Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amazing Race - 2.28.10

I wonder if they will bring up the earthquake in Chile, since they filmed there.

The Cowboys were the first to get their clue - they have to take a 6 hour bus ride through the Andes to Argentina, to a pub where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out, and find the gnome and play poker against the Gnome in the Wall gang.

The Cowboys are very familiar with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  They headed to a bar to ask if anyone knew about the place they were going to, and ended up finding someone who lived in Argentina for years and gave them some great info.

And Brent & Caite?  ER - food poisoning apparently.  They missed their scheduled departure and got IV fluids.  They left the hospital 3 hours after their scheduled departure.

Louis & Michael were still at the hotel when they got back from the ER.

At the bus station, Carol & Brandy tried to question the Cowboys about how they got ahead in the previous route.  It was more like an interrogation.  They didn't answer.  Along with Joe & Heidi, those three teams set out on the first bus.  The other teams all headed out maybe 20 minutes later.

In Argentina, the Cowboys took the lead, and the other teams followed them.  They decided to pull over and check out the map and let the other teams go ahead of them, so they wouldn't just lead everyone to the right place.

The other teams arrived, and there were still problems finding directions and driving stick for some.

All three first teams seems to arrive at the bar at about the same time, and tried their luck at poker against the gnome.

Jow & Heidi won right off and got their (Travelocity) gnome.  Carol & Brandy also won.  The Cowboys lost their first round.  They claimed it was because the gnome (statue) had a really good poker face.  The Cowboys won the third game.

At the next clue, it was a Roadblock.

Gaucho Festival!

Steer Roping!  Teams choose a roping station, watch the demo, and try to rope a target 18 feet away.

Brandy complained that the Roadblock wasn't fair because the cowboys have an advantage.  The Cowboys wisely said that they don't throw a fit because other teams know Spanish and they don't.  True nuff!

The Cowboys got the steer (statue) roped with no trouble (well, on the second try), and headed off for the Puente Nirihua and they have to search the cliffs for their next clue.  Everyone else was having lots of trouble with the roping.  Finally, Carol got it, and so did Heidi. 

The Cowboys got the clue first.


Horse Sense - Directional coordinates from a gunslinger, get a compass, and find a buried bag of "treasure."

Horse Power - They have to move a practice polo pony down a field and score a goal in 9 swings or less.  If they fail, they have to start over.

The Cowboys chose the polo ponies.  They were disappointed when they had to use fake horses instead of a real one.  It was really cute when they tried to go sweet talk one of the real horses.

Carol & Brandy were fighting on the way to the route marker and were annoyed with each other.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys got their next clue, after completing the polo task, and were sent to the Pit Stop, which is a ranch at the base of the Andes.

Carol & Brandy chose the searching task.

Joe & Heidi decided to do the searching task, and Joe decided to use the compass on his watch instead of counting.  Carol and Brandy fought about their coordinates.  They decided to give up and go do the horses.  They were crazy annoyed at each other.

 Caite and Brent?  Still driving.  Brent can't drive the stick shift, so sick Caite was stuck with it.

 Heidi & Joe?  Not counting steps brought them to fake bags.  Oh, fun.  They found the lead bandit, but had the wrong bag, and decided to go back and do the polo ponies.

Team Big Brother?  Right bag, wrong lead bandit.  They thought they had the wrong bag and went back for a different wrong and presented it again to the wrong bandit.

Steve & Allie and Carol & Brandy were on to the horses.  Allie & Steve got it first, followed by Carol & Brandy.  Joe?  Kept falling over on the pony.

Back at the bar, Caite & Brent finally arrived, and the Attorney Moms (Monique & Shawne) were still lassoing.  Brent got it on the first throw and pulled ahead of last place.  They did some praying, and Shawne finally got the steer, and thanked the lord for helping.

The Cowboys handily got to the Pitstop first.  They won a 10 day trip for 2 to Patagonia.  Wow.

Team Big Brother finally realized that they were barking up the wrong bandit.  They found the right one and were off.

 Dan & Jordan tried the ponies, and Jordan picked the fake pony that had polo jersies that coordinated with their outfits.  They missed the first and second attempts and tried again.  The detectives and the moms and Caite & Brett were also there.  Jeff & Jordan got it first out of those groups. Caite & Brent got it next, followed by the Detectives.  The Moms failed and gave up, because they were worried they would injure their backs with the polo.

Steve & Allie came in 2nd at the pitstop.  Carol & Brandy came in 3rd.  Joe & Heidi came in 4th.  Team Big Brother came in 5th..  Dan & Jordan came in 6th.  Brent & Caite came in 7th, and I have to say, I'm impressed.  The Detectives came in 8th.  Monique & Shawne got to the Pit Stop last and were eliminated.

Next week, the Cowboys get their drink on in Germany.  Brandy & Carol and Dan & Jordan team up.  Could be fun.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 2.25.10

Post-tribal, James continued to whine, and Tom told him he understood his rant, but he could have been gentler with it.  JT said they all have to work together.  He went to Tom and apologized for voting against Stephanie.  Tom and Colby then had a talk about how much their lot sucked.  But in more positive terms...

Over in the loser camp, Parvati and Russell are giggling together.  Huh?  Rob said you need to pay attention of who is sleeping next to who to see who is aligned.  There's Russell & Parvati and Coach & Jerri... interesting.  Rob doesn't trust Russell.  Good instincts, but I don't want Russell gone...

And the Heroes?  Rupert was whining about how his tribe hasn't really bonded and how he is hoping for some empowerment... then he caught a chicken and they went after some other chickens.  Tom caught the second one.  Rupert was feeling happy fuzzy about his tribe.

Coach actually went to chat with Russell and told him to be careful about being seen with Parvati, because he worries that it will put a target on Russell's back.  They chatted with Rob, who warned Russell to be careful about hanging with her.  Russell wants Rob to think he's in charge, even though he thinks he is the king.  Ah, I love Russell.  Then, Russell went to chat with Parvati, and told her that they wanted him to stop hanging with her, and she (in confessional) says that she kind of trusts him, even though he's kind of a lunatic.  Ha.

Coach was telling stories about his grand adventures again.  And Russell was up to his water dumping, sock burning tricks again.  He buried the macheti, and made plans to get rid of Boston Rob's hat. 

And in the morning, Coach was doing some delusional chanting/yoga on the beach and the camera crew loved him.  Then, Randy went and caught a big ol' clam, and with the macheti gone, no one could get into it.  Randy bashed it with a rock.  No one really wanted the clam.  I wonder why.  Sandra ate the clam with him and Parvati also had some, but it made her gag.

Coach and Randy schemed against Parvati.  Coach hates weak people and people who lie around.  Like Parvati.

Back on Heroes, Candace tried to get in with JT.  He immediately started gunning for her to leave, because she's too smart.  And Cirie?  Getting nervous about Candace, and Candace is trying to figure out who is sowing the seeds of distrust.  James went off on her and told her to simmer down. 

Immunity/Reward Challenge

It's Sumo Style knocking people into mud pits using a big bag that they have to keep their hands in.  Reward is their Luxury Items, coffee, sugar, and a week's worth of rice.  First to 8 wins.

Courtney & Sandra sit out.

Tom & Russell are up first and Tom bashes him into the mud.  Wow.  Next is Parvati vs. Candace.  Heroes score again as Parvati goes in the mud.  Rupert vs. Coach next.  Rupert landed in the mud, but Coach had his hand off the bag and used his arm to push Rupert off.  He got pissed off when Probst called for a do-over, and Probst told him to direct than anger at the Pirate.  He couldn't get it together and went in the mud.  Cirie made short work of Jerri and the Heroes got another point, leading 4-0.  Tyson vs. JT, and Tyson went in.  Danielle vs. Amanda?  Point to Amanda.  6-0.  Colby vs. Rob.  Rob slipped, but stayed on and nearly got Colby... but in Rob went.  James vs..... Randy?  This just seems unfair.  One hit, and James won it for the Heroes.  Wow.  That was crazy.

I guess they deserved to win something. 

Villains returned defeated, and Tyson said he thought that the Heroes had eaten steroid sandwiches before coming.  Randy worried that he was on the chopping block because he's old, and thinks that the men are going to be swayed by Parvati's nice smile and good wiggle.  Coach claimed to be immune to Parvati's feminine wiles, and he told her that fear never has controlled him, and neither has flirting.  Tyson told Jerri that Parvati has too many friends on the other side, and Randy has no friends on the other side, or anywhere.  They are trying to decide between the two of them.  Jerri thinks that Parvati is like a virus, and she wants to bottle some of her tricks up to use in her real life.  Coach and Sandra talked in the jungle, and Rob was listening but didn't go up to them.

I think we all saw the real reason Danielle is back.  Holy boobs, Batman. 

Parvati thinks that Jerri is a bitter old cougar.  How old is Jerri?

Coach bemoaned the fact that no one else but him is honorable.  Um... dude, you are on the Villain Tribe.  Sorry.  He plans to fight for Randy while he still has a breath and a brain cell in his brain.  Because a brain cell would be awkward on, say, his knee.

Tribal Council

Probst asked Sandra how much previous relationships have to do with their decisions.  She said that everyone's worried about Parvati's relationships with 3-4 people on the other side, and Parvati claims to be willing to stick with her tribe.  Sandra called Boston Rob a good leader, and Coach delegates, but takes off.  Coach claimed to collect wood for 3 hours.  He said that he shelter was the worst shelter in Survivor history because it's like herding cats.  Courtney and Jerri said that they've been in worse shelters.  Sandra brought up the fact that the machete grew legs and walked away.  Bwah ha ha.  Wonder if Probst suspects Russell...  Russell said that it's cool to be playing with a smarter tribe than the dodos he was playing with before.  Rob doesn't think they have a sense of urgency about getting things done at camp.  (Courtney's hair has gotten long, and it's pretty.  Just saying)

Votes go to Randy, Rob (wha???), Randy, another to Randy, another to Randy, another to Randy, and Randy is out.  I won't miss him.  Coach looked destitute.

Who voted for Rob???  It was Randy.

Probst warned them tog et their camp life together or they'd be seeing a lot more of Tribal.

Next week?  Coach has a meltdown, the search for the Hidden Idol is on, and Rob thinks Russell's a bonehead.  Uh oh.  Could be good.

American Idol: 2.25.10 Results

Seacrest talked to the judges and asked Kara how things are at home, and her husband is in the front row.

Group sing to American Boy.  Is there normally a group sing this early?  I like this song a lot, and the girls sound good together.  Is it a live sing, or are they recorded like last year?  They sounded pretty good together, though the lyrics are awkward for boys to sing.  That was less painful than a lot of group sings I've heard. 

To the results!

Siobahn is up first and is safe.  Good.  I like her.  Haeley is up next and she is safe.  That is not so good.  Michelle?  Also safe.  How about Katelyn?  Also safe.  Either Katie or Janell is leaving tonight.  Janell is gone.  Awwwww... that makes me sad.  I really really liked her.  Boo, America.  Boo.  Her song choice was really foolish, and that did her in.  I have to say, she did better tonight than she did during her initial performance.

Allison Iraheta, I lke you, and your newly extended pink hair amuses me, but I'm fast forwarding through most of your performance, because I have too much to watch tonight.  Sounds like a good song, though.

Back to the results.  Paige is safe.  Lacey?  She's safe, and she doesn't deserve to be after last night.  Boo again.  Lilly?  Safe.  Good.  Crystal?  Safe.  It's between Ashley and Didi.  Yowza.  I didn't see this.  I like both of them.  Based on last night, I think Ashley needs to go.  She was not good last night.  Didi's song choice was a little more obscure, and I loved it, but the judges didn't love it.  Didi is safe, and bad song choice has done in early favorite Ashley.  I didn't like her this week, and I really think that America got it wrong this week.  It should have been Haeley at least.  Ashley's re-sing was rough.  I wanted her to do better, but after that, I'm not sad to see her go.

Apparently, Tyler rehearsed in boots, tennis socks, and spa robe.  That's kind of hilarious.  He expected to be able to go to wardrobe, but was instead made to go on in his robe.  Love it.

Michael is safe.  Good.  John Park is safe.  Aaron Kelly?  The tweens must have come out en force, because he's safe.  Todrick is safe.  Ugh.  It's between Tim and JoeTim had better be going home.  And I feel like swearing.  In fact, I just did, but I'll save it from the blog.  Tim is safe, and Joe is out.  Boooooo, America, I say.  Boooo.  His re-sing was pretty good.  Too bad.

Kris Allen for Idol Gives Back.  Download his song on iTunes, or donate at, or text message. He sang Let it Be, and I had to listen.  I like him.  And he was good. 

Time for the second row of the guys.  Casey?  Safe.  It was kind of creepy to hear Ryan say "ear candy," though.  Jermaine?  Safe.  Lee?  Safe.  Andrew is also safe.  It's between Tyler and Alex.  Tyler is gone, and Alex's banana has another chance to get ripe.  That was way less dirty than it sounded.  Tyler told the judges that the criticism was a little too late.

I like this - they combined everyone's boot-off clips.  That saves time.  My dvr cut off before Tyler's re-sing, but I don't feel like I missed too much...

So, I don't really like the results, but maybe next week the worst singers will go home.  That's always the hope, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol: Top 12 Men - 2.24.10

What the heck happened in the beginning there with Seacrest telling Simon to stop talking when he was doing the show intro?  I think they thought it was funny, but it was just weird.

Kara is wearing something Billy Idol may have worn in the 80's, and Randy is wearing his favorite Cosby sweater.  Simon is in a low cut white shirt, and Ellen is wearing a Simon-esque black sweater.  Something about Laura Ingalls was brought up, and that's weird. Ellen thought, watching the show back, that the flaws are magnified by the recording, so if the judges say they are bad, they are really really bad.  Simon told them not to flub their songs, or their career is over.  Nice.

Again, 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Todrick Hall (Since U Been Gone, by Kelly Clarkson)  Ok, he's rapping Kelly, and I don't dig that.  So he took a risk and re-did the song, but I hated it.  I'm sure other people will love him.  It didn't involve a whole lot of singing, and that's what the thing is all about, and so... no thank you, Todrick.  He did a lot of warbling and singing superfluous runs.  It was ballsy, I'll give him that.  Ellen thought he was a really great performer, and loved that he did something different, but thought the singing of the chorus was rough.  Randy thought he completely obliterated the song and didn't sing enough, and changed the song too much.  Kara agreed with Randy.  Simon thought it was crazy, and obviously a dancer trying to sing.  He said he murdered the song, and the arrangement was verging on stupid.  Wow.  I'm glad that the judges agreed with me.

02) Aaron Kelly (Here Comes Goodbye, by Rascall Flats) Oh, he's the one who f'd up his lyrics in Hollywood and managed to find them again.  Hmmm.  I get that he's pretty good for 16, but I don't like his tone and he is pitchy all over the place and very nasal.  He did ok on the the big long note, but that was pretty rough in my book.  Simon thought it was quite a good performance for a live show, but thinks that Aaron doesn't look confident and almost looks embarrassed to be there.  He didn't think it was as good as his final Hollywood song choice.  Kara thinks that Aaron has no idea how great his raw talent is, and thinks he's her favorite kind of contestant.  She predicts incredible things from him.  Randy thinks Aaron has a huge voice, and admits there were some pitchy bits, but was wow'ed.  Ellen thinks Aaron will be sticking around, and loves how humble he is.

03) Jermaine Sellers (Get Here, by Oleta Adams)  Even though he wanted us to not just dream it, but be it in his clip package, he is not breaking out the Rocky Horror.  Instead, he did a very decent version of Get Here, though I started to hate it when he got out of the restrained beginning bits.  He got really sharp and shrieky when he tried to open it up.  Not ok.  Oh, that was disappointing.  Ellen is a huge fan and loves his look.  She felt he was singing it as a performance instead of feeling it, and thought he pushed too much and ended up going off.  Yes.  Randy thought it was a weird choice for a song, and thought he was doing too much with the song and ended up messing it up.  Kara thought he wanted to show all his vocal chops in one song, but she wanted to make sure that his runs were meaningful and special.  She thought it sounded old.  Simon thought it was something a 50 year old person would request in a cocktail bar, and thinks that Jermaine has totally blown his opportunity.

04) Tim Urban (Apologize, by One Republic) Man, that kid needs to cut off about half of his hair, and I really am not a fan of his previous stuff.  We got to see his last minute addition to the Top 24.  His voice has no subtlety to it, and it's not pleasant.  His falsetto is super weak and he looks pained.  I really don't like him.  At all.  Simon congratulated him on coming back, but thinks that they absolutely made the right decision to cut him previously.  He said the vocals were weak, the version was weak, the performance was not natural, and it just wasn't good enough.  Kara thought the music overpowered him and wished he'd gone with his guitar and something acoustic.  Kara thinks he's likeable, current, and cute.  I think his hair is straight out of 1980.  Randy said it was just straight up the wrong song.  Ellen thought that he chose the song because it's popular, but he didn't hit the high notes, though he's adorable.

05) Joe Munoz (You and I Both, by Jason Mraz)  I wish he had been playing the guitar himself in this (if he could play better than he did in Hollywood).  I have to say, his vocals were refreshingly good.  His gaze at the camera was a little intense and scary, and I wished for better enunciation, but after some of the trainwrecks tonight, this was very good.  Ellen thought he looked really comfortable on stage and really liked it.  Randy didn't think it was the perfect song choice, but thinks he did a good job with it.  Kara liked that he picked a song that she didn't expect, and thinks that he has been the best of the evening so far.  Simon kind of agrees, but doesn't see him as a star, but called it limp and forgettable, and got a dig in at Ryan.  Joe did some shout outs in Spanish, to try to mobilize that vote.

06) Tyler Grady (American Woman) He could so be Kenickie.  Could be a good song choice.  He sang it well and kept his 70's swagger.  I liked it kind of. Simon thought it was memorable, but thinks that Tyler has gone to "Pretend to be a Rockstar" school.  He wants better vocals from Tyler.  Kara thinks his obsession with the 70's is a little too predictable and wants something newer and more current.  Randy agreed.  Ellen thought he was going through the motions to look like Jim Morisson but wasn't personifying it.

07) Lee Dewyze (Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol)  He's got his guitar out, and I dig it.  He changed the song up a little to make it his own, but he pushed a little too hard and went off key in bits.  The quieter parts were better, and the beginning was better than the end.  It ended up almost painful.  What is it with the uneven performances?  Ellen thought it was a good song choice, but didn't like when he started screaming.  She does think he has a great sound when he's not screaming.  Randy didn't like the song on him.  He wanted something he could sink his teeth into.  Kara said that the song has a small range, and he tried to change it up to give it some of his range, but he ended up messing it up.  Simon ... Simon thought it was the best performance of the night, and thinks that Lee has an authentically good voice.  Hmmm.  I get it, but I think that he messed it up at the end.  Everyone wants him to be this year's David Cook.

08)  John Park (God Bless the Child) Oh!  He's the one Shania said had a good bottom end.  I'd forgotten him.  He's got a really really great voice, but I really wish he'd chosen some other song.  Any other song.  It was boring.  He's got wonderful control in his voice, though.  I can't fault him vocally, except for some highly superfluous runs (which were exquisitely controlled), but I was bored.  Bad song choice.  Simon said that you have to have an incredible voice to take on that song, and he doesn't think John does.  He thought it was flat and emotionless, and thought it was a pointless performance.  Kara agreed, calling it loungy, sleepy, and indulgent.  Randy thought that his runs were great, but thought the song made him feel old.  Ellen also questioned song choice.  She thought it sounded great, but wished it had been a different song.  Me too.  John tried to say that the song meant a lot to him, but... no.  I didn't feel it.  Good voice, though.

09) Michael Lynche (This Love, by Maroon 5)  You know what I like?  I like that Michael is as big as he is, but isn't in stupid Ruben Studdard t-shirts.  He's got a guitar out, and he changed the song up some, but not badly.  He's doing a really good job, I think, and I enjoyed him.  I don't like some of his endings, but I like him.  I'm glad he didn't end up getting kicked off.  Ellen loves his personality and thinks he is infectious.  Randy likes Michael and likes his persona.  He did bring up that when Michael picked them up when he got into the top 24, it hurt.  Kara said that he eased the depressed mood on the stage.  She loves how comfortable she is with him.  Simon said it was like he's the support act before the main act, and called it a very vague, jazzy version.  He needs to nail it and make people listen to him, and doesn't think that he hit it.

10) Alex Lambert (Wonderful World, by James Morrison) I think he has a mullet, and it bugs me.  He seems about half a step too low and tends towards being nasal.  I've never heard this song before, and he did a good job with it.  He's got a good voice and is comfortable in it.  Too nasal for me to really like, though.  He also just stood in the middle of the stage for a long time gripping the microphone like his life depended on it.  I also have a hard time with his hair.  Simon hated it and called it the most uncomfortable performance of the night.  He admitted that Alex's voice was great, but his nerves were awful.  Kara wanted to give him a hug, and thinks he has a great voice, but he has to believe in himself.  Randy loves his tone.  Ellen also likes him, and she likes his mullet.  Noooooo!!!  She thinks he's like a banana that isn't quite ripe enough to eat.  Ha.  I can see that analogy.

11) Casey James (Heaven, by Bryan Adams) He's playing up Kara's crush on him, and I really really really love his voice and he's great on the guitar.  I like his hair better in a ponytail, but he pulls off the long hair without looking douchey, which I think is hard for a lot of men.  He sounded a little nervous, but I still really like him.  He's my favorite guy by far. I wish he'd button his shirt, but I'm probably in the minority.  Kara was blushing like crazy and said she didn't recognize him with his shirt on.  (She also brought up the fact that she's married).  Ellen said that she could feel Kara undressing him with her eyes.  She apologized for the hijinx at the judge's table.  Randy loves him.  Kara said he is eye candy, but he's also ear candy.  Agreed. Simon said that he knows from experience to be cursed with good looks.  He thinks that Casey chose the right song, and thinks he came across as authentic.  Seacrest said that tomorrow is the Results show, and then Friday will be Kara's HR meeting.  bwah ha ha.

12) Andrew Garcia (Sugar We're Going Down, by Fallout Boy)  I really hope he doesn't disappoint me.  He's pretty good, though some of the lower notes went out of key.  It's an interesting song to go all acoustic on, and I think I liked it. I know some of the lyrics to that song that I didn't previously know.  That's something.  Simon was looking forward to him more than anyone else, but thought it was too serious, too indulgent, and not unique enough.  Kara thinks he took a risk, but it was a strange rendition of the song.  They all brought up Straight Up again, because it was genius.  Randy thought the song's arrangement was off, but is a fan.  Ellen thinks that Straight Up is going to carry him for a while, and thinks he needs to connect more and open up.

My faves of the night?  Casey wins, hands down, followed by Michael, Joe and Andrew.

Todrick was a mess, and I really didn't like Aaron, or Tim.  Oh, God, Tim.  It is too late to apologize for that.  Gahhhhh.

Jermaine needs to do some serious improving if he's going to stick around.  John needs to pick better songs.  Tyler was ok, but could have been so much better.  Lee needs to work on consistency.  Alex needs to find himself a neti pot and a pair of hair cutting scissors.

These kids had better pick it up and show their stuff! This was a kind of disappointing first week overall...

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol: Top 12 Women - 2.23.10

Let's see how this shakes down!

Voting is 1-866-IDOLS-##

I fast forwarded through most of the filler.  Ellen wants them to Be all that thye can Be.  Ellen is no longer next to Simon, and she claims it's because Simon wants her, but it's not going to happen.  Roll tape of Simon supposedly getting frisky with Ellen under the Hollywood table.  Funny. 

Now, down to it.

It's time for Billboard Chart music.

01) Paige Miles (It's All Right Now, by Free)  She started out really weak and and she has good stage presence, but she does not ennunciate well and it bugs me.  She's not doing much for me, though she isn't bad.  She just didn't do much to stand out.  Simon thinks that she has the best voice out of all the girls, but he didn't like the song for her.  Kara was digging the song and loved how she put soul into the rock, although she wanted more from the chorus.  Randy thinks it's a group song, so that's why it may not have been the best song, but thinks she blew the doors off the thing with her voice.  Ellen agrees and disagrees with everyone.  She loved how present Paige was, and thought she pulled it off.  She is apparently sewn into her outfit. I've been there (in a play) and it's not fun.  She's excited because she can pee now.

02) Ashley Rodriguez (Happy, by Leona Lewis) She started out a little too low for her voice, and I appreciate that she didn't just belt and try to get by on the power off the bat, but it wasn't as good as I really wanted her to be.  I have high hopes for her, but the whole song kind of sounded flat.  Instead of sounding happy, it sounded morose.  It was bad.  Oh, Ashley.  I think that was a terrible song choice.  Kara said there were some nice moments, but thought there were definitely moments that weren't great, and she'd rather see her take on more unexpected songs.  Randy didn't see her in the song, though he thought she did a decent Leona.  Ellen says she seems to have everything going for her, but wanted more risk.  Simon thought it was clumsy and didn't like the arrangement.  He thinks that Ashley is going backwards, and she is singing other people's songs not very well.  I would have to agree.  I am very disappointed in that performance.

03) Janell Wheeler (What About Love, by Heart)  She certainly is beautiful.  That's for sure.  Unfortunately, I think it was the totally wrong song for her.  She's obviously very nervous, and she had some good moments in there, but it was rough.  Randy Yo-yo-yo-d her, and said it wasn't his favorite song choice, because the song didn't work with her unique voice.  Ellen liked the song choice, even though Janell missed a couple notes.  She appreciated Janell's stage presence.  Simon said she gave it 100% effort, but delivered about 65%.  He did think she had some moments.  Kara likes Janell, but thought the song was way too big for her, and it removed everything distinct from her voice.  I'd agree.

04) Lilly Scott (Fixin' a Hole, by the Beatles) I love her silvery hair.  I almost wish is were even more silvery.  I love what she does with her voice and her guitar vibe is cool.  Talk about bringing something unique to the stage.  Go Lilly!  Ellen thinks this is what they are talking about.  Random song choice, distinctive voice, great presence, and a good delivery.  Simon thinks it's the best so far, because she sang it because she likes the song and it portrayed her as an artist.  He wants more star power from her.  Kara thinks she is believable and comes from her heart.  She thinks that busking on the street for money really helps performers, and predicts that Lilly will be remembered.  Randy loves that Lilly seems like an indi artist and is honest in her artistry.

05) Katelyn Epperly (Oh Darling, by the Beatles) She's got a great look, and she is comfortable on stage.  She's got a great depth to her voice and I love it.  It's almost Kelly Clarkson-esque.  I'm not entirely sure about her (leather?) dress, but I'll forgive her that for the great performance.  I could be a fan of hers if she keeps that sort of thing up.  Simon worried that she screamed parts of the song, and thought it was messy, but he liked her, and thought it was brave and quirky.  Kara thinks that Katelyn knows her own voice really well, and thinks that she improved the song.  She didn't love the outfit and wanted her to be more natural (without the red lipstick).  Randy likes her because she paid attention to the tones and not singing a whole slew of runs.  Go Randy.  Did I just say that?  Ellen worried that she was pushing too hard in the beginning, but ended up really liking it and thinks that Katelyn has an amazing voice.

06) Haeley Vaughn (I Wanna Hold Your Hand, by the Beatles)  She brought out a red guitar and and a ridiculous white ruffled outfit for the song, and she certainly changed it up some, but I thought she was rather shrieky in places.  I didn't like it much.  I found it harsh.  She was much nicer when she was singing quietly.  She seemed less strained.  Kara thought technically there were a lot of problems with it, but she likes how much fun Haeley has on stage.  Randy, yo, loves how unpredictable Haeley is, and thought that the high notes were not really pleasing, but thinks that she has possibilities.  Ellen thinks she shines on stage (especially for 16) and enjoyed it.  Simon thought it was verging on terrible and thought she was like a wind-up smiling doll.  He called it a complete and utter mess.  I'm with Simon.

07) Lacey Brown (Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac)  I really love her look, and I kind of like her voice, but she has some weird pronounciation issues while she's singing.  It's weird.  I can't decide if I like her or not.  I don't know if it was the best song for her.  Randy, yo, loves the song, but not for Lacey.  He thought it was pitchy and terrible and didn't suit her.  Ellen thinks she is better than this performance.  Simon thought it was quite depressing, and thought it was kind of indulgent.  He doesn't think she's worked out who she is as an artist.  Kara wished that she had sung some Sixpence None the Richer, or something similar.  She and Simon like her eyes.  Agreed.  Lacey loves the song and tried to defend her choice.  Simon didn't look impressed.  She looks like a pixie, but I didn't like that performance.

08) Michelle Delamor (Fallin', by Alicia Keys)  I am really sick of this song, so Michelle's going to have to do a whole lot to impress me with it.  It's a pretty darned good rendition, admittedly.  She seems confident and comfortable on stage, and she's beautiful.  Ellen called it fantastic, but thought it seemed easy for her to sing, and thinks that Michelle has more in her.  Simon thought she was very professional, close to the original, but didn't think she had any wow moments.  Kara thought that there were moments where she hit it, but moments where she missed it, and wants her to be more unique.  Randy thought she did a pretty good job, and has a great look, but wanted more risks.

09) Didi Benami (The Way I Am, by Ingrid Michaelson)  I love this song.  Love it.  I think that Didi showed a lot of her unique vocal qualities to their best.  He macrame vest is a bit weird, but that doesn't take away from the great vibe of her voice.  She looked totally at home with it.  Simon worried that there are too many people trying to sound like Adele or Duffy and was missing the spark.  He didn't like the song, but he does like Didi and her voice.  Kara likes the song, and thinks that while there are people out there who sound like Didi, Kara thinks she is showing another level.  It was a bit pitchy.  Randy was also missing the star factor.  He thought it was sleepy.  Ellen thought that if it was one song in a set, it would be great, but it was a little low key for a first impression.  I still like her.

10) Siobahn Magnus (Wicked Game, by Chris Issac)  She's a glass blowing apprentice, and I like that.  I like her look tonight.  It's a big improvement.  I like her because she's great alto.  I think the microphone was a little weird in the beginning.  She's got great octave transitions, too.  She's a little throaty in her tone, but I still kind of like her.  Kara said she wouldn't have picked the song, but she kind of liked it.  She does think that Siobahn gets a little nasal at times (and I would say throaty).  Randy liked the Stevie Wonder song in the final Hollywood round better, and thinks the song was too small for her.  Ellen loved it, loved the way she worked the stage, and loved how deeply she started.  Simon called her a funny little thing, liked the song, but didn't love it.  She wanted to show her range.  I like that.

11) Crystal Bowersox (Hand in My Pocket, by Alanis Morisette)  Really good song choice for her.  She sounds like she's been on stage forever.  She's got the harmonica out with her guitar again, and I love it.  She's really really really good.  On another note, I adore her earrings.  Wow.  That was awesome.  Randy loves her originality and honesty.  He wasn't sure about the song, but didn't care because he loves her.  Ellen is a fan of Crystal and thinks she adds something fresh to the show.  Simon thought it was good, but thinks that there are thousands of Crystals doing the same thing outside of subway stations, and thought that the song was a little sound-alike.  He suggested David Bowie, and she thought that would be fun.  He does really like her and thinks that she's refreshing.  Kara thought she was good, but thinks she has greatness in her.  Her guitar is signed by Melissa Etheridge and Shania Twain, and that's cool.

12) Katie Stevens (Feelin' Good, by Michael Buble) She's got another good rich voice, and she's another one who is going to have to watch the throatiness.  She's really much more mature in her voice than her 17 years.  Ellen thought it was too conservative a song and wanted to see her be fresh, modern, and young, even though she sang it beautifully.  Simon thought it felt like her parents dressed her and gave her the song, and it was verging on annoying and pageanty.  Kara thought it was pitchy and worried that Katie maybe couldn't hear herself, and hopes that she gets another chance because she's really good.  Randy thinks that she was pushing too hard and it made her go sharp.  He wanted her to young it up.  Agreed.

My favorites for the night have been Lilly, Katelyn, Didi, Siobahn, and Crystal.  Crystal, Siobahn, and Lilly were on top of that pile.  I think that Haeley, Lacey, Ashley, and Janell are in trouble.  On playback, I really really didn't like Haeley or Lacey at all.  Lacey, I am disappointed in, because I loved her initial audition.  I was surprised by Michelle, because we hadn't seen her really before.

Who do you think will be in jeopardy this week?

Tomorrow - the guys!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing Race - 2.21.10

Jordan & Jeff are out first, heading towards Puerto Varas, (which I have probably spelled wrong), by bus, and then they have to drive to a lake, take a boat to Isla Margarita, and climb a place called Miradour (I apologize for my lack of Spanish).

They have less Spanish than I do, but got their taxi driver to bring them to the bus station, which isn't open until 5 AM, and pretty much every one caught up.  They tried to talk to a dog, and Jeff decided that the dog spoke only Spanish.  Uhhhh....

The Cowboys love their hats.  Carol & Brandy were not getting along with Caite & Brent, but they decided to work with Heidi & Joe. 

Everyone got on the same bus heading to Santiago, Chile.  From there, they had to switch buses and get to Puerto Varas.  Heidi & Joe were holding spots for Carol & Brandy, and The Detectives didn't like that.  Carol & Brandy speak Spanish, so that helps.  Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy got the last seats on the first bus.  Other teams got one that leaves an hour and 15 minutes later.   Some other teams (grandma & granddaughter) got on one that leaves at 8 PM.  Brent & Caite have the idea of taking a bus to someplace else first, and then connecting to the final destination.  The Cowboys and Jordan & Jeff did the same thing.  We'll see if that works out.

The Cowboys went to see if they could get on the same bus that the other teams doing the roundabout connection did, and it turns out that bus is 10 minutes away by taxi.  They did not share this information with the other teams, and waited around for their original bus.  By the time the teams got to the other terminal, their original bus was gone, and by the time they got back, the Cowboy's bus had arrived... and departed.  They were stranded. 

There were no more buses that day to Puerto Varas from that place.  Stuck in the bus terminal.  They got a 1 AM bus.

The Cowboys got to Puerto Varas before anyone else and found the hotel with no troubles... but the "marked path" opened at 7 AM, so they snuggled into their car.

Next morning, they were first on the boat to the Isla Margarita.  The other teams (except those on the final bus) got there at about the same time, apparently.  The water was rough and the boats were all over the place.

And a challenge?  Driving stick.  Dan & Jordan didn't know how to drive stick.  Others also had that problem. 

On Isla Margarita, the Cowboys got the Detour.

Teams have to choose between Llama Adoration - Choose a llama, dress it for a festival with a blanket and a scarf.

Condor Consternation - Dress as Condors, and fly to a target to get their clue.

The Cowboys chose Llamas.  Llamas can be really stubborn, but I would totally choose llamas.  The Cowboys chose a good llama and had no troubles at all. 

Onward - drive to Onces Bella Vista Farm.

Brandy & Carol were nervous about being kicked and/or spit on.

Jordan & Jeff chose the Condor, as did Caite & Brent, and Steve & Allie.

Brent & Caite did not hit their target in flight, but they were allowed to swim to the target to get their clue.

Joe & Heidi found a llama who was sitting down, and dressed it, and at about the same time, Carol & Brandy finished up, too.

The final bus arrived in  Puerta Varas with the Grandma & Granddaughter, while Dan & Jordan seemed to be terribly lost, and still had troubles driving stick.

The Detectives had troubles with llamas, and Monique & Shawne arrived, too.  The Detectives managed to dress their llama and be on their way...

The Cowboys arrived at the Roadblock way before anyone else.

Teams have to race around the farm to collect flour, a plate of butter, a bowl of sugar, a baker's dozen of eggs, and fresh milk from a cow - and then they have to deliver it to bakers for their clue (they make kuchen, which I probably spelled wrong).  The Cowboy was well versed in cow milking, and knew what a baker's dozen was, so he finished in no time flat.

To the Pit Stop with them!  They have to drive back to Puerta Varas.

Carol & Heidi decided to work with each other during the Baker's challenge.  They were not as well versed at milking cows.  Carol got kicked in the hand.  Ow.  Both got their clues, though, and they were on their way.

Jeff did the challenge, because Jordan wasn't sure how many eggs were in a Baker's Dozen. 

The Detectives drove right on past the farm.  Jordan did not apprecitate when the cow pooped right after he was done milking it.

The Cowboys got to the pit stop first, and each of them won a sailboat.  Cool.  Joe & Heidi came in next, followed by Carol & Brandy.  Brent & Caite came in 4th.  Caite hopes that people stop making fun of her. Jordan & Jeff are pretty lost looking for the Pit Stop, but they ran int the Detectives, and let them know that they'd overshot the farm by 19 miles.  Yowch.

Monique & Shawne got the the Pit Stop 5th, followed by Jordan & Jeff.  The Detectives came in right behind Grandma in the farm, and then he slipped and broke a whole slew of eggs and couldn't dind the pantry.  Then, the Grandma got kicked in the head by the cow while she was milking, but she didn't stop, just went ack to a different cow and kept milking.

Steve & Allie got to the Pit Stop 7th, followed by Dan & Jordan.

Grandma was not having the easiest time getting the ingredients, but heck, she got kicked in the head by a cow and didn't stop, so I hope they make it to the pit stop before the Detectives.

The Detectives came in 9th, followed by Grandma & Grandma, and I'm sad that it's not a non-elimination leg.  They were great.  Oh well.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Runway - A Note

During the Olympics, I won't be able to blog Project Runway.  I'm watching it, but I'm staying up too late watching the Olympic coverage, so... I'll get back to it later.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 2.18.10

There's some torrential downpours and the Villains are grumpy (Randy most of all).  Boston Rob is disgusted by the lack of ambition in his tribe to build a fire and a good shelter and make things better.  He says that again, he is on the buffoon tribe.  You'd think in 20 seasons, people would learn how to fix these problems.

In the early morning, Coach and Jerri talked about how much everyone complained, and then when day finally came, the tribe went to work trying to build the shelter better.  Randy said that it's about design #4 for the shelter, and each one has gotten worse and worse.  Rob is still disgusted with his tribe.  Courtney said "I hope he doesn't drop dead in the next two days, because we will all die."  Randy bemoaned the fact that Pavarti wanted to do construction, because she's a waitress in NYC.  Might have been aimed at Courtney.  Not sure.

Over at the Heroes tribe, the swelling music played as they all got to work and made coconut popcorn.  Rupert schemed to get rid of Stephanie ASAP.  Rupert got on everyone's nerves, saying that Stephanie was cooking the "popcorn" wrong.  Stephanie thought Rupert was playing off the "good guy" role a bit too much, early in the game.

And the Villains?  Still struggling to try to build anything that was even a little water proof.  Rob said that maybe he should have started dictating right off, but he didn't, he wanted to be a diplomat, but it didn't work.  He said he wasn't feeling so well and said he needed some water.  The girls (Courtney, Pavarti, and Danielle) were upset that the Heroes tribe got so many great strong guys, and they got stuck with .... Randy.

Then Rob went off into the forest and freaking passed out!  Jerri found him and he wasn't coming to.  Scary stuff.  He mumbled that his head hurt (and his shoes were off.  Weird).  Probst and the Medics came in.  He was not responsive to the medics at first, and when they gave him some water, he was very woozy.  The medics told Probst that he looked worse than he was.  Rob said that he was feeling better.  Woo.  That is freaking scary.  Rob apologized to Probst and said he felt like it was getting the best of him and he loves and respects it too much to not play, and he wants to win.  He decided that he was trying too hard to play the good guy, and he needs to play the villain and get on with it.  He said the doctors said he had the flu and cry-baby-itis.  Ok, at this point, I am so rooting for Rob.  I have to say.

Back at camp, he told everyone that he has been having migraines, and he should be good within 48 hours.  Even Russell admitted to being concerned for him.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Two members at a time will roll huge crates to a mat, then build a staircase with them to spell out their tribe name.  It's Immunity and Reward, for tarps, nails, etc.  JT, Coach, and Tyson played this challenge in their season.

Randy and Courtney are sitting out, and Rupert was sitting out.  Surprised they didn't sit out Rob.

JT and Cirie and Danielle and Rob were out first.  JT and Cirie got it back first.  Candace and Tom headed out next for the Heroes, followed by Colby and Stephanie.  Tyson and Sandra were slow, but Jerri and Coach finally headed out.  Amanda and James went out for the next one, while Russell and Parvati were on their way out.  JT and Tom went out, and the Heroes were a crate ahead.  Rob and Tyson came back with a crate, with James and Colby coming back with the last crate.  Coach and Russell went out for the last one, and the puzzle building began.

Will the puzzle again be the deciding factor?  Rob was again taking the lead for the Villains, with JT taking the lead for the Heroes, and their lead disappeared.  The Villains were hard at work trying to get their 2nd to last crate up, as Rob muscled it up from underneath with Russell and Tyson I think pulling the top.

The Heroes were again not working well with each other and the Villains got their staircase done, and won the challenge handily.  And that is awesome.

For a tribe that decided to listen to JT before the challenge, they weren't listening at all. James was pissed off at Stephanie, and he called her the team's kryptonite.  I don't know about that, but...

Back at camp, JT was also upset that no one listened in the challenge, but was willing to step up and take the responsibility for the loss.  Rupert said that on the other team, Rob is good at puzzles, and he screamed at his tribe to shut up and listen.  JT said he could have done that.  Tom did not appreciate James complaining about losing, but held his tongue.

Now, over at the Villain's camp, they happily built their shelter.  Russell was feeling threatened about Rob, said he was King Russell of Samoa, and went off and caught a wild chicken.  Mmm, chicken soup. 

And in Heroeville, James had a target on Stephanie's back, saying that she made it to the end on her own, after nullifying her whole team, and she has to go.  JT was trying to decide what alliance to go with.  Tom thought it was going to be Stephanie, Colby, or himself. Tom wanted to gun for Amanda.  Stephanie went to try to talk Cirie into the switch.  Tom went to talk to Candice.  Candice felt like she'd be on the bottom of either potential alliance.  Tom told her that he would make sure that the other people (James, Amanda, Rupert, JT?) would go home before she would.  Cirie and Candice didn't know what to do.  Cirie told Candice that she and Amanda aren't that tight, because while they made it to the end together, Amanda chose Parvati over her and cost her a million bucks, so she has no automatic alliance with her.

I have no idea who is going home at this point. 

To Tribal they go.

JT admitted that maybe he should have yelled at people to shut up during the challenge, but he didn't.  James pointed fingers at Stephanie and her mouth.  I dig Amanda's glasses.  Then, James put blame on Colby, too.  Tom said he might as well include him, too.  James and Tom do not seem to get along at all.  Cirie brought up the fact that Amanda dropped her in the end last time, so...

Oh, I have no idea.  If I were them, strong guy or not, I would gun for James. He just can't shut up.

No one is voting for James, though.

Stephanie got a vote, followed by one for Amanda.  Another vote went for Stephanie, and then another one for Amanda.  Stephanie got a third vote, and then another for Amanda.  Stephanie pulled a fourth vote, and Stephanie is heading home.  I have to say, I think that was the right decision.  Stephanie gave some advice, to not curse out the tribe mates so much, and James told her to shut her mouth.  Wow.  Yeah, I think James is a problem here. 

Previews for net week, and James is throwing more fits.


American Idol: Top 24

Here's a link to the Top 24 on Fox, with all of their bios, etc.

Looks like Michael Lynch may be sticking around after all...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol: 2.17.10

Back to the CHAIR OF DOOM!!!

Janell Wheeler is first up, and she thinks that she flubbed it because of her final audition.  I really really love her. Ellen gave her the good news that she is going through, and the world is a happy place.  Now, fix your voice, Janell!

Tyler Grady is the drummer who fell out of a tree and broke his wrists.  He sang Daughtry's Home, and he did pretty well.  Daughtry is better. He made himself comfortable in the chair of destiny, looking more like he was sitting down for a chill interview, instead of hearing his American Idol fate.  Well, he's safe.  I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.

Lacey Brown is the spunky girl with the neat red hair and I really want her to make it.  She sang What a Wonderful World last, and she is awesome.

Ashley Rodriguez and Alex Lambert along with Joe Munoz join the Top 24 with no clips, to the sound of Lacey's What a Wonderful World.

How about Crystal Bowersox?  Simon told her that she probably wouldn't look at a show like this as her platform.  She says that she's glad she's come, and so are the judges, because she's in.  I'm happy to see that, because she's really talented. She showed a picture of her son to the judges, as he was apparently rudely woken up outside, and he is a cutie pie!!!  (A very sleepy cutie pie)

Katie Stevens who is close to her grandmother with Alzheimers did really well in Hollywood week, although she is too throaty for me.  Ellen doesn't like saying anything mean, and didn't have to, because Katie's through.

Who's out?  Funky Glasses Girl, and a few other nameless people who didn't make an impression on me...

Angela Martin is up next, and it's her third year trying.  Kara sat with her and told her that she didn't make it, but they all encouraged her to keep going in her journey.  That's sad.  Poor Angela.  I'm really sad for her.  I hope that she makes it in the business, with or without AI.

(I can't freaking wait for Glee to return.  Just saying.  Thanks for the promo, Fox!)

Lilly Scott with the silver hair is up next.  Man, I really dig her voice.  She looks a little like Tina Yothers in the face to me.  Kara told her that she doesn't have the biggest voice, but the biggest voice doesn't always mean the best singing, and she's in.  Woot!

Paige Miles, Siobahn Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers, and John Park are all in.  No clips for any of them.  Did we ever see Paige?  Maybe once?  Anyhow, all in.

Haeley Vaughn or Tori Kelly?  No chair vs. chair thing this year.  They took them one at a time.  Simon told Haeley that she is sometimes fantastic, but it's not even.  He told her she adapts and she's super talented.  And Tori?  Her take on Hot & Cold was a little ska-d out, and kind of fun.  Neither of them is really my bag.  Haeley is in, and Tori is out.  Maybe Tori will try again next year.  She's also a teenager, so she has plenty of time. 

Now, will it be Thaddeus Johnson, or Andrew Garcia?  To me, that's a no-brainer.  Andrew for the win!  I don't particularly like Thaddeus.  He's ok, but he's got a lisp while he's singing, and I like Andrew much much more.  He's more unique.  Thaddeus is deservedly out, and there were tears.  His Momma isn't going to like that.  Simon told him he didn't do anything wrong, but he just didn't make it.  There was much blubbering, from him and from his Momma.  Andrew didn't know that Thaddeus didn't make it when he went to see the judges for his fate.  He is in with little fanfare, but much happiness from me.

That's the Top 24!

Can't wait for performances starting next week!!

Is that to Jason Castro's version of Halleluah?  I'm not sure. 

Bah.  Tim Urban made it.  Hope he doesn't last long.  I don't like him at all.  Oh well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Idol: 2.16.10

71 left, and 24 will make it through.

No judge's feedback for the final solos, and what do we see?  People sitting, judges deliberating.

The contestants are split into three rooms.

Time to hear some singing!

Angela Martin - She sounded really good in her final audition with the band, but isn't this the same song that she sang in her original audition?  (American Boy)

Jermaine Purifoy - He sang Brickhouse, and turned it R&B in a way I didn't really like. 

Casey James - He sang Bubbly, and I love the song, and I really like him.  I think he did a nice job. 

Jermaine Sellrs - He sang Man in the Mirror during his audition, and he was a little shrieky and harsh in his higher notes. He had excuses excuses excuses because the band played a part that they hadn't wanted them to.

Siobahn Magnus - Ellen told her in her first audition that she looked too old.  For her final audition, she let her 19 year old self dress like a 5 year old, but she has quite a good voice.  I really like her.

Crystal Bowesox - She played the guitar and a harmonica and jammed to If it Makes You Happy, and I really liked it.  She's got a lot of talent.

Alex Lambert - He played the yukilele.  Not so well.  He sang Sunday Morning in a previous audition, and was kind of blah.  For his final audition, he broke out the yukelele again and sang some Jason Mraz.  I like him.

Michael Lynche - He also sang I'm Yours, with guitar.  Eh.  I liked Alex's better.

Todrick Hall - He turned I'm Yours on it's ear, and it was kind of cool.  I like the Jason Mraz version better, but I appreciate his change up.

Thaddeus Johnson - His mom is with him all the way, and he admitted to being a Momma's Boy.  The band started playing the wrong song, and he told them so, and they started right.  He sang Man in the Mirror, and he has a lisp that I find distracting beyond belief.  If he could fix that up, he'd be really good.

Charity Vance - I think her outfit is straight out of 1990.  Oh well.  She's got a nice voice, and she sang Gravity.

Tasha Leyton - her Day 1 audition was really really good.  How was her final audition?  We didn't see it.

Cocky Mary Powers - She really got under my skin during the group round.  She sang some Hot & Cold, and it was kind of weak to me, and she was wearing an oddly shimmery skirt.

Lloyd Thomas - He also sang Man in the Mirror, and it was kind of boring.

Bryan Walker - did not hear his audition.

Hope Johnson - Her day 1 audition was really nice.  Her final audition was Daughtry's Home, and I think it was a foolish choice for her voice.  She doesn't have a big voice, and the song seemed to dwell in places her voice wasn't best in.

Shelby Dressel - She swore her way through flubbing the lyrics in her initial audition, and Ellen liked her earlier in Hollywood.  She had lyric problems before her final audition, but did she remember them when it counted?  She seemed to remember them, and she did well on the lyrics, though she had a weird flub in some tones. 

Aaron Kelly - He forgot his lyrics.  And that's no good.  He is only 16, so he can come back if he doesn't get through.  It's a shame that he forgot his lyrics so badly because he's got a nice voice.  He managed to pick the song up again, but it took a while.

Ashleigh Rodriguez - Oh, she hit the stage and sang Jordan Sparks' Battlefield really really well, and she owned the stage.  She's got really good presence.

Lee Dewyze - have we seen this guy before?  H was really good.

Joe Munoz - He sang Man in the Mirror probably best that we have seen.

Haeley Vaughn - it was a really nice version of I'm Yours, though she got shrieky at times.

Janell Wheeler - Uh oh, she's got vocal problems, and she sang some Taylor Swift, and it was obvious that her voice was not happy, but she managed to do pretty well, considering.  It helps that she's gorgeous and has good stage presence.

Judge's are heading to the rooms.

But first, some more singing.

Tori Kelly - She's cute and did well.

Lilly Scott - She's got silver hair and I did her voice.

Andrew Garcia - I want him to make it just so I can buy his version of Straight Up.  He was so good.

The judges entered Room #1.  Ellen got the honor of telling the room that are through to the next round.  In this room, Lilly Scott, Siobahn Magnus, Tyler Grady, Michael Lynch, Thaddeus Johnson, and Katie Stevens, among others.  I also saw Casey James in there.

Next, Room #2.  This is the room with Mary Powers, among others.  They are not going through.  Goodbye, Room #2.  Try again.  Also in the room of disappointment were Charity Vance, Bryan Walker, and Hope Johnson, among others.  Hope looked crushed.   I hope that she tries again.

How about Room #3?  They are in.  That's Janell Wheeler, Angela Martin, Shelby Dressler, and others.

This is more than 24 people celebrating.  In fact, it's 46.  And that's the problem.  The judges went to re-watch all the tapes and had to make their final decisions.

What's this?  No chair of Doom?  They are doing it right in the (World Famous, we're told) Kodak theatre.  And, duh duh duhn.... it's the most... emotional... cut.... yet.  Oh, Seacrest.

They will go down from the holding room, one by one.  And there is a Chair of Doom right on stage.  And we are told that they sip from their new (Vitamin Water Sponsored!) cups.  Oh, Seacrest!

First up is new daddy, Michael Lynch. His daughter's name is Layla Rose.  Nice.  Simon told him that he has improved over the week, but wasn't sure if Michael believes in himself.  He's in (for now...)

Didi Benami is next, and I really really really like her.  She sang Angel in her final audition, in honor of her best friend who died.  I just love her.  Simon told her that she wasn't the most consistent, but when she was good, she was really good.  She's in.  Unanimously.  Awesome.

Can I just say, wtf is Kara wearing?  It's like a giant gold sack with rouched sleeves.  Awful. 

Caitlyn Epperly - She didn't do the best connecting with the audience at first.  I love the dress she wore in her final audition.  I also like her voice.  We'll see if she is in.  Ellen told her it was cruel to make her wait, and didn't delay (too much, more than comedically necessary) to tell her she is in. 

Shelby Dressel is up next.  Was it good enough?  Randy told her she had high and low points.  She is unfortunately not in this year, and she was encouraged to come back and try again.

Casey James is up next.  Kara likes him a lot, and so do I.  Ellen said, as Casey walked up to the C.o.D, "Hey, Kara, he's got his hair down for you."  Kara said "Nice.'  The judges began talking about the fact that Casey's home town is called Cool, and it's pretty cool that he's going on to the Top 24.  Yay!  Kara gave a foot pop when she hugged Casey congratulations, and Randy picked on her about it.  bwah ha ha.

Aaron Kelly is up next.  He's through, and I don't know if I think he deserved to, but we'll see...

Lee Dewyze was on the bubble, but he's in.  I think he's got some potential.

Todrick Hall was proposing to girls poolside before the final decision.  They didn't dally in giving him a yes, and he's in.  He could be something.

Jessica Furney is next, and she was one of the only ones who got the lyrics right in Sweetest Escape.  She is not in, and she was not happy about it, and tried to convince the judges to change their mind (not going to happen).  Ellen told her it was not the end of the road in her career, and she didn't believe it and started getting pissy again.  Simon told her she wasn't helping herself, and the decision has been made.  She blamed the whole thing on losing her voice from group day because her group sucked.

So, we got 7 of the Top 24 tonight.  The rest will be revealed tomorrow.  Looking forward to it.  10 more girls and 7 more guys will be though tomorrow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yay for a New Season! Amazing Race - 2.14.10

The Race Starts in LA.

Brent & Caite - (Dating models from SC)  She's the stupid map girl from Miss America a few years ago.  I'm sure you've seen the YouTube.  Like, suchas, and like.

Jed & Cord (Cowboys)

Steve & Allie (Father and daughter, he coached the Phillies to the World Series)

Dan & Jordan (brothers from Rhode Island)  One brother is gay, the other one is not.

Dana & Adrien (high school sweethearts, married 17 years)

Jordan & Jeff (they met on Big Brother 11, she won)

Jody & Shannon (Grandmother & Granddaughter, both triathletes)

Louis & Michael (undercover detectives from Rhode Island).  Good luck being undercover after this!

Monique & Shawne (Mompreneurs and best friends)

Joe & Heidi (Married parents from CA).  They like to do body bumps.  He's confrontational.  Fun.

Carol & Brandy (dating couple)

First things first, they get their first clues on the tops of their bags, and they have to get to the airport using public transportation.  The first three teams to the airport get on the first flight, and everyone else will have to leave on the next flight, an hour later.

They have to fly to Santiago, Chile.  No one is excited about using public transport.  Most people asked for directions to the public transportation to get to the airport.

(I absolutely love that the gay brother recognized Caite and knew her infamous answer by heart)

Jordan has never heard of Santiago, and her boyfriend asked her if she'd ever seen Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.  Genius.  Four teams got to the airport at the same time, but only three got onto the first flight.  Carol & Brandy lost out.

The rest of the groups got to the airport next, and the gay brother (I don't know his name yet, sorry if I offend anyone.  that's how he identified himself) told Carol & Brandy who Caite was.

The first plane had some mechanical problems and was delayed!  That sucks!  Joe & Heidi switched to the other flight, and Jordan & Jeff followed suit.   I believe that the undercover detectives were the other team on the first flight, but they also switched.  Maybe it was Shawne & Allie.

When they reach Santiago, they have to get on a bus to Valporeso.  The cowboys made the mistake of getting Brazilian money in Miami instead of Chilean money.  Oops.  They were not allowed on the bus until they got good currency.

They next had to get to the funiculars.  I can't keep track of the order of everyone.  Too many teams right now.

Brett & Caite were at the clue first.


One team member must walk a cable the length of a football field 120 feet off the ground.  Yipes. 

Caite did the task, followed by Jordan.  Joe took the task because Heidi has some fear of heights.  Allie did the task, and so did Dan..  Brandy also hit the lines.  Shawne did the task, too.  Oh, I've lost track.

Dan fell off the line!  He stayed calm and asked for advice.  Jordan told him to joozsh along using his hands, and he was doing a pretty good job.  Jordan got a little freaked out and looked panicky.  She sat down.  God was apparently with Shawne.  Adrian hopped up, too.

Once they were done, teams had to take one of the 120 year old Funiculars down the hill to the next clue.

Brent & Caite made the mistake of walking down the steps instead of using the funicular (I think).  Dan & Jordan and Jeff & Jordan took the Funicular.

The next task is to take four cans of paint and a ladder and find unpainted buildings and help paint a section of a house.  Everyone seemed to have a hard time finding the houses to paint.

Brandy finally made it across the cables.  Good for her.

Brent & Caite finally found the places to paint.

9th to arrive at the cables?  The detectives.  Adrien was not doing so well and the detective passed him super quickly.

The final two teams are the triathletes and the cowboys.

Jeff & Jordan were the first team to find the painting, followed by Caite & Brent.

The next clue sent them (by foot) to Palazia Babbariza, the pit stop.

Granddaughter, meanwhile, and Cord were the final two people on the cables.  Grandma said that instead of having the balance of a cat, she has the balance of a drunken elderly person on stilts.  I like her.

And Adrian fell off the cable!  The Safety Specialist came out and told him to go back to the beginning, and he tried to get back up but couldn't, so he had to start over.  Cowboy and Granddaughter were racing along beautifully.

Jordan & Jeff got to the Pitstop first.  They won a trip for two to Vancouver, with Whale Watching and a try at Skeleton at Whistler.  Caite & Brent arrived next.  However, they took the stairs instead of the funicular, and they incurred a 30 minute penalty.

Read the clues, people.  Read the clues.

Jordan & Dan dropped a brush while looking for the house to paint.  And Phillies Coach and his daughter?  They randomly went inside a house and found an unfinished wall, in a similar color, and some bewildered painters said in Spanish that they had no idea what these Americans were doing.

Monique & Shawne were the official 2nd team to arrive.

Adrien?  He finally decided to try the cables again.

And Coach & Daughter?  Realized that they had just painted in the wrong place.    And the detectives?  They started painting over some grafitti in the wrong color.  Not the right house.  Jet & Cord found their house quickly and managed to catch up and finish third.  Awesome for them.  The detectives finally found their house.

Dan & Jordan did incur a 15 minute penalty for losing a paint brush.  Steve & Allie came in 4th (guess they found the house), followed by Joe & Heidi.  Carol & Brandy got to the pit stop 6th, and then Brent & Caite got done their penalty and came in 7th, followed by Dan & Jordan, who finished their penalty.  Detectives came in 9th.  Grandma & Granddaughter came in 10th.

And Adrien fell again.  His wife was supportive, and they were eliminated by Phil at the cables.  Goodbye!

Good 1st episode! Love this show.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

It's in the South Pacific!  Can you believe that there have been over 300 Survivor Castaways over the past 20 seasons?  That's crazy!

Cue dramatic entrance in helicopters.  Heroes in two, Villains in the other two.  And, Ahhhhh, Russell.  No one knows anything about him, and they aren't ready for him.  All they know is that he's on the villain side.

This is going to be a good one.

But, boooooo.... Coach is already talking about slaying people.  I really can't handle him.  Cirie called herself a nice gangster with a smile in an Oprah suit.  Interesting.

Heroes are Colby, Stephanie, Tom, Amanda, Sugar, James, JT, Cirie, Rupert, and Candice.

Villains are Rob, Randy, Parvati, Tyson, Coach, Sandra, Courtney, Russell, Danielle and Jerri.

Probst met them on the beach after the helicopters landed.  The villains got really ominous music for their entrance. I like it.

Probst got right off the bat onto Russell, asking how he felt to be deemed one of the ten most notorious players of the history of the show, and he said he is just trying not the be starstruck about playing with these people, but he's excited about playing with people who actually know how to play the game.

Tom said that the game could change at any moment, because people could change their game plan if it didn't work the first time around.  Colby is humbled by the experience.  JT admits it's intimidating, because he watched most of the people in high school.

Probst asked if anyone felt they were on the wrong team, and almost everyone on the villain team raised their hand.  Except for Jerri, in her black hat.  (Colby, btw, has a white hat.)

James says that the talkers are the most dangerous people, the people who strategize.  Probst twisted the knife about him getting voted out with two idols in his pockets.  Rob said that the villainous women are obviously stronger than the heroic women, and it gives them an advantage.

And, guess what?

First Reward Challenge.

They will face off two vs. two, race out to dig up bags, then race back to the mat, to touch a bag and get on their team mat, while the other team tries to stop them.  First tribe to score 3 points wins fire. 

Stephanie & Cirie vs. Parvati & Danielle are up first, and Cirie got the bag first, but was tackled and Danielle and Stephanie fought over it, and then Parvati got it, and they were down.  Courtney yelled out to "break her shoulder."  That didn't happen, but Danielle got the bag for one point for the Villains.

But... Stephanie dislocated her shoulder right off. Oy.  That sucks.  A lot.

The game was paused as medical was called in.  They popped her shoulder back in, and she was back in. Probst looked impressed.

Amanda & JT vs. Randy & Jerri are up next.  Jerri found the bag first, but then JT hopped on her before she could get it out.  Amanda took on Jerri, who was still digging, and then JT grabbed the bag and took off with it, scoring a point for the Heroes.

Colby & Tom vs. Coach & Russell.  Coach hung back to play defense. Russell got the bag first, but was tackled, and it's a full on battle.  Colby seemed to be making headway.  Russelll was beating up on Tom.  Colby dragged coach the the finish line, as Russell seemingly uselessly beat on Tom.  Coach decided to drag Colby to the Villain mat, and it was a point for the Villains.  I have to admit, that was a good move.

Sugar & Candace vs. Sandra & Courtney.  Courtney found the bag first, but Candace managed to get hold of it, but Courtney was like a leech on her back.  Candace managed to toss the bag to Sugar and then it got tossed away as there was a fight between the women.  Sandra unhooked Sugar's top trying to distract her, but ha ha!  Sugar took off, topless, and scored for the Heroes.

Tyson & Boston Rob vs. Rupert & James.  Tyson was the first to find the bag, but there was a take down, and Boston Rob tried to dig in and get it away, but in the end, it was a run to the finish by James, and the Heroes won their fire.

But, oh no!!!  Rupert broke his toe!  He got it taped by medical and went on his way.  Hope that doesn't hurt him.  The two injured Heroes went home victorious at least.

Russell said he's used to losing with a bunch of dummies, but this isn't a bunch of dummies, so he knows his tribe will win in the end.

They got maps to their camps and were off to go make shelter.

Russell is ready for the challenge of playing with people who are good players, and says if he whoops the Allstars, that will just prove he's the best ever.

Off they go, to gather building supplies.  Russell immediately took Danielle aside and played the same game as he played before (which no one saw) and told her that he wants to take her to the Final Two.  Let's see who else he says the same thing to.  I think his speech is verbatim.  And then he used it on Parvati.  I love it.  Love it.  Will they fall for it?

Parvati is aware that he is probably talking to everyone, and says she will make a deal with the devil, because she wants the devil on her side.  (Wait, they haven't seen him play, have they?  how could they?)

Over on the Heroe tribe, they get right to the ... swimming?  Sure.  You can start with that.  Hope it's not a cocky move.  They decide to build by the beach, after Sugar inadvertently insulted "the two oldest men here" (Rupert and Tom).  They seemed to be working wel together, and Amanda said it was like they had good karma.

Enter a wild chicken?  Tom eyed it and started stalking it.  A rooster and three hens!  JT went around the other side.  Others were called in to help.  They decided to use the fishing net, and they surrounded the chickens.  Amazingly, they netted themselves some chickens!  All of them!  Chicken dinner.  Pretty cool.  Sugar and Cirie looked sad, but I bet they'll still eat them.  They actually didn't kill (all of?) them right off, but built a little chicken cage using the fishing net and a hollow log.

Night time in the Villain Camp, and they were all excited that the Heroes got injured.  Coach loved his own abilities.  Jerri likes Coach.  Coach likes Jerri.    The next morning, Russell told Coach to not stand in the way of true love.  Everyone seemed to think that they would make a good couple.  Interesting.

Over with the Heroes, JT wanted to make an alliance right off with James.  Colby saw them chatting and told Candace to watch out for them.  They worried about people who have played together before, like Cirie and Amanda, and they also know James.  Tom and Stephanie were also on the same season.  Tom admitted in confessional that he wants someone in the final two with him who had won the million, too, and went to chat with JT.  JT said that he is willing to sacrifice some of his integrity if it helps him win.

The problem is, on the Villain side, no one can keep interested in things long enough to make fire, or build shelter, so they don't have water.  Boston Rob was not happy with them.

Randy didn't think that it was possible to make fire without flint (because, yeah, no one has ever made fire without flint.  Randy's a dumb ass.), but they all worked together and created a spark.  Rob nursed the husk into flame and they made fire!  Good for Rob.

Coach is a little in awe of Rob, and sucked up to Rob completely.  Russell said it was ok for the talk to happen, but he is still king of the mountain until he is dethroned, and he doesn't see it happening.  Ah, dear, sweet, evil, conniving Russell.

Rupert tried to catch fish with his broken toe, but couldn't, and went back to try to be the hero of the Heroes and start fire.  It wasn't happening.  Cirie just let him try, even though he shaved half the magnesium off, because she said his ego is huge and she didn't want to get in it's way.

He gave up, and Colby and JT made the fire almost instantly.  Poor Rupert.  He seems broken in spirit, and not just in toe.  He seemed almost bitter at them for making the fire.

Back at the Villain camp, Rob and Tyson decided to shimmy up a very tall palm tree to try to cut off some palm fronds.  Some of the girls came up and told him to come down because he doesn't need to break himself.  He said it would take someone with a bigger ego than him, and sent Coach up the tree.  Coach repeated his "Iron sharpens iron" mantra and said that Rob sharpens him.

Sandra and Rob bet on Coach's success.  Coach gave up, and Rob won a dollar.  Coach said he could have made it up, but he didn't want to.  Sure, dude.

Nighttime at the Heroes Camp, and everyone but Sugar seemed to be sleeping peacefully.  Sugar was on the lookout for a protector and decided to snuggle up with Colby, but she was talking super loud in the middle of the night.  No one was happy with her.  Oh, Sugar.  Colby was not interested in being flirted with.  She needs to pick a different protector.  He kept moving, and she kept chasing him.  Oh, not good.

The next morning, James and Colby tried to decide which chicken to eat.  Some chickens were making eggs, but the rooster "wasn't doing anything," so JT wrung his neck.  Seriously.  He spun the chicken's neck around until it died, and James reminisced about his great grandmother traumatizing him as a child doing the same thing.

Time for Immunity Challenge!

The Heroes were happy in their good shelter and good chickens, and the Villains wished for a better shelter and maybe chickens.

6 tribe members must race to assemble a boat using 6 planks to keep it together.  They have to paddle out, get a torch, and then paddle back and disassemble the boat, 4 remaining tribe members do a puzzle, and then the boat planks built a ladder.  First tribe to get everyone to the top and light their fire basket win.

The challenge is a repeat of one that Candace and Parvati played (and won) in Cook Islands.

The Heroes got their boat together first, and were out to paddle.  The Villains were having big problems putting their boat together.  The Heroes were mostly back with their torch by the time the Villains got the boat together.  Probst got (I think) a dig in at Coach, saying he was using "all that life experience in a kayak" to lead them.

Heroes were back to work on the puzzle very quickly.  The puzzle is a four layer puzzle.  They were still working on it as the Villains got back with their planks.

Rob, Sandra, Jerri, and Randy were doing the puzzle for the Villains.  For the Heroes, it was Rupert, Amanda, Cirie, and Sugar.  Over on the Villain side, Rob and Sandra were working well together, and the lead was lost.  The Villains got the puzzle together first and they started with their planks.  It was a quick build, and the Villains won Immunity.

So, will it be Too-Nocturnally-Chatty Sugar, or Broken-Toe Rupert going home?  Sugar was crying right at the challenge, and Colby certainly didn't think she deserved to be there.  I have to say, Sugar was cuter with longer hair.  Still, I'm torn. I really liked her in her season, but that night time chatting was a problem.  And I love Rupert, but dude's toe is broken!

Russell was excited about seeing the Heroes divided, and he and Coach played on a see-saw.

Back at the Hero camp, Rupert said their downfall in the challenge was cockiness because they thought they were superheroes.

Sugar is gunning for Amanda.  Colby is gunning for Sugar, and so is pretty much everyone else.  Tom worried more about taking out the leader, Cirie, than the follower, Sugar.  Rupert's name didn't even come up.  Tom brought up his Cirie idea to a bunch of the others.  Candace worried about breaking up Tom and Stephanie, (taking out Stephanie) along with Cirie and Amanda.  Cirie wants to keep Sugar because she's annoying and not very strong, so she takes the target off from Cirie.  Amanda didn't know what to do.  This ought to be an interesting Tribal!

Tribal Council is in an amazing location, built up like a giant Robinson Crusoe tree house.  Fantastic.

Tribal Council

Probst made his obligatory Fire=Life speech, and told them that Tribal is 40 ft. in the air and has no roof, so if it rains, they are SOL.  He asked what criteria people are using to vote people out. Tom said that it doesn't matter if people knew each other before. Sugar said that it absolutely matters.  Amanda admitted that she sucks at final tribal, but she makes good alliances.  Cirie said that everyone's a threat, because they wouldn't be there if they weren't a threat.

Probst them brought up the complete failure and lack of cohesiveness when working on the puzzle.  Cirie doesn't think that one challenge should determine their worth in the puzzle.  Sugar is afraid that it might be the reason she leaves the game, because she was part of the team who flubbed it, and that's why she was crying.  Candace said that the people who did the puzzle were brave to step up, and kicking them out for that might make people less willing to do puzzles.

I have no idea who is going.  Sad thing is, I like them all and don't want anyone gone!  This is going to be a tough season.  (Sugar had some trouble with the voting pen at first, because it has a cover, and that was kind of funny).  Thunder rumbled ominously and it began to rain as Sugar got 4 votes, and then Amanda got one, but Sugar picked up a fifth, and then a sixth, and she's gone.  Poor Sugar.  Sad to see her gone so quickly.  But, she should have shushed up in the middle of the night, or picked a different snuggle-recipient.  I think Colby gunning for her was her ultimate downfall.

And next week?  Boston Rob is unconscious in the forest.  Oh, that's no good.  Medics came in and he looked like shit and was completely unresponsive.  Oh, that's not good.

Are you as excited about this season as I am?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Idol: 2.10.10

Group Day!

The mad dash to find a group and choose a song happened.

One group was made entirely of people from Denver, and called themselves The Mighty Rangers.

Why didn't Jamar (Danny's friend) come back???

Mary Rocker Mamma's group had issues with two members who tossed themselves into their group.

Ok, the fact that some of them are singing Lady Gaga is all sorts of awesome.

One group was too loud  and got into a battle of wills with another group singing the same song.  Why don't they have rooms for these people to rehearse in?  Oh, right, because it wouldn't be good tv.

Drama, sleepy people, cocky people, people with bad hair and bad hats... time for bed.

More drama with Mary Rocker Momma, including with the accompaniest!  Yipes.

Morning time, and people seem excited, and forgetting their lyrics in rehearsals.  Oh, that's not good. 

Mary may be a good singer, but she doesn't have the best attitude.

Michael Lynch found out that his baby was born - it's a girl.  Wow.

Finally time for the Singing.

Faith (Michelle Delamore, Charity Vance, and Ashley Rodriguez) did a good job, but I really hate the stupid "To the Left" song.  They all make it through to the next round.

Team Awesome (Michael Lynche, Seth Rollins, Tim Urban, and Michael Castro) Michael and Seth were good, I really don't get the love for Tim, and we didn't even hear Michael Castro.  Michael and Tim went through.  I really don't get Tim.  Boo.

Neopolitan (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and Paige something) were not very good.  Liz I really didn't like.  They decided to go a capella, which apparently was copying Destiny's Wild, and I thought they were bad.  The judges thought they were good.  They are all through.

Destiny's Wild (Todrick Hall, Theri, Jareb Liewer, Siobhan Magnus) They had a really cool arrangement with some awesome choreography, but a really bad last note.  Ellen told them it was weird and they were dressed for Cirque de Soleil.  That aside, they are in.

Montage of people getting through who we don't see.

I missed their name (Tori Kelly, Maddie Penrose, Mark Labriola, Kimberly Kerbow, Danny Jones) Tori and Maddie started out well, but then people started forgetting words.  Maddie has an array of awful glasses, but she's through.

Cat Nestle decided to quit before her group went on. That's not a good plan.  Dude.  Don't quit.  I hate that.  The rest of her group was Phoenix (Ben Honeycutt, Jeff Goldford, Moorea Masa, and Jermaine Seller) Wow.  They missed a whole bunch of notes.  Jermaine had a way too high note, that he held too long.  Kara told them that it felt like Survivor, especially Moorea.  Ben and Moorea were booted, with reason.  They both sucked.  Jeff was good, and Jermaine was pretty good, so that was a happy decision.  I found Moorea really annoying.

Montage of people sucking on Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.  Many people sounded like they had thrown the lyrics in the blender. 

Big Dreams (Matt Lawrence, Amanda Shenkman, and a couple others) also sucked complete ass on Sweet Escape.  God.  That's a really hard song.  Gwen is freaking HARD to sing.  I think that song has three times as many words as any of the other songs.

Montage of familiar faces being booted.

Middle C (Janell Wheeler, Jermaine Purifoy, and Casey James) were really really good.  They are all safe.

Three Men and a Baby (Andrew Wheeler, Katie Stevens, JB Ahfua) were also good. All safe.

Dreams (Mary Powers, Hope Johnson, Margo May, Alex Lambert, and one other..) The backgrounds were really bad, and I think it was Margo?  She was awkward looking.  Mary, Hope and Alex are safe.  The others are out.  I like Mary's voice, but I hate superfluous runs and she has a terrible attitude.

71 of the original 96 of the day got through.

Next week, final solo time, and decisions are made.  I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Idol: 2.9.10 Hollywood Week

Welcome, Ellen!

Welcome, lots and lots of people who believe themselves to be The Next American Idol.

The first round is sudden death.  You sing (a capella or with an instument) and you are in, or you are gone.

Katie Stevens is up first, and she was a little froggy, but I still like her style and her voice.  She just sounded like she was singing too much in her throat.  The judges like her.

Skiiboski is up next.  I still don't find much interesting about him.  Ellen said she felt stalked by him, and he was performing like a leopard in a cage, and said it's a bad idea to scare your audience, and it's a fine line between sexy and scary.

Time to break them up into lines.  Katie is in, Skiiboski is out.  Good.  Skiiboski decided to plead his case, and Simon told him he's just not a very good singer, and he failed the audition.  Randy told him to change his stage name.

Montage of Simon hating everything, and Ellen letting people down in funny ways.

Vanessa Wolf and Andrew Garcia were good in the previous rounds.

Andrew has decided to sing Paula's Straight Up, with a guitar, and I like it.  I would listen to that on the radio.  It was very cool.  Too bad Paula isn't there to hear it.  He had the audience, that's for sure.  Too bad he had his eyes closed the whole time.  Kara called it genius, and Ellen put on the Paula over-the-head clap.  Kara said his interpretation was akin to Adam last season.  I wouldn't deny that.  I really liked it.

Vanessa's up.  I hope that she enjoyed her aeroplane and her peanuts on her aeroplane.  She looks damned nervous.  She kind of slaughtered Oasis in her audition, so sadly, I think Vanessa's going to be back on that aeroplane.  Ellen told her to embrace her unique qualities, and her nerves were clearly evident.

Tasha Layton was also in the line, but we didn't get to hear her.  Andrew is in, Tasha is in, but Vanessa is out.  Hope that she comes back.

Montage of disappointed rejectees.

Cornelius Edwards who split his pants in his initial audition was horrible, and Maegan Wright was disappointing, even though I was mesmerized by her shiny sparkly purple nails.  Amadeo DiRocco shouted and got rejected. 

Janell Wheeler (did we see her before?) brought out her guitar and was super.  She's really really pretty and I like her voice.  Ellen called her amazing, and she is in.

Montage of people sucking on their instruments and vocally.

Haeley Vaughan has her guitar, and she did the country thing a little less, and was much more sparkly around the eyes than in her previous audition, and I liked her voice a lot.  She's good.

Mary Powers, the Rocker Mom, sang Pink, and it was a really good decision.  She's got a really good voice.

Both of them are still in for now.

Ellen messed with the last group, having them step forward and back and to the side, and then told them all that they were in to the next round.

Toddrick Hall, Charity Vance, and Ashley Rodriguez all made it in to the next round.

46 made it through Day 1.

Day 2, and the other half of the contestants got their chance in front of the judges.

Simon told them not to be nervous, not to be boring, and not to forget his words.

Jay Stone the beatboxer was bad.  There's a reason that beatboxing usually doesn't happen at the same time as singing.

Lilly Scott had her guitar and her silver hair, and she was interesting.  I like her and her peacock earrings.  Kara said everything about her was refreshing.

Lilly is safe, along with some guy named Sam.

Michael "I've been kicked off" Lynch missed his wife going into labor because he was in Hollywood.  He must really hate his dad right now.  It's really a shame, because he's got a good voice and her can play the guitar.  I don't like the random grunting.  Simon told Michael it was a good day.

Cancer Survivor Boy Justin Williams and Tim Urban are up next.

Tim is up first with his guitar, and sang David Cook's Come Back to Me, and proved that David Cook is much better than he is.  He was weak at the ends of phrases and lacked conviction.  Kara told him that the chorus was shaky.

Justin sang with a keyboard, and we didn't see a lot of his audition, Randy said it was interesting, and it didn't sound like a good interesting.

Justin is out, but Tim moves on. 

Paige DeChaucey and Erika Rose are out.  Both the Jersey sisters are out.

Maddie Curtis is 16, but looks about 30 in her dress.  She's the one with the four brothers with Down's.  She had a weird song choice and sang it well, in parts, but she seems off key in some transitions.  Simon agrees with me that it was the wrong song choice for her.

Casey James who too his shirt off for Kara in the initial audition brought the blues guitar to the stage, and dang, I like him.  Randy brought out the yo, dude and really loved him.

Casey is in.  Maddie is out, but hey, she's only 16.  Try again, Maddie!

In the last line of the day is Didi Benami and she is singing a Kara song.  I really dig her voice and her understated guitar work.  She does put on a really odd accent at times while she sings, but I love her, and I love her octave transitions.  She's wonderful.  Simon said that he really loved the song and likes the fact that she was a waitress.

Crystal Bowersox, single mom from Chicago, got a tattoo of her (adorable) son's name on her back to give her luck.  She sang Natural Woman, and she sang it well, guitar in hand.  I could really do without the dreads.  I really really hate dreads.  They make me want to go wash my own hair.  She got the whole audience singing backup for her, and she was good.  Simon told her she was infectious.

Both are safe.

And that's it for tonight.  Tomorrow - Group Round!  Fun fun fun.