Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 9.29.10

La Flor realized that they had a lot of coming together to do before they were going to be successful.  Naonka of course thought it was all fake, and had some bitchy words about it.

Espada were stalking Howler Monkeys because they realized that they would lead them to food.  And Jimmy J. had a conversation with the monkeys.  Yve thinks Jimmy J's soul is inspiring.  Marty is just pissed off that Jimmy is a celebrity.  And no one is paying any attention to Marty.  Jill wanted Marty to calm down and think of the current tribe, not the threat Jimmy would be at the future merge.  She wants to show the hidden idol that they found to the others..

Over at La Flor, Jud Fabio was breathing in smoke from making fire, and he maintained that his strategy was to hang out and make people laugh, and he wants to be kept around for his spirit.  Naonka thinks that if you knocked on his head, you would hear hollowness, and she just can't stand him.

And Marty did what Jill wanted to, and showed the idol, saying they could share it as a tribe.  Jimmy T. thinks that this reveal strengthened the tribe 5x, but secretly thought that he was a moron (though a nice one) for sharing it.  Tyrone wondered at Marty's motives for sharing the idol, and still thinks he's shady.

After some bad sleep, Dan O' the Expensive shoes and the Bad Knee worried that the tribe would see him as a weak link.  He thinks he's stronger than the girls.  I don't think so.

And the younger tribe was trying to figure out what to do next.  Alina looks to be in the minority, along with Kelly B.

Chase seems to be in an alliance with Naonka, Kelly "Purple" (I hate that, by the way), Sash, Brenda.  Hmmm.


Both tribes will race out to collect 10 barrels from a field and arrange them on a platform, and then one person at a time will toss sandbags onto the barrells.  First tribe with sandbags on all barrels wins immunity and a Survivor garden - spices, oils, and a sustainable herb garden.

La Flor decided not to use the medallion.  I think that's a good idea.

Both tribes spent some time on strategy first, and then they started.  The younger tribe got the barrels back just before the older tribe, but the stacking went faster for the younger tribe.  Dan was lagging behind.

Even so, they started throwing at about the same time.  Benry and Tyrone started, and Tyrone was a rock star.  Benry was doing a god job for the younger tribe, and tied it up at 6, then pulled ahead.  Tyrone didn't let anyone else have a chance, and Jimmy T was muttering about being wasted.  Jimmy J. acted coach and sent in Jimmy T... and he got one, but then Benry got the last one and won it for La Flor.  Benry, stupid name in all, really showed his stuff at that challenge.  Good on him.

As they grabbed their reward, Kelly B. saw a hidden idol clue, but unfortunately, Naonka saw it as well...

Back at camp, RUMBLE for the clue.  Naonka grabbed the clue right out from under Kelly B. and smushed bananas in the process.  Naonka said that she would do it again, and would push her so hard that her "damned leg" flew off.  Wow.  She really has an irrational hatred for Kelly B.

And then she shared the clue with Brenda, who is much smarter than she is, I think.  Naonka had no clue about the clue, but Brenda seemed to figure out a little...

The older tribe is reeling from their loss.  Jimmy T. in particular thinks that his talents are being wasted and asked Jimmy J. to evaluate him.  This started a bit of a heated grump about everything...

And Marty is gunning for Jimmy J.  He wants to shake the tribe to its core and make everyone follow him instead of Jimmy J.  I think it's ridiculous to get rid of Jimmy J. first.

Holly is sure her name is going to be on the chopping block, but Dog Trainer Awesome lady (forget her name) told her that she hasn't heard her name.  While fishing, Jimmy J. told the ladies (including Yve) that he knows he's in danger.

Tyrone thinks that Jimmy J. is all about motivating others, and he worries that Dan has physical ailments.  Marty sees his reluctance as weakness, and not thinking clearly.  I see it as smart.

Tribal Council

Probst wants to talk about the challenge.  Jimmy T. again brings up that he was not used properly.  Jane said that Jimmy J. is the most accomplished strategist among them, so obviously they listen to him.  Jimmy T. asserts that he hasn't had a chance to talk to Jimmy J.  Tyrone finds it baffling that Jimmy T. thinks that Jimmy J. is threatened by him.  Jimmy J. thinks that he and Jimmy T. have a good relationship, even though they haven't really talked.  Jill wants the tribe to be strong, to face La Flor.  Dan says that he is average in strength.  Jane brought up his obvious knee scar/weakness.

Probst asked what went down after the challenge, and Jimmy T. said that they are planning to keep the tribe strong, and refuses to call out names, but says there are 3-4 weak people he can think of.  The only person to admit he is one of the weaker people is Jimmy J.  Marty wants to accelerate the game.  I think he's a dumbass.

Vote time.

All votes go to Jimmy J... (except his for Dan) and I am so sad.  I don't think that was the smartest move at this point... Jimmy's parting words are to tell him tribe to win the million.  Probst tells them that they just voted out the proven leader, and wonders who is going to step up to fill those shoes.  I predict lots of roosters crowing around camp next week.

Also next week, there's warning for Hurricane Naonka.  Good lord.  She really annoys me...


Ed said...

I think the young ones were smart not to play the power. I think they should sit on it until it goes away (read: merge). I have to wonder, though, if it'll be in play as an "indivual power" once the merge comes, and if so if they'll re-hide it. Anyway, sad to see Jimmy J. go, and want NaOnka gone as soon as possible. People who are mean just to be mean piss me off.

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