Thursday, April 29, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 4.29.10

Post Tribal, Rupert and Colby are feeling doomed.  Russell is feeling betrayed, and Sandra played right into it.  "Oh, you didn't know either?"  Russell went to talk to Parvati and told her that he felt like she lied to him, and it pissed him off that she didn't share with him.  Parvati said that it was a secret, no harm done.  She admitted that she wanted to shake his belief that he is in control of the game.  Amanda told Rupert that the Heroes are solid, but they need to swing over someone.  He wants to talk to Sandra.

Russell, the next morning, went to talk to Candace, to see if she would jump ship and join them, because the Heroes ship is sinking.  He promised her that if she was the last Hero standing, he wouldn't let her go at #6.  Russell went to talk to his ladies and told them that he thought Candace might flip to them.  Interesting.

Reward Challenge

It's Survivor Shuffle Board.  They are playing for a trip to Robert Louis Stevenson's home, which is a museum, watch the Treasure Island movie, and get to sleep in a real bed.  Parvati wonder

Candace, Parvati & Jerri vs. Rupert, Russell, and Sandra vs. Colby, Danielle & Amanda.  Russell right off the bat got the best toss, but then Rupert (also red team) got even closer.  Danielle knocked Rupert's puck out of the way, but Russell's was still nice and close.  Colby had the last shot, and he WON it.  He got directly on the bull's eye.

Danielle is the only chance the Villains have at finding the clue to the idol.  Amanda has her mind set on getting the clue.  She was obsessed. And then, Danielle found the clue in the bowl of popcorn, and hid it under the bed, but Amanda saw it and snatched it from her.  There was a cat fight.  Colby just sat on the bed and enjoyed it.  Danielle called Amanda psychotic.  Colby agreed that it is Danielle's clue.  Amanda felt betrayed by Colby.  I say, Amanda was acting like a total baby.  I like her, but that was not ok.

Danielle brought the clue to her alliance, and explained the cat fight to them.  They went to find the idol, and Russell's Idol Radar worked again.  He found it.  And hid it from the rest of them.  He once again declared himself the King of Hidden Immunity Idols.

When the rain stopped Russell went to Candace and told her that he had the idol, and she wanted to see it to believe it.  He told her "Stick with me, and I could take you places."  She is beginning to trust him.

Sandra had a chat with Colby about her place in the game.  Colby is pretty sure that Danielle has the idol and will keep it.  He is gunning for Parvati or Russell.  Sandra told Russell then that Colby is uptight with no personality and wouldn't talk to her.  I think Sandra is dangerous.  He then told her that they have one of the Heroes on their side, so it wouldn't be good for her to flip, because it would be a tie.  Sandra then went and told Rupert that she is in to get rid of Russell, and then told him that Russell told her that someone from their side has flipped.

The heroes are gunning for Russell or Parvati.  I hope that Parvati wins immunity and then Russell plays his, and then a hero goes home.

Immunity Challenge

It's house of cards time - with tiles.  First person to 10' tall wins.

It's pretty much down to Russell and Jerri.  Russell ran out of cards and had to re-shuffle, but Jerri brought home the immunity by a hair.  It's her very first immunity ever.  Good for her.  I have no idea what is happening at Tribal.

Russell told Candace that they were voting for Amanda.  Why Amanda and not Colby or Rupert, I don't know.  Candace told Russell that they are planning on his name, but they were wondering why Sandra was looking so sure of herself.

Sandra told Rupert that Candace is flipping.  Candace denied flipping.  They all decided to vote for Parvati instead,  because they think that Danielle has the idol.  They said if it doesn't work, it's Candace's fault.  Sandra told Candace that they needed to stick with Parvati, and said that she is jumping ship because of her.  Candace still wants to vote Amanda.  Sandra was freaking out.  Candace seemed torn.  I have no idea what is going to happen.

Tribal Council

How about that, Coach is wearing a shirt.  And a baseball hat.  He still looks like a douche.  Rupert admitted that the Villains have no reason to switch.  Sandra said that she is feeling on the outside of her own group.  Russell said that Danielle is aggressive, and so is he.  Jerri is cool-headed.  Parvati is charming.  And Sandra asks, what about her?  He said "Sandra, she's just here with us."  Wow.  The Heroes are all totally sure that Danielle has the idol.  Parvati is feeling vulnerable, because she gave her protection away.  To Sandra.  Who plans to switch.

And... Russell played the idol for himself.

When votes are going to Parvati, Russell swore quietly to himself.  Amanda is going home. Villains remain in control.  It's the first time Amanda has even been voted out.  Parvati told Russel that he wasted the immunity idol, and he admitted to being nervous.  Was that an eye-roll she gave his play?

Next week, trouble in paradise... Russell looks to be threatening members of his alliance.  This could get interesting.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol: 4.28.10

Guest stars all over the place tonight!

Rascall Flats are up first.  I don't particularly care for them, but the hubby does, so I'll leave them on without fast forwarding.  Personally, I thought the song and the performance sucked.  But, I'm not a fan.  Not at all.  The backup singer/guitar dude has a strangely Blake Lewis-esque hair style, which seems odd for a country group.  Wow.  I really did not enjoy that song.  And the drums seemed overwrought.

Behind the Scenes of the Ford Music Video, and everyone gets to be a vampire.  They actually all looked really cool as vampires.  I really liked Siobahn and Crystal as vampires.  Aaron looked kind of ridiculous.  And they attacked Michael.  He scared them away with a garlic pizza.  Ok, that part was dorky, but the rest of the video was the most fun they've been this season.  So, vampires are trendy.  I still like them.

(And no, I haven't even READ Twilight.  I liked them way before Twilight.)

And the Idols got to meet the director of Shrek, and Siobahn did a Yoda voice, while Michael did a Arnold Schwartzenager voice, but then they settled in and did some mock voice overs which were kind of cool. And then, they got to watch a screening.  And then Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas joined Seacrest on the Idol stage.  Wow.  Antonio Banderas has gotten old.  And Cameron Diaz looks really nice.  Then they sucked up to Seacrest before getting some lights dimmed to get down to business.

Three groups of two are on the stage.  Siobahn goes to the far side of the stage.  And it just struck me that I wish she had sung "That Don't Impress Me Much."  Oh, well.  Aaron heads to center stage.  Michael goes to the opposite side of the stage as Siobahn.  Lee joins Siobahn.  Casey joins  Michael.  Crystal joins Aaron.

Who's in the bottom 3?  Well... Siobahn is brought over to stand next to Michael and Casey... and that's the bottom 3!

Noooo!!!  It was Casey's best night yet. Siobahn looks to be getting back to her stride.  I hope that Michael is going home.

Next week - Harry Connik, Jr. will be mentoring songs of Frank Sinatra.  Awesome.

And Carrie Underwood is back to introduce Sons of Sylvia.  Fast forwarding though a guy who can't sing into a microphone properly..

And now, Lady Antebellum.  I like them. I read that the lead female singer auditioned for AI years back and was rejected.  Goes to show. I think the microphone levels sound off tonight.  It's like everyone's muffled.  But, they sound very nice.

For heaven's sake - ANOTHER performance?  Shakira with Rascall Flats.  She's playing the harmonica.  That's kind of cool.  And I kind of like the song.  Shakira has such a unique voice.  I'm glad to see her pulling out some belly dancing moves.  I love belly dancing, even slow seductive belly dancing.  Fun song.  Questionable lyrics "I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me." Hmmm.  Well, it works for her. 

There is definitely something weird going on with the mic's tonight.  Come on, AI. Get it right.

Back to the results.  Michael is safe.  It's down to Casey vs. Siobahn.  Casey had his best night ever last night, and Siobahn has been lackluster for a long time... I am saddened either way.  I really really like Siobahn.  She's going home, and I think that's about right after last night.  She started with such potential and I think the judges killed some of her spirit when they told her to not do her thing, and she never really got back to herself.

As her encore, she's singing Think.  Awesome.  This is when she was herself.  I don't know what happened between then and now, but it makes me sad.  Can we blame bad themes for her?  I hope that she does well post-Idol.

So much for it being a woman's season!  Go, Crystal!!!!

I think everyone who is left, except for Aaron, is a guitar player.  Am I right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol: 4.27.10

Shania Twain Night!  Wonder how this will turn out...

Kara looks like she's wearing a giant geode around her neck.

Call 1-866-IDOLS-##

01 & 07) Lee Dewyze (You're Still the One) I thought he was way off key when he started, but it turns out he just changed up the melody somewhat.  Not my favorite style for him.  It seemed strained and tight, vocally.  And flat.  I appreciate the changes he made, but I didn't like them, and he sounded like he was yelling.  Randy, yo, loves this song, you know listen, thought it started out pitchy, but yo, made it his own later on.  Ellen thought it was really good.  Oh, Ellen, I disagree with you on that.  A lot.  She then said "All aboard the Shania Twain."  That's funny.  Kara thinks his voice makes anything current, but wasn't sure he was feeling the song.  Simon thought it was the perfect song for him, but thought he was pulling some weird faces.

02 & 08) Michael Lynche (It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing) I'm kind of sick of Michael singing sappy songs.  I wish that he'd done something upbeat.  He's got an undeniably good voice, but I find myself bored.  Randy thinks he is definitely the R&B balladeer, and I guess he's good at it... but it's boring.  Ellen thought it sounded like Luther Vandross.  Kara appreciates that he relates to his songs, and thinks he did a great job.  Simon agrees with the comparison with Luther Vandross, but thought the performance was a little wet, like he was in a musical acting out the words.  He then said it was a little girly for him.

03 & 09) Casey James (Don't) Ok, he is giving me chills.  He sounds really nice in his lower register, and though I hate his seat on the stupid Behind-the-Judges ledge, I'm really enjoying this performance.  That was really truly good.  Randy said it was one of the best Casey James performances ever, and wants Casey to keep this kind of thing in his wheelhouse.  Ellen thought he sang it like it was the kind of music he should be singing.  She thought it was his best to date.  Kara loved that he showed the good, the bad, the ugly, and thought he was vulnerable and raw.  Simon thought that it was probably his best performance so far, and thought it felt like he was singing the song, and suggested that he go give Shania a kiss on the lips.  Casey obliged.  And Shania didn't seem to mind.

04 & 08) Crystal Bowersox (No One Needs to Know) She turned this into kind of a bluegrass song, and I like it.  I just love every bit of her song.  She did a quick octave change a couple times, and it sounded effortless and lovely.  Yo yo, Randy loved the Nickel Creek style, but it wasn't his favorite from her.  Ellen thinks there is nothing she can't do, and though it wasn't her favorite performance, that's like saying "that's not my favorite color of the rainbow."  Kara thought it was believable, and said also that it wasn't her favorite.  Crystal said that it wasn't as big as previously, but bigger isn't always better.  Simon says the shocker is, they didn't like Crystal this week, and thought it was like a bad coffee shop performance, and thought she lacked conviction.  Crystal pointed to her conviction (her boyfriend) in the audience.

05 & 09) Aaron Kelly (You've Got a Way) I love this song, but Aaron is shaky and weak.  He seemed off key and more nasal than normal.  His last note was nice. Yo, Randy called it his wheelhouse and thought he did a really good job.  Ellen can't get over how young he is, and when he corrected her when she said "I can't believe you're only 16" and told her he was 17 now, she said "Oh, well, I'm not as impressed now."  Kara liked it, and thought he had conviction.  Simon thought he did really well tonight.

06 & 10) Siobahn Magnus (Any Man of Mine) What the hell is she wearing?  Siobahn, what has happened to you?  She started off ok, but then just started sounding fractic.  And then, in the end, she did her patented scream, and ended very well.  But what the heck was going on in the middle.  Yo, Randy loved the punk country.  Ellen thought she pulled the Shania Twain into the station and called it fantastic.  Kara declared that Siobahn is back.  Simon really liked the song, and thought the final note sounded like she was giving birth. 

I think I liked Casey the best!  And then Crystal.  Well, maybe Crystal first.  I can't decide.  And I enjoyed the end of Siobahn's song.

I really thought that Lee blew it, and I hated Aaron's performance.  Who else sang?  Oh, right.  Michael.  Again, I'd forgotten him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.22.10

At Hero Camp, they can't wait for the Merge, and want to see Russell and four girls walk in.  Well, they will... just not the four girls they want to see.  Amanda and Rupert worry that they might be annoying people.  They get Tree Mail, and it's a giant box, saying "Don't open this Box until you have the key.  Make Room in your Camp, Company will be arriving soon."

At Villain Camp, they get a key and the map to Hero Central.  Russell can't wait to go over to their home turf and weed them off one by one.  Russell plans to tell them that he played the Idol, but Parvati played one too, and that's why Parvati is still around.  This would have been genius if Sandra hadn't been listening in and looking like a spy.  Gah.  They should have kept Courtney.

When the Villains arrive, and JT saw the make up of the tribe, he said "Russell played the idol, and Parvarti had to have played another one."  They open the box and there are new black buffs, a big ol' ham, vegetables, fruit, and they settled to figure out a new name.  Jerri wants to call themselves "All Villains" because they are all villains.  Colby couldn't get over her audacity.  Russell was chatting with Candace and Amanda, and Amanda was telling a story about a parasitic worm or something. 

And Parvati is pissed because no one is taking her seriously and they are underestimating her.  "They don't know it, but they are about to get picked off one by one."  Russell went to chat with JT, spinning the Immunity Idol Playing Tale, and said that he is comfortable in a way he hasn't been since Day 4.  I love to see Russell playing.  JT called him a "good ol' country boy," and admitted that it's possible that Russell is the leader of the girls, but he doesn't believe it, and he trusts him.  Russell, meanwhile, was gleeful about how they bought it, hook line and sinker.

Meanwhile Sandra went to rat on her former tribe and told Rupert the real deal.  She told him that she is the last person of her alliance.  Sandra told him to agree to whatever Russell says, but don't believe it, because Russell is the leader, and Parvati is his second in command.  Rupert said "This is where the game gets crazy."

After they had eaten, Parvati and Danielle made enemies by breaking the Banana etiquette when they went to have bananas after the meal was done.  Rupert went to tell the rest of the tribe that Russell was playing them, but JT and Amanda refused to believe it.  They still decided that would tell Russell they were voting for one person, to test his loyalty, and then vote someone else without telling him.  JT said that there is a reason that he's been doing Rupert's strategic play this whole time.  "Do you believe what Sandra told you, or do you believe the obvious truth?" 

Amanda and Parvati went for a walk, and Amanda told her that everyone wants her gone, and that she has no power.  She told Parvati that she is trying to get rid of Sandra.  Parvati put on her innocent trustworthy face and asked Amanda to tell her who they were voting for.  Then Parvati made a dumb ass decision of telling Amanda that she has an idol.  Amanda said "how did you get another one?" and Parvati said "I'm crafty."  Amanda said that she likes Parvati, but knows that if she gets to the end, she's going to win again.

Immunity Challenge

They decided on the name Yin Yang.  Cool.  Good and Evil.  Their challenge?  Hold onto a pole as long as possible.  Giant totem poles.  JT, Candace, and Parvati have all competed in this challenge before, and none of them won.  Colby is down nearly immediately, followed by Sandra.  Russell is out next.  Wow.  Rupert goes next.  It's JT and the girls.  Amanda is out next.  JT almost fell, but got back up, then fell right out.  Candace, Jerri, Danielle, and Parvati are left on their poles.  Parvati looked like she could stay there forever.  She was standing on it with one foot.  Jerri was out next, at 1 1/2 hours, claiming dehydration.  Candace was out next, and everyone looked at her like she was crazy.  Parvati asked Danielle if she wanted her to win, and Danielle said (hopefully quiet enough that the rest of the people down below couldn't hear) "I'll win, because you have the Idol."  Parvati stepped down.

Rupert shows some brains when he suspects Parvati of having the idol, or she wouldn't have stepped out.  True, dude.  So true.  They should have fought it out and Parvati should have pretended to fall.  That would have been a more clever move.

JT also found it suspicious how Parvati stepped out.  They plan on telling Russell they are voting Parvati, and they will vote for Sandra.  Or Jerri.  Russell plans to give the idol to Parvati, save her, and vote off JT.  She said "Oh, you!  You shouldn't have!"  She's now got two in the bag.  Literally.  Amanda told he to play her idol.  "Just in case."  Parvati knew she was lying when she said they are voting for her.  Because Amanda is a terrible liar. 

Tribal Council

Coach is wearing an open robe in the jury, and Courtney looks clean and shiny.  Rupert brought up Banana etiquette and Danielle thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and Russell wanted the banana wars to be over.  He said that tonight will dictate the rest of the game. 

JT lamented that no one wanted to talk to him, and Russell said that it's paranoia, and he talked to JT all day.  Sandra said that she hasn't talked strategy with anyone.  Parvati said that she felt like a leper and no one was talking to her, and Probst asked if it was just because she was used to getting attention in her whole life.  Colby said that maybe they weren't talking to her because they know she is going to be around for a few more days.  JT said he had no idea who had idols.  That is true, though he doesn't know it.  And Parvati made a slip (I think) when she said that the idol broke a solid alliance in the Villain's tribe and changed the game.  That means that it's out in the open that an alliance was broken, and that points out that there is no all-girl alliance.

Before the votes were read, Courtney said "If that little troll plays the idol..." Parvati said that it would be downright depressing to sit and watch green bananas turn yellow without her little villains, and proceeded to GIVE HER IDOLS AWAY to Jerri and Sandra.  They both played them.  Wow.  I did not see that coming.  Bye bye, JT...

And Rupert mumbled "I knew we shouldn't have trusted that..." And JT is gone.  That's what you get for trusting a villain.  And Russell ... not pleased about Parvati's having a second idol.  "Someone's got some explaining to do," he whispered to her, and she shrugged and whispered "Secret," back.  That may bite her.  He guns for people who lie to him. 

In previews for next week, Russell is pissed, and Sandra is gunning for Russell.

And JT felt like a total idiot, and said that you shouldn't trust villains or women.  Maybe he should have thought about that before. 

Good episode.  What did you think?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol: 4.21.10

 Idol Gives Back, and while it's a great cause, I am so not blogging the whole thing.  All I want is some results.

Preparing to fast forward...

Final 12 group sing, and Crystal is looking like she's in a nightie.  I would be really happy if this wasn't lip synching, but it so is.  I can't bring myself to watch this.  Fast forwarding...

Victoria Beckham is on... and fast forwarding. 

How about some results?  Everyone's in white, and it's not the best look for everyone.  Michael is feeling good, Tim is happy to be there.  Seacrest wonders how Lee preps for a performance.  He gets emotional.  But - no results for us.  Fast forwarding.    (Fergie looks like some sort of superhero.  What is it with female singers wearing leotards recently?  NOT a good fashion choice.  And her boots are thigh high.  She's like a snakey Wonder Woman.  And... returning to fast forwarding)

Stupid bit about George Lopez winning the prom date with Katie for the most votes.  Fast forwarding.

Ford Video?  Nothing more hilarious than people falling flat on their backs in white paint and getting sprayed by a fire hydrant while fruit litters the street... I remember when the Ford Videos were clever.  Good times...

Crystal and Casey join Seacrest in the center of the stage first.  Crystal is safe, and Casey takes a seat on the Somber Stools.  Aaron and Lee are up next.  Aaron is joining Casey on the Silver Stools.  Lee is safe.  That's right. 

Fast forwarding some more... Joss Stone looked and sounded lovely.  I really enjoy her voice.  Morgan Freeman wants you to give to Idol Gives Back, and who are you to argue with God himself?

Siobahn, Michael, and Tim are up in the center of the stage next.  Siobahn is safe.  Good.  Now, step it up next week, girl!!  Michael is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3. 

Yup, that's about right.

David Cook!  Wow, Captain Combover looks like his hair got caught in the hairdryer.  I'm glad to see him... but.... fast forwarding...

Randy is playing backup to Mary J. Blige on Stairway to Heaven.  Ok, that's pretty cool. 

Then, my DVR cut off.  Because Idol was going over.  Wow.  Bloated much?
I switched back at 10:15. and there will be no more fast forwarding for me, because it's live.  Crap.  Well, at least Elton John is good.  Did any of you see his duet with Lady Gaga at the Grammy's?  It was astounding. 

Next week's theme?  Shania Twain.  It could be ok.  Or it could suck.  That seems to be the general theme lately.

Aaron is safe.  Oh, grrrrr.

So, it's down to Tim or Casey... and it's .... Tim!

I may have just cheered out loud.  Don't judge.  I never thought he deserved to be on this show.  I only liked maybe one or two of his performances.  I'm so happy that he is out.  Just the right results, in my opinion.

And what do you think?  Did you enjoy Idol Gives Back?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol: 4.20.10

Oh, Inspirational Songs... such drivel.  Here's hoping it doesn't suck.  Why can't we have some upbeat happy songs?  Please?

Crystal looks sparkly, and Siobahn looks like she's getting ready for a run in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Can't wait to see what they bring to the stage.

Call 1-866-IDOLS-##

Alicia Keys is the mentor.

01) Casey James (Don't Stop, by Fleetwood Mac) Alicia wants him to be present in the song.  The Fleetwood Mac song works with his bleaty voice, and there is no doubt that the guy can play the guitar.  He's like a very talented sheep.  Randy called it a good performance, but thinks that Casey should bring something new to the stage.  Ellen appreciated his guitar playing, but wants him to be great, and doesn't think anyone will be talking about it tomorrow.  Kara misses Jealous Guy.  Agreed.  Simon is amazed at his song choice, saw zero emotion, and thought there was no originality.

02) Lee Dewyze (The Boxer, by Simon & Garfunkel) There is a mishap in cuing up the tape, which was amusing.  Alicia had Lee speak the lyrics for her, so that he kept sight of the song's meaning.  I love this song, and Lee looks confident and connecting more.  I'm digging this.  It's rougher around the edges than Simon & Garfunkel, and that's ok.  I mean, really good.  I got chills.  Yay for not sucking! Randy thinks that Lee is a great artist ready to make big albums.  Ellen loved his song choice, and loved the soul and depth in his performance. Kara thinks that this was his Moment.  Simon thinks that was the best of the night, two songs in, and thinks that the difference between him and Casey was staggering, and thinks that he made the song totally current, and called it absolutely brilliant.  Yes.  Good job, Lee.

03) Tim Urban (Better Days, The Goo Goo Dolls) He is singing very softly, and he doesn't have the strength behind it to support it.  It was out of key all over the place, and when he gets louder, he's worse and there was no feeling.  Randy said it was ok good karaoke and it just laid there. Ellen called him the soup of the day that she sometimes likes and sometimes doesn't, and this is soup she didn't like.  Kara thinks he's in the right place, but it wasn't his best performance.  Simon thinks that they would have been impressed if it was the first time they had seen him, but he just didn't believe the performance tonight.  Agreed.  Although I have really never been impressed with Tim.

04) Aaron Kelly (I Believe I Can Fly, R. Kelly)  Oh, oh, oh, I hate this song.  He is shakey and all over the place and just ... really not good.  Cringeworthy.  Truly.  He needs to go.  It was terrible.  He thinks he did wonderfully, of course.  He's all smiles.  Randy thought the arrangement was a little funny, but thinks Aaron has pure vocal talent and did a good job.  Ellen said there was a brief time in the 70s when she believed she could fly, and thinks that he did a good job at it.  Kara thought it was rough in the beginning, but he took off at the end.  Simon likes Aaron, and thinks he gave it his all, but thinks if that song was on the radio, it would be turned of in 10 seconds.

05) Siobahn Magnus (When You Believe, Mariah Carey) It sounded rather old fashioned, though she sounded lovely, and looks like she went through a butterfly garden.  Randy thought the song choice was just ok, and thought Siobahn was just ok. Ellen thought it was confirmation about why she is there, and liked it.  Kara thought technically it was very well sung, but worried it was a musical-caliber performance.  She wants to hang out with Siobahn, but doesn't want to buy her music.  Simon was distracted by the "leaves" on the dress (they are butterflies), and thought the song was old fashioned and found the arrangement odd.  Siobahn loved the song and didn't want to be scared away of a song just because of who it was by.  She was excited to be there to have a chance to sing the song.

06) Michael Lynche (Hero, by Chad Kruger) Pretty good, and I liked it better than a big ol' love song.  Randy was a bit worried about the song choice, but thinks that he held his own.  Ellen thought he did a great job.  It was not Kara's favorite, and thought he doesn't have the tone for the song.  Simon thought he sang it pretty well, but thought that a song about Spiderman isn't exactly inspirational.  He thought it sounded artificial.

07) Crystal Bowersox (People Get Ready) Silhouette Crystal started the song, a capella, and she is without an instrument tonight, except for her fantastic voice.  She's astounding, and in a different league.  She got very emotional and started crying at the end.  Wow.  Randy thought it was unbelievable and stood up for her.  Ellen thinks she looks beautiful and thought it was fantastic.  And the funky mic stand is Crystal's personal stand - it looks like a lamp.  Neat.  Kara thinks she just schooled all of the other contestants.  Simon thought THAT was inspirational, and thought it was in a completely different class.  Agreed. 

My favorite of the night is hands down Crystal.  Lee was second.  After that, I did like Siobahn, thought not as much as I wanted to.

Mike was ok for me, as was Casey.

Suck fest?  Tim. Aaron.  They both can go.  Now.

How about you?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.15.10

Will the Villains continue to self-destruct?

Post-Tribal, Sandra is tickled that her plan worked.  Jerri is scared that she is next with Coach gone.  Danielle told her that she is not.  The camera men are showing rats all over the place.  Russell told Jerri that he had an inkling about what was going to happen, but he didn't write Coach's name down.  And he didn't.  Smart move, bucko.

Tree Mail - it's the stand between two planks challenge from Tocantins, and they have to rank themselves for strength, and they will be put against the other tribe's rankings.  The Villains decide that the girls with smaller feet will probably do better.  Over at the Hero Camp, Rupert wants to go first, because he thinks he is stronger than anyone.

Reward Challenge

The Heroes are absolutely convinced it's a woman's alliance on the Villain Tribe, and they are not shy about saying it.   Bwah ha ha.  First tribe to three points (won by winning a head to head match) wins a HUGE feast by Outback Steakhouse.  Way to get the sponsors in.  Russell sits out.  Smart, because then he's there for the Immunity Challenge.

Danielle vs. Candace, Courtney vs. Amanda, Parvarti vs. JT, Jerri vs. Colby, and Sandra vs. Rupert.

Interesting pairings.  First round, 10 minutes.  Head is fine for leaning, no hips, no butt. 

It's the 100th Day that Amanda has played 100 days.  She's the first person to reach that milestone.

I'm sure my brother is very happy.  Let's say, he's an Amanda fan.

Everyone's still in it when they move to the next level, smaller footholds.  Sandra talks about how much she loves Outback Steakhouse.

Love it - on the bench, Russell made pleading motions to JT, planting the "Russell Seed."

Third and final foothold, and it's a tiny one.  They stay there for as long as they can.  That foothold is 1/4" wide.  Yikes.  Colby is the first out, with the first point scored for the Villains.  Rupert and his broken toe are fine.  Jerri told Sandra that she can do it, because she's popped out some babies.  Sandra said "Two of em, and didn't even get an aspirin."  Rupert is down, and Sandra brought the second point.  Amanda fell on her 100th day, and the Villains won the reward.

As they gave the "Good Game" shakes, JT muttered to Russell to "Hang in there, buddy."  Bwah ha ha.

Outback Feast.  Great.  Advertising works.  Now I really wish I had some Outback right now.  Sandra sucked down some drinks super quickly.  First they get some salad, with napkins, and.... Parvati found the clue for the hidden idol in her napkin and shoved it in her underwear before anyone saw it.    Wonder if she will share with Russell?

They all giggle about how the other tribe thinks it's an All Girl Alliance.

Mmmmm, Loaded Baked potatoes.  Wonder if they are given lines to say to get the advertising in.  Parvarti snuck away to pee, and Danielle went too... and Parvati showed her the clue.  She did this as a way of getting Danielle feeling closer to her than to Russell.  They don't plan on telling him, unless it's a need to know basis.

Over at Hero Central, JT said "I don't care about steaks," and told them about his plan... his plan to give Russell the hidden idol at the next immunity challenge, to secure him with them, to get rid of Parvati.  Amanda thought it was really crazy, because they don't know for sure what's going on over there.  Candace thinks it might be a good idea.

Danielle and Parvati went out in search of the idol.  Quietly, without telling Russell.  With shovels.  They found it, and Parvati doesn't plan on telling Russell right off.  That might burn her if Russell finds out that she has it.  She said that Russell is not the King of Survivor, she's the Queen.  "And usually, the King does what the Queen says, anyway."

JT drafted his letter to Russell, detailing what he should do with the idol.  Rupert told him if it works, it could be a great plan.  This ought to be interesting. 

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes will start on platforms in the water, and one person at a time will get bags of puzzle pieces to bring to the mat through an obstacle course.  They have to build totem poles to win Immunity.

Jerri and Rupert are out first.  Rupert got to the mat first.  JT and Danielle are out next, and JT is back before Danielle barely has time to start.  Amanda was out next, and got it in.  When Colby and Russell are the last ones left on the platforms, Colby told Russell to go see JT after the challenge, after getting  the assurance that Russell thinks he's going home...

Without much difficulty, Heroes won it, and JT passed the idol to Russell.  How Russell stopped from giggling, I have no idea.

Russell said "See now, I don't even have to find the idol.  People are giving them to me.  You don't give the idol to the enemy, especially when his name is Russell Hantz."

JT is happy about this whole plan.

And over at Villain Central, Russell showed the thing to Parvati, and they giggled together about the whole idol debacle.  JT's note really was pretty humorous.  Parvati said "Why would you give a villain your heart?  JT just gave Russell his heart, and Russell's going to stab it, and then he's going to hand it to me, and I'm going to eat it."

Sandra and Courtney went out for a sad chat, and Sandra said that her without Courtney is like rice without beans.

Parvati talked with Courtney and said that she would try to save her if she could, because she thinks Courtney would be more loyal post merge.  Parvati tried to subtly push the vote towards Sandra.  She's good.  She's very good.

Tribal Council

It's down to Courtney vs. Sandra, and Danielle said that Sandra wasn't in her alliance, and Sandra was called Rob's Sidekick.  Parvati says if you ask the Heroes, she's the boss, because she's obviously running a crazy women's alliance.  She said it's Boston Rob's Girls vs. Russell's Girls.  Courtney says that Jerri flipped in time to save her butt, so "Awesome for you."  I hope that Courtney stays just for her one-liners.  And, it's always fun to see if she's going to snap in half like a twig if she happens to be forced to compete in a challenge.

Votes go Jerri, and then all Courtney.  Oh, well.   Sandra is safe for another day.  And the day after Tribal is Parvati's 100th Survivor Day.  Nice.

Next week, JT sees Parvati enter the camp for the merge.  And Sandra looked to be flipping, talking frankly to Rupert.

This could be epic.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol: 4.14.10

Tonight, Kara looks ready to go out clubbing instead of like she just woke up from a bender.

I am full of rage at the lip synching.  Rage.  These kids can sing.  Let them.  I'm not sure that American Idol wants to be proud of teaching them to lip sync.  And drunk cameraman struck again, with a few seconds of a shot of the stage and the stage alone.  That was funny.

Ford commercial is somewhat clever tonight.  But still, they used to be more fun.

Casey James is up first, standing along with Aaron and Andrew. They are brought into the center of the stage.

And without any pretense, Andrew is swiftly eliminated.

Aaron and Casey are safe.

Elliot and Kara went to Africa.  Idol Gives Back.  Give if you Can.  Fast forwarding.

Also fast forwarding through Ex-Mr. Miley and Brooke White.  Sorry, guys.

Joining Seacrest next on the center of the stage is the entire bottom row.  Lee, Siobahn, Katie, Michael, Crystal, and Tim.  Crystal is safe, as is Siobahn.  Yay. So is Lee (though Seacrest messed with him).  Tim, Michael, or Katie is going home.  After Adam.

Next week is Inspirational songs.  With Alicia Keyes as mentor.  Hope it doesn't suck.

Time for Adam Lambert!  He's starting his performance in a Star Trek transport device.  It's pretty slick and I know a few people who's panties are exploding right now.  Not mine, but just saying.  He's performing in a green fog laser show.  His IFB (that's his ear bud) is highly bedazzled.  Love it.  I have a feeling that Adam puts on one heck of a show.

Back to the results.  Safe is Tim.  It's Michael or Katie going home, and one of them is not even in the bottom 3.  Leaving with Andrew is Katie.  That's good, then, because it would totally have sucked to use the save on Michael and then have him sent home the next week.  Plus, he was really good last night.

Katie is good, but she's so young, and I think that's her biggest hurdle. 

I'd say that's a good results show!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol: 4.13.10

Because of the save of Michael last week, two people are going to be eliminated this week.  As long as their names are Aaron, Tim, or Katie, I am fine with that.

It's Elvis Night, with Adam Lambert mentoring.  The Top 9 went to Cirque de Soleil Elvis Show, which looked fun.  Adam has super tall hair tonight.  He says that he tried to be honest and constructive with the hopefuls, but wants them to wake up a little on stage, suggesting coffee.  I would agree with that. 

Seacrest made a crack about his song not being as talented as Adam's, and Adam's look at the camera was priceless.

The number to call is 1-800-866-IDOLS-##

01) Crystal Bowersox (Saved) She is rocking the electric guitar tonight.  And fake eyelashes, I think.  I dig her pants.  And her voice.  She sounded amazing.  I wouldn't mind seeing her move around some sometime.  So Yo, Man, Randy thinks Crystal has energy and blues vibe and he loved it.  Ellen feels like a broken record saying how great Crystal is.  Kara's hair looks like she just woke up and ran some grease through her hair.  She thought Crystal was fun.  Simon loved her song choice, thought she sounded original and didn't fall into the karaoke trap.  Wow, her guitar is sparkly.  I like. 

02) Andrew Garcia (Hound Dog)  Adam was bored by him in rehearsals, and wanted him to change it up and have fun with it.  He changed it up... into a weird jazzy rendition of it.  I'm not sure I am a fan.  It was different, but I was still bored.  And her went onto the lip behind the judges.  I hate that lip of stage.  It needs to go.  Yo yo yo, Randy thought it was not good karaoke.  Ellen thought he pulled it off.  Kara and her day after club hair and makeup thought he was using the microphone as a crutch and didn't own the stage. Simon thought it was lazy, and the part of the musical that no one needs to see or hear.  He thought that all of Andrew's coolness has been sucked out of him.  He didn't get it. Neither did I.

Seacrest's Mom.  That's interesting filler.

03) Tim Urban (I Can't Help Falling in Love)  Ok, I liked the guitar work in the rehearsal, but I predict that Tim will not connect at all with the song.  Let's see if I'm right.  Ughhhhhh, he's on the lip.  And Seacrest called him Turban.  He needs to go.  It was sleepy, and though I loved the guitar work, he sounded so blah and boring and just sounded like he was talking half the time.  I suppose it was better than sneaking into the bedroom, but .... I was still bored. Adam suggested to him that he should do the end in his falsetto, and he did not.  I really didn't like it.  Yo, check it out, Randy actually liked it.  Ellen compared him to a shot of tequila that she's gotten used to after a bunch of unsure shots.  Kara might be wearing a camo dress, and she thought it was her favorite Tim performance to date.  Simon thought he went from zero to hero, and thought the clean arrangement was good.

04) Lee DeWyze (A Little Less Conversation)  Adam wanted Lee to find his playful side and perform on stage.  Good advice.  He sounds really good and I also like his guitar work, it's very good, and sounded like something I could hear on the radio today.  He changed it up just a little.  He did a little better connecting, but he could have done better still.  He's very good, though.  Yo yo, check it out, Randy is loving how in the zone Lee is.  Ellen thought he made it very current and showed more confidence.  Kara may be trying to be a rocker trick, and thought that Lee had some great intensity, but wanted a little more playfulness.  Simon wanted to know if she wanted kittens, or if she wanted him to skip around the stage.  He said that Lee nailed the song, and it was on the money, full stop. 

05) Aaron Kelly (Blue Suede Shoes) Oh, the poor child is trying to be sexy.  I do appreciate him actually moving around the stage, and I kind of liked this style of performance for him much more than the sleepy Archie Wannabe performances he's been giving.  I hated the back-up singers at the end.  It took away from him.   Not bad, but it felt like something you might see in a musical.  In a high school.  Randy thought it started out weird, but it ended up well.  Kind of half and half for him.  Ellen thought it was a big song to take on, and thought he did a really good job, even if he didn't get all the way there.  Kara liked him out of his comfort zone, and she thought it made him younger (really?) and more current.  Simon thought it did the opposite and made him old fashioned.  Aha - he thought it was like someone at a high school giving a concert, and it was frustrating because it was very karaoke, and felt like he was playing dress-up.

06) Siobahn Magnus (Suspicious Minds) She started out the performance facing the back of the stage, and I'm not sure what I feel about that... And her outfit looks like something straight out of the 80's,  White leather?  She killed the vocals, I have to say.  And she brought some of her screaming back, and she really changed the song up.  I really hated her outfit, though.  The back was cut out and looked like she had a giant leather thong showing... Randy liked the big vocals at the end, and liked it better.  Ellen loved her outfit.  Really?  She loved the performance.  Kara may in fact be wearing a trashbag, and she was confused by the dichotimy in Siobahn's voice.  Simon thought she seemed old, and hated the first part of the song, and thought it was erratic.  He worries that she's lost her way.  Siobahn defends the fact that she always sounds different, because she can't even label herself, so why is it necessary to be labeled?  I like her spunk.

07) Michael Lynche (In the Ghetto) Will he show that he deserved that save?  He got right down to it with a guitar and story telling.  See, Tim?  This is how you feel the meaning behind lyrics.  It was beautiful and it gave me chills.  I've never really like this song before.  Now, I do.  That was really really good.  Yo, Randy thought it was a little sleepy, but the vocals were hot.  Ellen was glad that they saved him.  Kara thought it was a beautiful song and he sang it well.  Simon thought it was one of the best performances of his yet, and thought it was a million billion times better than last week.  That's a lot better...

08) Katie Stevens (Baby, What do you Want Me to Do?) Adam wanted her to feel the frustration, and she needs to sell the song a little more.  Is she wearing lace leggings?  Oh, no, Katie, No.  I hated her shirt, but she was singing really well. She hit a couple bum notes in there, and seemed to lose steam near the end of the performance.  It seemed kind of theatrical.  I wish that Siobahn had sung this song.  Randy thought it was entertaining, and Ellen called it a very horny song (what with the brass section), and Kara thinks that she showed the judges.  Simon found it very loud, a bit annoying, and didn't like the song very much.  Kara talked back at him.  That was annoying.

09) Casey James (Laudy Miss Claudie) He found a really bluesy song, and Adam wanted him to build a musical arc with it.  I've never heard this song before, but I really like Casey on it.  I do not like the high pony tail, but and yes, he is still bleating in his vocals, but it works for this song, and dang, the boy is good on guitar.  I liked it.  A'ight, so listen, Randy thought it was a solid performance from him.  Ellen didn't think it was as exciting as it could have been, but he did well.  Kara looks like she needs a morning after cocktail, and said that he didn't get to the brilliance that he is capable of.  Simon thought it was a wasted opportunity for Elvis night.

Favorites of the night?  Crystal, Lee, and Michael.

In the middle?  Katie, Siobahn, and (I can't believe I'm saying this) Tim.  Because I really liked his guitar work.

Andrew was really not good, and Aaron was forgettable and amateurish.  I think Casey might also be in the bottom there. 

What did you think?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.8.10

Post-Rob Boot, Russell and Parvati are feeling pretty happy about their awesomeness.  Coach thinks that Russell is a bully, and Jerri is feeling guilty about going along with it.  Coach says that they won't win any more challenges, and they are just going to have to pray for the merge.  Good attitude, there, Coach.  Wonder what he does when a key player gets injured on his team?  Well, might as well just throw in the towel, no use in trying... 

Over at Hero Central, JT disappeared to go look for the Immunity Idol, and Amanda (in her cool glasses) caught him.  He had to tell her that he had it.  Then, he told Candace.  Then, he decided to tell everyone else.  Hmmm.  That negates the "hidden."  He says they can use it for the first person who needs it after the merge.  Candace told Amanda that it was a good thing she walked up to JT as he found it, because who knows if he would have said anything otherwise.  Candace doesn't trust JT at all, and thinks that he's a threat because he's got ins with everybody, and he's the Golden Boy.

Back at Villain's Camp, they get Tree Mail for Reward Challenge, and it promises food.  They are hoping that it's a merge, and decided to bring all of their stuff to the challenge with them.  Not a bad strategy, but... I don't think it's the merge.

Reward Challenge

There's a load of pizza and brownies and good stuff waiting.  The Heroes are shocked that Rob is gone, and assume it's an All-Girl Alliance.  JT leaned over and mouthed to Russell to "hang in there," meaning that he would rescue him from the girls.

Probst told them to drop their.... cheers all around... expectations.  No merge. 

Survivor Bowling.  Everyone gets 2 rolls, and the first to 3 points wins.  Villains sit out Sandra and Courtney.

Parvati vs. Rupert first, and Parvati gets a gutter ball.  Rupert knocked over 3.  On the second roll, Parvati gutter balls it again.  One point for Heroes.  Next is Danielle vs. JT.  JT got 6, Danielle got gutter ball.  JT got gutter ball on his second roll, and then Danielle got another gutter ball.  Heroes have 2 points.  Russell vs. Colby next, and Russell gets a gutter ball first.  Colby also gets nothing.  Russell gets some down in the next roll, but Colby only gets one, so there's a point for the Villains.  Coach got 5 down next, vs. Amanda who also gets 5 down.  Coach got one more in his roll, and Amanda got 2... winning it for the Heroes.  The Villains are going back to camp, no pizza, to re-make their shelter, etc.

Back at camp, Jerri is pissed that they have to put the camp back together, and thinks that the decision to sit out Courtney and Sandra (made by Coach) was stupid, because now they have to play in the Immunity Challenge.  Jerri wishes that Sandra and Courtney had some get up and go.  Sandra thinks that she should be with the Heroes tribe, and that the Villains are the worst tribe ever made, and she hates them all.  Sandra told Courtney that the way to get rid of Coach would be to tell Russell that Coach is gunning for him.  Good plan, actually.

She went for it, and Russell ate it up.  He went to tell Parvati that Coach is after him.  Russell also said that if there is only him left, the other tribe will absolutely think it's all girls against guys in Villain-land, and bring Russell right on in with them.  True enough.

Immunity Challenge

They will be belted together in pairs, going over and under obstacles through mud to retrieve flags.

One match up will be one on one.  Villains sit out Jerri and Danielle.

First is Amanda and Candace vs. Sandra and Russell.  Heroes got their flag first, and Sandra was having a really hard time.  My brother will be thrilled to see Amanda mud wrestling.  Sandra is completely stuck.

Coach vs. Rupert next.  Coach got his flag seconds before Rupert, but Rupert made up a lot of time on the obstacles.  Coach managed to get it first.

Finally, it's Parvati and Courtney vs. JT and Colby.  Parvati and Courtney are slow slow slow.  JT and Colby win without any problem, and the Heroes win it.

And, Courtney, apt to break, hurt her ankle.

Danielle is gunning for Courtney.  Back at camp, they all clean up, and Coach said that the mud was like going to the spa.  He did some Dragonslayer Chi, and says everyone is down, but he's coming into his own.  He thinks that they are all going to vote for Courtney.  Russell wants to get rid of Coach, because of the seed that Sandra planted, but Danielle told him that they should get rid of Courtney, and Russell refuses to even listen to her. 

After thinking about it, he told Parvati that Danielle is right, and maybe they should get rid of Courtney... Parvati thinks it's stupid, and they should stick to the plan.  Who knows what's happening.

Tribal Council

Probst asked them if they regretted getting rid of Tyson and Rob before weakling Courtney, and then added "no disrespect, Courtney."  Bwah ha ha.

Coach says that he wants Courtney to stick up for herself and go for it, and he says that he is not the one who is demoralizing the tribe. 

Probst tells them that they are working under the assumption that there is going to be a merge.  Courtney says that she is the poster child for weak survivor, but she's a skinny little bitch who will fight.  Russell says that it's about keeping the tribe strong and keeping trust in place.

When Courtney voted for Coach, she called him a freaking lunatic.  Nice.  She hasn't had enough sound bites this season.

Votes go for Coach, Coach, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Coach, and the person voted out was Coach.  He's in the jury.  He looked shocked.  As much as I think that Coach is, in fact, a lunatic, Courtney should have left tonight.

Probst says the problem with trust is, you don't know that it's gone until it's too late.

In the preview for next week, JT was telling everyone that he might give the hidden idol to Russell.  I just cackled a little.  I'm sure Russell would be right there with me cackling like a mad man.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol: 4.7.10

The producers have told Seacrest that there are "shocking" results tonight.

Idol Gives Back is coming soon, and there's an online program - "Help Me Give Back," and an auction with things donated by the judges and Seacrest.

Group Sing Time - Oh, how I hate the really super bad lip syncing.  Does anyone like the lip syncing?  It needs to stop.  NOW.  It's terrible.  Worse than terrible.  These kids are more than capable of singing live.  Probably together. Mostly in key.  I just feel badly for them.  They are better than this drivel.  And then, the Ford Commercial.  These used to be fun.  What happened?  Oh, look.  Idols in kaleidoscopes.  That was blahhhhhhhhghhh.... onward to the results, please?

Siobahn is in the center of the stage.

Oh no, it's the Top 9 dreaded 3 groups.

Who will be sitting in the middle of the stage tonight?

Crystal is in the same group as Siobahn.  Katie is in the same group.  Hmmm.

Maybe he's not doing the Dreaded 3 Groups.  Crystal is safe.  So is Siobahn and Katie.  That was just a whole slew of filler, there, Seacrest.  But about right. 

Fast forwarding through Jason Dirulo.

And I don't feel like I've missed anything.

And Archie?  Buh-bye.

Ok, here comes the two groups.

Lee is sent to the far side of the stage.  Michael is on the close side of the stage.  Casey is joining Lee.  Aaron is joining Michael.  Tim is joining Lee and Casey.  Andrew is in the group with Michael and Aaron. 

Unless something is really off, Andrew, Michael, and Aaron are the bottom 3.

Ellen agrees with me, and we are both right.

Not shocking so far.

I wish Tim was there instead of Michael or Andrew, but...

Out of their misery right off is Aaron, who rightfully should have been going home... blah.

Fast forwarding through Rhianna.

It's between Michael and Andrew.  Andrew is safe, and Forgettable Big Mike is singing for his life.  Ok, that's pretty close to shocking.

I don't think they'll save him, though.  He's singing This Woman's Work.  Good choice for song, but I think the save will be reserved for Siobahn or Crystal.  I don't know what it was about Michael, but he never moved me to vote for him.  As I've mentioned, I kept forgetting about him by the time it came to voting. 

Simon said that the frustrating thing is that they wish he had performed like he did just now last night. 

And HOLY CRAP, they saved him.  That shocked me.  Totally.

May Michael be more memorable in the future.  And may Crystal and Siobahn never face going home because he stayed...

What do you think?  Do you think they made the right decision?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol: 4.6.10

Lennon-McCartney Night!  Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

I a convinced that this show has three too many camera men and tells them to go get random shots and switches to them without warning.. that can be the only explanation for some of this drunken camera work.

Paul McCartney himself recorded a message to the hopefuls. 

The judges love the Lennon-McCartney songbook.  Simon wants them to sometimes switch it up, but sometimes not.  Some songs are apparently sacred.  Still, he doesn't want sound alike.  Agreed.

01) Aaron Kelly (The Long and Winding Road) Apparently Aaron is Yoda.  That's kind of funny.  The other contestants make Yoda-Voice for anything he says, and I think it's hilarious.  Even funnier?  Michael holding him above his head and making it look like he's levitating.  Not funny? The Muzak arrangement this song got for him.  Also not funny, his inability to stay on pitch.  What a boring song.  At least what he's making of it.  I wonder if he's sick.  He sounds rough.  So listen, Randy means, ahhhhh, the things he liked about it was Aaron's tone, but hated the arrangement, and called it sleepy.  This was not one of those sacred songs Simon was talking about.  Ellen thinks it sounded like a long and winding song.  Kara thinks he's been good, but not great, and he needs to be great.  She also thinks that he's been one note.  He promises a surprise next week, if he's here.  Simon wanted to know why he tried this song.  He wants Aaron to be young and relevant.  Agreed.  Boring.

02) Katie Stevens (Let It Be) Her dress looks like a bottle of pepto bismol.  She's been asked to five proms, and says that she will go to the prom with the person who has voted for her most, according to phone bills.  All the other hopefuls think Katie is fun and she does a great Single Ladies dance.  She looks oddly like one of Robert Palmer's back up dancers.  What's up with the hose?  She sounds pretty good, but I saw someone a few weeks back refer to her as Diana DeGarmo-Lite, and I absolutely agree.  It was good vocally right up until the end, when she his a cringe-worthy note.  She has an interesting quality, but I think she's just unfinished in her technique.  Randy, listen, thought it was her best performance ever and called them hot vocals.  Ellen said that she changed it just enough to make it her own without disrespecting the song.  Kara thinks she is blossoming.  Into a peony?  Perhaps.  Simon thinks the she has paid attention to the fact that she's been in the bottom 3, and thinks that she was leaning country and that's why it was better.  It was not country, Simon.  Put that box away, she's not getting into it.

03) Andrew Garcia (Can't Buy Me Love) Andrew cracks everyone up.  Again with the singing behind the judges?  I repeat - there's a GIANT stage up there.  Why use the tiny lip of a stage behind the judges?  Anyhow, this is the most entertaining he's been in ... I'll say ever.  His yellow shirt makes me smile, and I appreciate that he went upbeat.  I liked it.  Randy thought it was solid, though somewhat corny at times.  Ellen thinks you can buy love, and thought it was the perfect song choice and loved it.  Kara wanted to love it, but thought that he could have done more with it.  Simon thought it was like a guitarist in the wedding band singing, and thought the band overpowered him.  I would agree, the brass was a bit much.  I still liked it.

04) Michael Lynche (Eleanor Rigby) He's huge, loud, hilarious, a teddy bear, and likes to announce his entrance with fake electric guitar sounds.  This started out an inch from calling out a gospel choir, which would have had me throwing up my hands in despair, but ended up powerfully with good use of strings.  I ended up really enjoying it.  Randy, yo, thought that it didn't all work, but the parts that worked were great.  He wants Michael to record it, and loves seeing the artist in him blossom.  Ellen thinks he can do anything.  Kara thought it was fire, dramatic, and loved the vocals and the commitment.  Simon didn't love it entirely, because he thought it was like a song from a musical, and thought it was a little over the top.  Randy got in a plug for Glee.  Which is back next week.  Wee!!!!  Michael thought that Simon just wants to challenge him to a pec contest. 

Oh, filler, filler, filler.  Can this show please be an hour long next week?  Hour and a half?  Gahhh.

05) Crystal Bowersox (Come Together) Crystal has a cold!  Oh no!  She's also channeling Coach fro Survivor with feathers in her hair.  Hmmm.  The other hopefuls have many nicknames for her, including Mamma Sox.  I have to say, her kid is so freaking adorable.  Oh, ok, this could just be awesome.  She's got a dijerido in accompaniment.  Along with her guitar.  I just can't get over how much I love her.  I could listen to her constantly.  She's got this great pureness to her tone, and I just love everything about it.  She changed the song up enough to make it sound like a Crystal song.  Love everything about it.  Seriously.  And right after she stopped singing, she started coughing, poor thing.  Yo yo, Randy thought it was a solid performance, but he thought the dijerido was distracting.  Ellen loved the dijerido, and says the only thing she has to worry about is finding a new way of telling Crystal how great she is.  Kara thought it was one of her favorite performances of Crystal's, because it was slinky, sexy, and playful.  Simon thought this song could be on the radio now, and thought it was quirky and thought it was contemporary.  He loved her.  Yay!  Go, Crystal!

Cue Dijerido to break!  Has this become Survivor?

06) Tim Urban (All My Loving) The other hopefuls like Tim's smile and his hair flip.  He's so boring.  He was playing the electric guitar with no particular flair, and I just can't believe anything he sings.  He might as well be singing in a foreign language, for the amount that he connects with lyrics.  He's on key, but what does that matter when you are seriously boring.  Yo, Randy thinks he's in his own category, and said that he would only compare him to other Tim performances.  He thinks it was pretty good.  Ellen thought it was his second best performance.  Kara likes him with a guitar, and liked the performance.  Simon refuses to judge him on a Tim Performance, but still thinks he did really well.  No gimmicks, no over singing, just him doing his thing.  He likes that Tim can take criticism like a man.  I can see that.  I still want him gone.  A lot.  It wasn't awful, but I just really don't like his voice.

07) Casey James (Jealous Guy) The others make fun of Casey for being like a Soap Opera star, and make up good Soap Opera names for him.  He also has a huge laugh, and fantastic hair.  This is a tender performance of a song I've never heard before. His guitar work is beautiful, and can I say I think he gave me chills?  I still don't love his bleaty voice, but he feels it.  I have to appreciate that.  I think that was my favorite of his. It was powerful.  Randy was impressed and loved it, even though it wasn't the perfect vocal, it was heartfelt.  Ellen thought it was his best performance to date, and was moved by it.  Kara thinks that he showed some vulnerability, and thought it was tastefully done.  Simon thought it was the best performance of the night.  Alas, he forgets Crystal.  I would call it the best improvement of the night, but not the best performance of the night.

08) Siobahn Magnus (Across the Universe) Everyone thinks she is the most interesting person ever.  Oh yay!!!  I was hoping that she would sing this song.  I'm so excited.  She looks like she's a saloon girl who stole someone's vest.  This is a more tender performance from her.  It's very stripped down and beautiful.  Just lovely.  And see, Simon, she can do a song without that great screaming.  Yo, Randy loves watching her.  He thought it was a little sleepy, but liked the tenderness and the control. Ellen likes people who march to the beat of their own drum, and thinks that Siobahn honors who she is, and loved it.  Kara thought that she hit the notes, but that it was restrained and polite, which they are not used to.  Simon wanted to know how she connected to the song, and she said that she was singing for her baby sisters, and they are her whole world, and nothing's going to change that.  Simon thinks that she came back beautifully after last week.  Random loud guy in the audience liked it, so how can it be bad?  Random Loud guy was called up to hug Siobahn.  That was weird.

09) Lee Dewyze (Hey, Jude) Lee is the resident worry wart, according to the other hopefuls.  Lee and Andrew are like brothers, or "dating," and Crystal said she is happy that they can be together and have a lot of Danny Gokey babies.  Now that was hilarious.  I think he's a little off key in the beginning, but it got better as he got into it.  This isn't as mind blowing as last week.  But wait... bagpiper for the end?  I have to love that.  I mean, when the bag piper first came down the stairs in shadow, I thought it was Aretha Franklin in one of her giant hate, but it was a bagpiper.  I have to love that.  My husband wants a bagpiper/dijerido battle on stage.  Randy loved the bagpiper, and loved Lee.  Ellen was confused when the bagpiper getting separated from his parade, but loved that Lee was not rattled by it. Kara loved it.  Simon was laughing as much as I was about the bagpiper and the dijerido on the same night.  He worried that the bagpiper was out of context.  It was 100% Lee's idea.  I love it.

I have to say, this has been kind of awesome all over.  Who was bad?  Aaron can go.  He's out of his league.  Katie was good tonight, but is boring.  Tim... blarghhhhhhh...

I liked Andrew, and again, I forgot about Michael, no matter how good he was.  And he was good.

On top?  Crystal, Casey, Siobahn, and Lee.

I'm still giggling about that bonus bagpiper.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.1.10

Post-Tribal, Rob is shocked at the blindside and said it was his first shock in three times playing Survivor.  Courtney called Russell a bandy legged little troll, which was kind of awesome, and said that clearly Parvati has no problem flirting with anything that walks.  Then, Russell told Parvati that they have to work on Jerri.  Rob is nervous that Russell, Parvati, and Danielle have so much confidence for being behind in the numbers... and he wonders if people on his side are defecting to Russell's side.

Jerri went to chat with Russell and his girls, and Danielle tried to convince her that they could get anywhere with a tight alliance.  Russell patted himself on the back for bringing Jerri and Parvati together, when they hate each other, for his own good.  Parvati tried to tell Jerri that she would take her to the final four, and Jerri wasn't sure if she could trust that promise.

Over on the Whiner's Heroe's Tribe, everyone is unsure about the decision to boot James.  Colby is stunned to still be around. 

Reward Challenge

Three members of each tribe must race through water to get a ball and work together to get it in a basket while three members of the other tribe try to block them.  First to three baskets wins a fabulous waterfall-side feast.

Courtney, Sandra, and Parvati sit out.

First round - men vs. men.  Colby got a couple rim shots as there was complete mayhem in the water.  Coach is not good at basketball.  The pygmys must not play basketball.  Colby managed to snag a basket for the Heroes.

Next round - two women + one man on each side.  Colby and Coach stayed in.  Candace got a second basket for the Heroes. 

Next round - Men vs. men again.  Colby got the last goal, and the Heroes won.  I'm happy for them. They deserved a win, and Colby redeemed himself.  Broke Knee James would not have done well in that challenge.

And there on the table... the next clue.  Amanda was the first to open the clue.  I wonder if Russell will find the hidden idol at his camp?  The Heroes decided to find the idol together and use it in a unified manner. 

Over at Villain Central, Russell wants to know if Jerri is with them.  Russell calls Coach over and says that he wants Jerri, him and Coach, together in the Top 3.  He claims to not want to go against Parvati in the finals.  Coach isn't sure that he wants to buy Russell's "pure line of gold," which Jerri is swallowing hook, line, and sinker.  Jerri only wants to go with Russell if Coach comes along, because they are "honor bound."  Coach is feeling hurt because Jerri didn't talk to him first, and wants to have more trust than Russell does.  In confessional, Jerri called Coach totally naive, because he doesn't seem to get the game, because he is dead set against manipulating anyone, and Jerri doesn't think that's the way to win the game.

Immunity Challenge

People will race relay style up a net to get six bags of puzzle pieces, and the remaining players will solve the puzzle for immunity.  Jerri, Danielle, and Russell are sitting out the challenge.

Rupert, Colby, and Candace are running and JT and Amanda are solving.  For the Villains, Parvati, Courtney, and Coach are running, and Rob and Sandra are solving.  They are neck and neck, and Courtney lost a ton of time, being reticent to drop onto the big net, and she really did not help.  The Heroes got to solving the puzzle first, but the Villains were not far behind.  Amazingly, Rob and Sandra had troubles with the puzzle, and JT and Amanda rocked it out, and they won.  Rob looked pissed.  Beyond belief.

Russell is gunning for Courtney.  I think that's a wise decision.  HOWEVER - sitting on the beach with Rob, Sandra, and Courtney, Rob asked him what he was thinking, and Russell pointed at the girls and said "One of these."  Wow.  Rob was stunned at his audacity.  Sandra didn't like the idea, but Courtney seemed to appreciate his honesty. 

Rob asked Coach what he was thinking of, and Coach brought up the elephant in the room, that Courtney had no value in challenges, and also thinks that Parvati is a problem.  Rob wants Russell out.  Rob tried to sway Coach to Russell, and they shook hands on it.  Uh oh.  The Russell Group thought about maybe going for Rob - which I think is a terrible idea, because he's singlehandedly helped them win almost all the challenges.  Coach has his man-crush on Rob, and he is not happy about the idea of voting against Rob.  Coach looked about to cry. That's what happens when you give your word to everybody!  Rob told Jerri that he understood if she votes for him.  Jerri told Coach that she's not a good villain because she hates these hard decisions...

Tribal Council

Coach called Tyson the guy who bridged the gap between the different factions of the Tribe.  Russell said that he just wanted the strongest tribe, and said he could have blindsided anyone last tribal.  That's true.  Russell told Rob that he didn't think that he had the guts to do the Idol play that he did last week.  Russell told Rob that if you are gunning for him, you aren't getting what you want.  Big words from a little man.  Coach said that if they keep the tribe strong (and vote out Courtney), they could still win every single challenge, but by getting rid of their stronger competitors, it isn't going to make them stronger.  Wow. Did Coach actually say something that made sense?

Unless something goes funky here, and Courtney goes home, some one is going home who I want to stay. 

Votes go to Rob, Russell, Rob, Russell, Rob, Russell, Courtney, and Rob.  Oh, Boston Rob.  He didn't deserve to go home.  Coach tried to give him a hug goodbye, and Rob shook him off, saying "You're a little man." He had no problem giving Jerri a big hug, though.

I have to say, Coach voting for Courtney was the way for him to stick to his guns.  I think this was a terrible mistake, ego vs. ego, and Courtney who has sat out nearly every challenge is still there.  For the first time, I thought "Why aren't people listening to Coach?"  Never thought I would write that on my blog!

What do you think?  Next week looks like total implosion on the Villain Tribe.  Big surprise.