonka seems like a PMSy high school girl, and thinks it's better for her if Naonka is despairing and wants to go home.  She told Naonka "You have the rest of your life to be warm and comfortable."  Chase came and told her a story about a rainbow that appeared when his dad died.  But it's hard!  And she's cold!  And wet!  And she wants to go home!  Oh, Naonka... sorry this isn't Club Med.  I have a hard time finding any sympathy for her.

Immunity Challenge

La Flor is happy to have a great camp with a dry shelter, and Alina said that Espada bonded in a different way because they were wet. 

And this challenge is crazy.  Three tribe members will be strapped to a revolving wheel, and they will be spun around to go briefly under water to grab water in their mouths, which they have to spit into a pipe on the top of the wheel to fill it and release balls.  Then it's Survivor Skee Ball to break tiles to win. 

Kelly B, Purple Kelly, and Brenda are on the wheel for La Flor, with Yve, Holly, and Alina on the wheel for Espada.

La Flor was spinning fast, but missing their target, while Espada had a more comfortable pace and filled their pipe first.  Tyrone and Benry were off to the Skee Ball game.  Shortly thereafter, La Flor released their balls and Jud Fabio and Jane threw for them.  It was all tied up, and then Jud Fabio won the challenge for La Flor. 

Naonka had a feeling they were going to lose, and she's ready to go home, thinking Espada's cursed.  She says if she continues to go, kudos to her, but if not, she's happy.  Naonka wants to eat before Tribal, and they decide to eat one of the chickens.  Tyrone is in disagreement of the idea.  They put it to a vote and the chicken dies.  Tyrone didn't take part in chicken prep, but was ready to eat when it came to it.  And he seemed to eat more than anyone else, after telling people to be mindful of their neighbors when they were getting food.  Alina and Benry also brought up the fact that Naonka was totally mentally checked out... we'll see.  I'm hoping for Naonka's swift exit, that's for sure.

Tribal Council

Alina brings up that she felt a bit like a child coming into the tribe, and Tyrone was the obvious boss man.  Naonka said that the night was the worst for her, except for getting a divorce at 26, but she blames herself for that.  Then, she did some weird math and said that she wanted to quit, and there weren't 24 hours in that day, there were 26, but it felt like 48.  huh?

Probst tried to get the others to admit that it would be easy to vote out Naonka, because she was breaking down.  Benry feigned that he had no idea what Probst meant, but Yve admitted that she was looking for longevity in people to keep around, and if Naonka broke down, she could easily break down again.  During the vote, Benry declared it was time to dethrone the king of Espada, saying "Benry's here, baby," before knocking something off the voting table.  Nice, dude.  Smooth.

Votes go to Naonka and Tyrone, with the person going home .... Tyrone. 

While he was abrasive at times, I think they are going to regret that vote mightily. 

Next week, Dan is pretty well ready to go home, and Marty reveals that he is a chess grand master... and there's another twist - no tribal immunity.  Wow.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 10.6.10

Oh, Marty... got rid of Jimmy J.  Will this be a mistake?  And can Naonka be any more hateful?

Let's see!

After the ousting of Jimmy J, Jimmy T denied that Jimmy J was a good leader at all.  And then he broke out into a really weird impromptu song.  Really?  Marty called it the Jimmy T. Show, and said that he needs to hear his own voice.  Marty said if you give Jimmy T a little rope, he'll hang himself from the nearest branch.  Wow.  Faith in your tribe, Marty.  Amazing.

The next morning, they had some serious beach flooding and washed up debris.  No more swimming in the ocean.  Also no fishing.  Jill brought up the point that there was no food and no means of getting it - 2 c of rice a day and that's it.  They watched a pelican fishing and decided they should fish like him.  Jimmy T tried to fish all by himself and refused help.  As you can imagine, that went well.  Jane wants someone to step up as Captain and Co-Captain... we'll see.

Over at La Flor, Naonka said she slept so well that she didn't even know it had rained until she got up and it was damp out.  And then Brenda figured out the hidden immunity clue.  She and Naonka fund the idol.  Crap.  And Naonka said that Brenda helped her figure it out, but the idol is hers.  Classy, Naonka.  That was Brenda all the way.  Naonka said "Not even a one-legged person would stand in my way.  One shove, and she's out of there."  Wow.

Alina and Kelly B. have formed a bond, and they had found the previous clue, so they went out searching for the idol, and Naonka said she was going to go get in their heads and scare them.  Mostly, she made herself look crazy.  Well done.

Espada was still starving, but thinks that they are doing well.  Marty wants one voice to delegate what they are going to do in the challenge, and he nominated Tyrone.  Jimmy T. spoke up and said he usually wants to be a leader, and he is aware that he is going to snap every once and a while, begging to be played, but he doesn't want to be a leader in this case.  He thinks that Marty doesn't like him because he is insecure and feels threatened by him.  Ummm... I don't think that's it.

Tree Mail brings messages of a possible blindfolded challenge.  They practice listening to Tyrone blindfolded.  Then Jimmy T. spoke up to make sure that everyone would listen to Tyrone.  Ummm.  Ok.


No chanting (visibly) from La Flor upon arrival at the challenge.  That's good.

Pairs of blindfolded people will be directed by vocal calling to gather 10 items, then find keys to unlock a chest.  Winner gets all first.  Also, the challenge winner gets to choose three of the items to keep.  La Flor decided to use their medallion of power and they start with 2 of 10 items back on their mat.  Dan sits out for Espada, and the two Kellies sit out for La Flor.

Brenda and Tyrone are callers.  Even with the practice, Brenda was doing a better job of getting people to items and back with them.  It wasn't even close - 4 items made it back for Espada and La Flor already had all of their items.  And guess what?  Jimmy T (who gave the speech about listening to directions) wasn't listening even a little, and La Flor won.

Three groups of items going back to their camp are fishing supplies, a tarp, and cooking supplies.  Excellent.

Back at camp, Espada tried to decide who was going to be going home.  Jimmy T. wants the opportunity to be a leader, and said that coaching basketball teams in his regular life means he would be good.  Everyone was pretty annoyed with him, it seems.

And at La Flor, Chase quietly found a clue to the Hidden Idol.. and he shared the knowledge with Brenda.  He had no problem at all figuring out the rebus clue.  She felt badly leading him on a wild goose chase, and after ascertaining that he trusted her more than anyone else on the tribe, she told him that Naonka had the idol, and told him that she found it for Naonka. She urged him to keep his mouth shut.

Espada resorted to eating sea urchins.  And according to Jimmy T, Marty was eating too many, and he called him out for not being a team player.  Then the talk was getting rid of Dan (because he's weak), or Jimmy T (for obvious reasons).  Marty wants to keep Dan.  Jimmy T. kept talking about how he wants his chance to lead. 


Probst called them out when they said that they thought it was close in the challenge.  It was not close.  They are delusional.  And then Jimmy T complained about not getting his chance.  Daniel admitted that he wasn't good at challenges.  And Holly thinks that Jimmy T. should have his chance.

Too little too late, though... Jimmy T. is gone.  Hurrah.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 9.29.10

La Flor realized that they had a lot of coming together to do before they were going to be successful.  Naonka of course thought it was all fake, and had some bitchy words about it.

Espada were stalking Howler Monkeys because they realized that they would lead them to food.  And Jimmy J. had a conversation with the monkeys.  Yve thinks Jimmy J's soul is inspiring.  Marty is just pissed off that Jimmy is a celebrity.  And no one is paying any attention to Marty.  Jill wanted Marty to calm down and think of the current tribe, not the threat Jimmy would be at the future merge.  She wants to show the hidden idol that they found to the others..

Over at La Flor, Jud Fabio was breathing in smoke from making fire, and he maintained that his strategy was to hang out and make people laugh, and he wants to be kept around for his spirit.  Naonka thinks that if you knocked on his head, you would hear hollowness, and she just can't stand him.

And Marty did what Jill wanted to, and showed the idol, saying they could share it as a tribe.  Jimmy T. thinks that this reveal strengthened the tribe 5x, but secretly thought that he was a moron (though a nice one) for sharing it.  Tyrone wondered at Marty's motives for sharing the idol, and still thinks he's shady.

After some bad sleep, Dan O' the Expensive shoes and the Bad Knee worried that the tribe would see him as a weak link.  He thinks he's stronger than the girls.  I don't think so.

And the younger tribe was trying to figure out what to do next.  Alina looks to be in the minority, along with Kelly B.

Chase seems to be in an alliance with Naonka, Kelly "Purple" (I hate that, by the way), Sash, Brenda.  Hmmm.


Both tribes will race out to collect 10 barrels from a field and arrange them on a platform, and then one person at a time will toss sandbags onto the barrells.  First tribe with sandbags on all barrels wins immunity and a Survivor garden - spices, oils, and a sustainable herb garden.

La Flor decided not to use the medallion.  I think that's a good idea.

Both tribes spent some time on strategy first, and then they started.  The younger tribe got the barrels back just before the older tribe, but the stacking went faster for the younger tribe.  Dan was lagging behind.

Even so, they started throwing at about the same time.  Benry and Tyrone started, and Tyrone was a rock star.  Benry was doing a god job for the younger tribe, and tied it up at 6, then pulled ahead.  Tyrone didn't let anyone else have a chance, and Jimmy T was muttering about being wasted.  Jimmy J. acted coach and sent in Jimmy T... and he got one, but then Benry got the last one and won it for La Flor.  Benry, stupid name in all, really showed his stuff at that challenge.  Good on him.

As they grabbed their reward, Kelly B. saw a hidden idol clue, but unfortunately, Naonka saw it as well...

Back at camp, RUMBLE for the clue.  Naonka grabbed the clue right out from under Kelly B. and smushed bananas in the process.  Naonka said that she would do it again, and would push her so hard that her "damned leg" flew off.  Wow.  She really has an irrational hatred for Kelly B.

And then she shared the clue with Brenda, who is much smarter than she is, I think.  Naonka had no clue about the clue, but Brenda seemed to figure out a little...

The older tribe is reeling from their loss.  Jimmy T. in particular thinks that his talents are being wasted and asked Jimmy J. to evaluate him.  This started a bit of a heated grump about everything...

And Marty is gunning for Jimmy J.  He wants to shake the tribe to its core and make everyone follow him instead of Jimmy J.  I think it's ridiculous to get rid of Jimmy J. first.

Holly is sure her name is going to be on the chopping block, but Dog Trainer Awesome lady (forget her name) told her that she hasn't heard her name.  While fishing, Jimmy J. told the ladies (including Yve) that he knows he's in danger.

Tyrone thinks that Jimmy J. is all about motivating others, and he worries that Dan has physical ailments.  Marty sees his reluctance as weakness, and not thinking clearly.  I see it as smart.

Tribal Council

Probst wants to talk about the challenge.  Jimmy T. again brings up that he was not used properly.  Jane said that Jimmy J. is the most accomplished strategist among them, so obviously they listen to him.  Jimmy T. asserts that he hasn't had a chance to talk to Jimmy J.  Tyrone finds it baffling that Jimmy T. thinks that Jimmy J. is threatened by him.  Jimmy J. thinks that he and Jimmy T. have a good relationship, even though they haven't really talked.  Jill wants the tribe to be strong, to face La Flor.  Dan says that he is average in strength.  Jane brought up his obvious knee scar/weakness.

Probst asked what went down after the challenge, and Jimmy T. said that they are planning to keep the tribe strong, and refuses to call out names, but says there are 3-4 weak people he can think of.  The only person to admit he is one of the weaker people is Jimmy J.  Marty wants to accelerate the game.  I think he's a dumbass.

Vote time.

All votes go to Jimmy J... (except his for Dan) and I am so sad.  I don't think that was the smartest move at this point... Jimmy's parting words are to tell him tribe to win the million.  Probst tells them that they just voted out the proven leader, and wonders who is going to step up to fill those shoes.  I predict lots of roosters crowing around camp next week.

Also next week, there's warning for Hurricane Naonka.  Good lord.  She really annoys me...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua 9.22.10

Over at the elder tribe, Marty is grumping about not sleeping well.  Time for a group "conversation."  Jimmy J. stood while nearly everyone else sat, and they decided to rearrange their shelter.  Jimmy T. tried to bring up an idea, but he was shot down so that Jimmy J. could finish his idea, and T. felt

And over at the youngin's camp, Sash and Naonka bonded over their minority status, and he said he wanted to form a minority alliance, and bring Brenda in.. hmm.  They felt that Kelly B. was a threat because she's a "charity case."  Hmmm

At Oldsville, Jill was eating snails and Holly grumped about it, saying they were inedible, and ended up looking mentally unstable.  Then, Holly got upset because Dan was mocking her behind her back.  So, she did what any mentally stable person would do and filled his shoes with sand and sunk them.  Wow.  And... turned out that Dan brought $1600 alligator shoes to Survivor.  Ok, maybe he deserved the shoe sinking... who on earth brings $1600 shoes on Survivor?

Holly came clean about the shoe sinking.  He said that if she were a guy, he would have knocked her out.  Tyrone said every time she speaks, she gets more and more crazy, and he said he would keep one eye on her, and one eye on his shoes...

La Flor is bug bitten, and Naonka is missing a shoe and calling sabotage.  So she stole someone else's socks.  And they were Jud's socks.  I'm sorry, we're calling him Fabio now.  They are even subtitling him as Fabio now.  That's funny.  There's no love lost between Jud Fabio and Naonka, that's for sure.

Holly is having a chat with Jimmy J. about her place in the game.  She wants to go home.  He urges her not to give up yet.  He said "You can do it for one more day, right?" She is unsure, but the pep talk seemed to help her a little.

Reward & Immunity Challenge

And La Flor entered the challenge again with a dumb chant.  Oh man.  That alone makes me root for the older tribe...

One person from each tribe at a time will race through mud to dig through hay for four balls.  Then the other people will bounce balls on paddles to targets.

Reward is a choice of a tarp or fishing gear.

Will the older tribe use the Medallion?  The advantage is a ball in their bucket to start, and because of that, they can sit out a weak person.  They choose to use it, and the medallion goes to La Flor.

Dan is sitting out on the Older Tribe, and Naonka is sitting out for the Younger.

Brenda and Jimmy J were head to head through the mud, and Jimmy J got the ball first.  Kelly B. did not let the artificial leg bother her and busted out he last ball for her team.  Holly took a super long time finding the last ball for her team, and then Benry got a ball in and tied it up.  Then, the older tribe pulled ahead as Tyrone brought them in, and won it for them.  They chose the fishing gear instead of the tarp, despite their grumping about their shelter.

On top of getting their reward and safety from tribal, Estrada found the key for the immunity idol.  They were much better at figuring it out, and Jill told Marty when she figured out the last clue... and while Dan was there when he told her, he was not there when they found the idol together.  So, hopefully Marty will stay true to Jill, because he couldn't have found it without her.

Over at La Flor, plotting begins.  Naonka said that she sat out to see if Kelly B. used her leg as an excuse to get out of physical challenges.  And she didn't.  She busted it out.  So there. Worries about Brenda and Chase getting too close made people aim for Brenda.  Naonka was gunning for Jud Fabio.  And Shannon because he's too strong.  And then she talked to Brenda about the minority idea, which made Brenda happy. 

Chase went to chat with Brenda about the fact that everyone else was gunning for her, and she wondered why they don't just go for Shannon.  Looking like it might be a tie.  And ... Alina overheard their conversation.  Confusion abounds.

Tribal Time!

Shannon had never been camping before this. Wow.  And then he called Chase out saying "I hope his girlfriend stays with him when everyone else is gone."  Wow.  Chase said he was between Shannon and Brenda the whole time.  Probst is excited because never has an opening question in tribal open that much whoop ass.  Shannon went off on everyone saying that no one trusted him and he didn't trust anyone.  Then Sash spoke up, and Shannon said that he's from New York, and New York is just full of gay people.


And Jud Fabio wanted them all to be friends.  Probst told him to get his head out of the trees.

Then Brenda didn't know why she was a threat.  Shannon said that it was going to be Naonka, but then they talked about Brenda instead.

On top of that, Naonka let it be known that she really hates Fabio, and he just didn't like her attitude... I tend to agree with him...

Jud Fabio ended with "Can we just vote now?" and Naonka said "Yes, CAN we?"  Wow.

During voting, Sash called himself the biggest bachelor in NY.  Humph.  I don't think I can get behind him, either.

I have to say, I don't think I like any of the men on La Flor.  Maybe Chase.  He seems a solid guy just caught up in a bunch of crap...

At least Shannon is gone.  So much for making sure a dude wins this season, dude with a girly name.  Won't miss him at all.  Probst told them that the biggest threat to their tribe is the tribe itself.  Yup.

Looking forward to next week!  Shannon said that he should have been with the older tribe because he's been married for 11 years, so he's really 41.  Oh, I feel sorry for his wife. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yay for a New Season! Survivor: Nicaragua 9.15.10

Wednesday for Survivor, huh?  Not sure how I feel about that... but I'm very excited about this new season.

I did watch the preview, but did not blog about it.  There are some really interesting characters this season, that's for sure.

Namely, Shannon, who says he doesn't want another girl to win this season.

Instead, let's let the guy with the girly name to win.

This season, the tribal lines are split by age.  I really can't get behind Benry.  Because his name is Ben Henry and he goes by Benry.  That speaks to some sort of mental imbalance, in my opinion.

Just saying.

They started out not split by age lines.  Tricky.

Kelly B. is an amputee and is trying to not show her prosthetic leg (and she had a special leg made for the game).

Probst revealed the new twist in this game - The Medallion of Power.  It's hidden somewhere down the beach, and the first person who brings it back wins it for the tribe.  But they have not yet been told what their tribes are.

Brenda skitters up a tree and gets the medallion first.

NFL coach Jimmy Johnson congratulated her.

Marty was proud of Brenda for winning the medallion, because he thought it was for his tribe.  No such luck, as they are told to separate by age.

 And CRAP.  I just lost a whole bunch o' blog because my computer had a hiccup.  Boo!  Basically, tribes separate, older women rock it out and start a fire, Jimmy Johnson is the first to puke and gives his team a pep talk, the truth about the prosthetic leg comes out (from the owner),  Shannon beats his chest and declares himself alpha male, and Brenda flirts with Chase and he has to decide whether to side with the cute girl or the alpha male.  And Wendy has a really hideously fringed jacket.

Onward to the Immunity challenge, La Flor tribe enters with a really cocky and annoying chant/dance.  The challenge is to pour water down a chute of gutters into a bucket to release a bag of puzzle pieces and the first tribe to solve the puzzle wins.  Espada decides to not use their medallion (which would give them a bucket of water advantage) and goes on to lose the challenge by a hair.

Back to play by play... stupid computer.

Espada is back at camp, and Jimmy T. is feeling down after the loss.  He is voting for Jimmy J.  Then he proceeds to talk in a really annoying manner about how stars blind people.  Jimmy J. admitted that he is one of the weakest players, and says that he thinks it's between him and Wendy.

Marty and some of the girls stand around and try to talk about who to toss out, and no one is willing to really say anything.. interesting.

Tribal Council

They talk first impressions, and Jimmy T. says he felt annoyed by the presence of Jimmy J.  Jimmy J. reiterates that he is not going to be a threat to win ... Jimmy T. disagrees, because if he's such a good leader, the jury might reward him.

Holly is concerned that she made an alliance that was too quick (with Wendy).   And Wendy was annoyed because no one even asked her age.  And the others say that you never ask a woman her age.  She then said that she stayed quiet because she didn't want to get on the outs with anyone, but then she continued to talk talk talk about how much she talks, and how much she could bring to the tribe.  To me, it was a demonstration of "I'm much more annoying than you think I am at first glance!"  And I think she may have just shot herself in her unblistered feet.

Wendy gets votes, and Eve got a vote.  Really? Wonder if that was Holly. Well, at least she looks good for 48.  Really good.  On her way home.  Goodbye, stupid fringe and giant hat.

Good first episode!  What did you think?

Next week, someone gets his shoes filled with sand and sunk.  Wow.  That's a rather Russell move.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.12.10 - Finale!

Cat's dress is really sweet.  It looks like a 50's prom gown.

Hey, it's the others in the Top 10, and the All Stars.  Nice Group Dance.  Wonder who choreographed it?  And Alex was carried out to dance in a chair. Cool that they could include him.  I really dig this choreography, centering on the final 3 reaching for their destination.  Nice.  It was choreographed by Christopher Scott.  Really cool.

It's a panel full o' judges.  7 choreographers over there.  Oh god, there's Mary.  Please don't yell.  Please don't yell.  There's a kind of hilarious montage of Nigel's hair through the seasons, of course set to Hair.  Montage of Mia's invented words and sounds.  Love it.  And Montage of Adam's faces, set to "She's Got the Look."  I love it.  Tyce, Stacey Tookie, Kenny Ortega, and Mary... oh, Mary.  I did not miss her.  At all.

Montage of last night's routines.  Fast forwarding.

Best routines of the season coming up... and Cat teased that Nigel might be taking the stage for a tap spectacular.

Kenny's favorite routine of the season is Tyce piece with Neil and Kenny, the Shoeless Joe routine.  Love this routine.

Nigel's favorite is Stacey Tookey's Mad World routine, with Billy Bell and Ade.  Love it.

Special Guest Time, Dance Crew featuring Ryan formerly of SYTYCD- Quest.  They are mightily impressive.  I think some of them must have rubberized spines.  That's the only explanation. 

Mia's favorite dance of the season is Tabitha and Napoleon's Comfort & Adechike number, Fallin'.  Oh... I really like this routine.  Totally awesome.  I think they actually danced it better tonight than their first go through.   Cat agreed with me.

Fast Forwarding through some fluff.  And enter Kent & Anya with their First Kiss Routine.  Mixed feelings about the song, because I really really dislike Ke$ha, but the routine is wonderful. 

Tyce's pick to see again was Tabitha & Napoleon again.  It was Robert & Dominic's clown routine.  Fun. 

Nigel hobbles out on stage, with crutches and a giant bandage on his foot, and says that the Season 7 curse hit him, and he stubbed his toe on Adam's wallet.  Enter adorable 7 year old kid who says he wants to stand in for Nigel.  Holy cow, he's good.  And so cute.  Astounding.  His name is Luke Spring.

More fast forwarding through some tap.

Nigel's next choice is Lauren's Argentinian tango with Pasha.  Nice.  Sexy.  And so dramatic.  And Pasha has a shirt on.  I think that's a first.

Adam's choice is Travis' piece with Robert and Allison.  And I think I cried a little.  Beautiful.

Russell dancing with L'il C?  That's kind of all sorts of awesome. 

Mary's favorite routine (along with screaming, can she please never come back?) with Dominic & Jose's B-boy duet. 

SYTYCD UK winner, in a routine with Neil, choreographed by Mandy Moore...  She's fearless.  Neil just flung her around like crazy.

First result of the night - Who is third?  Robert.  As it should be.  Looks like he'll be doing his Bollywood routine later, though!  And, he got a giant consolation bouquet.

Adam's next choice for dance was Napoleon & Tabitha's routine with Lauren and Twitch.  Love this routine.  Lauren is super awesome in it.  She really can just do anything.

Cat wanted to see the Sonya piece with Alex & Allison, and it was to tape, because of Alex's injury.  It wasn't my favorite, though the judges all went nuts over it, but it was nice to see again.

Stacey Tooky's choice for routine was Robert and Billy's Bollywood routine.  Nice.  I love all the Bollywood this show has taken to doing!

Mia's pick is Travis' Neil and Kent routine.  Oh god, yes.  This routine is heart wrenching.  I almost cried again.  Astounding.

Fast Forwarding through the musical performance of the Kiss Off Song.

Surprise guest?  In Alex's place in the routine with Twitch.... Ellen Degeneres.  And she is doing a not embarrassing job.  I mean, it's Ellen dancing.  And it's funny.  And it was enjoyable.  Ah, Ellen.  It certainly had me laughing, and poor Alex came out on his crutches.  She said she was inspired by National Dance Day. 

Oh drat.  Final results.  I was hoping for the Prom Routine.  Boo.

And the winner is....


Congratulations, Lauren.  Really, this could have gone either way, and it would have been wonderful, because they are both astounding. 

Hooray!  It's been a good season!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.12.10

You know how last week, I said that Cat looked like she was in a lacy wedding gown?  This week, she looks like she's going to a goth prom.  And she pulls that off, too.

Four dances each tonight!

Kent (with Lauren G, Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul)  This one is supposed to be cheesy.  And holy cow, I love when Kent does flips.  Seriously a fun routine!  I am no bollywood authority, but I think they did a really good job.  He did really well on the knee spins.  Nigel loved it.  Mia thought it was very Kentish and it worked.  Adam thought the energizer bunny could retire.

Lauren (with Twitch, Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)  It's a political debate in dance.  Interesting.  Certainly interesting.  Lauren can hit harder than you would think given her background.  And I just love watching Twitch.  That was a pretty cool routine.  Nigel said she nailed it.  Mia called Lauren filthy.  She told Lauren that her consistency would make choreographers want to hire her.  She loves Lauren's balance of masculinity with femininity.  Adam thought the dance was ironic and wonderful, and said that Lauren makes him proud to sit in the judge's chair, and calls Lauren one of his favorite girls the show has ever had.

Robert (with Mark, Jazz choreographed by Tyce D'iorio)  Cool!  Mark!  The piece is a "power surge of electric energy."  Interesting.  And they are dancing to Whip It.  Awesome.  The dance was really fun.  I love Mark.  In case you didn't know.  I think that Mark outshone him a little, though... Nigel loved that Tyce did something so different.  He thought that they worked really well together, and said that he doesn't mind which one of the final dancers win, because they are all  so strong.  I actually agree.  (Though I like the others more than I like Robert... it wouldn't anger me if he won).  Cat just called them two lovely little packages of kooky bonkers in handsome packages.  Ha. Love it. Mia thinks that Robert has gotten more grounded as the show has gone on, and calls him most improved.  She loves him with Mark.  Adam thinks this piece is a testament to the success of the addition of the all-stars.  He thinks that Robert danced like he wasn't competing, and in a good way. 

Kent's chat with Cat was really cute.  His favorite routine was the prom routine with Lauren.  With the kiss at the end.

Kent's solo:  He just astounds me.  Love when he flips and throws himself at the ground and just keeps going.

Lauren & Robert (Contemporary, choreographed by Dee Caspary)  They have a pillow as a prop.  She outshone him.  I have to say.  But he did well, too.  What a beautiful routine. Nigel said that there were touches of genius in the routine.  He loves how strong the both of them are.  Mia thinks this is Robert's most delicious performance by far.  She loves how humble Robert has become.  She said that Lauren was perfection and is so proud.  Adam saw how much they supported each other and loved that, and said it was a story about action and reaction and rebound, and called it perfection.  Nice.

Kent & Lauren (Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore)  They are dancing to Hip to Be Square and are dressed as nerds.  I love it.  They are so cool.  Definitely my favorite two dancers.  Loved this routine.  Seriously.  Nothing but fun from beginning to end.  Nigel saw that Mandy was going for geeky fun, but didn't think it was challenging enough for the finale.  He said that they did what was asked of them, but can't really critique the dancing.  Mia said it was fun, and they danced it well, but she didn't like it, because it isn't her cup of tea.  Adam loves them, and repeatedly told them to get out of here.  Not sure what that meant particularly.  But they had fun!  I think that counts for a lot.

Robert's talk with Cat - his favorite dance was the Travis Wall dance with Allison.  Agreed.  And he really got more than his share of ballroom. 

Robert's Solo:  It's a weird little solo and he tried to throw so many different styles into it.. Not my favorite, but good.

Kent (with Allison, contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookie)  It's about an outwardly perfect couple with a lot of hidden problems.  There was a part where they both played puppet, then puppeteer, and it was fantastic.  I was brought to tears. Gorgeous.  Nigel thinks that Kent's lines get better and stronger, and loved the emotions, and the character.  He said the only chink is perhaps Kent's upper body strength, but it didn't show here.  Mia loved how invested he was in it.  She has run out of ways to tell him how much she loves him.  Adam saw the birth of Kent the artist.  He was blown away by it.

Lauren's chat with Cat - Her favorite dance was also the prom dance with Kent. 

Lauren's solo:  Beautiful.  She's so strong I just love it.

Robert (with Kathryn, Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff) I think Courtney would have been a better All Star for this, but oh well.  It was a really well done routine.  The beginning was basically a little solo time for Robert, and he got the character well.  Well done.  Not really a KILLER routine, though.  And Robert split his pants.  Nigel and Adam argued about West Side Story, but in the end, Nigel is delighted in him.  Mia loved the classic feel and thought it was danced brilliantly, but wanted more simmer and sizzle in the movements.  Adam thinks the original choreography is the best piece in musical theatre, and thinks that Spencer stayed true to it, while putting his own spin on it, and loved what Robert did to it.

Lauren (with Pasha, Cha cha choreographed by Tony & Melony)  Dang.  That girl can dance anything.  She is so amazing.  Love love love it.  Nigel thought everything was damned near perfect, and said she is probably the best contemporary girl they have ever had do ballroom.  Mia wasn't sure who Lauren was and is so happy that she stood up for Lauren's booty.  She said that if she was still dancing, she would want to dance like Lauren.   She never gets bored watching her.  Agreed.  Adam said that she feels music like no one else on the show, and if music turned into a person, it would be her.  He said that was exhibition style perfect, and said that she dances as effortlessly as most people breathe.  Wow.

Kent & Robert (Malevos - missed the choreographer's names)  It's a tango style battle.  And it was awesome.  They were both so strong.  and fantastic.  Nigel said that the routine is apparently what men do to practice their tango before they dance with their women.  Wow.  Nigel said this routine showed how hard they have to work to achieve what they have achieved.  He urged people to vote.  Mia loved the feel of the routine, and said there was a debbonairre quality.  She said the legwork could have been tighter, but they are a couple of contemporary dancers, and they did an amazing job with it.  Adam said that these three are his favorite top 3 of the whole show, any season, and brought up the fact that it is the youngest finale ever, and they entered as kids, but came out professionals.

I have no idea who is going to win.  But I can't wait for the finale.  I am hoping for Kent or Lauren, but I wouldn't be sad to see Robert win.

I loved Kent's dances tonight.  All of them.  His routine with Allison was my favorite.  Lauren's dances were all also awesome.  The cha cha was my favorite from her, though I loved her other dances, too.  And Robert's dances?  I really loved his dance with Mark.  But that could have been the Mark Factor...

What do you think?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.5.10

Cat looks like she is in a casual wedding gown.  Very lacy. 

The group number feels like Sonya.  Am I right?  It's amazing.  Nope.. Dee Kaspary.  Really cool.  Good work.

Fast Forwarding to the meat of the show..

Lauren's Solo:  I think that was my favorite solo of hers to date.  She's amazing.

Kent's Solo: His solo was very aerobatic.  And that's always fun.  Very high energy.

The first person safe is ... Lauren!  Hooray!

You can tell the judges are all more than thrilled. 

Adechike's Solo: Other than a really cool split, I wasn't moved by it.

Robert's Solo:  I think his best solo of the show so far, too.  Nice job, Robert!

The second person safe is... Kent!  Wooo!

Fast forwarding to the meat!

And the final person in the finale is Robert.  That's about right.

What do you think?  Is this a good Top 3?  Are you as thrilled with Kent and Lauren as I am?

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.4.10

Sorry about the late post!  Didn't get a chance to watch last night.

Cat looks like an 80's dance party.  And I kind of dig it.

Joining the judges is Tyce D'iorio tonight.  And hoping everyone had a good dance day.  I boogied in my living room.  But, that's an everyday occurance...

Tyce did a routine with the Top 4, to Guys and Dolls.  What a fun routine!  I really love Lauren's dress!  Lauren and Kent all the way!

Tyce thinks that Kent stands out, and had nice words for Robert and Lauren, but told Adechike that he wants to see the fight.  I would agree with that.

Lauren (with Pasha, Tango, choreographed by Miriam and Larico) Holy cow, sexy.  Really well done, in my opinion.  It is a slower tango.  I felt every second of it. (Lost some comments here because my computer shut down for no reason... but everyone loved it.)

Adechike (with Lauren G, AfroJazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman) Quite fun!  I liked it!  Nigel thought he had fun.  Tyce wanted more connection.  Mia didn't feel the joy in the piece.  Adam felt he needed to be looser and lose his center.  He felt conscious of Adechike thinking of the choreography.

Robert (with Anya, Vienesse Waltz choreographed by Jonathan Roberts) I felt him thinking about the choreography.  The straight armed lift was impressive, but it looked labored to me.  He looks like he's trying too hard to act the part sometimes.  But, a very nice dance, all in all.  Nigel thanked Jonathan for doing a great, non-boring Vienesse Waltz, and thought that Robert's carriage was beautiful.  He also appreciated the straight armed lift.  Tyce thought that he invested whole-heartedly in the dance.  He thought that Robert wore it like a suit.  Mia thought he wore it like an Armani suit, and called Robert the prince of the season.  She wants Robert to relax and enjoy the ride somewhat more.  Adam thought Robert was brilliant, on the perfect night to be brilliant, and called his movement quality on par with Anya. 

Kent (with Courtney, Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez) There were a lot of falls in rehearsal and I hope that Kent doesn't injure Courtney... And he did not!  What a super fun routine.  Wow, that was fast.  And the death drop!  And the above the head spin!  Wow.  Nigel thought that he did a really good job with a tough dance.  Tyce thought it was fun, but thought that Kent needed some more of the dance history.  He called it just good.  Mia thought it was a little rough.  She thought the partnering was kind of solid, but the non-partnering parts felt childlike, bouncy, tight, and squashy.  She thought it was his worst performance of the season.  Adam said that Mia is not totally wrong.  Nigel said that he is not marrying Adam now.  Adam thought that it was Kent's most youthful performance yet, and the best thing about disco is masculinity and Blue Steel.

Lauren (with Ade, Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman) Holy sparkly bodysuit, Lauren!  She's a black widow in this routine.  And she's amazing.  The hand choreography was amazing.  Amazing.  And then she did a backflip over Ade as he lay down... incredible.  Just utterly amazing.  Wow.  Nigel loved some of the lifts and the fast choreography.  He said not only was it good choreography, it was strong dancing, and she danced it like a strong woman.  He said he hopes that America votes her in to the finale. Tyce gave Lauren snaps.  He wanted a little more ferociousness in the final position, though her dancing is spectacular.  Mia called Lauren a beast.  Sometimes the sexual chemistry wasn't as strong as it could have been, but it was amazing.  Adam said he wants to hire Lauren.  Lauren said "any time, any day!"

Adechike (with Kathryn, Contemporary, choreographed by Dwight & Desmond) It was good, but the choreography didn't grab me so much.  Nigel thought that he lost his energy near the end, and started losing his lines.  Tyce wanted to celebrate where he's at right now.  He thinks that Adechike put a piece of himself on the dance floor, even though he needed some more in it.  Mia wanted more.  Adam is just super proud of him.

Robert (with Dominic, Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)  Neat.  Messed up.  Robert was better in this than he has been in anything for a long time for me.  He worked well with Dominic.  Nigel loved it and loved the choreography.  Nigel hopes to see the routine on tour. Tyce loved the "Tab & Nap" and thought that Robert really showed up to the piece and made it magic.  I would agree with that.  Mia called it hip hop theatre.  She loved how he committed and thought it was perfect.  Adam thought that Robert out-danced Robert. 

Kent (with Neil, Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall)  It's about a broken friendship, where Neil has done terrible things to Kent.  Wow.... my heart was breaking during that routine.  Amazing.  I love Travis.  When Neal threw Kent across the stage... amazing.  Just astounding.  Nigel thought that the piece was inspirational and chilling.  He called it the number of the show.  He wanted to know if there was personal inspiration from Travis, and he admitted their was.  Nigel wants to see this one again and thinks that Kent booked his place in the finale.  Tyce wanted to know if they were kidding him, and said that excellence was delivered on all levels.  Mia said it was the first time she can't find words and was brought to tears and said it was so real and uncomfortably awful and called it true genius.  Adam called Travis brilliant, and thinks if it were the finale, Kent would have just won the show.

I think Adechike is going home.  Robert could be, though he did really well.  I hope beyond hope that Kent and Lauren are safe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.29.10

Oh, I hope that Lauren is ok!  Cat's in a dayglow pink dress with bed head.  She she pulls it off.

I don't see Lauren in the (very very cool) group number... I wonder if she was supposed to have Allison's part?  I think this might be... Wade Robeson?  I really dig it.  It's really neat and weird.  It could also be Sonya.  Oooh - it was Mia!  Very very cool, Mia!  Bravo!

Lauren is ok (though she couldn't do the group routine).  Yay!  Hope that she's safe. 

First up to find out their fates are Kent and Jose.  If there's any justice, it will be Jose in the bottom 3.    And, there is justice.  Kent is safe.

Billy (looking dapper in a cravat) and Adechike are next.  I'm betting on Adechike in this group to be in the bottom.  Gah.  Billy is in the bottom 3.  I think he'll be safe.  Unless Lauren lands in the bottom 3 for some unknown reason...

Between Robert and Lauren, I really think it's going to be Robert.  And... it's Lauren!

Oh man, I bet the judges don't want to send two home tonight!  I think Jose is a lock to leave, but between Billy and Lauren?  That's tough!  I think it's going to depend on the solos.

Fast forward through the dancers.  And the first guest singer.  He's like a boy band boy without the boy band.  In wickedly unpleasant highwater pants.

Jose's Solo:  His solo had a few new tricks in it, and he's sweet, but ... I think it's definitely his time.  And has been for a couple weeks.

Billy's Solo:  Very neat and different solo.  I liked it.  I hope that Lauren kills it, because I don't want her gone.  His giant floppy cravat kind of got in his face a bit.

Lauren's Solo:  You would never know that Lauren went to see the medics yesterday.  She did a flying leap into a split on the ground and it was beautiful.  I really hope they save her.

Guest performance by Allison Iraheta.  I'll watch at least part of this one.  Those are not All-Stars dancing for her.  Odd.  Her hair has gotten rather ... patriotic... hasn't it?  Orianthe's guitar is beautiful... but I am fast forwarding.  She's good, but I want to see the results!

The judges are unanimous, and say it's the toughest decision yet... and their last, because America decides after this one.  They don't think Billy is connecting with viewers, but they think he connects beautifully with the choreographers.  And Lauren is IN.  Hoooooray!!!!

I think the judges made the absolutely right decision.  I would not have put Billy or Lauren in the bottom, but... they did the right thing with what they were given.  What do you think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.28.10

Is it an injury free week?  I think it just might be.  Wonderful.  If only two people weren't being sent home.  I kind of like Cat's outfit tonight, though the pattern does look a teensy bit like tire tread...

The judges are joined by Toni Redpath tonight.

Kent (with Anya, Cha cha choreographed by Jean-Marc and France)  Kent is just so very entertaining.  It seemed like his shoulders were a little tight in a couple places, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.  Nigel thought that Kent has ended up as a man dancing from starting off as a little boy.  He wanted stronger hands at times, though.  Toni thought his cha cha was much better this time around, and he was more grounded.  She mentioned the tightness in the shoulders that I saw, and said he thought it was part of his attempt to be more manly.  Mia said that the hips of a contemporary dancer can get in the way in ballroom, but thought that the whole routine felt a little "crunchy," and said that he's not taking the note about his face.  And Kent said he tries to work on his face, but he just can't help it because he's having so much fun.  Adam thinks it was a super solid performance, but he needs more length and breath.

Robert (again with Kathryn, Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  It's a beautiful and emotional dance and they dance it very well, but I'm still not connecting with Robert and I don't know why.  As a twist, the end of the choreography turned out to be Kathryn heading off to war, not Robert.  That was unexpected.  Nigel loved the connectivity and loved how Robert has removed himself from the goofy and grown as a dancer.  Toni asked Kathryn what kind of partner Robert was, and his wonderfulness brought Kathryn to tears.  Mia thought that the beginning of the piece was tender and sacred and selfless.  Kathryn's stunningness freaks Adam out, and Robert rose to her level for him. 

Jose's Solo:  He's good in his own style, there's no denying that..  But I just think his time is up.

Adechike (with Courtney, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio) I know we're supposed to be focusing on Adechike, but Courtney is so much fun to watch!  Of course, Adechike can fly and that's pretty darned impressive.  It was a fun routine but didn't grab me.  Adam loved how balls out dancing it was, and not too partner heavy.  He said Adechike showed total joy, but he wants some more looseness in his back and hips.  Mia thought it was a great performance, but Adechike needs to find the balance of style with power.  Toni thought it looked like a super fun routine to dance.  Nigel wanted more abandon from Adechike.  I would agree.

Lauren's Solo:  She names her slippers, and I kind of dig that.  They are named Joshua and Levidicus.  Go Lauren.  Her solo grabbed me, too.  It was to Natural Woman, and indeed she is.  Beautiful girl. 

Jose (with Comfort, Hip Hop choreographed by Marty Kudulka and Damian Ward)  Strangely, it's set to Try a Little Tenderness.  Interesting choice.  Comfort looks gorgeous, I must say.  The connection feels a little forced, though, and I don't see him as trying to pick her up.  I think that the choreography is sub-par, honestly.  not my favorite.  Nigel loved the cool and funky vibe.  And Nigel explained why Jose wasn't in the group routines for the last couple weeks - he had an injured groin.  He also said that Jose looked a little flappy and uncomfortable at times.  Agreed.  Toni was absorbed in the feeling and character of the dance.  Mia didn't think that Jose was showing any game and swagger, and instead it was bouncy and kooky.  I agree with her.  Adam sees what everyone was saying.  He's more on Mia's side.

Billy's Solo:  His solo was really odd and fun.  I liked it.  It was weirdly rhythmic.  I'm not entirely sure that it worked for him so much, but it was cool.

Kent's solo:  Amazong.  I could watch that boy for an hour.  A minute and a half hardly seems adequate.

Lauren (with Allison, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  What a fun routine!  I am just totally drawn to Lauren.  I thought it was grand.  Adam says he thinks of Lauren as an all-star already, because she is just so good.  He was running numbers they could do together through his head.  Mia said that there is nothing to critique and thinks that Lauren has forged ahead of others.  Toni said that strong is sexy, and complimented Lauren on her facial work.  Nigel just called the show American Idol.  Oops. 

Robert's Solo:  I mean, he's a good dancer, but I just don't feel the connection. 

Billy (with Ade, Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  Billy is playing a homeless an to Ade's very successful man.  And it's set to Mad World.  Beautiful.  And I think Billy danced half the dance with his hat down over his eyes.  I mean, it was a knit hat, so maybe he could seem but it was impressive.  Wow.  That gave me chills.  Ade had some impressive lifts, too!  There was a judge's standing o.   Nigel thought Billy's maturity was amazing.  Toni loved it, and thought the piece was more about the dialogue than the dance.  Mia called it sheer perfection, and said it was her favorite piece of Billy this season.  Adam thinks that Billy dropped into the zone, and called it magnificent.

Adechike's Solo:  Boy can dance, that's for sure.  I really didn't care for the song, though...

Kent & Jose (Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff) And here's a routine where Kent's goofy face works and is called for.  And in the end, Kent got the (invisible) girl.  It was really fun.  I think that Kent out-danced Jose.  Adam thought Spencer killed the style (in a good way).  He said that Kent is born to do this, but he needs more breath under his hands at times, and was impressed by Jose as a hip hop dancer.  Mia thought that Kent just found his home, and everything about it fit his world, even his face.  She said that Jose kept up with Kent, even though you could see they aren't the same level.  Toni didn't know if the choreography was smart or lucky, but it worked.  She called Kent a contender.  Nigel said that he hasn't seen anything that Kent hasn't done brilliantly.  He said the worst thing for Jose was having to do it with Kent, but he should still be proud of himself (and eluded to the fact that it may be Jose's last week here)

Lauren & Adechike (Foxtrot, choreographed by Jean-Marc & France) Ooooh, sparkly dress.  Pretty.  And Fever.  I prefer Peggy Lee's version to Beyonce's, but... It's a very good routine.  I think that Lauren is dancing it better than Adechike.  But only marginally.  Nigel thought it felt a little jazz instead of ballroom, but liked the connectivity and the sultry factor.  Toni didn't think they had good ballroom muscle memory, and the technique was off, but the character of the dance was good.  Mia thought that Adechike had some good partnering moments, but when he stepped away from her, there was a disconnect.  Mia thought that Lauren had a grace and a sensuality that she appreciated.  Adam said that Lauren did everything right, but Adechike looked concerned to make sure he was there for her, but he needed to just ... be.  I can see that.

Robert & Billy (Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul)  I think that Billy shones more.  There's soething about his presence that I find more believable.  Robert always seems a little robotic.  Nigel thought that it was the best two-guy Bollywood yet.  Toni said that Robert was a big cheesy hamburger, but Billy's still delicious pizza, and it's impossible to pick the better between the, because it was wonderful.  Mia was happy to see that there were no injuries because it was hard.   She loved the routine.

Gosh, what a tough night to decide who is best and who is worst... I stand by my Kent & Lauren love.  Billy was right up there tonight, and he's not always there for me.  I think that Jose is nearly guaranteed a ride home tomorrow, and if I had to choose between Adechike and Robert to stay, I'd probably choose Adechike.  But I wouldn't be mad if it went the other way...

Oh crap!  Lauren is with the medics.  God, what a mess.  Hope that she's ok. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.22.10

The group number tonight is All That Jazz, and started with Mark.  That's always a good sign.  The current contestants weren't in it until the middle.  They tossed Kent way up in the air.  Coool.  I didn't even really notice any of the current contestants except for Kent.  Were they there?  It was choreographed by Kelly Abbey.  New?

Cat looks ready for a tea party.  Not in the best way.  It's a weirdly juvenille dress.

Denise Jefferson (a famous dancer) died this week.  She was the director of the Alvin Ailey Dance School. 

Lauren is safe.  Yay!  Kent is up next, and is also safe.

(Fast forward through the inevitably lovely Pas De Deux)

Safe in the final group of boys is Adechike.  I'd say that's warranted.  His dance with Comfort was amazing last night.

Robert and Jose will be dancing solos, with Billy in the Final 3.  I think Jose is going home.

Dance performance by DJ Smart.  He's amazing, but... fast forwarding.

Highlight of All-Stars:  Lauren & Neil.  ooooh... the Wade Robeson Magic Routine.  Slick.  This I will be watching.  Such a strange little dance.  Really cool.  Don't care for the screaming bit.

Allison, Dominic, Courtney, and Ade will be going on tour along with Russell and Kathryn, the top male and female from this season, and four others still to be cast.  Boo for no Mark on tour.  Not like I'm going to see it anyhow, but..

Robert's solo is first, and he's doing the same solo as last night, and I don't like the song.  It's whiny.

Jose's solo is next and I think it's the same solo as last night, to?  He seemed to throw more tricks at it tonight and more energy, but I still think he's done.

Fast Forwarding through Enrique...

Who's going home?  Nigel said they haven't made up their minds, but they have come to a conclusion.  They think Robert is improving, but not growing.  They feel that Jose has stopped growing, but his breaking is getting better.  They feel that Billy's decision to rest this week set a precedent they aren't really happy about.  They are not sending anyone home this week.  Two people will go home next week.  Wow. 

Do you think they are prolonging Jose's misery?  His solo was really good tonight, but...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.21.10

Cat looks like she's been mauled.  Not a good look for a dress.

The judges are joined by Kenny Ortega, jack of all trades in the dance world.  And oh, goodness.  Billy has hurt his knee.  Nigel says that they will bring in specialists to warm them up better, etc.  Billy's doctors cleared him to dance if he wants to, but he said he didn't feel right about it.  But, if he clears being in the bottom 3, he should be back to dance next week.

Lauren (with Twitch, hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon) She has swagger!  It was a neat routine, and she cowgirled it up to take Twitch down in a duel. Very cute, and I like her more and more.  Adam thought she tore it up and is on fire.  Mia said giddyup, and thinks that she went so hard, and loves how Lauren is letting go.  Kenny said "Save a horse, ride a cowboy," and said that Lauren has enough energy to power LA.  Nigel used some slang awkward for an Englishman, said it was bad, nasty buck, and she had swag.  I feel unclean.

Jose (with Allison, Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)  What a beautiful routine!  They were on the edge of the stage nearly the entire time, and it was very creative choreography and they sold the relationship beautifully, I thought.  And,  I thought it was one of the nicest "dance" moments for Jose.  But, the judges could disagree with me entirely.  Adam loved the concept and said that it was hard to critique the dancing, but the character, the partnering, the commitment were all there.  Mia thought it was more pedestrian contemporary instead of "trained" contemporary.  Kenny loves Sonya and loved Jose's partnering, and fell over Allison.  Nigel agreed about his commitment, and thought that Sonya helped cover up his weaknesses.

Robert (with Lauren, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  This routine is about seduction.  Did he just lick her leg?  I'm pretty sure he did!  Other than that, though, I didn't feel much heat between them.  It seemed a little forced to me.  Though the dancing was good, I was feeling way more from Lauren.  Adam thinks he commands the stage and he loved him, hmm.  Mia loved the strong clean jazz piece.  Kenny liked it a lot.  Nigel thought that Lauren was an inspiration to get guys into dance, but liked Robert's dancing.  Shows what I know.

Adechike's Solo:  He is doing a solo to This Woman's Work.  Hmm.  Risky.  This song belongs to Melissa and the Breast Cancer Dance.  Good solo, though.

Kent (with Kathryn, Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh) Sonya uses Kent's tumbling to her advantage, and he partnered really well with Kathryn.  This is a really awesomely fun routine.  I think I'm a little in love with Kent's dancing.  Loved this one.  A lot.  Go, Sonya.  Adam thinks that Kent makes the show more special, and loved the handspring over Kathryn, and thought he kicked ass.  Mia thinks that sometimes his face is so animated that it makes the choreographer's work look juvenille, though his dance was totally solid.  Kenny thinks Kent is awesome, and thinks he's like a young Gene Kelly, and thinks that Kent is the one to beat.  Nigel thinks that Kent mixes really good technique with a really fun personality, and thinks that Kent is out-dancing the All-Stars.

Robert's Solo:  Really solid.  Some really strong moments that I was surprised by.  And, it's Robert's 20th birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Robert!

Lauren's Solo:  She dances with such passion.  I just love her.

Adechike (with Comfort, Lyrical Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Fallin' by Alicia Keyes)  Ok, this is really strong.  I am surprised in Adechike.  Comfort brought out good things in him.  Really really good choreography, really good character work.  Loved it.  Wow.  Adam said it felt like watching a movie and loved it.  Mia thought it came from such a raw raw space and it was like watching dance film, and was the highest level of dance.  She was brought to tears about how MUCH Adechike has.  Mia thinks that Comfort is like Mary J. Blige in a dancer.  Kenny gave more love to the choreographers, and thought it was honest and heartfelt and beautifully connected and wonderful.  Nigel thought that it moved to another level, and likened it to Bleeding Love (with Mark).  I would agree.

Jose's Solo: This solo is just flat out joy and fun.  I don't think it's the best he can do, though, which is a shame.  Shouldn't solos be your absolute best?  Still, it was good and fun.

Kent's Solo:  He has so much feeling in his dance, and I think it was the best solo of the night, conveying a lot of feeling instead of just "hey, look at what a good dancer I am."

Robert & Lauren (Samba, choreographed my Dmitry Chaplin)  Lauren's hips get their own chance to shine again.  She's just really good at this.  And Robert's no slouch.  The last spin that Robert did looked a little labored to me.  Adam loved Robert's lines and thinks that Lauren could have a future in latin dance.  Mia loved Robert in the dance and thought he was great.  She thought that Lauren's butt and hips were great, but thought she was in plie a lot and that brings a heaviness to her movement.  Kenny loves Dmitry.  Nigel was moved by how much the dancers' parents love them.  He thinks that Robert did himself proud as a birthday boy, and thinks that Lauren has shaken everything possible on the show and thought it was really enjoyable, though there may have been a couple technical hiccups.

Jose & Adechike (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Dmitry - assisted by Legacy) This is a battle.  With capes.  I think that Adechike won the battle.  Adam loved how committed and connected they were in their partnership, but wanted Jose to stretch his legs and feet, and thought that Adechike could use more abandon.  Mia thought it was aesthetically gorgeous, but the technique was lacking for both of them.  They didn't fill the spaces in the choreography for her.  Kenny thought it was a valiant effort.  Nigel agreed that it was a valiant effort, but thought they were missing most of the attack that a Pasa Doble has. I would agree. 

Kent (Stepping, with(out) Billy, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado - with Twitch instead)  Fun routine.  I thought that they both did a good job, though Billy was pulling some funny faces.  It would have been fun with Billy.  Still, loving Kent.  Adam thanked the show for bringing in new kinds of dance, and thanked Kent for kicking it's ass.  Mia had no idea that Kent had that in him, and called it disgusting and filthy and sick and amazing, and loved the chemistry with Twitch, and then chided Kent for zoning out when she was talking to him, before calling Kent the one to beat.  Kenny thought he was awesome.  Nigel reminded them about his own routine, Five Guys Named Moe, which had stepping, but he loves stepping, and thought Kent managed to combat everything thrown at him in the show.  Nigel is sad that Billy didn't get to do it, but loved Twitch.

I think that Jose's time has come.  I think that Robert will be in the bottom with him, and with the obligatory injured Billy.  I don't see the judges sending anyone else home before they send Jose home.

Lauren and Kent for the win!

(Adechike was not so shabby tonight!  Loved his routine with Comfort)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.15.10

Cat is a yellow canary tonight, and the group number also involves the All-Stars, in a Broadway Routine.  I'm thinking Tyce?  It's really fun.  And Kent got to do some really fun tumbling.  And it was Tyce.  Go, me!

I think Cat is channeling Felicity Shagwell...

Promo for National Dance Day, including Tabitha & Napoleon's downloadable routine, and lots of people's videos sent in.

Lauren and Kent are up first (my two faves from last night).  Neither one of them is in the bottom with Ashley.  Yippee! 

Fast forwarding through special guest dancers.  They are cute, but I don't feel like watching them.  I'm sure I'll watch them when my kids watch the show.

Adechike and Billy are up next.  Billy is in the bottom 3, along with injured Ashley.  Jose and Robert are up next to find out their fate.  Jose is in the Bottom 3. I'd say that's deserved.  Travis' number with Robert last night was so utterly astounding, I am glad that he's not in the bottom 3.  This week.

Fast Forwarding through the next guest dancers... thought that they were going to be featuring all-stars?

Oh... here's the All-Stars.  Comfort & Twitch.  Fun.  Their Dave Scott Hip Hop routine is up, and I loved it the first time.  So much fun! 

Billy's Solo is up first, and it's a really good one.  He has such nice lines.  I don't think he's going anywhere.

Jose's solo is up and the first thing that came off was his stupid toque.  He got right to the tricks, and he showed what he can do.  I do think he's likely to leave if Ashley is clear to stay.  He's great, but limited, even though he's charming as all get out.

A SYTYCD TV premier for an artist that Stacey Tookey used in a routine a few weeks ago.  Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts.  She was a waitress and now she's on the charts.  Slick.  Her tattoos look like she's been drawn on by a child, but she's got a good voice.  I believe that the routine (danced by Neil and Allison) is the same as the original routine.  It is beautiful.  The cellist is also a backup singer.  That's kind of cool.

Nigel thinks that Jose's solo was focused and almost angry, and it was him fighting to stay.  He told Billy that he was going in the right direction, but his solo was more of the same old same old, though he does have the capability to be a really great dancer.  And Ashley... needs 3-5 weeks rest.  Oh, man.  Another one bites the dust.  She's off to get better and hopefully join the tour.  Poor kiddo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.14.10

Cat's dress is weirdly peacocky tonight, but she carries it off, because she's Cat.  Another night of two dances each.  Cool. 

Oh no!  Another injury!  Ashley was brought to the hospital with severe rib pain, and can't dance this week.  This means she will be in the bottom 3 automatically, and if she makes it, and can't make it to dance next week, she's out.  Gah!

Kent is dancing Broadway with Neil, Adechike is dancing Salsa with Anya, Robert is dancing Contemporary with All Star Ashley, Ashley would have danced the rhumba with Pasha, Billy is dancing Jive with Anya, Lauren is dancing Cultural with Mark, and Jose is dancing Broadway with Courtney.

Adechike and Kent will be dancing together.  Ashley would have danced with Robert.  Lauren is dancing with Billy.  Jose is dancing with .. Gold Star?  That would be Dominic.  B-Boy!

Lauren (with Mark, Tahitian Cultural, Choreographed by Tiana Lufau)  It's the first Tahitian dance ever on the show.  Mark is portraying night, and Lauren is portraying day.  They are full of feathers and leaves and it's kind of awesome.  Lots of really good hip and butt shaking.  Lauren did a great job, and Mark looked at home.  Lauren looked like some really randy bird.  Girl's hips must have been exhausted after that!  I liked it!  Nigel didn't know what to say, but thought it would be a good dance for turkeys to do on Thanksgiving.  Mia loved it, and thought it was like a duck in heat.  Adam was in awe of Lauren, and loved her energy, and his friend in the audience who used to teach Tahitian dance gave them the thumbs up, so he thought her technique must have been spot on. 

Adechike (with Anya, Salsa choreographed by Liz Lura) Mighty fluorescent costumes they have!  I am not sure if she was supposed to almost fall on the floor in the very first lift, but it didn't look intentional!  Anya looked better than Adechike,  and he looked like he was struggling at parts with some of the technique. To me.  Untrained me.  It didn't flow very well for me.  It wasn't magical like they should be at this point in the competition.  Not to me.  Nigel thought the choreographer was a crazy woman, and thought that it worked.  He thought that Adechike pulled it off.  Ok, I might be just totally off again.  Mia loved the choreography and the tricks.. but she thought there were little bumps here and there, and they looked like they needed a couple more hours of rehearsal.  She did think it was a really good attempt.  Adam thought that he did a good job, too.  I'm with Mia.

Jose (with Courtney, Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling) Courtney is a show girl, and Jose is a sad stage hand who is enamoured with her, but she never notices him.  It's to Mister Cellophane from Chicago.  He did the character really well, and the dance was fun.  Courtney was there to dance with giant feather fans beautifully.  Nigel loved the number from Chicago, and loved the way that Joey changed it up.  He worried that Jose's personality was hidden, and it showed that his dancing wasn't very good.  He said that Jose's dancing wasn't up to par.  Mia didn't want to see Jose sad.  His puppy dog eyes were killing her.  The patheticness was a little maxed out, and the glimmer of hope was missing, and the technique wasn't there to back it up.  Adam wanted to give him some constructive criticism, and told him that he had some lines that were missing, and really, he just needs dance lessons.

Robert (with Allison, Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall)  The routine is about Travis' mother, who just went through surgery and a lot of things.  Allison is portraying his mother, and Robert is portraying the son.  He is very close to his own mother, so this should work well.  Wow.  Just Wow.  They are amazing together, and this choreography is astounding.  There was one moment where she just leapt entirely blindly backwards, and he caught her, and the trust was palpable.  I got chills.  Amazing.  Robert broke out in tears afterwards.  The judges gave them a standing ovation.  Nigel said that it was transcendent.  He likened it to Addiction and Tyce's Breast Cancer pieces.  I would agree.  Nigel thought that if the audience doesn't come out for Robert after that, he doesn't know what would do it.  Mia was in tears and said that it was the best Robert had danced to date.  Adam thinks that it is a shoe in for Emmy Nomination.  I would agree.  He said that the routine made him blow a snot bubble crying on tv.  I love Adam.

Billy (with Anya, Jive choreographed by Louis Van Amstel) I think Billy may be made of rubber.  I thought it was a fun routine.  I don't know much about jive, but the Rock and Roll Anya, as Cat called her, was fun.  The back of her skirt ripped, too!  Nigel said that it was the hardest Billy has worked to get chemistry with a partner.  He said that sometimes, Billy's legs are too straight and too classic, but all and all, he loved it.  Mia loved it.  Confusion ensued when Cat called it a Sex Bomb, and people thought she was saying "Sex Bum."  Adam thought it was Billy's best yet, because of the connection, and loved all the kicks.

Kent (with Neil, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  They are portraying baseball players.  Awesome.  Ok, the first thing that happened was Kent vaulted over Neil at full height.  That's insane.  Some of the tumbling that Kent has done was evident.  What a super fun routine!  I really enjoyed it.  For the first time, Kent didn't have to throw some sexy on the fire, and it was good.  Nigel thought that Kent was the MVP tonight, and said that he out-danced Neil.  Awesome.  Mia loves boys, so much.  Cat asked Adam if he also loves boys.  Funny.  He thought it was an awesome dance, and loved the Fosse-esque style.  He told Kent that he could have a huge future in Broadway if he wants it.

Lauren & Billy (Jazz, Choreographed by Mandy Moore) Lauren apparently eats like a squirrel, and Billy is in love with soda.  They have different colored converse sneakers on, and their shoes are "doing the dancing."  Bedazzled converse. The camera started out focused on the shoes, but thankfully pulled out.  These two are good partnering together.  It was a really fun routine.  Nigel thought it was a cool routine and it made him smile.  He again congratulated Billy on doing better with the partnering, and thinks that Jazz fits on him well.  He also thought that Lauren did well with the partnering.  Mia thought it was completely in the pocket, quirky and groovy, and the cutest thing ever.  Adam thought it was Happy-making, and thought that Billy finally lost himself in the music and got into the groove. 

Jose (with Dominic, B-Boy, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon) I don't think these boys have bones like the rest of us.  I don't know if they were supposed toe in sync the whole time, but I don't really care.  it was really cool.  Some of the pairing was really amazing.  That was really cool.  I like.  Nigel told Jose that he totally redeemed himself in this dance, because no one else could have done that.  Mia reiterated her love of boys.  She wants more strength from Jose, but still thought it was awesome.  Adam said that this is the way to compete and show who is boss.

Adechike & Kent (Contemporary Jazz, choreographed by Dee Kasperwhat?) Adechike wants to be a cook and write a cookbook for dancers, and Adechike attested that Kent has a crush on Lauren and the kiss last week was more than choreography... the dance is using chairs, as if they were girlfriends fought over by the two boys.  The dancing itself was wonderful.  I like Kent more than I like Adechike.  I just think his personality shines more, and I love the way he moves.  Nigel called it a tremendous job. There was one moment when Adechike jumped like a gazelle.  He thanked Kent for underplaying it, and not going over the top.  His small moments made it beautiful.  Nigel told Kent that he stands a good chance of being this year's champion.  Mia is in love with Kent's dancing, and loves the organic quality of his movement.  She thought that the vulnerability and strength of the two of them was wonderful, and loved that it was a good week for Adechike.  Then, she called him a Giselle.  Nigel corrected her, and she said she is having a dumb day.  And then, in one of the funniest moments ever, she did a Paula Clap.  I laughed so hard I had to pause.  Adam thought that they taught America that super athletes can also be super artists, and said that they taught him about dance and performance and called them both brilliant.

Robert (with Kathryn in for injured Ashley, Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez)  Robert danced with Kathryn last week.  This hardly seems fair.  I really wish this was Ashley dancing.  Kathryn is great, and Robert is dancing super well, too, and some of the drops were terrifying to me (was the last lift a little slow on the release?), but it was good.  Nigel doesn't think people realize how hard disco is.  There are no stops for breath in disco.  He thought that Robert gave everything he needed to.  Mia loves him, but never wants to see him do that again, because it seemed too thin and didn't bring the masculine weight to the texture of the movement.  Adam said that disco is about being there for your partner and selling fun, and he bought it.

Another super hard week!  I think that Kent and Lauren were at the top for me, with Billy having his best night yet. 

Jose's first routine wasn't all that great, but his B-boy routine was awesome.  He may be in trouble, if Ashley is recovered. Adechike's first didn't sell me, but I loved the second.  Robert was really good, but I don't know if America will vote for him. 

What do you think?  I hope that Ashley gets better!  I don't want to lose her!