Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.30.09

New Orleans!

Adam Shankman and Lil' C are joining Mary - Nigel is absent.

Shelby "Skip" Skipper does New Orleans Bounce style.  It certainly is different.  He's made of Jell-O or something!  He was very entertaining.  He even taught Cat some Bounce before his audition.  Mary is impressed with New Orleans Bounce and with Skip.  Adam says he is an expert in New Orleans Bounce, but then admitted he knew nothing about it, but he loved it.  Lil C loves the showcase the show brings and thought it was Buck.  They messed with him and told him he wasn't going to choreography before sending him to Vegas.  I like him.

Jonathan Litzler has done all sorts of styles.  He has amazing acrobatics, and he seems really likable.  Adam said it was one of the best auditions he'd ever seen, and even without the tumbling, it was impressive.  Lil C called him a perfect blend of weight, energy, space, and time.  Mary called him fabulous and gave him his ticket to Vegas.

Alison Nance was barely shown but was wonderful.  Calvin Turner, Jr. gave me chills.  Edward Spots had amazing legs and lept like a gazelle.  All three are through to Vegas.  Deservedly.

Eric La Blanc is hyped up on 6 energy drinks.  That sounds like a recipe for heart palpitations.  He can do animal sounds.  But can he dance?  Oh, look, it's another Boom Boom Pow.  He has some moves, but I don't know how unique he is.  He had the judges laughing.  The men outvoted Mary, and sent him to choreography.

Montage of great, nameless dancers.

Justin Kenney was in a bad car accident and had some bad head trauma, but has recovered.  He does hip hop and breakdancing, but can't do a lot of head tricks because of the trauma.  He is super entertaining (and I love his eyes) and I love him.  Mary was impressed with him.  Lil C loved him.  Adam thought he rocked it out.  He's through to choreography, to see what else he can do.

In choreography, Justin struggled.  Eric had another Red Bull before choreography, but is going home.  Justin is getting his chance in Vegas.  I'm happy, because I really like him.

Time for Day 2.

Kimalee Piedad and her partner (who was not auditioning) did some truly astounding lifts.  Mary loved her.  Lil C loved her.  Adam loved it, but was curious to see what other styles she can do.  She was trained in ballet, but can do other things, too.  Adam wanted to send her to choreography, though Mary wants her straight to Vegas.  Lil C agreed with Mary, and she's through to vegas.  First theatre arts specialist through to Vegas.

Micah Mixon is a popper.  He had some good moves.  Mary thought he had some pretty good moves.  His gliding impressed her.  Adam liked him, and Lil C thought he had a great core.  He's through to choreography.

Lloyd Ballard tried to rock the Travis hair, but he was kind of painfully bad.  Adam wished Nigel was there.

Montage of really awkward and terrible, and list of things the judges hate.

#1: Hats over eyes
#2: Reaching out to nowhere
#3: Self-love - rubbing yourself too much
#4: Men's booty shaking

Adam demonstrated.  Love it.

Jakob Karr had some incredible control of his body, even though he looked like he'd just come from junior high gym class.  He did this back flip that made me take notice.  Mary told him it was really fantastic and gave it a shriek.  Adam was impressed by his strength, his motivation, and his everything.  Lil C liked the way he stretched the music out.  To Vegas with him!

Diana Drexler found out that her grandfather died when she was heading to the audition.  She decided to stick it out and I am glad.  It was a very engaging dance.  She broke down in tears afterward.  Mary said it seemed effortless, and Diana told her that there is a lot of effort, calling herself an old lady.  Adam brought up her grandfather's death, and he said that she didn't bring the heaviness to her dance, and said her grandfather would be proud.  She's on to choreography.

After choreography, Micah is not through to Vegas, but they want him to keep working and come back.  Diana is going to Vegas, and I am glad.

Next week, Salt Lake City!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.29.09


Lil'C will be joining Nigel and Mary.

Billy Bell started dancing when he was 14, and now he's 19.  He tried hip hop and failed, but did a lot of other styles with hopefully better results.  He started out with a very strong leg extension, and did a lot of flaily leaps, but I can't say I love his style of movement.  Nigel says he has great legs, and great technique, but a sway back, and said his hands sometimes looked like a bunch of bananas.  Billy is at least aware of his sway back.  All three judges were no's to choreography, and nearly broke young Billy's heart, but then they gave him a ticket to Vegas.  Not sure if he deserved that, but oh well.

Amber Jackson is a contemporary dancer, and she's 18.  Some of her movements were interesting.  Nigel wanted her to be more focused on performing for the judges. He said her movement and dancing were tremendous, but her performance was *bleep*.  Mary said she wanted to strangle Amber, because she has danceability, but don't connect.  She's getting a chance in choreography, but Nigel and Lil' C want to kick her butt if she doesn't bring it.

Montage of bloody awful disengaged dancers.

Travis Denison was the guy who psyched crowds up at football games, and auditioned for the Wade Robeson project when it was on MTV.  He may be full of energy, but I thought his dancing was frantic and weird.  He has a really goofy face.  Nigel wondered if Travis is related to Adam Shankman, and they did a side by side comparison, which was kind of hilarious and right on.  They look very similar.  Nigel admitted that Travis' dance was good social fun, but is not competitive.  The others agreed.

Jamal Jackson had a really strong audition that we only got to see part of.  I was impressed.  Victor Smalley rocked a very intricate hair style and some beautiful leaps.  Both are through to Vegas.

Anthony and Antwain Hart are back to audition.  I really think that Boom Boom Pow is one of the most danced to songs on this show currently.  It is danceable.  These guys did a really fun and well choreographed routine.  The judges were so happy to see them back, and applauded their growth.  Nigel nearly sent them to Vegas, but decided to send them to choreography, though he was pretty sure that they would be going on from there.

In choreography, Anthony was doing a great job, but Antwain had a really hard time with it.  Amber no-personality managed to bring it, and made it through.  Anthony also go his ticket to Vegas.  Antwain did not make it this year, though.  That's a shame, because he had some great moves in the audition routine.

Time for Day 2. 

Matthew "Boogie Links" Pollard fancies himself a lady's man.  I think he can dislocate his shoulders at will, and he had some interesting moes, but overall, he just looked kind of creepy.  Nigel said that he is not humanly capable of doing some of the things Boogie Links can do, but he doesn't know if he can dance. 

Jessica Jenson only has one hand.  She had a rare form of skin cancer in her hand and it had to be removed.  I don't know... she might be able to dance solo, but how would you do ballroom with one hand?  She danced to Imogean Heap, and she danced beautifully.  She moved me, but I just don't know if she could do partner dancing.  They are sending her to choreography, and Nigel warned her that she would have to sort out the partner dancing.

Jonathan Bryant has a huge personality.  He's made his stage name Extra.  His dance was all over tha place and the decision to wear a sweater that was falling off all the time and sweat pants that also looked about ready to leave his body ... foolish.  He looks like he is wearing pajamas and got cold.  Lil C told him that he has a lot of emotion, but when he throws it across the room, there is no destination, and it was an arguement instead of a conversation.  He started fighting with Mary when she said he needed structure.  He was jumping all over her and saying that he is dope and has a lot of personality.  Nigel didn't appreciate the cocky smile, and told him that in order to grow, he needs to accept criticism.  Nigel called him very rude, and Jonathan blathered on about not changing himself.  No all around.

Montage of disappointment.

Thomas Hamilton is the final audition of the day.  He was born a crack baby and grew up in special ed with drama at home, and he got a sob story, including music, and interview with his bed ridden adoptive mother (his aunt).  He is extremely well spoken, but can he dance?  If not, the production crew spent a lot of money on his story... It's a good thing that he is a fantastic and passionate dancer.  He did a lot of running around, though.  Thomas was apparently won over to contemporary by Mia Michaels.  Nigel worried that he did too much praise music and it was internal and didn't reach the audience.  I can see that.  Mary is glad to have seen him.  Lil C loves that Mia awakened the dancer in him.  Nigel wants choreography, and so does everyone else.

So, will he make it past choreography?  Well, Boogie Links is out, and so is Jessica.  I still think that she could be an amazing solo dancer.  Nigel said that Thomas had moments, but there were other moments that he blanked.  Still, it was enough, and he's through to Vegas.  Good for him.

Tomorrow - New Orleans!

Hell's Kitchen: 9.29.09

Dave is not happy with Tenille for throwing Van under the bus, and doesn't trust her.  Kevin enjoyed watching the self destruction.  Ariel and Suzanne chain smoked away their anxieties at being in such trouble.

Ramsey met them in the kitchen for their first individual challenge.  The focus is on the presentation.  The editorial staff for Bon Appetit are helping judge the challenge.  They have to create a delicious, visually stunning dish.

Suzanne was making a salad, and Tenille's fish broke in half, so the plating on that wasn't as great as she wanted.

The Bon Appetit staff will be judging purely on looks first. The top two will be tasted by Ramsey and the Editor in Chief.  Dave totally folded under the pressure of having to name his dish and sounded like an idiot.

The scores put Tenille in last place, followed by Suzanne.  The highest scoring dish was Kevin's, and it was beautiful.  Ramsey didn't look too happy to announce that Ariel is the other one in the top 2. 

Ariel produced a sage and prosciotto wrapped John Dorey.

Kevin's is a pan seared Carribean fish.

In the end, it was a tie and they both won.  They will get to join Ramsey and the Editor in Chief for a Bon Appetit photoshoot at a wonderful restaurant, and both of their dishes will be featured in the magazine.  Cool.

The losers will be doing community service and cleaning a roadside (Hell's Kitchen has adopted a highway).  Dave is not looking forward to hearing Tenille bitch about losing.  He didn't have to wait long before she started complaining about how not right it was.  She certainly does know how to complain.  When they were done with the road, they had to steam clean the red carpet.  Dave's wrist was not doing well.  His cast was wrapped in ice. 

Kevin tried to convince Dave to leave the competition, because it would be getting rid of probably his stiffest competition, but Dave seemed bound and determined to stick it out.

During prep. Kevin decided to take charge, which annoyed Suzanne.  Ramsey told them that he wants them all determined, wants them to finish service, wants them to be on top of their stations and on top of their games.  Here's for hoping.  The menu will also feature the two winning items from the challenge.

Dave is on cold apps, Tenille is on hot apps, and Suzanne is on fish.  Kevin was on garnish, and Ariel was on meat. Immediately, animosity caused problems.  They got on top of it and got the first table out.  There was an onslaught of diners all at once.  There were a lot of dishes to go up at once.  Tenille was sure of her risotto, but Ariel told her it was mush.  She said it was fine, but Ramsey did not agree.  Try it again.

Ramseyhad to send incomplete tables out, and Tenille continued to overcook the risotto.  Turns out, Kevin's prep was bad, and the starting rice was overcooked.  Ramsey was not happy with Kevin at all, and was all over him.  They finally got it right and went out.  Service sped up considerably.

Entree service started, and then Ariel sent up pink chicken.  NOT good.  They fixed the problem and got the chicken out - only to have Suzanne have her chance at sending up raw food.  Her John Dorey was raw.  So not good. Ramsey looked about ready to throw a cutting board at her.

It was kind of a mess.  Tables were not getting sent out together, Ariel tried to send out raggedly butchered lamb.  He called her out into the dining room and yelled at her.  How embarrassing.

Ramsey seemed about ready to close the kitchen, but they managed to limp across the finish line.  Ramsey said it was one of the worst services in a long time, and they started off well.  Since they didn't come together as a team in service, they have to come together as a team to put two people up.

Suzanne is a big fan of herself.  In the end, they came up with Ariel and Suzanne.  Finally, it was Suzanne and her enormous ego going home.  I don't think anyone will miss her.

At this point, I'm rooting hard for Dave.  How about you?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yay for a New Season - Amazing Race 9.27.09

The race this season is starting in downtown LA - in the LA River, which was used in Terminator 2 and Grease, including other movies.  Very cool.

Ericka & Brian - She's a former Miss America, and they've been married for two years.

Lance & Teri- They're engaged from Massachussettes.  They seem cocky.

Maria & Tiffany - They are professional poker players.

Zeb & Justin - Best friends from LA, and Zeb has Aspergers.

Mika & Canaan - newly dating from Tennessee.  The obligatory super religious couple.

Flight time & Big Easy - Harlem Globe Trotters.  Cool.

Sam & Dan - Brothers from Missouri.  Both are gay.

Gary & Matt - Father and son trying to reconnect.

Eric & Lisa - Married Yoga instructors.  They were doing some pretty awesome yoga moves, but then lost me by being so zen that they rode a motorcycle without helmets.

Garrett & Jessica - On and off dating couple.  She's fiery and Colombian. 

Marcy & Ron - Dating from San Francisco.  They are an older couple and met online.

Megan & Cheyne - Dating from San Diego.  They met each other in elementary school.

Phil greets them and tells them that their first clue is in the top of the luggage they brought.  There is a new challenge in the game that will have a devastating effect on one team - who will have a very short race.  Their first challenge is described in their clue,  and the slowest person on that task will be eliminated immediately.  Ouch.

They have to fly to Tokyo after their first task.  They have to search the wall of license plates (over 1000) to find one from the region of Tokyo they are going to.  Whoever loses doesn't get to go to Japan.  The symbol is on the top of the clue, but everyone was so frantic, it wasn't immediately clear.  Zev & Justin were the first ones to notice the clue.  Maria & Tiffany were the first team to find the plate, and then others lined up to try to get to Phil.  It was down to yoga instructors and cocky Lance and Keri for the final plate.  Cocky Lance & Keri got it first, and the yoga instructors are sent packing back to their helmetless motorcycle.

There are two flights out of LA.  The first 6 teams are leaving at 12:45 PM, and the others are leaving 30 minutes later.  The poker players decided to tell people that they work with homeless kids instead of playing poker.

Once they get to Tokyo, they have to find a taxi and get to the TV studio at the base of the Tokyo tower.  Is that where they film I Survived a Japanese Gameshow?   The first couple to get in a fight is the poker players.  The second flight made up some time and ended up landing at the same time, pretty much.

The teams will be surviving a Japanese Gameshow themselves, it looks like!  They arrived to a cheering crowd at the television station, and they have to play "Sushi Roulette." 


One person must play sushi roulette, and spin a wheel containing 9 sushi rolls and 2 wasabi bombs.  They have to continue playing until they get a wasabi bomb (Nori with rice and lots and lots of wasabi).  They have 2 minutes to eat the wasabi bomb.

I just have to say, I would love to play that game.  Ron and Cheyne both got wasabi bombs right off.  Ron smushed some of the wasabi down into his rice, and it was very smart.  Still, if I was playing, I would shove as much as possible into my mouth at once.  Wasabi burn is crazy, but it isn't a long lasting burn. 

Ron and Cheyne got the wasabi bombs done. 

Next, they have to gather people in the crowd with the same colored visors, and lead them through the streets to their destination, the shrine at Konahashi Magu.

Garrett and Justin were next getting wasabi bombs.   They both got them down no problem.

Marcy & Ron were like cheerleaders with their visored tourists, and Cheyne & Meghan asked for directions...  both seemed to get kind of lost.  Zev & Justin found an American to show them the way.

Maria is next with the wasabi bomb.  She didn't quite get it done in 2 minutes and had to go again.  She ended up with another wasabi bomb on the next spin.  She told Tiffany that she couldn't do another one, but then she did pick it up to go.  She was right down to the wire with the next one, but managed to get it down, and they were on their way.  Lance & Big Easy were up next for the wasabi.  Big Easy swallowed it right down, and they played some light Harlem Globetrotters music in the background.  Lance finished his up, too.  Gary and Brian finally got their bombs.  Brian had a really hard time, but Gary managed to get his down.  Brian didn't get it down in time.  Dan finally got his shot at the wasabi bomb.  He loves sushi and finished in record time.  I have to hope that I could be as good as him.

I love wasabi.  I wish I had some sushi right now.

Cheyne & Meghan were the first team to arrive at the mat, and got the coveted first position.  They won a trip for two to Aspen and Vale, with all sorts of cool things.  I wonder if Cheyne will be able to keep up the wall o' hair.  Zev & Justin are at the mat next, and Zev is proud of himself for doing ok without his daily routine.

I have to say, the Harlem Globetrotters are wonderful for leading a crowd, because you couldn't miss them.

Lance & Keri managed to get to the mat third and were proud of themselves.

Maria & Tiffany helped Sam & Dan, who bought into their homeless kid story.  Of course, Maria & Tiffany also think that Sam & Dan might be swayed by their feminine wiles, so I guess it goes both ways.

Marcy & Ron and Life Time & Big Easy came in 4th and 5th, respectively.

Brian & Ericka, after getting to the street last, found someone to help them, and off they went.  They got their 6th!  That's pretty impressive.  Good for them. Gary & Matt came in 7th.

Tiffany & Maria got lost and lost a couple of their people.  Garrett & Jessica got to the Matt 8th, despite having to stop to let one of their people go to the bathroom.

Sam & Dan got to the mat 9th.  Mika & Canaan got there 10th, but had a straggler who they couldn't find.  She came around the corner as they left to go find her, and Mika carried her to the mat.

Maria & Tiffany decided to give up on finding their people and got to the mat.  They incurred a 2 hour penalty for not completing the challenge, but it's a non-elimination leg.  There will be a Speed Bump for them, though.  I'm glad that it was a non-elimination stop.


Meghan & Cheyne leave first for Vietnam.  They will go to Ho Chi Minn City, then take a 2 hour bus to their next clue.  Cheyne's hair looks like a porcupine.  Lance & Keri are already starting to have problems with each other.  Everyone went to the internet cafe to try to book flights, except Brian & Ericka, and Gary & Matt who headed to the airport immediately.

We get to know that Mika and Canaan are "sexualy pure."  How nice for them.

Everyone got on the same flight, because Brian & Ericka begged for reassignment.  Maria & Tiffany's bluff was called (ha ha ha) when they were recognized.  I think Dan and Sam were the ones to hear it.  Then, they admitted to falling a little in love with Dan & Sam.

Zev didn't want to get his feet wet, which was going to be a problem because the streets were pretty well flooded.  He took his shoes off to wade.

The first bus left at 3:30 and the second bus left at 4:45.  That's a lot of time to make up.  The teams each donated money to buy up the remaining tickets and get the bus to leave earlier.  Zev gave his jacket to a guy who looked like he needed it, and that was super sweet.

The dock is closed when the teams get there, so it doesn't matter that the bus left early.  They all spent the night, grabbed camp chairs, and ate yummy looking food.

When the dock opened, they had to travel by boat to mud pits, gather mud, and fertilize a tree by adding mud up to a line.

Speed Bump
Maria & Tiffany have to get ingredients for Pho and then make and serve the soup to dockmaster's liking.  They did well because Maria loves Pho and has served it before.

Mika is afraid of water.  Not easy in the race. 

The mud pits were really thick mud and lots of people got very very dirty.  Ericka described it as sensual, though she admitted to never having been a mud girl.

After finishing, teams must return their boat to the dock and then travel by foot to the next clue.  Zev & Justin lost their clue when Justin fell in the water.  They had to go back to get it.  Then, their boat stalled long enough to let Maria & Tiffany catch up.


Farmer use ducks to get rid of insects in the rice paddy.  They have to lead a flock of 150 sucks from their pen, across a bridge and back again within 10 minutes.  They have a flag to help them in the herding.

Meghan got her try first.  Jessica went next, followed by Ericka, and Matt.

After they finished (and it was no easy task), to the Pit stop with them.

Ericka forgot to shut her gate at the other end of the bridge and lost a bunch of her ducks.

Tiffany would seem to have an advantage because she had ducks growing up.  Zed did beautifully with the dugs, and Meghan (who had to try a second time) called him the Duck Whisperer.  Mika didn't know where she was going and had to try again.

Because of superior directionary skills, Gary & Matt came in first, and each of them won a kayak.  Flight Time & Big Easy and Sam & Dan came in 2nd and 3rd, and Keri & Lance came in 4th.  Zev & Justin came in 5th.  Meghan & Cheyne were 6th, followed by Maria & Tiffany. Mika & Canaan, and Mary & Ron came in 8th and 9th, respectively.

Brian & Ericka and Garrett & Jessica had lots of problems with their ducks.  Ericka vowed to eat duck for dinner after convincing her ducks to go in the pen.  Jessica and Garrett finished pretty soon afterwards.

Brian & Ericka came in 10th, which meant elimination for Garrett & Jessica.

What did you think?  I can't wait to see more next week. Any early favorites for you?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runway 9.24.09

The men don't miss Johnny much, saying that the competition will be more serious now that he is gone.

Heidi looks fabulous on the runway, and she told the designers that they would be doing something with movie making for their next challenge.  Tim met them at Stage 6, and told them that they would be drawing film genres out of a bag, and create a character's outfit to live in that genre.

Nicolas and Gordana are scared of getting Western.

Irina chose her own because she won and chose film noir.

Logan chose action/adventure, as did Carol Hannah.

Ra'Mon chose sci-fi.

Louise chose film noir.

Althea picked film noir.

Gordana chose period piece

Nicolas chose sci-fi

Christopher chose period piece

That means that Shirin and Epperson are stuck with Western.

Each designer has a dossier for their cinematic genre, 30 minutes to sketch, $150 at Mood, and only until midnight!

Shirin and Epperson both seemed to be going towards women's Western outfits. Shirin goes saloon girl.  Epperson goes higher class.

Logan and Carol Hannah bonded over their sketches.

Ra'Mon was super excited about getting his Borg on.  Nicolas loves how awesome he is in his own mind.

Nicolas has a whole story of a queen who wants to rule the universe from Orion's Belt.  Ra'Mon is doing something for a human-alien hybrid, and he's dying again.  Louise has a missing bobbin, and screams sabotage. 

Tim's check in started with Gordana, and urged her to make her back lower cut.  Christopher's concept is a 1800's Vampire Bride, and Tim loves everything about it except for the sleevelesness of it.  Tim kind of loved Epperson's piece, and said he was seduced by the ruffles. Ra'Mon is doing a jumpsuit.  Time said it could be sublime, or a big hot mess.  Tim likes Louise's subtlety and nuance, but worried that that doesn't show best on the runway.  He wanted Nicolas to exaggerate what he was doing.  He told the whole room to be as ambitious as they can be.

Enter models - for fittings and makeup consultations.  Product placements for L'oreal!

After fitting, Ra'Mon worried that his jumpsuit looked like Kermit the frog gone wrong.  He decided to rework it.  His model looked like she wanted to cry.  Louise sewed through her finger and soldiered on.

The day of the Runway show, panic ensued.  Nicolas pines for a glue gun.  They had two hours with their models, who also had to get hair and make-up done.  Gordana decided to make some accessories.

Runway Show

John Varvatos, Zoe Glassner, and Arianne Phillips (Oscar nominated costume designer) are on the panel with Heidi.

Irina's film noir dress was kind of fabulous.

Carol Hannah's outfit was kick ass. 

Shirin's saloon girl thing was kind of cliche.

Christopher's dress was still sleeveless and I didn't love it.

Nicolas' Sci-fi piece was kind of hot.  The hair and makeup worked beautifully with it.

Althea's film noir was really slick.  Her model was working it.

Ra'Mon's dress looked like it might fall apart at any moment.

Louise's dress was a bit of a rumpled mess.

Epperson's outfit didn't look very Western to me, but it was well done.

Gordana's flapper dress was really fun!

Logan's battle scarred jumpsuit was pretty fun.

Logan, Carol Hannah, Shirin, and Althea were safe. 

The judges liked Gordana's dress, but didn't think it was special.  Zoe kind of hit it when she said "I see your hands, but not your eyes."  Nicolas's story was amazingly complex, and they loved the drama of it.  Louise's film noir character was going for a person from the 40's dressing like she was in the 20's.  It was uniformly considered not strong.  Christopher's story was of a runaway vampire bride, and the judges thought he had some great detail and wow factor.  Ra'Mon's character's name was Lola, and the judges liked the story, but did not like the dress, because it looked like something out of Swamp Thing.  Heidi called it a hot green mess.  He admitted that he had to change his design at the last minute.  Epperson sold his character and he managed to do something that would fit but was still modern and innovative.  It helped that his model was kind of slick.

Gordana and Epperson are deemed safe, and Nicolas is the winner.  Christopher is also safe.  It's between Ra'Mon and Louise to go home.  In the end, it was a shocker to me that Ra'Mon is out!  I thought for sure Louise's rumpled mess would have been the end of her.  At least Ra'Mon took bold chances.  

Do you think the right decision was made?

Survivor: Samoa 9.24.09

Can Evil Russell get any more evil?  Who wants to visit Samoa because of the gorgeous scenery?  *raises hand*

Evil Russell is pleased with himself for getting rid of Marisa and her strong mind.  Russell tries to chat up Cop Betsy.  She says that they should agree to not trust each other, but they can still talk.  I like her a lot.

Bugs attack at Galu.  Yasmeen had the worst of it, to hear her say it.  She said "the hood is not the woods" and complained about pretty much everything. 

Back at Foa Foa, Evil Russell did some talking with Jaison, who he decided would be a good person to have on his side and trust him.  Evil Russell went on the search for the hidden immunity idol, without any clues.

The geico lizard was roasted on a stick, while Evil Russell dug in a hollow tree... and freaking found the freaking hidden immunity idol, and shoved it in his underpants before anyone saw what he was doing.  Evil Russell shared his find with Jaison.  Insanity.  The idol cannot be taken from him.  Evil Russell made a deal with Jaison (supposedly), but admitted that he wasn't going to give it to him, in confessional.

Mike and Betsy got tree mail, and commiserated about being the older ones and therefore targets.  Liz is gunning for Mike.  They have to go to the challenge painted like Samoan warriors, so it should be interesting.

Immunity Challenge

Three members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls, and pass them up to other members on a platform, who will shoot for baskets.  After each point, places will be switched.  They are playing for Fishing Gear and immunity.

Monica sits out.  The men are in the put first and the women are on the platform.  Lots of wrestling and collisions, and lots of tossing, before Liz got the first basket for Foa Foa.  Places switched (and some women ended up on the platforms, too).  John got a basket and tied it up for Galu.  Before the next round, Probst warned them about keeping it within the rules - not choking and no head butts etc, and no more warnings. 

Ben hit Not Evil Russell on purpose and was evicted from the challenge.  Eric scored for Galu, and the score is 2-1.  Mike took a big hit and stood around being useless for a while, and it was long enough for Galu to hit the basket for the third time and win it for them.

Ben had no problem being the first person ever evicted from a challenge in Survivor history.

As leader of the winning tribe, Not Evil Russell has to pick one person from his tribe to accompany the other tribe back to their camp, and she will return after sitting in and observing their Tribal council.

Medical came and had a look at Mike, who was suffering from severely low blood pressure.  He did not recover after what I think the medic said was 40 minutes, so he was pulled from the game.  They will still go to tribal council.  Ouch.  (and I am now scared for Betsy!)

Over at Galu, Shambo took out the fishing supplies, telling the tribe that spear fishing was her thing.  She took a leisurely swim after not catching anything.  My respect for her just went down some.  She also lost the mouthpiece for the snorkle in the swamp, and informed them that there are lots and lots of fish on the reef.  Monica was not impressed that Shambo discovered that there are fish in the ocean (and didn't bring any back to camp)

Yasmin wasted no time in introducing herself to the Foa Foa tribe and told them that she wants to help them not suck.  Um... shut up.  She went to Ben and talked to him personally about how much he sucks.  Evil Russell hated her instantly (who can blame him, I kind of want to smack her) and promised to make her pay for her behavior.  She then opened her clue for the idol, and then went to Ben and told him that he took some bad cheap shots in the game and didn't appreciate him tackling her in the game.  She is a freaking diva and called him ignorant and a big jerk going after girls.  It's called the game, babe.

Ben, in confessional, called Yasmin close to a hooker, and ghetto trash.  Ben was making himself look bad, and Evil Russell was more than thrilled to see Ben make himself look bad in front of everyone.  At night, when everyone was sleeping, Ben decided it was prime time to chop some wood.  That also made him no friends at camp.  Betsy wondered if Ben was trying to get himself thrown out.

Dr. Mick thinks that Betsy is probably going home, because they consider her weak.  Betsy talked to Ashley and Natalie and told them that they should be going for women's intuition.  Ashley might be swayed.  Natalie was not sure.  Ashley tried to talk Liz into keeping BetsyLiz didn't seem swayed.  Evil Russell still wants Betsy gone, because she threatened him, and he believes since he wants it to be so, it will happen.  I hope he is disappointed.

Tribal Council

Liz lied through her teeth and said it was the best tribe ever and everyone gets along and the visit with Yasmin was cordial and pleasant.  Ben wasted no time in calling Yasmin ghetto trash and Evil Russell didn't like her behavior at all.  Dr. Mick said that Ben doesn't just have teeth, but he bites.  Betsy is concerned because she is the only one who brought her bag.  Ben then told Probst that they didn't tell them that they were playing by "his sissy rules" and he absolutely tripped Not Evil Russell on purpose.  Ben claims that he doesn't start a fight, but is going to fight back if you come to him.  Not sure about that.

Yeah, one big happy family.

I am super sad to see Betsy go.  I was really rooting for her to go far. 

Next week, Jaison looks to be out for Evil Russell, and Shambo is not impressed with her tribe doing pilates in the jungle.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top Chef - 9.23.09

Why do I have the feeling that Mike I. will be sticking around forever, just to spite me?  Mike and most of the guys are wearing some of Mattin's scarves in honor of him.

Michelle Bernstein is the guest judge today.


Create a duo that has to do with the battle between good and evil in their culinary life.

(Moral of the story, many of these chefs love scallops, channeling Jamie from last season)

Michael V: Angel - Rillettes of salmon  Devil - Confit of salmon and ice cream.  Modern vs. Traditional

Kevin, aka Red Beard: Angel - Halibut and seasonal vegetables.  Devil - Deviled egg puree and bacon.  Obviously healthy vs. not.

Ron: Angel - Chilean sea bass with corn hash Devil - Chilean sea bass with yucca.  Not sure what his dichotomy is.  He had bones in the fish.  Not good.

Ashley: Angel - Scallop crudo (very light) Devil - Seared Scallop Puttanesca.

Eli: Angel - Scallop with radish top pesto.  Devil - Scallop with brown butter risotto.

Bryan: He went literal with an all white and all dark desserts.  Angel - Frozen coconut lychee and vanilla Devil - Dark chocolate mousse. While they looked yummy, I wonder if he missed the spirit of the challenge.

Jennifer: Angel - Scallop crudo with olive oil.  Devil - Seared Scallop with butter.

Ash: He announced that his biggest devil was time, and he only got one custard done, which happened to be his Devil custard: Spicy Asparagus custard with pink peppercorn shortbread.  His Angel was supposed to be a coffee custard.

Robin:  Angel - Arugula, apple, and fennel salad.  Devil - Cardamom apple ginger crisp (omg, I want some.  Like, right now)

Laurine: Angel - Chicken and vegetable consumme.  Devil - Chicken saltinbocca

Mike I: Angel - Cucumber yogurt soup.  Devil - Rack of lamb kabob style.

At the bottom are Ash, Bryan, and Laurine.  At the top are Michael, Eli, and RobinRobin won it, to Mike I's consternation.  I still want some of her apple crisp (and I found the recipe!!!).  Mike I. thinks she won it because she played the cancer card.

Elimination Challenge

Enter Penn and Teller!  They deconstructed a classic ball and cup trick.  The chefs will be deconstructing classic dishes.

Jennifer got meat lasagne.
Michael got caesar salad
Ash got shepherd's pie
Robin got New England clam chowder.
Eli got Sweet and sour pork.
Laurine got fish n' chips.
Red Beard got Chicken mole negro
Michael V got Reuben
Bryan. got eggs florentine
Ashley got pot roast
Rob got paella

Toby Young is back on the panel tonight.

Bryan is planning his deconstructed reuben with tuna instead of pastrami... hmmmm.  We'll see how that goes.  Mike I. doesn't know precisely what Eggs Florentine is supposed to taste like, calling it Egg's foreign to me.  Jennifer is freaking out just a little bit.  Eli's pressure cooker looks dangerous, and in fact, the safety latch broke and it exploded a little.  He decided to bring his own broken pressure cooker instead of using one in the Top Chef kitchen.  Robin was chatting to herself about everything, and pissing Laurine off.  Ash told Tom he was doing stuff with textures and flavors and stuff.  How profound.  Jennifer was avoiding talking to Tom.  Rob tried to get Tom for advice, and Tom told him that wasn't allowed.  Tom tracked down Jennifer, and she was obviously flustered about the whole thing.

Back in the rooms, Red Beard tried to give Rob advice on how to make his paella deconstructed.  Laurine and Jennifer grumped about Robin and the challenge.  Mike I. tried to really figure out what eggs florentine is.  Too bad he can't wikipedia it, because it's apparently eggs benedict with spinach instead of canadian bacon.  I think I already knew that. 

The next day, they are back at the prep, on location at Marinelli's restaurant.

Michael and Mike I are serving first.  Michael encapsulated the dressing.  Pretty cool.  Mike I. more reinvented the eggs florentine instead of deconstructing them. 

Laurine and Bryan are up next.  Laurine's chips are a little soggy, and she tried to put them in the oven.  Not so much.  They burned.  The fish was dry, and she messed up with the chips, because they are supposed to be french fries, not potato chips.  Bryan's tuna reuben was deemed delicious, but Penn and Teller didn't think it was really reubenesque, so to speak.

Next up were Ash and Jennifer, who are both nervous.  Ash did pea puree instead of mashed potato, because his original puree didn't go so well.  Though she was nervous, Jennifer did super well.  Ash's lamb was totally unevenly cooked, and his pea puree was not appreciated.

Ron and Eli were next.  Ron's paella suffered from bad rice.  Toby thought that Eli's pork balls were reminiscent of bull's testicles.  Resident bull testicle expert, Padma, said they were a bit big for bull testicles.  The taste was good, though.

Ashley and Red Beard were next.  Red Beard's mole was hugely successful.  Ashley's pot roast was also given top marks, and her meat was called the best cut of meat the judges had been served.

Robin's clam chowder was last.  It prompted Teller to do some magic, but no one liked the actual dish much.

Judge's Table

Ashley, Michael, Red Beard, and Jennifer were called back first, as the top.  Tom said Michael's dish made him excited about food.  Ashley's dish made the judges fall in love with pot roast.  Red Beard's mole made some much sense it wasn't funny.  Jennifer brought it home, though she was nervous before hand.

And Red Beard wins it, and also gets a set of Calphalon Unison non-stick cookware (which I have not seen yet - would be interested to, though)

Laurine, Ron, and Ash are in the bottom rung.  (So, Mike I. stays in it, yet again) Ash defended his lack of potato, and his inconsistent meat cooking was a problem, and he hadn't even noticed it.  Bad.  Laurine just had problems around.  Ron's seafood wasn't cooked properly, and his rice was simultaneously mushy and dry.  That's hard to do.

In the end, it was Ron going home, and I think that was the right decision.  I wish it could have been Mike I.  Hopefully, his day will come.

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.23.09

Boston!  It's the first audition city I've been to personally, so that makes me kind of happy.  There as a funny point where a Cat tries to say "Park the Car in Harvard Yard" Boston style, and then we find out that Tyce is joining Mary and Nigel for the city.

Teddy Tedholm and his argyle pants looks a little like a way geeky Benji who needs a shave.  He looks more like a mime on speed at times than a dancer. Tyce seemed to be digging him.  I could see him growing on me, and boy had some serious rubber body going on.  He set Mary to cackling.  Nigel called him a great performer with lots of subtlety.  Mary wasn't sure if he was crazy or brilliant, but decided on crazy brilliant, and clever.  Tyce said he is like his pants - unique.  To Vegas with him!

Jean Lloret thinks he is unique.  The beginning of his routine was pretty darned weak, but when he got into the breaking, he did some things I've never seen before, with amazing muscular strength.  Without even any discussion, he gets his ticket to Vegas. 

Snippet of awesome Kimara Wood, who looked like he was about to take flight.  He is flying to Vegas, that's for sure.

Ice Cream scooper Channing Cooke is a beautiful All American girl.  She had some great extension, but her choreography was a little literal to me.  Nigel noted that she calls herself a Tomboy, and she made some goofy faces to prove it.  He said she has beautiful quality to her work.  Mary loves how strong and athletic she is, but she can also be feminine.  Tyce wanted more, but loves her.  She's on to choreography.

Ryan Pacey was a tiny premee, but is now 6'8".  He was doing some tapping, and he doesn't come close to the other tappers they've put through so far, but he does have good rhythm.  Nigel said there are times when he looks ungainly, but he has educated ankles.  Nigel wants to see him with a partner.  Mary liked his use of crescendo in the tapping.  Tyce loved the feet, but worried about flaily arms.  He's through to choreography, where I predict he will end his run, unless there is a freakishly tall girl.

Russell Fergeson is trying to be the first crumper through to Vegas.  He has some serious moves.  I kind of love him.  Nigel stole the words from Lil C and called it buck.  He thinks that individual crumping is a little too one dimensional, and he wants to see him in different styles.  Mary asked what else he is trained in, and it is extensive - classical ballet, modern, tap, jazz, and African.  Tyce called it filthy and dirty and said that Russell is one of his favorites in Boston.  To choreography with him.

Then Tyce farted in Mary's face, which caused her to cackle.  *sigh*

Febrezio Jenkins, aka Breeze is another B-boy, but not your stereotypical b-boy.  I can't decide if he fell or if it was planned, but if he didn't mean to fall, he covered it well.  He used his belly in choreography interestingly.  Mary cackled.  Of course.  Turns out his fall was not planned, and he did a great job covering it.  Tyce didn't think he should go to choreography, but Mary and Nigel decided he should.

Pretty quickly in choreography, Breeze had to drop out because he'd hurt himself in the fall.  Would anyone else make it?  Tall Ryan is out (and I am not surprised).  Channing is through to Vegas.  Russell will join her there. 

Day 2 time.

Married couple Karen and Matthew Hauer are red hot latin dancers.  Mary called them one hot tamale, and said they look like movie stars.  Tyce loves them, too.  Onward, to Vegas!  It's the first time a husband and wife team are through to Vegas.

Gene Bersten thinks he is the best and sexiest thing ever to hit the stage.  He's doing latin dancing without a partner, which is tough.  He's a little too proud of his sparse chest hair.  He is doing a pretty good job with the moves, but I'd like to see him with a partner.  Mary told him his moves are good, but thinks his facial expressions are too fake.  Tyce agreed with Mary.  Nigel appreciated his musicality.  He's on to choreography, so we'll see him with a partner.

Paul Magliato did some pilates in the park in wayyyyy too tight electric blue leggings.  He calls is style movement invention.  I called it spastic.  Nigel said it looks like he was ice skating at times.  Paul is 46 and is too old for the competition, and Nigel wanted to know if he wanted real critique.  Nigel said it was not really dancing, and Mary said it looked crazy and she was laughing for all the wrong reasons.  Tyce wondered if he was serious, and he was, and that's kind of sad.  Paul said that people stop to watch him dance... I think they stop because they are worried he is having a seizure.

Montage of super bad, and Tyce's alter ego, Dr. Evil.

Kevin Hunte, aka K'Bez is the last dancer of the city.  He's auditioned before and didn't get through, but he's hoping to make it this year.  Mary wondered what he'd been training in since his last audition, and he's been doing contemporary.  Nigel thought he had good musicality.  Tyce thought he was lying about the contemporary training because he didn't show it.  He's on to choreography.

Time for choreography.  K'Bez is through to Vegas, and so is Gene.  I think they both deserved it.

Next week - Atlanta!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 9.22.09

After the shocker of moving Suzanne to the Blue team, Kevin let her know that they are not happy with her there, and that they don't like her, and she needs to play for the team.  She vows to do better.  We'll see.

Upon entering the kitchen, Chef Scott is there and Ramsey appears via screen.  He's in Whistler, where the winner's restaurant will be.  He brought them into the Araxi, which is the restaurant they will be working at.  They are being flown 15 local ingredients from the region of Whistler, since that is something the restaurant is known for.

They have to cook 3 entrees using the 15 ingredients, without repeating ingredients more than once.  They have about 2 1/2 hours, until Ramsey and two special guests get back from Whistler.

Sabrina is being categorically ignored, as are Suzanne's.  Only problem is... everyone on the women's team thought the meat was lamb, except for Sabrina, who spotted it as venison, but she didn't tell them they were wrong because they hadn't been including her.  They treated it like lamb, so we'll see how that went for them. (And is Sabrina right?)

Ramsey is back with his guests, Sasha Cohen and Johnny Mosley (Olympians).

The men's first entree is caramelized salmon with pan seared leg of lamb.  The women's first entree is grilled salmon, melted leeks and grilled shrimp.  The men (and Suzanne) take the votes from the Olympians.

Tenille presented her magnificent "lamb," and Ramsey called her on it.  He was astounded to hear that she had no idea what meat she had cooked.  She figured it out and Ariel tried to cover her ass and said of course they knew it was venison, and they just mispoke.
Dave presented a rack of venison with a cranberry sauce, and beets I think.  It was kind of a bloody looking sauce.  Even though they had no idea it was venison, the red team brought home both of those votes.

Sabrina presented lamb with mushroom sauce and jerusalem artichokes.  Van had grilled shrimp and braised kale, and ginger sunchoke puree.  Sabrina had to tell him what the rest of his dish was because he forgot what kale was.  Johnny gave his point to Blue, and Sasha also gave hers to Blue, so the men (and Suzanne) won.

The women have to go to a local farm, milking cows and cleaning the pig pen.  They have to wear farmer clothes, straw hat included.

The men (and Suzanne) get to go eat with Mark Peele, and Ramsey picked them up Whistler beanies, picking on Dave and saying he could use a new one.  At Mark Peele's restaurant, he showed them how to do something simple excellently, and made them the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.

The women did not have fun at the farm.  Ariel got attacked by a pig at the fair as a child, so she has porcinaphobi.  Cleaning out the pens, Tenille was puking all over the place.  Pleasant.

The next day, Ramsey ripped up his menu.  Each team will create new menus, with 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts.  Each person needs to have an impact on the menu.

A sample of the Blue Team's menu:
 Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with whipped marscapone, caramelized halibut with fennel and plum salad, seared diver scallops with caviar and lemongrass sauce.  Ramsey is impressed.

The Red team has, among other things:
Braised pork ravioli, seared sesame crusted ahi tuna, and blackened halibut with seafood risotto.  Sabrina let Ramsey know that she is not excited about Tenille's dishes. Tenille got pissy at her.  Ramsey said it isn't the most creative menu, but they could do it well.   They didn't take any of Sabrina's ideas.

The diners could pick what menu to order from, and the orders were pouring in for the Blue team.  The red finally got an order.  They have to coordinate between the kitchens to make sure appetizers go out to the tables at the same times. Tenille had no idea how to cook swiss chard and was having problems.  Van put too many scallops up to the pass, and couldn't do simple math.  Other problems were to be had on both sides.  Pork was practically frozen in places, and ravioli was cold.  Van's scallops were badly seared.  Ariel sent out three plates of cold ravioli.  NOT good.  She was blase about it, and Ramsey was not impressed.

Dave, meanwhile, listed a really heavy pan and his hand was shooting pain - said he couldn't move it without pain.  NOT good.  He decided to muscle through the pain and went back.  He amazes me.

Sabrina, meanwhile, brought the kitchen to a standstill while trying to cook meat for the entree.  Van spilled some sauce near Ramsey and didn't wipe it down, and then got into a fight with Ramsey.  Tenille found time to sweep the floor leisurely during service.  Ramsey didn't seem excited about that.  Van, meanwhile, sent up raw halibut.  Isn't that guy a seafood chef?  He sent it up again... and again it was raw... and it squirted in poor Dave's eye. Ramsey said it was about 4 minutes off from being ready, and that's not a minor problem.

Can the women do any better with Halibut?  Nope.  Sabrina sent up a fish that was raw on one side.

He called up Van and Sabrina and shut down the kitchens.  Dreadful.

He told them that no one won.  Both teams screwed up.  He wants one name from each team for elimination.  Kevin and Van want to put Suzanne up on the block.  Dave wouldn't go against them.  Kevin sees the reason to put Van up, too.  On the women's side, Sabrina is gunning for Tenille, and Tenille is gunning for Sabrina.

In the end, it was Sabrina and Van, but Dave let it be known that he thinks that Suzanne is the weakest chef on the team.  Ramsey let it be known that he can't work with Van much longer, but Sabrina is gone.  I think that was the right decision.


It's a double episode because of missing last week!!

After grumping about having been on the chopping block, Van helped open the Final 6 present - black jackets!  It's every chef for themselves.

Down in the kitchen, Ramsey was busy cooking.  He made a dish for them, a fillet of beef with truffles.

Their challenge (predictably) was to make a dish based on seeing it and tasting it.  They were going to be working in pairs.  Van was paired with Ariel, Tenille was with Kevin, Suzanne was with Dave.  Chef Scott brought out a different dish - comprised of fish, garnish, sauce, and puree.

All three teams picked turbot for the fish, and calimari for the garnish.  Ariel and Van chose celery root for the puree, while the other teams chose parsnip (even though Tenille didn't know what it was).  The key ingredient in the sauce was trickier.  Ariel and Van picked starfruit, Kevin and Tenille picked grapefruit, and Dave and Suzanne picked passionfruit.  Everyone got to cooking, and Van dropped his on the floor.  He re-fired it and they got it plated - but was it done?

Everyone got turbot right - but the puree was white onion.  Oops.  Tenille and Kevin forgot to put the garnish on their dish.  Oops again.  In the end, the fruit for the sauce was passionfruit, and Dave and Suzanne got it right.  They get to go to Ramsey's restaurant and Christina (former winner) will cook for them.

The losers will be prepping for Couple's Night at Hell's Kitchen, including doing something special in the dining room with JP, full of roses and champagne.

As Dave and Suzanne went off for their reward, Van made a childish "Dave and Suzanne sitting in a tree" comment.  I really am over him.

Tenille whined about doing the punishment.  She's got a bad attitude, I swear.

At the reward, Suzanne wouldn't shut up (as usual).  When they got back to the kitchen, Dave tried to chip in and help, but no one would offer him anything to do.  He took the initiative to find things for himself.  Ramsey let them know that they would be serving some food table side - a chopped salad and a porterhouse steak for two.

Time for service!

Immediately, Kevin got to the tableside app, while Suzanne messed up on timing and he had to redo it.  They finally got it together.  Van was sweating in the food (yuck) and couldn't get the fish up right.  Amazingly, Tenille took charge of the kitchen, and produced perfectly cooked lamb.

Then Van, sweat and all, sent up a raw piece of fish.  Ramsey huddled in the corner and them brought Van in back and told him he needs to work it out and fix his mistakes... and returned to a pan full of burning lettuce courtesy of Ariel.  He was disgusted and took Chef Scott out of the kitchen in disgust.  With them gone, Tenille tried to take charge of the kitchen, and Ariel was incapable of getting it together.  Dave hopped in and helped her out.  When it was all done, they were left to plate on their own.. Kevin seemed to know what he was doing in the plating, but he had to go do a Table side.  Suzanne was left at the pass and refused to plate, because she thought it might be a test, and she thought it was better to do nothing at all than to try and get it wrong.  Van plated instead, and it seemed fine.

Van was not doing the best job cooking, though.. Ramsey threw Van, Suzanne, and Ariel out of the kitchen, leaving Dave, Kevin, and Tennille to finish service.  Van totally went nuts.  The remaining chefs busted it out and did a great job.  Ramsey told them that none of them are going home, but they have to nominate two of the booted chefs to put up.

Tennille let Suzanne know that she was pissed that she wouldn't plate.  Dave wants to put Ariel up for the lettuce (but admitted that he wants to keep Van with them, because he is easier to beat).  In the end, Suzanne and Ariel went up.  Tenille let it be known that she thought that Van should be up, too.  In the end, Ramsey pulled all three up.

Ariel told Ramsey that she had a bad night, but knows that she can do better.  Suzanne thinks her good palate should save her.  Van is getting sick and tired of being up on the block, and he lost his cool and yelled at Ramsey, lessening the chances of getting rid of Suzanne, the dead weight.  He put Ariel back in line, and Van went home.

Hopefully, Suzanne will be gone next week.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway 9.17.09

Carol Hannah wears a whole lot of mascara.  It's almost frightening.  Johnny vows to never be in the bottom 3 again.  Good luck with that.  Althea wants to keep up the winning.  Irina is shocked at Althea's win.  So am I, honestly.

Heidi greets the designers looking chic.  Tim is going to bring them on a field trip, and "the answers will all be in black and white."  Tim brings them to the LA Times building.  To the presses!  Boothe Moore, the Fashion critic from the Times, explains to them that they have to use pages from the newspaper to create their next look.  They have news, business, sports, calendar, and image sections.  Nicolas hates it, because I don't think he has ever seen the show before, and doesn't get that wonky challenges are part of it.  They have three minutes and a plastic bag to get as much paper as they can get.

In the workroom, they have dyes, glue, paint brushes, and markers, and they may use muslin, but it can't show.  Tim told them about some of the history of paper dresses.  They have until midnight THAT SAME DAY to finish their garment.  Yipes!

There is a whole lot of fun pleating going on, and paper mache.  Shirin is really loud and Nicolas thinks she's like an 11 year old kid.  Johnny is planning on doing a dress of oragami, and paints it with fabric dye.  Nicolas thinks it looks like a piece of wrinkled up paper painted with pig's blood.  Pleasant.  Ra'Mon is excited.  Louise is making a headline dress.

Enter Tim!

Gordana's dress is too much of a political statement than a dress.  She has another look, though, which is a work of art.  Tim told her to work on that one instead.  He urged Althea to look at the paper upside down.  Irina has a discarded design, and Tim reminded her that there was a paper trench coat in 1968, so it can be done.  Tim worried that Johnny's dress looked like an craft project gone awry, and he started over.  Nicolas has a good trajectory, according to Tim, but he wants to make sure it is interesting but not costumey.  Christopher wants a show stopper, and Tim thinks he could have it if he can make it happen. 

Time for model fittings!  Johnny told his model that his dress was ruined by a steamer, which was not true. In fact, it just sucked and he had nothing.  Two hours left, Johnny started doing a crossword puzzle instead of dealing with his design.  Not good.

Next day, they have a little time before the Runway Show.  They have 2 hours to get hair and makeup done and get fitted.  Tim urged them not to stall out.  Gordana is feeling confident and her outfit is pretty cool.  Carol Hannah has a gorgeous looking dress but had a hard time getting it off the mannequin and on the model.  Tim tells them they can bring an emergency repair kit with them to the runway, including lots of tape.

Runway Show

Tommy Hilfinger, Zoe Glassner, and Eva Longoria Parker are joining Heidi on the judge's panel.  I miss Michael and Nina.

Logan's dress is very fan-like at the bodice and he says it looks like bamboo leaves. 

Nicolas' dress is not very interesting, but it is recognizeably a dress.  That's something.

Christopher's dress is kind of awesome.  He called it a play on hard and soft and I totally think it worked.

Ra'Mon's dress was very interesting, and looked good.  Nothing grand, though.

Epperson made something with huge kimono-style sleeves, and it sure was something.   It had structure and form.

Johnny's dress looked like a strange arrow was pointing at the model's neck.  Faces were all over it.  I wouldn't want an eye staring at my bust from my tummy, but that's me...

Gordana's dress is very beautiful, and I love that she didn't use any muslin in it.  Very skillful.  I wouldn't think it was paper.

Carol Hannah's dress is gorgeous.  I love the skirt.  It's very interesting.

Shirin's dress was neat.  It looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland, with it's folded skirt.  Shirin was happy it didn't fall off.

Irina made a trench coat and it looked great.  The ruffles on the collars and sleeves were really net.

Althea's dress looked like feathers.  I loved the design.

Louise did a very interesting neckline, and the dress was cute, but nothing special, in my opinion.

Johnny, Nicolas, Christopher, Althea, Gordana, and Irina were called forward.  The others were sent away as safe.

Althea was going for fans, and Eva Longoria Parker liked it a lot.  Tommy Hilfinger called it pretty genius.  Zoe thought it was exquisite.

Gordana wanted to create a conventional look with the unconventional material.  Heidi was a little bored by the wearability of it. 

Irina immediately thought trench coat, and Eva loved it.  Tommy loved it, but didn't like seeing the tape.  Zoe loved the collar and sleeves.

Heidi wondered how much time Johnny spent on the dress.  He told the steamer lie again.  Heidi thought she looked like a hooker.  Eva didn't like the pointy thing, and the dress looked much better when it was folded down.  Johnny went off about how beautiful his other dress was.

Nicolas tossed him under the bus, and let the judges know that Tim hated it.  He got his due, because the judges weren't seeing punk rock in his dress.  They were seeing cockroach.

Christopher's dress got great marks.  It is a definite wow.

In the end, Irina was the winner of the challenge.  Christopher and Althea are safe, too.  Gordana, though in the bottom 3, joined them.  In the end, it was Johnny and his excuses going home.  Nicolas will live to gloat another day.  Tim told the other designers how miffed he was that Johnny told his "preposterous work of fiction" about the first dress.  I can't blame him.

Can't wait to see next week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yay for a New Season - Survivor: Samoa 9.17.09

The castaways get to the beach and are already divided into tribes - Galu is purple, and Foa Foa is yellow.  They first have to make a tribe decision - they have to pick a leader, without talking to anyone.

Shannon has decided to go as Shambo because of her ill-advised bandana.  Her buff is her new bandana.  For Galu, Russell S. gets enough votes to win the honor, though "Shambo" is close.

Dr. Mick gets some votes, and so does Jaison, over on Foa Foa.  In the end, it is Dr. Mick who gets the leader position. 

So, what do the leaders do?  They get to decide who is going to participate in the first challenge.  They have to choose who they think is the best swimmer first, and Dr. Mick chose Jaison, who is a good swimmer.  Russell chose John.  Mick chose Russell I. as the strongest, and Russell chose Eric.  For most agile, Mick chose Marisa, and Russell chose Yasmin (I missed her in my preview!  I'll fix that soon).  For smartest, Mick chose Liz, and she thinks it is because she's Asian.  Russell chose Shambo.  She is worried about being thought of as book smart, because she's not.

Reward Challenge

Swimmer - swim out, retrieve a key, swim back
Strong Man - unlock chain, bring up two bundles of logs which they carry to a mat
Agile - use logs to get up on balance beam while navigating key though a rope maze
Smart - use key to unlock puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle

The reward?  What could it be but fire?

Right off, Jaison proves to be a super good swimmer.  Personal chef Mike (Braid Beard himself) was stunned at Jaison's swimming ability.

Russell I was good with the first bundle of giant logs for Foa Foa, and Eric was right behind him.  Marisa proved to be pretty agile, and got the first fuzz out of the season as her top fell down a little.  Yasmin didn't waste time, though, and the puzzles were neck and neck between Liz and Shambo.  Shambo was very close to winning it, but in the end, Liz finished it and Foa Foa won their fire.  It was a tight race, though.

Maps to their camps are passed out, and they start out.  John was picked on for not getting off the mat after his abysmal swim.

Foa Foa got to camp first, and Russell I wasted no time in declaring that he didn't want to work, and made an alliance with "the dumb short haired blond (Ashley), the even dumber long haired blond (Natalie), and the dumb girl with brown hair (Marisa)," calling it his Dumb Ass Girl Alliance.  He told each of them that he is with them alone.  He also chose "the old lady," Betsy, who saw through him.  She said that she could tell she couldn't trust him, but she made the alliance anyway.  I like her.

Over on Gula, Russell continued to take charge and got to delegating and building.  Some of the boys, though, had a hard time yielding control and talked talked talked about the work they should be doing, instead of actually doing the work.  John wanted to plan everything out first, and suggested a five minute break before they even got working.  He is the rocket scientist, and declared he was tired before anything got built  Shambo was not amused.  Everyone jumped in the water while she sat on the beach slightly pissed off.  She is waiting for Russell to open a can o' whoopass and lay down some laws.

At the Foa Foa camp, Russell told a sob story about losing his beloved German Shepherd in Katrina in New Orleans.  Except... he was never in New Orleans.  He never had a dog.   And after he got their sympathy (though Ashley didn't really trust him in the end), they all went to sleep, and he emptied out all the canteens and burned one solitary sock.  He is a multimillionaire, by his own admission, he doesn't need the money.  He just wants to win.

Upon waking and finding out that there is no water, everyone thinks that someone drank their canteens.  Jaison is the owner of the missing sock and is not happy.

Immunity Challenge

Russell claims to love his tribe. Lots of talk all around about how the other team sucks...

The challenge:  Six members of each tribe will race across a series of A-frames, carrying ropes, and then they have to tie the ropes to  heavy crates and pull them  to the other members of the tribe, who will open them and complete the puzzle for the win.

Galu was super quick right off the bat.  Yasmin had some trouble, but the other tribe members helped her.  These are big A-frames, and everyone is working hard.  Galu had a great strategy of building a human ladder to get over them, and they used their rope to help.  Foa Foa was behind, but Russell used some brute strength to help out.  The Puzzles were started about the same time, and Foa Foa did a lot of catching up.  Finally, Galu figured out their puzzle (with the help of Shambo) and they chanted their victory.  They get both immunity and fire.

Discussions began over at Foa Foa to figure out who should go first.  Many think that the weakest should go first.  Mike (who no longer has a braid in his beard, and I am disappointed) is the oldest and doesn't want to be the first to go.  Marisa is wary of Russell's so-called alliance with her, because she noticed that he's talked to everyone.  He wasted no time in telling everyone to get rid of her.  I hope he doesn't succeed because she is good.  He worked his so-called charms and couldn't get over how stupid the tribe was.  He called himself the puppet master. 

Betsy told Natalie she wouldn't trust Russell, but wouldn't give her any reason other than Women's intuition.  This ought to make for an interesting Tribal.

Tribal Council

Ashley said that it is what it is, and someone has to get voted out, because that's the game.  Mike thought it was luck that they didn't win.  Liz thought it was bad teamwork.  Betsy thought that Ashley is the weakest link, and Ashley claims that she works out tons at home and is super fit.  Marisa said that there are different levels of fitness, and Ben let it be known that he doesn't get along with Marisa.  Russell wasted no time in stirring the pot and saying that he didn't think Marisa could be trusted.  This is not a team yet, that much is clear.

Votes are in.

Marisa gets a couple votes, followed by a couple for Ashley.  Marisa got another, followed by another for Ashley to tie it 3-3.  Marisa got three more, and she is out.  That makes me sad, because I think she had a lot of potential and really could have used the money.  Ben seemed to be flirting with Ashley unabashedly... we'll see about that.

Good start to the season.  Next week, Russell looks to be going a little crazy, and Probst looked like he had to take someone out of the challenge!  Wow!  Can't wait for that!

First Thoughts: Survivor Samoa Cast

The Survivor Samoa cast has been up on for a while now, and I've been meaning to blog about my thoughts, but haven't gotten around to it.  I thought, since tonight is the premiere, it is now or never.  I'll link to their CBS bios.

Ashley (22, Maple Grove, Minnesota, Spa Sales) She looks like a cutie, and she's a self-professed master flirter.  I can see that.  I wonder how she will do when things get dirty and difficult.  I'm not sure about her.  We'll see.

Ben (28, LA, Bar Manager) He claims he's never been rejected by a girl, and while he's cute, that alone makes me want to kick him.  He says he doesn't like whiners and wimps, and neither do I, but I have a feeling he's going to get his full of them.  He does have hunting and fishing experience, so that could help him.  I'd say he has a good chance of going far (and annoying me).

Betsy (48, Campton, NH, Police Officer)  She looks kickass.  She's a mother of four (wonder if she'll take a motherly role in the camp?) and she's gone through a lot because he husband has prostate cancer (in remission).  I'm rooting for her.

Brett (23, LA, T-shirt Designer)  He grew up in Oregon, and he's a fan of the outdoors and a flirt.  I see a trend here.  He has his own company, which is kind of cool.  I won't write him off, but he's not at the top of my pile to begin with.

Dave (38, LA, Fitness Instructor)  I really wish there were less people from LA.  He's got a degree in opera and comes from a family of preachers.  He's counting on the element of surprise to get him far in the game.  I wonder if he's Coach-lite.

Elizabeth (33, NYC, Attorney)  She's originally from Korea (emigrated here when she was 2), she works as an urban planner.  She's not sure if she's going to tell everyone what she does or where she went to school.  I think she wants them to underestimate her, but I wonder if she overestimates herself?

Erik (28, Ontario, California, Bartender) What would Survivor be without a bevy of bartenders?  He loves to chase taken women (though draws the line at married women) and I think that just makes him a schmuck.  I think I will not like him.

Jaison (28, Chicago, Law Student) I don't blame Jaison for the superfluous i in his name.  I blame his parents.  He was named Mr. California by Cosmo, and was on the US National Water Polo team, and rounds that out by playing the piano and the cello.  He claims that he will not hesitate to betray people if it helps him win Survivor.  I think he might be one  to watch.

John (25, LA, Rocket Scientist)  A bonafide rocket scientist!  Cool.  He claims that "winning" is his favorite hobby.  His bio calls him a charmingly cocky genius, and he's a former semi-pro soccer player.  I think he might be this season's answer to Ace.  He finds idiots amusing.  Well, don't we all?  But he admits it.  That could make him annoying.  I think he is going to be quite a character, but I don't know that I will like him much.

Kelly (25, LA, Hair Stylist)  I think this hair stylist has dreads.  Blonde, white chick dreads.  Not a fan.  She calls herself a free spirit with an edgey twist.  I think she looks like a lot of the 20-somethings I see who conform by being "different."  Let's see who's right... I don't see her going far.

Laura (39, Salem, OR, Office Manager)  She has 3 kids and a grandkid!  She's a motorcycle riding conservative Christian and a lobbyist.  Somehow I think she is going to bug me.  She refers to herself as the fit version of Sara Palin.  Gah.

Marisa (26, Cincinnati, OH, Student)  Now here's a beauty!  She grew up in a blended family with 8 siblings and many adopted (doesn't quite make it clear if she has 8 natural siblings and then others who are adopted...), she's been paying her own way since she was 17.  She's worked with impoverished people around the world, so she is used to travel and differing conditions.  I think she could be one to watch.

Mick (33, LA, Doctor)  He looks like the doctor from USA's Royal Pains.  He wants to win to pay off student loans, and I can appreciate that.  From his bio, "He also admits that the quickest way to get him angry is to throw dirt clods at him."  He'd better not let that get out, or I see lots of dirt flinging... we'll see if he comes off as cocky as his bio paints him.

Mike (62, Marina del Ray, California, Personal Chef)  Dude's got a braided beard.  That takes dedication.  He's a former college football coach and says the quickest way to anger him is to move around his kitchen equipment.  I see fights over pot placement around the fire! If they keep him around, they might be well fed.  That's always a bonus.  He's lost 30 lbs and gotten into shape in preparation for the show, and I think he might be another one to watch.

Monica (25, San Diego, Law Student)  What is up with Lawyers and Law students?  She's pretty enough, and she seems smart.  She's played Pocahantis at a theme park.  That's kind of funny.  She aims to play the game like Pavarti and Amanda.  We'll see about that.  She might be one to keep an eye on.

Natalie (26, Van Buren, AK, Pharmaceutical Sales)  Here's your token Southern Belle.  She calls herself competetive and scrappy, and I can appreciate those qualities.  Let's see how she deals in the wild.  If she can handle it, she could go far.

Russell H. (36, Dayton, TX, Oil Company Owner) Two Russells this season.  What's up with that?  I can only bring myself to root for one of them, so that the other leaves soon and I can stop typing the last initial.   I don't know if it will be this Russell that I root for.  The "he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix" doesn't seem tough to me, just silly.  He also plans to, and I quote, "show these morons how it's done."  Um... next Russell, please?

Russell S. (42, Glennside, PA, Lawyer)  Another lawyer?  Are they going to have one tribe that's all lawyers and the other one that's bartenders?  That might be interesting.  He's a dedicated husband and dad, and he vows to cut off his dreads if he wins.  That right there is enough to make me root for him.

Shannon (45, Renton, Washington, Sales) Ok, so she really needs to not ever wear that bandana/sweat band like she has in her picture ever again.  Ever.  And she looks like she last got her hair done in the 80's.  I'm pretty sure she's rocking a mullet.  Those bits aside, she looks kind of cool.  She's a former Marine Sergeant, and a former chef.  She admits that she'll have trouble flying under the radar.  I have high hopes.

Countdown to tonight!  Can't wait to see if my first impressions hold up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Chef - 9.16.09

Guest Judge tonight is Tim Love, and the Quickfire ingredient was chosen by viewers - between Snake, Cactus, and Kangaroo, it's cactus.  Fun. 


They have 45 minutes to make something succulent with the succulent (har har har, that one's from Padma).  The winner gets $15K, but there is no immunity.

Lots of different techniques go around, and Mike I seems to know a lot about cactus.  Mattin is nervous, and Roy tells us that cactus in Haiti is poisonous, so he's never cooked with it before...

Let's see what they come up with!

Laurine - Cactus salsa with achiote glazed pork chop.

Kevin "Red Beard" - Pork Tenderloin with cactus marmalade.  Tim called it a little slimy, but good.

Michael V. - Avocado roll with cactus coconut ceviche and red cactus coulis.

Ashley - Cactus jelly donuts with orange creme anglaise.

Mike I. - Cactus and tuna ceviche with pipian.

Ron - Chipotle swordfish with cactus sauce and mango papaya crab salad.

Bryan - Halibut & cactus ceviche with tempura cactus.

Ash - Cactus "grilled cheese."

Jennifer - Warm chorizo and cactus salad with queso fresco.

Mattin - Breaded cactus with tequila pickled cactus and red cactus puree

(Again, I hate when they don't show everyone)

Ash got bad marks, along with Michael V, and RonLaurine, Mike I (damn it), and Mattin get top honors.  Mike I won the Quickfire.  At least he didn't get immunity.

Elimination Challenge

They have to cook lunch on a ranch for 2 dozen cowboys, cooked outdoors.  They want high end food, and they will be going to the ranch the night before to see the place. At 10 AM, they have an hour and 15 minutes to prep and cook.  Tim Love let them know that he expects it to be well cooked and high end, even though they are in the hills.

To Whole Foods with them!  And then to the ranch!

Tents!  And Tee-pees!  Bwah ha ha!  Chuck Wagon!  Fire pits!  Cast iron pans!  Most of the cheftestants are not exactly thrilled.  Campfire stories and s'mores at night.  Fun.  And Ron pulled down a branch to scare snakes away with voodoo.  ok.

There seems to be a lot of ceviche going on.  Ron wants a sword to get at coconut juice.

Mike I  - Pork Gyro with apple and fennel tzaziki.They didn't feel like it was anything to write home about.

Eli - Tuna sandwich with sundried tomato mayonnaise and radish salad.  It got ehs all around.

- Sauteed artic char with tomatillo corn and grilled onion salsa and a baked potato. They liked her salsa.

Ash - Grilled chicken paillard with corn succotash.  Too much bacon.

Mattin - Three way ceviche: Salmon apple,spicy tuna, and corn with cod.  What is not good is when Tom spit things out because they are still raw.  Not so good.

Robin - Grilled romaine salad with drunken prawns and spicy chicken sausage.  They said that it tasted like sucking on a plate of chlorine.

Bryan - Roasted pork loin, corn polenta, dandelion greens and glazed rutabega.  The judges called it appopriate and Gayle wants to camp with Bryan.

Jennifer - Snapper with duck confit, daikon, carot, and tomato water salad.  Her slaw was great.

Ashley - seared halibut with with avocado mousse, bacon and braised romaine.  They called it the best thing that Ashley has done so far.

Ron - coconut, lime, and mango ceviche with a haitian coconut mojito.  Tim said it was a much better ceviche, but the cocktail was called disgusting.

Red Beard - Roasted Duck breast with mole and tequila and marinated watermelon.  They loved the plating, and the flavors.

Michael V - Dashi with miso and mirin and cured black cod and watermelon.  They liked the dish, and thought it was unexpected.

Judge's Table

Laurine, Ashley, Michael, and Bryan were pulled back first as the top of the pack.  The winner is Bryan, for his third win. 

In the bottom are Robin, Ron, and MattinRobin was not surprised to be there, because she knew her shrimp was not good.  Mattin was stunned to be in the bottom, and didn't understand that his ceviche was not good.  Ron is in the bottom because of his cocktail, and he admitted that he didn't drink, but he didn't want the coconut milk to go to waste.  Bad idea.  In the end, it was Mattin's bad ceviche that sent him home.  I think it was the best choice (since Mike I. was not in the bottom).

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.16.09

Phoenix Auditions

Mia is joining Mary and Nigel.

Shorty and Biggy - They got lost on a shortcut on the way from Tulsa, OK, and they seem fun, but can they dance?  The answer to that would be... not really.  Shorty isn't bad, and Biggy had some funny moves, but I wouldn't call it really good dancing. Nigel said they are entertaining, but he thought that Biggy was wobbling more than popping.  Laughing all the way, they put them through to choreography.  What?

Sasha Mallory - She was put through to Vegas in Season 4, and is trying again.  Her family is with her and behind her all the way.  She's very appealing in her look and I kind of like her eclectic contemporary style.  Loved the song she danced to, and wonder what it is.  Anyone?  Is it Adele?  Nigel thought some of it was very nice.  Mia thought it had some nice moments and was a really strong solo. Mary thought it was beautiful.  To Vegas with her!

Katie Muth and Ellie Soto were briefly shown and sent to Vegas.

Allison Becker - She had Spinal Meningitis as a baby and she's deaf as a result.  She certainly has some moves!  She feels the music very well for being deaf, and she has some great leaps and lines.  Nigel thought she had beautiful movement, and beautiful flow, and gave great face and passion in the eyes.  He said her technique is not as good as he would like, but he would never guess she is hearing impaired.  Mary's cousin is deaf, and broke into tears and called Allison an inspiration.  (I think Mary's cousin might have killed herself... not sure from what she was saying).  Mia wondered what inspired Allison to dance if she couldn't hear the music, and Allison said "It's music, I just hear it differently."  Good answer.  She's through to choreography.

Willem de Fryes & Jacob Jason- They compete in Same Sex Men's Latin Dancing.  They were a whole lot better than last season's auditioners in the same genre.  Mary is really proud of them and thought they showed great emotion, passion, strength, and technique.  Mia celebrated their courage.  Nigel thanked them for showing him how good the genre can be, but wants to see them dance with girls... on to choreography.

Jonathan Merona gets the final audition of the day.  And I am confused.  He skipped around with sticks and cheerleader letters... I found myself confused.  I think he was doing some really bad version of Bollywood.  Nigel said he's not right for the show, and Mary agreed, though it was entertaining.  Mia said it was all over the map, and thinks he should figure out one state to dance in if he comes back.

Anya and Pasha worked the dancers through to choreography.  Biggie gave up.  Jacob and Willem and Allison all did admirably in the choreography.  Shorty was done, but the others got through to Vegas.

Day 2!

Jarvis Johnson is a ball of energy who really needs serious dental work.  He did a whole lot of sticking his tongue out and did some crazy back drops and then danced his shoes right off and did my daughter's favorite dance move of slapping his own behind before totally failing at doing some breaking.  Nigel called him a dancing fool. Mary called it frantic.  Mia loved when he danced out of his shoes and slapped his own ass. Mia gave him a no, but Mary wanted to see choreography.  Nigel also put him through to choreography. 

Brandon Gordon and Nicole Peterson were so not good.  Brandon did a lift, but it was just kind of awkward and weird.  Mary called them aliens and Mia said she was confused.

Montage of bizzare dancers.

Kelsey White brought an en to the strange with her contemporary.  She was quite lovely. Nigel left the stage when she admitted that she had been kidnapped by aliens "once," and yelled from offstage that she should be going to choreography.  The others agreed. 

Jonathan Legacy Perez started dancing at 15, and learned on the street, from a skating rink, breaking.  He's amazing and I hope he gets through because I like watching a good breaker.  He did this amazing backwards walking thing on his hands with his body right down near the floor.  Incredible.  He assisted Lauren choreographing last year, and Nigel wants to see him do other things.  Mary called him great, and Mia called him stupid.  In a good, Mia way.  He's on the Vegas.

During choreography, Jarvis collapsed and was attended to by paramedics.  He had an asthma attack. Kelsey didn't do great in choreography and she's not through, but Mary told her to try again.

Next week?  Boston!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project Runway 9.10.09

Heidi greeted the designers and told them that their challenge involved making the dreams of 13 women waiting in the workroom come true.  Turns out, their clients are their models, for a model event.  They will have $100 and only one day to make the look.

Epperson's model was all over the place in her requests.  Many of the other models were also kind of indecisive.  Louise's model really wanted red, and Louise didn't like that.  Shirin's model wanted a royal blue satin jumpsuit with gold rope.  That, right there, shows why models are models and not designers.

Back in the workroom, everyone got down to work.  When Tim came around for his look-see, he worried that Althea's belt might look like a cumberbund, but liked the idea.  Christopher had a really bright green color and almost a drop waist.  I'm not sure I liked it.  Epperson's look was coming along really beautifully, and he seemed to be getting a lot of his models wants in it.  Qrystal's dress looked messy, and Tim worried it looked like she'd been rolling around in bed.  Logan didn't want his dress to look like a smurf prom dress, and worried about the lace, which he hadn't worked with before.  Tim admitted that he had a conundrum.  Carol Hannah's dress worried Tim, too.  He thought that the top looked like she might be robbing her model of her youth.

Thought the challenge is only one day, Epperson had time to call his family (on the Sidekick, natch, sponsor sponsor...)

 Ra'Mon was working with a hammer just before the models entered.  Johnny was sure his model didn't like the dress, but I think she just was nagging him.  Althea's outfit looked fun.  Logan worried that people would be looking at his model for the wrong reasons.  Nicolas was worried about the detail work.  Shirin and her model spent a lot of time staring at her garment on the mannequin.

The next day, they have 2 hours before the runway show.  I was really digging Irina's fabric and wanted to see more of it.  Logan was worried that his look was unlike anything he would normally do, but thought that his model would like it. 

Nicolas predicted that Epperson and Johnny were going to be in the bottom. 

Runway Show

Mark Bauer, Zoey Glassner, and Jen Rate are the strangers on the judges panel with Heidi.

Qyrstal's dress was a yawn.  Black, asymmetric short dress with rando gathered.  Didn't like the back so much. 

Nicolas's dress looked really nice, but the way the model walked made her look slightly pregnant.  Seriously, if she had shown up on a red carpet in that, bump watches would be popping up all over the world.  That bit is a shame, because I really liked the look of the design on his model other than that.

Irina's outfit was a really interesting print and an unfortunately boxy and giant gold bowed jacket.. I wish I could just have the dress.

Gordana's dress was really cute but the color was a little too monochromatic with the model.

Shirin's dress was a really great color (a deep bright blue) and I liked it.  Not sure it was anything unique, but it was pretty.

Logan's dress didn't do much for his model's bust line, but it was different.  It looked a little prom dress to me.

Christopher's dress looked like a bright green lamp shade or tootie roll wrapper.  Good to know that he thought his model liked it.  Maybe she could take it home with her. 

Epperson's model worked that dress and it was very interesting.  I thought it made her look hippy, but I can appreciate the construction.

Johnny's dress looked good on his model and he seemed to think she liked it.  Nothing super special to me.

Althea's look was really weird.  It made her model look really boxy and thick.  I really really didn't like it.

Louise made a very interesting dress for her model with an Elizabethan collar.

Ra'Mon's model seemed to really love her dress, giant boob flower and all.  She gave a happy pose at the end of the runway.  It gets a resounding eh from me.

Carol Hanna's dress was really interesting.  I liked the layering.  The bottom looked like a textured leather.  Really cool.  The top was a neat purple.

Louise, Irina, Christopher, Nicolas, Gordana, Shirin, and Ra'Mon are middle of the pack this week.

Carol Hannah's dress got really great marks.  The judges loved the juxtaposition of the two fabrics (as did I). 

Logan's model liked her dress, but the judges all thought it looked like cheap, tacky, prom.  Logan admitted that he almost changed the skirt into a pencil skirt, and the judges agreed that would have been a good idea. 

Epperson's model wanted a lot from her look.  The judges seemed to love the dress, and one of them called Epperson a craftsman.  Heidi wanted more perkiness from the boobage area. 

Johnny got resounding blahs.  One of the judges said that the world doesn't need more of that dress.  Heidi thought it looked bridesmaid. 

Qrystal's dress was called plain and old.  Heidi said that it aged her about 10 years, and for models, that's like dog years.

Althea's model walked well.  Heidi wanted to buy the outfit.  The other judges agreed.  I don't see what they are seeing.  It looked like formal shorts to me.  Not ok. (But I'm no designer)

Epperson is in, and Althea is the winner.  Maybe you have to see that thing in person.  Huh.  Did any of you like it?  Carol Hannah is safe.  Johnny is safe, from the bottom.  In the end, it was down to Qrystal and Logan.  It is Qrystal's time to go, and I am so glad to not have to spell her name again until the reunion show!  By-bye, funky spelling girl.