Sunday, December 6, 2009

Amazing Race - 12.6.09

I want to scream right now.  Sat down to watch The Amazing Race Finale at 8:30, and my brilliant dvr had decided to record two different things instead - Dora the Explorer and Super Bikes.  Yeah.  I could have sworn they had lower priorities than The Amazing Race.  Booooo.

Anyhow, at least I didn't miss the end, but I have no idea what happened in the first half.  Check out other excellent recappers at zap2it and hitfix to see if they caught it.

I started watching right at a commercial break where Meghan was looking stricken to ominous music...

Meghan & Cheyne are stuck in traffic, while Sam & Dan are doing a task of counting chips, and are freaking out in each other.

Ericka & Brian show up to reveal (to me) what the task is - they have to count a million dollars in poker chips.  Meghan & Cheyne show up not long after them.

Amazingly, all teams finished counting at the same time, pretty much.  Meghan & Cheyne got theirs right first off, and are off to the MGM Grand, where Mr. Las Vegas (Wayne Newton) will tell them their next clue.  The other teams made mistakes and had to reorganize, and make sure they were counting right. Sam & Dan were done next.

He told them that the finish line is at his home.

Sam & Dan were very excited to meet Mr. Las Vegas, but weren't sure what his name was.

The first entrance that Cheyne & Meghan got to was not open, so they had to look for another one. 

The finish line, with all the other teams clapping for them, saw Meghan & Cheyne arrive first.  I am happy.  I did not want the brothers to win, because they were so irritating.  Meghan & Cheyne had their moments where I didn't like them much, but at the end, they were the best team out there.

Sam & Dan came in second, and still love each other through all the bickering.  Brian & Ericka are last to come in, and are still happy to have made it.  They would have been happier with a million dollars, but the finished the race all the same.

Good season.  I didn't find as many of the teams as dynamic as in past seasons, so I hope for better teams next season. And of course, I wish that I hadn't missed the first half of the finale.  Boo, dvr mishaps!

Are you happy with who won?

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Jeanne said...

I am so happy the brothers didn't win! Anyway, quick recap: once landed, the teams first had to go to a wedding chapel to get their clue. The chapel was at the north end of the Strip. Then they had to go to the complete South end to Mandalay Bay where one person has to go to the roof and rappel face-first down the side of the bldg. Ericka is the first to go. Then Shayne who keeps his eyes closed the whole time. Can't remember which bro went. After this they have to go back up the Strip to Mirage where they are part of Cirque de Soleil "Love" (amazing show) and have to spring on bungees to grab a bouquet of flowers. Erick just misses and gets frustrated. Meghan grabs it first then Sam/Dan gets it. They are supposed to go to Monte Carlo next but Meghan/Shayne don't have the right casino so that is why she was looking frustrated. Dan/Sam have a big lead (it seems) but the other 2 teams caught up. That's when you started watching. It was cool, Wayne's house is just a couple of miles from ours. Sad the season is over!