Sunday, December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Reunion

The start of the reunion show showed some of Bob's many highlights. I am giddy.

Probst asked him what his key to winning was, and he said it was just to be necessary, and liked. It worked. Probst asked how Bob made that Fake Idol. He said that he snagged a bunch of beads off the Kota flag, and found another piece of it on the walkabout he took. Probst said that saved the remnants of the Fake Idol from the fire after they all left tribal, and asked where Bob got the rope. Bob said "I take stuff," and admitted he got it from the clue gourds at Exile. Probst tossed the Idol remnants back to Bob as a souvenir. Bob is apparently using challenges to create questions for his physics exams. That's awesome.

Probst asked the jury who would have voted for Matty if he had won the fire making challenge. It was an easy five votes, and Matty would have won. Probst brought Matty to task for not practicing making fire, and Matty admitted that he was feeling confident.

In something I have been waiting for, Probst addressed the audience at home, and future Survivor contestents, and said that if you are going to be on Survivor, go to REI, buy a flint, and practice making fire. Sage advice, Probst. Matty says he was never good at homework.

Probst asked Susie how she made it to the end. She says she was just nice and a hard worker. The swing vote was Randy, and he said that the fact that Susie wouldn't shut up about the cookie incident was the million dollar cookie. God, he is childish.

Probst came to Sugar next, who has become totally recognized on the streets, and she always makes sure she looks good and has makeup on when she leaves the house. Sugar then says that anyone who has a heart could understand her being emotional all the time. She says she is feeling better now, stronger.

Corinne's Antidepressent speech may have usurped Sue's Snake/Rat speech for the nastiest thing ever said at Final Tribal. Corinne got soundly booed by the audiene. Corinne says that she feels sorry for Sugar's loss and felt like she was stuck in Africa with a colicky baby, and she couldn't take it anymore. She admits for going to the jugular, and that in real life, if she didn't like someone, she would just not spend time with them, but if forced to spend time with people, she's totally that person. And she admits to loving the boos.

Marcus says that a lot was not shown that showed how Sugar got on people's nerves. Corinne apparently took Probst and the show to task for not showing her nastiness from beginning to end. She says she just has a dry sense of humor, and now she plans on teaching sensitivity training.

Randy's next. He says that people are either born with ability to like him or not, and his best friend for the past 15 years was his dog.

Marcus apparently has off-the-charts IQ, but next highest in the group was Randy, who thinks the test must just be flawed, and says he cheated his way into an engineering degree at Vanderbilt, and he brought 6 strangers as his guests to the show, who are just fans of the show. That's kind of nice. Randy applied to be on the show 15 times, and says that they should have waited until about season 22, because he would be funnier and meaner. Probst calls him one of the most dispicable and likeable people ever on the show.

Probst turns to Charlie next, who is super nice, and is friends with Caustic Corinne and Whetched Randy. He says he was born to love both of them.

Next under the spotlight is Crystal's physical ineptitude. Crsytal showed off her Olympic gold medal, and a picture of herself at the Olympics. She says she is built to run around a circle, and challenges are really hard.

Dan (with a really unfortunate haircut) says that he was made vulnerable on the show, taken away from his inner security circle.

Ken (also with an unfortunate haircut - mostly too much product), showed off some clips of his gaming. He admits that he got really cocky, and that Survivor is not a game of chess, which is how he was playing it. He says that girls are now actually talking to him, but he wants someone nice who likes him for him, and not because he was on Survivor.

Michelle (newly blonde), says that she has nightmares about a termite trying to eat her, since she ate a termite with Ken.

Ace's inconsistant accent is brought up next. He says his accent is entirely real, but says in retrospect, it would have been cool if he had faked an American accent around camp, and spoken in his British accent in confessional. That would have given me the giggles.

(Matty's face when they were watching the elephant across the river was so cute, really)

The Sprint Favorite players of the season came down to Matty, Bob, and Sugar. Matty came in third, and Sugar came in second. Bob won the $100,000 Fan Favorite, too. Probst says that Bob is so calm about everything, it's weird.

It's because Bob is from Maine. I know people from Maine. He's a lot like a good friend of mine from Maine, actually. (Mike Floyd if you are reading, I see you being like Bob when you get older).

Probst did a really cute impression of what he would be like in Bob's case, touting "If you want to learn to tie a bow tie, check out"

Matty got his girl a real engagement ring, but she still has on the Gabon-ring.

Paloma and Kelly got a second to talk about how much they appreciated the game. Probst says that GC is the only player to go MIA before a challenge, and GC said he was "looking for some Pot pies or something," and was just out looking for food. Jacquie said that the disconnect from technology was nice, and Gillian said that her applying for every season was totally worth it.

So, where are they going next?

It's the rugged Brazilian Highlands, with the Rio Novo running through it, and Survivor: Tocantins is coming in February.

Can't wait to blog it!

Now - do I dvr Bob on the Early Show tomorrow? Hmmmm...

Thank you for reading my commentary this season. Hope that you keep reading! American Idol is coming soon!


Ed said...

I love your recaps, as you know, but I have to point this out... GC's "pot pies" is actually Popies, like the sailor. It's a resturant simlar to KFC. Worlds best (or greasiest) chicken.

Astrid said...

Thanks, Ed! Though I love pot pies, I can't see disappearing into the jungles of Africa in search of them. Greasy chicken? Perhaps... perhaps...