Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Survivor: 10.20.10

Uh oh... Did not know that Yve was not told about the ouster of Tyrone.  This could get messy.  Holly has come around from her near quit, and realizes that you should suck it up and finish what you've signed up for.  This is just as Dan decided to be done.

Yve is upset about being left out of the decision, and Holly told her that they didn't tell her because she and Tyrone had an alliance... which she didn't.  Holly says maybe they should be more open and honest.  Then she told Yve that Dan had declared he was done....

Over at La Flor, Marty and Jill worry that the young people just sleep all the time and don't do chores... but Jane fits right in and Becky says that votes would be split between Marty and Jill at a tribal, and it would flush out the idol...

Immunity Challenge

And.... it's individual immunities.  Both tribes are going to tribal and voting someone out.  Each tribe will have someone immune...

Everyone has to go out and dig in an individual area for rings, which they have to toss over their shoulders into baskets on their backs.  First back with all their rings wins.  Then, the winners compete for tribal reward - a feast enjoyed while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council.  That's a ring toss.

Holly wins immunity for Espada.  And Jill wins for La Flor.  The best laid plans of Becky are dashed.

And Jill won it for La Flor.  Fantastic.

And the schemes began... the plan was to split votes for Marty and Kelly B. - but tell Kelly B. they were voting for Jane.  Not sure about that...

And of course, Jud Fabio is the wild card.

Marty of course has a plan.  He told Jud Fabio that he is a grand master in chess and pulled some tennis player's name out of his butt as being the best strategist for the situation... and Jud Fabio ate it all up.  Marty admitted that he could pull anything out of the 70's on these kids, and they would buy it.  I think that is mostly true of Jud Fabio.. not so much all of the others.

And Espada was trying to figure out their move... Dan and Yve seem to be on the chopping block.  Naonka continued to show no sympathy for people with physical ailments and said that Dan's knees are about to give out and sooner rather than later he's going to be walking on nubs.  Nice.

Yve tries to pull in Naonka and Alina and tells them that she's got good relationships with the old Espada tribe, and this would be good for them somehow.  Alina brings up the point that this is the perfect reason to vote her out.

Chase was not sure what to do, and Naonka told him to not vote with his heart, but to vote with his gut.  She said that if they want to vote out Yve, she will write her name down and then smile in her face.  Nice.  Oh, nice. 

And La Flor, Jane thinks she is as thick as peanut butter and jelly (her words) with the younger people.

Sash told the plan of the split vote to Jud Fabio, and Jud Fabio is reticent to vote for Marty, because he thinks he's in thick with Marty.

La Flor Tribal Council

Becky brought up that Jane should perhaps be worried about Marty and Jill voting her out.  Marty told her that was preposterous - because he and Jill are two, against the rest of the group.  Kelly B. feels pretty safe in the tribe.  Uh oh.  Marty says he felt less secure than before Brenda started talking.

And of course, because Becky brought up Marty's plans, Jane voted for Marty.  Marty voted for Brenda, saying she was a black widow, king cobra, and black mamba all rolled into one.

Marty made a STUPID move and did not play his hidden idol.. Votes went Split between Marty and Kelly B, with Brenda getting Marty and Jill's votes.  And it's a tie.  Revote.  This is Kelly B going home, I'm pretty sure, because Jill isn't voting for Marty...  I am really sad.  I liked her.  She had spunk and never did anything to deserve to go home.  Boo.  I guess Kelly B. was going home no matter what, though, even if Marty had played the idol.  He probably figured that and that's why he didn't play the idol...

Espada's Tribal Council (while La Flor feasted)

Naonka pointedly did not look at the eating.  She looked close to tears.  Probst told Dan that they could hear the ice cubes plunk into the glasses, and he said if it wasn't a martini, it didn't bother him.  Yve brought up Dan's complaints and that he said he wanted to quit.  Probst tried to get them to admit that Dan was bad at challenges.  And Dan said that Yve is just speaking up because she's in trouble.  She admitted that was fair.  Then, he called her arrogant, and she countered with the fact that she is not the one talking about her cars and houses and the like, and Dan admitted that he does that, but thinks it's her attitude that's arrogant... ummm... ok.

La Flor left before the vote, and Yve is gone.  Lesson learned - saying what a great competitor you are and how the other guy is no threat?  Not the best strategy to be kept around.

Next week looks good - Sash is trying to get the idol away from Marty, Jane is cooking a fish in the forest on the sly, and Jud Fabio likes to pee in the water that they will all be competing for the challenge in.  Nice.  I forsee that being talked about on the reunion show...

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