Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 10.29.09

Galu reels about the loss of Russell.  The guys worry that they are even with numbers with the girls.  They decide to lure Shambo to their side, but stick to their "Bros before Hos" final alliance, so once they have the numbers again, they will burn Shambo

Over at Foa Foa, they are feeling revived.

Back to Galu, and the guys decide to nominate Shambo chief.  They think that will put her in their pocket.  They all vote for her, and she's the new chief.  Monica is against it and stunned.  She made her first act one of "motivation and kindness" and vowed to not be bossy, but thought that the marine background might make that difficult.  Dave decided that Shambo is so dim, she might screw up their plans if they tell her anything.

Reward Challenge

The sun is out.  Shambo's leadership is brought up, and she said that she isn't surprised, but she'll keep things in perspective and stay calm.

It's Survivor Memory.  In the field, there are tents of all sorts of survival items.  Teams that make a match get a point, or the leader can decide to take the item, but forfeit the point.  There are a couple dummy items that have no match.

Winner gets a sailing trip and good food, and send a spy to the losing team. 

Kelly, Dave, and Shambo sit out.  Because Shambo is sitting out, she has to call a "leader" decision maker for the team.  She originally chose Erik, but Dave told her they should choose Brett, and she changed her mind.

Laura found a firemaking kit match and kept it.  It came wrapped in a big ol' tarp, and that was smart to keep.  Brett found the mosquito net kit, and took the point.  John found a cleaver match and took the point.  Russell took the first point for Foa FoaLaura got another one for GaluBrett snagged a match of fishing gear, but took the point.  Galu leads 6-3, until Natalie matched pots and took the point.  Monica headed out to try to win it for Galu, and she succeeded.  Galu wins it.

Shambo sent Laura over to Foa Foa, because she "needs to keep her guys strong" for the challenges.  Monica bitched about it the decision.  Laura said that she would take it for the team.

Laura was welcomed to Foa Foa, and thought that the camp was pretty friendly.  Russell, specifically, decided to make nice with her.  He told her he wants to have her and Natalie in the final 3.  He claimed to be working his Houdini magic, and told her that he could spot a good Christian from a mile away.  Then, he talked in confessional about how he is manipulating her.  Nice.

On the reward, they got to sail the boat, and got a big hearty meat stew, bread, and delicious scones.  Monica thanked Shambo for not sending her.  Shambo stood by her decision.

Natalie and Laura bonded religion, and Liz was not happy about their bonding.  Russell said that Liz is so stupid that he doesn't know how she even walks without falling down.  Russell is happy that Natalie is sucking up to Laura, so as to keep her in his pocket.

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes will paddle out to collect six sets of fish shaped puzzle pieces (using fish hooks), which they will return to the beach to put together.

John, Monica, and Laura sat out the challenge.

Foa Foa left the necklace at home to hopefully break their bad luck.

Foa Foa got a bit of a lead on the boat by having Jaison push them out as far as possible.  They got a good lead and got all their puzzle pieces first.  Galu was not far behind.  Foa Foa had a couple members jump out and swim, pulling the boat.  Galu used mostly rowers, and they hit the beach about at the same time.

Dave, Kelly, and Brett worked on the puzzle for Galu.

Jaison, Mick, and Liz worked on it for Foa Foa.

Galu finished their puzzle first, and it seems the Leadership necklace wasn't the trouble for Foa FoaRussell moaned that "these idiots" are going to cost him a million dollars, and he plans to have a lot of fun with that money, so he is thinking of getting rid of Jaison, who gave up in the challenge.

Back at Foa Foa, Liz and Natalie tried to tend the first.  Russell brooded, and said that Jaison would surely not be his attorney.  He moaned to Dr. Mick about the loss of the puzzles, with the supposed geniuses on the team.  Jaison talked to Liz, who vowed that something had to change.  Liz went for a walk to Russell, and he told her that he is now gunning for Jaison.

Tribal Council

Probst told Foa Foa that they are one of the losingest tribes ever.  Russell says that they wake every day hoping for the merge, because the other tribe might outplay and outlast them, but they can't outwit HIM, the mighty RussellLiz and Dr. Mick claim that they have no qualms about tribal loyalty, come the merge.  Jaison admits that he has a part in the loss in the challenge, because he couldn't get the pattern of the puzzle.

In the end, it was Liz going home, despite Russell's posturing.  Russell gave Dr. Mick a knowing smile, so perhaps he was sure to be a part of it.  Probst told them that they aren't good at challenges, but they are getting really good at blindsiding.

Next week - merge!  And lots of names are thrown around.  What fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Chef - 10.28.09

Padma is joined by Paul Bartolotta, a celebrated Italian chef who is based in Vegas.


They have to take the classic TV dinner, inspired by a television show.  They draw knives for shows. I kind of dig it.

Jennifer - The Flintstones - Chicken roulade with garlic cream, pea salad, carmelized peaches.
Mike I. - Seinfeld (which he claims never to have seen) - Sausage & peppers, mushrooms, cheese and warm fruit salad.
Red Beard - Sopranos - Braised meatballs with polenta, roasted cauliflower and roasted pear
Eli - Gilligan's Island - Macadamia nut and cashew crusted shrimp, sweet potato puree, herb salad, and cherries and bananas.
Michael V. - Cheers - Chicken parmesan with swiss chard and apple pie.

Robin - Sesame Street - Burger with Egg, crispy kale, carrot salad, lace cookie with chocolate ganache.
Bryan - M.A.S.H. - Meatloaf, mashed potato, asparagus, and tart tatin.

Jennifer and Robin are in the bottom.  Red Beard and Bryan are in the top.  Red Beard takes the win!  Yay!  No immunity, but a version of his winning dish will be featured in a new line of Top Chef inspired frozen meals through Schwann's.  Neat.

Elimination Challenge 

They will be taking over Tom's Craft Steak restaurant at the MGM Grand for one night, to serve the judges and other guests.

At the restaurant, they all raided the gorgeous meat.  Tom showed up, and told them they will be cooking for VEGATARIAN Natalie Portman.  At a steak house.  She loves food and is adventurous with flavors.  But yeah.  No meat.  Jaws dropped.  Tears may have been shed.  The meat was gorgeous, and they can't use it.

Eli and Jennifer flipped an orange chip for the gorgeous eggplant.  Eli won.  Jennifer got these little eight ball sized eggplants instead.  Red Beard worried about making vegetarian food satiating... but turns out, he and his wife go vegetarian for lent, so he's used to cooking to fill you up with vegetarian options.  Robin was super excited about the array of produce available.  Fresh garbanzo beans?  Cool.  Mike I's mom was vegan, and he thinks he can cook anything.  Eli thinks that vegetarians get the fuzzy end of the lollipop a lot of times, and doesn't want to do that.  Michael V. cooks artistically, and mixed banana and polenta together.  Mike I's leeks aren't cooking right, because they are on a too small burner pretty much.  Oops. The leeks are the center of his dish.  Jennifer is mad about not getting the eggplant she wanted, and vowed to never ever be a vegetarian.  Bryan worried about his timing.  Robin ran out of time to get her garbanzo beans on all the plates.  Oops.

Robin - Stuffed Squash blossum with beet carpaccio, fresh garbanzo beans, and chermoula.  Padma thought that the moula had so much salt she felt her ankles swelling.  Tom had no garbanzo, but Paul shared.  It was seasoned poorly, but Natalie thought it was beautiful.

Eli - Confit of eggplant, lentils, garlic puree, and a radish salad.  Gayle liked the eggplant, and the salad was good, save for the lavender blossom.  Oops.

Michael V. - Asparagus salad, japanese tomato sashimi, and banana polenta.  The polenta got a big mmmmm from Natalie, and one of the diners called Michael Picasso, saying it made her smile and laugh, and she was confused, but she liked it.

Jennifer - Charred eggplant, braised fennel, tomato, coriander, and a sauce served table side with shaky hands.  The guests noticed she was nervous.  Gayle thought it didn't feel like a main course, and Natalie said that a lot of times it feels like she's getting a collection of sides.  Someone said they thought it would make a great side dish. For a steak.

Mike I. - Whole roasted leeks with onion jus, baby carrot purre, and fingerling potatoes.  There is no protein, though he envisioned the leek as protein.  Right.  The leeks were said to smell like turnips and cabbage, and the color was lauded, but the taste was lacking.

Bryan - (he missed plating a couple items) Artichoke Barigoule, confit of shallot, asparagus, and fennel puree, and garlic blossoms.  Padma said that the garlic blossoms were like a little prick on her tongue, and Natalie laughed and then they were said to become big in your mouth.  The expected jokes abounded around the table.

Red Beard - Duo of mushrooms, smoked kale, candied garlic, and turnip puree.  Not super pretty.  It was called meaty, though the smoke on the kale was a little strong.  Tom thought that it proved that vegetarian doesn't need to be light, and Natalie called it a manly vegetarian meal.

They got to go eat at Paul's restaurant in the mid-commercial break, and Red Beard admitted to never turning down food.  My hero.

Judge's Table

First back are Red Beard, Michael, and Eli.  Tom said that Michael's dish reminded him to have an open mind, and Natalie wondered who his dealer is and does he want new clients?  All in jest, of course.  Eli's dish was called beautiful, interesting, and fun.  Natalie appreciated how well Red Beard's kale was done, and Tom thought it was a plate full of flavor.  Again, Red Beard for the win!  He got a suite of GE Appliances!  Holy cow!  Michael V. thought that he could have made Red Beard's dish in the second year of his apprenticeship, and snarked about it.

Robin, Jennifer, and Mike I. were sent back.  Mike I's lack of protein was a big problem, and the poor cooking of the leeks didn't help.  Tom admitted that the carrots were ok, but it didn't matter, because the leeks were so bad.  Robin started defending her dish before they even asked her about it, and kept referencing the fact that she's never done much of it before.  Tom thought her dish lacked cohesion.  Natalie appreciated the garbanzo beans, but not all the judges got them, so it didn't matter.  Jennifer's lack of substance was a problem, (they said it was more like a garnish) and her shakiness in presenting the sauce did not go unnoticed.  Mike kept saying "Whatever, whatever, it is what it is."  He annoys me.  The judges worried about Jennifer's second guessing herself.  Gayle thought that Mike was too arrogant and thought that he wasn't going to go home, even though he sucked on this dish.  The judges thought that Robin was focusing on different pieces of the dish instead of the dish as a whole.  In the end, it's....

WOOOT - Mike I. is finally gone!!!!  I'm so happy.   I may have squealed a little.

How about you?  Do you think it was the right decision?  Mike thought that Robin should have been sent home... because, you know, he can do no wrong.  Unless he does.  And then it isn't his fault.

Looks like they are serving Padma breakfast in bed next week!  Fun.  And, more arrogance from Michael V.  Good tv.  Can't wait.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.27.09

Cat looks snazzy tonight in a Chinese-looking red frock, with Veronica Lake hair, and it seems that the first cuts are going to be judge's choice.  No results show this week.  Is that how it normally is?

Brandon joins the crew tonight, and the tappers certainly make the intro montage ... different.

I am pleased to see Adam as a permanent judge.  I do hope that the 4th chair gets some use, even if it isn't Paula.  I like Lil C!  Nigel said that they would also welcome Paula as a choreographer.

Not only has Billy Bell gotten ill (was it the Swine Flu????) and dropped out, Noelle has gone for an MRI on her knee after a terrible accident.  Her choreographer, Melanie is standing in for her tonight, and if Noelle can come back next week, she'll get another chance.  If not, she will be out.

Channing & Phillip (Jive, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson, Rockin' Robin by The Jackson 5) She grew up a tomboy, and Phillip is a poet.  His taping made his footwork much better than a lot of jives I've seen.  The lifts looked a little labored, so I think he'll have to work on his upper body strength.  Their costumes were super sweet, though, and Channing held her own with the footwork.  I liked it overall.  Just wanted a bit more from the lifts.  Adam thinks they are a very classy pairing.  He thought that Channing was lovely, but needed something.  He also noticed the effort that went into the lifts.  Mary said it was not bad, but wants more.  She thought the legs could have been sharper, and thought that Channing came on towards the end, but Phillip lost his steam.  Nigel thought that the hydraulics of the knees used in tap helped Phillip.  He warned Channing that she needs to get her weight more over her toes, and he wanted more chemistry.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio, Hit me with a Hot Note (And Watch me Bounce), from Sophistocated Ladies)  What a flip from Jakob just to start the thing out!  I like Ashleigh's dress, and Jakob did some pretty good lifts.  Tyce gave him plenty of moments to fly.  Ashleigh doesn't connect with me as much as I want her to, but I really love Jakob.  Adam thought that the choreography was incredibly smart, and thinks that Jakob spreads the gospel of dance.  He warned Ashley that she doesn't always finish her lines.  Mary thought Ashleigh was phenomenal, and screeched about Jakob's perfection.  Nigel admitted that Ashleigh was a surprise to get into the Top 20, but has proven why she belongs, and he called Jakob one of the most gifted dancers on the show.  He also threw out some love for the absent Billy Bell (hope he gets well soon and can come back next year!)

Ariana & Peter (Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Black & Gold by Sam Sparro) Ariana is a farm girl, and Peter is an Italian from Philadelphia.  They are emotionless androids, but there are sparks when they get near each other.  This is a neat version of Black & Gold.  I like it a lot and kind of want it.  They danced it well.  I was impressed with how they hit it.  Peter did a slide on his head, which was cool.  I liked the dance a lot.  Cat made a Johnny Five joke that will be lost on the youth.  Adam thought they danced a little too differently and wanted more action and reaction.  He compared himself to Lil C and had some big words.  Mary thought the beginning and the end were good, but thought the middle was sloppy.  Nigel didn't think it ever worked.  Ow.  He thought that Peter did better than Ariana. 

Noelle (well, Melanie) & Russell (Foxtrot, by Tony Meradith and Melanie Lapatin, Vagabond Shoes by Vic Damone)  I just adore Russell.  Everything about him impresses me.  I'm actually glad to be able to focus on just him for this dance.  He had chemistry with Melanie - I would have liked to see what he had with Noelle.  I think it was a great dance.  Team Russell!!!  Adam thinks that Russell defies expectations, and thinks he lived the character, in an untested partnership, and called it effortless and beautiful.  Mary thought he was wonderful, but his weave needed to be tighter.  She called it "steppy."  I'll take her word for it.  Nigel thinks that Russell is a poster child for why dance is so important for kids to experience.  He admitted that the rise and fall wasn't good, but his lines were good, and can't imagine Fred Astaire crumping, so props for Russell!

Bianca & Victor (Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall *yay*, Wasted Time by Mi'chelle long name I can't spell)  He is supposed to be blatantly ignoring her, and she wants him all the same.  It was really neat.  I loved one segment where she held onto his legs and did rolls while he walked away, and there was an incredible lift where she lowered herself slowly backwards... Wow.  Travis does it again.  Love his choreography.  And they sold it.  Adam gave the love to Travis.  He warned Bianca that her shoulders are too high up, but he called Victor a revelation.  Mary cackled her love.  She thought they had awesome chemistry.  Nigel thought that they are the most connected partners so far, and he could see their growth and loved their confidence.

Karen & Kevin (Cha cha, choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie, Push It, from Glee *squeeee*)  She is a proud latina, and he is a model.  She is wonderful.  He looked a little disconnected.  He did a decent enough job, but I wanted more.  I really enjoyed Karen, though.  Adam gave Karen a "Yikes," and admitted it was hard to keep his eyes off her, even though "that's not really my thing."  I love it.  He got booed for mentioning that the unwinding pretzel was slow and awkward.  Karen is the first person on Mary's loud hot tamale train, but Kevin didn't make it there.  Nigel thought Kevin danced it well, but thought that Karen was a vision.

Ellenore & Ryan (Contemporary Jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, Arcadia by Apparat).  Ryan likes to bench press his wife, and Ellenore has been dancing since before she was born.  They are two angelic creatures - he's domineering, and she is more angelic.  The routine is neat and oh so Sonya.  Ryan's strength came in handy.  Adam said that these two became the two most exciting dancers on the show.  He wanted a little more abandon, but thought it was beautiful and gave them a bravo.  Mary thought their chemistry was crazy, and loved to see them stay in character the whole time.  Nigel thinks that Sonya always brings something unique, and was impressed with Ryan.

Pauline & Brandon (Smooth Waltz, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson, You Light Up My Life, by Whitney Houston) Pauline loves photography, and Brandon is shocked to be in the Top 20.  Poor them, getting waltz for the first week.  Not usually a crowd pleaser... I thought that Pauline was very tight in her shoulders in the beginning especially.  There was a very nice lift in there, though.  Brandon did pretty well for jumping in late.  He had a very nice leap.  They had good chemistry, but it wasn't my favorite.  Adam was amazed at Brandon coming in a day and a half ago, and loved some of Pauline's expressions.  Mary thinks that the two of them are the cutest ever.  Mary thought that the character was good, but the dance wasn't the best.  Nigel said he was going to critique it without favoritism because of the difficulties.  He thought that it was a bit of prom dance, and thought that Pauline could have opened up more in her lines.

Kathryn & Legacy (Hip Hop, choreographed by Dave Scott, On & On by Missy Elliot)  The piece is about cavemen hearing hip hop for the first time, and not understanding why their bodies are moving.  It's supposed to be humorous.  It started with her picking nits out of his hair.  Funny.  She impressed me, actually.  The choreography was fun, and Kathryn got to finish it by elbowing Legacy in the face and dragging him off.  Adam took some of Nigel's work of sucking up to the choreographer.  He loved the chemistry between the two of them, and thinks it's a good partnership.  Mary screamed Yabba Dabba Do, and said that Pebbles and Bam Bam were busting a move in the cave tonight.  She screamed some more.  Again, my ears are bleeding.  Nigel thought that the musicality was amazing, and called it the hip hop version of quest for fire. 

Mollee & Nathan (Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez, Turn the Beat Around by Gloria Estafan)  I like Nathan a lot more than Mollee just starting off, but she did some really cool moves - one lift over his head was amazing.  She's cute, but I want more from her.  The disco balls were making me dizzy.  There was an awkward jump where her crotch ended up right in his face, but then it dropped into a really super spin with her legs around his neck.  Adam thinks they are an adorable couple, and thinks that their energy is infectious.  He said even the really sexy lifts didn't seem dirty, because they are so sweet.  He isn't a fan of disco much, but loved this routine.  Mary thought they really pulled it off, and with great charisma.  Nigel thinks that anyone who doesn't like disco has got to be crazy, and thinks that they bring the fun to the competition.

The judges want to see solos from Ariana, Brandon, Pauline, and Russell.  Russell????!!!  What?????  They promise to take everything under consideration - all the dancing up until now.

Ariana's solo showed joy and leaps and I think it was pretty good. 

Russell's solo was awesom.  He spun around four times, I think, in a tight flying spin.  He rocks.  If they kick him off, I just might cry.

Pauline's solo seemed to be a whole lot of spinning around.  I wasn't sold on it.  I don't know about these two girls.

Brandon's solo was to a John Mayer song.  Really?  It was boring and showed me nothing unique.

The decision for the girl was unanimous.  He reminded the girls that to get into the Top 20, they already proved that they were amazing dancers.  They like Pauline's charisma but want more passion from her work.  Ariana's going home.  She was good, but could have been more charismatic.

Now for the guys.  They were also unanimous.  They urged Russell to keep dancing and keep learning other styles.  They booted Brandon (which I agree with).  They said they didn't originally put him in the Top 20 because they thought he needed some more time to grow, and Nigel says he is personally going to talk to the people in charge at Fox etc. to see if they can make an exception for him and let him come back next year.  I hope so.  He's got potential, but was definitely the weakest this week.  Certainly Russell didn't deserve to go home in his stead.  I think that they just wanted to see Russell's rockin' solo.

Do you think the right people went home? 

Monday, October 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 10.26.09

This is a non-elimination show, the showcase the Top 20 in their own styles.  I read earlier today that Billy Bell dropped out due to an undisclosed illness, and hip-hopper Brandon Dumlao is in.  I don't know if Billy is in this show tonight, but presumably, he will be tomorrow night.

Cat is super shimmery and doing her disco ball best.  There's a new set and it's snazzy.

Welcome, Adam Shankman as permanent judge, and hello to Mary (may she not scream as much), and Nigel, along with an empty guest chair for Paula Abdul (whenever she might decided to stop by, says Nigel).  I think she is a better judge of dance, potentially, than of singing, so I hope she stops in every now and again.

First up, a Group Routine conceived by Wade and Amanda Robeson, choreographed by Wade.  It's set to Comanche, by The Revels.  I wish I knew the dancers names well enough to comment.  I thought that Phillip did a very good job.  Overall, I was super impressed.  No one brought any suckage.  The girls all looked gorgeous and the boys all looked spiffy.  It was set in a 30's club type setting, and it was wonderful.  Good job, crew!

Russell, Kevin Hunte, and Legacy (Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Beggin, by Madcon) This is an awesome routine.  The three of them are very different, but oh so talented.  There was an awesome part where Russell and Kevin did some breakdancing to make a bridge with their legs linked together, and Legacy did his thing under them.  It was awesome.  Nigel said it was super exciting to see the talent, and Mary screamed something or other. 

Nathan, Ariana, Jakob, and Channing (Contemporary, choreographed by Tyce Diorio, Crying by kd lang)  These four are also beatuiful.  Ariana did a leap off a chair that was grand.  These four fly.  It was beautifully done.  The ending was really nice. Bravo!  Mary claimed to be dizzy from the performance and shrieked some.  I really really really cannot stand her voice.  At all.  She shrieked something about Ariana's improvement and Nathan's piroettes, and Jakob's leaps, lines, and timing.  Channing didn't get a special shout out from her.

Peter, Bianca, and Phillip (Tap, choreographed by new choreographer Derick K. Grant, Take the A Train, by Ella Fitzgerald)  I love watching tap done well!  And these three really know how to do it well.  Fantastic.  I really enjoyed Bianca's bow tie necklace.  They all have really great personalities, too.  Yay for Tap on SYTYCD!  Nigel loves to see tap on the show, and sucked up to the new choreographer.  He warned the tappers that it's going to be tough for the season, and if they have tap as a style, the partners will not be expected to learn tapping for the routine, so it'll all be on the tappers.  We'll see how that works.

Mollee, Pauline, and Eleanore (Jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, On a Cloud, by PPP)  Their tutus look like they were made with toilet paper, and I don't know how that's surpised to make them look sexy, but I was impressed with the dancing.  Mollee is going to have to do a lot to impress me, though, because she is so immature in her dancing and her look... Not my favorite routine of the night, I have to say.  I think they are talented dancers, though.  Adam agreed with me on the questionable nature of sexy tutus, but thought they sold it, and thought the dance was cute as a button.  He declared that Mollee just graduated from High School Musical.  I don't know about that.

Billy, Kathyrn, Noelle, and Victor (Contemporary, choreographed by Mandy Moore, Viva la Vida by Coldplay)  Guess that settles it.  This was pre-recorded.  I am ever so sad that Billy has dropped out, because he is wonderful.  The others are all great, too.  The dance was beautifully choreographed and was magical.  They got a little out of sync, but pretty good, overall.  Adam called it one of the most beautiful, relentless routines he's seen, and called it a work of art.

Karen, Ashleigh and Ryan (Latin, choreographed by Jason Gilkison, Everything I Can't Have by Robin Thicke)  I have to give it to Ryan for partnering with two women at the same time.  It was impressive.  The footwork was wonderful.  It was a great routine.  Love it.  Mary shrieked about three latin dancers.  I missed everything else she said.  My ears were bleeding.

I am excited for the partnering to start!!!  Any favorites from you so far?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazing Race - 10.25.09

Who's excited to see Mika lose it completely over a big giant water slide?  I know I am!

Meghan & Cheyne are first, and they have to choose a locked briefcase, and then head to the Dubai Marina and golf course.

Road Block
One Team member must row an inflatable dinghy to a yacht, and get a watch as a gift from a shiek.  They then have to get back to the briefcase and figure out that the time on the watch is the combination to the briefcase. (the other team member can help with that)

Cheyne was the first out on the water.  Cheyne had no problem with figuring out the combination, and they were off to the water taxi at the next stop.

Matt took time during the pit stop to re-dye his pink hair. 

Ericka & Brian were next to the dinghy, and he had some troubles, but managed to get to the boat.  His hands were bleeding when he was done.

The poor Globetrotters got a cabbie who brought them to the wrong marina.  Oh, not good.

Gary is a canoer, and decided to lean forward and row with one   He did it, but it looked painful.

The Globetrotters had a terrible time getting the combination on the case.  They didn't seem to get it.  It was on 8:35 - But they were stuck on one hand being on the 8 and the other on the 7.  Duh.  They watched while every other team opened it with no trouble.  Finally, they figured it out.

Mika had Canaan do the rowing because she's scared of water.  Add that to her fear of heights.  Check, and check.


Gold - Teams must find a jewelry store and weigh out $500,000 worth of gold, according to the constantly changing gold rate shown on a screen.

Glass - Teams must get a crate at a glass shop and assemble 12 complex hookas

Cheyne & Meghan went for Glass.  They set up in the shade, which was smart.  They got them all together but missed some pieces.  Frustration abound.  Finally, they found the washers that needed to be in place and headed off.

Ericka & Brian did Gold.  They had troubles with the gold value changing   They gave up after a while and went to Glass.  They set up right in the sun and didn't think that colors mattered.  But they do.  And their pieces got very hot.  They had some very serious problems, but finally got it right.  It apparently took them 2 hours to finish the Detour.

Sam & Dan started out with Gold, and ingeniusly, they had brought a $2 calculator from Walmart before they went on the race.  They couldn't figure out how to calculate the exchange rate, but luckily, they are friendly with the Poker Girls.  They lent the calculator to them, and the Poker girls helped them with the exchange rate problem.  They worked together, and finished together.  That's ultra-teamwork.

Matt had a hard time with the heat in Glass, and Mika claimed that she wished she were naked, also because of the heat.

The Globetrotters decided to switch to Gold after seeing the problems other people had.  They borrowed a calculator from someone to do the task.  Smart.

The next place is the Atlantis The Palms Dubai resort, and they have to search for the six story vertical water slide that goes through a shark tank.  Yes, that's right.  I would be terrified of it as well.

Meghan & Cheyne went first, and she was a little scared of the real sharks in the tank, but they both did it with almost no hesitation.

The Poker Girls and Sam & Dan went down with nary a second thought.

Though Ericka is afraid of water, and Brian is afraid of heights, they both went for it.  Good for them.

Matt & Gary went down whooping in joy.

Mika & Canaan?  They are facing problems.  Mika has little water wings, and won't even go near the water slide, no matter how much Canaan cajoled her.  He offered to walk her to the slide.  Then, he tried to push her onto it, and she was a fit of shrieks.  She couldn't say enough how stupid stupid stupid the stunt was, and he said she was breaking her heart.  She said a little prayer, and sat down on the slide, and held onto the bar, and he tried to help her let go, but she whined about how much she hates her life.  She asked Canaan why he hates her, and he didn't deny it, but just said it was because it was a stupid slide.

The Globe Trotters showed up, while Mika was crying about the slide.  That gave them a time limit.  They have 2 minutes to go when another team is behind them.  The Globe Trotters started trash talking, and Mika ran out of time.  Down the Globe Trotters went with no problems.  Mika called Big Easy a piece of crap.

Finally, Canaan decided to go down first, and Mika was left back at the top crying.  She walked down the stairs and gave up. 

The Pitstop is at the resort, and it's Dolphin Bay Beach.

Meghan & Cheyne came in first.  Good for them.  They celebrated with a jump in the ocean.  They each won a personal watercraft.

The Poker Girls finished second, followed closely by Sam & Dan. Ericka & Brian were next.  Matt & Gary showed up next, followed by the Globe Trotters, and then quitter Mika and Canaan.  They are out of the race because she couldn't get over her fear. 

I know I would have been terrified of such a high slide, but I'd like to believe I could suck up my fear for a million dollars.  Truly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project Runway - 10.22.09

The pre-Heidi spot included Carol Hannah being sad to see Shirin go, and Nicolas playing with his limp nasty hair and declaring his own awesomeness. 

Heidi met the designers on the Runway and I love her earrings.  They are going on a road trip with Tim to Rodeo Drive, where they will meet with someone who is famous around the world.

Rodeo Drive always reminds me of Pretty Woman.

They meet Tim at Michael Kors West Coast Flagstore, and Michael himself showed them photos of the locations that inspire his designs.  They will design fashions inspired by famous locales.

Carol Hannah, for winning the previous challenge, chose Palm Beach.

Tim pulled names for others. 

Nicolas chose Greece.

Althea chose St. Tropez.

Gordana chose NYC.

Irina chose Aspen.

Christopher chose Santa Fe

Logan was left with Hollywood.

They have 30 minutes to sketch, $150 at Mood, and until the end of the day to create their looks.

Back at the workroom, Irina got pissy because the other designers were joking and having fun.

Tim arrived for the look-see, and Gordana was working on a necklace instead of making a dress.  Nice necklace, but...  Tim thought that Althea's muslin start was pretty good.  He warned her to watch her proportions.  Christopher was too cliche for Tim, and he warned him to take care with his main pieces.  Irina bitched to camera about Christopher's style.  Carol Hannah's dress was also a bit cliche for Tim.  He warned her to make it hers.  Nicolas again was working in freaking white.  Tim told him to keep proportion, tayloring, and fit in mind.  Logan's look was a comfortable style, and Tim warned him to be cohesive and wow everyone.  Irina was last.  Her pants are done, and they are pretty cool, but I don't love the zippers on the lower hips.  The giant cowl neck was a bit scary.  Those models aren't very big.  She could get eaten alive.

Did Nicolas just dis Irina's look by saying it looked too much like a costume for a film, and he's not into that?  He could have fooled me!

Irina bitched some more about how awesome she is and how sucky everyone else is. 

Nicolas was upset because his top draping looked like Grecian Goddess and he was absolutely not going for that.  Because he had Greece.  Christopher took a look at his garment and realized it was Little House on the Prairie, and cut a whole bunch off the skirt.  Let's see if he can make it work.

Love fest back at the loft.  Althea's hair is looking very Farrah.  Everyone loves each other and everyone's a great designer.  Unless you ask Irina.  They didn't.

In the morning, silent panic, according to Carol Hannah.  They have 2 hours with models for fitting, hair, and makeup etc.

I am suddenly annoyed by Christopher's face framing beardish thing. 


The judges tonight are Heidi, Michael Kors (of course), Nina Garcia, and Milla Jovovich, just because.  She's apparently also a designer.

Logan's Hollywood look was really generic and I didn't like the suspenders.  Yes.  I just said suspenders.

Althea's look included hot gold shorts.  I kind of liked it.

Nicolas' look was really bland.  The sleeves were too long and it was nothing special.  Blah.

Carol Hannah's dress was kind of cute, and I liked the detail in back.  It was see through, though.

Christopher's dress was really sweet on, and I really liked the belt.

Irina's pants were good, and the cowl was neat, but the coat was weird and not needed unless she was getting cold because of the cutout in the back of the sweater.

Gordana's necklace was really neat.  The dress was cute, but not too crazy interesting.

Althea repeated her middle of the road from last week and she was safe.

Irina's outfit was lauded by many.  Michael thought it was literal 80's Aspen with a twist.  Heidi called her pants impeccable.

Christopher's belt was interesting, but the rest of the outfit was called uninspired.

Carol Hannah's print was a good thing.  Nina loved the detail in the top.  Milla would live in the dress.  Michael thought it could be worn with flip flops or with serious jewelry.

Nicolas's journey to Greece was unsucessful.  Blah.

Gordana's dress was called quite beautiful.  Heidi loved the necklace.  Michael called it very Park Avenue.

Logan was inspired by Lindsay Lohan or Mary Kate Olsen.  Ugh.  The judges thought they could have been cooler.  Michael said it was clothes, not fashion.  Milla wanted him to spray paint the pants or something similarly wild.

In the discussion, Milla said if it was called Project "I Didn't Mind It," Logan would win.  Bwah ha ha.

Carol Hannah was the first one sent to safety.  Irina was the winner, because she made such a luxe look for so little money.  That may be, but she's still a bitch.  Gordana was also safe.  Heidi told her to have confidence and sell her designs and stop selling herself short on the runway.  Heidi warned Logan, Christopher, and Nicolas that while they are very talented, they all need to pump up the volume.  Logan was safe.

Nicolas missed the mark and ignored the location assignment.  Christopher's design was wishy washy and lacking the dream.  Still, Christoper is safe, and Nicolas and his greasy hair, white passion, and high attitude of himself are out.

Milla Jovovich was really cute and said that she doesn't know how the regular judges do it, and looked like she was going to cry.

Next week, the designers are horrified by their challenge, someone makes something that Tim thinks is waiting for a diaper, and Althea thinks that Logan is reuising her collar from the Christina Aguillera challenge.  Fun lies ahead!

Survivor: Samoa 10.22.09

Foa Foa is waterlogged.  It's been 5 days of miserable rain.  Dr. Mick is worried about morale.  Jaison was shaking he was so cold and wet.  Evil Russell and Jaison went into the water to "warm off."  Evil Russell admitted that he likes it when it's raining and miserable, because it makes it more challenging.

There were some gorgeous undersea shots, and then Not Evil Russell decided that he would go fishing.  In a thunderstorm. Standing in the water.  I think he just didn't want to be around the rest of Galu, who were wishing they had the tarp.  The rest of the team wondered why Not Evil Russell was working in the rain when it wasn't really necessary.  He said that he wanted to take the leader thing seriously.  Then, when he decided to go into the shelter, his foot went through the floor. 

More rain and misery.  Dr. Mick decided that the best spot was nearly inside a tree trunk.  It looked like a pretty good idea to me.  Evil Russell thought that everyone else was a complete wuss for being afraid of a little rain.  He said in confessional that they are all a bunch of whiny babies, and that's why they keep losing.  He may have a point.

Erik spent a whole day in a hole inside a tree, and he did some yoga and prayed to nature and thinks that it brought on the sun and the rainbow.  Twelve hours later.  Because that's immediate.  Like a sign.  The sun did bring up spirits, though.  Russell thinks that weathering the weather brought them together as a tribe.

Reward Challenge

What's this?  Atlasphere? Labyrinth?

One person will be strapped into a sphere, and they will lead blindfolded tribe members to push them through a path, and then they will then guide more blindfolded members to complete a table maze.

Winner gets pizza.  And they get to watch the loser's Tribal Council, while eating the pizza.  The only problem is, both teams will be going to Tribal and both teams will be voting someone out.  No Immunity this week, then.

Monica, Kelly, Shambo, and Dave sit out.

For Foa Foa, Liz is navigating, with Evil Russell and Jaison pushing.  For Galu, it's Laura in the ball, with Not Evil Russell and Erik pushing.  It was pretty close for the pushing.  Foa Foa got to the table first, but Galu was not far behind.

Then, something happened to Not Evil Russell.  He passed out at the Table Maze.  Probst called in the medics and called a stop to the challenge.  He seemed to passout again when they lay him down.  The blindfolded people must have been so scared, because at first they were going to continue the challenge.  Probst had them take off the blindfolds, and Russell's blood pressure was dangerously low.  Lower than Mike's, who was evacuated..  Probst called the challenge over with no winner.  No pizza.  If Russell can return, he will be at Tribal.

You'd think they could give both tribes pizza...

At camp, Galu is scared to lose Russell.  I would agree.  They went back to Russell, and they tried to sit him up again, and he passed out again.  His heartrate was 90 and dropped to 60 when they sat him up.  Not ok.  Medical wants to pull him.  He's not recovering quickly enough.  Probst was obviously scared.  He wanted to stay.  Begged to stay.  No go.

Over at Foa Foa, Liz and Natalie knew that one of them was probably going. 

At Galu, the girls were gunning for ShamboLaura worried (with reason) that Shambo was too close to the other tribe.  Shambo pleaded her case to them, saying that she's a strong worker.  Monica didn't like that Shambo wrote her name down.  The men thought that Monica was weak, and argued that Shambo holds no power.  Shambo went to chat with the men, and asked them not to vote her out.  They decided she was on a need to know basis, and told her to stay consistent with her voting.  They tried to tell her she was the leader and told her in the end that they were voting for Monica.


Obviously, Russell is not there to greet them at Tribal.  Neither is pizza.  I think that's cruel.  Probst told the group that Russell is out and told them it was the scariest moment he's ever had on the show.  He is now being monitored and doing fine, but there was no way he could come back in the game.  Both tribes admitted that the conditions were rough.  Erik told Probst about his prayer to God and Samoa from inside his tree.  The rain began again, as if on cue.  Dave decided to gloat about how well they've done, and how high their spirits are.  Evil Russell (I guess I can start calling him just plain Russell) said that they shouldn't get too cocky, and they can come back.  Dr. Mick told the other tribe that they were going to win the challenge that day.  Erik was cocky and said that they were going to lose it and they shouldn't fool themselves.

Probst gave them the incredible news that there will be no Tribal Council Vote because there was no finished challenge.

Erik promised to bring Russell's drive to everything from this point on.  Because they lost their leader, Galu took the leader necklace back to camp and will decide on a new leader.

I'm guessing Erik will grab the necklace.

Next week, the Galu men take Shambo into their fold, and for some reason Russell and Laura are chatting, and seem to make an alliance.  Because his alliances are so exclusive.

Can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Chef - 10.21.09

Guest judge this week is Rick Moonen, champion of sustainable cooking.  Red Beard based his restaurant on sustainable cooking.  The Quickfire is about teamwork - The Top Chef Tag Team Cookoff.  First ever.

They pull knives and find... nothing on their knives.  Except Jennifer got one that said First Choice, and Michael V. got Second Choice.  That means they get to pick the teams.

Jennifer took Red Beard, Mike I, and Laurine.

Michael took his brother, Eli, and Robin.

Robin called Eli her Little Buddy.  I think she forgets last week's drama.

Here are the rules - each chef cooks for 10 minutes each.  They cannot speak to each other, and to top it all off, they will be blindfolded.  The team that creates the most cohesive dish wins, and it's a High Stakes Quickfire, and they get $10K to split as a team.

Eli is going first, followed by Robin, then Bryan, and Michael.

On the other team, Jennifer is going first, followed by Laurine, Mike I, and then Red Beard to finish up and plate.

No one seemed to fall apart.  Red Beard decided not to oil poach the fish like his other teammates set him up to do, but instead to fry in butter.

Michael's Team ended up with Pan Roasted Strip with whipped miso, avocado mousse, and pickled vegetables. 

Jennifer's Team ended up with sablefish with sauteed mushrooms, shitake broth, and radish salad.  Jennifer thought the fish was trout, but it was black cod.  She got called out on it.

The winner was Jennifer's team. The Voltaggio brothers are disappointed.

Time for Restaurant Wars!!!!  The teams are staying the same.  They are not responsible for decor this season (and I think that's good).  Two members will have 1 hour and $1500 at Whole Foods, and the other two will have the same at Restaurant Depot.  Rick gave them a seafood watch card to keep their minds on sustainability, since they are cooking in his restaurant (two floors, two kitchens)

Jennifer decided to skip dessert.  Laurine did the front of the house for their team (she also is in charge of one dish). They went with Mission for their name.  They took the fine dining restaurant.

The Voltaggio containing team are doing a modern American menu.  Robin wanted to do an Asian Pear Crisp with elderflower.  It sounded grand.  Bryan wanted to do a chocolate dish.  His brother told him that his chocolate a previous time sucked and helped them lose the challenge.  Eli did the front of the house for the other team.  They decided to name their restaurant Revolt.  (As in Revolution, but also Robin, Eli, and Voltaggio brothers.)

Mission's Menu: 
Asparagus & Six Minute Egg
Arctic Char tartare
Bouillabaisse consumme
Seared Trout
Pork Three Ways
Lamb with Carrot Jam

Revolt Menu:
Chicken & Calamari "Pasta"
Smoked Arctic Char
Duo of Beef
Cod & Billi-Bi Sauce
Pear Pithivier
Chocolate Ganache

Eli got people to the bar when they showed up.  Laurine was flustered.  Customers seemed unsure of Revolt's menu, with one customer saying "Is it meant to be things that contradict each other?"  The judges hated the name, and Padma wondered if they didn't think they would think of "revolting."  Still, the first dish got really great reviews.  Eli's Char didn't pop for the judges.  The kitchen was slowwwww and no food was coming out for a long time.  The brothers were getting on each other's nerves.  Still - Michael's cod was called melt in your mouth.  Bryan's meat and potatoes was a bit lackluster and not hot enough.  Michael was stepping on Robin's plating, and she swore at him, which he didn't take well.  When Robin's pear pithivier went out, the judges thought it was easily the best thing she's done.  The ganache could have used more mint ice cream, but they liked it.  As far as front of the house goes, Eli got good marks for his intensity.

Time for Mission!

The judges noticed right off that there were no desserts.  There were gasps.  Mike I's char lacked salt, and Laurine was kind of inattentive.  The second dish was not going out quickly enough.  The dining room was kind of slow and all over the place.  Laurine left the judges without explaining the dishes they got, and they called her back.  The mussels and the clams were fishy, and the consumme was not consumme, but it was yummy.  Jennifer's trout was called a mess.  The lamb was not getting cooked evenly, and was too rare, and no one was asked how they wanted it cooked.  The pork plate from Red Beard got happy notes from the judges, but they wanted a dessert.

Judge's Table

Revolt was called back first.  They have won Restaurant Wars, and the judges said it was the best Restaurant Wars restaurant in the history of Top Chef.  Toby thought that Eli was underdressed, but liked his hosting skills.  Michael tried to take credit for Robin's pithevier.  She rolled her eyes about it and said there is a fine line between helping and dominating.  In the end, Michael won and got $10K and a cookbook from the guest judge.  He wanted to split his money with everyone.  Bryan had a hissy fit and told him to keep the money because he didn't think he had the best professional behavior.

Time for Mission's critique.  Mike I. thought he should have run the house.  I think that would probably be worse.  Laurine claimed to be comfortable in the front of the house.  Could have fooled me.  Jennifer's decision to steam the clams and mussels to order was a reason for the delay.  She was feeling as broken as her sauce.  Laurine didn't take control of the lamb dish and admitted she thought it was too bloody.  Toby chastised her for not explaining the dishes.  Red Beard didn't even get the positive review for his pork dish!  The whole team was lacking a leader, and they knew it.

In the end, it was Laurine going home, and I think that was the right choice.  She had some serious issues.

Do you think the right person went home?

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.21.09

The Top 20 Revealed!  Finally!

(And I think the final show that Mia is going to be on - because she let the world she quit via twitter, in case you didn't know)

Too Young To Audition last season, Straight to Vegas Nathan is up first.  He's in.

Montage of nameless disappointment.  It's hard to feel sad losing people when I don't remember them.

Ballet David is not going to be in this season.  Mary told him he needs to come out of himself a little more.

Katheryn McCormack auditioned in LA but is from Georgia.  She's really cute.  She's also quick to cry and she squeaks when she cries.  That could get annoying.  In fact, before she was even done with the judges, it's gotten annoying.  The judges even commented on her squeakiness, but she's in the Top 20.

Channing Cook is also really sweet. Nigel told her she is almost too strong and needs to work on working with a partner.  She's into the Top 20.

Quick yeses to Ariana Dubois and Eleanor Scott.  I liked both of them a lot, so good.

Early judge favorite Billy Bell o' the bloodied nose would have his scholarship held from Juliard if he gets in - and he's going to have to do that, because he's in.

Jake Gidry and someone else I don't recognize are not in. 

Amber Jackson is not on this season.  Mary wants her to find her star personality.

How about Crumper Russell?  He seems a shoe-in to me, because he has blown me away the whole time.  He is indeed in the Top 20.  Hooray!

Hip Hopper Kevin Hunt joins him. 

Bianca Revels, Philip Atmoore, and Peter Sabasino are all tappers and are all waiting to find out their fates. 

Bianca is up first.  Nigel told her that she would make it in for her tap alone, if that's how it worked.  It doesn't, though, and contestants have to be versatile.  She turns out to be versatile enough and she's in!  Yay!  I love her!

Philip is up next.  His attitude was questioned, but he's in.  Good.  He was excellent.

Finally, Peter's turn.  He's going to be the third tapper in the Top 20!  Awesome.

It really is looking to be the Year of the Tapper.  Slick.

Montage of other rejectees.  I didn't recognize any of them, so it doesn't bother me.

Victor Smalley who had a faux-hawk and was basically asked to shave it off is in, though.

Jakob Carr (?) who I think I remember liking also made it.

Mollie Gray is up next.  Has she learned to dance like a woman instead of a little girl?  I don't know.  Neither does Nigel.  She got some no's, but she's in. 

Her new best friend Noel is hoping to also make it to the Top 20.  First, though, it's Golf-Ball Ankle Girl Pauline MartaPauline is through, despite not being able to do the last round.  Cool.  I liked her.

Noel was cut in Broadway in Season 5, but she's in the Top 20 this season.  I forsee tears when she or Mollie is cut.

Montage of more disappointed anonymous folks.

Legacy is up next.  He is also in. 

Paula is also in.  I like her a lot, too.

Ryan and Ashley Dilello don't know if they will both make it. 

Ryan is up against Gene Bursley, who is also a ballroom dancer.  Ryan has made it.  I liked him better than Gene, so I'm glad for that.

Ashley is up against Karen Hauer, who also auditioned with her husband (though he was cut earlier).  Karen is in, which means the married couple is split up.  I feel very badly for her.  She was in tears, and so was her husband. 

Or are they????

She's in as well!  What? 

Paula turned down the spot in the Top 20!  She decided to drop out because she got a contract for a movie.  Good for her, and good for Ashley!  Slick!

I can't wait for the performances!

Did your favorites make it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazing Race 10.18.09

From Cambodia, they have to get to the Burj Dubai, with only the clue of flying to the Persian Gulf and going to the world's highest building (still under construction) in Dubai.  They have to get there, and take an elevator to the top.

Thank goodness for the internet cafe, and teams were able to do some easy research.  Ericka knew it was in Dubai, and the Globe Trotters were able to get their research down in no time.  Sam and Dan think that the Persian Gulf is a country, but discover that they need to go to an actual country.  Lance & Keri plan on getting married no matter what because they have non-refundable deposits for the wedding.  They get bad connections at the Internet cafe, but end up getting on the same flight as everyone else.

Maria & Tiffany get to the list for sign ups first, followed by Brian & Ericka and then Dan & Sam, and they get signed up for the 5:30 AM ride in the elevatore. Cheyne & Megan manage to get the last spot on that elevator ride.  Mika & Canaan did some yelling at their cabbie, and get the next group, along with Lance & Keri, The Globe Trotters, and Gary & Matt, who are all taking the 5:45 elevator.

The 5:30 AM group headed up, and, waiting for her trip up, Mika was crying at the base of the building. She hates heights.  The first group got the next clue, and they don't have to jump off the building or anything.. they have to go to marked cars and go to the Dubai Dessert Reserve.

There is a Fast Forward - the only one in the race.  They can go to the Dubai Autodrome, drive a F1 race car, and complete the lap in 45 minutes.

Hilariously, Lance & Keri again take a wrong turn in the parking structure and can't find the marked cars.  Bwah ha ha.  It took them a long time (seemingly) to find it, and then Lance didn't want to ask for directions.

Cheyne & Megan hopped in to the fast forward, and they were the only ones who went for it.

Sam & Dan, Ericka & Brian, and Maria & Tiffany got to the Dessert Reserve first.   It's a Roadblock.

Who thinks they can beat the dessert heat? 

One person will choose a traditional bag, and search for buried water urns in the dessert, and fill their bags.  It is insane to try to find the urns.  Tiffany, Dan and Brian went off in search, followed by Big Easy.  The first couple urns didn't have any water, and they had to search a seemingly long time for them. 

Cheyne's first trip around the track at the Fast Forward was 40 seconds - they passed the Fast Forward, so to the Pit Stop with them - and they get to ride in a Mazaratti.  Nice.  Megan didn't like having to give up control while Cheyne did the task by himself.

Brian got the water first, and told Tiffany and Dan where the water was.  Good for him.  Dan broke his ladle, but Tiffany let him use hers.  Nice.

From there, on to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski area.  On the way there, Brian told Canaan & Mika how to get to the desert reserve.  He believes in karma. 

Problem in the parking lot - Maria backed over something and her radiator was gone in the car.  Ouch.  Punctured.  Sam & Dan decided to wait with them because of the ladle incident.  That might be a bad decision.  A new car is dispatched for Maria & Tiffany.

While Lance & Keri were still lost, Megan & Cheyne got to the mat first and Phil congratulated them with a trip to Jamaica.

After being super hot, the Ski Dubai was welcome.


Build a Snowman - Teams have to carry snow from inside to outside and build a traditional snowman before it melts.

Find a Snowman - Teams must sled down a ski hill, find a tiny snowman inside a hill and turn it over to a polar bear to get their next clue.

Meanwhile, back in the dessert, Lance was finding empty urns and throwing them in the dessert.  Real mature.  Mika was confused by the metric speedometer.

Brian & Erika were the first team to find the snowman.  It was tiny.  Good job for her.  Off to the pit stop with them.

Lance & Keri whined about going the wrong direction, and finally turned around. 

At the detour, a couple teams switched to the Building of a snowman. The Globe Trotters found the little snowman.  When they were leaving to get to their car, they ran into Canaan & Mika, and warned them to go back to the car and get their cold gear.  That was nice.

The Globe Trotters came in next, followed by Gary & Matt, Sam & Dan, Maria & Tiffany, and Mika & Canaan.  Lance & Keri came in last.  I was almost sure that they were going to end up with a non-elimination leg, just because the world is unfair to me, but happily, they are out.  Now who am I going to root against?  I kind of like everyone else...

What do you think?

Lance & Keri took a wrong turn because Lance wasn't listening to Keri.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Project Runway - 10.15.09

Heidi introduced the designers to their next challenge.  She told them if they really want to shine, their look must upstage the rest.  She sent them to meet Tim and a special guest at an undisclosed location, and reminded them that there is no immunity from here on out (although Gordana has immunity for this one).

They went to the Fashion museum and met Tim with Bob Mackie, king of Sequins.  They will be creating an extravagant stage look.  Bob reminded them that this is not normal design, and told them to just go for it.  They will be designing a look for Christina Aguillara.

To Mood with them and looting for shimmer and shine.  They have $300, which is lots more than normal, but shummery fabric sometimes cost more...  They have 2 days.

Carol Hannah got a lot of random fabric and seemed to be playing with Logan's fur instead of actually working.  Gordana's fabric was shedding beads like crazy.  It's a shame because it was looking pretty cool before the beading debacle.  The next day, there was more scrambling.  Shirin was making something that looked like a ball gown.  Nicolas thought his look was like a skating look.

Tim came for his look see and worried that Christopher's outfit should have been super slut instead of 90's prom, and thought they were both prim.  Althea also had a reveal planned, and Tim worried that they thought they both envisioned her coming out of a pumpkin.  Gordana has a lot to do, and Tim worried that Nicolas' look is too much of a re-do of his Ice Princess look.  Nicolas is the king of white frilly.  Carol Hannah was thinking of doing a reveal, but Tim told her that it looked fine.  He thought that Shirin's looked like student work, vampira meets 16 year old prom.

More work, and enter the models.  Shirin changed hers up a lot and it looked better for a start.  Logan thinks that Carol Hannah is fun and an unorthodox Southern Belle.  Flirty flirty flirty.

Irina has a high opinion of herself and a low opinion of everyone else.  It's annoying.  Even annoying Nicolas is annoyed by her. 

Runway Show

Joining Heidi are Bob Mackie, Nina Garcia, and Christina Aguilera.

Althea's dress is neat and long and slinky with lots of silver, kind of liquid.

Logan's look was short and sassy and I kind of liked it.

Shirin's look was absolutely not a stage look.

Christopher's look was really kind of neat, I thought, for the stage.  The reveal brought sparkly hot pants.  Slick.

Nicolas' looked just like so many others.  Yawn.

Gordana's look was totally badly sewn and I think she's lucky to have immunity.

Irina's was way too short and ice dancer to me.  I did not like it.

Carol Hannah's is long and black and mixed sequins with feathers really well.  I loved how it moved.  Not sure it was a good stage outfit.

Irina was middle of the road, and Gordana was also sent to safety (but was told she was lucky to have immunity).

Christina loved Carol Hannah's look, and Nina called it glamorous, but wished it had come off into something sexier.  Carol Hannah told her that she tried that, but thought it looked too ice skater-y.  The judges agreed it was better as it is, and loved the textures of black she used.

Heidi called Shirin's look a bad witch halloween costume.  Christina worried she would trip in it.  The bottom of it was the mess.

Althea's use of back and front sides of the fabric was clever.  Heidi liked the way her bum looked.  Nina didn't like the train for logistic reasons.  Christina thought it was a beautiful dress.

Heidi wasn't loving Christopher's revealed look, and Nina worried it was a revisit of Lady Marmelade.  Bob Mackie didn't think the corset was well done, and wouldn't put it on a chorus girl.  Christina gave him E for Effort.

Christina liked Nicolas' outfit.  Bob thought it needed just a little something else.

Logan wanted to create a punk rock princess outfit.  The judges worried there should have been more chains.  Christina was getting cave woman, but liked the color.  The lining of his green dress is pink, but it was not shown, and the judges wished there had been more of that drama.

In the end, Carol Hannah won the challenge and I am thrilled.  So was she.  Nicolas and Logan were also safe.  It was between Shirin and Christopher.  Let's see if Christopher's got more tears for us.... not tonight.  It's Shirin that's out.  I think it was the right choice.  I still like Christopher.

Survivor Samoa: 10.15.09

At Galu, after their first tribal council, their was still an ember of fire.  Shambo is feeling out of the loop.  Everyone else was happy when Shambo went to bed.  The other girls are feeling like Shambo just doesn't fit in.  Monica knows that Shambo was the only one who voted against her and is on a mission to get rid of her.

In the morning, Erik had a battle with the ocean.  How dare it have strong waves when he was trying to wash himself?  Over at Foa Foa, the ocean was also wreaking havoc on their camp.

Tree Mail indicated a gross food from the ocean challenge.  And they have to keep it down. Ashley thinks that she'll be great at the challenge because she'll eat anything once.  Liz told Evil Russell that Ashley was going to suck at the challenge.  Evil Russell told the other men that Liz was trying to sow seeds of dissent.  He didn't like the competition at the mind game.

Reward Challenge

Jeff is making a smoothie of several different ocean ingredients (as determined by a throw of a ball, roulette style).  Each person who gets it down is a point (no time limit), and the first to five points wins a Survivor BBQ.  The person sent to the other tribe has to miss the reward.

Now, I would like to think that I could eat almost anything, but a smoothie would be much harder.

Kelly, Laura, and John sit out for Galu.

Shambo and Jaison got giant clam and Jeff's choice.  He added octopus, sea snails, noni juice, and a seaweed garnish.  Shambo rocked it out without a problem.  Jaison struggled, but kept it down in the end. 

Next was Evil Russell vs. Not Evil Russell.  They both got jellyfish, which Jeff blended with milk.  Not Evil Russell had no problem, and Evil Russell had a harder time, but got it down.

Mick vs. Brett, and they got giant clam with sea cucumber, which Jeff mixed with milk.  Dr. Mick got it first.  Brett licked his glass and kept it down.

Monica and Liz faced each other next and both got sea urchin.  Jeff garnished with seaweed.  Both of them got it down, with Monica finishing first.

Ashley and Dave were up next.  They got sea slug guts.  Jeff blended it with water.  Will Ashley live up to her claim?  Dave was making vomiting sounds and Ashley turned her back and plugged her ears.  She was having a seriously awful time of it.  Are Liz's claims warranted?  Yes, indeed.  She was super close to finishing it, but gave up.  That does not bode well for her.  Galu won the challenge.  Russell decided to send Shambo over to Foa Foa, and she let it be known that she didn't think it was very fair, and asked him to spread the love.  He denied it, and muttered that she has to pay for the chicken she lost.

Back at Foa Foa beach, Shambo said she would take a group hug instead of a steak.  Dr. Mick was disappointed in Ashley's inability to finish the shake.  She said she was close to passing out from her attempt.  Natalie was all happy and encouraging to her, but in the end, it was her fault that they lost.

Before the feast at Galu, Russell told the tribe that he sent Shambo because she needed to pay for losing the chicken.  They couldn't eat, though, because Russell messed up the fire.  Dave wanted to fix it, but said he had to ask the chief first.  Russell, in his kind of passive aggressive way, told Dave to go ahead and fix it.  Fix it, he did, and the Survivor BBQ was on. Dave said that he planned on downplaying his awesomeness, because actions speak louder than words.

Back at Foa Foa, Shambo told the tribe she was going to share her clues with the whole tribe, because they are more of a tribe to her than her own was.  Of course she did not find it, and the rest of the tribe thought that Ben might have had it.  Liz suspects that Russell has it and confronted him.  He threatened her and told her she was walking on thin ice for confronting him.

Oh, how Galu wished they had the tarp that Russell turned down when the rain came down in sheets.  For hours.  And hours.  Dave waded through flood waters to get tree mail. 

Immunity Challenge

Shambo returned to Galu and got almost no welcome, which Probst recognized.  In the pouring rain, Jeff told them that one man and one woman from each tribe will hang onto a rope connected to a net, while the other tribe tries to fill the net with coconuts.  The person who holds the net the longest wins.

Dave, Shambo, and Brett sit the challenge out.

Liz and Russell held ropes for Foa Foa.  Other Russell and Laura held ropes for Galu.  The rain poured down as the nets filled with coconuts.  Galu is scoring more than Foa Foa, and Ashley is missing all of her throws.  The rain poured down more.  Probst blogs that he loves rainy challenges, so I bet he was just in love with this one.  Russell was the first one down, with a huge net full of coconuts.  Liz hung on for dear life.  In the end, her net was just too full, and Galu was back on their winning streak.

I think that Ashley is going to be in trouble for her poor performance at both challenges.  I bet that Evil Russell will go after LizJaison's hands and feet were completely waterlogged, and he claimed to want to get out of there.  They were all huddled in the shelter, with little room for secret strategy.  Ashley wanted to know if they should talk about it in the open, or if they should just all vote individually.  They decided to keep quiet and vote on their own.  Ought to be interesting.  Russell is not happy with the rain delay of his strategy.  He is unhappy with Liz, but she is strong.

Tribal Council

Jeff asked Jaison what the toughest thing pre-Survivor he had done, and it was intense training for the US National team of water polo.  Jeff asked Ashley if the warm fire and shelter of Tribal was somewhat welcome.  Ashley says that her biggest connections on the tribe are Natalie and Russell.  Liz thinks that the adversity of always losing has brought them closer. 

Votes went to Ashley and Liz.  (And someone spelled Ashley's name Ashlie.  That's a new one).  She of the mispelled name is out.  I think she deserved to be out, because she did not hold her own in the challenges.  She was a cutie, but cute doesn't win challenges.  Even her buddy Natalie voted for her.  So much for no united front!

Next week, more storms and a call to medical!

Top Chef: 10.14.09

Quickfire Challenge

The guest judge this week is Charlie Palmer, "pioneer of American cooking," and Bryan and Michael have worked for him in the past, but he promises no favoritism.

The challenge is about the art of pairing.  They have to make a dish incorporating Alexia snacks - which look delicious, and I wish I had a bag right now, but have never tried.

Eli made a warm potato clam salad with cold fennel salad Alexia onion crunchy snack.

Red Beard made a warm bean confit tomato salad with frech herbs and creamed corn to go with the Alexia onion crunchy snack.

Bryan made a seared rib eye with pickled onion, sauteed mushrooms, chive puree to go with the onion crunchy snack.

Robin made a sweet corn pana cotta with an avocado moussiline with the jalepeno crunchy snacks.

Mike I. made chiliquiles wth waffle fries.

Michael V. made tuna tartare with avocado, pickled onions, and jalapenos.

Ash made chilled cucumber avocado soup with creme fraiche, crab, and red pepper, with the barbecue golden spicy waffle fries.

Laurine made swordfish with spinach, asparagus, and fava bean puree, paired with onion strips.

Jennifer C. did a sauteed pork chop with tomato sauce and feta cheese and was worried it was overcooked.

Robin, Ash, and Jennifer ended up in the bottom.  In the top were Eli, Bryan, and Red Beard.  Eli brought in the win.

For the Elimination Challenge, they drew knives for different parts of the pig.  I love Red Beard more because he has a pig tattoo.  Because Jennifer pulled "wild," she got to choose anything, and picked belly.  They have to pair pig and pinot noir.  They have to do 150 tasting portions.  I think we've seen this restaurant before - it features a three story wine tower and wine angels flying to get the right bottle.  The chefs got to do a pinot tasting.  Each chef picked a wine to go with.

Cooking dinner at their apartment, and there as a lot of drama. Robin got on Eli's nerves something awful.  She mumbled to herself a lot about every little thing.

Cooking time!

When Tom comes around for his look around, Mike I has a ton of little tiny meatballs to make.  He is sure of himself.  The brothers were swearing at each other and getting on each others nerves.  Michael was the instigator.  It was clearly meant to annoy his brother.

At the event, the chefs were nervous about the huge groups of people.  When the judges showed up, the chefs got to present their food.

Michael had pork cheeks and made Root beer braised pork cheeks.  I will not be outlining what pinot they paired with.  I simply do not know enough about wine for it to make any difference for me.

Ash made a chilled pork tenderloin with a cherry and corn salad.  His pork was called clammy and overcooked and oversalted.  Not good.

Eli made a roasted pork belly with roasted root veggies.  It got some good reviews, but the pairing was questioned.

Red Beard made a pork leg pate with cherry salad and sauce with pork fat.  It was called smart and punched up.

Mike I. made stuffed pork shoulder over orange blossom yogurt.  The orange was called overwhelming by one of the judges. 

Bryan made a braised pork spare rib with parsnip puree.  It got good marks.

Jennifer made a braised pork belly with a salad.  It made Padma go mmmmmm.

Laurine did pork bytt rillettes with a salad and pearl onion chutney.  One judge said it was like cat food.  Not good.

Robin did a brined center cut pork chop with a coffee cherry sauce.  Toby thought it was slimy and Tom thought it was too thin.

Judge's Table

Bryan, Michael, Red Beard, and Jennifer were called back first for the top of the pack.  The judges were happy with all of the dishes, but in the end, Red Beard won it.  Go Red Beard!  He was invited to come back as guest chef the next year at the Pigs and Pinot event.  As a pork lover and holder of a pig tattoo, that's wonderful for him.

Going back in the bottom of the heap were Ash, Laurine, and RobinRobin stood by her dish.  Toby didn't like the thin cut of the meat.  Tom thought her sauce was gummy.  Ash didn't have enough notes from the wines in his dish. He told them about the original dish he was going to make, which sounded delicious, but he changed his mind and did the less than stellar dish.  The judges thought that something had gone wrong with Laurine's rillette, and she made it wrong, if she was going for traditional rillette.   Back in the holding room, Ash lamented that his vital mistake was forgetting flavor.  Oops.  Robin forgot the pig.  Oops.  Laurine forgot to make food fit for human consumption.  Oops.

In the end, Ash's lack of confidence doomed him, and he was gone.  I think it was a good decision.  He plans on making his original dish at his restaurant and inviting all the (male) judges.

Next time?  Restaurant Wars!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.14.09

Final Vegas Night!

77 dancers are left at the beginning of Day 2, and the first choreography up was Laurie Ann Gibson's Jazz.  She took no prisoners.

The husband and wife team (Karen and Matthew) were split up for the routine.  Karen seemed to do a really good job.  She has stage presence, that's for sure.  She is safe, but Nigel let her know that it was close.  Matthew seemed to be struggling mightily.  He's out.  Poor Karen was so sad for him. 

Others also had big problems with Jazz.  Nigel looked disgusted.  The feelings were just not there.  By the end of the round Iveta and Willem were cut.  So sad!  I loved both of them. 

Mollie Gray and Billy Bell were up in the last round, as was krumper Russell.  I continue to be blown away by Russell.  Mollie was told she has to start dancing like a woman instead of like a little girl.  The judges were astounded how well Russell does with no formal training.  They are all through.

Oh no!  Mollie hurt her foot, claims it doesn't hurt.  She doesn't want the judges to know about it, but she ended up calling in the medics. 

69 dancers are left, and they are broken up in groups and have to choreograph their own routines to show to the judges in the morning.  I love this show because they don't go into all the drama like AI does...

Russell and four contemporary dancers had to choreograph a Broadway routine.  They only took an hour to work on their choreography night night before.  They did a very good job and had some fun moves.  Go Russell!  Love him!  They got wonderful reviews from the judges.  Nigel thought it was inventive and creative. The whole group is through.  Yay!

We saw very few of the rest of the routines.  I wish we had see more of it.

Mollie was in the last group.  She had gone to the hospital the night before, and they choreographed it without her.  She was able to come back after only 2 hours of rehearsal and she was determined to stay in it.  They had her in a chair for the choreography, but she was determined to get up and go for it.  They were up for a lot of the night.  They worked her hurt foot into the routine and she did a realyl cool split between the two guys.  Mia was making faces throughout.  She thought it was dumb.  Nigel thought that they hid beneath their characters, but didn't show their dancing so much.  They still got through the round.

Next up is contemporary with Mia.  Everyone was scared, but she had them meditate or something in the beginning and seemed to be going for a kinder, softer Mia.

Kevin Hunt was in the first group.  They loved his feet whle he was dancing (and so did I).  He is a hip hopper, and you would never know it.  He's through.

Lots of people seemed to do very well, and up last was Legacy's group.  Though I thought he was pretty bad, Mia called him perfectly imperfect and he was through. 

11 people got cut in contemporary.  Lots of people who made it through did some crying.

For the final round, the girls and the guys were split up for a Broadway routine from Tyce. 

In the first group is Pauline Marta who almost made the Top 20 last year.  In her final jump of the routine, she landed wrong and broke her ankle.  Holy crap, it looked like her foot almost fell off.  She sat and watched the rest of the girls.  (And in the end - she returned from the hospital and found out it was just a bad sprain.  Holy cow, that's one awful sprain!)

Ashley Dilello was in the final group (and she is the one who was kind of fake and weird in the ballroom with her husband, Ryan).  They told her that she's probably grown the most this week, and she is safe in this round.  Her husband (who is still in it, too) is super proud of her.

The girls went to play in the pool while the guys did their routines.  Montage of bikini clad young girls.

The boy's turn brought Ryan Dillelo out in the first group, and he ripped off his shirt to no one's disappointment.  He is already playing Skin to Win.  He's through this round.  there was a montage of other fantastic men. 

Dominic Pearson (who injured himself in the final round of Season 4's Vegas Week) is back.  He was feeling confident, but seemed to be completely off in the choreography.  In the end, he fell of the stage on purpose.  He only got 2 votes and he's out.  In tears, he crumbled to the ground.  Nigel told him that he needs to buck it up and not cry when he gets cut, because dancing is a tough game.  6 more guys got cut before the round was over.

Final Solo time!

38 dancers are left, including poor Pauline. 

Billy Bell's solo was up first.  It was a beautiful solo that made Adam Shankman lose his cool.  He was in tears.  I don't think it was quite that beautiful, but I could be wrong.

Montage of solo bits.  Wish we had seen more of them.  They looked fantastic.  There was one boy channeling Rocky in his gold underpants.  Mia threw her comb at one person.

And who's in the Top 20?  We won't know until next week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finale Alert: Hell's Kitchen 10.13.09

Kevin, Dave, and Ariel are feeling pretty good after seeing their loved ones.

Ramsey introduced them to their challenge - there were three domes with international cuisine, and they have to cook something from that region of the world.  Ariel got China.  Dave got Indian and was a little scared.  Kevin got Mexican.  Dave was jealous of the Mexican pick.  They have 45 minutes to make one stunning entree.  They have ingredient shelves stocked with their regional items.

Oh, crap.  Dave chose pork.  Most Indians don't eat pork.  Ugh.

Ramsey brought in experts from each cuisine to judge.

Ariel presented her (very nervous forgetting what she cooked) duck with lychee plum marinade.  She then said that she ordered Chinese food all the time, but it's been a while since she's had Chinese takeout.  It was called not balanced enough, pleasantly sweet, with a watery sauce.  Mixed.

Kevin did an orange and cumin pork tenderloin with .... no sauce.  He forgot to plate the mole.  Ouch.  The Mexican judge thought that it would have been astounding with the sauce.  The Chinese judge liked it even without the sauce, as did the Indian judge.

Dave made a mung bean puree with seared pork tenderloin.  He admitted that he didn't really know if pork was ok.  The Indian judge told him that he should have gone with chicken or seafood.  The Mexican judge liked his flavors.  The Chinese judge liked it.  The Indian judge really liked his lentils.

The Chinese judge gave his vote to Dave.  The Mexican judge also gave his vote to Dave.  The Indian judge also gave it to Dave, because he loved his ability to work with the spiced for the first time.

As a reward, Dave got each of the three judge's signature dishes prepared for him at the Chef's Table.  He also got a full set of beautiful cookware (missed the brand - did anyone catch it?).  As a surprise, his sister and his fiancee got to join him at the Chef's Table.

The punishment was to polish silverware and get the dining room set up.

Dave took some time to chat with the chefs and learn some things.

Ariel and Kevin got nagged by JP as they ironed tablecloths.  They got to see Dave and his loved ones in the kitchen enjoying the reward.  They certainly didn't enjoy that.

Time to get ready for service.  Each of them will take a turn running the pass.

Kevin was up first, and there was the expected sabotage.  Kevin was running the pass well, and he caught the first sabotage (halibut instead of sea bass).  Ariel had some lamb that wasn't cooked right, and then she couldn't debone them properly because they were falling apart.  Kevin kept sending the lamb back and wasn't listening to her complaints.  Then, her lamb sauce went missing for a couple minutes.  In the end, Kevin did a decent job.

Dave's turn up at the pass, and he was taking some crazy charge.  He was whipping a towel around and swearing.  He was rude to JP.  Not sure if it was the best attitude, but the food was leaving the kitchen.  Sabotage time - spinach puree instead of asparagus puree.  He missed it.  His second sabotaged dish was also missed. The tuna was not seared and had no sesame seeds.  He got spanked verbally by Ramsey.  He recovered well, and spotted some cold tuna, and some undersalted food.  He hit his groove and the food kept moving.  I think he did a good job.

Ariel took her turn at the pass.  Her first sabotage was parsnip puree instead of mashed potatoes.  She missed it.  The next one was salmon instead of seabass, and she caught it (it was covered in garnish, so the pink was hidden). Then, she started yelling out too many orders at the same time.  She complained the Kevin was dragging.  Ariel lost control of the kitchen.  Ramsey was not happy.  Kevin was slow on cooking scallops, and wasn't getting them out at the right time.

Still, service was completed with minimal drama.

Ramsey asked each of them to tell them the one person who shouldn't be in the final.

Kevin thought that Ariel should not be in the finals.  Ariel chose Kevin.  Dave chose Ariel.  Ramsey said that their answers didn't help him, and asked them each to tell him why they DO belong in the finals.  Everyone basically said how great they are.  Dave said that he has grown tenfold in the competition, and he has led himself.  Ariel thinks she should be int he finals because she is young and creative.

Dave is in the finals!  Woooooot!  The second person in the finals is Kevin.  Not a surprise to me.  Ariel just didn't seem on the same level as either of them.

They have 30 minutes to get changed and get ready for their limo.

They have 45 minutes to do a menu item worthy of the Araxi, with 5 highly regarded judges.

Kevin is making a petite clam bake with poached lobster and corn pudding.

Dave is rack of venison with parsnip puree.

Alain Gayot (guide book author, food critic) really liked Dave's dish.  He liked Kevin's presentation, but went for Dave's dish with his vote.

Jamie Maw (Canadian food critic) gave his vote to Dave as well.

Tanya Steel (Editor in Chief for Epicurious) was impressed with both dishes, but chose Kevin for her favorite.

Warren Garraty (Executive chef at West Restaurant in Vancouver) gave his vote to the lobster.

The final guest is Coleman something (from the now defuct Gourmet magazine) gave the win to Dave.  Wooooot!

The cheftestants worked on their menus.  Heather will be working with Kevin, and Scott will be working with Dave.  In addition, they have some "secret ingredients" - some of their former competitors.

Dave got first pick and grabbed Ariel.  Kevin chose Van.  Dave's second choice was Robert.  Kevin chose Amanda, because his menu was fish heavy, and she's good at fish.  Dave's next choice was Suzanne, who expected to be picked last.  Sabrina was the last member of Kevin's team.

Kevin's menu was intricate, but his plating was beautiful.  Dave's menu was simpler.

Kevin's menu features caramelized scallops, coffee cured beef tenderloin, and a trio of creme brulee for dessert.

Dave's menu featured a wild mushroom risotto, venison, and a layered mousse for dessert. 

Ramsey thought that Kevin's menu might be too complicated.  He worried that Dave's might be too pedestrian.  Then, he presented both of them with their white jackets. 

Time for service!  They skipped the restaurant design portion this season.  I don't think I missed it so much.

Dave's kitchen was getting orders out quickly, with Robert making very good risotto. Amanda, over in Kevin's kitchen, was sinking the scallops.  She asked "how cooked do you want the scallops?" and ended up sending up rubber.  Ramsey told him to not be afraid to switch people up.  He pulled Amanda and brought Van onto scallops.  He finally got food out of the kitchen.

Dave, unfortunately ran low on mushrooms near the end.  He told Robert to go a little lighter on the mushrooms.  From that, Robert got that he should barely add any mushrooms.  Robert took it as a personal insult when he got talked to about it, and started messing with Dave, making him drop things.  Nice.  Nice, to the guy with the broken wrist.

Amanda's switch to risotto didn't end well - it was sent back because it was crunchy.  Dave's food wasn't coming up to the pass right, either.  Ariel sent up overcooked venison.  He caught it, though (whereas Kevin didn't catch the bad risotto), and she fixed the problem quickly.

The chef at the Araxi is eating at Hell's Kitchen tonight, too.  Kevin was calling out different meat temps and confused Amanda.  He blamed her.  It was totally his fault.  He called medium rare and then medium well and then back again a couple of times.  No wonder she was confused.  He did start to yell at Amanda, but then caught himself and helped his sous chefs instead of hollering at them.  Good job.

Kevin tried to catch up to Dave (who was 2 tables ahead of him) by firing two tables at once.  Dave's kitchen, meanwhile, started to have some problems.  His kitchen seemed to start falling apart just as Kevin's hit it's stride.  They managed to pull it together and finished pretty much right at the same time.

The Moment of Truth came.  Ramsey told them that their comment cards were both amazing, and it was the closest finale yet.  They stepped up to their Doors of Destiny.  The door that opened belonged to ....


Yay for Dave!!!  Kevin was a gracious loser, and I sure do hope that Dave didn't do irreparable damage to his wrist during this ordeal.  And, I hope that his wife is happy moving to Whistler!  I'm thrilled.

How about you?  Do you think the best chef won?