Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watch This Show: The Middleman

So, it's a little late in the season, and I am not sure if it has been picked up for a second season, but you must watch this show. Some episodes are available online, and some are available on iTunes. It is freaking hilarious.

Here's the show's website.

Why is the show so great?

First, it's witty and funny. That can be hard to find on tv today.

Second, I swear the writers love everything that I love.

There have been references to Dr. Who, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and many many other things that I adore. At least once a week, I tell my husband "I didn't think I could love this show any more, but I do. I really do."

Third, Matt Keesler looks kind of like a young Carey Elwes... Please tell me you see it.
It's on Monday nights on ABC Family. I think 10 PM. I grab it with my dvr, of course.

Kevin Freaking Sorbo was a guest star a couple weeks ago.

Give it a chance. It's like Men in Black, but even more tongue in cheek. Here's hoping it gets picked up for a second season.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Runway - 8/27/08

Kenley is really sad to see Daniel gone. I am starting to get annoyed by Kenley's voice. She'd better step up the fashion so I don't notice it as much.

Heidi's looking like a very fab and stylish convict tonight, in a black and white striped mini-shirt dress. She can really get away with anything. Their challenge meets them on a rooftop of 132 W. 31st St. Blayne immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are going to design for a crazy superstar. Or not. It's a parking garage. And on the roof, there are a bunch of cars. (Can you smell the sponsorship?)

They are Saturn Vue Hybrids, and they get to use raw materials used to make the cars to make outfits. They have 4 minutes to scavange what they can. I bet that Stella was hoping for leatha. This could be fun. Suede throws out his favorite phrase of Whackadoodle again. I could dig that. Stella refuses to demean herself by rushing. That could come back to bite her.

Back at the workroom, it looks more like a parts shop than a sewing room. Time for innovation! Kenley started throwing things, and Joe (Manly, Straight Joe, in case you missed that), went right into the parts with his tools and gloves. Most people were having fun and getting right into the materials, but Stella was uninspired. Suede pronounced that Suede is making a whackadoodle floor mat top, and that Suede has given blood for fashion with cuts and blisters. That's dedication.

Shocker, Stella is denying the urge to make something with leatha and is making something "pretty."

A lot of people are using seat belts. Seat belts are the new tablecloths. Kenley got out her sharpie and drew her own zebra print on air vents.

Note: Sewing machines do not like seat belts.

The models come in for a fitting, and Kenley's model had to drop out. Her new model is shaped differently, and that's a shame. She has to scramble to get some things fixed for the new model.

The Tim Check In starts with Blayne, who has a "ton of work to do," and at least Blayne doesn't tell Tim to Holla at Your Boy. Jerell's dress looks gorgeous and interesting. I am a little bored by Korto's style. We'll see how that turns out. Tim looks concerned about Stella. Tim likes Leanne's style, though she has a lot of work to do. Keith's design is mostly for the judges, and I don't know how that is going to work out.

When bobbins were left unwound and things weren't going his way, Keith went all bitchy. Not cool.

Cue the sponsorship by the Motorolla Sidekick, and Stella called her beau, named "Rat bones." Sexy.

Some of the hair is insane this week. Just saying.

Keith told his model not to sit down because his skirt is too tight. Way to make a wearable outfit, Keith. She sat down and it tore, and he fixed it, and told her "watch the breathing, and don't sit down." Ugh.

Time for the Runway! Season 3 finalist Laura Bennett is filling in for Nina Garcia, and the guest judge is Rachael Zo.

Jerell's outfit: While the make-up is "shockingly ugly" according to my husband, the outfit is pretty amazing. Awesome job.

Keith's outfit: It's not pieced together, which is nice. Still, I have to take away points for not letting his model sit down.

Terri's outfit: Dang, nice job. It does not look like it came from car parts. That girl makes nice pants.

Kenley's outfit: The skirt is so neat. Her outfit is cool.

Leanne's outfit: I love it. Very nice. job.

Suede's outfit: I'm digging his metallic skirt. Very nice job.

Korto's outfit: Nice jacket, I guess, but... there is nothing interesting about it. I think there was about the same shape on her first outfit, wasn't there?

Blayne's outfit: Seatbelts and broken glass? Sounds comfy. I kind of like the shape of it. The glass is neat. The fit at the chest was messed up.

Joe's design: He wet for a motorcross dress, and it was kind of neat.

Stella's design: Wow. Surprised by this one. It looked pretty chic, but there might be something weird with the back.

Terri, Suede, Joe, and Kenley are the middle of the pack, and they are safe.

Jerell's dress was called amazing and intricate. Heidi called it wearable. Blayne's chest problem was called out, and Michael called it a carwash dress. Surprisingly to me, the panel liked Korto's coat dress. Leanne's dress with the seatbelt fringe was really good. Michael said it was crafted beautifully, and Rachael said she could go straight to Paris with it. Stella's outfit was called disjointed and random, and looking at it more, I have to agree. Keith's front looks good, but the back split when she sat down. When the guest judges called him out for being not innovative, he started complaining about how they hadn't seen his previous stuff. You. don't. talk. back. to. judges. I would be shocked if he isn't gone.

Jerell is safe, which I am pleased with. Leanne won, and I am very happy for her. Korto is also safe. Blayne got away with the poor fit this week. Keith's design is called boring and poorly crafted, whereas Stella's is called uninspired. Keith is out, and I am not sad. He was turning into a mega bitch. Go. Goodbye. Sob if you must. Right, I see you must. Now let it be over.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Runway: 8/20/08

So many things have ended, I have nothing to blog currently except for Project Runway! It's kind of nice, though I look forward to new shows and new seasons!

It's Drag-a-riffic today!!

To introduce the challenge, it's Season 4's Chris March. He is quite fabulous, isn't he? Terri professes her love of drag queens instantly. Some of the Drag Queen models are really quite beautiful and glamorous. Others are going to take some more work.

The designers got to choose their models, and then they go up to the workroom to meet them. First, though, Tim urges the designers to portray the Drag Queen's persona with the design they create, and tells them this is the time they get to be ultra-theatrical. They get $200 to shop at Mood, and then their looks will be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares. Very cool.

Everyone seems to have a good time with their models, though Stella warns her Queen that she will have grommets, and Joe looks entirely out of his element and terrified. He makes sure to mention the fact that he has daughters and he is going to go at this as if he was designing costumes for his daughters. Because he has daughters. That's right, don't forget that he's straight.

After Mood, Joe dances around in his model's giant bra. Then, Blayne tries to get everyone to come up with Licious Drag Queen Names. He says he would be Neon-Licious, and after some more Liciousness nonsense, including Stella announcing herself as Leatha-licious, which I could almost dig, everyone seems to be totally over the Licious.

The next day, there's a lot of sentimentality from the designers. Jerell had a hard childhood, and Suede's late grandfather came in a daydream and urged him to scatter seeds on his dress, which he turned into making lettuce leaves. Well, that could work, since his model's name is "Hedda Lettuce."

They get some time with their models, but they are strangely un-Dragged and un-Queened. It's odd for everyone to see their Glamour Queens as "short, ordinary, Mexican dudes," in Blayne's case. Still, the Queens are there in full force. They are not going to hold their tongues. Several of the models are concerned about looking feminine enough. Suede's model calls him lazy for not making sleeves, and does not dig the lettuce. She says she looks Godzilla-ish. He gets all bitchy while sewing later.

Chris March does a walk-through with Tim to give his thoughts.

Tim is not digging Blayne's Drag Queen Barbie (or as he calls is, Drag-licious, UGH) outfit. Chris really likes Joe's outfit, and both Tim and Chris think that Suede should stick up for his gloves. Daniel's dress is really pretty.... but it isn't really drag. Keith's "sculpted" dress is looking like it needs a lot of help.

The Queens enter and get to the fitting, and Suede bitches back at Hedda Lettuce about the glove/sleeve issue, and she seems on board.

The make-up and hair is INSANE. You can have so much fun with Drag Queens. I mean, really. Feathered fake eyelashes? Just genius.


RuPaul is the guest judge this week, so Chris March was just the guest mentor.

Kenley's Design: Fan-freaking tastic. Her model was a Marylin lookalike, and she did it classy and big, with a long slinky silver dress and black and white feather stand-up collar. Very nice.

Blayne's Design: What a mess. Drag Barbie with droopy wings, it was awful.

Joe's Design: He said his inspiration was Anne-Margaret on the Love Boat, and it is super well made, and his model has an incredible ass.

Stella's Design: There's grommets, there's leather looking stuff, and it is so Stella. Her model seemed to dig it.

Suede's Design: Hedda Lettuce worked the outfit, though she practically ran down the runway.

Daniel's Design: It was pretty, but was it drag? Not sure.

Terri's Design: A LOT of work went into this, and we barely saw it at all during the sewing sessions. It's a big kimono over a corset, and it's awesome. Terri did a great job. I still would have liked to have seen what Stella would have done with this model.

Jerrell's Design: Gorgeous. The collar popping up was really cool.

Korto's Design: Not very flattering, but her model was very plus size, and it's hard to do something skin tight that flatters that. Still, I like the flames.

Keith's Design: Lots of fringe. Draping. Again. It looked pretty cool, but I'm still not sure.

Leanne's Design: Very neat. Not very well shown throughout.

Blayne, Kenley, Suede, Leanne, and Stella were part of the middle of the pack, and they are all safe.

Terri's look was a Super Samarai, and RuPaul loved it.

Heidi said that Keith's design looked messy, and RuPaul said it looked random. Nina just didn't understand it. Michael said it looked like a molting gray chicken. Not good. I think he's in trouble.

Joe was lauded for showing off his model's ass-ets. :D

RuPaul thought that Jerell's outfit was too long and made his proportions look off.

Korto's fire inspired dress was loved for being fun and shapely.

Daniel was not fantastic enough. His self-proclaimed impeccable taste is what got him into trouble. He stated that sequins are gaudy and he didn't want to use anything tacky. Um, drag queens, dear Daniel. Drag. Queens.

Terri is safe. Joe finally wins one! I am thrilled for him, because I think he should have won the Olympic challenge. Korto is safe, and so is Jerell. As it should be. And Daniel is gone. I am so happy to see his pretentious ass off the show. He makes sure to mention that he has impeccable taste before he is gone. And goodbye.

But, no more fringey stuff, Keith. enough already.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway - 8/13/08

This week had better be good, because I am in the middle of watching last night's women's gymnastics team final and I at taking time out to watch good old Project Runway. (I love the Olympics. Blogging is at a minimum because of season finales and the loveliness that is the Olympics)

Right off the bat, Blayne had to go and call everyone Team Dramalicious. Really? It's not working, dude. You fail at creating a catch phrase.

Heidi tells them that they are designing an outfit for a high powered, glamorous woman. Blayne hopes that it's not Hilary Clinton. Stella dreams of designing for Sharon Osbourne. Both are wrong, and Brooke Shields enters the workroom.

Their challenge is to design an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. Their is a dossier for each of them that contains looks from Season One. It has to be a good Day to Night outfit.

Each person gets half an hour to sketch, and then pitch to Brooke, and then she will pick 6 designs that she likes and then each winning designer will get a team mate from the losing designers.

Blayne pitched formal shorts and I instantly hate him even more. Brooke looked stunned and slightly shocked at Stella's corset idea.

The winning look is going to make an appearance on the show, so that's fun.

Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri, and Blayne were chosen, and I am sorely disappointed that the Formal Shorts will make an appearance on the runway. I wanted Joe to get a chance.

Blayne chose LeAnne as a partner, and she is skeptical.

Keith chose Kenley, and he hopes that she can shut her mouth and sew.

Terri chose Suede.

Korto chose Joe, and I like that choice.

Kelli chose Daniel, even though Stella is her buddy.

Jerell with leather in his outfit is happy with Stella as his partner.

There were some issues in the shopping, but not too bad. Right off in the workroom, Suede talks about how Suede is concerned about draping and having enough fabric, and Terri wins with the quote of the episode - "I don't know if he's packing balls or a vajayjay, but he has to work it out. Aint nobody sucking on my titties." He was totally a nervous wreck about everything and wanted hand holding.

Tim sent the models in for an early fitting, as a nice surprise. For some that is a good thing. For others, like Kelli and Daniel, it is a bad thing. Daniel's skirt is half ruched and the zipper is messed up. He doesn't have any investment because it is not his design, and hat is all bad.

Terri and Suede are having issues again. Suede's hand-held shirt is messed up and he has to redo parts of it. His proximity made poor Terri talk about herself in third person. Make it stop.

Tim was concerned about the shorts, and Blayne again urged him to Holla at Yo Boy. Ugh. Stella's work with leatha is working for Jerell so far. Kelli's outfit is a little crazy, and Tim is "dubious." Terri and Suede get good marks from Tim, and they are feeling good about it. The neckline is looking quite lovely. Keith and Kenley don't have anything on the mannequin, but it's looking nice. While the color of Joe and Korto's jacket is kind of lovely, it looks kind of baggy. Joe voices his concerns over the baggy jacket, and Korto accuses him of throwing her under the bus. She is highly offended, and he has to talk her down. The next day, they were still having issues. Can they make it work?

Runway Time!

Korto & Joe: It looks quite nice. The color is lovely. The dress was pretty badly tailored, though.

Kelli & Daniel: Looked like a big mistake. When she took off the jacket, it looked like she was just wearing a teddy. Not good.

Jerell & Stella: Amazing. They worked together and created something well made and really beautiful and unique and appropriate.

Keith & Kenley: I love it. The skirt looked really beautiful and I loved the movement of it. The sleeves were neat.

Terri & Suede: It was quite lovely, but I don't know about it being office attire. It didn't really transition, and the belt was icky. The pants were too tight for my liking.

Blayne & Leanne: The shorts were not so bad, I guess. At least they were well made and not satin or something. I still don't think it's really office-friendly, though. And also not very night friendly.

Suede & Terri, and Joe & Korto are the middle of the packers and are safe.

Jerell and Stella's dress got very good reviews (though Brooke was worried about the belt)

Kelli and Daniel's suit was called "unfortunately shaped," and Michael Kors called it slutty slutty slutty. Daniel sticks up for his "high end taste" and looks stunned when Kelli says that if one of them should go home it should be him, because she has won a challenge. He looked flabbergasted that she didn't offer to go home right there.

Keith and Kenley's outfit gets high marks from Brooke. Nina was worried that it was a little to cocktail, but Michael thought that it really blended their talents.

Blayne and Leanne's outfit is too casual, and Heidi said she looked like a woman who got dressed without a mirror and just grabbed things and threw them on. Michael called it uninteresting. Blayne volunteered to go home if one of them had to, and called it an integrity issue.

The winner of the challenge is Keith with his flowy beautiful outfit. Brooke will be wearing the outfit on the show, but he does not get immunity. Jerell and Stella are also safe. Leanne is safe, as is Daniel, so it's between Blayne and Kelli to go home. It's Kelli, with her admittedly "hoochie-mama" outfit, and we have to deal with Blayne's stupid liciousness for at least one more week.

Next week - outfits for drag queens! Fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mole: Finale! 8/11/08

Time for a season recap! There will be a reunion, some recapping, and then finally, the winner and the Mole will be revealed. Ought to be interesting.

Nicole's repeated Mole-ish behavior and/or ineptitude is brought up, and then Craig's breaking of rules, choosing of costumes for the mission that everyone refused to do. Mark's ceaseless hunt for the exception and refusal to do the finding clothes on the street challenge was also deemed moley.

Bobby apparently bragged about his "physical prowess" in his application video, even though he completely bombed at anything physical in the actual game. It was kind of fun watching the clips of wimpy wimp wimp. He claims that he wore himself off right off the bat because he tore some muscles. Hmm. Likely story.

Who is the winner??

It's Mark!!!! I think he deserved it. He worked really hard, even though he was kind of an ass at times. He's now a $420,000 richer ass. His reason for wanting to work (so his wife can stay home with the kids, including a new baby on the way, if she wants to) is super sweet.

So, am I right? Is Nicole the Mole?

NO! I was wrong! It's Craig! I was so sure it was Nicole.

As The Mole's final victim, Nicole got a retrospective. Her "Annoy everyone to make them think I'm the Mole" strategy didn't seem like it would work, but it got her to the end I guess. I just have a feeling that it isn't all strategy. I really think she's pretty much that way.

Paul's similar strategy was also recapped. The two of them were quite something.

Nicole apparently knew that Craig was The Mole, too. It all came down to the final quiz. Paul also apparently knew that Craig was the Mole from the beginning, but just missed out because of being slower on a quiz than Nicole - when they tied, and he was 4 seconds slower than her! Amazing. Poor guy.

More recaps, and it is revealed that Mark was saved from execution when Victoria made a wrong choice in the quiz (by mistake), and his obsession with his handy dandy notebook is recapped. He apparently didn't figure that it was Craig until the very end. Turns out also that the dossier only contained the answer to one question on the quiz, and Nicole got it right, too. Nicole got 13/20 on the final quiz, and Mark got 17/20. Did he really need that dossier? He thinks it was a good idea, because it may have helped him win.

Craig's Mole Strategy is revealed. He wanted to be the big funny guy. He was told to drop the bag in the Over the Falls Mission, and in the Crusoe mission, he covered up one item and did not tell about another one. That's $10,000. During the soccer mission, he scored a goal on his own team. It was apparently his idea for Bobby to get in the wheelbarrow during the Pig mission. In Fruit of the Luge, he did break the rules on purpose when he was talking after the finish line. It was in fact his strategy when he chose ridiculous costumes, although he was surprised when they refused to do it. The whole thing just went according the plan. He helped them win at the final mission "because even the Mole has a heart."

Now, what about the Hypothermia and altitude sickness?

It was real! He said that the few people on the set who knew that he was the Mole were very nervous when he got carted off in the ambulance. What would they have done?

There were hidden clues throughout the season to try to point towards the Mole's identity.

In the Crusoe mission, Craig brought a message from The Mole to the group. From himself. From the producers. From The Mole. Right. There were some other really insane clues about the final three. Things like latitudes and longitudes, area codes, hidden one frame clues, spelling things in Spanish. Craig's name was never called during executions, either, which is cool. There was even a backwards audio clue at one point. Insanity. Who would catch that type of thing? I am not that fanatical.

Mark's cute pregnant wife came in, and she didn't know that he had won, so he got to tell her, and that was really sweet.

Who hopes that this Mole revival gets a second season? Me me me!!

I still won't be listening for hidden audio clues in the credits. I'm not quite that obsessive.

Not quite.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finale Time: So You Think You Can Dance 8/7/08

Cat's ready to walk like an Egyptian tonight. The introduction to the Top 20 was really cool. Why was Will all by himself in the intros? Like his ego wasn't big enough. I'd forgotten about some of the people who got voted off early. Suzie and Rayven completely left my brain. Is somebody missing? Is that why Will was by himself?

Oh, right, Jessica. She must still be injured. Are they going to mention her? I wonder...

Joining Mary and Nigel tonight are Mia, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, and Lil' C. They saved Debbie Allen for the finale when she has no influence at all. Adam's promised movie role is a 3-D movie - Step Up 3D. I can see blockbuster.

Or not.

Cue Season flashback. Lots of leaping, lots of Mary screaming. Cause that sound isn't burned into my poor eardrums. Because the judges and producers have a woody for Will, they also included his ouster as one of the "shocking moments" in the flashback.

It's time for a Shane Sparks Group routine. Mark must have loved doing this thing. It is so totally him. And Gev. It was a really cool routine, ending with the final four the only ones left standing. Very cool. Yay for Shane Sparks. Seriously, though, is no one going to mention the lack of Jessica from the group?

Nigel's first favorite is the Bollywood routine with Katee and Joshua. I would agree. I really wish they would do the Bollywood group routine, since I missed it, but this is good enough. The whole thing is amazing, from start to finish. The knee rolls are just spectacular. A joy to see again.

Mary's first favorite is Courtney and Gev's rhumba. Love it. Their partnership was so perfect, and it a joy to see them together again.

Slick. It's the promised Dance Off. Philip Chbeeb vs. Robert Murane. I didn't know before that Philip got pneumonia and that's why he wasn't in Vegas. Did they mention that before? It's a popping war! The two of them have never met before, as the overly dramatic intro told us. It's time for the battle. They are both amazing. I think that Robert might be a bit sharper, and he is such a contortionist, that adds a lot of impressiveness. I think that Philip Chbeeb would have stood a better chance in the competition had he made it through. The whole things was very cool and well done. They were amazingly entertaining. I wonder if they are going on the tour? Probably not, but it would be a cool segment. As far as pure popping goes, I think that Robert won it, but that's just my opinion. Mia liked Philip more, Adam liked Robert (and called him a freak of nature, and said that he scares the living *bleep* out of him). Debbie thought that Philip was more musical, but Robert was more theatrical, and so he won. Nigel liked that Robert could mock Philip's moves, and so he votes for Robert. Mary screamed for Robert. And screamed again. And again. Lil' C called it buck (which if I recall correctly, is a good thing), and gave his vote to Robert. So, Robert wins the Dance Off. Would he have gotten anywhere in the actual competition? I don't think so. BUT - I thoroughly enjoyed the battle.

Cat answers the "Will Comfort be on the tour, since she was #11, and then she came back?" question, saying that the top 11 will be touring.

Adam's favorite dance (which he revealed after pimping his new movie, and his old ones) was Comfort and Twitch's hip hop. The camera man was drunk again. This routine is a lot of fun, and it is a joy to see Comfort in her own element, and Twitch too.

Lil' C's favorite routine (and mine too!!!!) is the Bleeding Love routine by Mark and Chelsie. I love Lil' C. Can we please get rid of Mary and keep him? I don't think that the routine was as raw and tight as the first time, but that would have been hard. Still, it gave me chills. Amazing. Thank you for showing that to us again.

I'll take it. I can just imagine him squinting his emotions. Katee and Will were wonderful, as could be expected. They did it better this time, which is amazing. They hit a turn that they missed the first time.

Adam's got another favorite! It's Sonya's Jazz with Courtney and Mark and I am giddy to see it again. It is such a wild and raw and weird showcase for Mark, and a great side of Courtney, I can't help but love it. I kind of want the song. Off to search iTunes.... Fan-freaking-tastic.

As a surprise, we get a dance from Mary! She got to rip a shirt off of Season 2's Dmitri, and I'm sure she liked that part. Her monstrous teeth made an appearance. It was nice to see her doing something silent and it was nice to see why she is qualified to be a judge.

Mia's favorite is next, and it is the Pas De Deux by Katee and Will. Great dance. Unfortunate to have to stomach Archie's version of Imagine again, but Time for the first elimination, and poor Courtney still trying to catch her breath from the routine, is eliminated. Not surprising, but sad all the same. Her retrospective was really touching. Unfortunately, it included Mary screaming. She got a bouquet nearly the same size as she is, and I wish her the best in her dancing career.

Time for a reprise of the Nigel choreographed 5 Guys Named Moe routine. It is charming. I really like the way these guys dance. Just a total joy.

It's time for a Cirque de Solei routine from Wade's show in Vegas, Believe. It was funky. An homage to all the bunnies who have given their lives to incompetant musicians. What else would we expect from Wade Robson? Seriously? Nothing like a stage full of people dancing in various rabbit heads. One dancer looked like her skirt was made out of a broken papasan chair. It was almost African Dance inspired in parts. Just weird. I hope that Wade is back choreographing for this show next season. I've missed him.

After that bit of surrealism, it's time for another elimination. Katee is eliminated! That's a shocker to me! I thought it would come down to her and Joshua. Instead, it's between Joshua and Twitch. I really like her with the bangs. It's a better look for her face. She is an excellent dancer, but I never really got behind her totally. I'm happy to see it come down to the two guys.

As a surprise, as the Top Girl, she's getting $50,000! First year ever, they are giving a prize for top boy AND top girl! Very cool. She looked shocked. In a good way.

Cat took a moment to speak with Debbie Allen, who enjoyed the show from home this year. Her outfit looked like something you would find in the cast off closet from Cabaret. There was a little performance from dancers from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and it looked to be straight out of Happy Feet for the most part. I love those wacky penguins, so I can appreciate that. Nigel joined them, and that was really cool to see him dancing as well. Good for him. His tap was impressive. After last year's stupid fake out of Nigel "dancing" with Cat, and it was just a bad cartoon, I was happy to see some actual dancing this year. The routine would have been better if Nigel hadn't spoken. Adam wants to challenge Nigel to a dance off next year. I hope to see that.

Mary's next favorite is the Door routine with Katee and Twitch. Yay! I'm glad that Katee got to do this one again, even if it was after she was eliminated. Just amazing. When props are used well in dances, it's really neat.

The Jonas Brothers performed next, and I really don't like them so I skipped it. I'm not 13, so I don't get the appeal. They just sound whiny to me.

Debbie Allen's favorite routine of the season was Twitch and Kherrington's Viennese Waltz for Jean-Marc's daughter. It gave me chills. The lifts were amazing, and they were both so elegant and gorgeous. Yup, more chills. Thanks for that, Debbie.

Nigel's final pick for favorite is the Katee and Joshua No Air routine from the very first week. Wonderful to see it again. They were both fantastic. Katee looked like she was going to cry for real at the end, poor thing.

There was a little retrospective of previous seasons before the final results. I missed the first season regrettably, and some of the former dancers are doing some really cool things. I love to see this kind of thing, because a lot of time people disappear and you never hear about them again, so it was lovely to see what they are up to. I wish they could come back and dance!


The Best of So You Think You Can Dance with some former dancers. I am totally geeked out about this one. I loved seeing Ivan again, he was one of my faves. And of course Neil and Lacey and Travis and... and... and... I just can't keep up. Utterly fantastic. Can we do this every year, please? Pretty please?

The time has come.

It's down to Twitch and Joshua.

They both look like they are about to faint.

And the winner is....


I think he absolutely deserved it. He grew so much duing the season. I went from constantly forgetting about him to anxiously awaiting his dances. Congratulations to him.

(Sadly, Twitch got some flowers, but didn't get a retrospective, and neither did Joshua. Wonder if they ran out of time?)

Can I just say that all of my favorite routines, save for the Gev and Courtney NYC Tourist one, were chosen? That makes me really happy.

So, that's it for another season of So You Think You Can Dance. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Project Runway - 8/6/08

Some of the things these designers wear are truly questionable. I just had to say that.

At the runway, Heidi was looking - dare I say it - fierce. Kenley decided to stick with her model, so there was no shake up there. They were then sent on a field trip with Tim.

Suede continued to talk about Suede in third person, and Blayne admitted that he enjoys tanning every other day. "Some people go to the gym, I go tanning." Nice. One habit = healthy, the other habit = cancer causing. Great decision there, Blayne.

Their field trip brought them to The Track & Field Hall of Fame. How very Olympic. Apollo Ono speed skated (on roller blades) around the track and met them to explain their challenge. They get to design their version of a look for the Olympic opening ceremony. They will be designing women's wear only, even though there is men's wear involved, too. They got half an hour to look around the museum at Olympic history and fashion, and then they went right to Mood to buy fabric (on a $150 budget). Apollo will also be the guest judge.

Big surprise, Stella is drawn to Leatha and Fur. At Mood, Korto also grabbed some leather, with linen. Amazingly, Stella took a non-leatha fabric, but it was black. There was some drama when Keith grabbed some of Terri's fabric, but we didn't get to see how it panned out.

Back at Parsons, everyone got right to work. I think that Joe has a good chance in this challenge. His sketch is really neat, and he is really into sports. Daniel is pretty much ignoring the sportiness of the challenge and is making a cocktail dress. Blayne complained that he was getting too pale and felt the energy drawing out of him. Terri was cranking out pieces at an alarmingly fast rate. Stella was making a very strange outfit that looked like leatha even though it wasn't. Keith's design is pretty cute, and he shares that he loves the Olympics because he was a gymnast when he was younger. Joe got upset at how much Kenley and Daniel giggle together. Other people also found her laughter annoying. I thought it was cute. I forsee that coming back in the reunion show.

When Tim came into the workroom, he liked Joe's design, especially the mixing of two different colors of zipper - he did one strand red and one strand blue and it looked pretty slick When he called Blayne's design "a little Sargeant Pepper," Blayne said that he didn't know what that was. Oh. My. God. Tim was aghast and explained, and then Blayne tried to defend it saying that he was doing a little cardigan, which was the era, and Tim almost bit his head off. "The Beatles didn't happen in the 30's!" I thought he was going to lock the little tan boy in a dark, non tanning room until his musical history education was complete. He then threw out the horrible "Holla at your boy" phrase again. Please stop. Daniel was worried that his bolero would make his model look like Superman or Wonderwoman, and Tim said that is almost ok in this challenge. Jerrell is planning on doing a horizontally striped pencil skirt, which Tim urged him to rethink, and also was concerned by the explosion of different prints around the top, and I agree. On to Jennifer, he was worried it looked matronly (again), and cautioned her to ramp it up.

Make it work, Tim out.

Daniel listened to Kenley and left the bolero off, even though Tim kind of liked it. More drama ensued when Joe got pissy about Daniel rethreading "his machine" in a different color. They don't have assigned machines, from what I can see, and Suede called it whackadoodle, which I would be more willing to accept as a catch phrase. Joe blamed the drama on the overabundance of queens - he is the only straight man this season. Still. Ouch.

The next morning, they all looked kind of haggard. Blayne had apparently struck the message board on the way out the door - it declared "Sexalicious" and "Holla at your boy." Nooooooo!!!

Kenley and Daniel were concerned that their colors were very similar. Joe's outfit looked beautiful. Jerell made a giant spotted hat. I don't know about that.

Runway time!

Korto's Outfit: She did all white, with a wide legged pair of pants and a little vest. There was a little red on the vest, and it was cute.

Suede's Outfit: It was really cute, but I don't know how good it would look on an athlete's body. Still, I can appreciate the skirt. The top I was not utterly fond of.

Kelli's Outfit: It was cute, but looked like something a 50's housewife would wear. It had red, white, and blue, but that was where any Olympic inspiration went out the door.

Joe's Outfit: I thought it was beautiful, sporty, and relevant.

Leanne's Outfit: It was cute and also sporty. I didn't love the high collar.

Daniel's Outfit: It was another pretty dress, but there is nothing Olympic about it. It wasn't even really blue, it was purple.

Jerell's Outfit: Just horrendous. The hat. My god, the hat.

Stella's Outfit: The same thing she always does. Well done, but pretty much the same as last week's with a different fabric. Looked like something Trinity would have worn in the Matrix, not something the Olympic team would wear.

Keith's Outfit: The skirt was a little too much, but I liked the top.

Terri's Outfit: It was a very impressive feat. There was an amazing jacket, very good pants, and a neat top. I couldn't tell if there was gold fabric on the top, though, or if it was just a weird cut over the model's chest. That one part of it was not flattering at all.

Jennifer's Outfit: Nothing Olympic about it. It was a cute dress, but it looked like something you would wear to a tea party, not the opening ceremonies.

Blayne's outfit: Very skin tight pants and a one-armed shirt. Didn't he do a one-armed dress last week? It did not look wearable for athletes.

Kenley's Outfit: She used a blue plaid and only had read in the model's hair. It was a cute dress, but also looked like something the first lady might wear.

Suede, Kelli, Leanne, Keith, Blayne, and Kenley are safe. I'm ok with most of them.

Terri's amazing blazer was a standout. Jennifer's outfit was questioned as non-American, and Nina questioned her ability to separate her own taste from the challenge. Joe's outfit was very well received. Heidi appreciated his zipper customization. Daniel's cocktail dress was criticized for being non-relevant. He claimed that the dress was blue and that made it American, but no one believed it was blue. Michael Kors said that she looked like she was from the Republic of Cocktail Land. Korto's outfit was called very chic, and Apollo thought it looked comfortable and very modern. Jerell's model looked embarrassed. Nina said it looked like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Joe is safe first, and Korto won. It was a beautiful outfit, but I wish that Joe had won. I thought his would be the best for the ceremony. Terri is also safe. Jerell's hideous hat did not spell his doom this week. Daniel's cocktail dress was close, but in the end, it was Jennifer's inability to look beyond her own style that got her aufed.

So You Think You Can Dance - 8/6/08

It's the final performance night! I'm so excited.

Cat looks like a Bond Girl tonight, in a gold pleathery looking thing. And too much spray tan. Or maybe a real tan. In any case, she's looking a little orange around the edges.

Tonight, everyone will dance with everyone else. Can't wait! Mandy Moore joins Mary and Nigel tonight. Mary's dress makes her look like she was attacked by Spiderman.

Courtney & Twitch (Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon) The story is that she is a crazy girlfriend, and they got way into character in rehearsals. The dance was awesome. Courtney got really tough. She walked right up over Twitch's body - over his stomach and chest! It was great. She was the one I was watching, and Twitch is the hip-hopper, so I think that says something. There was a crazy spinning lift with her balancing on her stomach on top of his head, and it was really impressive. Mandy said that she felt that Courtney was feeling it very well, and she loved Twitch, too. Mary called it a 1-2 punch and shrilly called the routine a knockout, and let out a very annoying scream. That is the only reason I am glad this season is almost over. I cringe to think of how many screams she is going to subject us to tonight. Nigel said that Twitch should be glad that he is dancing with Courtney and not Mary, and also said that he will miss everything about the show except Mary's scream. He also said that there seems to be something about Twitch that makes choreographers want to give him a crazy deranged girl.

Courtney's Solo (and interview with Cat): Courtney is such a Jersey girl. I adore her. She had a boyfriend, and defends her chemistry with Gev - saying you don't have to be in love with someone to have chemistry with them. Her favorite routine was the Jazz routine with Mark. One of mine too. Her solo felt emotional and lovely. I just wish they were longer, especially for the finale! It just doesn't seem fair. Mandy said that Courtney has grown, but could benefit from more training. Mary called her strong and an inspiration. That made Courtney burst into tears. Nigel said that he is delighted to see her in the top 4, and called her a bundle of joy. I agree.

Katee & Joshua (contemporary choreographed by WADE ROBSIN) This seems fixed to give Katee and Joshua Wade as a choreographer. He is pretty much always fantastic. The theme of their dance is love is horrible. It was amazing from beginning to end. There were moves I have never seen before, and the emotion was rough and raw. Amazing. Mandy said that the show missed Wade, and I agree. The emotion from Katee was the best I have seen. She wasn't grinning the whole time. Mary called them magical as a couple. Nigel said it was a remarkable routine, and explained why Wade has been absent this season for the most part (he's choreographing a show in Vegas). Nigel said it was a stripped routine, and noted the absence of Katee's smile, and said that Joshua had uncontrolled control. I absolutely agree. He called Joshua not a normal dancer, but a brilliant dancer, and also said that they are the best two dancers they have ever had on the show. I don't know if I would go that far, but they are pretty good. I like Joshua much more than I like Katee, but this routine swayed me more towards her.

Katee and Courtney (Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio) And they've got props! I find Courtney much more likeable and believable than Katee. When the two are on stage together, I am drawn to Courtney. Katee is a more precise dancer, but I think that might actually be the problem. Mandy called it cute and old Hollywood. Mary said they made it look effortless. Nigel said it was lovely to see the girls dancing just as girls. Nigel said that Katee finishes every move just a little more than Courtney, and that's something she should watch (and that's the preciseness that I noted).

Twitch's Solo and Interview: His nickname comes from the fact that he never stopped moving as a child. He apparently would have joined the Navy if it wasn't for dance. He said that there was a real energy that made him connect with Kherrington. He said that his favorite dance was the Jean-Marc Viennese Waltz that was inspired by the choreographer's handicapped daughter. It was truly moving. His solo is to a Wade Robson song, and it was flat out brilliant. And too short. Too too short. They need to lengthen solos next year, that's for sure. Mandy called Twitch the Little Engine That Could, and loved the sparkle in his eyes. Mary was blessedly rendered speechless by Twitch's solo, and Nigel said that he was happy when Twitch was in the bottom 3, because he got to see a solo. He called Twitch a great entertainer, and that is even more important than being a great dancer.

Twitch and Joshua (Russian Dance choreographed by Youri Nelzine) I love seeing a new style - especially on the finale! They are playing off the long-standing friendly rivalry between the two men. They were just throwing each other around, and Joshua gets higher air than I have sen almost any man get ever. Twitch's knee solos were wonderful. Cat says it was possibly the toughest routine they have ever had on the show. Mandy said there is nothing more spectacular than watching two men doing crazy things on stage. She applauded the stamina, and said that Twitch was stuck with all the floor work and did it well. The boys then had an impromtu high jump competition. Mary screamed about how excited she is to have two hip hop dancers for the first time in the finale, and said it was one of the best routines she has ever seen, with power and energy. Nigel said he expected them to be fabulous at it - it's Russian street dancing!

Katee's Solo and Interview: I hope that Katee's roommate comes back next year, because I really loved her. Katee's favorite routine was the No Air routine, and I had forgotten about it, but it was really amazing. I got chills just watching the tiny clip. And during her solo (to Imogean Heap), she didn't grin the whole time, but kind of grimaced through part of it. Dang, I wish the solos were longer. It just isn't enough time. I love her dress. Mandy said that Katee needs to keep dancing, and urged her to take some more ballet classes. Mary said that she would just cherish the many dances that she has done over the season. Nigel said he loves the way she finishes her moves and completes the choreography she is given.

Katee and Twitch (foxtrot, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie) Katee's dress is fantastic, with some really fabulous fringe. The dance was really elegant, and Katee got to do a cartwheel and then they did a beautiful lift. The very last hold was shaky, but they must have been so tired. Mandy called it very romantic, and the dead press lift was amazing. I agree. Mary said that Twitch looked kind of like James Bond, which prompted an impromptu mini-audition for Nigel saying "The name's Bond, James Bond," and Twitch was nervous about the accent, but nailed it pretty well. Mary said Twitch was a total gentleman in the dance which is perfect in the foxtrot. His growth blew her away. Unfortunately, it did not leave her speechless. Nigel called Katee splendid, and applauded the honesty of her performance, and he said that Twitch was a little too uptight and British in the beginning, but loosened up, and then he totally spoiled the choreographers by being able to execute that lift (and dismount) so beautifully.

Joshua's Solo and interview: Joshua was wearing a really stupid hat for his interview, but I can forgive him. Joshua ended up crying a whole lot on the show, but he says he's not really a crier. He said his favorite dance was the samba he did with Katee, and it was really great, so I can see that. His solo was my favorite of the night. He is an amazing soloist and I think that goes to show his choreography skills. Mandy called him smooth, charismatic, and confident. Mary cackled and congratulated herself on putting him on the blasted hot tamale train the first week. Nigel said that Joshua has set the standard for next season for untrained dancers. I think that is a very valid point. The man is outstanding. I hate his stupid skull cap, but it's a fashion choice I suppose.

Joshua and Courtney (Jive, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) It was fast and fun, and I loved it. Joshua ended with lift with Courtney flying around like a rag doll, and then he did a backflip into a split, and that was crazy. Mandy just said "Holy Moley!" Mary said that no one seems to understand how difficult the jive is, and she loved the choreography. Nigel said that he missed out on the double bounce that they didn't do quite right. He said it's not to knock them, because they are superb dancers, but you could tell that they were exhausted superb dancers. He got some boos for that, but it was the truth.

Mia Michaels Group Number They started off with an amazing giant piece of purple fabric, and some things were not in sync, but I am not sure they were supposed to be. The girls were more in sync than the boys. Mia used the strength of Twitch and Joshua to the fullest extent. It was very energetic number, and how they could do it after such a long night I don't know. Guess that's the way it is for dancers. Mary said that she felt like they were dancing from a place that was no longer physical, and it was transcendent. Mary said that Mia sure didn't hold back, and called Twitch a standout, but there was some dropping in Courtney's energy. Her assisted lift with Joshua was not right, and Katee's whole dance was flawless. Nigel said that the presence of two untrained dancers in the finale is amazing, and he thinks America got it right. Katee and Courtney he called shining beacons. He said he didn't quite understand the dance, calling it a Scottish Olympic team, and I agree. It was odd. He said that it showed their athleticism, and that no one would complain if they had to pay to see that performance.

The whole night was so good. My favorite dances were Courtney and Twitch's hip hop, the Russian Dance with Twitch and Joshua, and Joshua and Katee's Wade Robson routine. Who will win? I have no clue. I hope for Joshua or Courtney, but I wouldn't be sad about any outcome. Joshua's high jumps amaze me, and his versatility is astounding. Courtney... well, I just love her.

Your thoughts?

Anticipation: SYTYCD Finale

Apparently, there were some dehydration problems with two of the finalists (they didn't say who), so hopefully our final four has had enough time to practice to make tonight's show a blazing success. I can't wait to see what they come up with. From what I read, there will be reprisals of some of the best routines from the season, but that may be happening tomorrow, along with the Robert Murane/Philip Chbeeb Dance Off.

What dances do you most want to see again?

For me, it's the Workaholic/Bleeding Love one from Mark & Chelsie, the Jazz one from last week from Mark & Courtney, the Door dance from Twitch & Katee, and maybe the NYC Tourist one from Gev & Courtney.

And I desperately want to see the Bollywood Group routine. I watched it on YouTube but it just wasn't the same.

I am so excited for tonight. Who will be the winner???

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mole: 8/4/08

Now that Paul is gone, it's bound to be a whole lot quieter, but will it be less interesting? Let's see!

No one seems quite sure who the Mole is, going into the second to last mission. The mission is called Tick Tock Boom. There is bullet proof glass with $50,000, and a bomb set to go off in an hour. If they can't defuse the bomb, the money goes boom. With no other instructions other than what they need to defuse the bomb is in the room, Mr. Host Man left. It's a giant puzzle, including a hidden item that is key to unlocking the puzzle.

Everyone is confused. There are world clocks, word puzzles, and the like. Craig found the Time Zone Map, which is the hidden item, and they need two people to hold it down with the other looking at it. They chose Nicole to read the map, and it was seriously funky, with lines going all over the place in a squiggly manner. Mark also took a turn to decode the map and the time zone numbers. Once that was done, they scratched their collective heads for a while trying to figure out what to do next. Craig had an idea to look at the clock in the middle of the room, which might help to decode the color wire to cut by pointing at letters.

Yes, I am confused, too.

They got all sorts of strange vowels first and no one was sure if it was going to add up to anything. Finally, it ended up being a word scramble, and their was a wrong letter, and Nicole double checked and fixed them. Nicole complained about the map being flat and the world being round, so that's hard. In the end, they decoded most of the puzzle and decided to cut "red + blue," which is purple. There was some stalling on Mark's part, but in the end, it was the right choice, and they got the money.

Mr. Host Man re-appeared, and congratulated them at the $418,500 total pot. That's impressive. Back at the Mole Pad, they all appreciated the Spy-Like mission, and Nicole called herself a bad ass. Ok.

Time for the second mission - Three to Tango, worth $75,000. Each person had to pick an envelope with three clues, and a cell phone. Each person has to decode clues and find locations, and then call Mr. Host Man. The first person to reach the final destination gets a choice of putting the money in the pot, or of taking a look at The Mole's Dossier. One would think The Mole would work their hardest to win this one to take their Dossier out of the picture. We'll see.

Nicole's first clue was : The Argentine flag was raised on these grounds, where a famous tall monument stands high and proud.

(I wish this show was someplace I knew more about so I could take guesses at the answers, but alas, almost everything I know about Argentina I learned from watching Evita. Yes, it's true)

Mark's fist clue was: You may still fall victim to the Mole's facade unless you can get to the place Libertad.

Craig's first clue was: Shop till you drop on the street that's first rate, the sun always shines on this US state.

Craig is the first one to get his clue right, because as Mark reveals, Craig has been reading about the city since they got there. Good for Craig. He called Mr. Host Man and asked if the answer was Florida street, and he was rewarded with his mission - go to a shop and try on a leather jacket there, then send Mr. Host Man a picture. He did this in no time flat, and sadly didn't get to keep the jacket. It fit him, and it looked kind of cool. So, if he wins, I think I know what Craig is getting with his money.

Mark is next to figure out his clue, and he was heading to a Plaze Libertade to get a picture of himself with the statue there. He looked like he was taking his life into his hands running through the streets.

Meanwhile, Nicole figured out her clue and had to head to her location and then get ahold of an Argentine flag and send Mr. Host Man a picture of herself with it.

Before reluctantly shedding the leather jacket (which did look quite fetching on him), Craig got his second clue: It takes two to tango in this teatro where Portenos perform for some big dineros. He was wrong at his first guess, and his second. He wasn't sure what the answer was, but kept naming off theatres like a movie phone.
Nicole found a flag, but completely missed the point of getting a flag and took a ton of pictures that didn't comply. She got into a spat about it with Mr. Host Man, and he just looked amused. Or annoyed. Or a little of both.
Mark refused to look at his map, and asking around didn't help him find the Plaza Libertade in any sort of time.
Nicole finally managed to convince a shop to let her borrow a little flag, and bitched about it, but sent the picture to Mr. Host Man, then moved on to her second clue: Slowly heat milk and you will discover the nation's top sweet that is brownish in color. She has to convince someone to buy her some Dolce du Leche, and send a picture of herself enjoying a taste. She is totally unhappy about the mission, and said that she would rather go tanning. Yup, Nicole, because skin cancer beats a sweet treat any day. I am so done with her. If she is the Mole, she is bad at it, because the mole needs to stop anyone else from seeing that dossier!

Craig finally stumbles upon the right name for a theatre, and it's a complete guess, but it is right. The problem is, now he has to find the theatre and get a picture of himself in front of it, doing the tango with a beautiful bystander woman.

Mark finally tracks down his first destination and his second clue, which is: If you are hungry, please take a seat for a deep fried pocket of chicken, cheese, or meat. He has to get someone to buy him an empinada and take a picture of himself with the person. This proves pretty easy.

Nicole called the whole thing ridiculous and did a very strange little dance. She found someone to buy her a treat, but it was not dolche de leche, it was a hot fudge sundae. She was denied.
Mark's final clue is: In this building is a representative band who vote for the rights of every woman and man. He's off to the Argentine congress. He needs to send a picture of himself with an Argentine woman.
Nicole finally got her dulche de leche, and got her final clue: The crowds will be huge, so go live la vida loca at the game for the team in a place called La Boca. A passerby helped her answer the question in no time, and she has to find the stadium where La Boca Jrs play, and convince a fan to let her try on their jersey and send a pic to Mr. Host Man.

Craig had seemingly no problem finding a woman to tango with, even though he had difficulties finding the theatre itself, but he finally got his final clue: Peron's second wife won the heart of the people. She's resting in peace right next to a steeple.

And there we are, I knew that my obsessive watching of Evita would amount to something.
Craig has to find the crypt of Eva Peron and take a picture of the family name above it. He got it in right before Mark, and the final destination is a bridge that he's been wanting to go to the entire time. Mark was much less enthusiastic for the final location.

It was a race to the bridge, and Mark got their first. He was not sure about what to do - Money, or dossier? He decided to wait for the others to get there first before making his decision. Craig got there next, and a car was sent to Nicole, who pretty much gave up on the task.
Craig decided to look at the dossier instead of putting the money in the pot. He got to check out the dossier with a nice bottle of wine by his side. They sure do eat and drink well on this show.

Mr. Host Man decided to bump up the pot to an even $420,000.

The final meal is served. It looks delicious.

The final quiz is 20 questions, covering the whole season!
  1. Is the mole male or female?
  2. In Over the Falls, what was the outcome of the Mole's jump?
  3. In When Pigs Fly, what did the Mole do when returning?
  4. Who was The Mole paired with in Fruit of the Luge?
  5. How much money did the Mole's team add to the pot during the Fruit of the Luge Mission?
  6. Where did the Mole sit during Fruit of the Luge?
  7. In Fruit of the Luge, if facing the players when Mr. Host Man announced disqualifications, where was the Mole, from left to right?
  8. How much money did the Mole's team earn in Midas Rush?
  9. In the Midas Rush mission, what color pants was the Mole wearing?
  10. At the end of Midas Rush, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  11. Was the Mole wearing a collared shirt during The Grapes of Cache?
  12. At Wine and Cheese after The Grapes of Cache, did the Mole open a bottle of wine?
  13. In Swing Out, how much did the Mole guess to win an exemption?
  14. During Tick Tock Boom, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  15. In Tick Tock Boom, did the Mole cut the wire?
  16. During the intro of Three to Tango, where was the Mole standing, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, from right to left?
  17. Which of the following did the Mole Consume during Three to Tango: Dulche le leche, empinada, or nothing?
  18. Which of the following facts did the Mole highlight in their application? (Went to Thailand after the tsunami, hates people who complain, or has an IQ of 143)
  19. How many exemptions has the Mole received to date?
  20. Who is the Mole?
And .... it's not over yet! All will be revealed next week. Who do you think it is? I'm leaning towards Nicole still. Pick your pony, I say. Either she's the Mole, or she's just too danged annoying for her own good.

Because I Love Neil Patrick Harris

Thanks, Ed, for pointing me in the direction of this gem... because I love my dvr, I skip most commercials, including this one, but thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, I can still enjoy the fun ads without cutting into my precious viewing time...


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Funniest Ever: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

Watch it, love it, watch it again, love it again, tell everyone you know about it, and revel in the genius of Joss Whedon and the awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris.

Nuff said.