Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 8.12.10

You know how last week, I said that Cat looked like she was in a lacy wedding gown?  This week, she looks like she's going to a goth prom.  And she pulls that off, too.

Four dances each tonight!

Kent (with Lauren G, Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul)  This one is supposed to be cheesy.  And holy cow, I love when Kent does flips.  Seriously a fun routine!  I am no bollywood authority, but I think they did a really good job.  He did really well on the knee spins.  Nigel loved it.  Mia thought it was very Kentish and it worked.  Adam thought the energizer bunny could retire.

Lauren (with Twitch, Hip Hop choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)  It's a political debate in dance.  Interesting.  Certainly interesting.  Lauren can hit harder than you would think given her background.  And I just love watching Twitch.  That was a pretty cool routine.  Nigel said she nailed it.  Mia called Lauren filthy.  She told Lauren that her consistency would make choreographers want to hire her.  She loves Lauren's balance of masculinity with femininity.  Adam thought the dance was ironic and wonderful, and said that Lauren makes him proud to sit in the judge's chair, and calls Lauren one of his favorite girls the show has ever had.

Robert (with Mark, Jazz choreographed by Tyce D'iorio)  Cool!  Mark!  The piece is a "power surge of electric energy."  Interesting.  And they are dancing to Whip It.  Awesome.  The dance was really fun.  I love Mark.  In case you didn't know.  I think that Mark outshone him a little, though... Nigel loved that Tyce did something so different.  He thought that they worked really well together, and said that he doesn't mind which one of the final dancers win, because they are all  so strong.  I actually agree.  (Though I like the others more than I like Robert... it wouldn't anger me if he won).  Cat just called them two lovely little packages of kooky bonkers in handsome packages.  Ha. Love it. Mia thinks that Robert has gotten more grounded as the show has gone on, and calls him most improved.  She loves him with Mark.  Adam thinks this piece is a testament to the success of the addition of the all-stars.  He thinks that Robert danced like he wasn't competing, and in a good way. 

Kent's chat with Cat was really cute.  His favorite routine was the prom routine with Lauren.  With the kiss at the end.

Kent's solo:  He just astounds me.  Love when he flips and throws himself at the ground and just keeps going.

Lauren & Robert (Contemporary, choreographed by Dee Caspary)  They have a pillow as a prop.  She outshone him.  I have to say.  But he did well, too.  What a beautiful routine. Nigel said that there were touches of genius in the routine.  He loves how strong the both of them are.  Mia thinks this is Robert's most delicious performance by far.  She loves how humble Robert has become.  She said that Lauren was perfection and is so proud.  Adam saw how much they supported each other and loved that, and said it was a story about action and reaction and rebound, and called it perfection.  Nice.

Kent & Lauren (Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore)  They are dancing to Hip to Be Square and are dressed as nerds.  I love it.  They are so cool.  Definitely my favorite two dancers.  Loved this routine.  Seriously.  Nothing but fun from beginning to end.  Nigel saw that Mandy was going for geeky fun, but didn't think it was challenging enough for the finale.  He said that they did what was asked of them, but can't really critique the dancing.  Mia said it was fun, and they danced it well, but she didn't like it, because it isn't her cup of tea.  Adam loves them, and repeatedly told them to get out of here.  Not sure what that meant particularly.  But they had fun!  I think that counts for a lot.

Robert's talk with Cat - his favorite dance was the Travis Wall dance with Allison.  Agreed.  And he really got more than his share of ballroom. 

Robert's Solo:  It's a weird little solo and he tried to throw so many different styles into it.. Not my favorite, but good.

Kent (with Allison, contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookie)  It's about an outwardly perfect couple with a lot of hidden problems.  There was a part where they both played puppet, then puppeteer, and it was fantastic.  I was brought to tears. Gorgeous.  Nigel thinks that Kent's lines get better and stronger, and loved the emotions, and the character.  He said the only chink is perhaps Kent's upper body strength, but it didn't show here.  Mia loved how invested he was in it.  She has run out of ways to tell him how much she loves him.  Adam saw the birth of Kent the artist.  He was blown away by it.

Lauren's chat with Cat - Her favorite dance was also the prom dance with Kent. 

Lauren's solo:  Beautiful.  She's so strong I just love it.

Robert (with Kathryn, Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff) I think Courtney would have been a better All Star for this, but oh well.  It was a really well done routine.  The beginning was basically a little solo time for Robert, and he got the character well.  Well done.  Not really a KILLER routine, though.  And Robert split his pants.  Nigel and Adam argued about West Side Story, but in the end, Nigel is delighted in him.  Mia loved the classic feel and thought it was danced brilliantly, but wanted more simmer and sizzle in the movements.  Adam thinks the original choreography is the best piece in musical theatre, and thinks that Spencer stayed true to it, while putting his own spin on it, and loved what Robert did to it.

Lauren (with Pasha, Cha cha choreographed by Tony & Melony)  Dang.  That girl can dance anything.  She is so amazing.  Love love love it.  Nigel thought everything was damned near perfect, and said she is probably the best contemporary girl they have ever had do ballroom.  Mia wasn't sure who Lauren was and is so happy that she stood up for Lauren's booty.  She said that if she was still dancing, she would want to dance like Lauren.   She never gets bored watching her.  Agreed.  Adam said that she feels music like no one else on the show, and if music turned into a person, it would be her.  He said that was exhibition style perfect, and said that she dances as effortlessly as most people breathe.  Wow.

Kent & Robert (Malevos - missed the choreographer's names)  It's a tango style battle.  And it was awesome.  They were both so strong.  and fantastic.  Nigel said that the routine is apparently what men do to practice their tango before they dance with their women.  Wow.  Nigel said this routine showed how hard they have to work to achieve what they have achieved.  He urged people to vote.  Mia loved the feel of the routine, and said there was a debbonairre quality.  She said the legwork could have been tighter, but they are a couple of contemporary dancers, and they did an amazing job with it.  Adam said that these three are his favorite top 3 of the whole show, any season, and brought up the fact that it is the youngest finale ever, and they entered as kids, but came out professionals.

I have no idea who is going to win.  But I can't wait for the finale.  I am hoping for Kent or Lauren, but I wouldn't be sad to see Robert win.

I loved Kent's dances tonight.  All of them.  His routine with Allison was my favorite.  Lauren's dances were all also awesome.  The cha cha was my favorite from her, though I loved her other dances, too.  And Robert's dances?  I really loved his dance with Mark.  But that could have been the Mark Factor...

What do you think?

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