Thursday, October 30, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.30.08

Fang is starving, and Matty is losing hope. Then, Crystal spilled some rice. She said it was just a little bit, but it was a ton. Later, she skipped her portion of rice because she didn't want to take anything from them. Ken is feeling insecure about the Matty and Ace vs. Crystal thing going on.

Kota is having a much better time, sitting around chatting and having coffee. Dan is feeling insecure about Corrine, Charlie, and Marcus being so tight. He confronted them about feeling insecure, and Corrine said "I don't know if he's a former fatty, or why he wasn't liked as a child, but..." They tried to reassure him a little, to stroke his ego enough to keep him working.

The Reward Challenge is a game of keep away. Three people from one team toss a breakable ball back and forth, with one person from the opposite team trying to smash it. The winning tribe gets a helicopter ride to a beautiful place and have a picnic. Charlie and Corrine.

First round is Randy vs. Fang, and Ace vs. Kota. Randy won the first point for Kota. The next round has Bob as the attacker for Kota and Sugar the attacker for Fang. Sugar complained about how annoying and mean Randy is. Bob is aggressive and takes down people left and right, but the ball remains unbroken, until a fumbled pass gives Kota their second point. Dan and Matty are the attackers in the third round. The third round is over quickly, and Kota wins it. Sugar is returning to the Sugar Shack. Poor thing.

Matty is really hungry (for a win and some food) and is bitter at Sugar being worthless at challenges (she pretty well is).

Kota is off on their helicopter ride, and Bob is feeling super grateful. They land near a giant cliff, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Matty went on about how worthless Sugar was. I wonder why they didn't have Crystal (the tall person) act as attacker. She could have been better than Sugar. Matty brought Ace out on the boat to try to get rid of Sugar. Ace manipulated him off of Sugar and back to Crystal. Meanwhile, at the shore, Crystal schemed with Ken to blindside Ace.

Back at the picnic, Kota is stunned to receive letters from home. Poor Bob broke down in the sweetest tears I have ever seen to read his. Everyone is flabbergasted, and so happy. I really love Bob, I have to say.

Sugar had a seemingly uneventful time in the Sugar Shack.

It's Immunity Challenge Time.

Both tribes are going to tribal council, and both tribes will vote someone off. There is individual immunity up for grabs. It's a log roll, and each person goes up against another person (from their tribe or from the other tribe). There is an unnamed twist to be revealed later.

First matchup is Dan vs. Ace. Ace dominated and Dan was knocked off easily. The next round is Charlie vs. Crystal, and Crystal went down. Next was Marcus vs. Matty, and Matty was done. Randy vs Susie sent Susie into the drink. Ken vs. Sugar send Ken in first. Bob vs. Corinne was last for the first round. Bob said he was a former log roll champion, and he sent Corrine swimming.

Ace vs. Charlie was first in the second round. There was a lot of fancy footwork and Charlie went in a second before Ace. Marcus vs. Randy sent Randy in. Sugar vs Bob was last in this round, and Bob slipped to give Sugar the win for the round.

All three finalists are on the log at the same time for the final round. Ace is in the middle (they drew for spots), with Marcus and Sugar on either end. It was a good start, but Sugar went in first. Marcus hung on just long enough to win individual immunity. He read the twist, which was to assign immunity to one member of the other tribe. He chose Sugar. This gives her two immunities. Will she give her Idol to Ace? I hope not!

Fang ponders who to get rid of. Ken approached Sugar and told her that Ace was going after her, and that Crystal also wants her gone. He is not a very good liar, but he did tell her that Ace wants the hidden Immunity Idol back from her. She told him that she would say that she would vote for Crystal, but she will vote for Ace with Ken and Crystal. I hope that she does that. Ace approached Sugar to try to wheedle the Hidden Idol away from her, and she told him that he doesn't need it, and told him she had to think about it. She does not immediately make up her mind (to the camera).

Fang heads to Tribal first. The Rice Spilling debacle was discussed. Matty tells Probst that each of them gets about 6-8 spoonfuls of rice per day, and even Probst was surprised at those rations. Crystal is feeling put upon about the Rice Debacle, saying that even though she said she wasn't going to eat, they should have saved her some if they really cared, even though she declined it three times when Ace offered. She's a little paranoid. Sugar keeps her necklace - but did she keep her hidden idol?

Sugar kept the Hidden Idol to herself, and Ace is gone! His cockiness will never end, and he personally thanked Sugar under his breath for the ouster. Though he was a strong player, he was so sure of himself that I am thrilled to see him gone.

Kota's turn to strategize! Susie is on people's lips, and also Dan. Corrine went to talk to Susie, and told her that she trusts her, and wouldn't vote her out, and then Susie makes the complete blunder of telling Corrine that she was thinking of voting HER out because she doesn't help out enough at camp. Corrine then confessed that she hates Susie and wants to "stab her in the face." Corrine went to tell Randy of her newfound hatred of Susie, and he wants her gone, too. Corrine chats with the center of the Onion, and they are not sure if they should get rid of Dan or Susie.

At Tribal, Susie went after Corrine again, saying that she is stronger than her. Susie is delusional. Randy says that he knows himself pretty well, which gives him advantages and disadvantages. I'd agree with that. Dan admits to being a worry wart.

After all the talk of Susie against Corrine, she voted for Dan. hmm.

The votes go to a tie between Dan and Susie, but the final vote went to Dan and he is out. I wish it had been Susie, but I understand them getting rid of Dan. He was really obnoxious and annoying, so I don't blame them. I hope that Susie is gone soon.

Next week, it looks to be a merge, and Randy is feeling like King of Gabon. Let's hope not.

(I'll format tomorrow)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing Race - 10.26.08

Leaving Phil's homeland of New Zealand, the teams have to head out to Siem Rep, Cambodia. Onc there, they have to make their way to a gas pumping station for their next clue. I am liking Ken and Tina more and liking Sarah and Terence less, if possible. Kristy and Kelly are desperate to use their brains. Good luck with that.

At the airport, Ken and Tina are quick to book a flight, and Terence managed to get a speeding ticket on the way to the airport (wonder if they have to pay that out of their $90 for the leg?). They lost enough time to almost miss that first flight. They hurried to get to the flight, dashing across the airport, and just made it.

Meanwhile, Starr's arm is not broken, just really painful.

The travel agents look none too pleased to be helping the teams get to the same place. Kelly and Kristy call Dallas "Teen Wolf" and Dallas thinks they think they are God's gift... There are finally different flights to their first stop on the leg, and that always makes it more interesting.

Unfortunately, their first leg of their flights all meet up (except for Aja and Ty who take up the rear) during a layover.

In Cambodia, Dallas and Toni get off to the wrong place, and so do Kristy and Kelly. Starr and Nick get to the gas pumping station first. They have to use an old fashioned pumping mechanism to fill up a tank with gas before getting their next clue.

Next, they are taken by truck to Siem Rep Harbor and take a marked boat to a floating restaurant.

Nick and Starr finish their task easily, and just as they are driving away, Dallas and Toni arrived, followed by Ken and Tina, Sarah and Terence, and the Frat Boys. Dallas and Toni rocked it out and other people had troubles. No one else had finished before Kelly and Kristy finally arrived. Ken and Tina finished next, followed by Terence and Sarah. Aja and Ty finally arrived in Cambodia as the editors would have us believe Kristy and Kelly finished. The Frat Boys remained confused, but finally figured it out.

Nick and Starr thought they were lost, but realized they were on the right track when other people started passing them. Terence and Sarah got to the boat first, followed by Ken and Tina, Nick and Starr, and Dallas and Toni. Kelly and Kristy were next, and were touched by the level of poverty and the height of spirit in Cambodia. The Frat boys came in next.

Terence and Sara were almost at the restaurant when their boat sputtered and broke down. (ha ha ha). Terence started pushing the boat along with a paddle.

Time for a Detour.

Village Life - Using their boats, they have to pick up a set of teeth from a dentist, a doll from the tailor, and a basketball from a floating basketball court, where each team member has to make a basket.

Village Work - They have to go to a fishing area and wade around in deep water to get a basket full of fish and deliver it.

Terence and Sarah's boat has to be fixed before they can get a move on. So sad for them. It took them about 10 minutes to get it fixed. They then decided to do Village Life.

Dallas and Toni and Starr and Nick went for Village Work, where Ken and Tina went for Village Life. Nick and Starr finished first. Kelly and Kristy messed up and didn't get the clue before starting to play basketball. They suck majorly at the clue reading game.

The teams have to get to Ankor Watt, the ancient temple. Nick and Starr are first, followed by Ken and Tina, and Dallas and Toni, then Sarah and Terence.

Aja and Ty showed up later, but they did Village Work and did a good job.

At Ankor Watt, there is a Roadblock. One team member must search through Ankor Watt to find a specific tiny Room of Echoes, and then thump their chest to make an echo. That's a tricky one.

Nick and Dallas were clever and asked for help finding the room. Nick got it first.

The next clue brings them to Bayon Temple, which is the Pit Stop. Nick cleverly hid the clue under his shirt so that other teams didn't see that he found the place. Tina was highly lost. Dallas found the room next, followed by Terence and then Tina walked through the room several times before finding it. Frat Boy got some help and found it quickly. Aja and Ty finished pretty quickly and were on their way.

Nick and Starr reach the pitstop first, and they win a trip for two to St. John, to a 3 bedroom suite and a champagne boat tour. Might have been a nicer thing to win if they were a couple and not brother and sister.

Toni and Dallas come in second, followed by Terence and Sarah (boo). Ken and Tina came in next, followed by Kelly and Kristy who were stunned to be coming in fifth. Andrew and Dan came in sixth, and Aja and Ty, who made up a lot of time in the leg, came in last and were eliminated. Ty is planning on moving to LA to be closer to Aja. I have good hopes for them and I will miss them in the race. Terence and Sarah received a 30 minute penalty for their speeding ticket, which did not effect them on this leg, but will delay their start on the next leg by that 30 minutes. The editors did not show any stalker behavior from Terence this week.

Next week, sparks fly between Dallas and Starr, and Ken and Tina have troubles. Maybe then I will like them less again.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.23.08

Post-Tribal, Fang headed back and Ace bragged in confessional about having Sugar in his pocket and needing a Benedict Arnold to get things moving in his way. The next morning, Matty said he dreams every night about food, his dog, and his girlfriend. In that order? I don't know. He is looking for a "legitimate, logical, reasonable plan" to hop on board with. Ding ding ding ding ding. Cut to a chat between Matty and Ace. Matty wants to have Ken in his corner, and Ace wants Sugar. Ace claims that he will swear on his mother's life, and Matty swore on his girlfriend. Ugh. Ace claimed that his mother is his best friend, and Matty is feeling romantic and says his girl is his everything and his driving force.

Who will break the pact first, do you think?

Over at Kota, Bob is concerned that Dan is eating a whole lot more than anyone else. Even if they have a lot of food, this is not ok. Corinne is also not happy about the disparity in rations. Strife amongst the tribe o' plenty.

Fang is not doing so well on food. They have very little rice left. About 6 day's worth left. Ken said he was concerned about rationing from day one, when people were spilling it and leaving it uneaten. Meanwhile, Ace makes a play for the Idol. Ace told Sugar that he is 90% sure that she has the idol, and he managed to convince her to give him the idol "for safe keeping." She says in confessional, "He may be a snake, but he's my snake." Ace in confessional is feeling pretty sure of himself, and is interrupted by a passing elephant in the water behind him. Cool.

Time for a Reward Challenge.

Each tribe will be tethered to a 20-foot long 200 lb snake. They have to chase the other tribe's snake. People can drop out if needed. They have to catch one member of the other tribe. The reward is pastry and coffee - a coffee press so they can keep making coffee as long as they have grounds presumably.

And they are off! Corinne sits out.

I am really hoping that Fang wins. They need the food. I don't see it happening, though. Sugar and Kenny drop out, followed by Susie on Kota's side. Olympian Crystal is showing some strength, but only shortly before dropping out. It's down to Matty and Ace, versus the foursome of men on Kota - Bob, Randy, Marcus, and Charlie. They tried valiantly, but it wasn't even a close match. Bob stayed in the whole time and deserves some admiration for that. Fang begged for some samples and they were denied. Sugar is sent back to the Sugar Shack. She is not so happy about it this time because she is feeling guilty about all the food she has available to her while her tribe is starving.

Crystal called Randy a troll who was just mean and ugly under the bridge, because he was mocking her disappointment at losing constantly. No sweet happiness at any merge reunification there. Charlie has a plan of equal division of the pastries so that Dan doesn't eat more than his share. Randy thinks that Dan is getting on everyone's nerves and observes that he needs to slowly distance himself from Dan in order to last for longer. He tries to goad Dan into eating more than his share of pastry, but is unsucessful.

Back at Fang, there is more discontent because people are hungry and sad. Crystal is not doing well with losing, and Kelly says "personally, I think her personality just sucks." Crystal goes out in search of Kelly in the woods and tells her not to take her tears as a sign of weakness. In confessional, Kelly says she absolutely sees it as a sign of weakness, especially crying in front of the other tribe.

At Kota, there is a big turtle in their fishing net. Everyone is excited about the delicacy of delicious turtle. I feel a little badly for the turtle, because they are cute, but I don't blame them for noshing on it. I would too in their situation.

Time for an Immunity Challenge, with a starving Fang vs a well-fed Kota... I'm not feeling optimistic for Fang.

Each tribe will be split into pairs, who will be connected by ropes. The first pair needs to crawl under a cargo net, race into the jungle, and get a pair of flagpole pieces. The second pair will do the same with an added obstacle. The third pair adds anothe obstacle. The first tribe to get their flag pole together correctly and raise their flag wins immunity.

First pair for Fang is Sugar and Kelly. For Kota, it's Bob and Randy. Kelly and Sugar are off to a very good start. Bob catches Kota up when he is faster than Sugar at untying a knot. Sugar and Kelly get back really slowly, letting Corinne and Charlie get a really good head start against Ace and Crystal. Kota gets their pole pieces quickly, and then they have a lot of making up to do to catch up. In the end, they almost make it up. Dan and Marcus head out for Kota, and Matty and Kenny race to catch Fang up. Matty and Kenny are lightening fast and it's head to head. They take the lead and Ken makes short work of the knot and they are off. It's a tight race, with Fang taking the lead by a small margin going into the final crawl. Now it's a matter of getting the flagpole puzzle together. Ace takes charge in Fang, pushing everyone else aside, and Kota works together nicely, which is a better plan, and Ace loses the challenge for Fang. Kota wins, after a good fight.

I really dislike Ace.

Probst warns the defeated Fang that if they continue to play like individuals instead of like a tribe, they will continue to lose. Wise words, Probst, wise words. In confessional, Crystal calls Ace a tyrant. Got that? Randy = Troll, Ace = Tyrant.

Ace is out to get Kelly out. Matty wants to flush the idol out. Ace assures him that the idol won't be a problem.

Crystal has other plans. She wants to blindside Sugar. Matty doesn't agree, and Crystal says she wants Ace out of the game, and he says there is no way they will win challenges without him. Crystal brings up the very valid point that they haven't won with him. True enough. Crystal tries to get Ken to blindside Ace. Ken brings it up to Matty, who says there is no way that is going to be his vote. Ken went to talk with Sugar. Sugar tells Ken that she gave the idol to Ace, and he is flabbergasted. Sugar went and took the Idol back (without asking) upon Ken's very good advice to always keep the idol with her.

This could be an exciting Tribal. Will they off Ace?

Probst welcomes Fang back to the familiar Tribal Council, and Matty says the tribe is cursed. Kelly says that their problem is lack of teamwork. Crystal said that she felt pushed aside by Ace in the flag assembly. Ace says that they didn't come together as a group, and he actually takes some of the blame (though he didn't sound sincere). Kelly calls Crystal out for crying, and Crystal got very defensive about it, saying that she wouldn't understand because she came from a winning tribe. Kelly tries to say that Ace also said that he saw weakness in Crystal, and he claims that he said no such thing. Kelly says that she can't believe a word Ace says, and he snaps back that he would be surprised if she understood a word he says. Ouch. Even Sugar looked surprised at that attitude.

Votes go towards Kelly, although she voted for Crystal, and Ace survives another week. Hopefully they get him out soon. I don't see Crystal as any prize, but at least she's not flat out annoying. Probst says that this was the first Tribal he saw passion in, and hopes that is what they have been missing.

Next time, both tribes are voting people out. Lots of names were thrown around in the previews. Who knows what will happen?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pushing Daisies - More to love

My adoration knows no bounds. If you do not watch this show, you should, seriously.

I think you can download episodes on iTunes.

I'm a show pusher, but you are missing so much if you are not watching this show.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Race - 10.19.08

I am still in slight mourning over the loss of Geeks, Mark and Bill. I'll get over it, but I really had a soft spot for them.

Back in La Paz, Bolivia, the world's highest capital, Kelly and Kristy and Nick and Starr had another confrontation at the pit stop.

They are now all off to Aukland, New Zealand. Once there, they have to drive themselves to another location and properly untie a Gordian knot to get their next clue. Ken and Tina claim that their bickering is over, and Dallas claims to have no idea where New Zealand is. Nice. Terence and Sara are also claiming to have figured out how to work together properly. I'll believe that when I see it properly. Dan and Andrew admit to having leadership issues, and Dan has to remember that it isn't "The Dan Show."

Again, everyone seems to have arrived at the airport pretty much at the same time. Some teams are borrowing laptops from other people in the airport to look up flights. Dan and Andrew share their flight info with Marissa and Brooke, because they are cute. Not the best strategy, but there have been worse.

Kristy and Kelly have a different strategy - eavesdropping on other teams. Aja and Ty have a spat because she starts getting bossy, and he calls her "Fidel," because she is dictator, but they seem to make up pretty quickly.

In the end, it didn't matter (again) and everyone gets on the same flight (again). Yawn. I prefer the routes with 4 different possible flights and more of a race...

In the car on the way to the knot untying, Terence's stalker behavior resurfaces. "Can I have a little love, can you touch me a little, rub my hair?" *shudder*. Sara complies, I am creeped out.

A bunch of teams started off in the wrong direction, then Terence and Sara make a wrong turn right near the end, and then Ty and Aja got a flat tire. Poor things. In the middle of the night, they have to change a tire. Aja blames Ty for driving on the curb, and then she tries to flag down some help. She meets with success and a nice local man changes the tire for them.

At the marina, Ken and Tina get to the Gordian knot first, but Andrew and Dan get it untied first. They have to drive to the summit of Mount Eden, a dormant volcano. There is a fast forward. The first team that finds it and completes it can skip to the pit stop.

The Fast Forward is to go to the highest place in the Southern Hemisphere, a very tall tower, Skycity, and they have to scale it via service ladders.

Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan are both trying to get to the Fast Forward. When they get there, Ken and Tina park in the marked parking (and block it so Andrew and Dan couldn't see it well. Tricky), and got into jump suits. Andrew and Dan had to go back and move their car (at least they noticed it), before giving up and heading to the Roadblock.

Meanwhile, the other teams got to a Roadblock.

One person in the team must choose an image of a traditional Maori tattoo, and find it among Maori warriors in a crowd. If they are wrong, they have to start over with a different tattoo. Terence got flustered really quickly (and it is night, so that's tough). He does find it first, though. After the roadblock, teams have to go to a hotel in the middle of the city.

Climbing the Skytower at night is also scary for Ken and Tina.

There is some trouble in the early morning of other teams finding the summit of Mount Eden. Toni took the Roadblock and was very quick.

Once at the hotel, teams must find Travelocity Gnomes with binoculars, and then locate them in the surrounding area to find their next clue.

Back at the tower, the wind is whipping around poor Ken and Tina, and Tina is scared of heights, so I give her credit for taking the initiative. They reached the top first and got the Travelocity Gnome at the top and got their Fast Forward, and got to take a helicopter to the pitstop.

Bringing up the rear are Marisa and Brooke, who seemed to be running hours later. I think they are probably going to lose unless there is some unforseen difficulty.

Kelly and Kristy and Andrew and Dan find their warriors with no problems.

The Gnome spotting also was going well, and Terence and Sara and Dallas and Toni headed to the next clue - a landmark called Kiwi 360. Nick and Starr and Kelly and Kristy go head to head, and Nick and Starr locate their gnome first even though they got there second.

Brooke is "cutely" terrified of the warriors. He's not going to hurt you, honey. Still, she found her proper warrior and they were on their way.

Joining Phil at the pit stop in his homeland is his dad. That's funny. Ken and Tina won a 7 night trip to Rio de Jinero during Carnival. Nice.

The other teams do a Detour at Kiwi 360.

A Matter of Time - Using bare feet, they have to crush kiwi fruit to make 12 quarts of kiwi juice, then drink a glass of juice to continue.


A Matter of Skill - Properly assemble a pair of Blow Carts, then do 3 laps around a track.

Sara squealed unappealingly about the texture of kiwi underfoot (and seemingly rocks underneath the kiwi). Dallas and Toni also went for the kiwis. Terence and Sara sadly got done first, so they went onward to the pit stop, and Dallas and Toni quit and decided to do the other Detour. They seemed to have a clog and gave up instead of trying to clear the clog. Other people are also complaining about the pain of the kiwi. Nick and Starr and Andrew and Dan also gave up. Kristy and Kelly relished in the kiwi "exfoliation," and I like them a teeny bit more because of it. They said, "It's a good kind of hurt," and do a great job of it. Over at the Blow Carts, Dallas and Toni worked it out, and the Frat Boys had issues putting things together. Starr wiped out. Aja and Ty looked worn out before they had even started with the kiwis.

Kelly and Kristy came in third at the pitstop, followed by Toni and Dallas.

Back at the Blow Carts, Starr wiped out again and complained that she thought her arm was broken. If it was, she stuck it out and kept going to finish the laps. For some reason, she drove, even with a bleeding and possibly broken arm. After driving for a bit, Nick wisely switched with her.

Aja and Ty gave up on the kiwis.

Nick and Starr came in fifth and didn't quit because of her arm. We'll see how that turns out after a rest, I bet. Andrew and Dan are thrilled to come in sixth.

Aja and Ty have the devil of the time putting their Blow Carts together, and as night falls, Marisa and Brooke finally finish their kiwi juicing. The editors would have us believe that the two teams finish at the same time and make a race to the finish. In the end, Aja and Ty arrive seventh, and Marisa and Brooke come in last. It is an elimination leg, so the blondes are out. They got a hug from Phil's dad, so that was cute.

Next week, Terence gets pulled over on the road, and Kelly and Kristy get on Dallas' nerves. No word on Starr's arm. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.16.08

In the pre-show recap by Probst, there was a lot of what seemed like anger or disbelief from him at Fang's actions. Back at camp, Fang is making some fire, and Ace's accent is coming and going. Has he just been in the states for a long time and it isn't very strong, or is he faking it?

Sugar made a big mistake when she admitted that she had spent the past three days in the "Sugar Shack." She tried to back track and say that she gave up after three clues the first time, and didn't even try this time, but Crystal for one isn't buying it. Not a sweet move, Sugar.

The next morning over at Kota, there was a very good fish catch, and they caught a little electric fish! Very neat. The other fish were tilapia. Yum yum yum. Randy is feeling very comfortable about the new tribe, and vows to adapt to fit into the tribe.

There is an elephant over at Fang! Matty saw it first (or possibly a cameraman did). Matty looked like a kid who had just found candy, he was kind of cute. There was a great moment of the whole tribe just enjoying the nature and the power of the beast, with GC looking a little less than thrilled. Everyone else just seemed to be taking it in. Ace and Matty decided to take a kayak over to see it more closely. GC wants them to leave the elephant along, and I would tend to agree. Not the smartest move to taunt/surprise a giant beast. Still they survived unscathed, and maybe the experience will energize them.

It's time for an Reward Challenge! Each tribe will have a large pile of fruit, which they will toss through holes in walls to tribe members, while members of the other tribe try to whack the fruit with sticks. If fruit hits the ground, it cannot be picked back up. Fruit will be collected at the end of the coarse, and the tribe with the most fruit wins. The Reward is an extensive herb garden, salt, oil, and whatever fruit they catch. I don't know that I would call peppers herbs, but I think I saw some in there.

For Fang, Crystal is wielding a club, along with Ace. For Kota, Bob and Charlie are the batters. GC did some ineffectual throwing, with Bob clobbering the fruit easily. Fang has an easy lead, with Ace doing excellent goal work on the other side. Crystal is pretty awful at the defense, and Kota makes a good move of throwing two fruits at the same time, which works pretty well. Ace managed to block both pieces by using his face once. Not the neatest effort, but it worked.

Fang ended up with 16 lbs of fruit, and Kota edged Fang out by 2 lbs. I felt bad for poor Fang. They worked so hard. Kota sent Sugar again, and Dan claimed that it was "no strategy, pure comedy," but then admitted that they think she'd have to use the Idol before the merge, and they want it back in circulation. Way to assume alliances there, Kota.

Kota gleefully enjoyed their herb garden and other spoils, and Dan entreatied everyone to stick together post-merge, calling their tribe the "Evil Empire." I guess it's catchier than the Onion Alliance, but not everyone is buying it. Marcus says that Dan is too eager, and Susie is too quiet and not on board with anything. Marcus is not confident in the Evil Empire.

Enjoying their fruit while Randy took a swim, they look to be sitting pretty.

Also sitting pretty is Sugar. There is lots of fruit (now I want some pineapple and mango pretty desperately. Dang HD) and she is thrilled to be back at the Sugar Shack.

GC continues to bristle at anyone telling him what to do, and bitches when Crystal tells him to eat his rice and shut up. He needs to go. He claims that Crystal is the annoying one, but he is really almost unbearable. Ace is excited to see the cracks in Fang, and he is waiting to exploit them.

When it is time to leave for the Immunity Challenge, GC took off in the boat by himself. Kelly wondered if he had "like, been eaten by a monkey, Dude." Crystal rightly is fed up with GC, saying that he is simply throwing tantrums. The pouting GC returned just barely in time for the challenge, but not excited about it at all. I wouldn't put it past him to throw the challenge so he goes home. I don't understand people who go into this game and don't give it their all. It is insulting to all the people who applied and didn't get chosen. I know it's got to be tough out there, but buck it up and deal. Seriously.

The Immunity Challenge consists of one tribe member throwing a giant stick-made ball (like a tiny Atlas Sphere) down a hill through a series of obstacles. There is a blindfolded blocker at the end, aided by a caller, and they are trying to block the balls from scoring, or at least from getting into high scoring goals. It's like Jungle Plinko.

Defender for Fang is Ace, with Sugar as caller. Kota's defender is Dan, aided by Randy as caller. The others take turns launching balls. Kota easily scores 2, and Fang scores 5, as the Defenders are literally running around blind. Sugar missed calling Ace back to the ball, and Kota scored another 2 points in the second round. Dan stopped his own Tribe's ball, and Fang scored another 2 points. Dan caught the next ball, and Ace got whacked in the face by his shield and allowed 2 more points to score. Dan easily caught the next ball, and Ace listened to Randy calling to him instead of Sugar (because they sound so much alike), while Sugar is silent, and Kota won immunity.

Defeated, Fang returned to their cursed camp. GC told Matty he is ready to leave the game. Everyone seems happy to vote him out, but then a sneaky Crystal dug in Sugar's bag and found the Idol. Ken, Crystal, Kelly, and Matty discuss blindsiding her. I have problems with people snooping in other people's bags, but that idol isn't that big, you'd think Sugar could keep it in her bra.

At Tribal, the wear and tear is brought up, and it is admitted that GC wants to go home. Crystal is looking smug when Sugar says it could possibly be her, and then Sugar says it doesn't surprise her that people go through bags, and admitted that she left her bag out where anyone could get it. I kind of dislike Crystal a little for the look that she had, and for looking through a bag. And again, I think it was idiotic of Sugar to leave her bag out in the open. Amazingly, after Crystal all but admitted that she went through Sugar's bag ("It's crazy to leave your bag unattended."), Sugar neglects to play the idol. Turns out it was a good move, because there was not one vote for her, and GC left the game. I will not miss him.

I am not sure where I stand with Sugar and Crystal. At this point, I think I am liking Sugar more than Crystal, even though neither of them has proven particularly useful in challenges. You'd think the former Olympian would be able to bring more to the table. Maybe the real reason she hasn't brought up her Olympic medal is because she isn't actually very good (anymore). Makes you wonder.

Looks like Ace is going to try to weasle the Idol away from Sugar next week. I hope that she doesn't fall for it. I'd love to see her outlast him.

10 Reasons I am in love with Pushing Daisies (there are many more)

1. Ned. I think Ned is a highly underused name and I have been fond of it since I was a child. Is this Ned short for Edward? Whatever the name on his birth certificate, Ned is a wonderful moniker.

2. Randomly bursting into song. Though it has not been as prominent this season (yet), I love when characters start singing out of the blue. Kristin Chenoweth has such a gorgeous voice, it'd be a shame not to use it. In life, I often find myself singing, under my breath or right out loud, and I see no reason why characters in a show shouldn't do the same.
3. Bright saturated colors and gorgeous cinematography. This show is, after all, a fairy tale of sorts. I love the magical quality that the look of the show brings to the table. And in HD, it is just fabulous.

4. Witty dialog and banter that doesn't seem contrived. If I were to list all of my favorite one-liners and random off the cuff comebacks in this show, this would be a much longer entry. Chi McBride gets some of the best zingers, but he does not hold the monopoly on them. Thank you, brilliant writers.

5. The childhood sequences with narration. Last night's sequence of Olive as a child asking for a horse, being denied by her parents, being completely incapable of "accepting negative statements," trying to dig to Arabia, finding a triceratops fossil instead, having a visitor from Arabia come to see it, and having him bring her a horse like she wanted? Genius. Nothing short of genius.
6. Gosh darned likeability. Ned is flawed. Chuck is flawed. Everyone is flawed. That doesn't stop me from wanting to give them all big hugs and a plate full of cookies. Or maybe a nice warm pie. The characters are so darned appealing.

7. Cute without being cheesy. It's "awww" without the "ewww." When Chuck and Ned played the "we just met" game outside of their respective doors last week, I just couldn't stop smiling. This goes back to the likeability issue. Pushed just a little too far, it could be really over the top, but they know exactly how to play it.
8. The "Aunts." They are grumpy. They are kooky. They are more than a little convoluted (especially with the reveal that Lily is Chuck's mother and Vivian was engaged to her father). I want more of them.
9. The Charming Dead-come-back-to-life people. How is it that this part is not creepy? It is so cleverly done, that's how. Seeing some of the way that people are disfigured in their death makes me give a round of applause to the make up artists on this show. What was going on with the nun's face last night? Cobblestone marks? Couldn't tell, but I like to guess. Is that macabre?
10. The "We Can't Touch" love story. Even though it creeped Emmerson out to hear about the "contraptions" that Ned and Chuck use to get around the fact that they are in love, but one touch from him would send her to the grave (again), I am entranced at how they work this story line in. Bee keeper's suits, plastic wrap, proxy kissing statues, and proxy high-fives via Emmerson, I love it all. I am a hopeful romantic at heart, so I wonder if there is some way for them to work around it in a more satisfying way... we'll see.

So, Powers That Be, keep this fantastic unique show around. I don't want to watch 19 different CSIs and Law and Orders. I don't even want 4 different shows like Pushing Daisies. Some things are just original and should be embraced as such.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway 10.15.08 - Finale!

Before the final runway show, the remaining designers (Kenley, Leanne, and Korto, in case you missed it) are told that they will be showing 10 looks, out of their 12, so they have to edit out two looks. They have model casting, and I think I saw one of the finalists from Make me a Supermodel - Shannon? They commented on her height. Was I dreaming?

Tim came in to check out the collections, and Kenley got defensive and pissy about the superfluous rope in her collection, and when Tim questioned her sending her wedding dress down on her signature model, because the judges thought it was a lot like Alexander McQueen, she basically yelled at him. In the end, she decided to put the wedding dress on a different models, which then won't be seen back at Parsons.

Korto decided to take out her wedding dress, and made the questionable decision to whip up two more pieces for her line at the last moments. Leanne was trying to finish some pants, and had a hard time editing out pieces.

They meet with the make-up artists, and then head over to fit their models. Kenley o' the crazy 80's patterns whined that Leanne can't use color. Leanne in turn says that Kenley's looks like a child painted on it - and I agree. Of course, these snarks were said in confessionals.

More model fittings, and can I just say that one of Leanne's models (a blonde) looked like she was made of wire and nothing else. So skinny it was sickening. Just wanted to say that. One of Leanne's models showed up with a dog, who immediately pooped on the floor. Ugg. Leave. the. dog. at. home.

Tim arrived for another chat, and announced that Kenley will be showing first the next day, followed by Korto, and rounded out by Leanne. Everyone got a lovely Tim hug. Early early the next morning (I think I saw 3 AM on an alarm clock), the three designers got ready for their show. I am so annoyed with Kenley's voice, and when she cries, it is even worse. I am looking forward to not hearing her again after tonight. Korto is still sewing, and Kenley isn't letting her assistants touch her fabric, because "they don't know how to iron painted fabric." It may be true, but she was so bitchy. Problem with one of Leanne's tops, which somehow sunk into itself. Weird. She switched the model's look, and had to use some double stick tape to keep it up. Good luck to her.

I have to comment on the leaves sticking out of Kenley's head. No, honey. Just no.

Heidi introduces the judges, joined by Tim in leau of Jennifer Lopez - who was said to have a foot injury. Backstage, Kenley is nervous with Tim as a judge, saying "maybe I should have improved my attitude." Maybe? Bank on it, honey.

Kenley is up first. She whined about her inspiration, and her collection entered the runway.

Dress 1: Interesting. The skirt was neat, the shape was weird, and the painting was nice.

Dress 2: Straight out of Dynasty, and not in a good way.

Dress 3: This thing looked mismatched with itself, kind of like a fabric tumor had grown on the dress' hip, and the poor model was saddled with the same leaves sprouting from her scalp as Kenley.

Dress 4: The bridesmaid dress, still lovely.

Dress 5: This thing I did not like - a giant floofy black skirt with a red top that looked drawfed by it. Didn't like that one.

Dress 6: A black dress that was actually quite nice, with some cute detailing and enough to make it different. Kind of feathery at the collar and the hem? Interesting.

Dress 7: A sweet cream dress with some really lovely painting, and I appreciated it. The sillouette was nice, with an Asian looking collar. Kind of a 50's inspired (surprise surprise) shirt dress. I likey.

Dress 8: This is the hand painted couch fabric with giant poofy shoulders, and I hated it.

Dress 9: The top that looked like it was about to swallow the model whole. The skirt was nice, but the top looked like a ruff. Nearly Elizabethan. Not in a good way.

Dress 10: The wedding dress - still lovely.

I think my favorite in the collection was absolutely the cream dress, and the black dress. The whole thing didn't look cohesive at all. It looked like she put together a bunch of clothes that she wanted her Barbie to wear, with no thought about them connecting in any way.

Korto's collection was next.

Dress 1: Lovely, with a beautiful color and nice draping. A long lean dress.

Dress 2: Korto is fond of fabric that just looks wrinkled and messy. The arms were big and puffy and I didn't care for them.

Dress 3: A nice bright grassy green, and again the sleeves were weird in my opinion.

Outfit 4: A pant suit. I can't abide by pantsuits.

Dress 5: Really cute and flouncy in a wonderful pattern that fit well with the rest of the collection thus far. The belt on it was wonderful.

Dress 6: A long dress in a tan that was much nicer. The fabric was not rumpled looking, so I give it thumbs up. I think this was one of her last minute designs, and I appreciate it.

Dress 7: A green dress that was also belted and short and cute.

Dress 8: I wish this had been her wedding dress. It was white or just off white and had some beautiful detailing and the work was nice.

Dress 9: A bright yellow dress came next, in the same kind of flouncy shape. I like it. The back detailing was nice.

Dress 10: An evening gown in grassy green with an astonishing slit and some nicely done Korto signature beadwork, featuring a beautiful back.

The collection went together quite well, and while I didn't love every piece, it was cohesive. My favorite piece was probably the first dress, or the dress I thought should have been the wedding dress. That was just lovely.

Finally, it comes to Leanne.

Look 1: A skirt with that neat wave pattern that she is using throughout the collection, with a top that has an oversized collar. Not sure how to describe it, but she is fond of it. This is the top that magically grew between fittings. It's an interesting look. The skirt is more my style.

Look 2: The top is the aqua color, and the bottom is cream. The skirt is kind of bulbous, but I like the top, which had more of the collection's signature waves.

Look 3: Here's the pants and the top that she contemplated pulling. It looks almost sci-fi. The pants are high waisted but still flattering, and the top looks like something an alien on Star Trek would have worn, with the sides cut out. Interesting.

Look 4: The next look seems to be almost pirate-wenchy. I love the way the wavey detailing moves.

Look 5: Like the waves they were inspired by, these pieces just flow into one another with seemingly no effort. This look seemed to echo the piece before it, but in a slightly different way. Hard to even explain.

Look 6: This dress came on a very unconvinced looking model, with another Elizabethan-esque collar. I don't get it.

Look 7: Just beautiful. I think it was the bridesmaid dress. Not sure. The colors and the detailing just flowed so nicely, it was very beautiful.

Look 8: This echoed the previous dress, with a little more color.

Look 9: The evening gown that she had to tape onto her model came next and I really loved it. The color was gorgeous, the slit was sky-high, and it moved fantastically. I hope that the last minute alterations on it don't hurt her.

Look 10: The wedding dress. I am still in love with it. Pockets, for heavens sake! What bride wouldn't want hidden pockets?

The whole collection really goes wonderfully together, and I definitely feel sand, beach, and waves. I love the blue gown and the wedding gown, but there were a couple other nice things in there.

I am left undecided, but if I had to go for something that is most innovative, I would go for Leanne.

I didn't notice Shannon on the Runway. Was she there?

Back at Parsons, the judges met with the designers.

Kenley got her critique first. Michael was impressed by her painting. Nina mentioned that another dress (the hand painted couch dress) looked like something in another collection. Kenley got pissy at them and said that maybe she needs to start looking at other collections, because as Michael told her, it is really important to know what is going on before sending your own stuff down the runway. I am a little appalled that the dress that looked like a bad Barbie reject was actually like something else that another designer sent down a runway... oh well. She also chose to bring the giant poofy skirt with a small red top to the judges on the runway.

Korto's collection got high praise, but some of her pieces got criticized for looking a bit overworked. I would agree with that. Tim really loved the taupe dress that I was not fond of, and I can see his point, but I still don't like it.

Leanne's first look got high praise, and she admitted that the garment was oversteamed and got floppy and bigger, and they appreciated that she was able to roll with it. Tim really liked the sci-fi pants with the vest. They appreciated the versatility of her collection - Leanne had shorts in her collection and I didn't see it. There was some concern that she had a few too many waves - or petals as they called them. Half of her collection was "sustainable textiles," and I appreciate that.

When asked why they deserve it, Korto and Leanne were nice and passionate, and Kenley broke down in whiney tears. Ugh.

To me, it could go to either Korto or Leanne. I don't want Kenley to win.

In deliberations, the judges claim that there was cohesion in Kenley's line. I didn't see it. Tim said that she needs to take a fashion history course. Agreed. They appreciated the elegant sophistication of Leanne's, and they liked her sustainable fabric. They worried that she could become one-note. They loved Korto's designs and her ability to dress many sizes, and loved her ideas.

Who is going to win???

It's not going to be Kenley. She was the first dismissed, swiftly aufed. Buh-bye.

I think most deservedly, Leanne is the winner. I think that her shear innovation without looking contrived make her deserve her win. Korto's collection was great, but I think that she will also go far.

Now maybe Leanne can get some deep conditioning for her hair. It's been bothering me. I'm very happy and pleased for her.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amazing Race - 10.12.08

Kelly and Christy apparently suspect sports bra sabotage from Starr, because a sports bra ended up falling off a ledge. Hmm. Who knows?

The next leg of the race starts off by sending teams to La Paz, Bolivia, which is at 12000 ft above sea level. Once they get there, they have to get to a statue of Simone Bolivar in time to get the morning newspaper, and then they have to look through the classifieds to look for the next clue.

Some interesting observations... Sarah realized that this is a race against other teams and not a popularity contest. I'm so glad she informed us. The Frat Boys think that they are in shape and sexy. Hmmm. Brooke and Marissa feel that people underestimate them. I don't think so.

The teams get to Bolivia in two groups, which seem not to have any advantage what so ever, and the usual airline drama is completely skipped. When they get to the statue, they actually get some really lovely looking blankets, even though they have to camp out on the ground. In the mornig, after shaving and getting makeup on, a couple teams enlist local help for the next day. The papers arrive and everyone starts looking like crazy.

Amazingly, the Frat Boys are the first to see it - They have to go to Narvaez' Hat and Shoe store and buy a traditional Cholita hat. As part of the clue, it tells them to Hold Onto Their Hats. Wonder who will forget this time? Some other teams found the clue, too, and started out on foot instead of taking a taxi. The altitude is starting to bother some people.

The first to get their Cholitas are The Frat Boys and Terrence and Sarah. The shop does not seem too hard to find, because there is no drama about finding it.


Musical March - Teams must travel on foot to two plazas several blocks apart, where they have to collect musicians, put together a band, and deliver them to a band leader in another location.

Bumpy Ride - Teams must travel by foot to a traditional bike stand. They have to take a bike ride down harrowing cobblestone streets, according to a map, wearing traditional clothes. These are rickity looking bikes.

There is a U-Turn at the end of the Detour, which team members can opt to do once in the game, which forces a chosen team to go back and do the other Detour Task.

It seems like most people are choosing the bikes, and Terrence and Sarah make a clue reading error and start taking a taxi to the musician task. They realize their mistake and turn back to the starting point, then decide to do the bikes. The people on the bikes seem to be doing ok. Christy totally wiped out.

Mark and Bill finished the Detour first (the bike task), and I am even more impressed with them. They have to go by taxi 8 miles to Los Titanes del Ring, and then find their next clue.

The Frat Boys and the blondes are the only ones who did the band task, and it looked really slow. Marisa and Brooke thought that their cheering the band members on got them moving faster, and it seemed to be working. They finished the task before the Frat Boys.

Toni was having troubles with the bike, and so was Aja. Starr and Nick seemed to be walking their bikes a lot of the time, and Christy and Kelly were also having issues. Down a big hill, Nick and Starr got their stride, and contemplated U-turning Kelly and Christy, but did not at this time. Toni and Dallas managed to step it up and got in front of Kelly and Christy.

Out in front, Mark and Bill ran into a snag when their taxi driver stopped for gas. This allowed Ken and Tina to pull into first, where they encounted a Road Block.

For the Road Block, one member of the team has to wrestle a woman - Fighting Cholitas. They will be taught a wrestling routine with 6 moves, and if they get the moves right, the ref will give them their next clue. If they mess up, they have to re-train and try again. This is where their Cholita comes in, because they have to give it to their teacher as a gift.

Ken chose to fight, along with Marisa and Mark. Ken did a really nice job and got his clue.

It's to the pit stop - Mirador el Monticulo.

Hilariously, Terence and Sarah stopped at a red and yellow checkered flag that had nothing to do with the game at all. They then decided to walk through bad traffic. Dallas, Sarah, and Nick decided to do the Roadblock. Andrew and Ty followed suit. Mark messed up and had to go back to re-train. Marisa started well, but then messed up and had to retrain. Kelly was up for their team. Aja told Christy that Starr wanted them to U-turn them. Pissiness ensued.

Dallas looked like he had a great time doing the Roadblock, and Sarah messed up. Mark needed oxygen, and then messed up a second time, and had to go back to training again. Frat Boy did well and got them into third place. Nick and Ty did well and went right on. On their next tries, Mark, Marisa, and Sarah made it through. Last to finish was Kelly and Christy.

Ken and Tina came in first and won a 7 night trip for two to Cabo San Lucas. Beautiful.

The others seemed to be totally at the mercy of traffic and taxi drivers.

Toni and Dallas made it to the pit stop second. Terrence and Sarah came in third, followed by Marisa and Brooke.

Mark and Bill realized on the way to the pit stop that they had taken a taxi to the Bumpy Ride detour, which they were not supposed to do. Ooops.

Aja and Ty came fifth, followed by Nick and Starr. Frat Boys Andrew and Dan came in seventh.

Mark and Bill were eighth, and end up with a 30-minute penalty. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Christy and Kelly arrived last, but Mark and Bill's penalty put them last. I'm so sad for the Geeks. It is sadly, not a non-elimination leg, and they are out. I am saddened. I don't know who to root for now.

V Remake - Anyone else excited about this?

Just saw this article, and I could be really excited... if they do it right.

I have huge happy memories of V as a child, including calling my father in from the kitchen when Lydia was unhinging her jaw to eat a rat.

I love Sci-Fi.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.9.08

Kota returned to camp, complaining about how much Tribal Council sucks. Kelly got some screen time, because she was an ally to Paloma. Ace was annoyed that Kelly voted for him, and said she had "pent up animosity." Maybe she just has a different game plan than he does. Wonder if that ever crossed his mind?

Over at Fang, the battle of the rice continues. Randy wants them to have one meal a day, and Crystal, GC, and Ken want nothing more than more rice. I think I agree with rationing. Randy, Dan, Susie, and Matty went off to "pick fruit," which was totally obviously scheming. Randy says they are not his alliance, but they are his friends. Seemed a lot like an alliance to me.

Not wasting any time, it's a time for a meeting with Jeff!

It's a ranking challenge. Ugh. Hate hate hate this kind of thing. Rank the tribe, in order of importance to the tribe, and then they will take their place on none-to-subtle poles.

Kota's ranking (from most to least important as voted by the tribe in private) is Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar, and Kelly. Marcus was shocked to be ranked first, and is worried it puts a target on his back. Kelly is bitter at being the last picked. Ace (in confessional) says she is last because she's whiny and doesn't do anything.

Fang's ranking is Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Dan, GC, and Susie. Everyone but the top 3 are upset.

And it's a tribal shake up! Matty called it a buzzkill.

Marcus and Matty got to be Captains and pick the first new members for their tribes. It's another schoolyard pick. Ugh. I hate these.

Marcus got first pick and chose Dan. Matty chose Ace. Dan chose Charlie (keeping the core of the Onion together). Ace chose Crystal. Charlie chose Randy. Crystal chose Jacquie. Randy chose Corinne (another onion layer - losing only Jacquie). Jacquie chose Ken. Corinne chose Susie after some consultation. Ken chose Kelly because she's hot. Susie chose Bob. Kelly chose GC with no other choice. Sugar, last picked, was sent to Exile, where she will stay until after the next Tribal Council, when she will join whichever tribe voted someone out. Luckily, she can choose Comfort, seeing as she already has the Hidden Idol.

The newly mixed Kota returns to their camp. Susie intends on getting in with Bob and being a hard worker around camp.

In Exile, Sugar calls the Comfort Hut her Sugar Shack. There is all sorts of food in the hut for her, and she enjoys some swimming and sunbathing. She is hoping to go back to Fang to be with Ace once they hopefully boot Kelly.

Over at Fang, Ace showed off his knowledge, and Kelly let it be known that she felt outside on the other tribe, and GC is feeling good. Crystal tells Ken that Kelly is not ok with Ace. Kelly is ready to jump ship, and Kelly is not feeling good about Jacquie, saying that she has a thing for Ace. A new alliance is formed.

Tree Mail brings what looks a lot like flattened lacrosse sticks and a big ball, which they can practice with before the Immunity Challenge.

The Challenge consists of each Survivor in a hard to control raft with a paddle, and they will pass the ball among the other tribe members trying to get into the other tribe's goal. Seems simple enough. 3 points to win.

Jeff tossed the first ball out, and though Jacquie is the first to get the ball, she loses it, and Marcus grabs it away. Randy scooped it up and made a goal against Fang. The next ball went out (with all players back in their starting positions), and Marcus got the ball first, and had almost no opposition. Kelly did almost nothing, and Randy made a second goal with no one in defense of the Fang goal. The third ball went out and Ace was on the coarse. Marcus got there first, but there was a battle for possesion with Ace. Marcus made a crazy toss and no one seemed able to make any sort of movement, except Ace, who used his hands to paddle close, but not before Marcus made a pass to Randy. The goal was blocked, and a couple people fell into the water, but then Randy made a third and final goal to give Kota the win.

Probst said that Fang's performance was "one of the worst ever at a challenge." Ouch. It was pretty pathetic, out there in the Marcus and Randy show. Those boats looked like a pain to maneuver, but most people weren't even trying. I think Kelly is probably done for. Ace said that the Challenge felt like they were legless chickens fighting against sleek weasles - those weasles would of course be the duo of Randy and Marcus. GC complained about Ken's ineptitude in the challenge, and Jacquie did well enough, but Kelly basically said she was over it and it wasn't worth talking about. That alliance looks like it's crumbling in record time.

The only thing that might change the minds of GC, Crystal, and Ken is the possibility of Sugar having the Immunity Idol. They talk about going for Jacquie instead of Kelly, because Sugar is more likely to share the idol with Ace or Jacquie. Matty had a chat with Jacquie about this possibility, and said that he just has to convince the others that Kelly sucks. Jacquie went to chat with Ken, and told him that she was on the outs with Sugar and Ace and wants to go with them. Is it a play? Is it real? I don't know. Even though he is good at challenges, I still think they need to get rid of Ace. He is going to end up dominating if they don't look out for him. Jacquie then pleaded her case with Crystal, crying that she just wants to be their fourth. We'll see how this pans out.

Tribal Council

Ken admits that it's hard to trust anyone, and Matty said he is not sure if he can trust Ace, but he wants him on his side, because he's strong. Kelly called Ken and Crystal weak in the challenge, and Crystal stook up for herself saying that in no way is she weaker than Kelly in the normal sense of the word. Jacquie looks like she's giving herself an ulcer worrying about her fate. Ace voted for Kelly, and Kelly voted for Jacquie. The other votes were hidden.

In what may be a very very poor decison, Jacquie was voted out, leaving the wet blanket of Kelly on the tribe. Sugar will join the Fang tribe next week, and Ace looked like the cat that ate the canary.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project Runway: 10/8/08

The designers had lots of time (2 months) and tons of money ($10,000) to create 10 looks, including a wedding dress which is their final challenge. The wedding dress has to represent them as designers and represent their line.

Before heading off, Tim and Heidi told the designers that they want to be amazed. Kenley got in some more snotty attitude before heading home, claiming that the other designers completely sabotaged her at the botanical challenge. Surrrre.

A month later, Tim visited Korto first. Her designs include her own bead work, with some ethnic colors, but not too insane. Tim worried about the possible sexual imagery of a dress that had a big ... um .... slit down the front. Her wedding dress is gold, and not traditional at all. Tim urged her to do something to make it more obvious wedding instead of red carpet. Korto's family seems super sweet (her daughter is absolutely adorable), and Korto did a drumming performance for Tim. It was wonderful. I like her a lot, as a designer and as a person.

Next stop for Tim is Leanne's, in Portland. Leanne's boyfriend seems suitably sweet for her. Leanne's collection is based on wave patterns, and it is intersting. Tim worried about some of her whites being too white. Her wedding dress is pretty neat, but Tim worried it didn't have the "ease and flow" of the rest of her collection. I understand that. She then brought Tim out on a Tandem Bike ride to a beautiful outdoor area that was very peaceful.

Off to LA, where Jerell was waiting. Jerell's grown himself a goatee, and it's a little weird. Jerell is working with a lot of different textures. Some of it looks like a little too much. One of his dresses looks like it's made of chain mail. Tim urged him to edit edit edit. Apparently when he was a child, he made a dress with a train out of a tube sock. That's cute. His mom said she was always sure that he would be doing something creative.

Over in Brooklyn, Tim meets up with Kenley. Turns out Kenley's inspiration was her grandmother, who was a calendar girl in the 40's. Sadly, she passed away a couple of months ago. Kenley did some garish-looking (though well done, I suppose) painted flowers onto fabric, and another dress has a strange rope collar, which Tim thought was reminiscent of people hanging themselves. This idea had never crossed Kenley's little mind, and she is insistant that she is just into ropes. Apparently it's because her dad was a tugboat captain. There is one really beautiful feathered dress, which Tim really loves, and so do I. If that is her wedding dress (and I think it is), the bitch might just make it into the finals. Damn.

Back in NYC, Leanne and Korto arrive first and get to room together, sticking Jerell with Kenley. Poor boy. Kenley arrived and claimed that she wanted bygones to be bygones. I just cannot stand her voice. At all. Tim sent them some champagne, and everyone drank toasts.

The next day, they all got to unpack their work in the workroom. Tim showed off to announce that they have one more challenge. They have to design a bridesmaid dress to accompany their wedding dress. Groans all around. They have only until the next day to finish their dress, and $150. Product placement for Brother Sewing Machines. There's a groan from me.

Kenley got bitchy at Korto (but while laughing, does that make it better? Not in my book), and Jerell said he didn't need to make his dress pretty, because bridesmaid dresses are supposed to be ugly. Enter Tim. Kenley is doing a bubble skirt dress, which I hate. She seems ambivalent, and Tim is worried. Jerell's dress looks homemade and messy. It could be pretty, but the fabric is weird. Leanne's new wedding dress (which is entirely redone) is really gorgeous. and the bridesmaid dress is really pretty. Tim urges her to go shorter rather than longer. Korto's bridesmaid dress is so close in color to her wedding dress that Tim worries they will compete with one another. Tim broke down a little before leaving them to finish their work for the night.

There was less "Make it Work" from Tim this season, and I am saddened by that.

Kenley is pissy when Leanne and Korto also have short bridesmaid dresses, because apparently she had the monopoly on short dresses. Um... no.

Runway time!

Heidi, Nina and Micheal are the sole judges this week.

Jerell's Wedding Dress: Yipes, there's a lot going on. The thing looks wrinkled and crumpled and it didn't help that he stuck a bouquet on top of her head, the poor thing. The tulle is half exposed on the bottom and it looked like perhaps half of the skirt ripped off. Not good.

Jerell's Bridesmaid Dress: The color is nice, the shape could be nice, but the top looks ill-fitted and the whole thing looks crumpled. Tafetta? hmm

Kenley's Wedding Dress: I actuall love this dress. The feathers are fun and well done, and the tulle looks like it's supposed to be exposed, not like the model got snagged on something on the way onto the runway and decided to go with it. The color is nice and cheery, a pale yellow, without being canary. Somehow, even with all the feathers, her model does not look like a demented bird, but a lovely bride.

Kenley's Bridesmaid Dress: Damn it, this is nice, too. It's a lovely blue color, and though it isn't anything new or exciting, it is well done and actually compliments the wedding dress nicely. I still hate the bubble skirt.

Korto's Wedding Dress: I was not fond of the top, because it looked like coffee filters stuck to her arms, and the fit was weird and not flattering, with a bubble look from waist to mid-thigh. Since when did that look good on anyone? Not sure about this one.

Korto's Bridesmaid Dress: Quite nice, actually. I'm a little in love with the belt, and the silhouette was quite flattering.

Leanne's Wedding Dress: Stunning. Does that dress have pockets? Nice. I could have used The bubble on this one is from waist to mid thigh, but in a more flattering way that Korto's - perhaps because the waist is more fitted and there is more flare. It is interesting and definitely something I can see actually being in a wedding.

Leanne's Bridesmaid dress: I love the color, and the details go very well. Again, I am not fond of the bubble skirt, but it's not as in your face as Kenley's bubble, so it is nice.

Michael loves Leanne's wedding dress, and Nina thought it was modern and dreamy, and she loved the bridesmaid dress. Heidi called it fantastic.

Michael said that he loved Jerell's wedding dress from the empire waist down, but said that the top looked like it had wings over her boobs, over a layer of jeweled boobs. Very very unflattering. He called it garish. Heidi said that it looked messy, and called the bridesmaid dress "mumsy." Nina said that the grey tulle in the wedding dress made it look dirty.

Kenley's wedding dress is called a little Alexander McQueen, and said that it was done well, and still looked Kenley. (Kenley, who claimed previously to never look at other's collections, claimed that her dress was nothing like anything seem from Alexander McQueen. I wouldn't know, but I'm just saying). He called her bridesmaid dress the cutest damned dress he's ever seen. Kenley is pleased to get some praise. Heidi said that she could see Kenley wearing the dress for her own wedding someday, and called the two dresses crazy good.

Korto's dress was not well received. Heidi said she would never want to be the bride. Nina said that she didn't see how the two dresses related to each other, and Michael said that the wedding dress looked overworked, and the bridesmaid dress looked underworked.

After the judges confer, Leanne and Kenley are swiftly announced as safe, and I have to say, they both deserve it (even though I don't like Kenley, her dresses were beautiful). Korto will be the third designer to show at fashion week, and I am happy. I like what I saw of her collection, and I did not like Jerell's at all. The chainmail top was just way too much.

These three women will show three completely different shows. It's fun to have it between three women. Looks like next week there is going to be some more Kenley talking back to Tim, and how could we end the season without more of that?

At this point, I think I am rooting for Leanne. I like her wavey stuff. It's unique and new. How about you?