Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Runway - 1.28.10

Heidi sends the designers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to meet Tim.  There are 10 iconic looks around them from a collection at the Met.  It's a team challenge - 2 to a team - to create a high end look that would fit in.  They have an amazing $500 (the highest ever for a challenge) and 2 days.  Jay, Jesus, Anthony, Mila, Jeanine, Ping, and Emilio are team leaders.

Jay chose Maya, Jesus chose Amy, Anthony chose Seth Aaron, Jeanine chose Ben, Mila chose Jonathan, and Ping chose Jesse. Emilio got Anna by default.

They got to look at the classic pieces to reflect and get inspired.

Back to Parson's to sketch!   I predict disaster from Ping and JC.  At Mood, the designers are excited about using expensive fabric, and Ping lost her sketch book, and then nearly lost the money.  Yup.  I predict disaster.

Back at the workroom, Ping and Jesse are still butting heads.  He said he feels like he is just trying to reign in the crazy, and tells her he's not doubting the vision, he's just hoping there is one.  Yup.

Anthony and Seth Aaron were using bright yellow, red, and black, and Anthony said he thought they might be designing for the head of McDonald's, but hey, everyone needs a dress.

Time for Tim's Gather-Round.  And a bomb shell - they need to create a look for less, using only $50, derived from the look of another team.  He told them to make sure it was derivaton and not plagarism.  Ping chose Emilio's look, Jeanine chose Mila's, Ben chose Anthony, Anthony chose Jesus, and Jesus chose Ping.  Emilio got Jay's.  20 minutes to sketch, then one team member goes to Mood for the $50 fabric.

The fabric that Ping brought back, Jesse called it "hooker shiny something."  Yup.  Disaster.

Anthony and Seth Aaron also aren't working together, though Anthony conceded  that "slapping the hell out of Seth Aaron isn't the best way to get the result."

Enter the models.

Ping feels like Jesse doesn't take her seriously as a model.  Agreed.  With reason.

Tim came in for a look see.  He urged Jay and Maya to keep it simple.  He thought that the fabric Ping picked out for the second look was like cheap wrapping paper.  Wow.  No other really big problems.  Jonathan is nervous because he has a lot of work left to do, and Mila has only worked on the jacket for the most part.  Jay was kind of slacking because he has immunity.  Jonathan worries that Mila would sell him out, and admits that he would sell her out in a second.  She says that whole outfit was her vision.

Enter the models for hair, make-up, and thoughtful accessories.

Runway Show

Joining Heidi, Michael, and Nina on the judge's panel is British designer, Matthew Williamson.  I adore Heidi's dress.

Anthony & Seth Aaron:  Signature look - interesting, not fantastic.  A little barbie for me. Look for Less -Looked like a cocktail dress from the 80's.  Did not like it.

Jesus & Amy:  Signature look - the fabric looks a little like camoflague, but I really dig the shape of it.  Look for Less - Their pants were like harem pants, and I officially hate them.

Mila & Jonathan: Signature look - I am not fond of the pants.  It looks like a tracksuit with a huge weird jacket. Look for Less - It was a little too plagaristic I think, right down to the feathery lacey detailing, but it was cute.  I like yellow, so I'm biased.  The babydoll dres was stupid, though.

Janeane & Ben: Signature look - It's a simple black dress, but really well done I think.  It fits the model very well and I like the subtle panels.  Look for Less -  I like it better than the Tracksuit original.

Emilio & Anna:  Signature look - The dress was really gorgeous.  I love the shape of it and the fabric was really pretty.  Look for Less - Love this dress.  So cute.

Jay & Maya: Signature look - Love the shape of it, and the growth on the shoulder didn't bug me as much as shoulder growths sometimes do. It looked like layers of shale or something.  Really interesting and well done. Look for Less - Cute, but nothing much.

Ping & Jesse: Signature look - Ok, it came out really nicely.  The dress (by Jesse) probably would have been better without Ping's weird ass drapey thing, though.  Look for Less - eh.  Didn't look well sewn particularly or interesting.

Janeane & Ben, Jesus & Amy, and Emilio & Anna were middle of the pack safe.

Anthony & Seth Aaron and Ping & Jesse have the lowest scores, and are temporarilly dismissed to make way for talking to the top tier.

Jay said that immunity didn't matter to him.  Michael thought their $46 version was more interesting and more beautiful than the $500 version.

Of course the judges love the tracksuit that I hated.  Of course.  The judges weren't in love with the look for less, and Michael wasn't fond of the babydoll dress.  Thanks.

Nina worried that the drapey thing on Ping & Jesse's look was a tail, and Michael said she would have to stand like the statue of liberty to wear it.  The judges called their look for less and ill fitting grey dress, that's it.  Jesse said that he did all of the sewing and had to teach Ping to sew.  The model in the look for less said that Ping never saw her in the dress at all.

Michael thought that Anthony's dress was Southern Cotillion gone wrong.  Michael thought the look for less was an acetate cocktail dress gone wrong, and thought that the dresses were both really ugly.

In the end, Jonathan was safe, and Mila and the tracksuit won.  Boo.  Whatever.  It was at least well made, I'll give it that.  I just hated it.  Maya and Jay were also safe.  Seth Aaron was slapped on the wrist, but was safe.  Jesse joined him in safety.  I hope that Ping is gone because Anthony is more amusing.  And, in fact, the disaster that is Ping is cut.  Thank goodness.  She was only mildly interesting for a couple episodes.  I will not miss her.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Idol: 1.27.10

Dallas!  And Neil Patrick Harris!  I am the happiest girl here tonight.  I love NPH.  Will I love Dallas?  Let's see!

11,000 people showed up for auditions.  NPH wants to shatter people's dreams and crush the hopes of 2-3 dozen.  Awesome.

Julie Kevilighan (28) She auditioned the first season and was unanimously sent home.  She is back with more blue eyeshadow and more blue sequins.  She has taken a lot of singing lessons since then.  She is just not a natural singer.  It was bad.  NPH had a problem with the squished lettering on the sign.  I love him.  No's from everyone, and she insisted on singing more and more and more.  Bad bad bad.  She thinks that better breathing would help her.  I think some better talent would have helped her.

11 AM, and montage of Golden Ticketed ladies, and we didn't see any of them.  Boo to that.

Lloyd Thomas (29) He's got a back story!  He's got a sucky job!  He's got cute kids!  He's also got a really good voice.  His fashion sense is dreadful (dude, don't wear a baseball hat with a tie.  Just don't).  Kara loved him (and his story), and NPH loved his voice, but wanted more personality.  Simon thought he was the best of the day so far.  He's in.

Montage of NPH and Simon disagreeing.  Love NPH.

Kimberly Carver (26) She's singing an original song, and she's really fabulous.  It's another bluesy voice.  I like it a lot.  Randy said she has a brilliant voice.  Agreed.  Simon saw nothing current or interesting in her.  NPH disagreed and thought it was quite great.  Kara loved her, too.  Simon said that it would be good on Jazz TV.  She's in, because Simon is out-voted.  She vowed to watch some vintage Doogie Howser.  Love it.

Dexter Ward (20)  He is sure he is the next America's Top Idol.  He is absolutely not.  The editors had fun with him, though.  I think a caterpillar crawled onto his lip and died.  Maybe it died because he sang to it.  It was creepy and weird.  Kara asked Randy for help, and he said "no, dude, right?  That looked like it hurt."  Randy then pulled out the "singing's not your thing, dude."  Dexter is booted, but Simon said his smile would take him far in life.

Montage of crying rejects.

NPH chatted with Ryan and he said that he was surprised by the talent that they are actually seeing, and thinks that hopefuls don't belong there if they can't take the heat.

Erika Rhodes (23) She was in Barney as a child.  That doesn't make her any better for me.  She's got a whip.  She sang a bit from the Barney theme song, and she's got a great voice.  Even though I hate that song.  She sang Free Your Mind, and she pretty good.  I think she was better in the Barney song.  NPH said that Barney kids grown up to be dirty little girls.  I love him.  She's got 4 yes votes, and she's in.  Hope that she leaves the whip at home.

Another montage of unseen golden ticket holders.  Gah.

Dave Pittman (27) He's got another back story, and hey, he has Tourette's.  That just spells success for someone who is going to be on stage.  He says it doesn't effect him on stage.  Let's see.  He's got a good voice, even though I wish he would open his eyes and connect a little.  And I wish he had shaved.  The runs were kind of all over the place.  NPH loved him, and Randy did, too.  Simon predicted people would like him.  NPH thought he was crazy brave.  He's in.

15 people made it to Hollywood from Dallas on Day 1.  And we saw 4 of them.  That's ridiculous.

And time for Day 2, we lose NPH for Joe Jonas.  Really?  I feel like turning the tv off right now. 

Todrick Hall (24) He sang backup with Fantasia, and sang an original song, which was pretty funny, all about the judges.  "Simon's looking unimpressed... just send me to Hollywood!"  It was clever and he has the voice to back it up.  He got resounding yes votes from Randy, Joe, and Kara, and a begrudging yes from Simon.

Dawntona Thompson - quick yes, who shook her head too much.  Stephanie Daulong - another quick yes, with a stupid headband, but a good voice.

Maegan Wright (20) She's another of these girls with a really bluesy voice.  Her transitions were really nice.  Kara loved her voice.  Simon liked her, too, as did Joe and Randy. She's in.

Vanessa Johnston (22) She's wearing a shirt that looks like a woven friendship bracelet.  Wow.  Straight hot pink out of the 80's.  Ugh.  She can't find this decade, and she can't find a note to save her life.  She's off pitch painfully, and made me wince.  Simon said she was his worst nightmare.  She said at least he's dreaming about her. 

Montage of terrible, and of Simon's harsh words.  Montage of what the audition process is like, and why Simon is so grumpy, and probably also why he is quitting.

Christian Spear
(16) Ooooh, it's another back story!  She had leukemia at 6.  She's been cancer free for 8 years now.  Good for her.  And I mean that.  To me, she doesn't have that special of a voice, and the mannerisms and extraneous runs do not impress me.  The judges loved her and her confidence.  She's in.  I would not have put her in. 

That's a total of 17 on Day 2, and we only saw 5.  Again, that's pathetic.  Come on, AI.  Show us the good people!  Please!

Next week - Denver.  I think the guest judge is Posh again, and ... a nude contestant?  Should be interesting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol: 1.26.10


Avril Lavigne is rounding out the judge's panel tonight, and she's got a silly hoodie with horns... hmm.  Kara is freshly oranged and looks bizarre next to the naturally pale Avril.

Neil Goldstein (19) He's really awkward looking and has huge weird hair, shiny skin, and likes to draw on mirrors with lipstick.  Umm... He looks like a 40-year old woman stuck in a 19-year old boy's body.  He decided to sing Meatloaf, and then forgot the words instantly.  He's got weird ways of moving and flipping his poofy hair while he's singing (oddly).  Simon told him he isn't suited for this business, and Neil claimed that he wasn't going anywhere.  Simon told him he needed a reality check and he could leave on his own volition, or be escorted out.  He left on his own, and said that he didn't have any doubt that they made a mistake.  Sure.

Jim Ranger (27) He has three really cute kids, and I don't really like his facial hair.  He's singing and original song, and it was really good.  I kind of love him.  Simon liked his voice, and Avril warned him that the life of the business would be hard on his family.  Still, he's through.  Randy likes the "ehhhhh" part of his voice, whatever that means.

Montage of painfully bad wannabes.

Damien (26) He's a pacifist martial arts afficinado.  Oh, he's going to be bad.  He forgot the name of the Righteous Brothers song he was planing on singing, and when the judges suggested Unchained Melody, he said, "Nope, the other one."  He knew he screwed up the lyrics and stopped, and Simon said "You should just go."  At least he did leave when asked.

Montage of adorable kids who are cheering on their loved ones.

Mary Powers (28) She has an 8 year old daughter who loves Simon because he's negative, and she did a really decent take on Pat Benetar's Love is a Battlefield.  Simon loved her voice, but worried that she has a cliched look.  Avril liked her raspy punk rock voice.  Simon gave her a yes, and all of the other judges followed suit.  Her daughter got to meet Simon, which was cute.

Adam Lambert Wannabes abound. 

Adam Wannabe extraordinaire AJ Mendoza actually recorded a demo and shopped it to Adam, who liked it, but I have to say, his version of Cult of Personality was bizarre.  Simon said it sounded like he was on novocain, and Kara wanted him to open his mouth.  It was bad.  No from all the judges and he's done. 

Day 2 of auditions brought Katy Perry instead of Avril.  Somehow I'm not sure if she would have made it on an American Idol style show... she's studio good, but not very good live, in my opinion.  The other judges arrived via helicopter, and Katy thought it was ridiculous.

Austin (19) He's wearing what looks like a vinyl tablecloth for a shirt.  I think he thinks he's Mick Jagger and/or Billy Idol.  What he is is painfully awful.  He put on the strangest ridiculous fake British accent.  Austin said it was his purpose in life to sing, and Simon told him that it wasn't.  Kara said that "for this competition" he's not right.  Um.  Just give him a no.  He thought that Katy and Kara lit up and loved him, when indeed, they were wide open mouthed hating him.

Montage of crying rejects.

OMG, was that really Sanjaya's Crying Girl auditioning???  Good lord.  She's still crying.

Andrew Garcia (23) He has a back story and his parents were involved in gangs and wanted better for him.  His parents are proud of him, and he's got a cute son.  He's got that kind of noncommital voice that sometimes annoys me (very breathy), but I think he's got some talent in there.  Too many runs, though.  Simon said he's the first person of the day who is genuinely a good singer.  Kara liked his style.  Randy thinks he has mad vocals.  He gave Katy Perry chills.  He's in.  Did we expect less from that back story?

Tasha Layton (26)  She's a personal assistant by day and a minister by night.  She sang a Joss Stone song, and it was a good song for her voice.  She's really pretty and has style.  Katy loves her.  Simon thinks people may like her, and predicts an "Oh Happy Day Medley" if she makes the Top 12.  She's got yes votes from all the judges.

Jason Green (21) He's creepy and thinks he's sexy and he believes in magic.  He's really flamboyant.  And he's singing I Touch Myself.  Oh, please.  It was awkward and bad.  He propositioned Simon, but it didn't help him.  It's 4 no's.  Katy said she felt dirty, and admits that it takes a lot to make her feel dirty.   Wow.  Good bye, Jason.

Montage of Kara and Katy being catty, set predictably to Katy's "Hot & Cold."    Katy threatened to throw her coke in Kara's face if she didn't stop singing "I Kissed a Girl."

Chris Golightly (25) He grew up in random foster care and has Justin Guarini hair.  He's got a pretty good voice, but I really hate his mannerisms.  Open your eyes, man!  Kara likes his story and thinks people will connect with it.  Katy says it's not a Lifetime movie.  Bravo, Katy.  Simon thought he could have been in a boy band, and thought it was an old fashioned audition.  He and Katy gave Chris yeses with small y's, but Kara and Randy gave him big Y Yes votes, and he's in.

Anyone catch how many people made it through in LA?  We certainly didn't see many...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway - 1.21.10

Jesus was not happy to find himself in the bottom 3.  The designers are woken up early.  They are excited for their first trip to the actual Mood store.

Heidi (so cute and preggers) announced that they are going on an "out there" field trip, to show what they are made of.  It's a day on the farm!  All the models were with Tim, wearing potato sacks.  So... no Mood then?

They will be making a party worthy look out of potato sacks.  The models actually are their clients, and they are going to be wearing the designs to an industry event, and they get to choose their designers.

I don't know anyone well enough to care who is getting chosen.  I think that most of the models kept their original designers.  Alexis switched to Anthony from Mila, though.  Alison picked Amy after losing Anthony.  Valeria chose Jeanine and Mila was the last chosen.

They went shopping at the "farm stand," full of embellishments, for 15 minutes. 

Back to the workroom, and to the HP sponsored tablets for sketching!  Tim warned them to not loose sight of their own visions.  They have until midnight that night.  Mila is pissed at not being picked by her previous model and puts the bitch on. 

Sewing madness!

Anne Marie was doing potato print dying.  I kind of love it.

Tim's check in!  He loved how Pamela dyed the burlap, but worried about her skirt design.  He wrinkled his nose at Mila's dress, and the tulle that her model loved.  He worried that Jay was going to run out of time to do elaborate trim.  He found Ping intriguing, but worried about the length of the skirt and the runway making it vulgar.  He loved Amy's dip dying treatment but worried she might lose herself in the model's request.  Jesus' burlap is completely disappearing under ribbons, and that's not what the challenge is. 

Enter the models!  Ping's model agreed that she hoped to have her buttocks covered.  Emilio's  model was super crazy.
It's the morning of the Runway show, and there is still a lot of sewing going on.  Tim arrived to give them the 2 hour warning to get hair, make-up, accesorizing, and all the sewing done...

Ping's dress has an "ass flap."  It's something else, that's for sure.

Models were getting sewn into their dresses.  It was a mad rush at the end. 

Runway Show

Joining Heidi (who is not in a potato sack, but a maternity tunic that could be made out of a shiny one perhaps...), Michael, and Nina, is Lauren Hutton.  Cool.

Anthony's dress is pretty awesome and red/dark pink.  It had a great and flattering shape and you'd never guess it was burlap.

Ping's dress is an unflattering box around the hips.  It didn't move. He butt was hanging out.  It was awful. 

Ben's dress was dark pink, too.  The model didn't work it very much, in my opinion, and I think it was a little 80's.

Mila's dress had a neat metallic detailing panel and I liked it.  She left off the tulle and that was a good choice.

Anna Marie's potato printed burlap ended up looking kind of gold.

Jesse did [ants and a vest and I hated it.

Seth Aaron made a dress with a weird button on hood... eh.

Amy's dress was really neat.  I liked the dip dye.  She looked like a fairy.

Janeane's dress was a litte weird in places, but pretty neat.

Jay's dress was really short, but kind of fun.

Emilio's dress was really neat, and I loved the red.

Jesus's dress had no exposed burlap, and athough it was pretty, I think it might bite him.

Jonathan's dress looked like a nightie.

Maya's dress was weird and ruffley.

Pamela's dye job was neat.  The back was not very well fitted, though.

Pamela, Mila, Ping, Jesus, Jay, and Amy are the top and the bottom.

Jay is up first.  The skirt, which I thought was feathers, was actually burlap!  Very cool.  Pamela's dress was too short and too tight, and the judges didn't think it was very flattering.  Her model was uncomfortable in it.  Milla's dress was a favorite of Heidi and Nina, but Michael thought it was gapping.  Ping worried that the color of the burlap was too close to the model's skin color.  The bigger problem was the fact that her model's ass was hanging out.  Jesus' bodice is potato sack, but the ribbon sewn together was akin to cheating.  Lauren thought it was a confused assault on the eye.  Amy is so much shorter than her model it's almost comical.  Her dress was flirty and feminine and the judges loved it.

In the end, Amy was safe, and Jay was the winner.  Though I loved Milla's dress, I actually am happy to see Jay win, because of his use of the burlap.  Ping is in, too... to bare an ass another day!  It's between Pamela and Jesus for the auf.  In the end, it's Pamela's time to go, and Jesus gets another chance.  Though her dye job was beautiful, I can't disagree with the decision.  Her dress made her model look huge, and you know that wasn't the case.  Pamela left with tears and love for everyone.

Goodness - next week is duo week.  Ugh.  Someone has to work with Ping.  not pretty.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol: 1.20.10

Orlando, with Kristen Chenowith, from my dear and beloved (and so sadly canceled) Pushing Daisies.

Hoping it's better than Chicago!

Theo Glinton (22) He thinks he's Lady Gaga, all bedazzled.  I have a feeling he's going to be just wretched.  He wants a corporate hair dressing salon.  He has a really bad speech impediment, and he shouted a lot... he was distracting.  He offered other songs up to sing, and Kara told her that he wasn't pitchy, his tone just was too over the top.  He's gone.  They told him to lose the bedazzlement, and Kara offered the advice that he smelled nice... and then he couldn't find the way out. 

Montage of rejects.... in chicken suits?  And, of Kara and Kristen getting along like gangbusters.  They annoyed Simon and broke out singing together randomly.  Simon told one contestant that they sang like they sat on a cat.  Ouch.

Seth Rollins (28) Back story!  Autistic kid!  This must mean he's going to at least be passable.  His son wanted to go into his audition with him, and cried.  He's got a really nice voice, and he's likable.  I could get behind him, I think.  A few too many random runs, though.  Kristen thought he made the song his own and loved everything about him.  Kara wanted to hear more, and Simon liked that he knew who he is.  Randy thinks that he needs to exude himself a little more... but he's in unanimously.

Another montage of rejects?  Really?  can't we see some good people?  Please??  And there were some Golden Tickets in the montage, but we didn't hear any of them.  Boo for that.

Jermaine Purifoy (24) He has a Stevie Wonder vibe to his voice, and I kind of like him.  Kristen said that his voice was seemless.  Randy thought he was the best this season so far.  Kara loved his honesty and his conviction and his smile.  Simon thinks the chicks will like him.  He's in.

Shelby Dressel (18, Avon Park, FL) is the last audition of the day, and she has partial facial paralysis.  She's really pretty, and she sang Nora Jones pretty well, but then she forgot her lyrics and swore.  oops.  The judges liked her.  Simon gave her a yes with a small y, and the other judges also gave her nods.  She's in.

19 made it through from Day 1.  I wish we had seen more of them.

Kristen wasn't there the second day, and that's sad... Kara gave the hopefuls a pep talk before the auditions started, though.

Jay Stone (25, Miami) He did a lot of weird beatboxing to the Beatles, and it was really distracting.  He was a good beat boxer, that's for sure, but can he sing?  I have no idea.  Kara thought it was amazing, but Simon was all wet.  Randy asked if he could actually sing, and he broke into a really good vocal, and Kara started beat boxing to it, and really liked him.  Randy still gave him a no, and Simon gave him a no.  Kara pleaded with Randy, and won.  Jay said that Blake wasn't doing the beat boxing and the singing simultaneously, so he's new and different.  I say he wasn't doing it because it doesn't sound good.

Janell Wheeler (24, Tampa) She has a really good look and a nice voice.

Brittany Star James (23) is really beautiful and I like her a lot

Kasi Beford (19) has purple extensions and a neat voice.

All three above are in.

Cornelius Edwards learned his dance moved from his exotic dancer friends, and ripped his pants straight down the crotch when he did a split.  His voice wasn't bad, and he ended up getting three yeses and a request to get some new pants.

Sister time!

Bernadette & Amanda Desimone are from NJ.  Bernadette sang first and she's cute.  She's got some good stage presence.  Amanda is not nearly as good.  Of course, she foolishly sang Whitney.  She went off key all over the place and was trying too hard.  Randy thought that Bernadette chose a better song, and Kara thought they would bring something to Hollywood.  Randy gave them both yeses.  Kara also gave them yeses.  Simon wanted to say no to Amanda, but ended up letting them both go through.

Jared Norell was working on his energy and enthusiasm and didn't sound at all excited or enthusiastic.  He "sang" Amazing Grace like a small furry animal being killed in a power saw.  It was dreadful.  Kara said "Oh, Good Lord, what WAS that?"  She said it sounded like a lawn mower.  Simon told him to go, and he decided to sing again.  Randy told him to stop and he just can't sing.  Jared decided to torture them some more.  Security was called and he was escorted out.  Forcibly.  Wow.  He was handcuffed.  Holy cow.  Delusional.

Matt Lawrence (25) He's an ex-con, reformed.  He robbed a bank with a beebee gun when he was 15, and was in jail for 4 years.  Wow.  Now, he wants to do something to make his family proud.  He's got a bit too much throatiness to his voice for my taste, but I could tell the judges liked him.  Simon thought it was authentic, and Kara loved how controlled he was.  Randy thought he sang genuinely.  He's in.

31 people it though to Hollywood from Orlando.  Wish we had seen more of them.

Next week - LA!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol: 1.19.10 (Abbreviated Blog)

It's my birthday, and I am not going to do a detailed blog, because I am taking it easy.

I'll write up my best of picks, though.

Katelyn Epperly (19) is just fabulous.  She's gorgeous and has a kind of Kelly Clarkson vibe to her voice.  She's got wonderful control and she's really likeable.  She's through.

Charity Lance (16, Arkansas) has some voice in there, but she wasn't my favorite.  She went a little nasal in parts up high, I thought. She's through.

Angela Martin has been to Hollywood twice, and had a traffic court date last season and had to leave during Hollywood.  She is quite good, even though she's not really my favorite kind of voice. 

John Park has a nice voice, and it's very soulful.  He's in, and he made Shania make uncomfortable jokes.  It was funny.

Paige Dechausse (21) has a back story, so you know she's good.  She had an asthmatic anaphlactic shock and almost died, but managed to survive without brain damage.  She's another soulful voice, which we've heard a lot of so far this season, and I like it.  Simon gave her a no, but the others gave her a chance.

Keith Semple had a guitar with him that they wouldn't let him play but I really really liked him.

Only 13 people from Chicago made it to Hollywood.  Those above were my standouts.  What did you think?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay for a New Season - Project Runway 1.14.10

Back in NYC!

Intros - Seth Aaron has spikey hair and has some neat things in his portfolio.

Janeane is from Portland, OR.  I am not entirely sure about her portfolio, but she was in tears about being in NYC.

Ping is a Physical therapist and a fashion designer.  Her designs look a little cuckoo.

Ben  is from Tampa and likes comic books.

Anthony is from Georgia and has ambitions to design pageant gowns.

Jay is from San Francisco and he has a mullet hawk.

Pamela is older (47) and worked in advertising until recently.  I really do like her portfolio.

Anna is a youngin and she could be one of the models.  She's straight out of fashion school, seemingly.

Jonathan also has a mohawk going on.  He does hand painting and  kind of like it.

Jesse was an actor at Disney, playing Jack Sparrow (he looked good).

Mila was a costume designer for about the past dozen years.

Maya is punk inspired.

Christine lived in the Ivory Coast.

Jesus is another one with huge man hair.

Emilio speaks Spanish.

Amy is Iranian in heritage.

Roof top toast time with Heidi and Tim!  Heidi did not partake in the champagne because she was pregnant during filming.

The next day, they are to meet Tim in Central Park for the first Challenge details!

Gorgeous fabric was strewn all over the park (from Mood, natch).  For the challenge, they have to embody who they are as designers.  They have 3 minutes from the word go to gather all the fabric they can before heading to the workroom.

Mad dash of insanity.

Tim then gave them the twist - editing.  They all had to pick only 5 fabrics from their stashes to use.

Time for Parsons!  Also, time for Product Placement - HP Touchsmart Notebooks, which they can use to sketch on if they choose.  Each designer gets their designated model's measurements, and they have the rest of that day, and a little time the next day to finish their looks.

Ping is the first one to act crazy - she likes to drape her designs on herself.  Interesting.

Tim sent in the models and they had 30 minutes.  Jesus' dress had a train that was attached to the bottom of a miniskirt, and it looked stupid, in my opinion.

When it came time for Tim's check in, Christiane isn't sure if her dress is out there enough.  Tim told her to finish it impeccably.  Ping was wrapped in her own fabrics, and Tim was concerned.  Seth Aaron had stupid zippers.  Jeanine was using a bad fabric for her dress, because it was all puckered... Anthony's dress wasn't working for him, nor was it working for Tim.  Jesus had to lengthen his dress, and the construction disturbed Tim.  Emilio only had an unfinished top, and Tim worried that he would become the first ever not to finish.  (I think Tim is forgetting the sheer piece of fabric that went down the runway draped on a model last season...)

On the day of the Runway show, chaos reigned in the workroom.  Tim entered and sent in the models, giving them an hour for fitting, hair, make-up, and accessories.

Runway Show

Yay for Michael, Nina, and Heidi, joined by Nicole Richie. 

Jonathan's dress is really neat.  I like the bodice a lot and the back cutout was interesting.

Seth Aaron's dress looked like it was a picnic blanket with a pair of suspender attached to it.  Weird.

Jesus sent down a very slinky snakey dress (he opted out of the mini-dress).  I'm not sure about the train, but I like his model.

Ben's dress included huge pointy shoulders, which I don't see as a good look for anyone.

Jay sent down what could be a cute outfit, but I question a giant bow right on the bellybutton.

Pamela's dress was super pink, which I don't like, but I liked the cut.

Emilio's dress was kind of awesome.  I loved his fabric and his cut.

Jesse's dress was interesting.  The zip off top was neat, but I liked it much better with the plain red top underneath.

Ping's look was nutty.

Chritiane's dress was kind of rumpled in places, but I liked the blue.

Amy's dress was weird.  I thought the top looked like she forgot to put on a top.

Jeanine's dress was kind of neat in the end.

Mila's coat was neat, and she used patterns really interesting.

Anthony's dress fabric was awesome, but I don't know any woman who would ask for a dress with a huge ass bow on the hip.

Anna's dress was cuyte and shimmery.  I liked it.

Maya's dress featured a giant cascade of oversized rosettes on the shoulder.  I do not generally like that look.

Amy, Anna, Ben, Jeanine, Jay, Jesse, Jonathan, Maya, Mia, and Pamela were all deemed safe (in alphabetical order I might add)

For the critiques. 

Anthony's dress - Michael thought that it looked like an amalgam of weird dresses, and didn't like the hip thing.  Nicole didn't think the back looked like it fit well. 

Seth Aaron's dress - he called it "Little Tokyo" and he had a story for it.  Nicole thought he committed and she liked it.  Michael and Nina loved the back.

Ping's dress - Nicole thought it was great.  Nina thought the hanger appeal was missing, and thought the model looked uncomfortable.

Jesus' dress - Heidi didn't know how fashionable it was, and Michael thought a huge crocodile trunk exploded.  Nina thought she looked like a Hershey Chocolate Bar.  Heidi noticed the seem where he changed it from a mini skirt and didn't appreciate it.

Christiane's dress - Nina liked the draping, but not the fabrics, and the hem was not finished. 

Emilio's dress - Michael thought it was deceptively simple.  Heidi loved the weaving effect.  Nina liked the technical work, and thought it had a lot of hanger appeal.  Nicole loved the silhouette. 

Interesting.  No super flops.

Well, except for Christiane.

I think Emilio was my favorite.  I loved his fabric.  Nicole liked Ping's best.  Eh.

Ping is the first one safe.  Emilio is the winner, and I am very happy.  He did a great job.  Seth Aaron is safe, as is Anthony.

That means it's down to Christiane and Jesus.  Christiane is the first one out, and I think that was the right decision.  Her dress was a mess.

What did you think?  Any standouts for you?  Are you happy that Emilio won?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol: 1.13.10

Tonight - Atlanta, with guest judge Mary J. Blige.  The auditions are on the 27th floor, which is something different.

Dowane Robinson (27, Atlanta) He claims to have music in his blood, and good lord, he's singing an original song.  Simon was utterly confused by his original song, and he is terrible.  It's like the "song" he "wrote" was meant for a duet, and Simon called it one of the worst original songs he's ever heard.  Dowane thinks that they didn't like him because he didn't sing the song right because he was distracted by Simon.  He kept attempting to sing, and they called security, which prompted Dowane to take the elevator back down those many many floors.

And another nameless untalented deluded person.

Kiah Johnson (26, Memphis) She won Miss Congeniality in a Miss America competition, and she has fluorescent green pants and red converse high tops....  She seems very sweet.  She has a lot of voice in there, but something about her random unnecessary runs annoyed me.  Mary J. and Randy love her, and Kara thinks she has a lot of likability. Simon thinks she could get a part in Oklahoma! but ends up admitting that she is pretty good.  She is through with four yeses.  I hope that she does something about her Sideshow Bob/Justin Guarini hair.

Miraim Lemnouni (25, Georgia) has the judges smiling, as did Noel Reese (16, Sophia NC) and Tisha Holland (18, Riverdale, GA).  I think Miriam is my favorite of that little group.

Jermaine Sellers (26, Joliet, IL) His mother has spina bifida, and he's cared for her since he was 17. He turned Joan Osborne's What if God Was One of Us into something that Boyz to Men could have sung, and it annoyed me.  He has a voice in there, but it's the kind of voice that I really don't dig.  Of course, Kara drooled, and Randy thought he gave the best vocals ever.  Mary said he was annointed.  He's through.

Kristy Marie Agranow (25, Atlanta, GA, Local TV host) She started out really badly with a bad part of Love is a Battlefield, and I just don't think that singing is her calling.  I know that she isn't going to go through as soon as she blathered on about how music and singing is her passion.  She's out.  Back to tv with her.

Montage of rejects going down in the elevator... and down and down and down.

Last person of the day...

Vanessa Wolfe (19, Vonore, Tennessee)  She jumps bridges, she has a super thick accent, she's stuck in the smallest town in Tennessee, and she wants out.  She could be big in country, I think.  I would like to hear her do other styles, too, when she is a little less nervous.  I think she's through, though.  Kara thinks that she is an authentic country singer.  Simon finds her likable, even though she is ill prepared and nervous.  I think she just propositioned Simon.  Randy, Kara, and Mary J all gave her yeses, joined by Simon's yes, and she's in.  Simon warned her to practice a ton and believe in herself so she doesn't get swallowed up in Hollywood.  She's never been on an "aeroplane" before, and she declared that she was going to "eat peanuts on the aeroplane."  I could like her, personality-wise, even though I don't love country.

Day 2

Jesse Hamilton (26, Alabama) He's almost died 3 times, and they did "cheap dramatizations" of his brushes with death.  I'm not sure that was necessary... He has never sung in public before.  This is not going to be good.  He wanted to try a Garth Brooks song, but froze.  Mary couldn't stop laughing, but covered her face and Kara tried to cover it by saying that she was upset.  When he actually began singing, Mary broke down again, and it was not because she was sad.  Except maybe for her ears.  He's not going anywhere near Hollywood.  Cheap effects to make it look like the elevator crashed with him in it.  Ugh.  Uneccesary.

Montage of rejects.

Holly Harden (20, Rockmart,GA) She's dressed like a human guitar.  She thinks she is the next great thing.  We'll see about that.  She's singing Loretta Lynn, and she has a much deeper and better voice than I expected.  Randy liked her and thought she was funny, and Kara thought she was ballsy with a good voice.  Mary didn't get it.  Randy and Kara voted yes, Mary gave her a no, and then she called Simon gorgeous, and he responded by giving her the golden ticket.

Montage of terrible.

Mallorie Haley (20, Winner, ND)  Gosh, she's really beautiful, and she sang Janis Joplin, without trying to be Janis.  Mary gave her a pass straight to Hollywood, and Kara agreed.  Randy loved her look and her voice.  Simon loved how fearless she was.  Mary was right, and she's going to Hollywood.  I kind of love her.

Montage of un-shown Golden Ticket holders.

Antonio "Skii bo skii" (22, Orlando)  He's a little nuts, but he's got a great voice and good stage presence.  I expected terrible.  He claims to be a package deal, like the dollar store.  I think he needs to stop talking.  Simon was put off by the outfit and thought the singing was awful.  Kara thought it was going to be a disaster, but was impressed vocally, as was Mary J, but she worried that his image didn't match the voice.  Randy also liked the vocals, but wanted him to lose the other nonsense.  I hope he takes that to heart.  The skii bo skii thing is idiotic.

Montage of waiting people and friends.

Sisters in wayyyy too much make up are bff's Carmen and Lauren.

Lauren (19, Baxley, GA)  She had a really soft voice, and Simon stopped her immediately.

Carmen Rumer (18, Baxley, GA)  She has the decidedly better voice, and sang a Kelly Clarkson song pretty well.  Simon told them to be in a group together, because alone, they are boring.  He told them they should be the Ditz sisters.  Randy gave a yes to Carmen and a no to Lauren.  Kara also gave a yes to Carmen, and a no to Lauren.  So did Mary.  Carmen is through and Lauren went home.  It was sad.  Simon didn't think that Carmen would be around for long in Hollywood.  I think she has some potential. 

Montage of pitiful Southern Belles.

Bryan Walker (25, Tennessee, Police Officer)  He sang a song "in the style of Ruben Studdard", and because of that, I have a hard time getting behind him because the Velvet Teddybear annoys the crap out of me.  He did a good job with it, though.  Kara and Randy loved him.  He's through to Hollywood.  Lose the Ruben, and I could like him.

Lamare Royal (20, NC)  He looked like he was having a seizure as he shrieked Kiss from a Rose.  Randy called it torturous.  He kept singing more, even after Kara was trying to talk, and Mary told him to stop trying to exhault himself.  Randy said he was not ready yet, and Randy called him a terrible listener.  For a guy who said that he was ready to hear constructive criticism, he is not listening at all.  I hate.  HATE.  HATE.  when people won't quit singing.  Security was called and he swore on the way out.  Security brought him down in the elevator as he swore up a storm.  He left, wishing Paula was there.  He is going to feel like a moron when he watches this.  God, he's freaking annoying.  It's called control and constraint, dude.  Look it up.

Final audition is General Larry Platt who sang "Pants on the Ground"  He's 62, so this is a complete joke audition.  I have to say, I kind of liked his song.  "Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground..."  It sure was funny.  He had the judges singing the song, though.

Only 25 people made it though from Atlanta.  And we learned that people look like fools with their pants on the ground.  They had the whole holding room singing Pants on the Ground.  Hilarious. 

Next week, Chicago.

Tonight, I think my favorites were the barely shown Miriam Lemnouni and the gorgeous Mallorie Haley.  How about you?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yay for a New Season - American Idol 1.12.10

Dah dah dah, dramatic intro about the loss of Paula, parade of guest judges, and the addition of Ellen...

(I hope that the loss of Simon doesn't kill the show.  That would make me cry)

Here's hoping we see some actual good auditions.  Please show us good auditions. Bring on the tears... dad of an autistic kid.  Woman wants to make something of herself.  Bartenders, hairdressers, triplets, and lawn care workers... everyone thinks they are the next American Idol.

Boston Auditions

Tonight the guest judge is none other than Victoria Beckham.  It was a rainy wait in line and there was a sea of umbrellas.  (9000 umbrellas, more or less).  Kind of hilariously, Simon went into the wrong room when looking for the audition room.  Vicky B is super excited.

Janet McNamara (26, Accountant, Somerville, MA)  Janet has practiced by using the American Idol Karaoke game.  She's got an ill advised belly shirt and low cut pants on.  She thinks she's awesome, though, jumping up and down in the bathroom, like she does before job interviews.  Oh and My.  And when she started "singing," it became apparent that the game is complete bunk.  Wow.  It was like she was strangling a cat.  Then, she thought that Kara was Paula.  Wow.  It's all no.  At least she thinks she's wicked awesome.

The storm passed by about 10 AM, and time for more singing.

Maddie Curtis (16, Bluemont, VA) She's the 9th of 12 kids, and her brother who is closest to her in age has Down's Syndrome.  Her parents adopted 2 other kids with Down's Syndrome.  That's amazing and heart warming.  She's got a really fantastic voice, and a lot of control over it.  She hit a couple slightly off notes in there, but I think she's through.  It's a very choral voice, but I think it could be tweaked. Randy actually really liked her.  Simon likes her, too.  Vicky B. thought she was really great, and Kara thought she had an old soul and was really authentic.  Simon praised her for being an un-annoying 16 year old.  To Hollywood with her!

Unhappy and down in the holding room is Glasses Dude.

Pat Ford (17, Derry, NH)  He is highly annoying in his "Holla" mode.  Oh my, he sang a Brittney Spears song and he's dreadful.  I hesitate to call it singing.  It's a foolish decision to sing a song that is mostly auto-tuning and studio effects.  He called Simon sassy, and Kara likes his accent.  No's all around, though Randy said he was a cool guy, and then told him to stop singing forever, though he would like to hang.  Kara loved his personality and gave him a hug.  He promised to return next season, and maybe we see some reasons that Simon has decided not to return, with that kind of threat...

Jennifer Hirsh (22, Manhattan) scatted her way to Hollywood with a fantastic jazzy version of Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.  Claire Fuller (23, Philadelphia) sang her way to Hollywood, along with Jess Wolfe (24, Brooklyn).  All of them were pretty jazzy and I liked them all.  I think Jennifer was my favorite of the group, because I like her choice.

Amadeo Diricco (28, Providence, RI)  He's Italian all the way, with a huge and close family.  I want to eat at his house, that's for sure.  He's got a really good voice, and a great personality.  Kara was feeling him for sure.  I would love to hear what else he can do.  Vicky B. loved his passion and his big voice.  Simon liked him, and Kara felt like he was her cousin.  Randy loved how real he was and his voice.  Simon said in a strange way, it was his favorite audition of the day, and loves his energy.  He's through.  The jubilation nearly ran Seacrest over.  He looked scared, in any case.

Derek Hilton (19, Bellingham, MA) looks like a bleached out hippie.  They played Enigma in the background of his intro.  This can only end badly.  Wow, he "sings" entirely out of his nose, until he had a couple weird chest voices.  He "hit" some falsetto notes... I mean, that was just bizarre.  Simon said he was channeling a lot of people, and called it complete and utter rubbish, and said it was like 20 people singing, and every one of them was rubbish.  Derek thinks he is amazing and hit a lot of "loud notes."  Because that's the point.  Goodbye, sir.  Do not darken my television again.

Montage of rejects, with tears abounding. 

Mere Doyle (24, Walpole, MA) She's an anime freak, and I appreciate that they pulled out Alphaville's Big in Japan for her intro music.  Great song.  Great band.  She really wants to be big in Japan, after all.  Unless Japan loves screeching and tunelessness, the singing isn't going to get her big in Japan.  She says that her voice coaches and theater directors say she's awesome.  She claims to love singing, and Simon says he would love to fly to the moon, but it's just not something he is capable of.  And she's gone, in disappointment and a crush of reality.

Nicely harmonizing boys!

Luke Shaffer (24, NYC) is one of the harmonizing boys, and I love his voice.  I wish he would open his eyes more when singing, because they are very nice eyes.  Another of the harmonizing boys is Benjamin Bright (25, Rome, NY, Elementary Music Teacher) and he's also wonderful.  Both are through.

Time for Angry Glasses Boy, Andrew Finlon (25, Boston), who hates waiting.  Dude, it's an American Idol audition.  Lots of waiting involved.  Thank goodness we know he's single.  He was snarky with the judges when Simon asked why he was there.  Simon told him to quit being a smart ass, or leave.  He's got an interesting voice, and he is not bad, but his attitude is going to make it impossible for him to continue.  Kara asked him if he was angry, and he said the waiting all day put him on edge, and she said that his attitude pissed her off.  She hated him, completely.  He was sulky, rude, and aggressive, with bad energy, according to Simon.  Andrew claimed he was trying to be confident, but Vicky said he was just coming across as arrogant, and he doesn't have the good to back it up.  Everyone gave him a no, but Simon gave him a yes, because Andrew is growing on him.  Kara said that Simon has an attitude, but at least he is charming.  Kara told Andrew that he needed a spanking.  Whoah.  Kara said she felt like she needed a shower after that.  Ugh.  I wish he hadn't been such an ass, because I kind of liked his voice.

Bill Bloom just plain sucks.  Maybe good for stage.  Same with Michael Ryan.  But so not good for this.

Ashley Rodriguez (21, Boston)  She made me not hate an Alicia Keyes song.  Good for her.  She's very appealing.  Kara loved her.  They all loved her.  She's in.  Good.

Tyler Grady (19, Nazareth, PA)  He shattered both wrists climbing a tree a couple months ago.  And he's a drummer.  That sucks.  He has a really nice voice.  He sang Let's Get it On, and he has some good soul.  I like him.  The ladies loved him.  Randy liked him, and Simon thought that he was memorable.  He's in.

Montage of nameless Hollywood acceptees.

Montage of Boston history, featuring Simon as British tyrant.  lol.

Lisa Olivero (24, Waitress, Billerica, MA) She thinks she is better than most people on the show, and decided to shriek through Mariah Carey, with a terrible accent and lots of screaming.  I think she might not be awful, but she was trying so hard, it came off terribly. 

Ryan Keene murdered some Johnny Cash and I wanted to punch him.  Montage of weird people with thick Boston accents.

Mike Davis (18, Boston) is really likeable, with a great voice.  He sang Yesterday and sang it well.  I like him.  Simon said he was confident without being annoying, and Kara said she wanted to hang out with him, and he invited her out for steak.  Simon gave him a yes, and Randy gave him a no, leaving it up to the girls.  Mike is the first one through on Day 2.

Katie Stevens (16, Middlebury, CT)  She has a really close relationship with her grandmother, who has Alzheimers now and can not always remember her.  That's sad.  She is totally in.  She's got an amazing voice.  Astounding, actually.

Joshua Blaylock (28, NYC)  He's got a good voice, and Vicky told him he has a nice voice, but Simon thinks he has no presence, no power, and is forgettable.  However, the others give him their votes, and Simon changed his vote.  They all want him to get more assertive.  I agree.  He could be good.

Montage of people blanking on everything, and awful awful people. 

Justin Williams (27, Sandy, UT, Vocal Coach) He's a cancer survivor, and he's got a really appealing look.  He's also got fantastic tone and beautiful control.  I kind of love him.  And nice falsetto.  Can I predict him for the Top 10?  Randy "kind of liked him."  Vicky B thought he was nice overall.  Kara thought he was memorable.  He got yes votes all around, and he's through.

Montage of Vicky B's comments, where she tried to say something nice about eberyone.

Norberto Guerrero looked like Prince and Latoya Jackson and Michael Jackson were tossed in a blender.  And asked to sing in the blender.  It was just awful.  Simon said he sang like a 3 year old girl.  No all around. 

Bosa Mora (22, Columbus, OH) His parents are from Nigeria, and he has 6 sisters and a brother.  He seems like he wants it, but I don't know how memorable he is.  Simon called him good, but boring.  Vicky B didn't think he was boring, and got upset with Simon for rolling his eyes.  Vicky B and Kara gave him yes votes, and Randy gave him the vote to send him to Hollywood, though they all agreed that he needs some more star power.

Leah Laurenti (22, Medford, NY)  She's the last contestant of the day, and she comes from an overprotective family and she never got to listen to secular music much as a kid.  She has another one of these great kind of jazzy voices.  I am digging her.  Randy thought she was one of the best of the day.  Kara thinks she's a really good singer and is on the brink.  She's in.  Yay.  I really like her.

32 people in total made it through to Hollywood from Boston.  I was hoping to see some Vermonters, but no luck.  *sigh*  Maybe some day.

Tomorrow - Atlanta!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Cast

The good news:  Fun characters such as Russell and Rupert are back.

The bad news:  Coach.  Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here's the full list:  Zap2it.