Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.29.09

Another leg in Prague, looks like!

Meghan & Cheyne are off first, to the Spanish Synagogue.  Brian & Erika are going to have to do a Speed bump before continuing on to the Ekotechnique museum, on the outskirts of town.


One person must enter a Kafka-esque room full of ringing phones, and find the phones that have someone on the other end.  They will hear letters to spell out Franz, which they then have to unscramble.

They can't write anything down, so Meghan made the probably smart decision to say the letters aloud, and associate an animal with them.  She got the letters, and then had to go fill out a form with a lot of very minute questions, set to mess her up and make her forget the letters.  She got it right on her second try, before Sam & Dan even got there.

After the Roadblock, teams headed to Kryocentrum to the next clue.  Meghan & Cheyne tried to take Sam & Dan's cab, who wouldn't go with them, but called them another cab.

Sam (or Dan, I still can't tell them apart) got the letters, but had to go a couple of times to get it right.

At Kryocentrum, teams must strip down to their skivvies and endure 180 below zero for 2 minutes (gloves, mask, and shoes also provided), which is apparently some sort of holistic treatment.

I'll keep my nice Scandinavian Sauna, thanks.

For the Speed Bump, Erika & Brian need to find the M1 Lounge and prepare a shot of absinth according to traditional methods before continuing on.  They then have to drink the absinthe.  Brian doesn't drink at all, so it is a challenge for him.  They did not look like they enjoyed the absinthe at all.

Sam (or Dan) was completely stymied.  The Globetrotter said he got the words "F-R-A-N-Z" but couldn't figure out that was the word they were looking for.  He and Sam (or Dan) worked together.  And failed.  Miserably.  Again and again.

Meghan & Cheyne emerged from the Kryotank and got their next clue, which sent them to the Charles Bridge.

I love the Charles Bridge.  There is a cross in gold on it that you have to touch to make sure you return to Prague, and we touched it with glee.  Can't wait until it brings us back.

Finally, Sam (or Dan) got Franz right, and then refused to tell Big Easy what the word was, only saying it started with an F.  That was a douche move, because they agreed to work together.

Big Easy was still working on it when Brian arrived, shot of absinthe in him and all.


Legend - Teams have to cover a wooden golem skeleton with mud and transport it to a synagogue.

Lager - Teams must carry 30 beers from a brewery through the town square and to a bar.

Meghan & Cheyne chose Legend.

Meanwhile, back at the telephones, Big Easy was still working on it when Brian had gotten all his letters and began.  Brian got it really quickly, and left Big Easy in his dust.  So much for the speed bump.  Big Easy decided to take the 4 hour penalty for not finishing the Road Block.  Wow.  I'm thinking, good bye, Globe Trotters.  Unless there is some sort of bottleneck...

Meghan & Cheyne finished their Golem and headed to the synagogue.  The golem was super heavy and they had to cross roads with him.  Meghan got really frustrated at Cheyne for yelling and not letting her help.  She stayed calm and it was actually kind of nice.

Sam & Dan finally arrived at the Detour and also chose Legend.

Erika doesn't like being cold.  She's from Florida and didn't even see snow until she was 21.  Needless to say, she did not enjoy the Kryocentrum.  They survived it, though.

Sam & Dan immediately knocked the arm off their golem.   I really hope that they fail.  They are annoying the crap out of me.

Erika & Brian decided to do Lager.  He used to be a server, so they think it shouldn't be too bad.  They were harassed along the way by revelers.

Meghan & Cheyne are heading to the Pit Stop, Strelecky Ostrov, an island in the river that the Charles Bridge goes over.  They were first.  They won a 52" LCD HD TV each for coming in first.

Sam & Dan asked a cabbie where to find the synagogue, and headed on their way, whining and yelling all the way.  I really can't stand them.

Brian dropped one glass, and then Erika dropped her whole tray, and she decided that she wanted to switch to the other task.  Brian urged her to keep trying.  There were a lot of drunk people walking by them trying to take the beers.  Not good.  They got the first batch of beers to the bar and headed back.  Erika was yelling like crazy at people trying to get the beer off their trays.  I can't say I blame her.

At the synagogue, Sam & Dan's golem got the ok, sadly.  They came in second at the Pit Stop.

Erika & Brian headed to the Pitstop next.  They were so happy to come in third, it was so cute.

The Globe Trotters finished their penalty and got a clue to head to the Pit Stop.  They didn't have to slog through everything else.  They were just done.  I'm sad, because I liked them, but I think they should have kept trying with the letters.  He knew the first letter was F.  How hard could it be to figure that out?  Oh, well.

Next week - Season Finale in Las Vegas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.25.09

The group dance is someone's weird brain at work.  Maybe Sonya?  It was pretty cool.  Kind of like Alice in Wonderland gone even funkier.  It was fun.  Legacy got to do some major spinning on his head.  It looks like Wade, but did he do two routines in a row?  Ah - it was Tabitha and Napoleon.  That was my third guess.

The reveal of Cat was very cool, even though she looks like an 80's Dyanasty extra.  Not the best look.  Cat does have astounding legs, though.  Adam liked Cat's outfit, and Mary was looking a little like Big Bird.  The judges blathered on about how sad they are to break up the couples, and how great everyone is.

Down to business.

Karen & Victor and Ashleigh & Jakob are up first.  My bet is for Karen & Victor to be in the bottom 3.  And I am right.  Deservedly so.  Legacy & Kathryn are up next with Mollee & Nathan.  I hope to high heavens that it's Mollee & Nathan in the bottom 3. And I am right again!!!  The final two couples to find their fate are Noelle & Russell and Ryan & Ellenore.  I think it is going to be Noelle & Russell.  I don't think they really deserve it (well, Russell doesn't), but against Ryan & Ellenore?  No contest, in my opinion.   And holy cow, it's Ellenore & Ryan.  I don't honestly think they have anything to worry about, unless they really fudge up their solos.

The guest dancer is a principal dancer from the American Ballet theatre, Paloma Hererra, and she's doing a dance from Don Quixote.  Ballet is awesome, but looking at it makes my feet hurt.  She was very good.  I miss Melissa.

Karen's solo:  She did pretty well, but did a lot of tossing her hair around.

Victor's solo: was pretty cool, I have to admit.

Mollee's solo:  So, she's a gymnast.  That doesn't make her a dancer.  At best, it makes her a cheerleader.

Nathan's solo:  Pretty neat, but I don't know if it really showed his best.

Ellenore's solo:  She showed off her quirky way of dancing, and I love her.

Ryan's solo:  He manages again to show off his super abilities and his feet were moving a mile a minute.  He should be safe.

Shakira performs.  When did she turn into Beyonce?  Seriously?  She looks eerily like Beyonce.  I miss bellydancing Shakira.  Fast forward time.   I think her hips have indeed started to lie.

The judges were unanimous for the girls.  They thought Mollee was fighting for her place in the top 10, and they liked her solo.  The judges couldn't think of anything to tell Ellenore about improving her dancing.  Karen knows how to shake her groove thing, but they thought her solo seemed like she was waving the white flag.  It's the end of the road for Karen.  While I think it should have been Mollee, I can't disagree.  I just really wanted Mollee gone.  Oh well.

For the guys, they were not unanimous.  Nigel compared Victor with Kelly Osbourne on Dancing with the Stars.  He thinks he has grown, much as she did.  Nigel didn't like Ryan's solo nearly as much, because it's hard for a latin dancer to compete with a contemporary solo.  Nathan hasn't shown much growth, and Nigel wanted him gone, but in the end, it's Victor going.  I think it was the right decision.  He may have had the better solo, but his partner work is not nearly as good.  I'll be interested in seeing Nathan with someone Not Mollee.

Do you think the right people went home?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.24.09

Tonight, each couple will have two dances.  The fun never ends.

Cat is in a sweet teal dress tonight, and it looks like she made up with hair and makeup people, because she looks lovely.  Mary is again downright demure in her dress, and I have to say, it's a relief.  Next week, couples start getting mixed up.  Awesome.

Ellenore & Ryan (Lindy Hop, choreographed by Carla Heiney, new choreographer, I've Got to Be a Rug Cutter, by the Boilmaker Jazz Club)  Ellenore is going to miss the perfectionism and buffness of Ryan.  He'll miss her fun quirkiness.  What a fun dance for their  last week together.  He swung her around like crazy and they got a chance to show some personality.  I kind of loved it.  There was an awesome portion where he was swinging through his leggs over and over again, and I loved it.  Great job.  Adam called it a fantastic start to the show, and called them cute as all get out.  Ryan apparently hurt his back this week, and still managed to lift her with no troubles.  Apparently the move I loved is called a coffee grinder.  Nice to know.  He said he felt the party.  Mary thought it was tremendous and loved the new choreographer.  She thought they captured the right feel, and the partnership was perfect.  Nigel thought it was terrible... that the show haven't had the lindy hop in three seasons.  The beginning of that critique had the poor dancer's jaws dropping.  He loved that they both got the spirit of the dance.

Kathryn & Legacy (Jazz, choreographed by Sonya, So Deep by Hot Chip) Legacy will miss the help that Kathryn has given him in his technique.  She's going to miss his character.  Sonya used Legacy's skills to their highest.  He is playing a guy who loves his woman so much he just has to quiver whenever he sees her,  He got to do some breaking, which was cool.  Kathryn was basically a bendy and flippy joy.  She teased him a little and it was cool.  Very well done.  Adam loved the routine, and loved how she used his B-Boy skills in the routine.  Mary loved his crab walks in the beginning (and so did I).  She thought Sonya was very clever, and thought the dancing in between the tricks was really great.  She also thought that Kathryn was a marvel.  She then screeched.  *sigh*  Nigel declared it one of his favorite routines of the season, and thought that Kathryn was very sexy without pushing it.  He admitted that he didn't think that Legacy had a lot of musicality in Vegas, but tonight he was dancing bloody well.  I agree.

Karen & Victor (Tango, choreographed by Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith, Montserat) Victor is excited about working with Karen because she's got a first class seat on the hot tamale train.  Karen is looking forward to being able to speak Spanish with him.  They are both super sparkly.  I was a bit distracted by their shininess, actually.  Karen got back to her sexy ways, and I thought that Victor danced strongly with her.  I still think she is the far stronger dancer.  I would have liked to have seen more fast footwork,  I like that in my tango.  Adam thought their new partnership worked out really well.  He thought that it was really great for Victor, and thought that Karen embraced the stillness and the energy and thought they had hot chemistry.  Mary was hugely surprised by Victor, and thought he had the right stature right off the bat.  She also thought that Karen looked tremendous.  She did not put Victor on the train with Karen, but thought he was picking up steam.  Nigel loved to see the intensity between them, but worried that Victor stuck his bum out too much and looked a bit like Donald Duck at times.  Other than that, he thought she was great.  Nigel thinks that Karen has a quality like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez - that Have to Watch Them quality.  I thought that they were very good.

Mollee & Nathan (Hip hop, choreographed by Jamal Sims, Ring-A-Ling, by The Black Eyed Peas) Nathan will miss Mollee's constant laugh.  Mollee will miss Nathan's weird noises that he blurts out constantly. The story is when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.  Interesting.   I think it is the most I have ever liked them.  Mollee still annoys me, though.  I was more impressed with Nathan. Nathan split his pants.  Mollee apparently hurt her ankle this week, but Adam thought they sold it.  He thought that Nathan really loved doing hip hop, but he could see some of the stress on Mollee's face.  Mary thought it picked up steam as it went along.  There was a bobble when Nathan picked Mollee up off the floor, and said it was fun, and "mostly" synchronized.  Nigel thought it was danced a little twee, and I agree.  Mollee looked like a cheerleader trying to do hip hop to me.  He is looking forward to them getting split up as partners.

Noelle & Russell (Samba, choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin, Hips Don't Lie, by Shakira) Noelle will miss how laid back Russell is.  He will miss her affection.  I'm kind of sick of Noells, too.  Anyhow, I think that Russell did an amazing job with the moves, and his hip action was impressive to me.  Noelle did a pretty good job, too, but I was more impressed with Russell.  He was dancing in heels, people.  Heels.  A crumper in heels.  Adam enjoyed the character, but thought it was too nice (I agree).  Mary thought that some of the lower body work was a little shallow and skating, but thought the performance was phenomenal.  She thought that Noelle didn't settle into it as well as Russell.  Nigel brought up that Shakira (who is going to be on the show tomorrow) oozes sex, but it felt like Noelle was almost clinical.  He thought that Russell didn't go far enough forward on the samba roll, but still can't believe that he hasn't had any other lessons.  I think Nigel thinks they are in trouble.  And no one mentioned the heels on Russell.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Lyrical Jazz, choreographed by Sonya, Time Flies by Lykke Li)  Ashleigh will miss the friendship with Jakob.  Jakob couldn't put into words how much he would miss Ashleigh.  Jakob got some chances to leap, and he did so beautifully.  Both of them just have astounding extension and flexibility.  I loved the whole thing.  Sonya knows how to take her dancer's abilities and milk them.  Adam was left speechless by the beauty of the routine.  He doesn't ever want to see Jakob in the pants again (and I agree), but he loved the whole thing, and will be sad to see their partnership break up.  He thought that Ashleigh embraced the style so well, and called Jakob surreal.  Mary loved them and agreed that it would be hard to break them up.  Nigel said that this routine replaced his previous favorite of the season, which was Sonya's jazz routine, and professed his love for Sonya.  He thought that they have given each other something special in their partnership.  I agree.  I didn't expect to like Ashleigh as much as I have come to like her.

*****Second Dances*****

Ellenore & Ryan (Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff, Razzle Dazzle, from Chicago) Ellenore is playing innocence and light, and Ryan is portraying the dark side of fortune and fame.  I liked it quite a bit - but not as much as their first dance.  There was one part where Ellenore's dress was over Ryan's face for a whole lift, and I thought that was weird.  Anyhow, Adam thought it was a great job, and was true broadway traditional "vocabulary," and thought it was full of character and energy.  He thought Ellenore was the rockstar of the routine, and I agree.  I miss the small things, like how hard it is to flex and point in an extended upright position.  Mary thought Ryan dug in and got the character and screamed about the professionality of him.  She loves how unique Ellenore is, and called her the It Girl.  Nigel wished that Mary could speak in Ellenore's Alien Language, because it is quieter.  He loved the dance, and said he wants to put 6 couples through to the Top 10. 

Kathyrn & Legacy (Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux and France, Your Guardian Angel, by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)  It was gorgeous.  I think that the story behind the waltz is a good idea.  She was playing his dance guardian angel, and she did it well.  What a gorgeous dance.  It brought Legacy to happy tears.  Nigel wondered how they could be mean to him after that.  Adam thought that if Legacy could get through ballroom, he could go all the way.  He admitted that sometimes Legacy's shoulders were up too much and needed some footwork help, but it was admirable.  He did think that Kathryn was wonderful.  Mary thought that they weren't moving lightly enough across to floor, but thought that Kathryn was perfection.  Nigel said they love him, and a lot of the problems are going to be overlooked because of it.  He thought that Kathryn stole the evening.

Karen & Victor (Hip Hop, choreographed by Lauriann Gibson, Moving Mountains, by Usher)  Karen said she was inspired by Lauriann.  I thought the routine lacked a certain punch.  It was pretty cool when she climbed his back, but it didn't have the oomph I am used to in hip hop.  Eh.  Not the best.  Their tango was much better.  Adam thought there was a lot of commitment, but didn't think it match the music somehow.  Mary called it ok, but not memorable.  I agree.  She was grateful for their tango.  The synchronization wasn't there.  Nigel thought it was a pity that the lackluster hip hop didn't come before the tango, to leave the viewers with something better to remember.  He stopped talking when he couldn't say anything really positive about it.

Mollee & Nathan (Can Can, choreographed Tyce Diorio, Cancan Suite) First ever can can on the show.  It was a very traditional looking cancan, and I think it worked much better than the Russian Folk Dance, that's for sure.  Nathan was better than Mollee in my book, again, but she was miles better in this.  There was a moment where you could see her ankle hurt, and she kind of hesitated.  Her personality just bugs me, though.  Adam thought they were the best couple to get this energetic routine.  He thought that Nathan had a bit better choreograhy, but thought that Mollee's arial spin was good (and it was). Mary said they can can do it.  She thought that it was enjoyable and fun, and loved Nathan's spins and balance.  Nigel said that in the original can can, the ladies didn't wear underwear, under all the petticoats, and that is why it was scandalous.  He thought it was the best couple to do the cancan, also.  Better by miles than their first dance.

Noelle & Russell (Contemporary, choreographed by Tyce Diorio, A Case of You, bu Diana Krall)  They are supposed to be painting their relationship with each other.  Russell's shirt broke right in the beginning, but they did so beautifully, I don't even care.  It was a stunning routine to me, and they did it superbly.  It gave me chills.  Adam thought they were just gorgeous.  Agreed.  Mary thought it was pretty special and cleverly done, from the wonderful entrance right on through.  She called it out of this world.  Nigel thought it was a great commercial for guys to start dancing (what with the "paint with your face across her chest") and thinks they left viewers something beautiful to remember them with.  He loved Noelle's commitment, and he forgot that Russell was a street dancer.  Cat scolded them for getting paint all over the floor.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Cha cha, choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie, Cha Cha Heels) Ashleigh was so excited for the latin dance, and Jakob was nervous.  They are fighting over a chair.  Ashleigh got to have feathers on her bitt, and she worked them.  I was dizzied by the camera, which circled them and didn't let me really see them well for a bit.  That aside, it was grand.  I love them.  Adam said it is Ashleigh's world, and we are all just visiting.  He commended Jakob for making himself look like a ballroom dancer.  He doesn't like all the "hungry jazz looks" in ballroom, but they worked.  He called them the couple of the night.  Mary thought they blew it out of the ballpark.  She loved Ashleigh's amazing legs and her total confidence, and thought that Jakob did a commendable job.  Nigel thought that Jakob didn't look like the fish out of water, and he was glad it wasn't a concept routine, and thinks they are waltzing through to the top 10.

I have no idea who is going home tomorrow.  I am hoping for Mollee or Noelle, and for the guys?  Victor doesn't do it for me.  How about you?  It was a super strong night, and it's going to be tough no matter what.  Karen didn't do it for me in the Hip Hop, either...

But, all in all, there were so many strong moments, I don't know if I can pick out favorites, even!

What do you think?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.22.09

From the marsh, Megan & Cheyne are the first to leave Estonia, and head to Prague.

Once in Prague, they have to get to old town square, and then find a Praga, which they have to figure out is a vintage car.

They have NO MONEY for this leg of the race.  Tricky.

I love Prague.  My husband and I went there in 2001.

Sam & Dan prove that they are really undereducated, and ask if they speak Spanish in Prague.  The other one said, "No, it's a country."  Um... not really.  It's a city in a country.  Nice try, though.

At the airport, Megan & Cheyne find that the first flight is at 5:20 AM, heading to Riga, and then connecting to Prague at 8:15.  All of the other teams find the same answer to the travel on the internet.  When Megan & Cheyne went to check the internet, also, and saw the picture of the Praga, and Megan decided to tell the other teams that it is something other than a car. 

All the teams got on the same flight.

Why, Hello, Prague.  Miss you.

Everyone takes a taxi, except for Ericka & Brian, who took the shuttle.  I don't know how they are going to be paying for these forms of transportation, since they got no money.  They must be able to use the money leftover from previous legs.

Sam & Dan thought a Praga might be a coat or a robe.

The teams must find Kayaka Troya, an outdoor adventure center.  And, Goodbye, Old Town Square.  (I love that Astronomic Clock.  It's stunning).  Dan is annoyed at how much Sam loves seeing the sights.  I am annoyed at how annoying Dan is.

Brian & Ericka made the wrong decision, and were very slow in making their way into the city.  They stopped and snagged a taxi to try to get there more quickly.  They were already in last place.

Meghan & Cheyne got to the Kayaka Troya first.


Fast and Furious - Teams take a rough ride down a man made white water rafting course, and grab a ribbon with their next clue.  If they tip over, they have to try again.

Slow and Steady - Teams must walk across a ropes course and retrieve their clue.

Sam & Dan did Fast, while Meghan & Cheyne and The Globetrotters chose Slow.

Immediately, Sam & Dan started bickering like crazy.  I really have come to hate their bitching.

Ericka & Brian finally found their clue, and headed to the Detour.

The Globe Trotters had troubles with the ropes course because they are so tall, and heavy, they were touching the water.  It certainly didn't look like a walk in the park.  Big Easy was having the worst time.

I must admit I giggled a bit when the brothers capsized.

Meghan & Cheyne finished the detour first.  Unfortunately, Flight Time started going slowly down the ladder and they couldn't get down until he was off.  He took his sweet time getting down.  Big Easy kept struggling.

Teams must get to the Estates Theatre, as indicated by writing on the ribbons they collected on the detour.

And the Brothers went over AGAIN.  They decided to switch to slow.  Right then, Brian & Ericka arrived.  They are doing Slow, as well.  Ericka is not fond of water, and Brian doesn't like heights.  Fun.  Many squabbles ensued, for both teams.

Meghan called to the Globe Trotters to follow them to the tram, and then Meghan & Cheyne grabbed a taxi that I think the Globetrotters flagged down.  Meghan was not happy about Cheyne being rude, and he wondered where her competitive spirit was. 


Who Can Remain Composed Under Pressure?

The opera house is where Don Giovanni was first performed, and they have to search through the seats of the opera house and find a miniature mandolin, and then bring it on stage to Don Giovanni himself.

I really wish that they had done something with the Marionette Don Giovanni shows that are constantly going on in Prague.  That's something else.

It was pretty funny when Cheyne brought the wrong instrument up to the actor first, and he just laughed at him and said "No."

There are lots of decoy instruments in the seats.  That's tricky.

At the Detour, Sam & Dan finished and tried to steal the taxi that Brian & Ericka had waiting for them.  They told the cabbie they would pay him extra, and he agreed.  That was not cool.

At the Roadblock, the Globe Trotters were annoyed with Meghan's constant calling for Cheyne.

Ericka & Brian found a house and the nice people there called a cab for them.  That was really sweet.

Dan found a case for a miniature instrument, but no instrument.  Flight Time Showed off some good pipes and sang for Big Easy.  Big Easy found the empty case and got laughed at.

Finally, Cheyne found the case that did have an instrument in it, and off they went.  The Globe Trotters were happy to not listen to Meghan anymore.  Dan found it next.  Right as they were leaving, Ericka & Brian showed up.  The Brothers avoided eye contact with the team they screwed over.  The Globe Trotters finally found the instrument, and the Brothers (ironically) had a hard time getting a taxi and barely got to the castle in front of the Globetrotters.

And the Pit Stop is the fabulous Prague Castle.  It is really stunning.  Rulers have been defenestrated there throughout history.

Meghan & Cheyne arrived first and won a trip to Hawaii.  Sam & Dan managed to get to the Pit Stop in second place, with the Globe Trotters hot on their heels.

Ericka continued to search for the instrument, as Don Giovanni took a break and ate a sandwich.  She did find it, and off they went to the castle.

And, it's a non-elimination leg!  Again!  Brian & Ericka are safe.  Insane.  I'm glad.  I really want the brothers out.

How about you?  Were you happy to see this non-elimination leg?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project Runway - 11.19.09: Finale!

Poor Carol Hannah is still feeling really sick.  Irina basically said "Too bad, so sad," and continued on her bitchy way.  At the work room, Logan comisserated with Carol Hannah before going to go work for Althea.  Gordana got to work with Irina.  Carol Hannah was just in tears.  Christopher offered a shoulder to cry on, but then went to work for her.  Althea awkwardly suggested that it was time to go for hair and makeup consultations.  It went well, with no real drama.  Althea and Irina have close eye make-up ideas.  Carol Hannah wanted soft and pretty.

Back at the workroom, there were some fittings, and then Tim came for a look see.  He worried about Irina's hats looking costumey.  Althea's 13th look is a little 80's. He also heard similar make-up ideas from Irina and Althea and was concerned.  Althea was in tears.  Tim called it a Make It Work Moment.  He worried about Carol Hannah's relapse, but she claimed to be feeling ok-ish. Her 13th look is a gorgeous blue color, and I kind of think it could be awesome.

Sewing sewing sewing!  The next morning, Carol Hannah seemed to be feeling better, but admitted it was mostly mind over matter.  Irina decided to put her Main Model in the 13th look.  I hate the hat.  I think it is ridiculous. 

Tim had a final Gather Round when they had about 15 minutes left.  People were stitching to the last second.  Irina told Gordana to put all the hats, all the gloves, and all the feathers in one bag, which she would take with her.  Off they went, back to their hotel. 

The day of the Runway show, they had to get up at 3:15 AM in order to have time to get themselves ready, and then get the models ready.  Irina didn't have her muse models look done and she wasn't in hair and makeup done.  Then, Irina had a zipper break.  Tim was about to lose it because no one was ready to line up when they needed to be.  Tim was not happy.  That made the designers nervous.

Heidi was looking kind of 80's in a hot pink suit with skinny pants and shoulder pads... I didn't love the look.

Althea was out first, and she was dressed in a really cute dress, leggings, and... Uggs?  Ugh.  Not a good choice.  She wanted to show what the woman of today would wear tomorrow.  Her first look invlved ridiculously long sleeves on a  sweater with leather look pants.  Her next looks was a simple black dress.  The 13th look was not bad.  There was a look that had a top that looked stained.  I really hate the super long sleeves.  It was all kind of weird and awkward to me.  There was a green mini dress that I kind of liked, but then came a couple of really badly put together silver dresses.  There was a gold dress that her muse model was wearing, and it was kind of slick, but nothing special.  An eh collection.

Carol Hannah was next.  She's adorable.  She didn't talk about the inspiration for her collection, but that's ok.  Her first looks was a very interesting gold and black dress, followed by another really neat dress.  There was a purple top with braiding and I loved it.  The rich purple gown was also fabulous.  I really dug the silber poofy bottom dress, and although the silver babydoll top looked kind of maternity, the 13th look was stunning.  The red headed model in the gold dress looked uncomfortable, but that can't be blamed ont eh dress.  The muse model in the gold gown was gorgeous.  Loved the styling of her collection.  I think I could see a lot of those gowns on red carpets.

Irina was last.  Her collection was about New York.  She also had the super long sleeves.  Her hats made her models look like Robin Hood.  Or horses.  The giant sweaters with with hoods were stupid.  The 13th look was kind of neat but nothing I loved.  I have no idea what she was thinking with the shredded pants.  Her gown at the end witht he stupid hat looked hard to walk in and the model didn't look happy.  The whole collection was black, with the exception of some knit and fur.  I really hated it. 

Carol Hannah for the win, in my book!  The judges thought that there was variety, fabulous knitwear, and new ideas.  I don't know about the fabulous, but there was certainly knitwear...

Michael, Nina, and Heidi are juined by Suzy Menkes, Fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.

Enter the muse models!

Irina talked up the shielding aspect of her looks.  Michael told her that the warrior woman is not a new character on the scene.  Heidi thought it was a finished collection.  Nina liked the t-shirts.  Michael commended her for the work that went into it.  Heidi wants to own some of the clothes.  Nina didn't like all the black.  Michael thought the black would giver her less credit than she deserved.  Nina worried that all the black doesn't play well on camera,

Carol Hannah loved draping.  Heidi loved the 13th look, and was stunned to hear it was the last look.  Suzy loved the upturned pyramid dress, and Carol Hannah called it a showpiece.  Heidi didn't know that it was a cohesive collection.  Michael loved the structured drapery, but worried there was no connecting thread.

Althea wanted to talk about the future.  Michael liked that the collection was sportswear, which you could potentially mix and match.  Nina liked the green dress, and Heidi liked the silver strapless top that I hated.  Michael loved some khaki pants that I hated - he thought they were flattering.  I thought they were kind of like parachute pants.

 The judges loved Carol Hannah's use of color.  Suzy thought that Althea had good clothes, but didn't showcase them well.  Oh, good lord.  The judges liked Irina's hats.  Michael didn't love her big giant gown.

Carol Hannah is the first one out.

Booooo.  Now, I don't really care who wins.  I hated both of the other collections.  At least Althea had that cool green dress..  Freaking Irina won.  Stupid freaking hats and stupid giant sleeves and stupid huge hoods.  Gah.  I would not wear any of her clothes.  None of them.  The judges called it sleek, modern, and cohesive.  I disagree.

Anyhow, winning won't make Irina any less of a bitch.

Are you as disappointed as I was?

Here's hoping that next season brings some more fun.  Don't know when it starts, but I'll be there.

Survivor Samoa: 11.19.09

Russell compares his game to a Picasso. He's pretty good, I have to admit.  Dave told Russell that it was a great move, and Russell said it felt almost as great as the birth of his kids.  Laura and Monica simply called him a snake.  Shambo chatted with Russell about Laura's reaction at Tribal.  Very cool.  I am so glad that Shambo is in with Russell.  Shambo said that she would love to find the new hidden idol and give it to Russell, just to play Laura again.  Bwah ha ha.

And as soon as it was light enough to see, Russell was back out searching for that idol again.  No immediate luck, but he was working it.

Wow, Shambo had some fantastic insults for Laura.  She called her the demon, the beast, and other choice things.  She then went to talk to John about the need to get rid of Laura.  He didn't really commit to anything.  He thinks he is the only Galuvian who is knowledgeable of her switch of loyalty.

Reward Challenge

Two teams of five are formed.  One member will lie face down in a cradle attached to ropes, which the other team members maneuver to help the cradled person snag 15 flags in order, and then put them in their spots in order.

They are playing for a picnic by a waterfall, and the use of a Palm Pre, to take pictures.  I'm betting there will be phone calls involved, too.

The teams are Shambo, Jaison, Monica, and Dr. Mick with John in the cradle vs. Dave, Brett, Laura, and Russell with Natalie in the cradle.  Things were looking good, until John knocked over number 9 and had to put it back in it's slot before continuing.    Natalie was hanging out of the cradle like a trapeze artist.  It was really well done.  Natalie's team won the reward.

The reward looked nice.  Lots of beautiful food, including hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pie... lots of pictures were taken.

Back at camp, Jaison and Dr. Mick talked to Monica and tried to get her over on their side.  She told them she thought they would still be even.  The assured her that they had the votes, and she said she wants John out.  She is also pretty sure that the flipper is Shambo.  Ding Ding Ding.

At the challenge, the feasters got a video clue to find the new hidden idol.  It's under a mossy rock.  Back at camp, he shared the clue with Jaison, and off they all went in search.  Everyone was chasing Russell around.  Russell started running, and Dave was off after him.  Russell lost Dave, doubled back, and ....

He freaking found the idol.  Again.  That guy is awesome.  If Russell was really smart, he'd keep looking fervently.  Otherwise, everyone will know he has it again.

Monica went to tell Laura that she doesn't trust two people on the tribe - Shambo is first on the list. 

Immunity Challenge

They have to throw a rock at tiles, and they will get spears for every tile they break.  The person who gets their spear closest to a target wins.  It's like Plinko, with the pricing game first, to get plinko pucks.

Jaison is the first one to get a tile.  Dave knocked out one of Monica's tile.  Dr. Mick broke a tile, and Brett broke two tiles.

Laura, Russell, Shambo, Natalie, and Dave don't get a chance at immunity.

The spears were shot in a giant crossbow-like thing.  Brett got in the second ring, and Jaison followed it up by missing the target entirely.  Monica hit the target, but was way outside.  Dr. Mick took careful aim and got just inside Brett's.  Brett's second spear didn't get any closer, so Dr. Mick wins immunity.

Shambo was practically cackling about getting rid of Laura.  That means something is going to go terribly wrong with that plan.  Russell told the camera that the plan is to get rid of Laura.  Shambo told Brett (who we have barely seen) that there is no more Galu and she is absolutely voting for LauraJohn, Dave, and Laura met in the woods and Laura wanted to vote rid of Russell, and John said "Wrong.  Your vote is for Natalie."  That would be smart, see.  He talked in interview about how badly the former Galu thinks analytically.  Then, Monica went to Dave and told him that she is going to tell Foa Foa she is voting for John, and she will really vote for Natalie, and then it will be Natalie going, with Shambo's vote for Laura.  She went to talk to Foa Foa, and she was seemingly convincing.  Brett told John about the plan to get Foa Foa to vote for him.  John did not think that sounds like a good plan at all.  He said he is not risking his life (in the game) to save Laura John went to go talk to Russell, who said he figured out that the Vote For John push is a swindle.  John thinks he might vote for LauraJohn said that if he switches, and votes for Laura, he wants the next vote out to be a Foa Foan. 

This could get interesting.  It is certainly the most camera time Brett and John have gotten so far. 

Tribal Council

Probst asked if it is surprising to have two former Galus in the jury.  Shambo said that to her, Galu was broken.  Laura claims they are tight, at least Galu without Shambo.  He asked if people would be ok forcing a tie and pulling rocks.  Dave said he would be fine with that.  Really?  I mean, really?

Shambo called Laura a viperous poison when she voted for her.  I know they don't get along, but I also don't quite get the bitter animosity, I guess... I maybe missed something?

Russell felt safe enough to not play his hidden idol.

Laura got the first vote, followed by another Laura, then another Natalie, then another Laura, and then another Natalie, then another Laura, then another Natalie, then another Laura.  The final vote was for Natalie.  It's a tie!

Laura and Natalie did not vote, and everyone has to vote for either Laura or Natalie.

Laura was stunned, as were the other Galuvians (except for Shambo and John).  Jaws dropped.  I clapped and whooped a little.  Russell looked like the happiest person ever.

This is going to get very interesting.  Love it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Chef - 11.19.09

Now that Robin is gone, I think the group is pretty neck and neck.

Bryan is worried about his restaurant bills getting paid.  Red Beard misses his wife.  Eli's mentor is Richard Blase (from previous seasons).  Jennifer feels that she started off strong but has become unfocused.  Agreed.

Padma is in the Quickfire with Gavin Kaysen, who represented the US in an Olympic-style cooking competition about classical French cuisine.


Cheftestants have to create a version of Gavin's Bocuse D'Or - Protein, in a protein, in a protein.  90 minutes.

Jennifer decided to do a Turducken.  That's expected, isn't it?

Red Beard thought that the Voltaggios are doing things that are risky in the given time.

Eli made a Bacon Crusted Breakfast Sausage with a Six-Minute Egg center.  I love Scotch Eggs, so I think adding bacon around them is just this side of genius.

Michael made a poultry terrine with turkey, bacon, and turkey.

Jennifer made calamari steak, salmon, and shiso with a salad.  Padma welcomed her back.

Bryan made a rack of lamb with merguez sausage and caul fat with puree of carrot, curry yogurt,and a couple other sauces

Red Beard made a cornmeal fried catfish with scallop and shrimp.  Yum.

Red Beard's catfish was called overcooked.  Michael V. didn't capture the spirit of the challenge.  The winner of the challenge was Jennifer.  Good for her.  She's going to get an advantage in the elimination challenge.

Elimination Challenge

It's the Top Chef version of Bocus D'Or.  Each chef needs to create a presentation platter with one protein and two (complex and intricate) garnishes.

They have a choice of lamb or salmon for protein and will use a traditional mirrored platter for their presentation.

They have four hours to cook the next day.  Jennifer gets an extra 30 minutes to cook.  That's slick.  They will be cooking for 12 judges, including representatives from Bocus D'Or.  Thomas Keller will be one of the judges, and he's a famous American chef.  They have to show taste, creativity, and execution.

After Whole Foods, they watched a dvd of the Bocus D'Or and it was insane.  Kevin asked the Voltaggios advice on how to cook with the sous vide.  Bryan was fine with sharing the information.  He admitted that he wasn't sure if his brother would have done the same thing.  I say, bravo.  It was a good thing to do, and not a jackass move.

Cooking the next day, they got to meet Thomas Keller when Tom brought him to the kitchen.  Then, they got to cooking.  Michael decided that the food Kevin cooks is the food he cooks on his day off.  Tom did a walk through, and then told the chefs that the winner of the challenge will get $30K.  Wow.

Red Beard presents first.  He's serving lamb loin, sherry glazed golden beet with swiss chard and asparagus with sunchoke cream and toast.  Sounds good to me.  The judges seemed to think it tasted good, but Thomas Keller thought it was a little elementary.

Michael served a cauliflower and chick pea cake, sous vide salmon with crab and zucchini, tzatziki stuffed cucumber with salmon roe.  The flavors were called disparate.  One of the judges found a bone.  It was said that he had a lack of harmony. 

Jennifer was super nice and helped Bryan out when he was running out of time.  He served a crusted loin of lamb, crusted with parsley, and something I can't pronounce, and a play on mac & cheese with sheep's cheese and a very cool garlic chip.  The plating was impressive, but the lamb was undercooked.  His ideas were lauded, but it was obvious that he ran out of time.

Eli made a lamb sausage crusted in pistachios.  His garnishes is a carrot puree with yogurt foam and tomato and pepper marmalade on top of a crouton.  He carved tableside.  I don't know that's a good idea.  The lamb was badly cut, and undercooked. 

Jennifer gave them poached salmon with caviar and enoki mushrooms, shrimp flan with snap peas, chervil, and truffles, along with celery root with shitake mushrooms.  The dish was called all over the place and some of the plates were undercooked. 

Thomas told them that one of them would get a spot in the 2011 Bocus D'or competition.  Wow.

The chefs scrubbed down the kitchen when they were done cooking, and that's the first time I think I've seen that.  It was kind of nice.

Judge's Table for everyone!

Michael's mediterranean theme was blasted, and the bone in his salmon was not good.  Bryan was told that they felt if he had more time, it would have been perfect.  Red Beard was accused of playing it too simple and safe.  Jennifer's salmon cooking method was interesting, but didn't work.  Eli's meat was very very undercooked. 

And the winner of the challenge?  Red Beard!  Go Red Beard!  He gets to go to Bocus D'Or.  I think he was about to cry.  All that, and $30K.  Slick.

I am not surprised when Eli is sent packing.  I think that's how it should be.  He did well, but he was out-cheffed.

What do you think?

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.18.09

The group dance is set to Aha! by Imogean Heap, and featured the dancers hidden under sheets.  It was super cool.  I loved the dance.  The outfits were weird, but I can deal with them.  I can't even describe the dance.  It was super duper cool.  It was choreographed by Wade & Amanda Robeson.  That makes sense.  Cat is wearing what looks like a mother-of-the-bride dress mixed with a five year old's Easter dress.  And I think the dress has a silver sparkly tie incorporated into it, and I could be wrong, but I think her shoes are fuzzy... Interesting.

Cat checked in with the judges, and it was revealed that next week, each couple will do two dances.  Yay. 

Ashleigh & Jakob are first to find out their fate.  They are safe.  Yay.  Next up are Karen & Kevin.  They are in the bottom 3.  Good.  How did Ellenore & Ryan fare with their gorgeous Travis Wall routine?  Safe!  That's good.  Noelle & Russell and Channing & Victor are next.  Channing & Victor are in the bottom 3.  That could have gone either way.  I didn't connect so well with Victor, so we'll see.  And the music might have hurt them.  For the final couple in the bottom 3, it's Mollee & Nathan or Kathryn & Legacy.  To round out the bottom 3, it's Mollee & Nathan.  Good.  As it should be.  That pasa doble was wonderful.

I'd say it's the right bottom 3.

Guest dancer is Nakul and a group of Bollywood dancers.  Awesome!  Bollywood is best in a group.  It was absolutely gorgeous. 

Karen's solo is up first, set to Break on Through, and she is wearing leather pants so as to get Nigel worked up, I assume.  The solo didn't do much for me, actually.  It was a lot of hair flipping.

Kevin's solo was a lot better.  He didn't use the stage very well, though, and pretty much stayed in one place.

Channing's solo was really much better.  She has beautiful extension.  I didn't think that her spin was very straight, though.  She got my attention more than Karen, though.

Victor's solo featured his enviable leaps and flexibility and gorgeous pirouettes.  Good show, I think.

I have to admit, Mollee's solo was pretty awesome.  She was also rocking what looked like leather leggings, but she certainly showed some skill.

Nathan's solo was interesting and showed some unique moves.  I liked it a lot.

I think that Kevin and Karen are done.

Time for a musical guest who I don't recognize.  Fast Forward, though what I heard was pretty good.

The judges are unanimous on the ouster of the girl.  Nigel told Mollee that she proved she can dance like a woman in her solo, and showed what dancing for your life is all about.  Channing has perfect technique, but needs more personality to come out.  Karen has more personality, so that's why she's staying.  Ok, that's fair. 

The judges were also unanimous with the men's decision.  He told Nathan that he's proved what a good dancer he is in his solo, and he's safe.  He told Victor that he needs to be careful to throw more than pirouettes in his solos, because they know he can pirouette.  Kevin has not grown enough, so he's gone.

Next week, Karen & Victor are the new couple.  I think the decisions were good.  What do you think?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.17.09

Cat is looking a little like she just got in from an all night disco.  Her hair is disheveled and her make up is shimmery, and her dress could have been made from mylar.  She has black nail polish on, too.

I am overjoyed that Mary Murphy's breasts aren't threatening to spill out onto the judge's table.  She is covered up tonight and it is a happy day. 

Because we are going to see some pictures and videos of the contestants as children, Cat showed pictures of the judges as children.  Adam was adorable. 

Ashleigh & Jakob (Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Whatca Say by Jason Darulo)  Ashleigh was super energentic as a child, and her most memorable dance moment was her last moment dancing before she was too sick for 6 years, when she was 15.  Jakob had his first performance as a 10 year old, and they were admittedly terrible, and looked like they did a dance to N'Sync.  The story of the dance today is that they are a couple, and she discovers that he's been cheating on her.  I have to say, these two can hit hard.  There was a really cool flip lift, and they use the new set screens to their fullest, to show text messages from the other woman.  It was a super cool dance.  Nigel thinks that Jakob comes up to the challenge every week and adds more on.  He thought that Ashleigh was going to ride on Jakob's coat tails for a while, but in fact, he is impressed with her growth.  Mary found herself drawn to Ashleigh, in her hard hitting believability.  Adam called them pretty much a sure bet for the top 10, but reminded them to keep it up.  He admitted that he didn't believe in Ashleigh going into the Top 20, but he is a convert.

Karen & Kevin (Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff, If My Friends Could See Me Now from Sweet Charity)  Karen was a very quiet and well behaved child.  When she first moved to NYC, she had a hard time with the language of dance.  Kevin was the oldest of lots of kids, and started dancing at 17.  His favorite memory is a Michael Jackson tribute after he died.  They looked pretty good, but it seemed that there were some lines that weren't quite completed.  Not sure, though.  He didn't look super confident in the lifts, either.  Nigel spent some time sucking up to the new choreographer, and told them that they had to have a lot of personality and a lot of humor.  It was the first time Karen didn't have to dance to bring the sexy, and he thinks that she didn't bring that much humor.  He thought that Kevin brought even less humor, and thought that they were missing chemistry with each other and with the style.  Mary agreed that the whole thing seemed nice and fairly safe, but it wasn't really there.  She thought that Karen was marginally better, but Kevin's shoulders were up too high and while they hit the big bits, but missed the interstitial movements.  Adam liked that Karen was given a chance not to be a tigress, but it was disappointing.  Cat called attention to Kevin's sparkly shoes.  Ah, Cat.

Noelle & Russell (Foxtrot, choreographed by Eddie Simon, Baby (You've Got What it Takes), by Michael Buble.) Russell was outgoing as a child and never shy, and they showed a video of him singing in front of a huge crowd.  He did a Michael Jackson routine at 7 or 8, and it was adorable.  Noelle whacked her head on the windshield when she was a child because she was hyper and she has two fake teeth.  She was not the best dancer as a child, but she loved it.  This is the second chance at the Foxtrot, and Noelle's first time on stage for it.  There was a really cool lift where she basically did a cartwheel and ended up on his shoulder.  Very nice.  Smoothly done.  The music was a little peppier than I am used to for a fox trot, but I think they did a good job with it.  Nigel thought that Russell has vastly improved in the two weeks since he did it.  He also thought that Noelle was right there with him.  Mary thought that Russell looked confident and at ease.  She thought that Noelle looked confident because she was carrying herself correctly and was doing the dance right.  Adam thought that joy was exuded by the routine and thought it was fantastic.

Channing & Victor (Jazz, choreographed by Tyce D'iorio, Blackbird by Bobby McFerrin) Channing was put into dance class because she was super energetic and insane, and she did a routine to Stray Cat Strut dressed as a cat when she was 6.  Victor was a crazy child, and showed some early turns.  Victor has some crazy huge glasses.  The routine is about two curious blackbirds.  They danced around a cage prop and I kind of dug their outfits.  It was kind of cool.  I don't know that it will be my favorite routine ever, but it was cool.  Victor has five stitches above his eye from a collision where Channing pecked him in the head.  Nigel said it was the first time where Channing looked like she was enjoying herself, and consequently, it was the first time he's really enjoyed watching her.  Nigel worries that Victor is not pushing himself and growing as much as the other dancers.  Mary loved the dance concept and that they were really good.  Adam thinks that Channing is finding her way into the show.  He didn't love the choice of song, because it was kind of alien sounding.  He also thinks that Victor needs to bring a little bit more.

Kathryn & Legacy (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Tony Meredith, Pursuit, by Ka)  Kathryn was a really shy child, but her mom owned a dance studio, and her first performance was with her mom, and that broke her out of her shell.  Legacy was a very rebellious child.  His first performance was at a house party, when his dad gave him $5 to dance.  Legacy had a crotch of his pants split in rehearsal.  Legacy is shirtless in the dance and I loved the way it began.  He is dancing very powerfully, and Kathryn is doing a great job, too.  I think is one of my favorite pasa dobles in a couple seasons.  Their footwork seemed really good to me.  She did have a bit of a hard time grabbing her feet on the last lift, but it was still really good. The music was really suited for it.  Adam said if Legacy is an admiral, he knows lots of people who would sign up for that navy.  Nigel loved the maturity with which Kathryn danced.  Nigel says that he sees Legacy practicing all the time, in the hallways and everything, and thinks that that hunger and passion is what is going to push him to the Top 10.  Mary agreed that Kathryn was right on the money, and was a Spanish vixen.  She loved the character that Legacy brought.  Adam thinks that Legacy's increase in stamina is huge since Vegas.  Good marks all around.

Time for the Dizzy Feet Charity Update, and the Gala.

Ellenore & Ryan (Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall, Your Ex-Lover's Dead by Stars)  Ellenore was a sassy little girl who didn't follow directions well, and she was highly distracted at her first dance recital, picking her wedgie. Ryan started dancing really young and his first performance was as a bunny. Travis' routine is a reunited couple. The control was glorious. I love Travis' choreography. The emotion was palpable. They flew across the stage and it was fantastic. Bravo. Nigel thinks that they got the luck of the draw in getting the beautiful Travis routine, and thinks that they benefited from Ryan's strength. He said that the choreographers call Ellenore one of the sharpest tools in the box this season. Nigel also thought that Ryan is the best ballroom dancer who has done contemporary. Mary took some time to praise Travis. She then told Ellenore that she is gorgeous and is having star quality moments with perfect technique. Ryan's timing and strength were perfection for her. Bravo for something that made Mary speechless for a moment. She said that they walked on tall cotton, which was a saying of her grandmother's. Adam thinks that the show kicked in just now, and said that the routine was the first to pull him in enough to almost bring him to tears. He thought that Travis had craftsmanlike use of his tools.

Mollee & Nathan (Pop Jazz, choreographed by Laurieann Gibson, Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga) Nathan was a spoiled baby brother, and was a brat.  Nathan's first performance was when he was 10 and he choreographed his own dance.  Mollee was a diva as a child, and she was always wearing makeup, and her first performance was all divad up.  I was wondering when Lady Gag would show up.  The beginning was kind of slow motion and really cool.  I believed their characters more than in a long time.  The runs around the stage didn't look complete somehow, and I'm not sure that got in sync all the time.  I really like Mollee's hair.  The dance was better than last week's disaster, but I don't think they are the strongest couple.  Nigel applauded Mollee's commitment.  He told Nathan that he is possibly one of the most talented dancers they've ever seen, potentially, but he isn't growing as much as they want him to, and he needs to mature very quickly to keep up with the other guys.  Mary shrieked about how good it is to have the dream team back.  Mary said that it didn't give her chills, but it was really good.  They got a restrained Mary Murphy holler.  Adam thinks that maybe getting everything he wanted as a child was not so good for Nathan, because this isn't going to come easily.  He wants more shadings in their chemistry, and he wants them to find the qualities that they are praising in other dancers and bring them into themselves.  He keeps expecting the gasping moment from them.

Tough night.   Really really good, overall, so hard to tell who is going to be in the bottom.  I'm thinking Karen & Kevin might be there again, and while they were great, the fox trot might put Russell & Noelle with them, and maybe Mollee & Nathan.

I think that Ashleigh & Jakob, Kathyn & Legacy, and Ellenore & Ryan were on top for me.

Who do you think deserves a trip to the Bottom 3?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.15.09

The Globe Trotters take off first, from the Stockholm area towards Tallinn, Estonia, across the Baltic Sea.  Teams then have to figure out how to open a door to the secret lair of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads.  I'm thinking not so secret anymore, after being on television.

The next ferry is at 5:45 the next afternoon.  That's the only boat all day, apparently.  It's a bottleneck!

Most of the teams manage to wrangle taxis to the side of the road to follow to the ferry.

The Gary & Matt came in last in the non-elimination leg, so they have a Speed Bump.

The ferry ride is 16 hours long, across the sea. 

Once there, the race was on again.  Taxi taxi taxi.

First to arrive at the building were Megan & Cheyne (and the speed bump was right before the building), followed by Sam & Dan.  Ericka & Bryan showed up next.  Before they got in, Megan & Cheyne got in.


Teams must join the ranks of the 600 year old brotherhood of the blackheads.  They have to go into the basement and get a candelabra with a room number attached, then find the room, and get a scroll that looks blank, but has a message hidden in invisible ink, which becomes visible when put over the lighted candle. 

Speed Bump for Gary and Matt

They have to find a sauna bus, strip down, and take a 5 minute sauna with the locals before they can continue.  They don't know what a sauna bus is, so they are in for a treat.  Turns out, they are of Finnish decent, so it's not as uncomfortable as it could have been.  I love saunas.  I want a sauna bus.

Meanwhile, back at the Roadblock, Sam & Cheyne are having a hard time finding their room numbers.  Ericka and The Globe Trotter arrived to do the Roadblock next.

The Globe Trotter tried to solve his clue by scribbling on it with red crayon that he found, but everyone else figured out to use the candle.  The next clue sent them to Pik Herman Tower Garden.

After their sauna, Gary & Matt headed to the task.  Matt had no idea what a candelabra was, and pronounced it like "candelabra", akin to "abracadabra."  Very odd.  He was asking people if they were candelabra.  He finally figured it out and was on his way.

Finally, the Globe Trotter figured out the clue, and were off.


Serve - Volleyball in bogs, against a local team, and they have to score 5 points.

Sling - Teams have to hit a moose sign with slingshot balls, while standing in the bog, to make lettuce fall.

There was a note - "Teams may perform the task in their underwear"

Back at the Roadblock, Matt finally figured out his clue, but got Pik Herman Tower, but not the Garden part.   I don't know if that will come back to bite them.  In fact it does, and they spent a good long time trying to get into the Tower itself, before finding the clue.

Sam & Dan and The Globe Trotters fought over a taxi, and ended up taking a van style taxi together.

Meghan & Cheyne showed up at Bog Volleyball first, and they both have volleyball experience.  They wasted no time in getting their points.

The Globetrotters, Sam & Dan, and Bryan & Erika had arrived at the same time to Volleyball, and had a really hard time seeing the markings on the path.  They finally found it.

Sam & Dan got to the Volleyball and were excited about the "hottie Estonian Guys."  The Globe Trotters were in the second put at the same time.

Neither of them were nearly as good at the Volleyball as Meghan & Cheyne were.  They Globetrotters came out first, but then started the wrong way to the Pitstop.

Bryan & Erika and Gary & Matt are the only teams to do the Slingshots.  Ericka & Bryan were done just as Gary & Matt were almost there.  It was not a very exciting Roadblock.

The Pit Stop is Keava Raba Overlook Tower, in the bog.  They have to run for it.

Meghan & Cheyne are first to the Pit Stop.  They win a red cedar sauna.  I am green with jealousy.  I want a sauna so badly.

On the road to the Pitstop, The Globe Trotters and Sam & Dan were in a footrace, and Sam & Dan a Globetrotter collided, and the Globe Trotters were pissed off.  Ericka & Bryan came in next, and Gary & Matt were last, eliminated from the race.

And someone told Matt how to pronounce "candelabra" before his exit camera interview.  Bonus.

Yay!!!!  Next week they are going to Prague!!!  I can't wait! (I've also been to Prague)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Runway - 11.12.09

Finale, Part 1.

The final three each have several months to create 12 pieces, with $9000.

Tim first visited Carol Hannah, who moved from Charleston to Huntington, NY, to her friend's house.  She took inspiration from Duke University.  She had a very interesting silver thing, and Tim worried that she should edit and not add more stuff.  He also worried that a little cape she made was matronly.  And she's made pants!  I am liking her collection so far.  As a surprise for him, her parents and her sister have flown in and want to treat him to a Southern meal, and he gets to help make biscuits.  He wears an apron, and it's adorable.  She is self taught.  I did not know that.  Very cool.

He next visited Irina in Manhattan.  She has a little poodle named Princess.  I am not surprised.  She took her inspiration from Coney Island.  She has t-shirts she's made to go under her looks, big, tacky t-shirts.  I'm not so sure about that idea.  Tim likes that she is taking risks.  He urged her to make sure her things look natural and not forced.  Can I say, I really don't like a lot of her stuff.  Mostly, it looks like stuff you could wear on Hoth.  She brought him out to dinner with her family and friends. 

Lastly, it's time to visit Althea in Dayton, Ohio, traveling to her workroom in a service elevator and looking nervous about it.  Her inspiration is sci-fi movies.  He worried that some of her things are too costumey and old, and urged her to edit and keep true to herself.  She brought him to her parent's house to meet family and friends.  She got a sewing machine for Christmas in 5th grade, at her own request.

10 Days before Fashion Week, Irina got a call from Tim, and she doesn't have the rights to use the Coney Island images on her t-shirts, because they are images from someone else.  Ooooops.

And, Bwah ha ha, because I don't particularly like her.

Time for the designers to return for Fashion Week. Irina and Althea are still having some tense moments.  Althea doesn't forgive Irina for saying that she stole her design.  Where is Carol Hannah?  She's got a terrible, contagious stomach virus, according to Tim.  Oh no!  Well, at least there is champagne from Heidi.  Poor Carol Hannah!

4 days before the Runway show, they get to the workroom.  Just the two of them.  And then, Carol Hannah showed up!  She spent the entire previous day throwing up (15 hours, according to her), but she is back to work.  She stayed as far away from the others as possible.

Time for Tim's collection tour. 

Althea had a sparkly jacket that Tim thought looked really grandmothery.  I would agree.  It looked like something my grandmother wore in the 80's.  On special occasions.  Althea spent a lot of time knitting.  Tim worried about her cohesion.  Irina looked pissed, because you know she invented knits.  In fact, Irina accused Althea of copying her.  Again.  Yug.

Carol Hannah is next, and edited away a gold jacket over a simple gold dress.  Tim warned her to keep some youth and get cohesion.  I really am loving her long gold dress.  Can't wait to see it on the runway.

Irina is numb over her work, and did some burnout and silk screening.  Her whole collection was black and gray, but mixing materials.  She also made some leather pants that Tim thought looked like chaps.  Irina worried about her finale dress, and Tim thought the look itself was not cohesive.  I think Tim almost had an aneurism.

Time for model casting.  There was minimal fighting over girls and everyone got their models picked.

Enter ... Nina and Michael!  Cool.  I don't know what Nina was wearing.  It looked like she had giant doily stitches down her front.  Anyhow, they were there to give them tips, and reminding them to be themselves, and Nina said that color is something to think about, and warned that an all black collection is hard to pull off.  Irina looked like she wanted to pull her hair out.

Enter the final three models!  They have to decide what pieces to put on them, because that is the piece that will go back before the judges for the final Q&A.

And then, enter Heidi!  There's going to be a twist.  As in previous seasons, they have to make a 13th look to fit into their collections.  Their muse model will be casting the model for the 13th look.  For help, Logan, Christopher, and Gordana are brought in.  Althea chose first and got Logan.  Irina got Gordana.  Carol Hannah got Christopher.

They have 30 minutes to sketch, and $250 at Mood.

I totally love the fabric that Carol Hannah picked for her 13th look.  It's a very gorgeous blue.

Oh no!  Carol Hannah got back to the hotel and was sick again.  Althea was super nice and put ice on the back of her neck.

I hope that Carol Hannah gets better!  I totally want her to win, so anything else would make me sad. 

Survivor Samoa: 11.12.09

Back from Tribal Council, and Brett wished he had a chocolate chip cookie with an inch of peanut butter on it.  Russell is wishing he hadn't played his idol.  The girls are thrilled with the use of the idol. 

The next morning, Natalie came across a rat and she was terrified of it.  Really?  She then decided to try to bash it with a stick.  She was sad because it was really cute.  She returned to camp and said "I killed something, y'all."  She just went up about 10 steps of awesome in my book.  They roasted it up and shared it amongst themselves.  Mmmm.

Tree mail showed them reward for feast and a getaway.  Russell was looking for the second hidden immunity idol, but it was not there.

Teams of four have to run out and get coconuts on a field in white and black, and then arrange them to be a four digit number.  Another team member has to make the number, blindfolded.  Winning team gets to go to a fabulous rock slide and get a picnic.

Teams are Jaison, Laura, Brett, Mick, and Russell vs. Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John, and Monica.  Because Natalie was randomly chosen to sit out, she gets to decide to support one of the teams, and if her team wins, she gets to go on reward with them.  She picked Russell's team.

Russell and Jaison helped the team get their coconuts back first, and Shambo was a slow runner and slowed down her team.  Dave's team got their number first and passed it on to Monica to do the blindfolded part.  She got a bit of a head start, but Russell's team sent their number to Laura soon afterwards.  Monica finished first, and Russell's team lost again.  Natalie gets no reward.  Neither do any former Foa Foa members.  The curse continues.

The rock slide looked like so much fun, and I think we got to hear more from Kelly and John than ever before.  Someone used the word "ridonculous" to describe a donut, and I can't get behind that.

And what's this???  There's a clue for a new hidden immunity idol!  They decide to share it with other Galu members.

Meanwhile back at camp, Russell did some searching, looking for the second immunity idol.  Little does he know it's the third one.  And... he FOUND it.  It was under the bridge.  He was so excited he was shaking.

Now, can he keep it to himself?

I admit, I am impressed.

When the group returned to camp, Shambo went off with Russell, and he decided to share the knowledge with Shambo.  They decided to let the former Galu vote for Russell, and have him play the idol, and vote out Laura.  They identify Kelly as the bigger threat than Monica if Laura should win Immunity.

Immunity Challenge

Grappling hooks are sent out to get bags.  First three go on.  Next, they go to a peg wall where they have to put pegs in, while others drop down, and the first to get all of them in wins immunity.

Dr. Mick is the first one to move on to the second round.  Shambo secures her spot in the second round next.  Russell and Laura race to get their bags in, and Laura brought hers in a fraction before and moves on.

Each bag has two pegs - one will fit and the other will not.  As they push one in, another falls out, until they have all of them in.  It's like jungle Perfection.  Kind of.  Laura got her pieces out last, but did a good job of figuring out the puzzle and took a really big lead, and won immunity. 

There goes the plan for Shambo and Russell.

 Shambo was so upset about Laura winning immunity, she looked like she wanted to cry.  Russell told Jaison that he found the other idol, and told him to vote KellyJaison spread the word to the other former Foa FoansMonica brought up the point that one of them might have found the idol, and Dave said there was no time for that.  They planned to take out Natalie after they take out Russell.  Russell walked past while they were talking and thought he heard Natalie.  He doesn't want to be voted out with the idol in his pocket, and he doesn't want to use it without needing to again.  Former Galu decided to kill their chicken once they were rid of the Foa Foans.  Sacrifice?

Tribal Council

As Erik became the first member of the jury, former Galu members don't waste any time in telling Probst that they got rid of Erik because he was a snake in the tribe.  Probst asked Russell if he spends his time searching for cracks in the Galu members.  He said he did, but they seem tight.  Dave said that they are happy lovey dovey about their decisions on who to vote out.  How democratic. 

No votes were shown.  It's very tense.  Russell chose to play his hidden immunity idol again, and Dave's face was priceless.  His jaw hit the tribal council floor.  I really hope that they voted for him.  I would be sad to see Natalie go.  Votes go to... Russell.  YES.  Erik looked pleased.  The Foa Foa votes came out and they were for Kelly, and she is out.  Oh, Kelly.  I hardly heard you speak.  Laura whispered "He just stirred up a whole lot of hell, that's what he did." 

And the Hidden Immunity Idol?  Back into play.  Russell looked like he couldn't wait to get back on the hunt for it.  In previews for next week, Russell went back out in search.  So did everyone else. 

And hey, Shambo voted for Russell, so the Galu people don't know that she's with Russell.  Very clever.

We you giggling as much as I was?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top Chef - 11.11.09

Bryan is missing his son (who is super cute).  Jennifer is stunned that Mike I. is gone.  Robin's just happy to still be there.


The Chefs go to the Venetian Hotel kitchen, and they get a phone call from Padma in bed.  Their Quickfire is a room service breakfast in bed for her and Nigella Lawson.  I. Love. Nigella.  Michael decided to clean his section before working and used up 10 minutes of precious time.  He was then a complete jackass and yelled at her when she came to get her stuff.

Robin is up first.  She served up blintz with goat cheese, caramelized pineapples and blueberries.

Eli presented them with a Rueben Benedict.  That looked very very yummy.  I love reubens, and I love eggs benedict.

Michael made a play on heuvos Cubana. 

Red Beard made Steak & Eggs with creme fraiche, aged cheddar and green onion.  Yes, please.

Jennifer made creamed chipped beef - S.O.S (Shit on a shingle).  Nice.

Bryan made them 4 minutes eggs with vanilla beurre fondu, king crab and asparagus.  The vanilla threw Nigella off.

I wish someone had made pancakes or french toast or something.  Robin's Blintz doesn't count.

The least favorites were Bryan's because of the vanilla, and Robin because she was too one note.  Red Beard and Eli were on the top, with Eli winning.  Good for him.  I now want a Reuben.  Or Egg's Benedict.  His recipe is going in the Top Chef Quickfire Challenge cookbook, which is pretty slick.

They draw knives with casinos on them, and they will be catering for 175 guests on top of the World Market Center, and getting inspiration from their casinos and their exploration of the strip.  Some people had no idea what they were going to make after their explorations (Jennifer) and others get lots of inspiration (Bryan).  Eli complained about his inspiration. 

The chefs get to cooking, and seem to do well in the kitchen.  They transfer to the dining area with an hour left to prep.

Serving time!

Jennifer was behind on making her dishes and hand nothing up when the judges arrived. She had a NY Strip with red wine reduction, beets, truffles, and herbs.  It was meant to bring to mind the sword in the stone.  Nigella wanted the sword to cut the beef, but then picked it up and announced it was the stone.  Ouch.

Red Beard made a Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon with napa cabbage and cucumber.  It looked amazing. 

Michael made boneless chicken wing confit with curry and blue cheese disk.  Pretty neat.  I love wings.

Robin made a panna cotta and had to apologize for the missing sculptural sugar that didn't work.  The judges said it was way too solid, and they weren't sold.

Bryan made a escabeche of halibut with bouillabaisse consome, parsley coulis, and garlic chips.  It got very good marks.

Eli made caramel apple and peanut soup with popcorn and raspberry froth.  Nigella was frightened by it, and with reason.  Padme and Nigella were not fans.  Toby and Tom didn't hate it as much, though Toby said that he gambled and lost.

Judge's Table

Michael, Red Beard, and Bryan are called back first.  In the end, Michael won it.  Yum.  Wings..  Nigella presented him with a monster bottle of wine, and Padma said that he's also won a trip to the vineyard.  Nice.

Jennifer, Eli, and Robin are up for elimination.  Jennifer's dish didn't go far enough, and her beef was not done well.  Toby called it more Spamalot than Camelot.

Robin's panna cotta failed.  I love Nigella.  She said that she wants her panna cotta to have the quiveriness of a 17th century inner thigh.  That's the quote of the night.

Eli's dish was just a failure all around.  Padma would never want to eat it again.  Ouch.

In the end, it was Jennifer looking disgusted with herself, and it was Robin finally going home.

Right decision.  What did you think?

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.11.09

Cat looks like she's ready for her very 80's Goth Prom, and she kind of works it out.

Group Dance to Warrior, by Lloyd Bands.  It's kind of African inspired and Thriller inspired.  I bet Wade choreographed it. It was very cool.  I do love a good group number. 

It was Dave Scott, not Wade.  Wow.  It was very fun.

The judges talk about how weird voting can make things turn out.

Ellenore & Ryan are the first couple in the bottom 3.  Channing & Victor are safe, as are Kathryn & Legacy

As filler, we have Dominic from Season 3 in a crowd, asking people to show their knowledge of dance moves.  It's things like batchacada.  Yeah.  No clue.   And then he gave away scooters, courtesy Kmart.  That's a weird tie in.

Back to the results.  Ashleigh & Jakob are safe.  How about Pauline & Peter, and Noelle & Russell?  Well, the awesomeness that is Noelle & Russell are safe, leaving the Quickstep Duo on the bottom. 

Who will round out the bottom 3?  Kevin & Karen, or Mollee & Nathan?  If there is any justice, it will be Nathan & Mollee.  There is no justice.  I blame the High School Musical crowd. Nigel told the young duo that they need to grow up and dance better, and they both looked about to cry.

Professional Dance Trio now.  I missed their names.  They were captivating.  Loved them.  Some sort of dance theatre, Cat said?

Ellenore is first and her solo was really funky, just like she is.  It was a good solo.

Ryan has the uneviable task of showing what he can do in ballroom solo.  He did a really good job of it, though.  Better than I expected.

Pauline's solo is next, and she did a really good job with it.  She has amazing extension.

Peter's tap solo showed his personality, too.  I love the faces he makes while dancing, and he really connect with the audience.  I'm pleased with him, and hope he stays.  He went without music.

Karen isn't going anywhere.  Her solo wasn't the best, though, and she barely used the stage.  She basically put her undeniable hotness out there.

Kevin did a really funky solo and I love his style.  I think he's safe.

Sadly, I think it's going to be Peter & Pauline.  Maybe Ellenore

Wow.  The judges really hated every solo.  They didn't think that anyone brought it at soloists.  He didn't think anyone proved that they were as brilliant as they think they are.

Karen is called smoldering and Nigel wonders if she is offputting for a certain demographic.

Nigel warned Ellenore that she has to balance the quirky with the dancing.

Pauline was told that she has been getting by on her charisma.  She's out.  I think that was the right decision.

Ryan was told that he didn't do a roundoff into a back somersault well enough to do it in his solo.  His partner work was applauded, but his solo was a problem. 

Peter hasn't shown his star quality. 

Kevin is growing, and is going to stay.

Peter is out.  I am sad to see the third tapper gone, but I think it was the right decision.

Do you think they made the right decisions?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.10.09

Finally, it's  a voting week. Cat's got that stupid science fiction looking comb back hair do, and her dress is looking mighty reptilian.  Is she harkening to V (which is on opposite, and I am missing because of this show)?

Season 5 dancers are in the audience, off their tour, with 9 shows left.  Good to see them.  The judges pimped the Dizzy Feet Charity.  Apparently, Mary is going to be doing the samba with Dmitry.  I wish this thing was going to be televised... oh, well.

Karen & Kevin (Hustle, choreographed by Maria Torres, Come to Me, by France Jodi) Karen and her booted-dancer husband decided to get a divorce shortly after Vegas.  Kevin has performed in London, Italy, and the Great Wall of China.  The dance is based on her trying to get him to dance with her, and he's ignoring her.  In rehearsals, he found that a hard thing to do.  Karen's dress looked like she tied a very shimmery table cloth around her waist.  Kevin looked a little awkward in his movements.  He did well, and he had a really admirable leap, but it didn't look natural in character.  Karen had some wonderful drop and spins, and she is just magnetic.  They had a really cool lift at the end, but the light went off on them and it ended in shadow.  Adam thought they made it work for them.  He thought that Kevin owned it.  Hmm.  I didn't see it.  He also told Karen that she performed with a lot of restraint and quiet fire.  Mary called it a Sadie Hawkins hustle, but did call Kevin a little on legwork and awkward body positions going into lifts.  They both stay on the hot tamale train for her.  Nigel wondered if Kevin's friends are watching, and said that they must be shocked at his skills.  Nigel is delighted with Kevin.  He did call Kevin out on looking terrified during death drops, worried that he was going to drop Karen, visibly.  He loved how much Karen puts on top of the choreography.  I'd agree with that.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore, Relax, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) Ashleigh studied political science and history in college and is a book nerd.  Jakob has been a good friend of Jeanine from last season since childhood.  Mandy has included a cane in the dance, as a third character in the dance.  I instanly loved the beginning of the dance, and I love their styling.  Jakob had some overtones of Mark in his movements and I loved it.  Ashleigh impressed me more than I expected her to.  I really enjoyed it and could see watching it again.  Fun dance, great characters.  Adam raved about how Ashleigh belongs on the show, and loves their partnership.  There was a minor cane malfunction, and they covered it super well.  He called it mature, studied, and fiery.  He loved how the choreographers keep finding ways to make Jakob jump, and is unsure if Jakob has bones.  Mary said they are phenomenal.  She shrieked her love for them.  Nigel gave a shout out to Mandy Moore, and said it was right up there with her Table Routine with Sabra & Neal.  That is one of my favorite routines ever, and I would have to agree.  He also loved how well they did their character work.  Great dance.

Pauline & Peter (Quickstep, choreographed by JT & Tomas (new choreographers), Hey Baby, Shake those Hula Hips, by the Big Kahuna etc.) Peter volunteers at a place called Spin, helping with talent shows for special needs people.  Pauline eats constantly.  I thought that they did a pretty good job with the fancy footwork, and Pauline made a really cute hula dancer.  The lift sequence at the end was fantastic.  Adam thanked the new choreographers for an adorable routine, and thought that the use of character helped gloss over some of the possible technical misteps, and thought that they performed the hell out of it.  Mary expects a trainwreck naturally when it comes to the Quickstep, and didn't see it.  She applauded their joy and charisma, but did think that they were a bit clunky in the footwork, instead of glidey.  She did not think that Pauline had good close hold, but still thought that they did an amazing performance.  Nigel mentioned some technical problems and said he didn't so much care, because it was a wonderful performance with wonderful personality.  He appreciated the quickstep with a story to it.  So did I.

Kathryn & Legacy (Broadway, choreographed by Andy Blankenbueler, I Wanna Be Like You from Swingin' Fireballs) Kathryn loves to help people and has been on mission trips in Costa Rica.  Legacy loves soccer and had scholarships to school for soccer.  Kathryn has really expressive eyes and she's fun to watch.  Legacy isn't so bad, either.  It was a fun dance.  Adam thought it was an adorable routine.  He wasn't sure what Kathryn's character was supposed to be, because she played it really cute.  He wanted her to be a man-eating tiger.  He then called Legacy Legs, and I'm not sure I am comfortable with that nickname for a nickname.  He loves how Legacy pulled off the dance, but wants him to watch some of Gene Kelly's hands.  Mary told them Broadway is about Chemistry, Character, and Choreography, but worries that they missed some Chemistry.  She did think that Legacy is growing in leaps and bounds and thinks that Kathryn got a little lost in his shadow.  She then did some screeching at Cat.  Nigel found himself a little disappointed in Kathryn and worried that she was dancing a little childishly.  He did love watching Legacy grow into each style.

Channing & Victor (Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey, Be Be Your Love, by Rachel Yamagata)  Victor used to be a Goth Rock boy.  He grew out of it.  Channing used to race lawnmowers.  That's kind of cool.  She won a trip to Disney from it.  Cool.  The routine is based on a toxic relationship.  I love the song they are dancing to.  Love it.  They seemed to struggle a little in the beginning, but I think around the middle they got into it and I loved the movements.  They were lacking some chemistry, but it was still pretty good.  Adam thought that the new partnership reinvigorated both of them, and thought it brought out some softness and sensitivity in Channing.  Mary agrees that it's a great partnership and thinks they did a tremendous job.  It didn't quite touch her soul, and I would agree, but loves to see Channing, a beautiful, strong woman.  Nigel said that they had to be good in their own style, and he thought technically they were wonderful, but emotionally, it didn't grab him.

Elenore & Ryan (Hip Hop, choreographed by Lil C, Kist Boiz Anthem by Tha J-Squad) Elenore is a combo of 6 ethnicities.  Very cool.  Ryan wants to be a superhero in an action movie and loves extreme sports.  The begining was really weird and I didn't like it much.  Once they got into the meat of the routine, I liked it a lot.  I think that Elenore did a better job than Ryan did, though.  He was not tight and sharp enough.  He looked like a big ol' poser.  Adam thought that they looked like the Bobsy Twins coming in, but thought that Ryan was the most changed performer of the night, but thought that the fashion choice of wearing white to rob a bank was not wise.  He admitted that the dance was not great, but it was a yeoman's job.  Mary was impressed, but thought that they got sluggish along the way.  She said that she can't stand up and scream about it, and I can't say I'm upset about that.  Nigel thought that they were not good at all and was distinctly lacking in swagger.  He really didn't think that either of them suited the style well, and that Elenore is too sweet for it, and said it wasn't there in any way, shape, or form for him.

Mollee & Nathan (Salsa, choreographed by Gustavo Vargas (another new choreographer), Quimbara by Celia Cruz ) Mollee is deaf in her left ear and has been since she was a kid and her balance was messed up by her hearing aid, so she goes without.  Nathan is an avid jetskier.  Mollee is determined to bring the sexy.  I think mostly she brought the hair flipping.  Nathan brought some suave, though.  I think that technically, she was pretty good (though there was a problem getting into a couple of the spins/lifts), but I don't know if I buy her as sexy... Adam thought it was a bad luck of the draw, and thought the routine exposed all of their weaknesses.  Their usage of the floor was not good, the spins were not good, and he also picked up the hand placement issues going into spins and lifts.  Mary said it wasn't so much sexified as French Fried.  Their side by side work was not synchronous, and they really missed the feel and the style.  She didn't think that Nathan was nearly suave enough, and thought that Mollee didn't settle at all.  Then she called them a dream team.  Huh.  Nigel thought they they really exposed the weaknesses.

Noelle & Russell (Afrojazz, Shawn Cheeseman, Frog Dance by Mickey Hart & Planet Drum) Noelle has three sisters and a brother, and her brother had a stroke when he was younger and only has use of one hand.  Russell is an artist. In the dance, he is a frog and her spirit guide, and she is an African Princess.  And it has to be super fast.  I was really digging the dance.  Noelle's outfit was kind of Lelu Dallas from Fifth Element.  There was a super cool part where he lifted her into a flip and then flipped over her himself.  It was fun and strong, I thought.  Adam loved the new choreographer and thought it was a really smart number, with a big amount of joy, character, and story.  He loved how relentless the dance was, and how much they committed to the characters.  I could tell that Mary liked it, and so I muted her and have no idea what she said.  I just can't handle her voice tonight.  I muted through it, but Russell at least got on the hot tamale train.  Nigel told Russell he is a star of this season, and loved how he got into character.  Nigel is glad to have seen Noelle do this dance.

I thought that Ashleigh & Jakob were my favorites, and I also liked Peter & Pauline's Quickstep, and Noelle & Russell's dance was awesome.  I was highly disappointed in Mollee & Nathan, Elenore & Ryan, and Channing & Victor... we'll see.

What do you think?