Thursday, August 12, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.12.10 - Finale!

Cat's dress is really sweet.  It looks like a 50's prom gown.

Hey, it's the others in the Top 10, and the All Stars.  Nice Group Dance.  Wonder who choreographed it?  And Alex was carried out to dance in a chair. Cool that they could include him.  I really dig this choreography, centering on the final 3 reaching for their destination.  Nice.  It was choreographed by Christopher Scott.  Really cool.

It's a panel full o' judges.  7 choreographers over there.  Oh god, there's Mary.  Please don't yell.  Please don't yell.  There's a kind of hilarious montage of Nigel's hair through the seasons, of course set to Hair.  Montage of Mia's invented words and sounds.  Love it.  And Montage of Adam's faces, set to "She's Got the Look."  I love it.  Tyce, Stacey Tookie, Kenny Ortega, and Mary... oh, Mary.  I did not miss her.  At all.

Montage of last night's routines.  Fast forwarding.

Best routines of the season coming up... and Cat teased that Nigel might be taking the stage for a tap spectacular.

Kenny's favorite routine of the season is Tyce piece with Neil and Kenny, the Shoeless Joe routine.  Love this routine.

Nigel's favorite is Stacey Tookey's Mad World routine, with Billy Bell and Ade.  Love it.

Special Guest Time, Dance Crew featuring Ryan formerly of SYTYCD- Quest.  They are mightily impressive.  I think some of them must have rubberized spines.  That's the only explanation. 

Mia's favorite dance of the season is Tabitha and Napoleon's Comfort & Adechike number, Fallin'.  Oh... I really like this routine.  Totally awesome.  I think they actually danced it better tonight than their first go through.   Cat agreed with me.

Fast Forwarding through some fluff.  And enter Kent & Anya with their First Kiss Routine.  Mixed feelings about the song, because I really really dislike Ke$ha, but the routine is wonderful. 

Tyce's pick to see again was Tabitha & Napoleon again.  It was Robert & Dominic's clown routine.  Fun. 

Nigel hobbles out on stage, with crutches and a giant bandage on his foot, and says that the Season 7 curse hit him, and he stubbed his toe on Adam's wallet.  Enter adorable 7 year old kid who says he wants to stand in for Nigel.  Holy cow, he's good.  And so cute.  Astounding.  His name is Luke Spring.

More fast forwarding through some tap.

Nigel's next choice is Lauren's Argentinian tango with Pasha.  Nice.  Sexy.  And so dramatic.  And Pasha has a shirt on.  I think that's a first.

Adam's choice is Travis' piece with Robert and Allison.  And I think I cried a little.  Beautiful.

Russell dancing with L'il C?  That's kind of all sorts of awesome. 

Mary's favorite routine (along with screaming, can she please never come back?) with Dominic & Jose's B-boy duet. 

SYTYCD UK winner, in a routine with Neil, choreographed by Mandy Moore...  She's fearless.  Neil just flung her around like crazy.

First result of the night - Who is third?  Robert.  As it should be.  Looks like he'll be doing his Bollywood routine later, though!  And, he got a giant consolation bouquet.

Adam's next choice for dance was Napoleon & Tabitha's routine with Lauren and Twitch.  Love this routine.  Lauren is super awesome in it.  She really can just do anything.

Cat wanted to see the Sonya piece with Alex & Allison, and it was to tape, because of Alex's injury.  It wasn't my favorite, though the judges all went nuts over it, but it was nice to see again.

Stacey Tooky's choice for routine was Robert and Billy's Bollywood routine.  Nice.  I love all the Bollywood this show has taken to doing!

Mia's pick is Travis' Neil and Kent routine.  Oh god, yes.  This routine is heart wrenching.  I almost cried again.  Astounding.

Fast Forwarding through the musical performance of the Kiss Off Song.

Surprise guest?  In Alex's place in the routine with Twitch.... Ellen Degeneres.  And she is doing a not embarrassing job.  I mean, it's Ellen dancing.  And it's funny.  And it was enjoyable.  Ah, Ellen.  It certainly had me laughing, and poor Alex came out on his crutches.  She said she was inspired by National Dance Day. 

Oh drat.  Final results.  I was hoping for the Prom Routine.  Boo.

And the winner is....


Congratulations, Lauren.  Really, this could have gone either way, and it would have been wonderful, because they are both astounding. 

Hooray!  It's been a good season!

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