Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol: 1.28.09

Salt Lake City

It's the home of Archie!

(No, I don't have his CD. No, I don't want it)

I had a history teacher in high school who commented that Mormons were the happiest people he'd ever met, as a general group. The Shiny Happy People montage seemed to agree.

David Osmond (29, Utah) Yes, he's one of those Osmonds. His dad is the oldest Osmond. Like his father, he has MS, and he is in and out of a wheelchair, without use of his hands occasionally. He is currently in a good phase, and he is able to walk and all normally. He's got a great voice (predictably) and he's very likeable. His vocal runs don't seem forced. Paula wants him to think of himself as a front man, and not part of a group (he chose a group song). They seemed to contemplate his fate, but he left the room with a golden ticket. I'm glad.

Tara Matthews (21, Salt Lake City) She's Salt Lake City's "only Goth" with a foolish outfit, and ESP. She's absolutely dreadful, so her ESP didn't tell her that she has no chance of a musical career. It also didn't tell her to quit singing if the judges are laughing.

Aleesha Turner , Katie Sullivan, Rich Hagel (of the crazy eyes and bad dyed perm) went onto the reject pile. I didn't think that Katie was so awful, but she was more theatrical. Anyway, goodbye.

Not believing in the invisibility of a Pooka, Chris Kirkham (25, Ogden, UT) was not too bad, but the giant man in the giant pink bunny suit was depressing. He was asked to lose the bunny to the sidelines, and his Simon face sign, and he started singing again. Honestly, I didn't think his voice was that bad, but his accessories doomed him.

Further validating my former teacher's statement, there was a montage of happy rejectees, thanking the judges for booting them. Seriously. Because this thankfulness was boring, Ryan told the holding room to be more sure of themselves.

Frankie Jordan (24, Hollywood, CA) Her baby is seriously cute, and she's very pretty. Her voice is very jazzy/bluesy and I kind of love her. She's got the quiet confidence in herself that makes me think she could go very far. Ryan made the obligatory "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" joke.

Megan Corkrey (23, Utah) Her son is absolutely adorable, though her babydoll dress was ridiculous. She's got another fantastically jazzy/bluesy voicce, and I could also get behind her. I love her range and the way she hopped between octaves. A very unique voice. Simon went so far as to call her one of his favorites! Woo for that! (She also has fantastic hair)

To the strains of Daily Anthem from David Cook's CD (and yes I do have that, and yes, it is really good), a bunch of nameless people were sent through.

Andrew Gibson (21, Utah) He's a bass. How often do bass singers do well in the AI world do well? Not often, so goodbye Andrew.

Austin Sisneros (17, Utah) He's a do-gooder, President of his class, and he's got a bit of a lisp when speaking, which doesn't bode well for his singing to me. He has a nice enough voice, but I wonder if he'd Archie it up if he continues. Randy questioned his song choice, and to answer that, he sang another really bad song. Randy said his perserverance was cool and gave him a yes. Kara called him honest, and Paula called him charming. Simon called him likeable. He's through. Is he this season's Archie?

The judges and the producers finally got some tears out of rejects, which they set to a suitably sad and sappy song.

Jarrett Burns (24, Utah) He was very nice. They barely showed him, but I assume he went through.

In the quick montage of terrible, there was some yodeling. Yes, I swear, yodeling. And then some terrible Mariah Carey-style runs. Yipes.

Taylor Vaufanua (16, Utah, by way of Samoa I think she said) She's 5'11" (and likes to wear heels) and gorgeous, though I think a little styling could do her a world of good. She sang a religious song that I am not familiar with, but she has a very nice voice. Kara apparently spied her in the bathroom practicing, so she knew the girl was serious. Randy said she was one of the most natural singers he's seen. She's through.

Rose Flack (17, Idaho) She's living with a friend and her family because her father died when she was 13, and her mom died when she was 15. Rose is really pretty, even though she has dread-y hair, which I could do without. Simon likes her look (I can't stand her weird sack o' dress). She sang quite nicely. She's got some talent in there, for sure. Paula complimented her aura, but said she has to work on the vocals for sure. Simon questioned her song choice, but thinks that Rose might have that X-factor. Randy said she has a cool vibe and gave her a yes. Kara gave her a definite yes. So, Rose is through. I'm happy for her. I hope that she is better than Brook White turned out to be.

12 others went through (just on day 2?) from Salt Lake. There were some real great singers. I like Rose (I agree, there is something about her), Megan, and Frankie best. I also liked David Osmond.

Special episode tomorrow night - NYC and Puerto Rico.

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