Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol: 3.31.10

Starting off the night with a fast forward through Ruben, and watched the Ford video, which was set to Kung Fu Fighting.  Eh. Not the best.

I am highly amused that the info on my dvr for the episode said "American Idol starring Ellen Degeneres and some other people."  

Michael is sporting a Siobahn-esque purple rat tail extension glued to his head, and Andrew thinks he's full of personality.  Tonight features The Clash of the Titans, and they went to the World Premiere.  Fast forwarding... 

Some results.  Lee is safe, no surprise there.  Casey blathered on about not having any idea how to stretch himself as an artist, and he says he just picks a good song and does what he does with it.  He's safe.  Aaron's up next, and Seacrest went on about who is in love with who, and Simon told him this isn't the Oprah Winfrey show, and he needs to stick to singing.  Bravo.  Siobahn said that she wasn't going to make excuses for her off night, but said that she isn't feeling defeated.  Katie says that she is going to listen to the judges, but take the thoughts of the judges to heart.  Katie is in the Bottom 3, and Siobahn is safe.  To the Stools with Katie!

Simon told Seacrest that he is really getting on his nerves tonight.  I would agree.

And.... fast forward through Usher and his triple split screen.

Back to the matter at hand.. Didi says that she just started playing guitar, so it feels like taking a risk when she plays it.  Sadly, she's in the Stools of Shame.

Michael was psyched out by Seacrest, who had him walk across the stage to him, only to tell him he's safe.  And then Michael picked him up and shook him around a little.  I'd say Seacrest deserved that, and that many other people have wanted to do that during the course of the show.  Crystal is back in her comfort zone of style, and she's safe.  

Down to Tim and Andrew.  Andrew is safe, and Tim takes his habitual spot on the Stools.  Well, in the middle of the stage.  Going immediately back to safety is Katie.  That's about right.

At this point, it could be either one of them.  However, Didi actually has talent, so I hope that she stays.

And, fast forwarding through freaking Diddy.  Gahhhh.

Singing for her life, it's Didi. And freaking Tim is freaking safe again.


She's singing Rhiannon, and she's good.  BUT, the judges are obviously going to save that single save for Siobahn or Crystal or maybe Lee.

Someone, sign Didi, so that I can hear her on the radio.  She's going home.  Ah, Didi, you lost your way, that's all.. find it, record some awesome music.  Thank you.  That is all.

And next week, looks like it's back to the Lennon/McCartney songbook.  Man.  Didi could have done well with that...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol: 3.30.10

After an awkward backstage intro where the judges were pretending to make out, it's finally time to get started.

I kind of love Crystal's dress.

The theme is Soul and R&B, with Usher as mentor.  I don't like him much, so I'm not looking forward to this so much.  Seacrest did some chatting with Usher, with matching shades.  He apparently felt silly, because he didn't leave them on long.  Oh, lookie.  Usher's new album released today.  Not it all make sense.

Vote at 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Siobahn Magnus (Through the Fire, by Shakakahn) I just love Siobahn's low range.  And her high range.  Her boots were not my favorite.   Oh, wait!!!  Was that Siobahn going off key for a second?  I'm pretty sure it was!  And, I kind of hate the song.  And the arrangement.  This is not good.  She tossed a big power note in there, but it didn't make up for it.  Yo, Randy thinks she's courageous and has conviction, but thought that she missed the pitch in a lot of places.  Ellen thought she was like a hiker going off the trail.  She loves Siobahn, but not the performance.  Kara thought that the scream worked, but not anything else.  She says that every performer is entitled to one off night.  And this was Siobahn's.  Simon thought it sounded like she'd run a marathon, and was singing while running, out of breath.  He called it by far her weakest performance, didn't think the song suited her, and is getting bored with the screaming at the end.  Ellen thought that her scream at the end was gilding the lily.  Kara said that she seemed to be anticipating that note the whole time, and forgot about the rest of the song.  That makes sense.  Oh, that saddens me.  I don't think she's going anywhere, but that saddens me.

02) Casey James (Hold On, I'm Coming, by Sam & Dave)  Casey can really play the guitar.  I like it.  His voice is rather bleating, though.  Still, his vocals were really good, even with the bleating, and he looked totally at home on stage and looked like he was having a blast.    Nice job, Casey!  Yo, Randy thought it was a perfect selection and choice, and loved the performance.  Ellen thinks that Casey is always good, loved the vocals, but thought it was a little generic (this got her boo-ed).  She worried that it was his safe zone.  Kara thought that the electric guitar is limiting him, and wants him to be acoustic.  Simon thought it was his strongest week so far.  I agree, actually. 

03) Michael Lynche (Ready for Love, by India.Arie)  He's playing the guitar tonight, and sitting on a stool.  He seemed to be in a tractor beam of light.  Is he BEHIND the judges?  That's weird. There's a huge stage up there, and he's not using it.  The judges were not watching him. Very weird.  Anyhow, vocally, he was spot on, and he brought a lot of feeling into the song.  He got the crowd arm waving.  Not that that's hard.  But still, good performance.  Just bad staging.  Dude, what, dude, Randy thinks that Michael is in the zone.  Ellen doesn't like when people talk behind her back, and doesn't like it when they sing behind her back, but thinks it was beautiful.  Kara said that she hadn't heard the song before hearing he was going to do it, and then she went to listen to the original. She thinks that Michael nailed it.  Simon said it was the first time he's taken Michael seriously as an artist, and loved it.  The judges were apparently watching the performance on screens in front of them.  That's good at least.  I'm glad that Seacrest cleared that up.

What's with the post-performance interview after the commercial?  Are they trying to fill up that much time?

04) Didi Benami (What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?)  Her dress is fabulous.  I really like her eye makeup, too.  And her hair.  Her vocals were good, too.  You could tell she was feeling the song.  I think she even did her version of the Siobahn scream.  It was good, I think.  Randy, yo, didn't think it was about the song, and thought it was a flat-lined performance.  He didn't get it.  Ellen boo-ed herself before saying that it was dramatic, and she loves Didi's voice, but didn't like the performance.  Kara thought it was overdone, and thinks she's lost her way.  She was confused by the performance.  Simon said it was like swimming in jelly, and said it was so over the top, so old fashioned, and thought she sounded like the singers murdering songs on Dancing with the Stars. (Or, "one of those dancing shows.")  Didi said it was a challenge to get through the song without losing it, emotionally, and admitted that she's not an R&B singer, and did her best.  Seacrest brought back to mind the reason Didi auditioned for her show (remember, her friend died?) and I think he was casting the net for the sympathy votes for her.  It should be said that she didn't want to answer the question of why she sang it.  I liked it better than the judges, but I do agree that she has been better on other themes.

05) Tim Urban (Sweet Love, by Anita Baker) Apparently, papers are calling him Teflon Tim.  Usher wanted Tim to convince him of the lyrics of the song, to really feel the song.  That's Tim's problem.  He sounds generic.  He was sitting on the stairs for the song in the beginning.  I don't believe he's in love, sweet love.  And the look on his face was pleading and a little scary.  Tim is SOOOOO boring.  The arrangement was straight out of 1970 and he got froggy in parts.  Boring boring boring.  Please go away, because it will always be this way.  I bet the judges love him, just to spite me.  Dawg, yo, wassup, Randy thought he was like a singing waiter, and it felt pedestrian.  The good part was that at least he was mostly in tune.  There was no vibe and no swag. It fell flat for him.  Ellen said there's apparently a drinking game for every time she calls him adorable, and said she's going to call him adorable because they may never drink again.  She said that he looked like he was sneaking into a bedroom.  She said "good for you for taking it on, but ugh, why?"  Kara called it Broadway times Vegas and bad.  Tim was laughing. Simon called it a completely inappropriate song, but it doesn't matter, because apparently, people will vote for him, and he'll be here next week.  I think that Simon is as frustrated with Tim's continued inexplicable presence as I am.  Don't vote for him, America.

And I really hate these awkward time filler interviews.  Is it this hard to fill the time?  Ridiculous tonight.

06) Andrew Garcia (Forever, by Chris Brown)  This is the best he's sounded in weeks.  I think he finally picked the right song for his voice, and his vibe was good.  I'm not familiar with the original song, but I certainly dig Andrew's version.  Redeemed?  Perhaps!  Yo yo, yo baby, so listen, Randy declared that Andrew is back.  Loved his outfit, loved his take on the song, best performance in a long time. Ellen said that he is finally not competing with Straight Up, and this was just a good song on it's own.  Kara said that nothing makes her happier than saying that it is one giant leap in the right direction.  Simon said it was miles better than previous weeks, but worries that his personality is coming across as boring.  Filler of Andrew's mom threatening to beat Simon down for calling her son boring.  Really?

07) Katie Stevens (Chain of Fools, by Aretha Franklin) I love this song.  I adored it in The Commitments.  She's got a good alto, and ridiculously large hoop earrings.  This is the first time in a long time that I have seen the potential in Katie.  Unfortunately, she's wearing a really awful jumper.  On top of shiny leggings.  Just no. Her shoes are cute at least.  But, terrible outfit with a really good song.  Best in weeks and weeks.  Nice job, Katie.  Yo, so listen, Randy thought it was disconnected a little, but thought it was one of the strongest vocals of the night.  He thought it was a bunch of small moments, and wanted one big moment.  He compared her to a young Christina.  Ellen admired her Snookie Poof, loved the vocals, but thought it was kind of a dated song.  Kara says that Katie has found where she belongs, and the vocals were great.  She also wants it younger.  Simon thought her performance was kind of robotic, and Star Search.  He just really wants her to be a country singer, and isn't going to like anything until she sings country.  I think that this is the kind of music she needs to sing. 

08) Lee Dewyze (Treat Her Like a Lady) Lee apparently had walking pneumonia.  Yipes.  Sickly crew this year.  Really good job!  I think sometimes he sounds like he's squeezing his vocal chords, and sounds very closed up, but when he opens up, he's impressive.  Best job in a few weeks again.  I also really like his jacket.  I want to hear him sing something softer along the way, though.  Still... nice job.  Randy called it unbelievable, and called it the bomb.  Ellen said that the night has finally started, and thinks it was the best performance of the night.  Kara said he brought the song into his world, and declared that it could have been on his own record.  Simon said that he has been a fan of Lee's, and thinks he lacks some self confidence.  He told Lee to go home, watch the show back, and realize this is the moment when his life may have changed forever.  Nice.

09) Crystal Bowersox (Midnight Train to Georgia, by Gladys Night) Her surprise is a pair of rocking stillettos. And no guitar.  Instead, piano.  Nice. Just full of surprises.  She's glorious.  Perfect song for her.  She gave up the piano in the middle, and got up and made some connection with the audience.  Good idea. Wonderful.  Randy loved the whole thing.  Ellen said that Crystal is never not good.  That means she's always great.  Yes.  Kara was glad to see the risk, and loved the whole thing.  Simon said that the song choice was great, the vocals were at some times perfection, but thought that the backup singers shouldn't have been there, because it made it old fashioned, and doesn't want the show to change her into something that she's not.  Crystal promised to always stay true to herself.

10) Aaron Kelly (Aint No Sunshine, by Bill Withers)  His outfit looked like he just got back from the mall, and didn't fit the song at all.  He's doing a decent job vocally, with a few pitch problems here and there, but not embarrassing by any means.  I think that he thinks that scowling towards the camera equals intensity and feeling, though.  Wrong.  Yo yo, it was just a'ight for Randy.  Ellen said "if I had that much confidence when I was 11... wait, how old are you?" She liked it.  Kara liked it, but wasn't in love with it.  Simon said it was like a cupcake in comparison to Lee's steak.

The worst of the night was Tim, and then sadly Siobahn.  I bet that Didi is in trouble, too.  I don't think Siobahn is in danger of leaving, though.

Casey was really good, Katie was better, Lee was phenomenal, as was Crystal, and Aaron didn't embarrass himself.  Andrew has redeemed himself, Michael was good, but I've already forgotten him.. 

Please let Tim go home!!  If he doesn't, I fear for Didi, and I really like her (not on this kind of music, but still).

I'll be fast forwarding through Usher and Ruben Studdard tomorrow.  That's for sure.

What did you think?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol: 3.24.10

I've created a lot of buffer time, so I can fast forward through ALL of the guest performances.  Yay!

Really unflattering pause on Randy on the big screen, and Seacrest smirked through the intro, so you know that was on purpose.

Group Sing is to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.  I love this song, and I really wish that they would quit with the pre-recorded shit.  It was painfully obvious and not ok.  Did Didi almost fall off the stage?

I noticed last night that everyone was wearing muted colors.  Grey, brown, black, white.  Tonight, there's some color.  Siobahn is wearing a pink shirt, and there's some plaid from Andrew and Casey.

I really really really hate the lip syncing.  Hate.  These kids are so much better than lip syncing.  Do you hear me, Fox?

Sadly, no... *sigh*

Ford Music Video Time - set to Our Time Now (never heard it before), and they put rainbow balls in a fountain and danced like Friends.  Kind of lame.

Results time.  Siobahn's boss is not shaving until she wins, and her fan/friends are calling themselves Siobahnbies and are dressed like zombies.  Katie's dad can't watch her in competition live, and is across the street, probably having a drink, and getting play by play by phone from people back home.  Michael was shown in a clip with his baby in a Bjorn, and it was really cute.  His wife and baby are living in an apartment close to the Idols' house, and Michael sees them every night, but it's hard to see them so seldom.

Time for the Seats of Doom.  Siobahn is up first, and is safe.  Cruely, Seacrest first told her to pack her bags... for this summer, because she's going on tour.  Up next, it's Lee and Casey.  Seacrest left them standing and called up Tim and Paige next.  Does this mean that they aren't BOTH in the Seats of Shame?  Tim asserted that he had a great time during his performance.  Maybe, Tim, but I didn't.  And I think very few people did.  I could have fun spinning around in a circle on stage, but that doesn't mean that an audience would want to see it.  In a shock of Things Going the Right Way, Seacrest announced that Paige is in the bottom 3... and so it Tim.  Awesome.

Fast forward through Miley...

Idol Gives Back is coming in four weeks.  You can raise money now -

Who will be in the final Silver Stool of Sadness?  Aaron is in a very interesting shirt, he's starting to feel better, and he's safe.  Didi (I love her belt) wants to know what the judges want of her.  Ellen wants Didi to do what Didi does, maybe a little diddy.  Ellen loves her, just wants her to make better song choices.  Simon thinks her problem is overthinking, and she just needs to choose a good song and be good, full stop.  Didi is safe (yay!) even though the mics are such that she couldn't really hear Simon's advice.  Maybe she'll watch it back.  Michael is safe.  Simon wondered if Crystal would listen to Kara (no guitar) or Simon (guitar) if she stays.  She said she would listen to herself.  Go Crystal.  She's safe.  Katie is up next, and wants to stay pop/r&b, but says that she would try country for Simon, but it isn't where she's feeling it.  Andrew is safe (hope that he proves himself next week), and Katie is in the bottom 3.

That's about right.  Paige needs to go home.  Seacrest immediately sent Katie back to the couches.  Well, that was pointless.

Fast forwarding through Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas.  Buh-bye.

Tim is safe tonight, but only because Paige sucked.  Badly.  She gets a chance to sing for her place in the show, but Simon told her before singing that there is no way they are saving her.  It was 100% unanimous as a decision. 

Next week is Soul & R&B with Usher as mentor.  I don't have a great feeling about that....

Paige sang them out, and was better than last night, but it was definitely her time to go. I was distracted by her matching hair extensions and eyeshadow.

Hopefully, Tim will be gone next week!!

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 3.24.10

Post the boot off of Tom, James offered Colby a hug. Candace voted for Tom because she doesn't want to make anyone mad.  She failed, because Amanda wants her gone.

Over at Villains Camp, Rob was up in the middle of the night, and Russell went to talk with him.  Russell said that he doesn't want to fight with Rob, and Rob said that a lot of people were angry that Russell went looking for the idol.  Russell tried to play it like he hadn't found it, but Rob didn't seem convinced.

The next day, they got a vague Tree Mail.  James is still in a big ol' brace...

It's Individual Immunity against your own tribe - because everyone's going to Tribal, and each tribe will vote someone out.

Everyone will be attatched to a rope and will have to thread themselves through an obstacle course.  The winner from each tribe gets immunity.  The two winners will compete head to head, and the winner gets a hot dog/soft drink meal for their tribe, while they watch the other Tribal council.

James somehow managed to pull himself into the lead, but then JT and Candace pulled ahead.  Candace won it, and JT said that just marked Colby.

For the Villains, it was Rob, Tyson, and Russell battling.  Rob won it.

For the head to head, it's Rob vs. Candace. There's a third level to the obstacles, and it's taller.  They both threw themselves into it.  Rob won it.  Why am I not surprised?  Good for him.

Back at the Villains camp, Rob is pulling for Parvarti to get voted out, but wants Russell to think that he is going so he plays the idol.  Rob told Russell that if he doesn't have the idol, he needs to find it.  Russell still said that he didn't have it, and Rob told him "Good knowing you!"

Russell went to Parvarti and told her that he thinks they are trying to gun for her, and he's planning on voting for Tyson and giving the idol to her tonight.  Wow.  That guy is good.

Over at Heroes Camp, Colby seems resigned to going home.  He talked to James, and admitted that he hasn't had a very good time, and admitted that he was sucking.  Even though Rupert has a broken toe, and James has the leg barely working, Colby was last in the challenge.  That's awful.  The others talk about needing to have a strong tribe.  Amanda told James that he was going to have to prove that he can run, and that he can't eat more bananas than everyone else, without getting any for other tribe members.

James and JT had a race.  JT ran backwards, but James still ran it and did a good job.  Colby lazed in the water.  I think that Colby has sealed his fate.

The scheming continued at Villain Central.  Rob wants the alliance to split the vote, between Parvati and Russell.  But... will Coach go with the crowd, or his new King?

Russell took Tyson aside and told him that he would vote for Parvati, and he would save her if he could, but he can't.  Tyson seems ready to flip his vote to Parvati.  He's genius.  He anticipated what Rob was going to do and flipped Tyson.  maybe.   I love it.

No matter what, I want Rob and Russell in this for the long haul, together.  They are wonderfully devious and smart and they really really know how to play the game.

Tribal Council: Villains

Sandra called Russell out for having the hidden idol, and Russell still said that he didn't have it.  Parvati called out Tyson for having connections on both sides.  The same is said of Parvati.  Eeeeen-teresting.

Sandra in her vote REALLY hates Russell.  She said he needed to get in the ocean and wash his ass, if I heard her right.  Wow. 

Let's see how these votes go.  Russell got up and said that he was going to take the target off of his back, then told Probst that he wasn't going to play the idol that way, and told Coach that loyalty, honesty, and trust is the best thing.  Then, he handed the idol to Parvati, who played innocent like she had no idea it was coming, and played the idol, calling Russell a gentleman.

Rob still looked pleased with himself... until the fourth Parvati vote was read, and Tyson was out.  Who was the third vote for Tyson?  Coach?  Russell looked tickled.  Oh,man, it was Danielle who voted for Tyson.  Wonder how that went down??  Again... Eeeen-teresting.

Hot dogs and soda in hand, the Villains settled in to watch the Heroes' Tribal.  Rupert wanted some dogs, but it was raining on them all, and James found some satisfaction that it was "raining on the parade."

Tribal Council: Heroes

James admitted that he lost the race with JT.  James said that Colby was one of the baddest Survivors ever, growing up.  Colby said that he was not that old.  James still said that Colby lost a race against a fat dude and a cripple, and it was like seeing that Superman was wearing a girdle.  Colby said that hearing it wasn't as bad as living it.

Before the vote, the Villains were sent away (but able to finish what was in their mouths).  Since Tribal lasts for a super long time, not all shown on tv, I doubt anyone went away hungry.

Color me stunned when James was voted out.  I think it was the right decision, but I thought his alliance was going to keep him there, bum leg or not.  JT told him to have a shot for them, and James' parting words were "I'm going to be drunk in five minutes."  Now, can Colby get his head out of his butt and back in the game.

Next week, Rob compares Russell to a suicide bomber.  I hope that Russell finds the next hidden idol, and keeps this thing interesting!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol: 3.23.10 - Billboard #1's

Kara blathered on for a bit about the importance of song meaning and interpretation.  Simon said that it is the worst week to go home because it's like getting 5 out of 6 lottery numbers, because they won't be on the tour.

I am systematically ignoring Miley Cyrus because I cannot stand her.  Cannot stand her.  And, she sounds like a 40 year old smoker.

Voting = 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Lee Dewyze (The Letter, by The Box Tops) I'm not loving this jazz rendition.  I like this song more soulful.  This was just weird and loungey.  I don't feel like he felt the lyrics at all.  Vocally, he sounded good, but the arrangement was dreadful.  Yo.  Randy liked the bluesy soul version and thought he knocked it out da' box.  Disagreed.  Ellen loves her favorite pen which writes better than any other pen, and hates when it runs out of ink, and tries to lick it and light a match under it, and said Lee is her favorite pen and is back.  Kara loved him.  Simon was surprised that he chose that song, and didn't think it was a recording performance, and thought it was corny.  He admitted that he sounded good, but missed the point, because he didn't make himself contemporary.  I agree whole heartedly with Simon.

02) Paige Miles (Against All Odds, by Phil Collins)  Trying to recreate the Siobahn Stair moment, Paige fails.  Entirely.  She started off totally off pitch and never found the pitch at all.  Ever.  I miss Lilly.  This is cringe worthy.  Her phrasing was off, her pitch was off, and she sounded pained. Randy seemed at a loss for words, and said it was honestly terrible, and tried to to blame it on her laryngitis.  Ellen said that at least she didn't fall over in the heels, and turned the musical critique to the others.  Kara thinks that she stopped listening to them at some point, and called it the worst vocal that she's ever heard from Paige, and the worst possibly of the season.  Simon asked how she thinks she did.  Paige admitted to struggling with the pitch. Simon said it was like five of her were singing the song, and they each got progressively worse.

03) Tim Urban (Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Queen) He's on key, but he is sooooo boring.  He sounds like a bland wedding singer.  He danced, but I hated it.  Randy .... agreed with me!  He thought that he was boring and bland.  And Ellen thought it was corny and he tried too hard, and it was like an audition for High School Musical.  Kara said it was like Zac Ephron in Hairspray and it was boring, and said he can only work the stage like that if he's already made it, and he hasn't.  Simon said that the dancing distracted from the song, so he understands why he did it.  Simon called it completely pointless, and again, criticized the song choice.  Go home, Tim.

04) Aaron Kelly (I Don't Want To Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith) He's got laryngitis and tonsilitis.  Yipes!  He's bathed in blue light and looks like he should be singing Under the Sea. Oh god, the suck fest continues.  He wasn't terrible, but it the absolute wrong song choice. Absolute.  Yo, Check it out, Listen Man, Randy was happy that he at least was better than the two before him.  That's faint praise.  Ellen said that she could tell he was sick, and his pitch is normally spot on, and that's impressive, because he's in what, third grade?  Kara praised the song choice.  I disagree.  They like that he's Old Faithful.  or, Young Faithful.  Simon called him a little try-er, and worries that for his age, he's making himself old fashioned, but thinks there is zero chance of him going home.  Then Seacrest called him David Archuletta.  That was funny.

05) Crystal Bowersox
(Me and Bobby McGee, by Janis Joplin)  Crystal must have been annoyed being coached by Miley freaking Cyrus.  Or not.  She had Miley sign her guitar.  Finally, someone I want to hear.  She looks so beautiful tonight, really.  Ah.  There's the chills I've been waiting for all night.  She did not do a Janis Joplin impersonation.  She sang a Crystal Bowersox song.  That was awesome.  Yo, Randy had to drown out the cheers.  He said that Crystal is a star, sang from her heart, and is so happy.  Ellen heard the song on the radio the other day, and thought that Crystal should sing it.  She loved the performance, but wanted a little more audience connection, and she needs to take it in that the audience likes her.  Crystal claimed to have big plans for next week.  Kara saw more, and saw her moving a little more, and wondered if she would put the guitar down.  Simon says that he wouldn't change anything.  He said up until tonight, it's been a karaoke competition, and said that Crystal's version was as good as Pink's excellent version.  Crystal had a carpet on the stage.  I missed that.  I like it.  She and Ryan sat on the carpet while her numbers came up.  Awesome.  Go Crystal.

06) Michael Lynche (When a Man Loves a Woman) Piano accompaniment for Michael.  With strings. He sounds really good.  Even though I would probably never buy his music, I think he's up on top of the men for me.  He connects with songs admirably, and I appreciate his pure falsetto.  Check it out and listen, Randy loves that he sings the I don't know what out of who he is.  Ellen said it was like driving the speed limit, and he got there, but it was a safe choice.  Kara said that technically, it was there, but thought it got to be boring, loungey, and overindulgent.  Simon said it was like when you want one scoop of ice cream and you get eleven.  He would have preferred a more stripped down performance, and worried how old it seemed.  He wants something without any irritating interruptions.

07) Andrew Garcia (Heard it Through the Grapevine, Marvin Gaye)  Miley advised him to put the guitar down.  We'll see if that pays off.  He was having troubles with lyrics in rehearsal.  This performance is pretty good, though at times it felt like he was trying to be a sign language interpreter.  His voice is better for minor key, haunted-type songs.  Randy thought it was the wrong song choice, because it's not the kind of singer he is.  Ellen loves him, but didn't think it would be good enough to draw people to voting for him.  Kara thinks he seems confused and he was trying to chase his moment, and thought he looked like a puppet.  She wants him to go back and look at Straight Up and see what he did.  Simon thinks maybe they overpraised Straight Up, and thinks that he sucked the soul out of the song tonight and made it corny, and thinks he made the wrong song choice entirely.  I don't think he deserved that harsh criticism.  Not with Tim and Paige in the mix.

08) Katie Stevens (Big Girls Don't Cry, by Fergie) Her facial expressions seemed contrived in places, and she started off really well, but when she got into the chorus, it got rough.  She's throaty and I don't think she knows how to breathe properly.  Pitchy.  Pitchy.  Oh, good lord.  Why is (mostly) everyone sucking tonight?  Apparently she wanted to make it her own by throwing the song in a blender.  The beginning was so good, and she totally lost it.  Randy admitted that she was sharp all over the place, but appreciated that she did a younger song.  Ellen thinks it was her best performance to date.  That doesn't say much.  She called her the Dakota Fanning of American Idol.  Kara said she had mad pitch issues, but this is the kind of song she needs to do.  Simon thinks that meeting Miley was the best thing that's happened to Katie.  He still wants her to go country.

09) Casey James (The Power of Love, by Huey Lewis and the News) He got a haircut, I think, and it's not a good haircut.  Either that, or he's using some weird product and his hair is all permed looking.  I think this song is a great song for him.  A little off key here and there, but I really like this song on him.  I wish he was moving around a little.  He looked glued to the microphone stand.  That was a little off.  He's really a better guitarist than he is a singer.  Randy says he's probably the best guitar player that the show's had, and thought he did a good job.  Ellen forgot entirely about Crystal and called this the best vocal of the night.  Kara thinks he is ready to record an album right now.  Simon thought it was like listening to an 80's cover band.  I'm somewhere in between the two of them.

10) Didi Benami (You're No Good, by Linda Rondstadt) I wish she had her guitar, and she's looking very very Taylor Swift tonight.  Her vocals are pretty darned good, and I love her tone.  And damn, those are hot boots.  She said she was going to sing the song directed at her nerves being no good.  And it worked.  She was really really solid, even through some pitch problems.  Randy loved the idea of the song, but thought she was pitchy.  Ellen didn't like the song choice.  Kara worried that she was playing a character and it didn't feel authentic, leaving her confused.  Simon thought the song was ironic, and thought it was like the bad part of a musical.  I thought she was way better than this.  Lacey defended her choice and said that she didn't want to be pigeonholed.

11) Siobahn Magnus (Superstition, by Stevie Wonder) Pimp spot, and a large faux hawk for Siobahn. I think she's got a new blonde streak, too.  She had a whole jazz band behind her.  She's good.  She can hold her own against the jazz band.  She's just so... good.  Can we send home everyone but her and Crystal now please?  She had another scream which worked.  She's just... so Siobahn.  Randy is always excited to see her and called her fearless.  He loves her conviction.  Ellen wanted more, please, to quote Oliver.  Kara loves how much she expresses herself.  Simon thinks there is going to be a split, and worries that her scream is becoming predictable.  He wants everyone to push themselves and become relevant.

Simon said it wasn't a good night.  Can we blame Miley?

Lee wasn't so bad in hindsight.  Paige, Tim, Aaron, Katie... blahhhhhhhhh. Dang, I forgot about Michael.  What does that say?  Andrew wasn't terrible, but so many of them were just so awful, he's safe.

Crystal WAY out on top.  Siobahn pretty close behind.  I liked Didi, no matter what they say, and I think that Casey did the best out of the guys.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol: 3.17.10

Starting out with a green light St. Patrick's Day extravaganza.  That was...random...

Weirdness between Simon and Ryan. Simon was unhappy with Ryan's getting in his face last night, and wondered if Ryan wants his job.  Weird.  Simon explained the judge's save.  David Cook is here, to sing Jumpin' Jack Flash.  Nice.  I wish the back of his head didn't look like it got stuck in the wrong end of the blowdryer.... but he sounds great.

Ah, the first Ford Ad.  They are vandalizing brand new cars with paint balls.  This seems like a bad idea all around.  And, low and behold, the cars came out beautifully painted.  Casey had the flu, so he wasn't in the ad, but lookie, another Ford Spot - they could create their own Ford Fiesta graphics.  That's kind of cool.

Wasting not too much time, Paige is sent to the Stools of Uncertainty.  Lee is safe, and vows to have his Moment. Siobahn?  She got some (deserved) praise for being so great and unique from Ellen, and she's safe.  Aaron is safe, and he did ok last night, so I'm ok with that.  Andrew and Tim are up next.  Andrew is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3.  Yay! 

I can't spell this chick's name, and I like her song, but I think she is way better on a studio recording than singing live... BUT - that girl can play respectable guitar!

Back to the results.

Didi got emotional because her mom was shown before her performance last night, and it worked out ok, because she's safe.  Crystal also had emotional problems last night, watching her dad crying on her clip before going out.  She also wants to make it clear that she has never felt like she has the competition in the bag, and wants to make sure that people know that she is just as nervous as everyone else.  Well, she's safe this week.  Good.  Simon wants Katie to head in a country direction, Randy wants her pop-rock, and Ellen wants her mariache.  Well, she's safe.  Casey is also safe, and Lacey is in the bottom 3.

That's about right.

What happened next was not ok.  Tim is safe.  Boooooooooooooooo.

Fast forwarding through Ke$ha.  I can't stand her and her rampant autotuning and over processing of vocals.  Let's not talk about her deep lyrics.  Booooo...

Lacey turns out to be the one in danger of leaving, and Paige is safe.   That's about right.

Lacey got a chance to sing a song of her choice to try to evoke a judge's save.  She sang the much better song for her voice that she sang last week, which the judge's deliberated.  I bet they were discussing what kind of pizza to get post-show.  No way are they saving her.  She sounded decent, but she's out.  Buh-bye.

Do you think the right person went home?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol: 3.16.10 - Rolling Stones Night!

Time for the big stage,and the Price is Right entrance. Ah, added cheesiness...

Siobahn looks super cute, and Lacey looks like someone assaulted her with a tablecloth.  That's about right.

Montage of Stones Awesomeness.

Numbers are 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Michael Lynche (Miss You) He grew up performing plays his mom wrote, and he played football until his mom died and he turned back to music.  And there's footage of his baby!!!  So sweet! He's pretty good, vocally.  It's not grabbing me like he did last week, but I'm not complaining.  Randy wasn't so pleased with the arrangement, but thinks he slayed it.  Ellen loves everything about Mike.  Kara thinks he had the stage presence to pull the song off.  Simon appreciates his confidence, but thought his performance was kind of corny in places, and was verging on desperate.  Hmmm.  Ryan got in Simon's face, and it was awkward.  Moving right along.

02) Didi Benami (Play With Fire) Didi is the middle child, and she was a high needs baby.  No guitar, Didi.  Boo.  Still, I think she killed the vocals, and picked a good song for her voice.  There was a bum high note in there, and her last note was a little shaky, but all in all, not too bad.  It's a rough week for her style.  Randy thought she was on fire, and called it one of her best performances.  Ellen loved that she found her way after losing it a little.  Did she mess up some lyrics?  Not sure.  I am not entirely familiar with the song.  Kara appreciated her intensity, and the darkness of the performance mixed with the sweetness of her voice, but worried that if she pushes her voice too much, she goes off.  Simon thought she did a good job, though he was worried she was going to lose it in the beginning, but called it a solid performance.

03) Casey James (It's All Over Now) I love that Casey is from a town in Texas called Cool.  He had seizures from the whooping cough vaccine when he was a baby, and they were worried he was going to have trouble talking, but he hummed in his crib before he sang. He's got the electric guitar again.  Randy and Ellen thought he did really well, and Kara thinks he is a rock star again.  Simon disagreed, and thought it was an audition performance and he didn't push himself enough and didn't use the big stage well enough.

04) Lacey Brown (Ruby Tuesday)  Lacey has done a lot of singing in church, and her dad said that she is naturally shy.  This is bad.  I miss Lilly.  She's all over the place and is again sitting on the edge of the stage.  Randy called it the most interesting performance of the night.  Ellen worried about Lacey's propensity for sitting on the edge of things, and warned her against going to the grand canyon.  Kara thought she was pitchy and could have gone farther.  Simon thinks she performs like an actress.  I just miss Lilly.  Did I already say that?

05) Andrew Garcia (Gimme Shelter) He grew up poor, but his parents were musical, too.  I love this song, and I think he doesn't have a big enough voice to carry it off.  He seems to have a really limited voice, and doesn't breathe properly.  Eons better than Genie in a Bottle, and not awful, but I wish that someone else had sung it.  Randy loves the song, and loves Andrew, but thought it was pitchy all over and not great.  Agreed.  It was consistently flat. Ellen disagreed and thought it was his best performance yet.  Kara again wanted the lyrical connection to come across.  She's harping on the meanings of songs. Simon wondered if she wanted him to come on stage with a tank, and thinks she is being too literal.  I'm between the two of them.  Simon thinks he gave it 100%, but thought something didn't quite connect with the song, and thinks he was probably better in rehearsal.

06) Katie Stevens (Wild Horses) Katie was a ham and not shy growing up.  She's sitting in the god spotlight in the middle of the stage, on a stool. She told her 8 year old self to stay on pitch in her package, and I wish she had told her current self to stay on pitch, too.  She was just a little off all over the place.  Just a little.  It wasn't terrible, but man, it could have been better.  She's really throaty and I don't like it.  Randy thought she sang it well, despite a couple pitch problems.  Ellen thought that she started off pitchy, but was really good when she got into it. Kara said that Katie is never technically perfect, but she's good, and thought it was better than last week. Simon thought that it was the first time she's connected with the song, but didn't love the second half of the arrangement.  (and, he recorded it with Susan Boyle.  I love her version, btw)

07) Tim Urban (Under My Thumb) 10 kids in his family, and 1 shower.  Yipes.  Tim's apparently always had stupid hair.  Nice.  God.  He's reggaeing out Under My Thumb.  I'm not ok with this.  He's soooooo boring.  Booooo, Tim.  I hate this. A lot.  He's bland bland bland, and thinks he's interesting.  The judges are apt to drool over this.  It doesn't help that I really really really dislike reggae.  He's not Jason Mraz.  He's just not.  So he needs to stop.  And go away.  Yay!  Randy hated it, and didn't get the reggae thing.  Ellen also felt like she was at a resort and sipping a pina colada listening to someone sing pleasantly.  Kara applauded him for doing something so incredibly different with the song.  Simon called the song boring, and didn't think his version worked at all, and called it a crazy decision.  He thinks that Stones fans would turn it off.  I agree.  My husband sure left the room right quick.

08) Siobahn Magnus (Paint it Black) She's from Cape Cod, and her family uses music as an outlet.  I love this song, and I was hoping that someone I liked would do it.  I worry that it might have been a tiny bit flat at points, but I liked it.  And I dug her style.  She hit a really awesome note at the end, another power note, and followed it up by a much softer ending.  I liked it, any pitch problems aside.  I mean, really liked it.  Yo, Randy thought she was bringing the drama, and thought it was hot.  Ellen loves her look, loved the sound, loved the arrangement.  Kara was having Adam Lambert flashbacks, and called it the most interesting of the night.  Simon agreed.  He worries that she's going to have to use that great screaming power in every song.  I'm so happy that everyone liked her.  Go, Siobahn!  Definitely my favorite of the night so far.

09) Lee Dewyze (Beast of Burden) He didn't like singing for people when he was a kid.  He changed this song up to be a lighter, acoustic version.  Like John Mayer doing Stones.  It worked for him.  I don't like John Mayer, but I could like Lee.  This worked, much much much better than Tim's awful reggae attempt.  I could actually see Lee recording this song.  Dawg, Yo, you know what Randy loves?  He loves the singer/songwriter thing he had going on, and thought it was dope, Rob Thomas-y.  Ellen thought it was great, but was expecting a tiny bit more from him, and thought it almost didn't come together, like a hospital gown.  Ha.  Kara said the energy was a little low, but he is showing tremendous growth.  Simon likes his story, but thinks he is low on personality.  He thought it was a safe song, and Simon's frustrated, because Lee isn't using his incredible voice, and wants Lee to stamp his mark, and believe that he is the best.

10) Paige Miles (Honky Tonk Woman) She loves her mom, and her dad died when she was 4.  She grew up singing in church.  Ok, why is she wearing something that Steve Irwin would wear to wrestle crocs?  With tights?  Really?  It distracted me terribly.  Her vocals were solid, though.  I have to give her that.  She turned it really country.  Hmmm.  Yo, Randy was worried when he heard her song choice, but thought it worked, though he wanted more energy.  Ellen loves her stage presence, and apparently, Paige has been struggling with her voice this week.  Kara thinks that the Paige they fell in love with is back.  Simon asked what was up with her voice... and she spoke, and has laryngitis!  Ok, that was impressive, though.  Simon worried it was an old fashioned, generic performance, but was glad to see her use that big voice.

11) Aaron Kelly (Angie) Terrified Teenager #2!  Another stair sitter.  And he just looks scared.  He got better as the performance went on. Better than last week!  Vocally good!  Randy loved his tender moments and thinks he is born to sing.  Ellen worried that he was trying to copy her hair, but loved the song.  Kara thought he connected beautifully.  Simon thought it was a great song choice, and thought that he sang the song in the limits of his vocal range.  Not sure if that's a ringing endorsement, but I have a feeling the teeny boppers will be out en force.

12) Crystal Bowersox (You Can't Always Get What You Want) She's written songs since she was 10.  Damn, she is just soooo good.  Totally deserving of the pimp spot.  She was so at home and so good.  She gave me chills.  Dang.  Love her.  Love her. Did I mention, I love her?  Yo, Randy didn't think it was her best performance, but was not disappointed, and loves her.  Ellen said that she added some personality to the performance, and she looked like she was having fun, and thinks that Crystal sings with such ease.  Kara worried that she was looking cocky, but liked her fun tonight.  Simon thought that she came out as the clear favorite, but didn't love her song choice.  He thinks that Siobahn beat her tonight.

Favorites?  Siobahn, then Crystal, then Didi.  Lacey can go.  Yesterday.  Ugh.  Or Tim.  Yuck.  Katie bored me, too.  What do you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol: 3.11.10

I can tell you already, I'll be fast forwarding through Scott McIntyre.  It's late, and I can't bring myself to care.  At all.

A Michael Buble Group Sing?  I sure wish they would sing live!!!  Fast forwarding.

Didi is the first into the Top 12.  Yay!  Siobahn?  No surprise, she's in. Good.  Paige and Katelyn were called up next.  One is in, and one is out.  Holy cow... Paige is in, and Katelyn is out.  After last night's travesty by Paige, that stuns me.  I didn't see Katelyn going that far, though.  She's kind of generic.

Fast forwarded though her boot-off sing.

Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey were called to the stage.  Casey is the first sent to the Silver Stools of Safety.  Tim is next.  Booooo to that one.  So, it's between Todrick and Lee.  Todrick, I thought, had the better voice last night, but Lee has been better throughout.  Lee is in, and Todrick is out.  Go to Broadway, Todrick!

Fast forwarding!

Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud?  Also fast forwarding.  Dueling pianos, nice, but it's too late.  I don't like Matt's stupid faux hawk, either.

Crystal?  She's in.  Good.  Michael?  Safe.  Awesome.  Seacrest asked him if he would fit on one stool.  Funny.  Lacey?  In.  She gives awful interview.  Wow.  Aaron is up next.  Well, crap.  He's in.  Stupid teeny bopper voters!  Will the final guy be Alex, or Andrew?  Andrew blew it with Genie in a Bottle last night, but not badly enough to erase the collective memory of Straight Up.  Alex is out.  I was never a huge fan, but I think he deserved that seat more.  He was in tears.  Poor kid.  Ellen urged him to follow the words of Chumbawumba, and get knocked down, but get back up again.

And, fast forwarding.  I say, get rid of that mullet, boy!

Apparently, there were some huge hugs over the commercial break.

Now, finally, it's down to Katie or Lilly.   Oh, no!!!  Silver haired Lilly is gone, and I'm so so sad.  Katie was dreadful last night.  Stupid teeny bopper voters!  Last night wasn't my favorite Lilly performance, but she was so much better than Katie. Lilly wondered what America wants to hear, and I am not sure either.

What do you think of the Top 12?  I think that a lot of them are very good and deserve to be there.  Then, there's Aaron and Katie.  Sorry, teenagers, but you aren't up to par yet... Boo, America on that.

And the first theme night?  Rolling Stones.  That could be .... interesting.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 3.10.10

After Cirie's ouster, JT hoped that the tribe would realize he did it to help the tribe.  Rupert, he was just pissed off.  In the morning, JT tried to reassure Amanda that he wouldn't betray her.  She wasn't buying it.

Oh, Good Lord.  Coach has the whole tribe doing Dragonslayer Chi.  He must be in heaven.  Well, the whole tribe except for Russell, who called it Coach Chi Meditating and crap, and went in search of the Hidden Idol.  And, in true Russell fashion, he found it.  I love it.  Too bad there was a clue (though they were more clever in hiding it this time!)

Reward Challege

3 members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls in a pit, toss them to tribe members, who will try to get baskets.  First to 2 baskets wins.... a feast of chocolate.  Probst gave each person a tiny morsel of chocolate to tempt them.  Colby refused his chocolate.  No Heroes at chocolate.  Rupert said that they are focused and don't care about the reward, and just want to win.

Colby sat out for the Heroes.  Courtney, Parvati, and Sandra.

In the pit, Danielle, Tyson, and Russell vs. Candace, James, and Tom.  Platforms, Coach, Rob, and Jerri, vs. JT, Amanda, and Rupert.

James took a hard hit in the pit and something was bad... Medics are called in.  They think it might be a muscle sprain.   He is out of the challenge and they were taking a look at it.  Colby was not allowed to enter the challenge, though.

Amanda made the first score for the Heroes, and they rotated pit to platform.  Tyson made a basket for the Villains... as Rupert whacked Jerri's nose into the gate. She got right up.   It was not bleeding.  Rupert claimed to have not meant to do it.

And switch it up again.  After a few close calls, Jerri got the second basket for the Villains, and they won the Reward.  I guess the little taste of chocolate was good motivation for the Villains.

After the challenge, James got splinted up and they wanted to see if he could walk on it.

The Villains had the biggest chocolate feast I've ever seen.  Looked like a good way to make them all ill.  After the chocolate, they got to take a swim in a beautiful swimming hole.  It was a cave.  Something else.  Russell was not swimming, and the swimmers decided that Russell had the Idol and decided to flush it out.  Toasting over milk, Russell told Parvati that he had the idol.  Parvarti said that she would not ride coattails. Russell wanted to convince Coach to go to his side by showing him the idol, and Parvarti called Coach a scared little puppy and would go with him.  They then wanted to get rid of Rob.

Good move, because Coach feels like Russell has given him his trust and he says he wouldn't betray it.  Coach bowed down to Russell, and he said as the king that he is, he knighted the Dragonslayer.  Wow.

Amanda was in tears at the thought of losing James.  Tom was not.  And, down the beach?  Who's that coming?


Amanda ran to meet him, and it was really cute.  He said that the medics didn't know what was wrong with it, and it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't work.  Candace decided that James needs to go if they lose the challenge, because he's a whole lot o' dead weight.

Immunity Challenge

One person will be a caller for blindfolded pairs of tribemates, who need to collect 10 huge puzzle pieces in the field.  Then, they have to build the puzzle.

Tyson and Danielle sit out for Villains.  Jerri calls for them, and James calls for Heroes.

The Heroes got the puzzle pieces back first, and began building as the Villains came back with their final piece.  Can they make up for the lost time?  In fact, they can.  The puzzle mastery of the Villains trumps again. 

Heroes - to Tribal council!

There are thoughts of sending James, Tom, or Candace home. JT and Candace seem to be leaning towards James.  Amanda and Rupert are split between Tom and Candace. Colby called JT wishy washy.

Tribal Council

Probst asserted that his niece would be able to beat James at a race right now.  James doesn't think that he is that bad.  JT worried about continually losing.  James went back to the refrain of people not listening to each other, and blamed Tom and Candace.  JT didn't think it was right to place the blame on anyone for losing, because it doesn't seem that any of them can win.

Voting, Tom called James "all mass, no class."  Nice.  Votes go for Tom, Tom, then James, another for James, another for Tom, and Tom is out.  I think that was a mistake.  Goodbye, Tom.  I still love you.

No Survivor next week, and the week after, it's on Wednesday.  The battle is on between Russell and Rob.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol: 3.10.10 - Men's Night

I fast forwarded through the silliness with the judges.

Call 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Lee Dewyze (Fireflies, by Owl City)  This song is such a quiet, sweet song, and Lee was all over the place on it for me.  He was rocking the guitar, but it lost the charm of the song. I could barely listen to it. Oh, Lee. You're better than this.  Randy thought it was a strange song choice, but appreciated the different take on it, even with the pitch problems.  Ellen appreciated that he made it a little rock, even though there were pitch problems.  Kara thought he looked confident, and they have been waiting for that. She thinks he made the song a better song, and thought it was a solid job, though it wasn't his best moment.  Simon didn't think there was anything to rave about, and thought that he is better than that performance.  Didn't I just say that?

02) Alex Lambert (Trouble, by Ray Lamontagne) I really hate his mullet, but he is rocking the guitar again.  I think this is the best I've liked him so far.  He sounds phlegmy to me sometimes, but this was a really competent job, and it was modern.  I liked it.  But the mullet is ridiculous. It's not cute, it's not unique.  It's just ridiculous.  Randy, yo yo, thought it was good, but could have been better.  Ellen returned to the banana analogy, and said he is getting mushy because he's ripening so fast.  She loves his innocence and vulnerability.  She doesn't want him to become a cocky banana.  Kara thinks that he is the only thing standing in the way of him winning.  She wanted just a stripped down, him and the guitar, performance.  Simon wants him to get himself mentally somewhere else because he is too stiff performing.  Some silliness with judges...

03) Tim Urban (Hallelujiah, by Jeff Buckley) I really don't like Tim.  To me, this song belongs to Jason Castro on the AI stage.  He didn't seem to be feeling the lyrics at all.  I guess, vocally, it was nicer than anything I've heard him sing before, but that doesn't change my mind about him.  He's boring.  Randy loves the song, and he thinks that Tim did a pretty good job.  Ellen thinks that she has criticized him a lot, but hopped up out of the judge's table and gave Tim a hug because she thought it was fantastic.  Kara thinks he might have just brought himself back into the competition.  Simon thinks Tim is good this week because of the comments Simon gave.  He didn't think it was the best version of the song he's ever heard, but it was the best Tim's been.  I guess so.  But I still don't like him.  I just don't see much special in his voice or his performance.  And, his hair is stupid.

04) Andrew Garcia (Genie in a Bottle, by Christina Aguelarra)  Nice job!  This is what I've been waiting for from him - another stripped down, different version of an unexpected song.  I don't think it was as good as Straight Up, but it was definitely heading in the right direction.  Randy appreciated his cardigan, but didn't think that the song quite worked, and thought it sounded like it was three notes.  I disagree.  Ellen thought that it was the right song, but the end was the best part, and she wanted more of that.  Kara worries that he peaked too early, and he's been chasing it ever since.  She thought he was fighting with the rhythm of the guitar.  Simon was with Kara, and thought it was a little desperate, and over-thought.  I liked it, again, not as much as Straight Up, but it was certainly much better.

05) Casey James (You'll Think of Me, by Keith Urban) He's unplugged this week, and I don't know this song, but I liked the way he sounded.  His vibrato was more in control.  It was still slightly bleaty here and there, but certainly better vocally than last week, and he finished his phrases.  Thank you, Casey.  And, by the way, I like his hair back instead of down.  Randy, yo, is a fan of that song, but thought it was a safe choice, and thinks Casey is edgier than that song.  Ellen thought it was great, and likes Casey sitting down.  Kara is kind of back on the Casey train, and thinks he did better not trying to be a rock star, and called it more honest, but wanted more spark.  Simon called it his second best so far, and thinks it made him sincere, but doesn't think it will be memorable.

06) Aaron Kelly (I'm Already There, by Lonestar)  This came out in 2001, when Aaron was 5 I think. He's bad.  Mumbly.  Shakey on pitch.  Nasal.  He was better when he stood up, but that doesn't make it good.  Add to that, he looked really uncomfortable on stage.  I hope the teeny boppers don't unite for him.  He's bad.  Oh, oh, oh, so bad. Randy, dude, thinks he has the makings of the great, but thinks that he needs to work on his lower register.  Ellen loves Aaron, and doesn't think that he seems 16.  She thinks he's sounded better, and that the song was too big for him.  Kara loves him, but doesn't think that the song related to his life at all. Simon thinks Kara's literal criticism was rubbish, and thinks it was the right kind of song for him, though vocally it wasn't that great for him.  I agree with Simon.  Just because Kara writes songs, she gets hung up on the literal stuff.  Still, he was bad.

07) Todrick Hall (Somebody to Love, by Queen)  He's got to compete not only with Freddy's genius, but with singing penguins. Good luck, Todrick.  This is the least he's sucked so far.  This seems to be a theme tonight for a lot of these guys.  I still don't love him, but I forgive him a little for his vocal slaughter of great songs.  Randy declared that Todrick is back, and he's proved that he can really sing.  Ellen called him a brave, brave young man, and digged that he sang it like a gospel song.  Kara thought it was really good singing, but worried that it was a little too dramatic, like Godspell.  Simon thought it was good in parts, but thought that Todrick proved that he is more a Broadway performer than a pop singer.  I'd say that's fair.

08) Michael Lynche (This Woman's Work, by Maxwell) His initial falsetto was really good, and this song gives me chills, because all I can think of is the breast cancer dance from SYTYCD.  Chills. He's giving it some awesome vocals.  His final long note was astounding, and he followed by some good falsetto.  Nice work.  Randy, dawg, wait-a-minute, dawg, thought it was crazy, urged Michael to listen, and what?  What?  He's incomprehensible sometimes.   Ellen thought it was beautiful and called Michael the one to beat. He reduced Kara to genuine tears.  Wow.  Simon gave Kara hugs, and called this a needed performance, and thinks that he 100% nailed it, and called it the best performance of the live shows so far.  Wow.  That was really really good.

So, tonight, Michael was the best BY FAR.  Lee was better in the playback, but still not great.  Alex is interesting.  I still stand by my dislike for Tim.  Andrew is in the middle of the pack for me, with Lee and Alex.  Casey was ok, but not great.  I actually kind of dug Todrick.. did I just say that?

Oh, I can't focus.  Michael was so freaking good.

Aaron and Tim.  They can go.  I wouldn't cry if Casey went, because I think his bleating voice is going to get on my nerves.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol: 3.9.10 - Lady's Night

No clip packages tonight, because we've only got an hour.  Yay for less padding!  Again, 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Katie Stevens (Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson) She started off flat, and seemed to stay flat for a good long time.  She was proving that Kelly is a far better singer than she is.  I mean, this is painful, actually.  It also seemed way too low for her.  When she broke out into the chorus, she remained flat and froggy in the throat. Not good, Katie.  Oh, that was just ... painful.  Randy seemed to be searching for something nice to say.  He told her that it felt like karaoke and it paled in comparison.  Ellen was happy that she chose a younger song, but didn't feel the connection to the lyrics.  Kara told her that she has a great radio voice, but she doesn't seem to understand herself as an artist yet.  Simon says that she has taken the advice they've given, but didn't think that the second half of the song went as it was supposed to.  He said she kind of sucked.... the energy out of the song.  And no one mentioned that she was completely off key.  Humph.

02) Siobahn Magnus (House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals)  She grew up hearing her father sing this song, and wanted to do this as a surprise to him.  I happen to really really like this song. She started off a capella and gave me chills.  When the band kicked in, she kept right on up with it.  I really dig this girl.  It almost sounded like it could have been a Bond Theme.  I thought it was wonderful.  Randy, yo, a'ight, listen, dawg, thought it was different and loved what she does, and the risks and chances that she takes.  He thinks it's hot when she doesn't listen to their advice and does her own thing.  Ellen says that Siobahn is the reason she loves music and was moved by it.  Kara loved the a capella at the beginning, and loved how unique she is.  Simon wasn't as much of a fan.  He thought it was all a bit weird, from beginning to end.  Kara again wanted to know what kind of artist Siobahn would be.  Simon thought she was missing the Moment like she had last week.  I still loved it.  A lot.

03) Lacey Brown (The Story, by Brandy Carlisle)  I've never heard this song before, but I think it is the best Lacey has sounded in this part of the competition.  Her make-up is wayyyy too heavy, but seriously, I could like this girl instead of wishing her home.  She was sitting on the edge of the stage, which was a lot more interesting than sitting on a stool, except I worry that she was virtually ignoring half the audience.  Way to have a comeback, Lacey! Yo, Randy thought the song was a little boring, but agreed with me that she hasn't sounded this good in a long time.  Ellen also thought it was the best she's sounded to date, and thought the song sounded like it was written right for her.  Kara said the song choice was brilliant, and thought this was the reason she got to this stage.  Simon didn't love the song choice, but thought that she gave a good performance, and thought it sounded like something that could be on the radio.  Good for Lacey.

04) Katelyn Epperly (I Feel the Earth Move, by Carol King)  She's playing the keyboard, and I kind of hate how big her hair is today, and I think she may be wearing a jumper, which is never a good choice.  She had a solid performance, but it felt kind of dated.  Her voice is really good, but I don't love the arrangement.  Good job, I guess. Except for the jumper.  Randy liked the Carol King tribute with the hair (aw, I get it), but didn't feel the connection with the song.  Ellen didn't know that the song was the right song to get her into the top 12.  Kara didn't feel like she was competing, just like she was going through the motions.  Katelyn said she was trying to be less corny.  Simon liked her hair.  But, he thought the performance was rather like request night at a restaurant she was singing at.  He thinks that other people look as if they are trying harder.

05) Didi Benami (Rhiannon, by Fleetwood Mac) She's got her guitar out.  Yay!  She sang it all by herself, just her and her guitar, and she sounded fantastic.  It was a great song choice for her, and the arrangement was perfection.  There was a little back up singer action in there, but mostly it was just Didi and her awesomeness. She gave me chills. And I don't even like Fleetwood Mac for the most part.  Randy thought it was a lot better than last week, but didn't think it was the best she can do.  Ellen thought yes indeedy, Didi.  Kara thought it was one of her favorite moments of the show so far this season.  I agree.  Simon agrees with Kara and thought it was head and shoulders above anything else so far tonight, and she proved that she was an artist.  He thought the wow moment was the whole song, and loved the balance of it.  Yay!

06) Paige Miles (Smile, by Charlie Chaplin)  She sounded really nervous, and seemed to have some serious pitch problems here and there.  Kind of weak.  She also threw some superfluous runs in there, and sounded really nasal in places.  That was boring and not good.  Especially compared with (mostly) everyone else tonight.  Randy loves the song, but it didn't work for him.  He also didn't like the arrangement.  He thought it sounded like something being sung at a banquet.  Ellen thought the song was sad and boring, instead of uplifting, and didn't think she took the opportunity to shine.  Kara thought it was all wrong.  She wondered if Paige knew it was wrong.  Simon thought it was a horrible choice of song, an awful arrangement (Holiday Inn, 1974), and called it a peanut performance, meaning that people would sit at the bar eating peanuts while listening, but not really notice it.  She said that the song was emotional for her, because she's a huge Michael Jackson fan, and he recorded it, and she started breaking up in tears during the performance.

07) Crystal Bowersox (Give Me One Reason, by Tracy Chapman) She's rocking the electric guitar tonight.  This could be awesome.  Really good song choice for her.  I kind of love her.  She changed the song up here and there, but didn't slaughter the spirit of it.  Randy said this is what the show is about.  Ellen needs new adjectives for Crystal, and called it the best performance of the night. Kara loves her because she knows who she is as an artist, and nails it every time.  Simon thinks she is one million, billion percent going to be in the Top 12 next week, and thinks she is the one to beat.

08) Lilly Scott (I Fall to Pieces, by Patsy Cline) She's got a mandolin!  Sadly, she does seem to be falling to pieces.  She's really good, I know that, but this is a terrible song choice for her.  Just awful.  Her dress looks like it was made for Holly Hobby, too.  And her earrings appear to be made of yarn.  Oh, Lilly.  I expected more of you. Booo.  Randy ... loved her?  And so did Ellen.  Kara thought that it made Patsy Cline feel current.  Did they not hear how rough that was?  Simon said it was cute and quirky, but didn't have the wow factor.  I'd agree with that.

My favorites of the night were Didi, Siobahn, Crystal, and Lacey.  Katie was bad.  Really bad.  Paige was bad, too.  I think the others who had off nights deserve to be in the top 12.  Paige and Katie not so much.

What did you think?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amazing Race - 3.7.10

Argentina!  Ranches!  From this lovely Pitstop, The Cowboys are the first to find out they are heading for  Frankfurt, Germany where they then have to get to Hamburg, and look for Jungfrensteig St.

They get on the first plane available, leaving at 11:30 in the morning.  The Detectives also get on it.

Brandy & Carol are determined to be respectful.  Jordan admits that Dan doesn't like traveling, but did it for him.

The first flight gets there at 2:35 PM.  The train leaves at 3:37 PM.  The second plane gets there with three minutes to spare for the train, but Carol & Brady and Dan & Jordan had a hard time navigating the train station and missed the train.   The other teams caught up to them before the next train.


This is new!  They have to mutually agree to join forces with another team for the Roadblock.


Teams have to take a tandem bungee in the middle of the city. Insane.

The Cowboys and the Detectives work together.  Heidi & Joe teamed up with Steve and Allie.  Steve & Allie met a German named Klaus who helped them.  Brandi & Dan did the bungee together.  They also found a local.  Jordan & Jeff worked with Brent & Caite.  The girls did the bungee.  Caite & Jordan got on the wrong train.  Oopsie.

Cowboy & Detective went up first.  Cowboy refused to remove his hat.  That's hard core.  And he managed to keep it on.  That's awesome.  He didn't even hold onto it.

They got their clue, but had to get back to their teammates before opening it.  They have to get to the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm, and they are no longer united.

Joe & Allie got to the bungee next, followed by Dan & Brandy, and Caite & Jordan.  Brandy was not looking forward to it.  She and Carol apparently bungeed before the race, and she didn't want to do it again.  They managed to live through the jump, and Dan was very supportive.

At the statue - Detour

Soccer - Kick five targets in a goal from the penalty line.

Sauerkraut - polish off a plate of sauerkraut while the Sauerkraut Polka plays, before it's done.

The Detectives chose Sauerkraut.  They ate like crazy and finished readily.

Next: Haifisch Bar  - they have to drink a glass boot filled with beer.  And that's a mighty huge boot.

At the Detour, the Cowboys, Steve & Allie, and Joe & Heidi chose Soccer.

The Detectives got to the bar.  The boot was HUGE, and one of the Detectives doesn't like beer much.  I missed if it was the Detective who ate most of the sauerkraut who ended up drinking most of the beer... that's a tummy full of German goodness.

Joe and Heidi, meanwhile, did the soccer.  Joe, of course, has a bad knee, and couldn't get the balls up in the air.  It was a foolish decision to do the soccer task with a bum knee.  They went back to eat Sauerkraut.

Brent & Caite also chose Soccer.  Jeff & Jordan chose Sauerkraut.

Steve & Allie finished the soccer and headed to the bar.  The Cowboys had pretty much never played soccer before, but had pretty good aim.

Beer?  Done for the Detectives.

They have to head to the Beatles-Platz, and search for the tiny club where the Beatles played their first gig in Hamburg.

Back to the Detour, Carol & Brandy chose the Sauerkraut, and Dan & Jordan went to soccer.

And Jeff & Jordan?  Stuck with a bad Cabbie who drove them all over creation.  Bad GPS, finally corrected, heading to their location.

The Detectives got to Indra, the Pit Stop, first.  You could tell that Detective Louis had had a boot of beer.  They came in first, and won $5000 Discover gift cards, one for each of them.

At the bar, Steve was thrilled, because he's wanted a beer for the whole trip.

And at the soccer field, the cowboys have fantastic aim and got all their goals.   Onto the bar with them.

Joe & Heidi got to the Sauerkraut and inhaled it, setting off for the bar. Carol & Brandy arrived for the Sauerkraut and Carol was eating daintily, but Brandy picked up the slack and off they went.

Dan had been hoping for a soccer challenge before the race.  They seemed to do a good job with it.

And on the road, Joe & Heidi cut the Cowboys off on the way to the bar.  One of the cowboys had never drunk beer before.  Wow.

Steve & Allie, meanwhile, got to the Pitstop 2nd.

Joe was gagging on the beer, but they finished before the Cowboys. I would not have wanted to be Joe's cabbie. He looked about to hurl.

Jordan & Jeff finally got to the Sauerkraut and failed their first try, gave up, and went to the soccer field.

Brent & Caite were at the soccer field, and Caite played soccer since she was five, had some really bad cramps, and whined about not being able to kick the balls properly.  Brent theorized that she was probably tight because of the huge plane ride and running around.  She refused to give up and they finished.  She got 3 of the targets, pain or no pain.

And the pitstop?  Joe & Heidi came in third.

The Cowboys finally finished their beer, and Jet said that he didn't want another beer ever.  Carol & Brandy downed their beer in seemingly really quick time.

Dan & Jordan arrived to drink their beer, and also seemed to do well with it.

The Cowboys fell to 4th pace at the pitstop, but they made it.

Jeff & Jordan were not very good at the soccer, either.  They finally got it and headed to the bar.

Carol & Brandy came in 5th, followed by Dan & Jordan (who were amused to be in the Red Light District of Hamburg, drunk.)

Caite hates beer, and unpleasantly, Brent had to throw up mid-boot, and they of course showed us.  Yuck. with sound effects.  Caite refused to man up and chug the beer, and he had to finish it after puking.  Yuck.

Jeff is at least good at drinking beer.

Unfortunately, Brent & Caite arrived first.  They were surprised that they weren't in last place.

Jeff & Jordan?  Last place.  But - NON-Elimination leg!  Speed bump ahead for them!

I'm ok with that.  How about you?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains -3.5.10

After Tribal, Coach is disheartened that Sandra called him out at Tribal.  He said "I'm sensitive, but I hide it behind all the great things I've done and accomplished."  Then, he got pissy with Tyson, saying "I'm The Man, and I don't need anyone to validate that!"  Then, he broke into tears and said that he just wants people to say nice things about him.  Because he doesn't need validation.  Right.  Tyson hugged it out with him, and told him he would tell him the absolute truth, and told him he needs to stop wearing feathers in his hair at Tribal and stop telling his stories, because people don't believe them.  Coach instead said that he just wants to go home, because he doesn't think the game deserves his nobility.  Ummmmm...

The next morning, Tyson told the rest of the tribe about Coach's meltdown while Coach went off to cry by himself.  Boston Rob had some words with Coach, and told him that he's not on the outside, and they hugged it out.  Coach wants more sharpening.  Rob says that Coach needs to trust him, then told him to pick his head up and act like a man.  Coach compared himself to Last of the Mohicans and King Arthur, and quoted Confusious while the editors had some fun with his funky yoga meditation tai chi.  Coach wants to do macrame together apparently, instead of just being used for challenges.

The Heroes get the tree mail, which is the Survivor Sears Catalogue, and they got to pick items for their wish list.

Reward Challenge

They have to race head to head, down a slippery slope to get numbered balls randomly decided by Probst before the round.  First to get four in a basket wins.

Heroes chose food catching and cooking items.  Villains chose tool kit and a multi-tool.

Parvati sat out.

Coach vs. Tom for #14.  It's Survivor Contact Slip n' Slide, mixed with Survivor Skee Ball.  Coach got the basket.  Russell vs. Cirie, for #9.  Russell was way faster than Cirie, who didn't slide, but crawled.  And Russell got the second ball for the Villains.  Courtney vs. Candace for #2, and Candace scored first for the Heroes.  Jerri vs. Amanda for #6.  Jerri scored the third basket.  Sandra vs. James for #5.  James got a much better slide.  Sandra crawled, and James got an easy basket.  Daniel vs. Rupert for #1.  Daniel's boobs are seriously scary, just have to say.  Rupert scored and kept the game interesting.  Colby vs. Tyson for #10.  Colby got a better slide, but they were getting nothing but rim shots until Tyson scored for the Villains, winning them reward. 

Coach is again feeling like the Dragon Slayer.

When they were looking in the tool box, Russell opened a knife and the first clue for the Hidden Idol fell out.  In front of everyone.  Rob suggested that they all go get it, and Sandra wanted to throw it into the ocean so that the person who found it wasn't marked.  They all went to build something and Russell decided to sneak out and try to find the hidden idol.  He told them he was going for a walk, and took off.  Rob suspected he was looking for the idol.  Sandra was pissed when she saw him on the beach, and called him a stupid ass.  Rob called him a hobbit on crack and wanted him gone right away.

The Heroes also found a clue for their clue, in their coffee - all together, too.  What a coincidence.  They didn't decide to throw it in the ocean, but several went out in search of it.  Tom, Amanda, and James were digging under the same tree.  Tom found it, and surreptitiously dropped it into his sock.  Amanda suspected and saw him put it in his sock.  She told Candace who told everyone.  Tom told Colby he wanted to use it as a tool to get into the top alliance.

Immunity Challenge - It's Survivor Atlasphere!  Awesome.  (Except one person in a ball, guiding two blind folded tribe members to push them to a table maze.  They then guide four other blind folded people to solve the table maze.)

Since this was the challenge that Russell Swan almost died in last season, whoever finishes it will be the first ones to finish it.  Sandra and Courtney sit out, as does Cirie.  Tom and Boston Rob are in the balls, guiding Rupert and James, and Coach and Tyson.  The Villains got to the puzzle first.  Parvarti, Russell, Danielle and Jerri are doing the puzzle, and Colby, JT, Candace, and Amanda are for the Heroes.  It was neck and neck and the Villains won it.  Awesome job.

Candace and Cirie talked about splitting the vote between Tom and Colby, forcing the idol out or a tie breaking vote.  JT wants Candace gone, Amanda is worried about the idol, but JT trusts him more than he trusts Candace.  Tom offered the idol to either Amanda or JT, because he claims that he wishes there wasn't an idol at all.  Amanda told Cirie about the talk with Tom, and Cirie thinks it's stupid to get rid of Candace, because Tom and Colby are bigger threats.  How about keeping people around who help to win challenges.  JT heard the others talking about the possible plan change, and told Rupert and James off.  JT went to talk to Tom, and told him he doesn't have any control anymore.  Tom, Colby, and JT thought of voting out Cirie.  He said "tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move." I would get rid of Cirie, because she's more dangerous than a lot of the others.  Tom aptly called her the puppet master.


Tom said that Stephanie was on the wrong side of the numbers and was sacrificed.  Colby admitted that great people are being sent home early because of alliances.  JT said that it's too early to be voting out people who can help you beat the other tribe.  He says that it's important to have people who are not scared and will stick with plans.  Rupert also wants bonding, and made alliances that he wants to keep, but the long pause made it certain that he didn't think the vote he was making was the best vote.  Probst went off on him.  James wants to win and get rewards.  He wants people to stop the crazy stuff, the social game.  Colby said that the social game is necessary.  JT said that he feels safe.  Um.  That may be a foolish answer.

Before the vote was read, Tom played the Immunity Idol.  The vote goes 2 votes Colby, 3 votes Cirie, and votes for Tom didn't count.  And awesome.  Finally, a smart elimination.  She's a great player.  Too great to stick around.

Next week, Coach leads some Dragonslayer Tai Chi, Russell hunts for the Idol, Rob doesn't like that, Candace wants to work with Tom and Colby, and someone gets medical attention at a challenge.  Can't wait!

American Idol: 3.5.10 (Abbreviated Blog)

I had a very long rehearsal tonight for a play I'm in, so I'm afraid this is going to be a rather abbreviated blog.

Why does the group number always sound like the Kids Bop version of whatever song they are singing?  Especially when there are so many people.  The rap portion was particularly weird.

Freaking Tim is safe.  I'm not ok with that.  Todrick - waiting.  Michael?  Safe.  Casey?  Safe.  John?  Gone.  Todrick is safe to massacre another song next week. 

Next row, Lee?  Safe.  Aaron?  Safe.  Bah.  Alex?  He and his mullet are safe.  So, Jermaine or Andrew is going home.  If there is any justice, Jermaine will be rocking his onesie at home.  Dramatic pause, and Justice is had.  Andrew is safe.  Buh-bye, Jermaine.

(And, fast forward.)

Hello, Danny Gokey, and.... Fast forward.

Girl's turn!

Lilly?  Safe.  Paige? Safe.  Katie?  Safe.  It's between Michelle (please) and Didi (no!!!).  Kara listened back to Michelle and heard what I heard, that she was off all over the place.  And ... Didi is safe!  Michelle is gone!

And, Fast Forward!

Katelyn?  Safe.  Crystal?  Safe.  Siobahn?  Lacey vs. Haeley (my friend thinks she should be called Pageanta, and I agree).  Simon thinks it's obvious who's going home, and it is Haeley.  Buh-bye, Pageanta!  (And what the hell is she wearing?  She's got fringe on her boobs.  Skunk fringe.  And ... fast forward.

America got it half right at least!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol: 3.4.10 - Lady's Night

Hope they are good!

Numbers are 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Crystal Bowersox (Long As I Can See the Light, by CCR) She's got a twin brother who is "kind of a square."  She's got a little trinket bag that she keeps in her pocket when she performs.  She started off really mellow and dang, I love her voice.  She's got quite an instrument there.  She's got her guitar again, but no harmonica.  This felt like the Crystal Show.  I actually rewound it to watch it again.  Randy blathered on about how truth is reality, and loves how Crystal is true to herself.  Ellen called it pure, raw, natural talent.  Nothing pushed, nothing forced, just awesome.  Kara got the song that Crystal sang last week wrong, but thinks that she hit a new level tonight.  Simon loves that Crystal didn't play the sympathy thing, and she just picked a great song and he admits that he underestimated her last week.  He said, like Kelly Clarkson, this is a moment when they realized that they have a real artist here.  I haven't voted yet this season, but I'm voting for her.  She's amazing.

02) Haeley Vaughn (The Climb, by Miley Cyrus)  I freaking hate Miley Cyrus, so this is going to be a tough battle for me to like it.  Haeley makes her own headbands and hair accessories.  She is incapable of not smiling.  She has a serious lisp when she sings, and it bugs me.  I might overlook it if she had a really good voice, but she doesn't.  And this song?  Oh, save me, it's dreadful.  It was flat and annoying.  And the longer the song went on, the worse she got.  Put her out of her misery, America.  Randy Yo'd it, and asked if she wants him to keep it real.  He said it was excruciating.  Thank you, Randy!  Ellen said it seemed like Haeley memorized the song and was just singing it, but didn't feel it.  Kara thinks that people are rooting for her (I'm not).  She thinks that Haeley's a really good performer, but she needs about a year to work on her actual singing.  Simon said that it was a complete and utter mess.  He said there's a certain irony in her singing a song about climbing, when she actually fell off.  Seacrest thought that was too mean.

03) Lacey Brown (Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer) Lacey loves to go antiquing and refurbish old things.  She tells herself that she was made to sing before she performs.  She took Kara's advice from last week for song choice.  The arrangement was weird in the beginning, but this is miles better than last week, that's for sure.  I still don't think she's winning this thing, but this is much much better.  Near the end, she started sounding angry and shouty, and this is not an angry, shouty song.  All in all, a huge improvement.  Randy, yo, thought it was a good song choice, but thought it was karaoke.  Ellen said that though she didn't change it up, she was adorable, and it was the right song.  Agreed.  Kara felt that they were losing her unique tone last week, but this song brought it back.  She warned Lacey to step it up, but this put her back in the playing field.  She wants Lacey to sing happy songs.  Simon thought it was marginally better than last week, but thinks that it's obvious to him that Lacey is in a competition, instead of showing what kind of artist she is. 

04) Katie Stevens (Put Your Records On) Katie can say "Give me a kiss" in six languages, including English.  Nice talent.  She says that she doesn't walk around asking people for kisses, but she likes to know it.  I really like this song.  She's got a really good alto, and I appreciate that.  She does have the stand-and-bob going on, which was a bit annoying.  She had a couple pitch problems, but nothing fatal.  Her octave switches were pretty good.  She's a little throaty for me, but this was pretty good.  Aight, so yo, listen, Randy.  He liked the bit after the bridge in her upper register.  He thought the first part of the song was pitchy and all over the place.  I didn't think so.  Ellen thinks she has a great voice, but she still doesn't feel like she is young enough.  She doesn't want to hear anything she would hear in her dentist's office.  Kara agreed with Ellen, and is frustrated by Katie.  She thought she was in the wrong key, and the song didn't have enough impact.  Simon liked that she took their notes, but she doesn't know what kind of recording artist she wants to be.  I thought it was better than they seemed to think it was.  Kara wanted her to sing a song that is relevant to her life.  Randy wants her to sing by someone younger than 20.

05) Didi Benami (Lean on Me, by Bill Withers)  I really like her shirt.  She was her schools mascot in middle school for 2 years.  She meows before she goes on stage because it opens up her vocal chords.  She hopes to bring up her star meter a little.  She's sitting on a stool.  She has changed the song up some, but not in a "oh god, what did she do to this song" kind of way.  I think that she and Lacey have similar tones, but hers is better.  There were some pitch problems in there, but she did a good performance in my opinion.  She appealed to listeners to pick up the phone (in her lyrics), and I think I will.  I like Didi.  A lot.  I see potential.  Randy hated the song choice and thought it showed the imperfections in her abilities instead of showcasing what she can do. Ellen loves her voice, and her presence, and applauded her for doing things with the song, but didn't love the choice.  Kara said it wasn't good, and wanted her to be consistent, and wanted to see her doing her own interpretation, with her guitar.  Simon thought she was screeching, and was frustrated because she is a cool artist, but wasted her opportunity doing something generic.  I think he then muttered that it was a really bad outfit, and I take offense to that, too.  Poor Didi was holding back tears.  I love her, and I think I'll throw a vote at her.  Could it have been better?  Sure.  But it wasn't as bad as all that, I didn't think.

06) Michelle Delamore (With Arms Wide Open, by Creed)  She works with kids and loves how real they are.  She meditates and visualizes what she wants to happen on stage before she performs.  She started off really badly.  She's really breathy, and I didn't like what she did to the song.  Also, it looks like she was wearing a diaper.  A big giant diaper in the form of a bad 80's prom dress.  Hiked up over jeans.  You know in Labyrinth, when Sara is running though the field toward her house in the beginning, and she's got that dress on and hikes it up to run and she's got jeans on?  Yeah.  Like that.  But worse.  Oh right, the singing. This performance is painfully bad.  She barely hit any of the notes well, and her performance was awkward.  Her last note was awful.  Oh, Michelle.  Bad.  Bad. Bad.  Randy, yo, wondered how she thought she did.  Randy liked her outfit, but thought she had pitch problems, and thought the song fell flat.  Ellen also thought that she looked fabulous.  What?  Anyhow, she liked her performance, and thought it almost worked, but not quite.  Kara thought it was her best performance ever.  What?  She thought it was believable, even if it wasn't technically perfect.  Simon agreed with Kara, and thought that it was 80% right.  I'd say... no.

07) Lilly Scott (A Change is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke)  Lilly plays a whole slew of instruments.  I want her to stick around so I can see some of those.  She uses a throat spray before going out on stage.  She's got the 12-string out tonight.  I still think she looks like Tina Yothers.  I kind of love her dress, and her voice is really fun.  (Similar to Didi and Lacey).  Randy, yo, loves how unique she is, and thinks she worked it out and did her thing, and it's his favorite performance of the night.  Ellen doesn't quite know what It is, but Lilly has it.  Kara was riveted, and said she had a Moment.  Simon thought it was good, but not as great as the rest of them say.  He did think that Crystal was stronger than her, but he liked her.

08) Katelyn Epperly (The Scientist, by Coldplay) She studied to be a recording engineer, and goofs off before she goes on stage.  She was playing the piano, and she looked really pretty.  She had a couple pitch issues, and I wish that she'd picked up the tempo some, but that was pretty good.  Randy liked it, but thought it was way slow.  Ellen liked that she was playing guitar, but then remembered that she was playing piano, but thought it was so slow that it got sleepy.  She thought it sounded like a lullaby.  Kara understands where the other two are coming from, but she kind of loves Katelyn, and thinks she is all over the place, but really good.  She also took the chance to get some of her own singing in.  Simon said that apparently, Natasha Beddingfield sang the song in almost the same way, but Katelyn said she never heard it.  He worried it got a little corny, but he thought it was good.

09) Paige Miles (Walk Away, by Kelly Clarkson) She got a drink of Vitamin Water before going to her clip.  She likes to color in coloring books.  I do, too, Paige.  She's singing Kelly, so she'd better be awesome.  She changed some of the phrasing in the beginning, but did a pretty good job.  Kelly is better.  She got a little whoopy in parts, and her transition up to the high note was rough.  She was comfortable on stage, I'll give her that.  Not bad.  Kelly's better.  Yo yo, Kara wrote that song with Kelly.  Randy thinks she wants to be a soulful rocker girl, but he wasn't over the top in love with it, because he thought it had too many words.  Um.  Ellen thought it was fantastic and loves everything she did with it, and appreciated her energy and the fun she brought to it.  Kara obviously loves the song, but didn't think that she got the lyrics of the song, because she was smiling the whole time.  Simon agreed with Randy, and thought it was the wrong song choice for her, and thought it was forgettable.  I won't be voting for her, but she wasn't bad.

10) Siobahn Magnus (Think, by Aretha Franklin) She had a mohawk a year and a half ago.  It actually looked pretty good!  I think she could rock that.  She does lip drills before the show.  Her outfit is terrible, but I really like her.  She hit some bum notes here and there, but nothing terrible.  She was having fun on stage, that's for sure.  Her long notes were very good.  Randy was all smiles, yo, and urged her to check it out, and thought it was funny that she picked the dopest song ever, and slayed it.  Where's my Randy dictionary?  Ellen loved it too and couldn't stop smiling, either.  Kara also couldn't get over the huge note she hit.  Siobahn said that she figured out how to hit that high note while belting in the shower to Kelly Clarkson.  Simon thought parts of the song were terrible, but that note was incredible, and thought her clip was a whole lot more interesting than coloring hippos.  I'll throw a vote at her.

Crystal is way out on top for me, then Lilly and Siobahn, and I really kind of liked Katie.  I also liked Didi even though they hated her.  I'll be throwing some votes for Crystal, Lilly, Siobahn, and Didi.

I remain underwhelmed by Lacey, and Katelyn blew it for being too slow.  Paige was good, but I practically forgot about her by the time the recap came around.

Haeley can go home yesterday, and for my money, Michelle can go with her.  I have no idea why the judges liked that.