Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: 10.6.10

Oh, Marty... got rid of Jimmy J.  Will this be a mistake?  And can Naonka be any more hateful?

Let's see!

After the ousting of Jimmy J, Jimmy T denied that Jimmy J was a good leader at all.  And then he broke out into a really weird impromptu song.  Really?  Marty called it the Jimmy T. Show, and said that he needs to hear his own voice.  Marty said if you give Jimmy T a little rope, he'll hang himself from the nearest branch.  Wow.  Faith in your tribe, Marty.  Amazing.

The next morning, they had some serious beach flooding and washed up debris.  No more swimming in the ocean.  Also no fishing.  Jill brought up the point that there was no food and no means of getting it - 2 c of rice a day and that's it.  They watched a pelican fishing and decided they should fish like him.  Jimmy T tried to fish all by himself and refused help.  As you can imagine, that went well.  Jane wants someone to step up as Captain and Co-Captain... we'll see.

Over at La Flor, Naonka said she slept so well that she didn't even know it had rained until she got up and it was damp out.  And then Brenda figured out the hidden immunity clue.  She and Naonka fund the idol.  Crap.  And Naonka said that Brenda helped her figure it out, but the idol is hers.  Classy, Naonka.  That was Brenda all the way.  Naonka said "Not even a one-legged person would stand in my way.  One shove, and she's out of there."  Wow.

Alina and Kelly B. have formed a bond, and they had found the previous clue, so they went out searching for the idol, and Naonka said she was going to go get in their heads and scare them.  Mostly, she made herself look crazy.  Well done.

Espada was still starving, but thinks that they are doing well.  Marty wants one voice to delegate what they are going to do in the challenge, and he nominated Tyrone.  Jimmy T. spoke up and said he usually wants to be a leader, and he is aware that he is going to snap every once and a while, begging to be played, but he doesn't want to be a leader in this case.  He thinks that Marty doesn't like him because he is insecure and feels threatened by him.  Ummm... I don't think that's it.

Tree Mail brings messages of a possible blindfolded challenge.  They practice listening to Tyrone blindfolded.  Then Jimmy T. spoke up to make sure that everyone would listen to Tyrone.  Ummm.  Ok.


No chanting (visibly) from La Flor upon arrival at the challenge.  That's good.

Pairs of blindfolded people will be directed by vocal calling to gather 10 items, then find keys to unlock a chest.  Winner gets all first.  Also, the challenge winner gets to choose three of the items to keep.  La Flor decided to use their medallion of power and they start with 2 of 10 items back on their mat.  Dan sits out for Espada, and the two Kellies sit out for La Flor.

Brenda and Tyrone are callers.  Even with the practice, Brenda was doing a better job of getting people to items and back with them.  It wasn't even close - 4 items made it back for Espada and La Flor already had all of their items.  And guess what?  Jimmy T (who gave the speech about listening to directions) wasn't listening even a little, and La Flor won.

Three groups of items going back to their camp are fishing supplies, a tarp, and cooking supplies.  Excellent.

Back at camp, Espada tried to decide who was going to be going home.  Jimmy T. wants the opportunity to be a leader, and said that coaching basketball teams in his regular life means he would be good.  Everyone was pretty annoyed with him, it seems.

And at La Flor, Chase quietly found a clue to the Hidden Idol.. and he shared the knowledge with Brenda.  He had no problem at all figuring out the rebus clue.  She felt badly leading him on a wild goose chase, and after ascertaining that he trusted her more than anyone else on the tribe, she told him that Naonka had the idol, and told him that she found it for Naonka. She urged him to keep his mouth shut.

Espada resorted to eating sea urchins.  And according to Jimmy T, Marty was eating too many, and he called him out for not being a team player.  Then the talk was getting rid of Dan (because he's weak), or Jimmy T (for obvious reasons).  Marty wants to keep Dan.  Jimmy T. kept talking about how he wants his chance to lead. 


Probst called them out when they said that they thought it was close in the challenge.  It was not close.  They are delusional.  And then Jimmy T complained about not getting his chance.  Daniel admitted that he wasn't good at challenges.  And Holly thinks that Jimmy T. should have his chance.

Too little too late, though... Jimmy T. is gone.  Hurrah.

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