Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 12.4.08

Can this week be as good as two weeks ago? I don't know. Let's see.

After Tribal, Bob had issues with Sugar's giggle fest, letting her know that it pissed him off. He said he had no problems using the fake idol, but he had a huge problem with her giggling. Sugar then went off on Corinne for being a back stabber, and Corinne contested that she was in a tribe of "mutants" so there is no reason for her to be nice to anyone. Oh, so NOW she's getting mean? Can't wait to see that.

Bob and Ken went out fishing and brought in an amazing catch. Bob used an old tin to make a grilling plank. Excellent Bob. Ken thinks that Bob is a bad game player and wants to get rid of him. I sure hope not.

Reward Challenge

They will separate into two teams of three, and race out into a swamp to get sets of sprocket puzzle pieces. They will collect 7 pieces, then arrange them so the gears all work and raise a flag. The team that wins that first round will then compete against each other to complete a slide puzzle (oh, how I personally don't like those!). The winner will get a video message from their loved ones, along with pizza, brownies, and goodies. Each Survivor gets a little sample of their video (on the sponsored Sprint Samsung Instinct Phone) before starting the challenge. Matty got a message from His Girl and His Dog, so he is happy. Probst seemed genuinely moved by the messages. And no one is going to Exile.

Crystal and Susie are captains for teams.

Sugar, Crystal and Bob take on Matty, Susie, and Ken. Corinne is left out, and she has no chance at reward. That sucks for her, but I do not feel badly for her.

The Survivors are tethered together and have to go out for their pieces through a swamp. Matty, Ken, and Susie get their first pieces back first, but the other team is not far behind. Ken, Susie, and Matty ended up with a pretty sizable lead getting into the puzzle solving. Bob is leading his team, and Ken leads his, in the puzzle. Bob rocks everything and their sprockets turned first, leaving Bob, Sugar, and Crystal to work on the slide puzzles. Bob handily won it, and I am amazed by him even more.

Sadly, there is no second person going with him.

Ken wants Bob out of there.

Please, please no.

Bob got to enjoy a couch in the jungle and started watching his video, only to be interrupted halfway through by the arrival of his wife! He regaled her with tales of termite and turtle soup meals, and she said that he smelled really good - like a camp fire - and she was digging on his beard. I really like her.

Bob proudly brought his wife back to camp to meet everyone. And with a whistle, all the other loved ones came down the hill - because they had been flown to Africa after all. I'm really happy that everyone got to spend some time with their loved ones, because it's always painful when people go all that way and get sent packing. Corinne is happy to see her brother because he gets her sense of humor and loves how mean she is. Ugh. Ken talked to his sister about how awesome he is, and that got on my nerves a little. In a very touching moment, Sugar's sister brought some of their dad's ashes, and she said a little prayer to him and sprinkled the ashes into the water. Very touching.

Matty and his girlfriend had a little walk down by the water, and he proposed to her. I expected as much. He made her a little jungle engagement necklace. All together now, awwwwww.

After tearful goodbyes, Matty let out some more words of Matty-wisdom, all about digging for gold in yourself. Hmmm. He doesn't always make much sense, but he means well.

Time for Tree Mail, and Corinne and Bob went off with each other. Corinne wants to blindside Matty. The other five want to take out Bob. (Please no!). Off in the woods, Bob told Corinne that Marcus hid the Idol that was thrown into the ocean. She said "really?" and he said "No, but it's a good plan, isn't it?" He set off to make a new fake idol. Smelting tools out!

It's time for the Immunity Challenge.

It's a Gabon Trivia Challenge, with balls won for each correct answer. The balls then get thrown at a giant target, and the person with a ball closest to the center wins immunity.

Question 1: Gorillas were first actually discovered in Gabon - True or False?
Sugar and Corinne are the only two to get it right - it's true.

Question 2: A Male Elephant is called a Bull. A female is called a a)Mare b)Doe c)Cow.
Sugar, Susie, Corinne, and Bob got it right - Cow.

Question 3: The Gabonese Viper is a poisonous snake. True or False - it is considered virtually harmless to humans.
Everyone but Susie and Corinne get it right - this one is false.

Question 4: The elephant's trunk has three purposes - Nose, arm, mouth.
This one's false. Ken, Matty, Sugar, Bob, and Corinne got it right.

Ken's first shot landed him in the 6th zone from the center. Matty's brought him into the 4th zone. Sugar's landed far. Susie's one shot was just outside of Ken's. Corinne's was the 5th zone. Bob in his awesomeness landed in the third zone from the center. Crystal had one shot and it wasn't good enough. Ken's second and last shot bounced and lost it. Matty's last shot fell short. Sugar's next ball was just barely outside of Bob's. Corinne's also landed a bit far out. Bob's second toss is right outside the center. Sugar tried for a roll and it fell short. Corinne's last shot was way out. Bob's final shot is outside of his last one, but he still leads. Sugar has the last shot. It was nearly a win for her! It bounced out of the center.

And Bob wins immunity.

Will anyone fall for the second Fake Idol Fake Out?

I hope it's Ken.

He plans on blindsiding Matty. This makes sense since Matty is the strongest person left, but Ken is such a little schemer, he almost needs some comeupance for being so cocky.

However, considering Matty is not the brightest bulb in the lamp, he might be a better person to try to fool.

Corinne came up with a back story for the working of the Fake Idol. It sounds like it would work. Corinne went to chat with the Crew while Bob's Magic Workshop got to work. They are trying to bring Crystal in with them. I wish it was Sugar. Bob's Second Fake Idol is amazing. He admitted "I'm worse than a raven, I keep everything."

Crystal believes Bob because "Bob gave me a kiss on the cheek and he shook my hand." Ken wanted Crystal to still vote for Corinne, to flush out the (Fake) Idol. Crystal is not so sure about voting for Corinne, because she sees Matty as more of a threat. I would tend to agree.

Tribal Council

Susie says that everyone is starting to get paranoid about everything, and Bob says this is the first time he hasn't been nervous, since he has the (Real) Idol. Sugar says the thing is that people will start believing lies and being gullible and flipping. Does Sugar know about the (Fake) Idol?

No Hidden Immunity Idol is played - because the person who would play it knows it's fake. Many looks were exchanged.

The votes go to Matty, then three to Corinne, then another to Matty. Matty got a third vote, and the final vote is for Corinne. The Fake Idol Play was clever, but did not work. Corinne is gone.

I will not miss her.

I don't think Probst will either.

Will Bob be able to get in with someone and keep in the game? Can he keep winning Immunity?

I am pulling for him and Sugar to form some sort of an alliance because they are my favorite two at this point. Probably going into the game, two of the most underestimated people, and I think they are coming out to be two of the strongest players.

Corinne spilled some more venom about how she hates everyone, Sugar most of all, but gives best wishes to Bob and Ken, then says that she hopes everyone else has miserable lives. Wow. What a bitter, mean person she is.

Looks like Bob is going to make moves towards aligning with Ken next week, saying he will give him immunity if he wins it.


Never. EVER. Give. UP. Immunity!!


Henry said...

Saw your blog featured from my friend JenFen, and after weeks of lurking, thought I'd post, as Survivor is so cool! Everything about Ken being cocky is true, but I have to say he has played the best game... the whole developing the plan of splitting the votes between Corinne and Matty, just in case Bob's idol was real... Genius. My only concern for him is now Matty is left to stew over who cast the third vote for him, as I'm sure he would have expected two, but not three... this is where an alliance could crumble. You could argue that Susie made a crucial decision when she switched over from the "Onion" alliance, but now her and Crystal seem along for the ride with Kenny pulling the strings. I liked Bob's attempt at some game play, but I just thought maybe a little late, as Kenny still had the numbers.

Ed said...
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Ed said...

You know the challenge is a puzzle, the first and only thing I would have said, if I were a captain, is "Bob." How'd he get left until the third round?

Not only did Bob win immunity, but he would have won had they taken away his closest shot, and his next closest shot...

And finally, Kenny's strategy to vote for Matty and have Chrystal vote for Corinne "just in case she doesn't really have the idol" has one massive flaw; he voted for Matty. What does it matter if there are three or four or even five votes for Corinne? If she plays the idol, whomever she (and Bob) voted for get the axe. Not smart, Kenny. Now you've been outed as someone who's not trustworthy, and I hope you go next.

Bob just hast to hang in for three more tribals. He can do it!

Lyra said...

I don't even watch the show this season, but reading about the loved ones visits got me all teary-eyed ;-)