Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Last Episodes: Pushing Daisies

Starting tonight, ABC will be airing the last 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies. Don't miss it! Let's all mourn the passing of this jewel of a show together. I can't wait until Season 2 comes out on DVD so that I can get it and have lovely marathons. And bake pie. With gruyere in the crust.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 5/28/09

LA Auditions

Day 1 in LA, and the crowd was huge. People were literally dancing in the streets. Joining Mary and Nigel was Adam Shankman.

Joshua, the winner from last year is in the audience looking on.

Bianca Revels almost made the show last year. She's back. She is the tap dancing sensation from last year. I remember liking her a lot from last year. She's got some great personality. Nigel said that she is everything he wants to see in a tap dancer, and called her brilliant. Mary called her the best female tap dancer ever on the show.

Brynelle and Xavier Blanton are dancing contemporary together, and they are brother and sister. It's a very Mia-esque kind of routine, and kind of strange dynamic for a brother and sister to be dancing. It was a little odd. I couldn't decide if it was nice or just weird. Nigel caught their strange dynamic. Mary said that they just don't have a lot of technique to back up their dancing. Adam said they have no extension and no height in jumps. Nigel said that even though she's been dancing since she was 4, she's still dancing like a 4-year old. Ouch. Goodbye to both of them.

Debra Lawson was delusional in her bedazzled "Dance" shirt. Nigel said she doesn't fall into any traditional dancer style (because she is tubby), and says she needs to do movements that work with her body instead of against it. She said that she has problems dancing because of her orthodox judaism, but the judges encourage her to stick with her passion, though not as a professional, and she was charming and gracious when they denied her.

Suzanne Fernandez was very very odd. A "fairy medicine dance?" Nigel asked her what she was on. She said Joy.

Montage of awful.

Calico Sequiera does the Lindy Hop, and it's to Stuff Like That There, which I have on my iPod from Kelly Clarkson's first season Idol performance. Nigel said it is more of a social level of dance than a professional level, but he liked her. The others agreed. She's sweet, but not going on. She invited Adam to dance with her. He accepted and took the stage with her. Very fun. He brought it. It was grand. Good for Adam! That was fun. Guest judges enter, some finalists from last year (including Katee, Joshua, and a couple others.) It was cute. They gave him a ticket. That was fun.

Asuka Kondoh, who I loved last year, and her partner Ricky Sun, are back. They are awesome. I really enjoy how people come back on this show, and you want to see them, instead of just the awful re-auditioners. It makes me happy. Anyhow, the dance is wonderful. Nigel said that Asuka just steals the limelight from Ricky, but they are both wonderful dancers. He called Asuka stunning. Mary called them absolutely breathtaking. Adam said that he is just going to assume that Ricky was good, because he couldn't take his eyes off Asuka. They are through to Vegas. Good.

Montage of good nameless dancers, including a naughty ballerina.

Nathan Trasorus almost quite dancing when he was in 8th grade because he got made fun of, but he is giving it another shot, and the world is glad. He is really something, with technique and performance. Adam called him extraordinary. Mary thought he did everything they as of a dancer. Nigel said he has one of the best centers they've seen on the show. ...... Unfortunately.... he's 17. Too young for the show. Nigel told him that if he doesn't come back next year, he will search him out and hunt him down. In fact, he gave him a ticket for the next season (the fall season) straight to Vegas. Impressive!

Montage of excited Vegas bound.

And time for Day 2...

Sammy Ramirez is a former wrestler, and is now a popper and a locker. He's really got a good style, and he's memorable. He's got some great control. It's fun. I like his smile. Adam loves him, but wants to know if he's done anything else. He has a little knowledge. Mary thinks he's wonderful, and loves his face, and his unique moves. Nigel applauded his smile which just lights up the stage. He's through to choreography.

Stacey House is not really as good. She's frenetic and all over the place. It was just weird. Adam asked if she had any training, and she has had training at a farm school. What? Mary called it all kinds of crazy. It's a no.

Amanda Kerby has a really lovely face, and she's got something there. Nigel thought she was lacking something, though he was grabbed by her beauty rather than her dance. Mary thinks she is extremely talented and drop dead gorgeous with a good center. Adam asked about her dad's story (which we saw pre-audition - he has MS, and is currently symptom free), and he thought he had seen that feeling in her dance. She's through to Vegas. Mary screamed.

Look who's back? Philip Chbeeb... who came down with pneumonia during Vegas last year... Nigel handed him a ticket during warm up! How cool. I loved him last year. He's still dancing, though, because he's paired up with a contemporary dancer this year.

Areille Coker is his partner. She's dancing really beautifully, and they had a lot of fun together. It certainly was different, and I liked it. Nigel thought she was crazy for dancing with Philip. He loved the choreography. Mary thought it was clever and fun. Adam said it showed a lot that she paired up with him, because he is a better dancer. And she is through to Vegas. Awesome.

Alexie Adgeppa is also just beautiful. Mary called her beauty, style, and grace.

Diana Vaden is another partially shown audition, and the judges loved her.

Also, Chanel Smith, dancing in toe shoes. She's going to choreography.

Kevin "Shakiro" Cormier decided to break out the hips like Shakira. It's odd to see on a man, especially a man shaped like Kevin. He was almost embarrassing. Nigel said it was very insular, with nothing happening besides his hips. Mary said that gyrating is not latin dancing. Adam liked his enthusiasm, but not his ability. Nigel told him to have fun, but told him he wasn't going to be in the competition.

Time for choreography!

Chanel is not going on to Vegas. Sammy, Diana, and Alexi are all through to Vegas, along with 18 others. Cool.

Seattle Time.

Mia Michaels is joining Mary and Nigel in Seattle.

Christopher Keller is dancing with his friend, who is not auditioning. I call it dancing because I don't know what else to call it. They were barely moving. Christopher is engaging, but not as a dancer. He's got a good face. Nigel called his partner the sensible one. He said it seemed like he was really annoyed at his partner, and looked like he was dancing with an ironing board. Mary said it just was not good dancing in any way, shape, or form. Mia wanted to know if they felt they had energy. He admitted it felt rough, and thye only had about a week to prep. They were dismissed.

Nick "Nasty" Soloman has many piercings, more tattoos, and some good moves. He's a break dancer. He fell out at the end and stopped before it was supposed to be done. Nigel said he was disappointed that Nick didn't have the energy to finish his performance. Nick then got defensive and strange and disrespectful. He talked himself out of a yes from Mary. Mia scolded him for disrespecting the executive producer of the show. He probably would have been through if he hadn't shot off his mouth. He was, indeed, Nasty.

Dmitrious Bitrevsky tried hard, but made the judges nervous that he was going to hurt himself. It was just weird. Mary wondered how long he'd been breaking... 3 months. Not long enough. Mia said that she couldn't enjoy it because it looked dangerous. Mia swore and was beeped. Nigel told her she couldn't say "beep" on television. It's a no from Nigel, too, but they told him to keep with it.

Montage of sleepy judges and sleepy contestants. One guy fell flat on his side. Yipes. And judges starting to get pissy because of the abundance of suck. The judges started to question their decision to come to Seattle at all.

Kelsea Taylor hoped to break the chain of awful. She suceeded. She was interesting and Nigel appreciated her lovely feet. I liked her quirky music. Nigel thought that Sonia would love her. Nigel didn't want her to stop, and called her zany and slightly crazy. Mary loved her musicality. Mia called her a beautiful, disasterous, weirdo. Choreography for her.

No one got a gold ticket on day 1 - how would choreography go? Only 6 people seemed to be doing choreography. Yipes. Kelsea is through. 3 others went on to Vegas from Day 1. Double Yipes.

Day 2 in Seattle

Kupohoh'ipoi Aweau has a name I will never be able to spell properly. He's Hawaiian.. Mary said he had some great things, but some were not so great. Nigel was reminded of Mark, and Mia thought he was special. Onto choreography.

Montage of not so sucky.

Leonid has fast feet and is charming, but that's about it. He looked like he could be dancing at a rave, not on a stage. Nigel agreed that his style is indescribable, and was at a loss for words. Hey! Nigel said it looked like he was at a rave! Mary thought he looked like a 3 or 4 year old. Mia wants a dance battle between Leonid and Sex. Oh, god no.

And it's on. Sex asked his mom's permission first. This could be funny. The announcer had fun with it anyhow. It was cheesy, and neither of them was ever going through, so it was just fun. Not as much fun as Adam dancing... Mia named Leonid the winner. Mary agreed. Nigel gave it to David, aka Sex. Amazingly, Nigel wants Sex to go on to choreography, not because she thinks he'll do well there, but because he wants him to get a reality check.

I feel badly for Sex's partner in choreography. He was dreadful. He is not through. Yay.

K-something or other is through, though. Cool.

Next week? Vegas starts. I love this show because they get right down to it...... Over 170 will compete in Vegas, and only 20 will make it through. I can't wait. I already have some favorites...

And you? Who do you hope brings their all in Vegas?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 5/27/09

More Auditions!


Nigel and Mary are joined by Tyce Diorio in Miami.

First up is...

Tony Riendeau dancing "Tony Style," like he's a rubber band. It was like geek break dancing. Not good. He thinks he is very good, but he just is not. He fell once, but kept going. The judges were just laughing. Mary said he's the quirky guy dancing badly in the background of dancing movies. Tyce said it was "flush the public toilet with your foot" bad. No Tony Style will be on the show this year. Tony nearly fainted as he left the room. He called the medics. This from a guy who said he is never tired.

Priscilla Marrero did much better. She's got a great face and moves just perfectly. She's very engaging and has great extension. She's lovely. Nigel enjoyed every moment of it, and Mary called her over the top wonderful, and captivating. Tyce said she is just gorgeous, and she makes him happy to be a dancer. She's on to Vegas. From just that audition, I would be stunned if she's not in the top 24 this year.

Ooooh, I loved Janette and Romulo last year. Her hair was more fun with the blonde streak in it. They are just vavavavoom with some great lifts. And look at those hips move! And those feet! Latin dancing amazes me. Nigel said he was waiting for some hot and spicy salsa. Mary screamed and said that they are great. Tyce loved their lifts. They are through to Vegas. Good luck to them.

Jennifer and Jessica Guarez are twins who can't get the talking in sync down, so I'm not sure about how the dancing will go. They are slow, and their "dancing" looks like some bad ... and I mean painfully bad... workout routine from the 80's. They are ridiculous. Nigel said (during the performance) that it was just a nightmare. They apparently only had one day to practice. Mary cackled. Nigel wondered why they didn't actually stay in sync if they meant to be. Mary said she saw something she's never seen before, but not in a good way. Tyce called it tragic. Fun, but tragic. Goodbye, not so wonder twins.

Montage of Tyce giving tough criticism, with some great sound bytes, including a request for the dance police. I like Tyce.

Joseph Smith has his own catch-phrase. Sha-whiz-zammm. I'm not buying it. He can dance, though. He does throw some faces. He reminds a liny bit of Twitch, but not as good. I would like him better if he kept his tongue in his mouth. He also looks a bit like Urkel. Nigel liked him. Joseph suggested they give him some Sha-wammmm. Mary enjoyed him. Tyce thought he was about half impressed. Joseph is going on to choreography.

How did he do there?

He looked good, still pulling faces, and got his ticket to Vegas, Sha-Whiz-Zamming with Cat. 18 dancers went to Vegas the first day.

What will Day 2 bring?

Wislande had an unfortunate accident with her shirt, and decided to go on instead, despite the fact that it really only covered he neck. It looked like she was auditioning for a strip joint. Just so not good. Mary said that the entire thing was "danced" to Nigel. Nigel said there was no performance or personality, and said she danced like a little girl. She said she knew it was garbage, and she wants to learn a routine. Nigel said she needs a better audition to get there. She said that Tyce looked disgusted, but he said more he was just in disbelief... Just not good.

Montage of bad dancers getting rejected. There were tears.

Erik "Silky" Moore is a tap dancer. He wants to bring tap back. He did his audition to Thriller, and that's pretty awesome. He is a very good tapper, that's for sure. He even threw some classic Michael Jackson moves in, and manged to do some break dancing, too. It was pretty cool. He moonwalked. Fun. Nigel said he cleaned up, and threw everything in but the kitchen sink, in a good way. Mary said she didn't want it to end. Tyce called it inspiring. He started tapping to get girls. I like him. He's through to Vegas. Yay.

Paris Torres was Miss Washington. She's got a tutu in gold and black and is dancing to a very light cover of Britney's Toxic. She's got something that I like. Not as much as Priscilla, but she's got a spark. Nigel called it very good indeed. Mary said she has beautiful lines, beautiful feet, and everything they wanted. Tyce thought she did a great job, but wanted more performance. Tyce wants choreography. Mary wanted Vegas, and Nigel agreed, so she was through.

Henry Rivero shone on contemporary, and is on to Vegas, too.

So is Megan Kinney. She really impressed me, actually.

Alex Wong had some impressive height and beautiful lines and went to Vegas, too.

Geo Smith did some African Dance, complete with headdress. He jumped right off the stage. To me, his dance wasn't very African, which, in my experience, is usually more driven into the ground, and he was very high. Mary thought it was great, Tyce liked it, and Nigel wants him in choreography, so on he goes.

Talia Rickars is a widow. She got married at 18, after being with her husband for 4 years. And, 4 years after they got married, he got into a motorcycle accident and died. That's so sad. She is a decent dancer, and danced to a hip hop version of The Tide is High. Interesting. She's got a good face and some good moves. Nigel thought she had to be careful about pulling faces (she did some "MySpace Pouting.") and he didn't think she did enough to show her different skills. Mary also bemoaned lack of substance, but thinks she has potential. Tyce said she has a great face, and was one with the music, and has some great energy. He doesn't think she should go to choreography. Mary does. Nigel also wants choreography, so she's got another chance.

How will choreography go?

Geo is through to Vegas (sans headdress). Talia is also through. Good. She's sweet.

Next city? Memphis!

Nigel and Mary were joined by L'il C, of Crumping fame.

Marico Flake is a police officer and he does a unique style of dance that I can't spell. Memphis Jookin? Anyhow, it was kind of neat. He's got on what I think might be the ugliest shirt I've seen this side of 1982. He is a good performer. Nigel really enjoyed it, and his style. L'il C loved it. Mary also thought he had it all going on. No to choreography... but yes to Vegas!

Dustin Dureau is Howie from the Backstreet Boys cousin, but knowing all the dances (which he taught himself) did not make him popular. He has never met his slightly B-list cousin. His dancing was not in time with the music and was entertaining I guess, but not really a choreographed looking routine. Nigel called him delusional if he thought it was hip hop. And the excuses came out - he just got over the flu and bronchitis. Cue the violins? Mary said there were some really feminie moves thrown in with karate. Tyce said there was no dance there, but gave him advice to try a style that incorporates martial arts with hip hop.

Christopher Carroza has his own style called "Electic" and ridiculous long red dreads, along with a stupid chin framing goatee. He looked like he was doing aerobics. Badly. It was like Jane Fonda. With stupid red dreads. His big baggy bell bottoms looked like a skirt when he danced. Nigel said it looked very Euro-pop Rave Party, and it didn't show he was a dancer. Mary said he was just jumping around. Christopher said he was ready to go home, had a great time, and tried to leave before L'il C got his chance to say anything. Nigel said Christopher was being rude, and Christopher said the judges were being rude and critical. Ummmmm.... that's what judges do, babe.

Montage - Guide to a good auditon with bad dancers. Rule 1 - start with your best move. Rule 2 - come dressed to impress. Rule 3 - connect with the judges. Rule 4 - Always follow directions. More bad dancers. Guy fell off the stage ridiculously.

Caitlin Kinney is Megan Kinney's sister (the one I liked from Miami who went to Vegas). She is also wonderful. Very good movement. Also very engaging face. She's only been dancing for 5 years. Nigel said she was just fantastic. She did gymnastics before dance. Wow - she had hip reconstruction because her femer was all messed up. Wow. Mary called dancing her destiny. L'il C said she was captivating. She's through to Vegas, to join her sister. Yay!

Choreography sent 6 more people though to Vegas.

Day 2 in Memphis.

Anna Dunn is gorgeous, with beautiful eyes. Her father killed himself a little over a year ago, and she uses dance as her outlet for her pain. She moved in a very Mia Michaels way, I thought. Nigel thought she was just too over-choreographed, and she moved her head too much to get any connection. Good point. Mary loved everything except for the head banging. She called her a diamond in the rough. L'il C connected with her, because his father also took his life, and said she needs to connect to the pain to bring the dance to life. She's on to choreography.

Travis Prokop's dad is a football coach, but his dad is still proud of him for being a dancer. Seems like a nice guy. I didn't understand his one leg shorter than the other shorts... one leg was knee length, and the other was up high on his thigh. Nigel said he's a big guy and he needs to strengthen his body a lot because he is so big. Mary agreed. L'il C said he has the grace of a giraffe, but the strength of a hamster. They all encourage him to go get very strong and keep trying. They sent him on to choreography.

It's Gene Kelly guy from last year, I think, Evan. I loved him last year. His big brother is auditioning this year, too, with whoopy cushion accompaniment.

Evan Kasperzak is fantastic, and he got so much height! There's something about him that I just love. Nigel called him absolutely superb, and called his routine beautifully constructed. Mary is happy to see him back. Nigel worries about how he would do in other styles. L'il C called him amazing, but wondered if he could find a bond with another style. He's on to Vegas. I hope he does great.

Lauren and Lydia Guerra are another set of twins. They aren't quite in unison, and were beautiful, but nothing spectacular. Nigel thought that Lydia was a much beter dancer, but Lauren gave better performance. Mary called them adorable, and said they have good technique and good moments. L'il C thought they were very differnt from one another. They are through to choreography.

Ryan Kasperzak was last, and did tap, accompanied by whoopie cushion. He's very entertaining, and quite a fun dancer. Nigel called him terrific, a lot of fun. He asked what other styles he does, and he choreographed his brother's routine, as well as being quite well trained in other areas. Mary said it was just completely entertaining. L'il C loved his solo and the use of the prop, and called it delightful. Nigel wants choreography. Mary and L'il C want him in Vegas, so off he goes. Yay!

Choreography time!

Lauren Guerra is through to Vegas. Anna Dunn is also going through. Travis Prokopp? Also through. Lydia Guerra? Also through. Good. I liked her.

The next cities are LA and Seattle. And... Sex is back. Why won't he go away? That's tomorrow.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yay for a New Season! So You Think You Can Dance - 5/21/09

Oh yeah! I am so ready for this. If only Mary Murphy would shut the hell up, but other than that, this show is so fantastic, it takes my breath away.

I can sing. I can sing pretty darned well, if I do say so myself. So, American Idol makes me think "I could have done this, in my younger years..." This show? Simply puts me in awe of what the human body is capable of. I am an erratic dancer at best. I do love to see people who have the talent, though.

Auditions started in NYC. Brooklyn, to be precise. Nigel and Mary were joined by Tabitha and Napoleon.

First up? Gabi Rojis. She grew up in the circus. It's pretty cool. She has rheumatoid arthritis. Ow. poor girl. I love the way she moves. It's just beautiful and fluid and interesting. She's wonderful. Nigel says that he will be suprised if she's not in the top 20, and called it one of the best auditions he's seen in five years of the show, and said that she showed people what they mean when they talk about mixing technique with performance. I muted Mary's scream. Tabitha thought she was like a bird. She's through.

Storyboard P & Hobgoblin. Very very strange. They called themselves pioneers. I call them contortionists. Very distrurbing contortionists. It's not dancing. It's a performance, but it's not dance. They had the jusges cringing and Mary cackling. They climbed up on top of the judges table before they were done. Yipes. They call their genre mutation. They should get jobs in horror movies. Nigel thought they would be suited to Dawn of the Dead, the musical. They were sent to Choreography round, for what Tabitha called morbid curiousity. Let's see about that.

Let's have some painful auditions now, for good measure. Crazy Kate thinks that she's doing West Coast Swing. Not so much.

Peter Sabisino challenged us to a tap duel. He has some great tap skills. He doesn't look like the kind of guy who would be able to tap. And he's really great. He's also charismatic. Nigel called him like a tap dancing boxer. He also has some other styles he nows. Great. Mary said that he should wear something different (he was wearing workout clothes). He's through.

Tiffany Geigel has a birth defect basically that caused her spine to stop growing. She has three vertebrae instead of seven. As a result, she has normal length arms and legs, but her torso is very short and she has no neck. She moves beautifully. It's like something out of a Timothy Burton movie. Nigel said that her legs don't straighten properly, and she said that she has bad knees, but she's working on it. He applauds her bravery, and her hair, which he called magnificent as it swirled around her body as she danced. He wants people to be inspired by her. They gave her a standing ovation before telling her she isn't right for this competition.

Maxim Kappitonikov with Faina (from a previous season) as his partner. Nigel liked that he didn't pull any faces except for a couple winks. Mary liked him a lot, as did Tabitha and Napoleon. He's onto choreogrpahy.

Montage of people doing very well. Then, it's the possible William Hung of SYTYCD, Nabuya. He's actually pretty good. He certainly can move. And he's appealing. He is bendy and has some funky musicality. He admitted that locking is his favorite style. He's through to choreography.

Lauren from Season 3 led the choreography. They had 30 minutes to try to get it right, and the Mutants decide to bail. Results?

Maxim didn't do great, but he's through. An Uma look-alike and a guy with extraordinarily bad teeth, along with Nabuya, were among others who made it though.

Second day in Brooklyn...

Arielle Taylor made it to Vegas before, but it was a couple years ago. She is beautiful and reminds me a bit of Allison, I think. Nigel said he always loves her when he has seen her, and wondered what happened to her previously. They love her, and love that she's back. She's through to Vegas (again).

Thomas Martin was the national baton twirling champion as a child. The Bolero was just odd. It left Nigel speechless, and Mary called it novice. They are not going anywhere but home.

Montage of bad dancers...

Igor and Nina are a ballroom couple and did their cha cha routine (well, part of it) and they were lovely. At the end, he spun her around at an astonishing rate in a beautiful move. Nigel called them tremendous. Mary called it the longest pot stir (I think it's called) she's ever seen. Then she let out a scream. Tabitha and Napoleon loved them. They are through to choreography.

Kellen Stancil danced with an umbrella and used it well. He was quite good. Mary asked what the umbrella represented to him, and he broke down in tears, saying it was representative of his aunt. Tabitha and Napoleon thought that he connected beautifully and moved them. Nigel handed him a ticket to Vegas. Good for him.

Chimezie was the last contestant before the choreography round, and he sure can move. He's a locker, and apparently, a wall climber! Astounding. Nigel called his choreography fun and creative. He gave Mary a smile. Napoleon thought that the choreography lacked some meat, Tabitha said that there are more plusses than minuses, and he's though to choreography.

Who made it though choreography? Igor made it, but Nina did not. That's sad. Chimezie made it, too.

Next audition city was Denver.

Joining Mary and Nigel is Sonya.

Kayla Radomsky has very nice extension, and I think she's appealing. Nigel loved her, and the angles she hit were good. Mary loved it, and Sonya called it hot, and slick and slippery. Nigel handed her a ticket to Vegas. Good for her.

Montage of Sonya being awestruck by fantastic dancers.

It's a same sex ballroom couple! Mischa and Mitch. Mitch is straight, and Mischa's gay, so it's like an Erasure-partnership of dance. Will it be as successful? They can both certainly dance. Until they toppled over in a spin... head hit stage. And ouch. Nigel stopped them, saying it was rather like watching Blades of Glory, and didn't like the same sex samba. He did think they were both individually strong dancers. Mary was confused about the roles in the same-sex dancing, and thought that the technique needs some help. Sonya liked their movements, and they got sent to choreography.

Choreography round!

Mitch went home, but urged to come back. Mischa was just sent packing. 11 excited dancers did make it though.

Allison Moist did a Star Wars themed "dance" dressed like a lion. What? She admitted that the outfit had nothing to do with the dance. Mary said there was no dancing, but it was comical. Sonya couldn't believe she was really serious, and wondered if she understood that the flailing was not good. Allison claimed that she just wanted to be different.

To prove that she is not that different, there was a montage of other "different" dancers.

Elias Holloway is dancing with his brother, who is not auditioning because he's too young. He's done a lot of swimming, and is one of 14 kis. He's cute, and even threw in some belly rolls. It was kind of appealing. Nigel wanted to see more of it. Mary said it was just about the cutest thing she's seen on the show, and loves his look. Sonya called him marketable, because the camera loves him, and he was sent on to choreography.

Natalie Reid, Katee's roommate, is back! I loved her last season and was sad when she got cut. She's just beautiful. I love to see her move. Nigel said it is lovely to see her again. Sonya couldn't contain herself, and thought everything was right with her, and loved how real and sincere she made the movement. She got chills and didn't want it to end, and called her one of her favorite dancers. Mary is proud to see her back, and called it organic and real. Nigel called it superb, and handed her the ticket to Vegas. Natalie then called Katee, who was excited for her former roommate.

And Brandon Bryant, who got cut in favor of Gev last year, is the last of the day. He is phenomenal. The lines! The movements! The height! He's something else. He left Mary in tears, and she blubbered about how fabulous he is and how great her job is. Sonya thinks he dropped his life and love on the stage and called it wonderful. Nigel loved him, and hoped to see him in the Top 20. He got a ticket to Vegas, and Mary screamed. *Sigh*

Will Elias make it though choreography? Not this year. They ask him to come back when he's learned how to do choreography.

Next week is Florida and Memphis. Looking forward to it.

What did you think of the premiere?

Kris Allen - No Boundaries

So, I don't like the song much, but it sounds much better in studio recording. Here's a link. What do you think? I could hear it on the radio...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finale Alert: American Idol - Results show! 5.20.09

Just under 100,000,000 votes were cast last night - and for the season, there have been over 624,000,000 votes.

Let's have a montage of Randy's inability to articulate an accurate thought, for me, for you, dawg, then a montage of Kara's inappropriate terms of endearments towards people who suck, and then Paula's insane thesaurus-use (she looks lovely tonight, though a little orange), and finally Simon's problems hearing things sometimes. It was funny.

It's time to bring out Adam and Kris! The bothe look quite dapper, though I worry with their white outfits that we might be getting some terrible gospel-backup later on.

HEY - at least Kara's hideous coronation song didn't include superfluous gospel choirs! That's one plus. I bet Danny would have found a way to include them.

Mikayla Gorton got some work hanging with Kris' home town.

Carly Smithson has the parallel job for Adam's hometown.

The Top 13 (all in white, an Idol tradition), sang Pink's So What. I felt badly for Scott. They sounded pretty good together. It's a pretty shouty song, but fun.

I'd completely forgotten about Jorge. I have not forgotten about Alexis. Miss her. Jasmine Murray proved that they are singing live tonight instead of lip synching, by hitting some truly bum notes. Don't miss her.

David Cook took the stage, bathed in green light, proving that blue is not the only color in the lighting repetoire, singing Permanent, which is a song I have always taken to be about his brother, who just passed away... The song and his performance had me fighting back tears. And see, Adam? That's how you hit nice high notes in a rock song without screaching. Thanks for the schooling, David Cook. Let me pick my heart up off the floor now. He's amazing. Proceeds from iTunes downloads of that song tonight go to a charity to help find a cure for cancer. Awesome. Let's see if I can hold those tears back now.

It's time for stupid award time. For the first award, a man proved how you can mess up Mad World, and another proved that words help in a song, instead of strained whining. Elijah Scarlett and his ridiculously low and non-musical voice were next. Dean-Anthony Bradford gave a less restrained performance than Adam, and was terrifying. And lovely Norman Gentle, who hailed from Vermont. He actually had some great talent in there, if he could just tone it down. And the winner is - Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle! He accepted the "award" as Nick, and claimed that he had no idea he was going to win, but then he ripped off breakaway clothes and put on a performance in Norman Gentle best. He is somthing, that's for sure. And Seacrest wore his glasses and headband for a second. Funny.

It's time for a duet between Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah, singing Cue the Rain. Lil's hair has gotten even longer since her ouster, and Queen Latifah has a hairdo that looks rather like Lil's earlier shorter style. I love Queen Latifah, but I wish she hadn't worn the jumpsuit. Not a good idea for anyone, let along a woman with admirable curves. The jumpsuit craze needs to die, and not a slow painful death, please, but a quick death. Pull that bandaid off. It'll hurt less. Lil and Queen Latifah sounded pretty good together, but I still think that Lil made it way too far.

Who's up next? It's Anoop with Jason Mraz's I'm yours, along with Alexis Grace. And then Jason Mraz joined them! I love him. Alexis, sadly, sounded a little rough on some notes. I still really love her, though. The other finalists joined in on the chorus. The end of the song sounded good. I wish that Kris had gotten to sing with Jason Mraz, because I think they would be awesome together.

It's a retrospective montage of The Journey of Kris Allen. Kris started off modest, and stayed pretty humble. He's got that crooked smile and seems so genuine... my friends don't like the shapes his mouth makes when he sings, but I'm ok with it because I love the music that comes out of that mouth.

Now, he's singing a duet with Keith Urban, with Kiss a Girl. His voice sounded quite good on this kind of music. As much as I do not like country music, I could see Kris being a cross-over artist. He held his own with Mr. Nicole Kidman, that's for sure. I like Kris' voice more than Keith's, actually. Kris' laid back strumming might just be suited to cross-over... hmm. I would rather see him do pop, though, because I would more likely buy than.

And what's next in this musical extravaganza? It's a cover of Fergie's Glamorous, featuring Megan's inability to hold proper notes. After the girls do a less than stellar job, Fergie joins them looking like she just got out of a wind tunnel, after a bad dye job, at an S&M party. She strutted around on stage and did some very nasal singing of Big Girls Don't Cry, then, the rest of the Black Eyed Peas took the stage for Boom Boom Pow, their new single. Megan did some aisle dancing. Then, the music cut out for second. Did Fergie curse? It was like an awkward dance party with all the Idol Girls getting their collective groove on.

Back to the Idol Awards - Best Attitude. Bikini Girl is up first, and we get to see where Kara first got her bitch on. Delusional Alexis Cohen was next, and further delusional Tiffany Shedd, with her supportive mother. Bikini Girl won it, and of course took the stage in her bikini, fresh from the Oompa Loompa factory for her oranging. She looks to have had a boob job since the auditions, and Ryan said "I'd ask you what's new, but I think I know." She tortured America by singing again, and Kara was still better. She's dreadful and looks ridiculous. HA - ok, that got me laughing out loud - Kara joined her on stage, and indeed, totally showed her up. She also showed that natural skin tone is a thing of beauty. Nuff said. And then she ripped open her dress to reveal her bikini. Kind of. She didn't want to, and only opened it a little, but they are donating money to her favorite charity for doing it. Good for her. Though she may be a redundant judge, and a questionable Idol Anthem co-writer, she sure can sing.

Allison Iraheta and Cindy Lauper took the stage for Time After Time. Awesome. Is that a lap harp? Even more awesome. Allison still has very poor ennunciation. But, Cindy also walks too far aheh, and falls behih, so I guess it's a good duet. Both ladies are looking rather sedate tonight, and they sounded good together. I love this song.

Seacrest decided to check in with Kris' parents. They seem very sweet. And Adam's parents? I just found out that his dad went to high school in Vermont. Funny.

Danny Gokey took the stage next, with Hello, and he sounded very good. He did not call on the gospel choir, but he did call on the orchestra's violin section heavily. And of course, Lionel Richie joined him for a second song (which I didn't recognize - is it a new song?) Lionel Richie still has a great voice, and he and Danny sound quite good together. This song is kind of painful. Just chill? It's the companion song to Rent, which is genius in it's own right. After that short and awkard interlude, it's back to a Richie classic, All Night Long. Fun. Cheesy, but fun.

Now it's time to check out Adam's Idol Journey. He took the stage in... WHAT? shoulder pad cages? He looks like something out of a sci-fi cartoon. He certainly would put on a show, that's for sure. He's singing Beth, by Kiss, and was joined by the band. That's kind of awesome. Holy crap - Adam's got some insane platform boots on to match the band. Pyrotechnics abound. Guitars were smashed. Adam fans are going nuts right now. I just want him to stop screeching.

Carlos Santana took the stage next, and dude has some seriously god-like guitar skills. Matt Giraud got to sing Black Magic Woman accompanied by him, and it was nice, then all the others joined the stage for Smooth, led by Adam and then Jorge (who I do not miss. not at all). Kris sounded very nice on the song, and Danny got a nice solo, too. Together, they end up sounding a bit like an amateur choir. Not sure what it is about them together, but they just don't mesh well. Oh. Michael Sarver. I'd forgotten about him. There was some awkward air guitar, and someone forgot to escort Scott from the stage for a second. Oops.

Final Ford music video, with Adam and Kris singing I Will Remember You, to a montage of previous videos. They sounded quite good together. Then, David Cook presented the final 2 with their new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrids. Thank you, Sponsor.

Megan Joy and Michael Sarver took the stage with... Steve Martin, on banjo. How odd. And hilariously, we got a shot of the telepromter with lyrics on it out in the audience. Bet they didn't want us to see that. These two sounded not too bad together. Megan's voice is oddly suited to kind of a bluegrass style. Steve Martin, on banjo? And he wrote the song. Very nice. He has a cd coming out. He says he hopes he wins the show.

Next Group number? Do You Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart, sung by all the men. Predictably, enter Rod Stewart. He rose from the stage like a god, and sounded positively geriatric singing Maggie. Now, really. I think it's time to hang up the microphone, Rod. He hit all the notes, which is better than KC without his Sunshine Band and the other travesties of that results show, but the tone of his voice is so ... old. It's like your grandfather singing. I want to remember him in his better days, please. And he wasn't even accompanied by the Idol Boys. Just Rod. And according to Seacrest, he's touring this summer. Oh, please no.

Last Golden Idol - for Outstanding(ly Bad) Female. Started with Chelsea something being terrible, then Irene Angulova slaughtering Somewhere Over the Rainbow, then Dana Moreno, who wasn't too bad, until she tried to sing higher notes, and then she sounded like she was killing a cat. And last, Tatiana. She is winning this, and we are going to have to suffer her on our televisions one more time.

Predictably, she's won. Ryan told her they were out of time, and she rushed the stage and grabbed the microphone and sang Saving All My Love for You, evading "Security Guys" before getting wha-whaaaaa-ed to break. I'm so glad she didn't make the tour. I'm not going, but I just couldn't handle her getting any more exposure.

And in a feat of awesomeness, Kris and Adam dueted on We Are the Champions, with the surviving members of Queen. And.... what's this??? A GOSPEL CHOIR, Rock Style? Ok, so the song calls for it. At least they didn't wear robes, but they did wave their hands in the air. Gah. Anyhow, this duet is pretty danged awesome. I think that Kara and Paula were making out, or close to it. More pyrotechnics, and so much fog they could be performing on San Francisco streets.

FINALLY, the nitty gritty. Simon thinks that both of them were brilliant, and unusually incredibly nice people, and thinks the future is all theirs. The certified envelope was presented to Ryan very officially, and the lights dim.

The winner is....


I'm so happy. Adam will be a huge success, but Adam I think will be more radio friendly in the end, and I bet it was super close. Kris said it's awesome to win, but thinks that Adam deserved it. Humble to the end.

Instead of a mirror ball trophy, there is a newly created American Idol Trophy presented to him.

Simon was not standing with the rest of the judges. Embarrassed?

Only problem is, now Chris has to record and releast Kara's terrible No Boundaries crap-fest.

See, Adam fans? Don't despair. He doesn't have to release that pile of rubbish.

Kris sounded better tonight, but the song still sucks ass.

Kris mounted the stage behind the judges while the pyrotechnics crew did their best to set the stage on fire.

Congratulations, Kris! Wishing both him and Adam the best. Don't worry, I bet that Simon is signing Adam as we speak.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finale Alert: American Idol! 5.19.09

Acoustic Rock vs. Glam Rock.. nice, Seacrest.

For the finale, Randy decided to randomly grab the first things in his closet he could reach. Unfortunately, it didn't go well.. It's a lightly plaid jacket, a purple checkered shirt, and a very brightly polka dotted tie. Does this man not have a mirror?

Adam and Kris will each get 3 songs each - their favorite from the season, a pick from Simon Fuller (creator of AI), and the winning single, co-written by Kara. It had better not suck.

Adam's Season Favorite (Mad World) Good choice, because it was my favorite of his for the season. It takes all the wonderful things about his voice, and gets rid of all of the off-putting things (to me). He entered like he was in The Matrix, bathed in blue light, and wandered through the fog that engulfed his feet. He gave me chills on this one. A beautiful job, a perfect choice. Randy said he was glad that he sang something he did in the season. Um, what? Isn't that the task? Anyhow, he loved it. Kara is pleased that he chose this song, because it showed his artistry. (Anthony Hopkins in the audience? Who would think he was a fan?) Paula (who oranged herself before the show) wants Adam to bask in his performance. Simon thought it was a little over-theatrical (and he got mightily booed). He didn't like the coat.

Kris' Season Favorite (Aint No Sunshine) Nice pick for him, too. I would listen to this on the radio. I just love the sound of his voice, and his musical choices. He brought a lot of feeling to the performance, and I think he gave Adam a run for his money. I would have rather heard the song from Once, but this was great. Randy said he can tell what kind of record Kris would make, and thinks this was one of his best performances. Kara said that anyone who can't feel a Kris performance has something wrong with him. Paula said he was a real artist. Simon said he wasn't sure last week if America had made the right choice, but he takes it back after this performance.

Simon thinks that Kris won the first round.

Adam's Simon Fuller Pick (Change is Gonna Come) He pulled out a conservative suit for the occasion, and he sounds great. Then he pulled out the screech. It wasn't the worst his screech gets for me, but I could have dealt without it. He did a good job with it, I have to admit. He pulled out his big voice. Randy said he sang his face off. Kara thought it was the best performance and interpretation of the season. Paula called it the best she has ever heard him sing, and I think she wanted to rush the stage and make out with him. She thinks he's going to be iconic. Simon said Adam is 100% back into the game.

(Hey, Tom Cruise let Katie Holmes and Suri out for the night... poor girl with her ears covered)

Kris' Simon Fuller Pick (What's Going On) Kris pulled out his guitar and made this song into a classic Kris song. I really liked it and thought he brought it. Randy said it's crazy, and said it is a duel. He thought the song choice (or performance) was a little light for the arena. Kara loves that he doesn't waver, and liked it. Paula thought he tore it up and made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon thought it sounded like 3 friend in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye, and thought it was too layed back for a night like this.

Simon gives Adam the second round.

Adam's Finalist Single - He's bathed in purple light now, and I think this song sounds like the normal finalist suck fest. It's whiney and obnoxious and I think it made him sound really harsh and off-key. Not good at all. Can we just blame Kara? The judges can't criticize the song... Randy said he can sing anything, but this was not his favorite, calling it pitchy in places. Kara said that, as co-writer, she loves to hear her own work. Paula thinks he's brought so much to the stage, and says he can sing anything he wants to sing. Simon complained about the mountains and the hurricanes, and said he isn't going to judge the song, but will judge Adam. That's fair. Because the song sucks. Simon thinks that Adam is going to be a world-wide superstar.

Kris' Finalist Single - Ok, I think I can blame the song. This is a really awful song, and I think it has lost the competition for Kris. It was just painful. I mean, really. Poor Kris. This song is worse that I Want to Be Inside Your Heaven. Oh, Kris. I am so sad about that song. He looked ashamed. Randy said the key was a little high, but thinks Kris is an amazing performer. He thinks the song fits him better than it fits Adam. I think that song would fit in the shredder. Kara said she doesn't want him to be judged on the song (which she is responsible for making), but thinks he is an incredible performer overall. Paula thinks he's done a great job to just get there, and wishes him luck. Simon says his first song was his hightlight, but applauds his growth in confidence. Let's take a moment to notice that no one said anything about his performance of that song. Because it sucks, sadly.

I think Adam's winning it, sadly. I still love Kris and will vote for him, but not as much as I did last week.

And before the show is over (even though it ran over), Carrie Underwood showed up to perform her boot off song, Take Me Home, and she sounded really good, I'll admit, even though she is not my favorite. She looked good, and we got a video montage of some season highlights. Nice.

So, who do you think won it? Who do you want to strangle about the finale song? I think my cats could collectively come up with something more musical, and probably with cleverer lyrics...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finale Alert: Survivor - Tocantins 5.17.09

Erinn, Stephen, Taj, and JT... it's a pretty awesome Final 4, if you ask my opinion. I'm hoping for JT to win, but none of them would upset me at this point.

Post-Coach's ouster, the Final 4 at Forza camp were feeling pretty great. JT is thinking about jury votes, and Stephen is worried about his chances because he voted against Coach. Stephen is starting to think about who he can beat at the end... and I don't think there's any chance of him beating JT. How will this shake out?

I totally love that the Jalapao members managed to pick off all of the Timbira members (except Erinn, but she has no friends with the jury). Taj and Stephen discussed what they might do if JT lost immunity, and finished only with "dot, dot, dot... I don't think I could do that."

Tree mail was a giant spider. It looks weird and tricky.

Immunity Challenge

And the challenge was in the form of a giant spider (made with netting). They have to race through three different stations in the spider, gathering puzzle pieces, and then solve a web shaped puzzle.

Stephen went down right off, but JT looked like he grew up on a net. He's rather like Ozzie, I think, in how comfortable he is in situations like this. JT was back with his first bag, and while everyone else was struggling to get back with their first, he was heading back with his second bag. For his third bag, JT and Taj were going in different directions through one tunnel, but instead of blocking him, Taj let him climb over her.

Stephen arrived with his third bag as JT was working on the puzzle. It was a very complicated puzzle, so there was plenty of opportunity to catch up. Erinn was a whiz at the puzzle and though she was last to arrive with all her pieces, she came very close to winning against JT. However, too little, too late. JT was awesome.

The plan coming out of the challenge was to vote out Erinn. Taj is talking a lot about how loyal the boys are to her, so it makes me wonder if that loyalty is going to be shaken. Erinn sat down with JT and Stephen and told them how likeable and friendly Taj has been. JT worried that Erinn might be right, and Taj might just win some votes. JT and Stephen didn't know what to do. JT said it didn't matter to him, as long as he was solid with Stephen. They talked to Taj and reassured her, but JT admitted in confessional that he wasn't sure what he was going to do.

Tribal Council 1

Coach entered the jury with his DragonSlayer Staff. I'm so happy he's not going to win this thing. Erinn admitted that she was pretty proud that she is the final standing Timbira. (And Sierra looks terrible in the jury! She looked totally different. Maybe she's just gained some weight, but she looked puffy and overplucked...)

Probst wondered if Erinn might get votes from the jury just because she's Timbira (even though none of them liked her). Probst wondered about Stephen's voting philosophy, and he was wishy washy about a straight answer. (Cue real life thunder and lightening).

Coach looked like he wanted to cry when Jeff mentioned his ouster. Bwah-ha-ha.

Taj said that she would be shocked if she was voted out. Erinn said she wouldn't be shocked at all.

Who will it be?

(Wouldn't it have been interesting if Taj and Erinn had gotten together and voted for Stephen? Just saying.)

Someone voted for "Tag," by which they meant Taj, but spelling didn't matter - she was gone. I can understand why they voted her out, because Erinn made a very valid point about her being tough to beat in the social game.

Taj vowed to vote for Erinn if she makes it to the final 2.

And I wonder what the conversation goes like for people with unique names or spellings... "So, uh... just wondering, Jjustynee, how do you spell your name, exactly? Not that I'm planning on writing it down anytime, but just wondering... I'm always gathering possible future baby names... I know I'm 56 and I'm not likely to have any more kids, but you know, just in case...."

So mispellings are understandable, I suppose.

JT regretted voting out Taj, because Erinn had a severe case of diarrea of the mouth, congratulating herself for managing to get rid of Taj, pretty much, and it was annoying to both him and JT.

Erinn chatted with Stephen while JT went off on a walk, and she said that she will bring Stephen to the final 2. She brought up the very valid point that JT and Stephen don't want to go up against each other. Stephen weighed his loyalty for JT against the possibility of winning against him... JT reassured him that he will bring him to the Final 2 if given the chance. Stephen agreed, but didn't seem as committed.

And it's time for the Rites of Passage, on the way to the final Immunity Challenge.

Carolina, who I was hoping would do better... Candace, who I was hoping would do better, and who was friends with Erinn, as much as anyone could... Jerry, who I was hoping to do better (notice a trend here?) .... Sandy who I wished hadn't done as well ... young Spencer, who I was hoping would do better (the trend continues).... Beautiful Sydney, who I really liked... Joe who I hardly got to know ... Brendan "the first dragon to be slain." I love his granola... Tyson and his giant ego, where the game started to turn around for Jalapao... Sierra, who got really far considering her start.... Debbie, master coat tail rider, and stronger than you'd expect... Coach, who seems to have duped the Final three into thinking that he never lied in the game... the editors had some fun putting together his clip package, his samarai hair blowing in the wind, dramatically... and finally, Taj, who was pretty awesome in the end, way better than I expected her to be.

The final 3 put the tokens of those voted out onto what looked like a hibachi grill, and watched them burn before heading to the final immunity challenge.

Final Immunity Challenge

And it's not the traditional stand-on-a-stick challenge! It's a chute with balls going through a roller coaster, and they have to catch the ball at the bottom, and put it back in the top. And add balls, so they'll basically be juggling. Oh - and with one hand tied behind their backs. Awesome. And there was more than one exit for the balls.

Erinn was the first one out, dropping a ball. And it's between Stephen and JT. Stephen had a couple bobbles and almost dropped. They are both up to 4 balls, and it's hectic. Stephen ended up bobbling again and dropped a ball.. and the final immunity went to JT. Good for him.

So, who will he take? I don't think it matters much, since I really think he's going to win.

Back at camp, Stephen was pretty relieved not to win immunity, and not have to make the "scumbag" decision of whether to take Erinn or JT. JT is struggling with his decision. Erinn told him that she thought that Stephen would have taken her instead of JT, and that made him think a little. He wondered if Stephen would be able to talk his way into the million dollars. JT asked Stephen point blank if he would have taken Erinn, and Stephen said it wasn't true, and said that he is sure JT is going to win. JT isn't as sure, and struggled right up to the end.

Tribal Council 2

Taj was looking hotttt. Stephen even made a face at her hotness. (And Sierra was looking better at this one, too.) Erinn pitched her case, that JT would be able to win against her, and Stephen pitched his, that they had been together throughout the whole game, and it's all about loyalty.

JT still seemed unsure about Stephen in the final 2, and Stephen brought up that they promised that they would have breakfast on Day 39 on day 2, and Probst said "Because, next to the million dollars, breakfast with a friend is more important."

Probst read the one vote dramatically, and...

Stephen is in the final 2! I'm actually pleased with this outcome, because I think it is more in JT's character, and I like to see him sticking to it.

I think this is one of the best Final 2's in a long time. Tree Mail delivered their promised breakfast, with eggs, sausages, bread, pancakes... champagne. They cooked everything, didn't have to think about strategy, just had to enjoy their wonderful Survivor Grand Slam. Good for them.

Stephen noted that their champagne tasted like victory. JT said that his first impression of Stephen was that he was strong, but not really physically, and wondered if he was a bible thumper. Stephen had thought that JT was a total charmer, and a good ol' boy from the South. What they discovered, Stephen said, was that though their backgrounds were entirely different, their minds work in similar ways.

Off to Final Tribal!

Stephen's opening statement basically said that, though he and JT made most decisions together, he thought that the game was more of a struggle for him, because he'd never even been camping before.

JT put on his best awww shucks, I'm not as good a speaker as Stephen, but brought up the fact that he never got a vote during any tribal council, and the fact that he took the more challenging decision of bringing Stephen with him instead of Erinn.

And it's time for Jury Questioning.

Brendan congratulated the two of them, and asked Stephen why his growth in the game should get him the million, wondering if he should be handicapped because of his inexperience. He asked JT if he thought growth was a relevent reason to vote for someone, and he said absolutely not, because though it is something to bring home, it's not something to win the money, and said that Stephen spent a lot of time in the shadows. Stephen made a rebuttal that hiding in the shadows is a valid strategy in the game, and JT responded that he thinks the person who had his neck out there more is more deserving. I'd buy that. Point - JT, I think.

Erinn asked Stephen about his different alliances, and noted that the only one he seemed to stick with was JT, so why shouldn't she just vote for JT? Stephen said that he was maleable, and that's a good way to play the game. Erinn asked JT why he felt that Stephen was the stronger person to bring to the end, and he said he just saw Stephen as completely strong.

Debbie started by telling them that her decision is not made up. She told JT that she first saw him as a really honest guy, but came to wonder if he was really a liar. He said that he only lied when he had to. She asked Stephen if he would have brought Erinn or JT to the finals. Stephen said that he just didn't know, but she wasn't happy with that answer, and wanted honesty and clarity. He admitted that he thinks it would be Erinn, though he hoped that he would have brought JT, but feared he would have caved and taken Erinn.

Coach brought up that JT and Stephen were the last two remnants of the Power Alliance, and quoted his favorite person (himself) "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." He asked JT if he had kept his honestly and integrity, and how he was the noble warrior, putting others ahead of himself. JT brought up the fact that he didn't vote for Coach, and said that he risked a million dollars to keep his word with Stephen. Coach asked the same question of Stephen. Stephen said he voted for every one person in the jury, and that made him more noble, and he also hasn't said anything bad about JT.

Sierra said that she's already heard enough from Stephen, but wondered why JT thinks that Stephen is so much stronger, and said that she didn't think he chose the stronger person when he voted out Taj. She said she would have rather seen him with Tyson, or Debbie, who she saw to be stronger.

Tyson asked if JT thought Stephen was an assett to get him to the finals, and JT said that he thinks he could have, but it wouldn't have been as easy. Stephen said that they were a unique pair. I expected more of Tyson.

Taj said she was crushed and betrayed, and wondered why it was so hard to put Coach's name down, when it seemed so easy to vote her out. He said it was the hardest vote he made. Taj wondered about Stephen, and how he voted her out. Stephen said that JT wanted to vote her out, because she is so strong in challenges, and he just went along with it. JT objected, and Stephen said there were times that he saved Taj when JT wanted to vote her out.

The two of them had a bit of a spat, and JT seemed really crushed that Stephen would have brought Erinn to the end. Stephen said he'd never made that decision in his heart, and said that their friendship meant more than the million.

How is it going to shake out?

And it's LIVE in NYC.

Stephen decided to keep his beard, and it's a good look for him. JT looks so different without his jungle stubble.

First vote - JT. Second vote - "The Warrior." That would be Coach's. Third vote - JT. Fourth vote, and last that counted - JT. For the second time in Survivor, it was a unanimous vote.

I'm so happy for JT. He really did amazingly.

The Reunion

Can I just say, I wish the reunion was longer? Never enough time.

JT broke down in tears about his win, and Probst was surprised. He said that everyone loves JT (and hates Coach). JT admitted that everyone is suprised right now, because he didn't ever let it slip how well he did - and his parents thought he had come in fourth at best. He also said it is much tougher than it looks. He also said that he was initially unsure about Stephen, but his commitment impressed him very quickly, and he said that Stephen has one of the best hearts he'd ever seen.

Stephen said that Coach's blabbering mouth and trust of JT brought all of Tyson's plans right to their ears. JT admitted that his reaction to Stephen's "betrayal," was mostly put on, trying to pull out some votes.

Brenden said that Timbira might have had too many members going into the merge, and that they were disfunctional, so it didn't work out well.

Erinn (who looks SO much better after a hair brush) said that she was just trying to get higher up.

Taj said that no one ever thought of voting off JT because he was so sweet.

And then, Probst presented JT with his broken off tooth. He said that his mom might like it, and she seemed just as sweet as her son, saying that maybe she won't have to worry about him anymore, since he won the million.

It's the montage that Probst loves - the pouring rain. If you read Probst's blog at all, you know how much he loves the rain. he he.

Replay of Taj's moment with her husband, and it was pretty awesome the second time around, too. Jeff asked her how much of a culture shock Survivor was for her, and she said it was a huge challenge, but I admire her for taking it on and doing her best. She is all scarred up, and she was sad about that, because she used to have really great skin. Her hubby was in the audience, and he's so sweet.

Probst called Tyson Delightfully Nasty. I'd agree with that. Tyson said that great men are either loved or hated, like Jesus. Ha ha. Yes, delightfully nasty.

Probst said that Sierra (who's looking kind of like Kate Hudson) was despised, for reasons he didn't understand. She said that she found herself when she got betrayed, and said "I slayed the dragon." Good for her.

Coach. Coach. Coach. Please stop calling him The Dragon Slayer, Probst. Still, fantastic montage of how much of a tool Coach was. Coach said people on the street have been pretty cool to him. He said that his friends understand his eccentric side, and called his moments on Exile Epic and Heroic. Eyes were rolled. Coach's tale of Amazonian capture was laughed at universally, but he still claims it is the complete truth. Coach refused a lie detector test from Probst, but did take one (as a blind side to Probst) from a "leading lie detector authority in Hollywood." Probst questioned the validity of the test, said he would be calling him, and he has a video tape of the lie detector test - bet that will be on YouTube.

The lie detector test said he was indeed captured by natives, but not everyone was buying it. I think it's possible that he's told himself it's all true for so long that it has become truth to him. I don't believe he's told what actually happened. He brought his coaching team with him, and the author of his book, and a lady friend, who said that they only saw Coach and not Ben Wade, and says that she slays the dragon. Nice.

Top 3 for Fan Favorite - JT, Taj, and Sierra. Awesome. JT won the fan favorite and got an extra $100,000.

Quick updates. Joe's leg is fine, Sydney's modeling and doesn't have too many scars. Spencer had a blast even though he wasn't out there long. Jerry gets ridiculed by his buddies, Candice was in a commercial, which suprised Jeff. Carolina wished she'd kept her mouth shut, but still thinks Survivor changed her life, has no regrets, and loves Jalapao. Sandy loves that she got a second chance to make a first impression.

What is Probst's necklace? Candy necklace, locket? He said it would be a mystery, to whoever won it in the Survivor Auction.

JT says he might go into a business venture with Stephen. Cool.

Where do we go next?

Samoa, straight from Treasure Island. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see it. Now, to wait until fall... *sigh*

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finale Alert: Hell's Kitchen 5.14.09

After last week's choosing of brigades, Paula and Danny brought their teams to learn the menu. Danny did a lot of cursing when talking to his group, maybe in order to give himself more credibility. Paula worried that Lacey would be a problem, asked her if she could do the dessert station, and Lacey said "I could, sure, but I'm going to be asking for input." Then, we were "treated" to a barrage of Lacey's finer moments. I really wish she hadn't come back.

Prep began, and Lacey got some hand holding. Even with that, the brulees got curdled and they had to redo them. I think she did it on purpose, because there was a sly grin when she was prepping the new batch.

I wonder if the producers have brought in certain people for sabotage. That would be devilish.

Each chef had to present their menus to Ramsey. There were 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. Featured on the show were:

Paula - Appetizer: Homemade pasta with eggplant caviar. Ramsey loved it.
Entree: Halibut with pearl onion and pancetta. Halibut was dry, they need to watch that.
Dessert: Banana Creme Brulee. Ramsey says it's more like scrambled eggs, and it need work.

Danny -Appetizer: Arugula salad with crispy duck breast.The duck was undercooked, so watch it
Entree: Pan seared fillet with baked potato. Ramsey thought it looked phallic.
Dessert: Poached pear with marscapone mousse. It was a little undercooked for Ramsey.

Ramsey called their menus very close in quality, both contemporary.

On to the dining rooms. Ramsey loves Paula's Sunergy. Danny's Velvet Hammer (which Ben thought sounded like a porno) was relaxed... and the fish? Weird. Ramsey thought it was kind of countrified in the flooring. Andrea admitted to preferring Paula's kitchen. So do I.

And the kitchen is open.

Each kitchen will serve 15 tables with 50 diners, going head to head. Their family and friends are in their dining rooms, too.

Danny got the Yes Chef rolling, and that made Paula's team take notice. Not enough notice to actually speak up and acknowledge the order. Paula is not as good at running the brigade. Andrea overcooked a scallop, and then Lacey turned it over to try to hide it from Paula. At least Ramsey caught the gaff.

Over in Danny's kitchen, Carol was getting backed up on lobster. Ramsey had a tete-a-tete with both Danny and Paula, telling them to get a grip.

Andrea has never cooked halibut before. What? Insane. Lacey was thrilled to see Andrea having a tough time with the fish. And in Danny's kitchen? Potatoes were holding things up. Paula managed to get on top of Andrea and the halibut issue, but then.. Giovanni sent up a super salty sauce for monkfish, and Ramsey caught it. As it turns out, Giovanni doesn't care who wins and just wants to go home. Nice attitude.

Lacey is on garnish for Paula, and she is completely out of it, and can't remember anything, and blamed Paula's menu for being too complex. Why is she here again? She's useless. She doesn't belong in any kitchen anywhere. She acts like a two year old. Everyone else jumped in and basically took over Lacey's station.

Danny's team was working together, and midway through, Paula caught her stride and did a good job. Both of them ended up doing a very good job. This is going to be a close one. Danny finished first, but Paula wasn't far behind.

Ramsey said "the winning chef ... lives in Florida." Paula got excited for a minute, and then remembered that Danny also lives in Florida. This is obviously going to take more deliberation.

Danny talked himself up back in the dorm, calling himself a culinary prodigy.

Ramsey told them he is proud of both of them, and called it the most difficult decision ever. It's the "will my door open" moment. Too much drama and recaps, but Danny won. I worried that as he leapt up and down on the top of the staircase that he was going to topple down the stairs or off the balcony.

Luckily, that did not happen. They both were amazing chefs, and I'm sure it was close.

I just hope that Danny's restaurant at the Borgata doesn't have mounted fish on the walls.

Danny's picture went up with pictures of the other winners on the new Hell's Kitchen wall of fame.

The fake fireworks were laughable, but it was a good season.

What did you think?

Survivor Tocantins: 5.14.09

Coach, Coach, Coach. He's in shock that Debbie is gone. And then, JT told him that Debbie was the one responsible for the vote against him. Stephen said that they didn't think that he would believe them if they told him ahead of time. Coach took their move to be a move to save him, in an act of truth and honesty. He seemed to understand that he no longer in control of the game (like he ever was...) He said he was almost speechless. Almost.

Next morning, he was chatting with JT and Stephen and "verified" the plan to get rid of Erinn and Taj next. He wondered what to do about the next Exile. And now, Coach apparently has asthma, and doesn't want to go to Exile because he's afraid of his asthma kicking up. Stephen admitted in confessional that he thinks that Coach's ailments are a cop out to get out of going to Exile, because he isn't sure that Coach can make a fire and cook by himself. JT made the very astute observation that Coach is pretty skittish about going to Exile, for such an adventurous guy. He also said that he wouldn't mind Coach being really weak at the next Immunity Challenge, so that they can go ahead with their plan of sending him home next.

Reward Challenge

It's a giant maze that spells out "Survivor." Very cool. They have to race through it, and build a pole long enough to reach a sandbag, and swing the sandbag to knock down three panels and raise a flag. Oh - and their feet will be shackled.

Winner gets an overnight trip to the Governor's Retreat, with all the luxuries.

It was amusing to see them hopping with shackled feet through the maze. JT headed out fast and most people followed him at first. Coach stayed behind JT, and Erinn took the same route. It was a smart tactic, because JT is super good at mazes, apparently.

JT was through first with no troubles, and Coach did what he does best, riding coat tails, and got through second. Taj made it through third, followed by Erinn and Stephen. JT finished his pole first, and knocked down his first target, then his second, and then his third with no troubles, all before Coach could get his limp stick to the sandbag.

That sounded dirty.

JT sent Coach to Exile, telling him to be noble, because he is the only one who hasn't been there. Coach says he is going to take the monastic approach and not have a fire and not eat. (Wonder if what Stephen said is true...) Erinn said that Coach just wants to be a martyr and have the worst possible Exile experience so that he can complain and have excuses not to win Immunity. Coach waxed poetic about all of his ailments, and said that his body was giving out on him anyway, so Exile wouldn't be the reason for it.

JT chose Stephen to go on the reward. He also said that it seemed that Coach was going to go without a fight, until Erinn spoke up, and said that people just talk to much in the game.

Back at camp, Erinn was worried that she had talked too much. Taj said that she doesn't need to worry about it too much, because Coach is just a jerk, and if he had won the reward, his ailments would have not been a problem, and the "warrior" would have been back.

The editors had a ball making Coach's journey to Exile look like a walkabout. He said it was like a vacation - with no wishy washy people with no character. He said that he is going to commune with the creator of the universe, like his American Indian ancestors. They would do it to become a man. "But I'm already a man, so it will make me... a better man." And then he whacked off a piece of stick and called it his Dragon Slayer Cane.

Give me a break.

He thinks that Erinn can't handle him because he's the soothsayer, or perhaps "because I'm so eloquent, she can't handle it." Um, no. Perhaps it's because you are a jackass.

He spoke about himself in third person a lot, and it was ridiculous.

Cut to JT and Stephen off to their reward. They are on a private plane and they were having a blast. At the Governor's Retreat, they had all the ammenities, including a mirror, which shocked them. They showered up (one at a time) and JT got positively giddy about soap.

They went to eat in their robes, and it was a traditional Brazilian churrascaria. We have a restaurant in Burlington which is similar. Fantastic... Then they decide that Erinn might just talk too much to bring into the final 3, so they might bring Coach.



Back at Exile, Coach said his Exile Experience was no sleep, starving, very little water, and it was awesome. A vulture was circling overhead. He says he is going to be slow to get to the challenge, but he is not tired or hungry, he feels focused. He is such a pretentious ass. I cannot handle him.

Immunity Challenge

Coach arrived looking old and haggard. Taj called it right and said he is just a drama queen, and said that any 37 year old man that thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution. Coach got some water before the challenge started.

The challenge is to hold themselves between two boards with feet on small footholds, moving to smaller ones every 15 minutes. It's like holding themselves up in doorways, with footholds. No butt, back, or hips. Arms and feet only.

After switching to the last foothold, Erinn was out. Stephen followed her. Taj was there with them.

JT and Coach were the final two. Jeff called them The Listener and the Talker - the Young Buck and the "Warrior." He didn't put the air quotes up there, but he must have been thinking it. JT asked if there was any food, and Jeff asked if he would step down for a big ol' steak. JT said he just might, and Coach blabbed some more about being a strong warrior, and said he has something to prove coming back from Exile. Taj told him not to hurt his back any more, and he put on a show of pain. It could have been real, and the editors certainly liked to set it to final scene music, and then Coach "collapsed" and claimed that his back was spasming. JT won the immunity, but Coach made sure he got all the attention. He claimed that he didn't want medical to look at his back, because if they did, he wouldn't be in the game right now, and he wasn't going home for medical reasons. I wonder if he just didn't want them to look and see that it isn't as dramatic as he claims. If he was really that bad, I bet Jeff would have insisted on medical.

Erinn and Taj shared my skepticism on Coach's maladies.

Coach said he was honored by the defeat, and JT told him that Erinn was going. Coach claimed that most of his talk is bravado to reassure himself. Stephen said that JT is going to vote for Erinn, but he isn't sure what he is going to do. Coach says he hopes there won't be any surprises at tribal, and JT and Stephen assured him that there wouldn't be.

I hope that there is a surprise in store for Coach.

He said he wants to be the last Timbira standing, "the last of the Mohican." Oh, stow it.

Tribal Council

Erinn and Coach's feud was brought up again, and Erinn said that someone was apt to be surprised. Coach says it won't be a surprise because women have great intuition.

Before the vote - what's this? Coach has a ...


POEM for everyone.

Oh, this ought to be rich.

"With Friend and foe, we march through the battle plane.
Some to seek success, others to seek fame
We play with honor, for love of this game
and with armor or without, we will toil in vain
so that someday, someone, somewhere, will remember our name."

He thinks he was cool, but everyone else looked like they were trying not to laugh. I let it out. Good heavens, he has a high opinion of himself.

It's the last time the Hidden Idol can be played, so I really wish that Taj had given the idol to Erinn.

In the words of Erinn, Dragon Slayed. Coach is GONE. We now only have to deal with hearing him on the jury. Good riddance.

Are you as happy as I am that Coach and his ego have left the building? Coach said there was some sadness as he left, and called Stephen not the white wizard, but the evil wizard. Death before dishonor, he cried. And ... goodbye, Coach.

Don't forget, the finale is on SUNDAY!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol - 5.13.09: Results Show

Ben Stiller and another guy who I don't know and Hank Azaria and maybe Jonah Hill? introduce the fact that the American Idol desk is going to be in the Smithsonian. And to plug the unnecessary Night at the Museum sequel. What a shameful unfunny waste of a bunch of funny guys.

Just over 1,000,000 votes separated the top 2. Wow. Randy's wearing a very purple sweater, Kara's got lacy shoulders, and Paula looks like she walked out of a western boudoir.

The Ford Music Video was to Break My Stride, which I have a fondness for, because I remember seeing it on Solid Gold. Yup. I remember seeing that on tv. The Ford video was kind of lame. Oh well.

Alicia Keys told America that Keep A Child Alive is another great charity, and has done a lot of good, and introduced a Rwandan boy to sing The World's Greatest, and he learned the song in English in a week. He was energetic. I fast forwarded, because I started watching the show late. Kid's got moves, though.

Danny joined Seacrest on the stage, and we got to see clips from Danny's visit home. And we remembered Jamal, who I hope to see again next year. There were crying and screaming young cheerleaders, and a girl in pajama pants and a sparkly top and a boa running wildly after the motorcade. Danny brought Jamar on the parade with him, and it's awesome. Yes, I hope to see Jamar next year. (That heart made with hands ad campaign loves Danny, too). Seacrest dimmed the lights, but no results were given.

Kris was next out on stage with Seacrest. He was surrounded by screaming fans, and hopped off the stage to get hugs from fans, and I don't know if the security detail liked that much. He performed that song from Once for his fans, and I fell in love a little. He's such a genuine guy. He and his dad shared some fantastic hugs. All together now - awwwwww! Again, lights were dimmed, but to no avail. It's to the couches with him, to wait wait wait.

Time for Jordin Sparks! She's singing the first single off her new album, Battlefield, and unfortunately, this battlefield isn't love, it just feels like it, and she advised to don armor. Not bad, and she looks good, but fast forwarding. I was kind of bored, and she hit some vocal rough patches, imo.

Adam was last on stage, and (as has been on the internet, no, I'm not linking), he got rushed by a topless female fan on stage during his visit home. He did the weather girl's makeup on the local news, and was mobbed by screaming fans. The ones we saw on tv had shirts. Some of these girls put Sanjaya's Crying Girl to shame. He went to his old theatre group, and met with some kids there, and it was really cute. He performed at a football field, and sang the national anthem for soldiers. He did not screech it, so I appreciated it quite a lot. Lights were dimmed, and to the couch with him.

First, it's Katy Perry with Waking Up in Vegas. She was wearing an Adam Lambert cape in the beginning. Wonder who she's rooting for? She's really not good live. At all. Studios are kind to her. I prefer her doppelganger Zoey Dechanel's voice. I don't like that Katy follows the Lady Gaga philosophy about pants (or lack thereof). And fast forward.

Finally, a real reason to dim the lights. And the first person in the finale is .... KRIS!!!

I just squealed. Seriously. Weeeee!!!! GO KRIS!!!

And joining him is....

Adam. No surprise.

This ought to be interesting. These two guys are about as different as two singers could be.

The judges seem stunned, because they have been counting on a Danny vs. Adam finale since the beginning. I know that Danny will get a record deal, so I hope he does well. Maybe he can get into acting and play Robert Downey, Jr's kid brother. They can sing together. That would be awesome.

(Have you heard Robert Downey, Jr. sing? He's wonderful)

And I missed the swan song, because it ran over. I'm so happy about Kris' inclusion in the finale, I don't even care so much.

Did I mention it? GO KRIS!!!!!

(And I hope the finalist song a)doesn't suck and b)isn't completely skewed to one guy's style)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - 5.12.09 : The Top 3

300th Idol Show tonight. And I've seen every one. Is that impressive, or sad?

Two songs tonight - Judge's choice and personal choice

Danny Gokey (Paula's Choice: Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent D'Arby) I've never heard this song before, and with Danny's "woo"s, I'm not so sad about that lack of musical knowledge. It seemed to showcase Danny's shouty qualities. I think I prefer him a little softer, or at least with more variety. Randy said that Danny jumped it off right. Kara said the song was great and hit Danny's vocal money spot. She worried about Danny girating too much. Paula loved it- song and dance. Simon thought the dancing was a bit desperate, but liked the vocals. He did not like the saxaphone solo.

Kris Allen (Randy and Kara's Choice: Apologize by One Republic) I really like thissong. And Kris is at the piano. Archie sang this song last season, and I think that Kris' range is nicer, and he sang it with more genuine feeling than Little Archie did. He had a couple slightly bum notes in there, but I liked it anyway. He knew when to use his falsetto and when to get out of it, and it was a heartfelt performance. I liked him on the piano. Go Kris! Randy congratulated his own song choice, and thought it was a very nice performance. Kara said it was competent, but didn't hit it out of the park, and wanted more personal touches by him. Paula said there was one bum note there "that was loud," but then said she was proud of him. Simon said what I have been thinking for seasons and seasons (to Kara) - you can't choose a song for someone and then complain about them doing the song. She shouted back at him that he has never arranged a song in his life. Simon then congratulated himself on his own song choice to Adam, which we are about to see.

Adam Lambert (Simon's Choice - One by U2) Simon called Bono himself to get permission to do the song. Adam is bathed in blue light. He's just smurfy. I'm glad that Simon chose a softer song for Adam.... until he went shrieky. I think this is actually the worst I have ever heard Adam. After he left the soft part, he went crazy and I hated it. I wonder if Bono will be calling Simon up and taking it back.. probably not, because everyone fawns all over Adam. Randy yo-yo-d, and said that Adam is the hot, but he didn't love what happened to the melody, but still loved him. Kara called him a strategist, loved the changes, and then busted out a terrible British accent to mock Simon. Paula said it was one brilliant song, one superb performance, and one American Idol she's staring at. Simon called his song choice brilliant, and loved the performance. Of course he did.

You know what I want to hear Adam sing? Endless Night from Lion King. See? Broadway. He would be astounding at that. U2? Never again, please. Do yourself a favor and watch that video. One of my favorite songs ever.

So what happened to Idol Gives Back this year? Well, they didn't do a special, but Carrie went to Angola to see what's been done because of the previous donations.

Danny Gokey (Personal Choice - You Are So Beautiful) Is he trying to validate my friend's nickname for him of Danny Hokey? I don't know - he sounded good, but I am kind of over Danny. I much prefer this to his first shout-fest, though. That's for sure. I didn't like the backup singers. I thought they made it cheesey. It would have been better more stripped down, with just Danny. Give me simple, nearly a capella... that would have been better. Randy yo-yo-d and loved the arrangement, and thought that Danny showed some mad vocals. Kara said that everything he missed in the first performance, he hit on this one, and called it stunning. Paula called it stunning and thought he brought magic to it. Simon wouldn't have done the arrangement he did, and wanted just him and the piano. He did think, however, that it was a vocal master class. I would agree with that. Vocally, he was astounding. But I just wanted ... less. Just give me Danny, no gospel (please!), and let it be.

Kris Allen (Personal Choice - Heartless by Kanye West) Interesting choice. He's got to be better than Kanye, because I pretty much think Kanye sucks. I ... I love it. I love it. Talk about changing a song up! He Mrazed the song up. (I should say Kris-ed it up, I suppose) It was fantastic, and showed off everything I love about Kris. Randy said that Kris did better than Kanye and better than The Fray. Kara wanted to know why he didn't do something like that with Apologize. (Maybe because he didn't want to do the same thing twice? hmmm). Paula called him brave and relevant. She got in a stupid dig at Simon that I'm ignoring. Simon thought that the first song choice was lame, and he had written Kris off, until he heard that performance. I repeat - Go Kris!!

Adam Lambert (Personal Choice - Cryin' by Aerosmith) I kind of think he sucked up this song, too. He missed notes in my mind, all over the place, and went all screachy. I hated it. I wish I had been listening to Steven Tyler. I think the problem with Adam is that he has the range, and he just feels like he has to use it all over the place in every song. Randy said Adam is one of the best ever on the idol stage. Of course he did. Because the judges love Adam. Kara doesn't know how he hits those high notes and is able to speak the next day. Paula thinks he should be collecting frequent flyer miles for his high notes. I think. It was kind of blabbery. Simon said he isn't going to suck up as much as the others. He still thinks that Adam deserves to be in the finals and wants everyone to remember to vote.

I'll be remembering to vote for Kris. (02, 08)

I think that it's a forgone conclusion that Adam is going to be in the finals, and I hope that Kris joins him there. I just adored Kris tonight.

And you?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finale Alert: The Amazing Race

The night started with a season recap, including Margie and Luke dealing with language difficulties and heat stroke, Jamie being loud and obnoxious, and Tammy and Victor learning to communicate with each other like grown ups.

The final destination city is Maui, Hawaii, and they have to get to Beach Access 118 when they get there.

Tammy and Victor are off first, but it didn't really matter who got out first, because they all ended up on the same flight. Out of the airport, Tammy and Victor got the first cab, followed by Jamie and Cara, and Margie and Luke.

Once they get to the beach, they have to prep a pig for a traditional island luau, and then carry it 200 yards, then properly cover it to be cooked, before getting the next clue.

They changed into beachwear in the cabs. Jamie and Cara got into itty bitty green bikinis. Everyone talked about how gross it was, but off they went bearing pigs. Jamie and Cara had to drop the pig several times, and were passed by Margie and Luke. Margie and Luke also passed Tammy and Victor. The other two had had a really hard time getting their pigs back up. Cara was totally weak, and so was Tammy. Jamie told Cara "This is how you lose a million dollars." Possibly, it is.. not as much as stopping to pee, but still, suck it up.

Tammy was crying and screaming, but they finally got to the pit, but not before Margie and Luke were all done.

The next stop was the beach at McGregor Point, where they have to search among 100 buoys to find their next clue,on a jet ski.

Tammy and Victor did the covering wrong and had to go back. They and Jamie and Cara finished about the same time, with Tammy and Victor having a slight lead.

Margie drove the jet ski, and she got annoyed at Luke for continually yelling at her. Then, she fell off the jet ski, and Luke fell off too. They still found the clue before the others got there. Tammy and Victor got the clue second.

The next stop is the Surfboard fence off the Hana Highway.


It's the traditional memory task - search through a giant pile of surfboards to find 11 that have pictures that correspond to things along their route, and build a surfboard fence with them in order.

Luke did the task, because he apparently had an amazing memory.

Jamie and Cara again ran into trouble with a cab driver who wasn't sure of where they were supposed to go. He was on the phone with his supervisor who said "You need to tell your people I am not their personal concierge, and I am not going to look for this place for them." Ummm... isn't getting people to a destination what taxi driver is paid to do? I mean, Jamie and Cara might not be the most pleasant people, but still. Finding locations is the job of a taxi driver. Am I wrong?

In the end, they ended up calling the police department to get directions. They got their directions, and then their cabbie stopped for gas. I would be livid if I were them.

Victor and Tammy got the the roadblock and Victor did the task. Luke was doing a great job, and both he and Victor ended up taking pants off because they kept falling off. Luke got one wrong! Oh no!

At least Jamie and Cara's cabbie only got a little bit of gas.

Isn't it funny? The two boards that Luke got wrong on his first try were the last two... Victor did some amazing catching up. He had a different tactic, though - he grabbed all the boards he though were right before trying to put them in any sort of order.

Jamie and Cara finally arrived, and Jamie was doing the task.

Luke was having the devil of the time getting the last two right. Jamie didn't seem to get the fact that not all of the surf boards represented things they had done. Luke was trying and trying and trying and Jamie was catching up to him, while Victor finished the task.. Luke decided to to work with Jamie, and he helped her find the first clue, and she helped him find the last ones. Good on them, I think that was only fair.

And now, it's a race to the finish line. Luke was really down on himself, and Jamie was kicking herself for forgetting the church.

It wasn't even close, as Tammy and Victor took the win. I'd say it was deserved, even though I was rooting for Margie and Luke. Tammy and Victor ran a good race, with only a couple spats that made me dislike them. Tammy found it funny that she won with no pants on. (She's got a t-shirt on over her bikini.)

I have to say, the Chinese-language heavy routes really did favor them, though.

Jamie and Cara came in second, and Jamie tried to put herself down for the final Roadblock, but Cara wouldn't have any of it, and let her know that it was a team game, and they were proud of each other.

Finally, Margie and Luke got to the mat, and Phil wanted Luke to admit that Margie is the bionic woman, and Luke expressed his gratitude for his mother being so wonderful and signing, because apparently, a lot of deaf people's parents don't sign, and he is so happy that she does.

What a good season. I just love this show. Waiting for next season now!

Are you happy with the results?