Thursday, August 5, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.4.10

Sorry about the late post!  Didn't get a chance to watch last night.

Cat looks like an 80's dance party.  And I kind of dig it.

Joining the judges is Tyce D'iorio tonight.  And hoping everyone had a good dance day.  I boogied in my living room.  But, that's an everyday occurance...

Tyce did a routine with the Top 4, to Guys and Dolls.  What a fun routine!  I really love Lauren's dress!  Lauren and Kent all the way!

Tyce thinks that Kent stands out, and had nice words for Robert and Lauren, but told Adechike that he wants to see the fight.  I would agree with that.

Lauren (with Pasha, Tango, choreographed by Miriam and Larico) Holy cow, sexy.  Really well done, in my opinion.  It is a slower tango.  I felt every second of it. (Lost some comments here because my computer shut down for no reason... but everyone loved it.)

Adechike (with Lauren G, AfroJazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman) Quite fun!  I liked it!  Nigel thought he had fun.  Tyce wanted more connection.  Mia didn't feel the joy in the piece.  Adam felt he needed to be looser and lose his center.  He felt conscious of Adechike thinking of the choreography.

Robert (with Anya, Vienesse Waltz choreographed by Jonathan Roberts) I felt him thinking about the choreography.  The straight armed lift was impressive, but it looked labored to me.  He looks like he's trying too hard to act the part sometimes.  But, a very nice dance, all in all.  Nigel thanked Jonathan for doing a great, non-boring Vienesse Waltz, and thought that Robert's carriage was beautiful.  He also appreciated the straight armed lift.  Tyce thought that he invested whole-heartedly in the dance.  He thought that Robert wore it like a suit.  Mia thought he wore it like an Armani suit, and called Robert the prince of the season.  She wants Robert to relax and enjoy the ride somewhat more.  Adam thought Robert was brilliant, on the perfect night to be brilliant, and called his movement quality on par with Anya. 

Kent (with Courtney, Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez) There were a lot of falls in rehearsal and I hope that Kent doesn't injure Courtney... And he did not!  What a super fun routine.  Wow, that was fast.  And the death drop!  And the above the head spin!  Wow.  Nigel thought that he did a really good job with a tough dance.  Tyce thought it was fun, but thought that Kent needed some more of the dance history.  He called it just good.  Mia thought it was a little rough.  She thought the partnering was kind of solid, but the non-partnering parts felt childlike, bouncy, tight, and squashy.  She thought it was his worst performance of the season.  Adam said that Mia is not totally wrong.  Nigel said that he is not marrying Adam now.  Adam thought that it was Kent's most youthful performance yet, and the best thing about disco is masculinity and Blue Steel.

Lauren (with Ade, Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman) Holy sparkly bodysuit, Lauren!  She's a black widow in this routine.  And she's amazing.  The hand choreography was amazing.  Amazing.  And then she did a backflip over Ade as he lay down... incredible.  Just utterly amazing.  Wow.  Nigel loved some of the lifts and the fast choreography.  He said not only was it good choreography, it was strong dancing, and she danced it like a strong woman.  He said he hopes that America votes her in to the finale. Tyce gave Lauren snaps.  He wanted a little more ferociousness in the final position, though her dancing is spectacular.  Mia called Lauren a beast.  Sometimes the sexual chemistry wasn't as strong as it could have been, but it was amazing.  Adam said he wants to hire Lauren.  Lauren said "any time, any day!"

Adechike (with Kathryn, Contemporary, choreographed by Dwight & Desmond) It was good, but the choreography didn't grab me so much.  Nigel thought that he lost his energy near the end, and started losing his lines.  Tyce wanted to celebrate where he's at right now.  He thinks that Adechike put a piece of himself on the dance floor, even though he needed some more in it.  Mia wanted more.  Adam is just super proud of him.

Robert (with Dominic, Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)  Neat.  Messed up.  Robert was better in this than he has been in anything for a long time for me.  He worked well with Dominic.  Nigel loved it and loved the choreography.  Nigel hopes to see the routine on tour. Tyce loved the "Tab & Nap" and thought that Robert really showed up to the piece and made it magic.  I would agree with that.  Mia called it hip hop theatre.  She loved how he committed and thought it was perfect.  Adam thought that Robert out-danced Robert. 

Kent (with Neil, Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall)  It's about a broken friendship, where Neil has done terrible things to Kent.  Wow.... my heart was breaking during that routine.  Amazing.  I love Travis.  When Neal threw Kent across the stage... amazing.  Just astounding.  Nigel thought that the piece was inspirational and chilling.  He called it the number of the show.  He wanted to know if there was personal inspiration from Travis, and he admitted their was.  Nigel wants to see this one again and thinks that Kent booked his place in the finale.  Tyce wanted to know if they were kidding him, and said that excellence was delivered on all levels.  Mia said it was the first time she can't find words and was brought to tears and said it was so real and uncomfortably awful and called it true genius.  Adam called Travis brilliant, and thinks if it were the finale, Kent would have just won the show.

I think Adechike is going home.  Robert could be, though he did really well.  I hope beyond hope that Kent and Lauren are safe.

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