Thursday, July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/31/08

Cat is in a different color disco ball inspired design tonight, and it is actually kind of lovely. It's a shimmery blue and I like it. The group routine is set to Bette Middler's The Rose, and the men all got to have open shirts. Thank you, wardrobe department! The lifts were pretty impressive for the most part. I don't know if they were supposed to be in unison, but some of them were kind of staggered. It was really quite a beautiful routine, though. It was choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Cat had some fun tossing her hair in the fan, and I just love her.

(I apologize for spelling Adam Shankman's name wrong last night. I misheard it as Chapman.)

Nigel's plee for people to vote in the November elections seemed to work - the registration at went up 400%. That's impressive.

Adam announced that the winner of SYTYCD is going to have a featured dance role in a movie he's producing. Neato.

Before finding out the results for the nights, the judges got to talk about how much they love all the dancers left right now, and I agree. I don't think there could be a bad turnout in the group. Also, before finding out the results, we get some more padding with solos from everyone. Wish they could be longer solos.

Courtney's Solo: She is so emotive, but I am getting kind go bored with the short solos. I do just adore Courtney, though.

Mark's Solo: Perfect song choice, he danced to Gwen Stefani's Wind it Up. I wanted mych more of it. He is so neat. The song is weird, just like him. I have a soft spot for the weird and quirky.

Katee's Solo: She grinned through another one. I just can't keep these little Contemporary solos separate at this point.

Joshua's Solo: He popped really well and the song had all sorts of changes in tempo, and he kept right up with them. I really am liking him more than Twitch this week. Amazing. Cat announced that he just had his braces off. Call me blind, because I never really noticed them in the first place.

Chelsie's Solo: I hate the dress, but she knows how to use her legs. The dress looks like a showgirl that got inadvertently caught in an elevator, and she just decided to go with it.

Twitch's Solo: Ok, I am in love with him again, because he danced to Don't Worry, Be Happy. He glided across the stage with glee and joy. I think that Joshua's solo was better, but I want to be Twitch's friend.

There was a treat of a crazy good dance routine from a little boy, doing all sorts of break dancing moves. Impressive. I wonder how old he is. He looks tiny, but he is really strong, with one-handed hand stands, etc. I think his name is L'il Demon. Cat talked to him afterwards. He is 6 and has been dancing for 2 years. He's seriously adorable.

Enough with the padding! It's elimination time. But not before a recap of each girl. I don't know who is going home tonight, but I hope it is Katee. I just love the other two so much. They seem spunkier. I admire spunk.

First to safety is Katee, so one of my faves is going home. I am saddened.

Before finding out which girl is going home, it's time to recap the boys. I am more in love with Mark's style than ever. I want him to be my friend, too. Joshua is safe first, so it's between Twitch and Mark to go home.

(I fast forwarded through the musical number ... I have never seen or heard Lady Ga Ga before, and I just want to see the results.)

First the girls... Chelsie is going home! I am glad for Courtney, but sad for Ms. Legs. She is so phenomenal, she will have no trouble finding work. Some of her routines are seriously my faves in the whole season. The Workaholic routine with Mark? Astounding. She's only 19, too. It's amazing. Good luck to her.

Now the men.. unfortunately, it's the end of the line for my man Mark. Twitch joins Joshua in the finals. The only good part about this ouster is that we get to see Mark's clip package. He gives everything to his dance and I love it. He always looks so full of joy to be dancing, even when he's doing weird-ass things.

Sigh. So, I got to keep Courtney but I lost Mark. My pick for winner at this point might just be Joshua... I hope for Courtney, but I really don't think that Katee has that special thing, and Twitch is wonderful but not as versatile. Seeing Joshua leap across the stage with utter grace and then go into a crazy hip-hop routine is so unexpected and breath taking, I think he could take it.

Next week - It's the finale!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway - 7/30/08

A strangely casual Heidi enters the runway, in jeans and a cute top. The winning and losing designer's models enter the Runway, and Suede said that Suede loves Tia and Suede could never leave Tia, and my hopes that Suede would start talking about Suede in third person are dashed. Heidi then announced that Tim is bringing the contestants out on the town, and when Tim showed up, Blayne called him Timlicious, and I hate Mr. Tan even more. It's raining, so Tim had everyone put on rain boots and ponchos, and they went to a Double Decker Tour Bus. Their challenge is t design an outfit for a night on the town inspired by NYC at night. There will be four stops, and at each stop, some of them will get off and get time to take pictures to inspire their outfits.

Suede, Daniel, Leann, and Jennifer got off at the first stop.

Stella, Kenley, Blayne, and Keith got off next, and Blayne looked for a tanning salon. Ugh.

Korto, Kelli, and Joe were off next, followed by Terri, Emily, and Jerrell.

There was some mad photography, except for Stella, who couldn't figure out how to use the camera, and then got pissed because Keith walked in front of her. She is so annoying.

In the morning, the designers had half an hour to serve as their inspiration, and then they got to shop with $100. It is their first trip to Mood, and they are excited to be able to choose their own fabric. Stella was confused by the store and wanted assistance, yelling like crazy.

Back at Parsons, the designers get until 1 AM to work on their garment, and immunity is at stake.

Suede continued to talk about Suede in the third person and I just want to tune Suede out. Some of the designs looked really interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. Stella chose blinders on a horse as her inspiration and she was hammering grommets onto her outfit, and it annoyed pretty much everyone. Tim's check in came, and he was worried about Jennifer's finishing, and worried that Keith's dress had no shape, and he worried about Kenley's fabrics and thought they looked costumey. Terri's open back dress worried him, too. Tim loved Leann's skirt, though she had no top yet. He urged her not to overwork it. Emily's photograph was amount movement and energy. Tim said that her dress was just a black dress with a great big corsage and he thought it was not likely to go over well with the judges. Blayne told Tim to "Holla at Your Boy," and Tim attempted to understand that piece of slang and failed pretty much. Stick with "Make it Work," Tim. Stick with it.

The next morning, there was some very unfortunate fashion seen on the designers, from Blayne's yellow picnic blanket shirt to Keith's quilt square headband, and Stella's weird tights. Keith's model had to drop out and the previously eliminated model is back in for him, and Tim called it a "Make it Work Moment." There was some furious stitching at the end, but it seemed like almost everyone finished a garment.

Runway time! Heidi is back at home in her minidress, and her thighs get the air they must crave, after the previous jeans. Sandra Bernhard is the guest judge, billed as NY night life afficiado.

Keith's Dress: I actually ended up liking the dress, and it was very different. He definitely put a lot of work into it. The thing was covered in tiny squares of fabric, and it had a lot of movement and spunk.

Blayne's Dress: He did a black dress that looked like it vomited a rainbow off one side. Not so sure about that choice.

Joe's Dress: Really neat and conveyed the photo well. We didn't see any of it in the workshop, so it was a surprise.

Emily's Dress: I did not like this one. It looked like something Barbie would wear.

Leanne's Dress: The skirt is fabulous, and the top was understated enough to let the skirt pop. I couldn't see if the top was well made, but the bottom certainly was.

Jennifer's Dress: The dress looked like something out of the 70's. Think maternity tunic 70's, though, not Disco 70's. Her model looks like she had a paunch, and that's not a good look.

Jerell's Dress: His fabric was incredible, but it looked more like a prom dress than an evening out in NYC dress. Still, it was nicely done.

Kelli's Dress: This thing had a ton of things going on. Fringe, a corsety top, perhaps suspenders, and a pencil-type skirt? Not my favorite from her. Her inspiration was Mad Max/Fire Hydrant, so maybe it worked in that light.

Daniel's Dress: It looked a little odd and strangely amateur. I don't know about that one.

Kenley's Dress: I am sorely disappointed. Her dress had a big bubble skirt and the fabric looked like something you would put a slipcover over. Very early 80's. The tulle in the skirt was just strange.

Suede's Dress: It was a pretty neat shirtdress, and looked well made.

Stella's Outfit: She did fitted pants and a silvery vest-shirt. It was very well made and looked like something someone would wear. Nice. I hate to say it, but maybe she IS as rock and roll as she claims to be. I dislike her personality, but I think I can forgive her the garbage bag "dress" for this.

Korto's Outfit: I'm sorry, she lost me as soon as she said "my jumpsuit." Jumpsuits should be relegated to science fiction and prisons. It was boring and all black and I didn't see where her inspiration came in.

Terri's Outfit: I really hated the fabric she used at first, but it kind of grew on me upon viewing. The flared pants underneath were interesting, and it was different.

After scoring, Keith, Kenley, Emily, Terri, Jennifer, and Leann were in the bottom and the top.

Kenley's dress was called "very 80's, Joan Collins, Power-Bitch Dress." The judges actually liked it. Yipes. Ok.

Michael said that Keith's dress looked like toilet paper caught in a windstorm. Heidi said it had no shape, and Nina called it sloppy.

Terri's dress was called fierce, sexy, and in control. Sandra said it had attitude. Heidi loved the look, and Michael thought it was appealing.

Nina called Emily's dress a Carmen Miranda moment. The ruffle was called distracting.

Leanne's Dress (ok, skirt and blouse) was quite well received. Heidi said she would wear it in a heartbeat.

Jennifer's clock inspiration was not seen in the dress. Michael didn't like the hem, and Heidi said it was matronly. Nina called it ok, but on the boring side. I think she is in trouble.

Terri is swiftly pronounced safe, and Kenley is the winner. I wish it had been Leanne, because I kind of hated Kenley's dress. Leanne is also safe, and Keith's toilet paper dress is also safe. Emily and Jennifer and in the bottom two. Jennifer was safe to attempt to get her surrealistic view across in a different challenge, and Emily was aufed, though she still stood by her mess of a dress.

Do you think the right design won tonight? Did you like Kenley's ... thing?

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/30/08

Can I just say that I love the array of Super Twitch T-shirts Twitch has? It's endearing instead of annoying (and by annoying I mean incredibly lame, like Ruben Studdard's 215 jerseys.)

Cat looks like she's wearing a deconstructed disco ball tonight. Her eye shadow is very silver, too, and that's a bit much, but she's looking kind of Felicity Shagwell. Adam Chapman joins Nigel and Mary tonight.

Courtney & Mark 1st dance (Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) There is a story behind their waltz, and they are both good actors, so I have hope. They looked joyful to be dancing together, and seemed to have good flow. I bet that David Cook never thought his song would be waltzed to. Courtney looked lovely in a very flowy dress. It was a little nightgownish, but I can forgive that. Mark got to do a couple really nice effortless looking lifts, and it was very nice. I enjoyed it. Adam really loved the dance and said it was beautiful, and said that Mark's rise and fall was the best he has seen from any guy this season. Mary screeched her support for Australian choreography, and said that she felt a lot of growth from Mark. Nigel thought it was just lovely and romantic.

Chelsie's Solo: Although I cannot stand the Pussycat Dolls song (When I Grow Up) that she danced to, she had spunk, and I like her so much.

Twitch's Solo: He used props, like a gold tooth grill and glasses, and he is just so charming. After his dance, Cat had to try on the glasses, and the teeth. It was odd, though funny. I could do without the teeth.

Katee & Joshua 1st dance (Contemporary choreographed by Tyce Diorio) Reunited! The routine is about undying love, and Joshua did a pretty amazing leap over Katee, who them jumped straight into a split in his arms. This routine really used Joshua's strength. Some of the movements were kind of jerky to me, though. I don't know. I can appreciate that Joshua is super strong, but other than the leap, he was kind of rough. Adam sucked up to Tyce AND Paula Abdul who was in the audience. He said it was the bes thing Tyce has choreographed. I don't know about that. He loved it. Mary thought it was filled with passion, and thought it was the most beautiful thing she's seen on the show. Again, don't know about that. Nigel sucked up to the great choreographer Gillian Lind in the audience, and thought that Joshua was brilliant and unexpected.

Chelsie & Twitch 1st dance (Mambo choreographed by Tony and Melony) Chelsie got to show off her fabulous legs and hips, and I have to say, she is rivaling Season 2's Heidi at this point for me. Twitch did very nicely, too, and looked like he was having fun and not trying to count. Adam wished that Twitch was wearing some color, because his eyes were drawn to Chelsie. He said she was just smoking, and he wanted some more aggression from Twitch, but commended his partnering skills. Mary sucked up to the choreographers, and said that Twitch seemed to be nearly always on time, and that Chelsie was incredible. Nigel said that the choreography was done well for Twitch, though he lost Chelsie for a second, and showed it with his face. Nigel is in love with Chelsie's legs and her footwork.

Katee's Solo: She just can't stop grinning. I want more variety from her, and she is just not my favorite of the girls in solos. She is good, but not the top for me. One note. It's a good note, but it's one note.

Joshua's Solo: I think his solo was really strong, and he had an amazing leaping split that I was impressed with. Dance wise, I think it was better than Twitch's!

Mark & Courtney 2nd dance (Jazz, choreographed by Sonya) The routine is about old French Burlesque. I like the idea, and it could be very good for both of them. They look like they could be in a Tim Burton movie. It worked great for Mark's quirkiness, and Courtney got to be a little odd and sexy, too. I loved it. Adam said it was sick (in a good way), and said that Mark and Courtney together are just incredible. Mary cackled about how weird the love story was, and then screeched that she loved it. Nigel said that you could tell the choreography was all Sonya, and loved how it fit Mark, and thought that the pair of them were a highlight of the night. I agree.

Katee & Joshua 2nd dance (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) Joshua went shirtless, and Katee did too, in a weird kind of S&M looking bra thing. I thought that Katee acted it well, but he dance was a little weak for me. They got some very neat strobe lights, which was cool, and I thought Joshua was good. Adam said that Joshua was brilliant, and he thought Katee would be proud of herself. Mary said it was true magic, and then unfortunately did some screaming. Nigel again sucked up to the choreographer, and SYTYCD Australia. Then he said Joshua was in danger of stealing the show, and Mary cut in with more screaming. Why???

Courtney's Solo: I just love her. She is so cute, and I believe her emotions. For that reason, I like her more than Katee.

Mark's Solo: What can I say about Mark? He did an odd half strip thing with his shirt which was different. I just can't get enough of watching him.

Chelsie & Twitch 2nd dance (Hip hop, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha) The dance was about two conductors trying to get control of the stick. Whoever had the stick controlled the other. It was definitely different. It was my least favorite dance of the night, and I wouldn't call it hip hop so much. There was nothing I think that they danced anything less than perfect, but I just didn't like the choreography. Adam caught onto the theme and sucked up to Tabitha and Napoleon. He doesn't think there's anything Chelsie can't do. Mary loves Twitch in his style and was impressed with Chelsie. Nigel thought it was inventive and entertaining.

I hope to see Chelsie and Courtney in the finals for girls, because I just thought that Katee was weaker, and I love watching the two C's.and the guys... I want to see Mark because I love him, and I think he was amazing tonight, and he is so unique. For the guys, just purely on tonight's performances, and solos, I think that Joshua might make it over Twitch. I hope that Mark's fan base is strong enough to bring him to the finals. I can't believe the finale is next week! I do love Twitch, so I wouldn't be sad to see him in the finals, either.

Who do you want to see more of?

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mole: 7/28/08

This show is getting down to the wire, and I still am unsure who The Mole is. My best guess is still Nicole, but that just seems too obvious.

In the beginning confessionals, Mark is down in the dumps about Clay leaving, Craig is kind of ambivalent, Nicole said that she couldn't help but kick ass on the quiz out of pure instinct, and Paul is happy to be in the final four.

They head to their first Mission, How's the View. It is worth $64,000. Mr. Host Man asks for two players who are Young At Heart. Paul and Craig volunteer. Each Young at Heart person gets one of the other two, so the teams are Paul and Mark, and Craig and Nicole. They will be completing an obstacle course for kids. The Young at Heart people will be wearing a camera that is controlled by the other person on the team, and the camera is a visor that is the only thing the Young at Heart person can see. The trick is, the vision is mirror imaged. Wow. Right. And they cannot talk to each other. The Young at Heart person can speak, but not the other person. Confused yet?

Paul goes first, his vision controlled by Mark. Mr. Host Man put on a creepy "I'm a pre-school teacher" voice to explain the first obstacle, which is putting shapes in a shape sorter. For each shape in the box, there is $1000 added to the pot, up to $3000. They have one minute. Paul completes it after he gets used to it. Mark wished that he was the one doing the job. Nicole also wished that she could be the one doing the job, because she is a laproscopic surgeon and is used to working backwards with cameras. Of course, she also couldn't keep her mouth shut, and when Craig asked for help once, she answered, so they only got $2000, because he asked after the second shape was in.

The second task is to kick a soccer ball into a net. They have two soccer balls, one kick at each ball, and every goal is $4500. The first ball for Paul is just off, and the second also missed, even though Mark is sure he lined the vision up perfectly. Craig also missed the first goal, and then messed up the second one, too. Both Nicole and Mark claim it was very suspicious that the kickers were so far off. I think they think it is easier than it is. (Sorry, my grammar is off tonight.)

The third task, worth $10,000, is to fill a teacup up to a line without spilling any, one minute. $2500 per cup. Paul does a good job and fills 3 cups, but spilled a bit on the last one, so he gets $5000. Paul was suspicious of Mark's camera work. Craig also hated Nicole's camera work and overfilled his cups, only getting one, because he bumped the table and spilled the first one. That's $2500.

In the insane fourth task, the Young at Heart people have to walk across a plank connecting two buildings, high in the air. Not only that, they have to pick up a piece of chalk in the middle, and within a minute, cross to the other side, and copy a phrase on the chalkboard on the other side. Paul did some screaming like a girl, and claimed he had interference on his goggles. Just in time, he scribbled down the phrase (The Mole Was Here, he almost missed the "The"), and adds $10,000 to the pot. Craig's turn is not looking as good, since he has vertigo and a fear of heights. Mr. Host Man says that he doesn't have to do it, but Craig insists on trying. He had a bit of a depth perception problem to find the chalk, and then when he finally found it, he had a really hard time moving. He could not make it across in time and added no money to the pot.

The total for the challenge is $22,500, only $4500 from Craig and Nicole. The pot is now at $353,500.

At dinner, Craig caught some slack for reaching for the chalk that was not there, and then mysteriously, he and Mark went to the restroom together. Hmm. This gave Nicole a chance to mention to Paul how poor she thought Craig was at working in mirror image. Though Paul thinks that Craig is the Mole, he told Nicole that it wasn't as easy as it looked, so she shouldn't suspect Craig for that.

Mark is feeling lost without his Clay alliance. Mark tells Craig that he is sure there is an exception coming in the next Mission.

The Mission is called Cell Out, and Mark was right about an exception being up for grabs.

Each person is going to be locked in a cell, and there will be a word puzzle called a doublet that they can solve, changing one letter at a time from Cell to Mole, in five changes. The door of their cell will be unlocked when they solve the puzzle, and they will run into a paintball obstacle course. The first person is the sniper, and is the only person who can win exception. Each other player that makes it through the course will add $15,000 to the pot. However, one of the three non-snipers will carry the exception. If the sniper hits them, they get the exemption. It is completely random who will have it.

Mark said that he does doublets all the time, but when he is doing them at his desk, he is not playing for huge amounts of money. Still, he got it first, with Cell-Call-Mall-Male-Mole. He is the sniper, getting out in less than a minute. Nicole's first try had an error, but Craig got out. Paul was stymied by the puzzle. Craig and Nicole decided to wait for Paul, and he took over 15 minutes in there before getting the same answer as Mark, and they all headed out into the paint ball arena together. (They waited for him because he has played Paint ball before) They decided that Craig should go first to draw fire. They were leapfrogging between covers, and it worked well. Mark got really agitated when he hit Paul but the pellet did not break. Shortly after his hissy fit from that, he hit Nicole, and then Paul managed to escape, then Mark hit Craig.

So, who had the exemption? It was pre-determined, depending on the cell they chose.

It was not Nicole, but Craig held the card, so Mark's dreams came true and he is in the final 3. It was then Paul's turn to throw a fit about how unfair an exemption at this point in the game is. Mr. Host Man ignored him.

At their pre-quiz dinner, Paul flat out says that he doesn't think Nicole is the Mole, and she says it's funny how they have played the game similarly, even though they don't like each other so much. Craig says that he feels like he and Mark are the forces of good in the game, and Nicole and Mark are the forces of evil. That's a bit melodramatic, if you ask me.

Quiz time!

1. Is the Mole Male or Female? (Wonder what Nicole's answer is, if she is not the Mole, that's an easy answer)
2. During the How's the View Mission, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from left to right?
3. What was the Mole wearing during How's the View (a t-shirt or a sweatshirt)?
4. Was the Mole a Young at Heart player during How's the View?
5. In what order did the Mole's team participate in the How's Your View Mission?
6. In the intro to Cell Out, where was the Mole standing from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from left to right?
7. In what cell number was The Mole locked?
8. What role did the Mole play during Cell Out?
9. Where was the Mole successfully hit during Cell Out?
10. Who is the Mole?

Time to find out who's heading home. Paul is up first, and he is swiftly eliminated. I didn't think he was the Mole, but he was a good, if annoying, player. Nicole and Craig put it well. "In some ways, Paul will be missed. In other ways.... not." Nicole called Paul a great motivator because she wanted to kick his butt.

Mr. Host Man finished the show up by asking the final three if they are the mole. Of course each of them denies it, though Craig said "No, Mark is the Mole," instead of "No, I am not the Mole." Interesting.

We'll see what next week brings. Who do you suspect? I'm still thinking Nicole.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - 7/27/08

It's down to Lisa, Aaron, and Adam! Who will win?

The show started with a little segment from each finalist about who they are and why they want to be here.

Lisa is annoying beyond belief, and I don't think I would watch her show.

Adam seems so sad about the closing of his restaurant, it really drags him down. He needs to be all that he can be and not dwell. I know, easier said...

Aaron is very likable and I hope that he can bring his personality to the finale, because he is special.

It's final audition time! They get a fully produced pilot of their potential show. It is going to be shot on Rachael Ray's set, and it is produced by Gordon Elliot. Their pilot is 4 1/2 minutes.

First, they get a few moments to set a pitch out for their show.

Lisa is first, and she brought in all sorts of props to show her ideas. First pitch was "Beautiful Basics" (who is not surprised), and it was presented as "this is my show in a box." Gordon looked slightly confused. Her second pitch was "Pure and simple," about Green Living and organics. Her third pitch is Fashion and Food. Ummm. Gordon shot that one down. He was most impressed by beautiful basics, but wanted her to not come off as a smarty pants. ha ha. too late.

Aaron wants to introduce herbs and spices with an educational aspect. Gordon wants his show to be more about him, and suggests the name "Big Daddy's Kitchen," from a nickname he's been given by the other contestants.

Adam's first pitch is to get people's recipes from the internet and then make his version of it. Gordon wants him to chat live with people on the internet and use his comedic ability. Interesting.

Lisa's outfit is fuchsia, which is a bit much on Rachael Ray's set, which is all green, orange, and yellow. It made my eyes hurt. Her first take she went over time badly, and didn't get to finish her dish. She is making a complicated fish dish with a french sauce I can't pronounce, let alone spell. During her second take, she totally dropped the ball and got flustered. She squinted and pursed her lips and used big pretentious words. She seemed to get it near the end, but the colors were still ill-advised.

Adam is up next, with "Hungry in Philadelphia". I like the interaction with the home viewer. It's really neat. The viewer had The Roast Chicken Blues. He had a lot of steps and had to answer questions real time from the viewer while still trying to get everything done. By his final take, he seemed to get it down pat, and Gordon said "That felt like a show!" I think I would like his show. I certainly like the idea.

It's time for Aaron to show his personality. He got a little repetitive and nervous and had a terrible time getting it down, but his last take looked decent. We'll see how it comes out in the end. He was not excited about it, and thought he did not get it right.

It's time to see their pilots! Lisa is wearing her chandelier-crystal necklace which seems to be a favorite of hers. Not mine.

Before viewing the pilots, the other finalists were brought in. Nipa was wearing a very silver pillowcase. I have seen lots of Indian garb, and that didn't look nearly as nice as any of the things I have seen. Yipes.

Lisa's Beautiful Basics is up first. Squinty and pretentious, she made sure to let the viewer know that she started making her impossible to spell sauce. She did an ok job, but I would never watch her show. Just wouldn't. At this point, it's a matter of principal. The committee was impressed.

Adam's Hungry in Philadelphia is next. He was funny in introducing it, and the name is a play on Sleepless in Seattle. He came off as personable and funny and I loved the interaction with the viewer. He came up with some of his own terms, like Faux-B-Q, and he was great. I want to try his chicken. His show, I would watch. I would go out of my way to watch it. Onto the dvr it would go. The committee said it was a joy to watch and he looked at ease. Susie said that she learned a lot from his pilot, and Bobby said that everyone would like to try his chicken. Yes, please.

(From a commercial for a new show Ask Aida that was on during the break, I am dubious that Adam wins... her show looks a LOT like his pitch. Humph.)

Aaron's show is interesting. He managed to get his personality out their and look at home on camera. I want to make those plantains, even if he did use a Paula-worthy amount of butter in them. He just might win this. He was funny and his dish looked good and unique. He did do a bit of awkward gesturing with his knife at the end, but other than that... Bob and Susie said that this was the Aaron they love and were waiting for.

I would be happy with either Aaron or Adam winning. Lisa I just want to see slipping and spilling her sauce all over herself again. Since I can't find it on YouTube, I'll just smile thinking about it. Call me mean if you want to, but that was the most human I have seen her acting during this entire show.

Ok, I have a friend named Brook Johnson, and she is NOT the President of the Food Network, but I just had to laugh at the coincidence.

Each of the finalists gets to speak about win or lose, what the experience has meant to them. Nothing ground breaking here, just the same old. The winner is ....


I am not surprised, but I wish that Adam got his own show, too. I guess I'll have to check out Ask Aida. I hope that Adam comes back and gets his own show, too. Since last season's winner. Amy Finley, has disappeared off the face of Food Network, maybe they'll find a spot for him... somewhere.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/24/08

It's stormy here again tonight, so I am hoping for an uninterrupted viewing....

The group routine was really neat and used the strengths of people well. I really hope that Mark is safe tonight, by some miracle. I know he is probably not going to win, but I just want him for one more week. Please?

I really like Cat's Grecian dress. She could have just stepped off the set of a remake of Clash of the Titans.

Nigel made a plee for people to vote for the thing that matters most.

Onto results.

Katee is up first, and she is safe, as it should be. Will is up next, and his is one of the bottom 2 guys. (Man, I hope that he goes instead of Mark!!!!) Comfort's turn. She is predictably in the bottom 2 girls. Mark is up next to hear where he stands. Cheers and a happy dance!!! Mark is safe this week, and he looked more shocked than me! Happy, but shocked. Chelsie and her marvelous legs are up next, and she is safe, which puts Courtney in the bottom 2. I'm sad for her because I adore her and she looks so sad, but I don't think she has much to worry about, as Comfort ought to be going home. Twitch is in the bottom 2, and I am stunned. I would have thought it would have been Joshua, since I tend to forget about him. Poor Twitch started crying when he heard. I really hope it is Will going home. Even though the bottom 2 is set, Joshua is sent out to review how he did last night. Courtney got to come out next and recap, already knowing that she is in the bottom 2 gals. Poor kiddo, she's so adorable. I hope that she is safe.

The professional dance tonight is ballet. It would be neat to see some ballet in the competition. Might be too hard because of how specialized and technical ballet dancers have to be. Can you imagine Twitch trying to go up on point? But the ballet was beautiful and impressive.

(Ignoring the happy dance segment)

Comfort's Solo: It was pretty good. I do think that Nigel is right - she's not much of a choreographer.

Will's Solo: He played with the edge of the stage and looked like he was performing a love routine to IT. I thought his solo was really weak and disjointed and I hope that he goes.

Courtney's Solo: Her solo was hot and spunky and I loved it. I think it was better than her solo last night, which was pretty good. I just love her. Hope that she's safe.

Twitch's Solo: He popped up out of the audience and was charming. See, for Twitch to show personality, all he has to do is be himself. For Will, he had to do a James Brown impersonation. That's why I think he should stay.

LL Cool J performed and I fast forwarded. Not a fan. *drat* I've caught up with live tv and couldn't fast forward. My initial dislike is warranted. I hated it. I actually paused it so that I could fast forward through it after it was done.

In an unsurprising moment, Comfort was eliminated (again) and Courtney is safe. Now, it's between Will and Twitch. Twitch looked like he was going to pass out. Luckily, he was saved from that fate when Will got sent packing. I am so happy. Now I love everyone in the top 6. What do you think that Debbie Allen will be a judge in the coming weeks? The judges are going to be so sad without their favorite to moon about.

Were you happy with the results? Who are you rooting for now?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway - 7/23/08

Suede is still talking about Suede in the third person and it is annoying the piss out of me. Stella drank a strange concoction of spirulina and wheat grass and exclaimed about her excitement to not be sent home for literally putting trash down the runway.

No time for chit chat, off they go to the runway!

The designers get to pick their models, after they were assigned them for their first challenge. The model that was eliminated had kind of weird posture and scrunched up shoulders, so I was not sad that she was eliminated.

Their challenge is to make a cocktail dress for their models as their clients. What fun for the models. Tim tells them in the workroom that they will be using Green (environmentally friendly) fabrics for their dresses. As an added zinger of a twist, the models are going to shop for fabric, with a budget of $75. Wow.

At the fabric store, a lot of the girls grabbed the same kind of fabric, and they carried it back to Parson's in environmentally friendly Mood shopping bags. The designers had 30 minutes to talk to the models about their designs and then until midnight to finish the dress. Some of the designers were talking with their models and listening to what they wanted, and others, like Stella, had no interest in serving their clients.

Super Tanned Annoying Blayne got the hot pink fabric (and I think it is jersey).

Suede talked a lot to himself in third person while he was cutting lots of bias strips and sewing them together. Others found his propensity to talk in third person really obnoxious, too.

Tim entered for his critique, and was concerned about Korto's dress (he thought it was inside out). Suede's dress looked a little like a sewing machine exploded, but Tim said he was excited about it. Wesley had to work with satin, and so did LeAnn. Tim noticed and told LeAnn to take an editing eye to it.

There is no immunity for the challenge, but the winner will have their dress manufacturing and sold by, and a young glamorous Hollywood woman will be guest judge. Is it Mary-Kate Olsen, seen on the Elle cover earlier? Time will tell.

Stella was so annoying. She wanted nothing by leather. Cause a leather cocktail dress is perfection. Blayne, ironically, with his tanned hide, was picking on Stella's leatha fixation. Wait a few years, bucko... you'll be leatha.

In the morning, there was an insane amount of work to be done. I saw bodices without skirts and skirts without bodices and things with no connections. Stella's dress, though not leatha, is pretty. Daniel particularly wsa right down to the wire, and so was Wesley (who's fit was awful). Safety pins were pulled out. Model's butts were steamed. Literally.

Runway time!

The guest judge is Natalie Portman! Much more fashionable, in my opinion, than "I stole this from a homeless person" Mary-Kate. Natalie has her own Vegan shoe collection, so she knows a thing or two about environmentally friendly design. Next to Heidi, she looks about the size of a pack of playing cards (height-wise). She's itty.

Keith's dress: I do not like the half-drawn-up roman shade ruffling in the skirt at all, but it was pretty.. it was a little too poofy for my taste.

Terri's dress: It looked well fitted and classy. I really liked that dress.

Wesley's dress: It looked half done and very badly fitted. The zipper looked like it needed to be zipped up a few more inches, and the thing bunched all over the place.

Jerrell's dress: This one was different from a lot of the others, and it had a lot of neat detailing. It was pretty nice.

Jennifer's dress: The orange and the grey weren't great together, but Jennifer made a nice flowy looking dress. Not half bad.

Daniel's dress: I am just not a fan of pockets in a cocktail dress. The rest of it was pretty cute, though. I don't like the empire waist.

Joe's dress: He had the same brown satin as a couple others and it looked right on his model. He fit it well, and he had some interesting detailing. Nicely done.

Suede's dress: I cannot imagine sipping a cocktail and nibbling on goodies in that dress. It was interesting, though, with his woven bias strips and crinoline.

Kenley's dress: It had a very Shakespearian collar, and somehow it worked. A cute dress by Kenley.

Kelli's dress: Kelli was feeling like this was out of her normal comfort realm, and it looked it. The model chose a couple of weirdly juxtaposing fabrics, and I am not sure if they really work.

LeAnne's dress: Again with the brown satin, and she also has pickets. There was a lot to it, but it looked like a kid's jumper.

Stella's dress: Not too bad! Better than a trash bag, that's for sure. A little simple.

Blayne's dress: His hot pink jersey and off the shoulder giant sleeve made this look like something designed by Mattell, circa 1983. It did not help that his model has long blonde hair and could pass for Barbie.

Emily's dress: She was short on fabric, so the dress was short, and even so it was really cute with some neat detailing.

Korto's dress: As I'm sure Tim was worried about, the dress with the exposed seams/pleating just looks inside out to me.

Keith, Terri, Jerrell, Jennifer, Daniel, Joe, Kelli, Blayne and Emily were all called forward, and they are safe (but neither winners nor losers)

Kenley's dress got high marks, and the model loved it. The judges loved the belt Kenley sewed on.

Wesley blamed his model essentially for not getting enough fabric, and his bottom seam was badly sewn. Nina Garcia said "Shiny, tight, and short is the quickest way to look cheap."

Stella's dress was called much improved and nicely done.

Natalie said that Korto's dress looked inside out, and Nina said it looked like she had wings, and the other judge (shoot me, I forget his name) said that curvy girls don't want fins off their hips. As a curvy girl, I agree.

Suede is pulled out of third person long enough to talk about his dress. Natalie loved it and thought it was unique and wanted to wear it. Nina said she could tell he worked and thought about it, and the other judge appreciated how he made it different from the other satins. Heidi also loved it.

LeAnne's model said that the dress wasn't what she envisioned, and Natalie said it looked a little Peter Pan. Others agree and think it is all over the place.

In deliberations, they apprecitated Stella's biker chick chic, and Suede's work was commended. They also loved Kenley's and thought it was the only one who used the fabric the right way.

Wesley's was made badly, and Korto's fins were all wrong. LeAnne lacked editing, and just threw everything she knew how to do on a dress.

Stella is the first one safe, and I think she deserved it. Suede's crazy dress won the competition, and it gave him the chance to congratulate himself in third person. Kenley was also sent to safety, followed by Korto, who immediately burst into tears.

Wesley's was called unflattering with a poor fit, while LeAnne's was called a "school project" for doing so many things on one dress. And that means that Wesley is out. See you at the reunion show, Wesley!

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/23/08

Who will be paired up this week? Cat's dress looks straight out of the 80's, but not the wretched 80's. Maybe early 90's. Joining Nigel and Mary is Toni Basil! How fun! So Cat's look is appropriate.

Will & Courtney 1st dance (Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc and France) Well, I was hoping that Mark would pick Courtney. Oh well. Courtney's shimmy dress was fantastic. Will's hip movement was really good, and he had a smile on his face, but I don't really believe his movements come from the inside. He seems kind of superficial. Courtney, on the other hand, was made to do the samba. She is astounding. Will pulled off a very neat spinning lift with her, and that was wonderful. Nigel said he thinks it is a great move. He said that sometimes it all got caught up in technique. He liked their chemistry. Mary thought she was being punk'd. Is that still on the air? She said that they both looked like samba dancers and not contemporary dancers. She also noticed that some of Will's technique was not there, and he was kind of tight, but she let out a scream for Courtney, and I have to agree, though not as annoyingly. Toni thought it was so good she got caught up and forgot she was judging. That's good.

Comfort's solo: Comfort went to a performing arts school, so that's why she's got some other built in technique. Her solo was pretty good, she was doing some form of the Robot at times, but not Robert Murane style... just ok for me. It's different, I'll give it that.

Twitch & Katee 1st dance (Contemporary choreographed by Mia Michaels) These two knew each other before going on the show. Neat. The dance was amazing. It was a disinterested guy and a psycho ex, and it included a pretty steamy looking kiss (or stage kiss), and a door. It was awe inspiring, the acting even more than the dancing. It was danced to Duffy's Mercy, and it was perfect. Nigel said it was captivating, and I can't agree more. Mary screamed and then MY SATELLITE WENT OUT BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER!!!

Mark & Comfort 1st dance -(hip hop) missed due to weather. I'm going to cry now.

Katee's solo: Katee went from being bad at tap and doing all skipping around on stage and flailing instead of tapping to being a contemporary dancer. Good fit. So for her solo, she skipped around on the stage and flailed. I prefer partner contemporary dance.

Joshua & Chelsie 1st dance (Argentine Tango choreographed by Dmitry from Season 2) Chelsie's legs and hips are amazing. I think she almost stuck her stiletto through the back of her head once. Joshua was very strong but I don't know if it was the best tango from him. Chelsie store the dance from him. Nigel also loved Chelsie's legs and how she used them, and then he said that Joshua had the biggest bum in the competition. He thought it made the best of both of them - Chelsie's legs and Joshua's strength. Mary said that it all translated in the right way. She called Joshua committed and Chelsie sexier than ever. Then she screeched about the hot tamale train. Toni said that Argentine Tango needs to be organic and it needs to feel spontaneous and torrid, and thought it was well accomplished. She noticed a couple points where Joshua's hands were a little jazzy.

Mark's solo: Mark is from Hawaii, and he was the only male dancer in his whole performing arts school. His solo was very weird and kind of organic. I loved it. He seems to be made of the music when he is dancing. He's like a fantastic windup toy. I hope he sticks around.

Will & Courtney 2nd dance (lyrical hip hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon) BOOOOO for storms. I missed this one, too. Nigel thought they were emotionally together and it was beautiful. Mary said that her expectations are really high for Will and Courtney. She said that they didn't meet her expectations, in a solemn way, and then she did the annoying Mary thing where she screeched that they blew her expectations away. Toni loved it and thinks that America will never feel the same about dance again after this show. Wow.

Courtney's solo: She started dancing at 9, serious since 14, and she's been to Blackpool. Very neat. Her solo was made to show off those fabulous legs and hips. She really is wonderful. And it's her 19th birthday today, the baby.

Twitch & Katee 2nd dance (Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio) It looks like the same story as before. Katee wants a man, and Twitch doesn't want her. It will be interesting to see how they make it different than before, and Tyce incorporated some of their own tricks. It's a more fun version of boy wants girl and boy doesn't want girl (yet) than I've seen before. Twitch didn't seem as strong as in the previous number, but it was fun. Nigel sucked up to Tyce before getting to the dance performance. He is shocked by Twitch's skills that he has without the same training. I agree. He also says that there isn't one routine that Katee has done the whole season that he hasn't enjoyed. I can think of one (that tragically styled contemporary number a few weeks ago), but other than that, I agree. Mary said it was magnificent and well-matched. Toni thought that Twitch brought more reality to the dance than most Broadway dancers do, and she appreciates that. Toni also said that Katee had a tougher problem with the character because the choreography and movement didn't match the grinning of Katee. I think it's a good point.

Joshua's solo: I am not digging Joshua's ponytail today, but his solo was pretty tight. I'm not sure I get away with saying tight in that way, but pretend I sound hip. I enjoy him.

Courtney's solo: See, Courtney's solo made me feel something, and I love the way she moves, even buy herself. She is more emotive to me than Katee.

Twitch's solo: I like Twitch's solo more than Joshua's, mostly because it looks more original. He is Twitch, their's no mistaking that.

Mark & Courtney 2nd dance (Foxtrot choreographed by Jean-Marc and France) There's character in this dance so I have hope for Mark. He's a man who's down on his luck and Comfort is Lady Luck. I was glad when Mark lost the hat, because I love to see his expressive face. I thought it was quite nice, and Comfort did a good job, too. Nigel said that their hip hop routine was good (and I missed it!), and didn't feel any chemistry in this routine, and called it amateurish. Mary thought it was roug and thought the close hold was one of the worst she's ever seen. Not boding well. Toni thought that the jazz part was good, but the foxtrot was not good. Now I am even more sad about missing their hip hop routine.

Joshua & Chelsie 2nd dance (Disco choreographed by Dorianna Sanchez) And my dvr cut off everything but the beginning of this routine!

Excuse me while I go reprogram a couple things. Did I say I'm in love with my dvr? Ummmmm...

Anyhow, at this point, I am worried for Mark and I think Comfort is gone. I adored Twitch and Katee together, particularly that Mercy routine. And I just love Courtney and Chelsie both, with the edge going to Courtney for overall appeal and to Chelsie for those amazing gams. Yes, I used the word gams. And somehow I think I can pull that off better than saying a routine is "tight." *Sigh*

I cannot judge entirely until I see the other routines, or at least read about them. Any help, dear readers?

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mole: 7/21/08

Mark is feeling confident now that Alex is gone. Nicole is hopeful for her future. Their mission is at a winery. They divide into three smart players and two dumb.

Smart: Paul, Clay & Mark
Dumb: Craig & Nicole

The Mission is called Go Figure and they have to decipher clues that lead to places all over Mendoza, where they will find numbers that they have to enter into a computer back at the winery. They cannot write any numbers down. The dumb players don't get a break and have to remember 5 numbers. The smart team gets only 3 numbers to remember.

The questions are long and I am not going to attempt to write them all down. Craig and Nicole have a plan of him doing the math and her memorizing. Could work out.

On the smart team, Mark and Clay cannot agree on simple subtraction. Mark calculates that 1947-1492=455, and Clay somehow thinks it's 439. Clay claims to be a math genius, but my calculator says he is a moron.

Nicole and Craig seem to be getting their clues well, but Nicole thinks that Craig is trying to mess her up on purpose. Possible.

Paul had the map and the Smart team went the wrong way and by the time Mark asked locals for help, they were 9 blocks out of their way, with the clock ticking.

Nicole and Craig's last clue had them counting tiles in a mosaic and lamp posts with green tops. It's Craig's turn to think that Nicole is messing him up.

Unfortunately, Craig and Nicole got back to the winery with all their numbers but were not allowed to enter their numbers until the other team got there... luckily, they got there in time.

One of the Dumb team's answers was wrong, and one of them (They chose Nicole) had 20 minutes to run out and recalculate. The others think she is messing them up on purpose. Clay meanwhile has decided that there is a sequence to the numbers and they disregard Nicole's recalculation. It's a good thing, too, because Clay was right and Nicole was wrong. This only cements Clay's idea that he is a math genius. They earned $30,000. Mark sees nothing but opportunities for any of them to sabotage.

Mark and Clay and their coalition believe that the Mole is either Nicole or Craig, and Mark is very sure it is a woman. Clay told Mark that he voted all Nicole on the past quiz... then later, he went and told Nicole that he voted all Mark, and Nicole thinks that they have a bond because they are both black.

Before their next mission in Buenos Aries, Mr. Host Man had each person pick out the person they could trust most. Mark chose Clay. Paul chose Mark. Craig chose Clay. Clay chose Nicole and Mark looked pizzed. Nicole chose Mark "to even it out."

It's a friends and family challenge, called Ticket to Ride! Their loved ones are heading into railroad stations, and whether they get to hang out with them has to do with who they chose about trusting most.

Craig and Clay are up first. They have 3 minutes for Clay to ask Craig 30 questions regarding his girlfriend. At the end of the time, Clay has to remember 3/5 answers right, and if he does, Craig's girlfriend will get off the train and they will get $10,000. If they don't get through all the questions, the unanswered questions might also be asked. They got through all of them, but Craig didn't know all the answers. Clay balked at answering a couple of them, but ended up getting 3 right, and Brendi got to go see Craig.

It's time for Nicole to memorize answers about Clay's wife. Her memorization seemed pretty good, and it was good enough, because she got to get off the train, and that's another $10,000.

Mark gets to ask Nicole's questions now, and he is asking the questions really slowly. Luckily, it was enough, and Nicole's mom joins her.

Clay memorized Mark's questions, and this was nerve racking. I want Mark to get to see his wife. I am really happy when the doors open, and his pregnant wife gets off the train.

Paul is up next with Mark, and Paul skips a whole lot of questions, and is slow at answering others, and I am worried for him. He didn't know a lot of things about his wife. This is really going to be sad if they can't get off, because his sweet little daughter is there with his wife. I am so happy that they didn't have to break that little girl's heart.

Everyone seems over the moon to see their loved ones, except Nicole seems ready to leave the game, by throwing the quiz. We'll see if that happens.

They get their final meal with their families, and Nicole seems ready to throw it, toasting to herself as the latest victim, and does a heartfelt "last confessional"

It's Quiz Time!!

1. Is the Mole Male or Female?
2. During the Mission Go Figure, was the Mole wearing a hat?
3. During Go Figure, did the Mole return to the park to recalculate?
4. In Go Figure, which team did the Mole join?
5. In the Ticket to ride mission, who did the Mole pick as their trusted player?
6. How many people chose the Mole as their loved one?
7. Who was the Mole's loved one?
8. In what order did the Mole see their loved one?
9. During drinks before Ticket to Ride, where was the Mole sitting in relation to Mr. Host Man?
10. Who is the Mole?

There is a tie on the quiz, and Paul and Nicole are deemed safe, with Clay going home. Nicole's mom calls her Omarosa because she couldn't bring herself to throw the quiz. That was kind of funny.

I still think Nicole might be the Mole. Or Paul. They are my top picks right now. And you?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - 7/20/08

The Top 3 are Lisa, Aaron, and Adam. I am rooting for Adam and maybe Aaron, because I don't want to see Lisa on my tv squinting at me anymore. We'll see if she changes my mind any this week.

Adam is feeling like he has made a lot of mistakes during the show, and his back is against the wall, and Aaron is just proud to be there. Lisa is trying to focus and get serious. Because getting more serious will absolutely endear her to viewers. Ugh.

They head towards their challenge and Bobby Flay shows up with previous NFNS winner, Guy Fieri. I really like Guy and I was so happy he won his season, because I never really saw the appeal of the guy he was up against in the end. I even forget his name, but I just did not get him. Anyway... Guy has done well for himself.

They are getting a pre-written 30 second promo that they will be shooting in Vegas and hopefully do a good job on.

Lisa's promo involves flying on cables as a wine angel, which is basically a giant tower of wine where people are wired up to retrieve wine. She is scared and nervous. The first cut of the promo was delivered with robotic cheeriness, and terrible timing, with missed lines left and right. She got flustered and was unable to really do a full shoot of it. I am so not sad.

Aaron's promo is from a casino floor. He did a really good job on the first cut, but the second part had a lot of lines and he flubbed in the beginning, but then hit his stride and really did a fantastic job. Good for him.

Adam's promo is at a Vegas theatre, complete with showgirls. He is a tux and he has to learn choreography. He seemed really stiff and uncomfortable and that was not good. He claims to have a passion for acting and performing, so I'd hate to see what it would have looked like if he wasn't comfortable on stage!

It's time for the second part of the challenge. There is a gorgeous hotel and Lisa is flipping out about how fantastic it is. They are going to create their own "lavish, over the top, monster buffet." Lisa is feeling squintily confident. They don't only have to cook the buffet, they have to entertain the entertainers! They have to cook at least 5 different things.

They get 6 hours and $1000, which is huge. Lisa gets her proteins first, and Adam wants to smoke some stuff and gets some smoking chips from the meat counter. Aaron is making a whole lot of different things.

Running around the grocery store with a big full cart, Lisa dropped a package from the meat counter. I'm so not sad. (I know, I have it out for her)

Back in the kitchen, the finalists get to choose between "sous chefs" - Shane, Jennifer, and Kelsey. Lisa picks Kelsey, Adam picks Shane, and Aaron gets Jennifer.

Adam's Planned Buffet is:
- Smoked Pork Chops
- Smoked Chicken Wings
- Smoked Mushroom Pizza
- Sweet Potato Fries
- Crab salad
- Banana Cream Pie

Aaron's Planned Buffet is:
- Sirloin Bruschetta
- Orzo Salad
- Chicken Bow-Tie Pasta
- Chicken Tortellini Salad
- Crab Cakes
- Chocolate Fondue

Lisa's Planned Buffet is:
- Monkfish Piccata
- Pork Roast
- Twice-Baked Potatoes
- Asparagus Vinaigrette
- Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
- Poached Pears

Lisa set Kelsey onto lots of prep of veggies, where Adam decided to build his own smoker with two woks, a rack, and aluminum foil. Hope that people like smoked food, because that is his central theme. Lisa realized that she lost half her fish, and she has to stretch. Guy was worried that Aaron is using three kinds of pasta, but Aaron says they are all different enough that hopefully people won't notice. Lisa's pork roast is burned on one side, and perfect on the other. She scraped off the burned bits and then plated it, so hopefully it doesn't taste burned. (Or, not, as the case may be).

A huge crowd of Vegas people (in costume) enter to try the food, and each chef has to entertain the entertainers. Lisa decided to sing, which worked, because she actually has a pretty good voice, and her song was decent (and of course she incorporated "beautifully basic" a couple of times). A few people in the audience looked stunned at her skills. I wish she was more likable as a person, because I liked her voice. Her necklace was ridiculous, with giant diamond-like pealish beads.

Aaron did a very strange performance, which no one seemed to get. Stunned faces of non-comprehension were all over the audience. The food looks yummy, but he came across as insane.

Adam came out full of personality, but mostly talked about his cooking and didn't do any sort of real performance. His food also looked great. I wish that he had done something. If only he had a song.

Lisa is trying to get around her lack of enough fish and her overcooked pork, so she was giving out tiny "tasting menus." Unfortunately, one of the judges got a piece of overcooked pork. Ha.

Aaron and Adam were a little intimidated by the chefs from the restaurant. The chefs seemed to enjoy Adam's presentation of his food, and his food himself, and one of them mentioned that Aaron's was too basic. People in the audience really seemed to like Adam's personality and his food, and Lisa ended up having enough food.

It's evaluation time!

Aaron's promo was fantastic. His performance at the buffet was ridiculous, and no one liked it. His food was disappointing, too. His crab cakes got good marks, but the multiple pastas, not so much.

Lisa's promo was really hard and came out better than it looked while they were making it. Her song was appreciated, and her buffet was called very elegant. Guy was sad that his pork was dry.

Adam's promo ended up looking pretty good. The Vegas Smoketacular presentation was called boring, and that's not good. His pork and pizza were very yummy according to be Bobby Flay. His pork chop won the favorite overall dish by the chefs. The committee was very pleased with his food this week, and said he finally settled the question of whether he can really cook.

The selection committee thinks that Lisa is a good chef and had a good luck, but Bob wonders if she is likable enough to make people want to tune in. Aaron stumbled this week, and that was a shame, and they don't know if he should be kicked out for that. They loved Adam's food this week, but no one was sure that they could trust him to run a show at this point. Guy suggested that they could have Adam open the show, have Aaron plan the menu, and have Lisa cook it.

In the end, they couldn't make a decision, and they decided to keep all three of them to compete in NYC next week for the win. I guess that's ok with me.

Who are you rooting for?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/17/08

This is the part where I cry. I missed the first 20 minutes of the show and the group Bollywood Routine (I am assuming). I will check it out on YouTube later, but still. *cry*

I began my viewing in time to see the guys dance together to Five Guys Named Moe choreographed by a "mystery choreographer," but not until Cat makes my day by recapping that either Comfort or Kherrington is going home. As it should be. During the mens group routine, I came to see that I am just not a Will fan. He never looks genuine in his emotion. It was a fun routine, with Will taking the lead. Because the judges love him. Cat reveals that Nigel choreographed the routine, and that is fun. I was kind of wondering. It was a good job. And it makes sense that Will was featured then.

So which guys are in trouble? Joshua is safe, and since I think he did an excellent job last night, that is proper. Will is safe, too. I am saddened, because that means one of my faves is going home. Mark is in the bottom 2, and he didn't have a good night last night, but I blame Kherrington and a bad couple of dances for that. Between Gev and Twitch, Twitch is safe. Pocket-sized cutie Gev is in trouble, and I want to cry about this bottom 2. Can't we just boot both Kherrington and Comfort and have an uneven top 8? I would have been just as sad to see Twitch in the bottom 2. This is so much harder than American Idol at this point!

I am ignoring the Snuggle Happy Dance segment like I wish I had ignored the call in segment of AI last season.

Each of the bottom 4 dancers gets to do a solo. It won't change anything, but it's a final chance for the booted dancers.

Comfort is first, and she did pretty well. I wish the solos were longer. Nigel thought that she came back in like a real dancer. Mary thought that she came back strong. Lil' C and his thesaurus thought that she progressed amazingly through the competition.

Mark is next. I really hope that he is safe. He moves so fantastically, and in ways I am not used to seeing. Nigel called Mark quirky and unique with great musicality. Mary said the dances are a whole lot harder than they look. Lil' C called him the most instrumental worker bee from a dancing hive or something like that.

Kherrington has her chance for a solo. Her leaps seemed low, and she again grinned through the whole thing, even though her hair was back. There was a neat part where she raised herself up from the ground using her toes, which was neat. Lil' C said the heat was turned up in the SYTYCD kitchen and she can't get upset about constructive criticism. Mary thought that in Vegas, Kherrington seemed to be in the bottom of the Top 20, but as soon as she took the main stage, she started to shine. Nigel thinks that Kherrington has film star looks.

It's time for Gev. He did his B-boy Solo to Michael Buble, and that was different. He showed amazing strength, and AGAIN, I wish the solos were longer. Lil' C loved the little guy. Mary calls him lovable and the underdog. Nigel called him unique.

Kherrington is going home, and I can't even say I am surprised. Comfort was, though. She was ready to go. I do really love Kherrington, but I wanted more than the grin. She has nice teeth, but do I have to see them all the time? If she brought Mark down with her, I might not have such kind feelings for her. Of course, I also love Gev. Egads, this is hard!

And it is Gev going home. I am happy because I love Mark, but I am going to miss Gev's personality and originality. I would be saying the same things if it was Mark going home. He just couldn't have had a better partner than Courtney, and even Chelsie couldn't save him.

Who will partner up next week? (And when I get a chance to watch the beginning numbers on the show I will blog them)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay for a New Season - Project Runway!!!

The designers enter quickly an I couldn't keep up. I immediately dislike Blayne and his tanning addiction. Suede talks about himself in third person and looks like he is trying too hard to look different. After they have all gathered, up to the roof they go to meet Heidi and Tim! No challenge yet, just a good ol' celebration.

Keith is self-taught, and I kind of like him. Kenley is super cute. Daniel draws inspiration from nature. Those are first impressions.

Very early in the morning, Tim had everyone rally the troops for their first challenge. Their first challenge is a repeat of the first season (which I tragically did not watch). Austin from the first season is guest judge for this one, and each person gets an envelope. Everyone has $75 and half an hour to shop in a grocery store (I assume the envelope was money). Some people are getting produce, some people are getting other items. I would have gone with other items. Trash bags, mop heads, shower curtains, plastic cups, kale... Can't wait to see what they come up with.

Each person got a card with info about their model when they got to Parsons.

Stella is upset because her garbage bags are garbage. Shocker.

Blayne is even more annoying when he starts talking. He sniffs constantly and calls his design girlicious.

Tim urged Stella to make it work, and wanted the people with tablecloths (and there were lots of them) to give wow factor. He was really disappointed in the amount of tablecloths that people chose.

Make it work, everyone. Make it work. God, I love Tim Gunn.

There was a mad rush to cover up table cloths. More materials were revealed.

Blayne was the first one done and he was annoying about it. Stella flipped out about her trash bag issue some more.

The next day, Stella was feeling a little better. The models arrived and Blayne had fit problems. Jerry's outfit was stark and weird. There was a mad dash to get everything done before the runway show, in true PR fashion.

Man, Heidi just has legs that go forever. She's so gorgeous. Joining her judging are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Austin.

Emily: Tablecloth, balloons, napkins, and bouncy balls: The dress was kind of cute. She called it
Jerell: Tablecloth, lawn chairs, cocktail umbrellas,koosh ball: I love this dress. Very cute
- Tablecloth, meringue cookies, coffee filters, marshmallows. The candy convering was neat, but the shape of the dress was weird.
Korto - Tablecloth, Kale, Bell peppers, cherry tomatoes: I don't like the fit, but the thing stuck together with kale on it, and that's a feat.
Jennifer - Paper towels and lipstick: cute idea, good fit.
Daniel - Plastic cups and muslin: love this dress. It is innovative and really well done. The fit around the chest was off.
Terri - Mop heads and tablecloth: The top is crocheted out of mop heads, and that is impressive. the skirt was so so.
Suede - Table cloth, dog waste bags. It still just looks like a tablecloth that someone went crazy gluing plastic to to me.
Stella - Garbage bags. Still looks like garbage bags.
Joe - Oven Mitts, fusilli pasta, tomato can labels, muslin. The skirt swung really well, and I liked this outfit.
Kenley - Dodge ball, lawn chair, tablecloth: neat.
Jerry - Shower curtain, tablecloth. It was horrible like a maternity dress gone wrong. Really wrong.
Wesley - Tablecloth, flyswatters, plastic cups. This dress is neat. A little too much table cloth, but nice
Blayne - Drawer liners, shoelaces, jump rope and potholders. She looked like someone had thrown a playboy bunny in the garbage, pulled her out, and kept what stuck. Ick.
Kelli - Vacuum bags, bleach, dye, coffee filters, thumbtacks and notebooks: Her dress was neat. I could have done without the coffee filter bodice. I mean, not without, but done differently.
Keith - Tablecloth, laundry bags, and car shade. It looks good, but it is still a tablecloth.

Daniel, Jerry, Karto, Stella, Kelli, Blayne are in the bottom, or the top. The others are all safe.

Daniel's dress gets good marks for creativity.

Michael Kors thought that Jerry's dress looked like a handiwipe, and it was just all wrong.

Karto's tomato-full dress was given good marks and the judges liked it.

Stella is in trouble. Her dress was called a yawn.

Kelli's creativity was lauded, even though my husband said it gave her pancake boobs.

Heidi called Blayne's outfit Playboy Bunny gone grunge, and I cheered that she saw the same thing I did. They said it looked diaperish.

Karto is the first one to be safe, and Kelli is the winner of the first challenge, and I am glad. She was so creative with the bleach and dye. Daniel is safe, as is Blayne (boo). Stella survived her garbage bag garbage, and Jerry's slasher-like "dress" was his downfall, and he is the first one aufed.

Who are your initial faves this season?