Thursday, July 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.29.10

Oh, I hope that Lauren is ok!  Cat's in a dayglow pink dress with bed head.  She she pulls it off.

I don't see Lauren in the (very very cool) group number... I wonder if she was supposed to have Allison's part?  I think this might be... Wade Robeson?  I really dig it.  It's really neat and weird.  It could also be Sonya.  Oooh - it was Mia!  Very very cool, Mia!  Bravo!

Lauren is ok (though she couldn't do the group routine).  Yay!  Hope that she's safe. 

First up to find out their fates are Kent and Jose.  If there's any justice, it will be Jose in the bottom 3.    And, there is justice.  Kent is safe.

Billy (looking dapper in a cravat) and Adechike are next.  I'm betting on Adechike in this group to be in the bottom.  Gah.  Billy is in the bottom 3.  I think he'll be safe.  Unless Lauren lands in the bottom 3 for some unknown reason...

Between Robert and Lauren, I really think it's going to be Robert.  And... it's Lauren!

Oh man, I bet the judges don't want to send two home tonight!  I think Jose is a lock to leave, but between Billy and Lauren?  That's tough!  I think it's going to depend on the solos.

Fast forward through the dancers.  And the first guest singer.  He's like a boy band boy without the boy band.  In wickedly unpleasant highwater pants.

Jose's Solo:  His solo had a few new tricks in it, and he's sweet, but ... I think it's definitely his time.  And has been for a couple weeks.

Billy's Solo:  Very neat and different solo.  I liked it.  I hope that Lauren kills it, because I don't want her gone.  His giant floppy cravat kind of got in his face a bit.

Lauren's Solo:  You would never know that Lauren went to see the medics yesterday.  She did a flying leap into a split on the ground and it was beautiful.  I really hope they save her.

Guest performance by Allison Iraheta.  I'll watch at least part of this one.  Those are not All-Stars dancing for her.  Odd.  Her hair has gotten rather ... patriotic... hasn't it?  Orianthe's guitar is beautiful... but I am fast forwarding.  She's good, but I want to see the results!

The judges are unanimous, and say it's the toughest decision yet... and their last, because America decides after this one.  They don't think Billy is connecting with viewers, but they think he connects beautifully with the choreographers.  And Lauren is IN.  Hoooooray!!!!

I think the judges made the absolutely right decision.  I would not have put Billy or Lauren in the bottom, but... they did the right thing with what they were given.  What do you think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.28.10

Is it an injury free week?  I think it just might be.  Wonderful.  If only two people weren't being sent home.  I kind of like Cat's outfit tonight, though the pattern does look a teensy bit like tire tread...

The judges are joined by Toni Redpath tonight.

Kent (with Anya, Cha cha choreographed by Jean-Marc and France)  Kent is just so very entertaining.  It seemed like his shoulders were a little tight in a couple places, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.  Nigel thought that Kent has ended up as a man dancing from starting off as a little boy.  He wanted stronger hands at times, though.  Toni thought his cha cha was much better this time around, and he was more grounded.  She mentioned the tightness in the shoulders that I saw, and said he thought it was part of his attempt to be more manly.  Mia said that the hips of a contemporary dancer can get in the way in ballroom, but thought that the whole routine felt a little "crunchy," and said that he's not taking the note about his face.  And Kent said he tries to work on his face, but he just can't help it because he's having so much fun.  Adam thinks it was a super solid performance, but he needs more length and breath.

Robert (again with Kathryn, Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  It's a beautiful and emotional dance and they dance it very well, but I'm still not connecting with Robert and I don't know why.  As a twist, the end of the choreography turned out to be Kathryn heading off to war, not Robert.  That was unexpected.  Nigel loved the connectivity and loved how Robert has removed himself from the goofy and grown as a dancer.  Toni asked Kathryn what kind of partner Robert was, and his wonderfulness brought Kathryn to tears.  Mia thought that the beginning of the piece was tender and sacred and selfless.  Kathryn's stunningness freaks Adam out, and Robert rose to her level for him. 

Jose's Solo:  He's good in his own style, there's no denying that..  But I just think his time is up.

Adechike (with Courtney, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio) I know we're supposed to be focusing on Adechike, but Courtney is so much fun to watch!  Of course, Adechike can fly and that's pretty darned impressive.  It was a fun routine but didn't grab me.  Adam loved how balls out dancing it was, and not too partner heavy.  He said Adechike showed total joy, but he wants some more looseness in his back and hips.  Mia thought it was a great performance, but Adechike needs to find the balance of style with power.  Toni thought it looked like a super fun routine to dance.  Nigel wanted more abandon from Adechike.  I would agree.

Lauren's Solo:  She names her slippers, and I kind of dig that.  They are named Joshua and Levidicus.  Go Lauren.  Her solo grabbed me, too.  It was to Natural Woman, and indeed she is.  Beautiful girl. 

Jose (with Comfort, Hip Hop choreographed by Marty Kudulka and Damian Ward)  Strangely, it's set to Try a Little Tenderness.  Interesting choice.  Comfort looks gorgeous, I must say.  The connection feels a little forced, though, and I don't see him as trying to pick her up.  I think that the choreography is sub-par, honestly.  not my favorite.  Nigel loved the cool and funky vibe.  And Nigel explained why Jose wasn't in the group routines for the last couple weeks - he had an injured groin.  He also said that Jose looked a little flappy and uncomfortable at times.  Agreed.  Toni was absorbed in the feeling and character of the dance.  Mia didn't think that Jose was showing any game and swagger, and instead it was bouncy and kooky.  I agree with her.  Adam sees what everyone was saying.  He's more on Mia's side.

Billy's Solo:  His solo was really odd and fun.  I liked it.  It was weirdly rhythmic.  I'm not entirely sure that it worked for him so much, but it was cool.

Kent's solo:  Amazong.  I could watch that boy for an hour.  A minute and a half hardly seems adequate.

Lauren (with Allison, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  What a fun routine!  I am just totally drawn to Lauren.  I thought it was grand.  Adam says he thinks of Lauren as an all-star already, because she is just so good.  He was running numbers they could do together through his head.  Mia said that there is nothing to critique and thinks that Lauren has forged ahead of others.  Toni said that strong is sexy, and complimented Lauren on her facial work.  Nigel just called the show American Idol.  Oops. 

Robert's Solo:  I mean, he's a good dancer, but I just don't feel the connection. 

Billy (with Ade, Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey)  Billy is playing a homeless an to Ade's very successful man.  And it's set to Mad World.  Beautiful.  And I think Billy danced half the dance with his hat down over his eyes.  I mean, it was a knit hat, so maybe he could seem but it was impressive.  Wow.  That gave me chills.  Ade had some impressive lifts, too!  There was a judge's standing o.   Nigel thought Billy's maturity was amazing.  Toni loved it, and thought the piece was more about the dialogue than the dance.  Mia called it sheer perfection, and said it was her favorite piece of Billy this season.  Adam thinks that Billy dropped into the zone, and called it magnificent.

Adechike's Solo:  Boy can dance, that's for sure.  I really didn't care for the song, though...

Kent & Jose (Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff) And here's a routine where Kent's goofy face works and is called for.  And in the end, Kent got the (invisible) girl.  It was really fun.  I think that Kent out-danced Jose.  Adam thought Spencer killed the style (in a good way).  He said that Kent is born to do this, but he needs more breath under his hands at times, and was impressed by Jose as a hip hop dancer.  Mia thought that Kent just found his home, and everything about it fit his world, even his face.  She said that Jose kept up with Kent, even though you could see they aren't the same level.  Toni didn't know if the choreography was smart or lucky, but it worked.  She called Kent a contender.  Nigel said that he hasn't seen anything that Kent hasn't done brilliantly.  He said the worst thing for Jose was having to do it with Kent, but he should still be proud of himself (and eluded to the fact that it may be Jose's last week here)

Lauren & Adechike (Foxtrot, choreographed by Jean-Marc & France) Ooooh, sparkly dress.  Pretty.  And Fever.  I prefer Peggy Lee's version to Beyonce's, but... It's a very good routine.  I think that Lauren is dancing it better than Adechike.  But only marginally.  Nigel thought it felt a little jazz instead of ballroom, but liked the connectivity and the sultry factor.  Toni didn't think they had good ballroom muscle memory, and the technique was off, but the character of the dance was good.  Mia thought that Adechike had some good partnering moments, but when he stepped away from her, there was a disconnect.  Mia thought that Lauren had a grace and a sensuality that she appreciated.  Adam said that Lauren did everything right, but Adechike looked concerned to make sure he was there for her, but he needed to just ... be.  I can see that.

Robert & Billy (Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul)  I think that Billy shones more.  There's soething about his presence that I find more believable.  Robert always seems a little robotic.  Nigel thought that it was the best two-guy Bollywood yet.  Toni said that Robert was a big cheesy hamburger, but Billy's still delicious pizza, and it's impossible to pick the better between the, because it was wonderful.  Mia was happy to see that there were no injuries because it was hard.   She loved the routine.

Gosh, what a tough night to decide who is best and who is worst... I stand by my Kent & Lauren love.  Billy was right up there tonight, and he's not always there for me.  I think that Jose is nearly guaranteed a ride home tomorrow, and if I had to choose between Adechike and Robert to stay, I'd probably choose Adechike.  But I wouldn't be mad if it went the other way...

Oh crap!  Lauren is with the medics.  God, what a mess.  Hope that she's ok. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.22.10

The group number tonight is All That Jazz, and started with Mark.  That's always a good sign.  The current contestants weren't in it until the middle.  They tossed Kent way up in the air.  Coool.  I didn't even really notice any of the current contestants except for Kent.  Were they there?  It was choreographed by Kelly Abbey.  New?

Cat looks ready for a tea party.  Not in the best way.  It's a weirdly juvenille dress.

Denise Jefferson (a famous dancer) died this week.  She was the director of the Alvin Ailey Dance School. 

Lauren is safe.  Yay!  Kent is up next, and is also safe.

(Fast forward through the inevitably lovely Pas De Deux)

Safe in the final group of boys is Adechike.  I'd say that's warranted.  His dance with Comfort was amazing last night.

Robert and Jose will be dancing solos, with Billy in the Final 3.  I think Jose is going home.

Dance performance by DJ Smart.  He's amazing, but... fast forwarding.

Highlight of All-Stars:  Lauren & Neil.  ooooh... the Wade Robeson Magic Routine.  Slick.  This I will be watching.  Such a strange little dance.  Really cool.  Don't care for the screaming bit.

Allison, Dominic, Courtney, and Ade will be going on tour along with Russell and Kathryn, the top male and female from this season, and four others still to be cast.  Boo for no Mark on tour.  Not like I'm going to see it anyhow, but..

Robert's solo is first, and he's doing the same solo as last night, and I don't like the song.  It's whiny.

Jose's solo is next and I think it's the same solo as last night, to?  He seemed to throw more tricks at it tonight and more energy, but I still think he's done.

Fast Forwarding through Enrique...

Who's going home?  Nigel said they haven't made up their minds, but they have come to a conclusion.  They think Robert is improving, but not growing.  They feel that Jose has stopped growing, but his breaking is getting better.  They feel that Billy's decision to rest this week set a precedent they aren't really happy about.  They are not sending anyone home this week.  Two people will go home next week.  Wow. 

Do you think they are prolonging Jose's misery?  His solo was really good tonight, but...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.21.10

Cat looks like she's been mauled.  Not a good look for a dress.

The judges are joined by Kenny Ortega, jack of all trades in the dance world.  And oh, goodness.  Billy has hurt his knee.  Nigel says that they will bring in specialists to warm them up better, etc.  Billy's doctors cleared him to dance if he wants to, but he said he didn't feel right about it.  But, if he clears being in the bottom 3, he should be back to dance next week.

Lauren (with Twitch, hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon) She has swagger!  It was a neat routine, and she cowgirled it up to take Twitch down in a duel. Very cute, and I like her more and more.  Adam thought she tore it up and is on fire.  Mia said giddyup, and thinks that she went so hard, and loves how Lauren is letting go.  Kenny said "Save a horse, ride a cowboy," and said that Lauren has enough energy to power LA.  Nigel used some slang awkward for an Englishman, said it was bad, nasty buck, and she had swag.  I feel unclean.

Jose (with Allison, Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)  What a beautiful routine!  They were on the edge of the stage nearly the entire time, and it was very creative choreography and they sold the relationship beautifully, I thought.  And,  I thought it was one of the nicest "dance" moments for Jose.  But, the judges could disagree with me entirely.  Adam loved the concept and said that it was hard to critique the dancing, but the character, the partnering, the commitment were all there.  Mia thought it was more pedestrian contemporary instead of "trained" contemporary.  Kenny loves Sonya and loved Jose's partnering, and fell over Allison.  Nigel agreed about his commitment, and thought that Sonya helped cover up his weaknesses.

Robert (with Lauren, Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  This routine is about seduction.  Did he just lick her leg?  I'm pretty sure he did!  Other than that, though, I didn't feel much heat between them.  It seemed a little forced to me.  Though the dancing was good, I was feeling way more from Lauren.  Adam thinks he commands the stage and he loved him, hmm.  Mia loved the strong clean jazz piece.  Kenny liked it a lot.  Nigel thought that Lauren was an inspiration to get guys into dance, but liked Robert's dancing.  Shows what I know.

Adechike's Solo:  He is doing a solo to This Woman's Work.  Hmm.  Risky.  This song belongs to Melissa and the Breast Cancer Dance.  Good solo, though.

Kent (with Kathryn, Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh) Sonya uses Kent's tumbling to her advantage, and he partnered really well with Kathryn.  This is a really awesomely fun routine.  I think I'm a little in love with Kent's dancing.  Loved this one.  A lot.  Go, Sonya.  Adam thinks that Kent makes the show more special, and loved the handspring over Kathryn, and thought he kicked ass.  Mia thinks that sometimes his face is so animated that it makes the choreographer's work look juvenille, though his dance was totally solid.  Kenny thinks Kent is awesome, and thinks he's like a young Gene Kelly, and thinks that Kent is the one to beat.  Nigel thinks that Kent mixes really good technique with a really fun personality, and thinks that Kent is out-dancing the All-Stars.

Robert's Solo:  Really solid.  Some really strong moments that I was surprised by.  And, it's Robert's 20th birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Robert!

Lauren's Solo:  She dances with such passion.  I just love her.

Adechike (with Comfort, Lyrical Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon, Fallin' by Alicia Keyes)  Ok, this is really strong.  I am surprised in Adechike.  Comfort brought out good things in him.  Really really good choreography, really good character work.  Loved it.  Wow.  Adam said it felt like watching a movie and loved it.  Mia thought it came from such a raw raw space and it was like watching dance film, and was the highest level of dance.  She was brought to tears about how MUCH Adechike has.  Mia thinks that Comfort is like Mary J. Blige in a dancer.  Kenny gave more love to the choreographers, and thought it was honest and heartfelt and beautifully connected and wonderful.  Nigel thought that it moved to another level, and likened it to Bleeding Love (with Mark).  I would agree.

Jose's Solo: This solo is just flat out joy and fun.  I don't think it's the best he can do, though, which is a shame.  Shouldn't solos be your absolute best?  Still, it was good and fun.

Kent's Solo:  He has so much feeling in his dance, and I think it was the best solo of the night, conveying a lot of feeling instead of just "hey, look at what a good dancer I am."

Robert & Lauren (Samba, choreographed my Dmitry Chaplin)  Lauren's hips get their own chance to shine again.  She's just really good at this.  And Robert's no slouch.  The last spin that Robert did looked a little labored to me.  Adam loved Robert's lines and thinks that Lauren could have a future in latin dance.  Mia loved Robert in the dance and thought he was great.  She thought that Lauren's butt and hips were great, but thought she was in plie a lot and that brings a heaviness to her movement.  Kenny loves Dmitry.  Nigel was moved by how much the dancers' parents love them.  He thinks that Robert did himself proud as a birthday boy, and thinks that Lauren has shaken everything possible on the show and thought it was really enjoyable, though there may have been a couple technical hiccups.

Jose & Adechike (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Dmitry - assisted by Legacy) This is a battle.  With capes.  I think that Adechike won the battle.  Adam loved how committed and connected they were in their partnership, but wanted Jose to stretch his legs and feet, and thought that Adechike could use more abandon.  Mia thought it was aesthetically gorgeous, but the technique was lacking for both of them.  They didn't fill the spaces in the choreography for her.  Kenny thought it was a valiant effort.  Nigel agreed that it was a valiant effort, but thought they were missing most of the attack that a Pasa Doble has. I would agree. 

Kent (Stepping, with(out) Billy, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado - with Twitch instead)  Fun routine.  I thought that they both did a good job, though Billy was pulling some funny faces.  It would have been fun with Billy.  Still, loving Kent.  Adam thanked the show for bringing in new kinds of dance, and thanked Kent for kicking it's ass.  Mia had no idea that Kent had that in him, and called it disgusting and filthy and sick and amazing, and loved the chemistry with Twitch, and then chided Kent for zoning out when she was talking to him, before calling Kent the one to beat.  Kenny thought he was awesome.  Nigel reminded them about his own routine, Five Guys Named Moe, which had stepping, but he loves stepping, and thought Kent managed to combat everything thrown at him in the show.  Nigel is sad that Billy didn't get to do it, but loved Twitch.

I think that Jose's time has come.  I think that Robert will be in the bottom with him, and with the obligatory injured Billy.  I don't see the judges sending anyone else home before they send Jose home.

Lauren and Kent for the win!

(Adechike was not so shabby tonight!  Loved his routine with Comfort)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.15.10

Cat is a yellow canary tonight, and the group number also involves the All-Stars, in a Broadway Routine.  I'm thinking Tyce?  It's really fun.  And Kent got to do some really fun tumbling.  And it was Tyce.  Go, me!

I think Cat is channeling Felicity Shagwell...

Promo for National Dance Day, including Tabitha & Napoleon's downloadable routine, and lots of people's videos sent in.

Lauren and Kent are up first (my two faves from last night).  Neither one of them is in the bottom with Ashley.  Yippee! 

Fast forwarding through special guest dancers.  They are cute, but I don't feel like watching them.  I'm sure I'll watch them when my kids watch the show.

Adechike and Billy are up next.  Billy is in the bottom 3, along with injured Ashley.  Jose and Robert are up next to find out their fate.  Jose is in the Bottom 3. I'd say that's deserved.  Travis' number with Robert last night was so utterly astounding, I am glad that he's not in the bottom 3.  This week.

Fast Forwarding through the next guest dancers... thought that they were going to be featuring all-stars?

Oh... here's the All-Stars.  Comfort & Twitch.  Fun.  Their Dave Scott Hip Hop routine is up, and I loved it the first time.  So much fun! 

Billy's Solo is up first, and it's a really good one.  He has such nice lines.  I don't think he's going anywhere.

Jose's solo is up and the first thing that came off was his stupid toque.  He got right to the tricks, and he showed what he can do.  I do think he's likely to leave if Ashley is clear to stay.  He's great, but limited, even though he's charming as all get out.

A SYTYCD TV premier for an artist that Stacey Tookey used in a routine a few weeks ago.  Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts.  She was a waitress and now she's on the charts.  Slick.  Her tattoos look like she's been drawn on by a child, but she's got a good voice.  I believe that the routine (danced by Neil and Allison) is the same as the original routine.  It is beautiful.  The cellist is also a backup singer.  That's kind of cool.

Nigel thinks that Jose's solo was focused and almost angry, and it was him fighting to stay.  He told Billy that he was going in the right direction, but his solo was more of the same old same old, though he does have the capability to be a really great dancer.  And Ashley... needs 3-5 weeks rest.  Oh, man.  Another one bites the dust.  She's off to get better and hopefully join the tour.  Poor kiddo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.14.10

Cat's dress is weirdly peacocky tonight, but she carries it off, because she's Cat.  Another night of two dances each.  Cool. 

Oh no!  Another injury!  Ashley was brought to the hospital with severe rib pain, and can't dance this week.  This means she will be in the bottom 3 automatically, and if she makes it, and can't make it to dance next week, she's out.  Gah!

Kent is dancing Broadway with Neil, Adechike is dancing Salsa with Anya, Robert is dancing Contemporary with All Star Ashley, Ashley would have danced the rhumba with Pasha, Billy is dancing Jive with Anya, Lauren is dancing Cultural with Mark, and Jose is dancing Broadway with Courtney.

Adechike and Kent will be dancing together.  Ashley would have danced with Robert.  Lauren is dancing with Billy.  Jose is dancing with .. Gold Star?  That would be Dominic.  B-Boy!

Lauren (with Mark, Tahitian Cultural, Choreographed by Tiana Lufau)  It's the first Tahitian dance ever on the show.  Mark is portraying night, and Lauren is portraying day.  They are full of feathers and leaves and it's kind of awesome.  Lots of really good hip and butt shaking.  Lauren did a great job, and Mark looked at home.  Lauren looked like some really randy bird.  Girl's hips must have been exhausted after that!  I liked it!  Nigel didn't know what to say, but thought it would be a good dance for turkeys to do on Thanksgiving.  Mia loved it, and thought it was like a duck in heat.  Adam was in awe of Lauren, and loved her energy, and his friend in the audience who used to teach Tahitian dance gave them the thumbs up, so he thought her technique must have been spot on. 

Adechike (with Anya, Salsa choreographed by Liz Lura) Mighty fluorescent costumes they have!  I am not sure if she was supposed to almost fall on the floor in the very first lift, but it didn't look intentional!  Anya looked better than Adechike,  and he looked like he was struggling at parts with some of the technique. To me.  Untrained me.  It didn't flow very well for me.  It wasn't magical like they should be at this point in the competition.  Not to me.  Nigel thought the choreographer was a crazy woman, and thought that it worked.  He thought that Adechike pulled it off.  Ok, I might be just totally off again.  Mia loved the choreography and the tricks.. but she thought there were little bumps here and there, and they looked like they needed a couple more hours of rehearsal.  She did think it was a really good attempt.  Adam thought that he did a good job, too.  I'm with Mia.

Jose (with Courtney, Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling) Courtney is a show girl, and Jose is a sad stage hand who is enamoured with her, but she never notices him.  It's to Mister Cellophane from Chicago.  He did the character really well, and the dance was fun.  Courtney was there to dance with giant feather fans beautifully.  Nigel loved the number from Chicago, and loved the way that Joey changed it up.  He worried that Jose's personality was hidden, and it showed that his dancing wasn't very good.  He said that Jose's dancing wasn't up to par.  Mia didn't want to see Jose sad.  His puppy dog eyes were killing her.  The patheticness was a little maxed out, and the glimmer of hope was missing, and the technique wasn't there to back it up.  Adam wanted to give him some constructive criticism, and told him that he had some lines that were missing, and really, he just needs dance lessons.

Robert (with Allison, Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall)  The routine is about Travis' mother, who just went through surgery and a lot of things.  Allison is portraying his mother, and Robert is portraying the son.  He is very close to his own mother, so this should work well.  Wow.  Just Wow.  They are amazing together, and this choreography is astounding.  There was one moment where she just leapt entirely blindly backwards, and he caught her, and the trust was palpable.  I got chills.  Amazing.  Robert broke out in tears afterwards.  The judges gave them a standing ovation.  Nigel said that it was transcendent.  He likened it to Addiction and Tyce's Breast Cancer pieces.  I would agree.  Nigel thought that if the audience doesn't come out for Robert after that, he doesn't know what would do it.  Mia was in tears and said that it was the best Robert had danced to date.  Adam thinks that it is a shoe in for Emmy Nomination.  I would agree.  He said that the routine made him blow a snot bubble crying on tv.  I love Adam.

Billy (with Anya, Jive choreographed by Louis Van Amstel) I think Billy may be made of rubber.  I thought it was a fun routine.  I don't know much about jive, but the Rock and Roll Anya, as Cat called her, was fun.  The back of her skirt ripped, too!  Nigel said that it was the hardest Billy has worked to get chemistry with a partner.  He said that sometimes, Billy's legs are too straight and too classic, but all and all, he loved it.  Mia loved it.  Confusion ensued when Cat called it a Sex Bomb, and people thought she was saying "Sex Bum."  Adam thought it was Billy's best yet, because of the connection, and loved all the kicks.

Kent (with Neil, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio)  They are portraying baseball players.  Awesome.  Ok, the first thing that happened was Kent vaulted over Neil at full height.  That's insane.  Some of the tumbling that Kent has done was evident.  What a super fun routine!  I really enjoyed it.  For the first time, Kent didn't have to throw some sexy on the fire, and it was good.  Nigel thought that Kent was the MVP tonight, and said that he out-danced Neil.  Awesome.  Mia loves boys, so much.  Cat asked Adam if he also loves boys.  Funny.  He thought it was an awesome dance, and loved the Fosse-esque style.  He told Kent that he could have a huge future in Broadway if he wants it.

Lauren & Billy (Jazz, Choreographed by Mandy Moore) Lauren apparently eats like a squirrel, and Billy is in love with soda.  They have different colored converse sneakers on, and their shoes are "doing the dancing."  Bedazzled converse. The camera started out focused on the shoes, but thankfully pulled out.  These two are good partnering together.  It was a really fun routine.  Nigel thought it was a cool routine and it made him smile.  He again congratulated Billy on doing better with the partnering, and thinks that Jazz fits on him well.  He also thought that Lauren did well with the partnering.  Mia thought it was completely in the pocket, quirky and groovy, and the cutest thing ever.  Adam thought it was Happy-making, and thought that Billy finally lost himself in the music and got into the groove. 

Jose (with Dominic, B-Boy, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon) I don't think these boys have bones like the rest of us.  I don't know if they were supposed toe in sync the whole time, but I don't really care.  it was really cool.  Some of the pairing was really amazing.  That was really cool.  I like.  Nigel told Jose that he totally redeemed himself in this dance, because no one else could have done that.  Mia reiterated her love of boys.  She wants more strength from Jose, but still thought it was awesome.  Adam said that this is the way to compete and show who is boss.

Adechike & Kent (Contemporary Jazz, choreographed by Dee Kasperwhat?) Adechike wants to be a cook and write a cookbook for dancers, and Adechike attested that Kent has a crush on Lauren and the kiss last week was more than choreography... the dance is using chairs, as if they were girlfriends fought over by the two boys.  The dancing itself was wonderful.  I like Kent more than I like Adechike.  I just think his personality shines more, and I love the way he moves.  Nigel called it a tremendous job. There was one moment when Adechike jumped like a gazelle.  He thanked Kent for underplaying it, and not going over the top.  His small moments made it beautiful.  Nigel told Kent that he stands a good chance of being this year's champion.  Mia is in love with Kent's dancing, and loves the organic quality of his movement.  She thought that the vulnerability and strength of the two of them was wonderful, and loved that it was a good week for Adechike.  Then, she called him a Giselle.  Nigel corrected her, and she said she is having a dumb day.  And then, in one of the funniest moments ever, she did a Paula Clap.  I laughed so hard I had to pause.  Adam thought that they taught America that super athletes can also be super artists, and said that they taught him about dance and performance and called them both brilliant.

Robert (with Kathryn in for injured Ashley, Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez)  Robert danced with Kathryn last week.  This hardly seems fair.  I really wish this was Ashley dancing.  Kathryn is great, and Robert is dancing super well, too, and some of the drops were terrifying to me (was the last lift a little slow on the release?), but it was good.  Nigel doesn't think people realize how hard disco is.  There are no stops for breath in disco.  He thought that Robert gave everything he needed to.  Mia loves him, but never wants to see him do that again, because it seemed too thin and didn't bring the masculine weight to the texture of the movement.  Adam said that disco is about being there for your partner and selling fun, and he bought it.

Another super hard week!  I think that Kent and Lauren were at the top for me, with Billy having his best night yet. 

Jose's first routine wasn't all that great, but his B-boy routine was awesome.  He may be in trouble, if Ashley is recovered. Adechike's first didn't sell me, but I loved the second.  Robert was really good, but I don't know if America will vote for him. 

What do you think?  I hope that Ashley gets better!  I don't want to lose her!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.8.10

I really like Cat's dress tonight!  Her hair-flattening ornaments, not so much.. but the dress is nice.

The group number is set to Sting, and people are in white and angelic costumes... and who is the one with wings, standing completely sill?  I have no idea.  Is it Ade?  I wonder if it was supposed to be Alex.  It was a really beautiful (if strange) dance.  It was choreographed by Mia.  I could have guessed that.

Congrats to SYTYCD for all of the Emmy nominations (along with Adam for the Emmys, and Chelsea Hightower who is now on Dancing with the Stars).  Nigel also pimped July 31st Dance Day, and some one has introduced a bill to make it a national day!  Congress is apparently doing a flash mob in the park in DC.  That's kind of cool.  But... isn't a flash mob supposed to be a surprise?  Great job ruining that, Nigel.

Lauren and Billy are out first.  Lauren seems to have misplaced half her dress.  The right half.  Oops.  Billy is in the Bottom 3, with Alex.  Lauren is safe.  As it should be. 

Everyone else comes on stage now for more results.  Kent is safe and I am so happy.  He did super well last night.  How about Jose?  Also safe.  I'm glad.  His first performance was strong enough to warrant his safety alone.  Robert is next.  He is also safe.  Will it be Ashley or Adechike? Ashley is in the Bottom 3.  Didn't see that one coming, though I didn't think it was Ashley's strongest night.

Mia apologized to Adechike for her comments last night to him.  That was nice.

Anya & Pasha Spotlight time!  They had never partnered on the SYTYCD stage before now - back in their very first audition.  Awesome! They are wonderful.  The stage with on fire.

Broadway number, fast forwarding.

Billy's solo:  Billy gives one heck of a solo.  I don't think he's going anywhere.

Ashley's solo:  She gives a passionate and wonderful solo.  I don't want Alex to be injured, but I don't want to have either Ashley or Billy leave either!

Natasha Bettingfield.  I'll give her a listen.  She's backed by some of the All Stars.  I don't like Natasha's mullet dress.  And I have a feeling the song would be better on the radio.

Results.  Alex's MRI showed that he suffered a lacerated Achilles tendon.  He has to rest for 3 months, although he's having the operation on Tuesday... he's out of this year's competition.  Nigel invited him back next year.  Ashley and Billy are safe.

I wish Alex the best possible recovery.  Poor guy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.7.10

Cat looks lovely in gold, and then there was a strange microphone echo and she played it off in a charming way, because she's Cat.

Oh no!  Alex was injured in rehearsal.  He will not be able to perform tonight.  They think it might be a ruptured Achilles.  There's an MRI this week.  He will automatically be in the bottom 3, and will be judged.  Also, if he can't perform next week, he's out.

Lauren will be dancing Cha cha with Pasha and Contemporary with Kent.  Kent will also be doing hip hop with Comfort.  Robert got Jazz with Kathryn and Quickstep with Ashley.  She also got Hip hop with Dominic.  Adechike has Jazz with Courtney and had pulled Bollywood with Alex.   Alex had also picked Foxtrot with Anya.  Jose pulled Contemporary with Lauren and African Jazz with Billy.  Billy got Broadway with Allison.

Lauren (Cha cha with Pasha, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France, Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce)  It is ok, but she doesn't seem as fluid as she should be.  She looked sexy, and they had chemistry, but I don't know if there was enough follow through.  I may be totally wrong.  Cat congratulated her in keeping her dress on.  Nigel appreciated her growth into womanhood for this routine and liked her hair, and thought she looked smoldering.  She said that she was pretending to be a tiger and Pasha was walking in her jungle and she took bites out of him. Nice.  Mia said it was pure murderation.  Ok, so admittedly I know zilch about ballroom. I guess she was great. Adam thought that she made her minimal costume work, and she was sharp and sexy and is very proud of her.

Jose (Contemporary with Lauren, choreographed by Mandy Moore, Never Tear Us Apart, by INXS) Wow.  Sexy from the start.  Jose is impressing me this time.  His dance is actually really really good. The part where he flipped her was really cool.  Nigel thought that he looked amazing, and loved that he pointed his toes and partnered so well.  Mia thinks that people should try to be more like Jose, with a lack of ego and an open heart and purity, and thought that he danced from an honest place, and thought Mandy did some really smart choreography.  Adam thought that Mandy played to all of Jose's strengths, and said that he is growing technically.

Kent (Hip Hop with Comfort, choreographed by Dave Scott)  I have to say, this is really good for Kent.  He isn't trying to be sexy, and he seemed to feel the music and did some decent popping.  He was playful (and he smacked Comfort's butt!) and did some decent enough B-Boy moves.  And in the end, he got to do more simulated kissing (behind a hat).  Cat compared him to a little Justin Timberlake.  Nigel agreed and called it Soft Hop instead of hard hip hop, and loved how he didn't over-act it.  He thought it was fun and musical, and commended the spank for being on the beat.  Then - slo-mo spank.  That was funny.  Mia said "I wasn't mad at you, at all!"  She wanted a bit more cool, but thought he did well.  Adam saw growth in him this week, and said it was his smallest performance of the season.  And that's a good thing.  Interesting.

Adechike (Jazz with Courtney, choreographed by Mandy Moore)  The dance is set around closing time at a bar, and Courtney is up to seduce Adechike.  I adore Courtney's hair in this routine.  They are dancing at a bar as a prop.  Adechike is having fun and isn't taking it too seriously, which makes me like him more.  It was really cool.  I liked it.  Nigel thought it was a really good routine, and thought that he did really well with his character this time, too.  He loved the actual dancing part, since most of it was character, really, but he liked it.  He wasn't expecting him to be that good.  And apparently, Adechike lost one of his contacts during the dance.  Oops!  Mia thought that he relied too much on the character, and the actual dance was really mediocre.  She said the bulk of the routine was donut holes - empty.  Adam thought that he had a breakthrough last week, and then got really tumbled up in his words, and wanted Adechike to get lost in the character.

Billy (Broadway, NOT with Allison, who injured her ribs!  so, in comes Katee!, choreographed by Spencer Liff)  I think Billy is really shining in this style. Nigel agreed with me, and said this is the best Billy's danced outside of his solos.  Mia called him Fabulicious, and said he was sharp, had style, and thought he was awesome.  Adam thought he has never connected with a partner this well to date, and loved how his small moments were perfect.  He thought that perhaps everyone has had a drink of performance juice.

Ashley (Hip Hop, with Dominic, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon)  They are like ninja assassins.  She was not hitting as hard as she could have, but her movements were good.  She did not look comfortable at all.  Nigel said that they love Ashley, and this proved that he can do something more than contemporary.  He thought that she hit hard (shows what I know!), and didn't like the drop crotch trousers because they made her legs look stumpy.  Mia thought that Ashley danced it hardcore, but there was no kill in her eyes.  Adam thinks she's a quiet contender, and thinks she did very well.  Again.  Shows what I know.  Dominic continued his ridiculous flirtation with Cat.

Robert (Jazz, with Kathryn, choreographed by Sean Cheeseman)  They are dolls come to life.  They were in boxes in the beginning, and I don't know if they were supposed to be in sync in the boxes, but thye were not.  They just seemed off the whole tie, not really connecting or working well together.  I could see when he was going to do a lift, and he looked like he was trying really hard.  And she's an itty bitty girl.  I could probably toss her around.  Cat thought it was plastic fantastic.  Nigel loved the concept, and he went online to see why Robert has been in the bottom 3, and saw that people think he's arrogant, and defended him.  He thought the dance was really great.  Humph.  Am I just totally off tonight?  Mia loves Robert.  She also loved the inside the box movement, but she did say it could have been cleaned and tightened up some.  Adam thinks Robert is totally great, and called it stellar.  What is wrong with me tonight?  I just can't agree with the judges!

Adechike supposed to be with Alex for Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul.  Instead, Marla, Nakul's assistant will be dancing with Adechike.  It looked like he was doing a good job, but the smile was plastered on blandly again.  The end, with the super quick tempt was really good.  He got to do some leaping, which obviously he can do with glee.  Nigel warned him that he had to be deeper in his plie in this style, and said he started making it a little funky in places, and he has to be careful to stick to specific styles.  I would agree with that.  Mia called it kind of African in style.  Cat stood up for Adechike and said that when Jose did Bollywood, they told him it was ok to put his own little twist to it, and now they are picking on Adechike for doing the same thing. Mia said that it was a little flaily for her and she really missed Alex.  Adam said that he could tell that Adechike felt the music, but he lacked finish and snap.

Kent & Lauren (Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall)  It's about two people after prom.  That should work for them.  I kind of adore them as a couple!  The dance was wonderful.  I really loved soe of the intricate jumps and footwork.  And, Kent got another kiss!  Truly, that boy gets around!  Nigel thought that the routine proved what fabulous Contemporary dancers the two of them are, and what a great choreographer Travis is.  He said that he has been looking for the heart in Lauren, and he found it.  He loved what a hard worker Kent is, and thinks his hard work is going to pay off.  Mia thought it was stunning - the connection was there, and thought that Lauren's athleticism, technique, and soul were all great.  She said that Kent also had a great evening.  Adam said it became so honest and intimate and real, he almost felt embarrassed to be watching it.  (They do make a truly adorable couple, really)

Ashley & Robert (Quickstep, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France)  I don't know.  It looked like they were just running part of the time and weren't really following steps.  Got better in the middle.  Still, not really feeling it.  Nigel thought it really was the dance of death, and the character part was hard, to switch to the dance part. He admitted that they had more close hold than anyone else, and it wasn't the best close hold, and thought that Robert's hydraulics were a bit off for this style.  He thought that Ashley was lovely and looked like she was enjoying herself and had better form.  Mia thought they got through it and it wasn't a train wreck.  She didn't like the music choice for Quickstep, and thought that Robert's legs were too far apart and reiterated that ballet would be good for him.  She said it wasn't the kiss of death, but it was a bad kiss.  Adam thought that the music spoke more to jive, but thought that they got through it.

Billy & Jose (African, choreographed by Sean Cheeseman)  Jose is the hunter, and Billy is the prey.  I thought it worked, and both of them had parts to show off their own strengths.  The judges didn't think that they hit it quite right, and Billy was a little too contemporary at times.  Billy as a cat again didn't work for them much.

I thought that Lauren had a super night, as did Kent.  Jose's contemporary was great, but his second dance wasn't as great.  Same for Billy - first dance was fun, but the second one was a little blah.  I wasn't feeling Ashley's hip-hop, but she was the better person in the Quickstep.

Adechike didn't pull it out tonight. I think that Robert will be in the bottom 3 again.  I didn't drool on his dances at all.  And Alex will be down there, too, automatically.

Who do you think will join Alex in the bottom 3?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.1.10

Group dance is to Carmina Burana.  That's kind of cool.  Why they are all dressed like half dressed clowns, I don't know, but the dance is neat.  Choreographed by Jamal Gains?  He's new, right?

I really like Cat's dress.  Webby, almost, but not in a creepy Cher way.

Next week - Two routines, and they'll dance with an all-star they've never danced with, and also one of their competitors.  Interesting.  I think I like it.

Out first are Alex, Ashley, Adechike, and Kent.  Alex is safe.  Ashley is safe.  And so are Adechike and Kent, after a psych out making it look like it might be Kent in the bottom three. 

Next out, Lauren, Robert, and Billy.  Lauren is safe.  Billy is in the bottom 3.  And so is Robert. 

Will it be Melinda or Jose joining them?  Unsurprisingly, it's Melinda.  If she isn't the one going home this week, I'd be stunned.

Neat new feature - highlights from Allstars.  And this week, it's Mark (squee) and Courtney.  And, remembering Nigel's ridiculous hair.  Oops.  Mark and Courtney are dancing The Garden!  Wheeee!!!!!  I am so happy right now I can barely think.  I wonder how many times they've done that routine?  I still love it, and it looked like they still do, too.

Fast forwarded through the Cirque de Soleil routine. 

Solo time.  Billy's first, and he had some great moves, though I am really distracted by his mesh backed shirt.  Why is that necessary?  Really? Robert is up next, and he brought some funkier moves, but he's no Mark.  I just started to get into his solo when it was ending.  His buildup was too long.  And next, Melinda.  If she doesn't go home, I'll be stunned.  Her solo was the best yet, without extra distracting music.  She brought more fun that previous solos.

Fast forward through Neyo, who is trying to be Michael Jackson and failing.

The judges are unanimous, and Melinda is going home.  I don't think anyone is surprised.  I wanted her to be better, but she just couldn't quite get it together.  Sad.  I liked her.