Thursday, December 11, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 12.11.08

What's going to happen this week? Can Bob continue to dominate in challenges and somehow pull off a coup? I sure hope so!

Matty was certainly angered about Ken voting for him - which Ken called an attempt at pulling jury votes for himself. Ken wasn't buying it. Ken got cocky and said that he's been running everything. Crystal regrets not voting for Matty, because he is such a threat.

Bob is feeling guilty about lying to Ken and he actually said that he would give Ken the Immunity if he wins it.

NO BOB!!! Don't DO THAT!!!!

Ken is totally playing Bob, and I hate that. Ken is getting on my nerves.

Reward Challenge

Race into a swamp through and obstacle course, get a ball, then race back through the swamp to try to throw the ball in a basket. Head back out. First to get three balls wins reward.

Winner gets to fly in a helicopter to a gorilla reserve, and gets to observe the gorillas, and then gets a nice meal, a bed, and the opportunity to send someone to Exile.

Ken and Matty got to their balls first, followed by Bob. The girls took up the rear. Matty managed to get his ball in first, followed by Ken, and then Bob. Back out they go. Bob calmly got his second ball and sunk it first try. He and Matty went out for third balls, followed by Ken.

Third balls are tossed and Reward goes to Bob.


Crystal failed to dunk the ball even when trying to do a slam dunk.

And Bob gets to bring someone with him. He chose Crystal. Not sure why, other than the pout. He gets to pick someone else, and chose Ken. He said (in confessional) that he needs Crystal and Ken to be in the game.

Bob chose Susie to go to Exile, sending Matty and Sugar back to camp. Matty confessed that he hopes to get Sugar to align with him to get Ken and Crystal out of the game. Hope that works. I am hoping for a Bob/Sugar/Matty final, so hope that he manages to talk her into it!

After a gorgeous helicopter ride, the three enjoy an amazing reward with gorgeous fruit and the like. It looked delicious.

Ken says that he is willing to let Bob keep immunity if he wins it, and take a chance, unless he feels he needs it. Let's see how that works. What would be cool is if Bob wins immunity and Ken gets blindsided. That would rock.

They get to take showers and get some very festive native garb to wear. Then, they got to go see the orphaned gorillas. They were orphaned from the illegal meat trade. There's also a silverback in the group, and he was impressive. Bob said the experience rocked his soul, and he's not normally spiritual, so that's saying something.

Susie at Exile took the Comfort and so also enjoyed some delicious fruit. Wouldn't it be hilarious if there is a second Idol out there?

Back at camp, Matty is trying to win Sugar over. Sugar basically told him he had better win the challenge, because her alliance is strong. Matty tried to talk Sugar out of the Hidden Idol, and Sugar wasn't hearing any of it. There go my dreams... Sugar seems unflappable.

Crystal went to confront Matty about not being there for her. Crystal is insane. Sugar actually took offense to it, and ... what's this? "Matty doesn't deserve it." There might be some sort of switch here. Sugar the Ever Changeable, has a tearful heart to heart with Matty and says that she sees now that Ken and Crystal are not good people, and she wants to have a chat with Bob and Susie and take out Crystal first. Fingers crossed!

Immunity Challenge

They have to study the features of a Gabonese mask, take a bag of pieces of mask features, make their way through a maze to a blank mask (several bags), and recreate the mask. Oh yeah - blindfolded. Here's for hoping Bob is as good blind as he is with his eyes.

Matty decided to take his bags all out before working, while Sugar, Bob, and Susie were working on their masks one bag at a time. Crystal went off course several times.

It's not the most exciting challenge to watch. Bob cleverly stowed his pieces in his shirt while making his way through the course. Bob thought he had his mask right, but his first attempt was not correct. Susie went off course, and Ken got his wrong on his first try. Matty and Bob were neck to neck, and Bob - THE MAN - got his first.

Is there nothing this man cannot do???? That's four straight challenges won by Bob. GO BOB.

Is Ken going to ask for the necklace? He brought Crystal out into the woods and tells her that he is going to wheedle the necklace off of Bob, and then vote Bob out. Snake. I hope that it blows up in his face.

Crystal told the others about the plan to get the idol away from Bob and Ken told them all that he can only get the necklace if they all tell Bob that they are voting for him. Sugar went off and had a heart to heart with Bob, telling him about the plan to vote him out. She promised not to vote for him, saying that "the good guys should win in the end."

Sugar then went back to camp and told the others that Bob might give them the necklace. Then she had a little talk with Matty, who wondered what was going to happen, and she whispered to him "Just let me do the thinking," which I actually think is a good thing. Sugar plays dumb, but she is so much smarter than Matty.

Tribal Council

Matty tells Probst that if someone has to dominate the challenges, he's glad it's someone as classy as Bob. Absolutely. Ken tries to wheedle the necklace away from Bob. Crystal says that Bob chose her for the Reward because of the fact that she's had no Rewards the whole time. Matty brings up the point that Ken and Crystal have been tight almost the whole game, and Ken tries to play that down, to wheedle the necklace from Bob. There is discussion about the Not-So-Hidden Immunity Idol, which is out in the open around Sugar's neck. This is the last night to play it.

Despite the playing by Ken, Bob decided to keep the necklace.


And Sugar gave the Hidden Immunity Idol to Matty - who obviously played it! Very cool.

And Crystal The Undeserving is OUT. Corinne was rejoicing in the jury. Ken looked like the wind was taken out of his sails.


Don't forget - the finale is on Sunday.

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Ed said...

Sugar wearing the idol to tibal was brilliant, especially when she handed it to Matty saying, "Get rid of this accursed thing." Kenny, the self-proclaimed “mastermind since day one” needs to go, and soon. Even if he gets Susie, somehow, Bob/Sugar/Matty won't sway. Bob For The Win!

All in all, an episode that was very good. I wouldn’t say it was better than Randy going home, but I’d nominate it for second-best this season.