Thursday, December 3, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 12.3.09

I didn't blog last week's clip show, but I can understand now more why Shambo hated Laura, who had pretty much no sympathy about Shambo's emotional moment when she was remembering her sister who died.  She patted Shambo on the back and said "Buck up, be happy!"  I wanted to strangle Laura, too, at that point...

After John flipped and voted for Laura, Monica thought he was a Judas and wanted him gone.  The next morning, Tree Mail brought Survivor Money - and it's the Survivor Auction!  I hope there are some gross food items in there.  That always makes things more fun.

Reward Challenge

No sharing of money, no sharing of food, bidding in $20 increments, and everyone has $500.

The first item is a PB & J, and Natalie jumped right in and bid $200 for it.  Girl really wanted a PB & J.  At least she didn't have to get naked for it.  She won with no other bids.

The next item is covered.  Shambo got it for $240.  And she won ... Sea Noodles and Slug Guts.  With some Parmesan.  Poor Shambo.  She asked if it had some nutritional value, and Probst said he didn't know, but she said she hoped so, and dug right in. 

The next item is also a covered item, which Monica got for $340.  It was an entire roasted chicken.  Poor Shambo!

The next item is a significant advantage in the next immunity challenge.  Jaison bid against John and decided to go for the gold and bid all of his money to win it.

The next item was a cheeseburger, fries, ketchup, mustard, and a beer, which Dr. Mick snagged for $500.

The next item is a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  John got it for $200.  Unless that clue says "In Russell's Pants," he's not finding it.

The next item is a Survivor Shower, including clean underwear. Natalie got it for $120.  She hopped right in.

The next item was a huge piece of apple pie.  John got it for $300.  He got the chance to divvy up an entire pie amongst four people.  He decided to eat his pie, and said he was confident no one was going to vote him off for not giving pie.  Russell that that was a terrible move.  I would tend to agree. 

The auction ended with that.  Russell didn't even seem to bid on anything.  He should have bid on the clue to the idol, to throw people off. 

Back at camp, John went out looking for the idol with his clue.  No luck with that.  Shambo told the chickens they were going to have them for lunch, and apologized to them (because as we saw in the clip show last week, the wayward chicken was captured by Shambo, with Erik's trap).  She refused to kill them, and Dr. Mick and Russell did the honors  Shambo was sad to see them go, but had no trouble taking charge of the cooking of them.  Jaison wanted to just throw one over the fire, but Shambo wanted to make a soup so as not to lose any of the nutrition.  Dave was not happy with the way Shambo was cooking the chickens, and Shambo told him to shut the f up, pretty much. 

I hope her soup is delicious.

The editors had fun with Shambo at night, with her having what she called a "clairvoyant dream," and she dreamed that they voted Dave off.  She talked to Russell and said that Dave needs to be the first to go.  Set in stone.  He told Natalie that Shambo is unstable and votes with her emotions, but if they get rid of Dave, they've got the numbers, no problem.

Immunity Challenge

The Challenge is to hold onto a very heavy log with a rope, switching hands every three minutes, moving one knot lower on the rope.  When they can't hold on any more, the log falls, breaks their plate, and they are out.  Jaison's advantage is the ability to move his hand up two full knots any time during the challenge.  Awesome.  Good luck to him.

Jaison used his two knot advantage at 9 minutes in.  We'll see if that pays off.  I think it might, because he got to stay up closer longer.  Shambo is the first out.  Russell is out next, claiming a charlie horse in his arm.

Finally, no one except for Jaison has any knots left and they have to hold onto bare rope.  Monica is out next, followed by John and Brett.   Dr. Mick is out next, and it's down to Natalie, Dave, and Jaison.  Natalie held on a super long time, but she was out next.  It's down to Jaison and Dave, with Jaison having the knot advantage.   The knot saved him, and Dave slipped down.

That was worth skipping the cheeseburger.

Back at camp, Russell was sure that Shambo wouldn't flip on them, and the plan was to get rid of Dave.   He had promised John that the next person out would be Foa Foa, he told John that they were going against Mick.  Then, John said "Well, if that doesn't work, you can just play the idol."  Russell admitted that he had the idol, but switched his plan to vote against John.  In confessional, Russell said "If I make a mistake, I have to get rid of you." 

Russell went to Dave to see if he could help vote out John, and told him that it would be him if it isn't John, so John needs to talk to Monica and see what he can do.  Dr. Mick also wants to get rid of John.  Dr. Mick went to talk to Jaison, and Jaison is worried that Shambo will flip on them if they don't vote with her.  Dr. Mick thinks that Russell can settle things with Shambo in the event of a John vote off, but Jaison is not so sure.

Tribal Council

Shambo was shocked when Russell said that the decision is game play.  She wants someone to win who deserves to win.  Dave said if the vote went the way he thought it would go, he would be shocked.

Not a very interesting Tribal.  Let's see how the votes shake out.

Mick took a hit with a vote (presumably from John), and then Shambo was shocked, as was John, to see the votes going towards John.  Shambo looked pisssssssed and utterly confused.  John was shocked (and there is no way he is giving Russell a jury vote, if Russell gets to the finale...)  Good times.

Next week, it looks like Dr. Mick and Jaison might be against Russell.  Will Brett remain a total non-entity?  We'll have to wait and see.


Ed said...

They never did talk about how the chicken turned out, and I wondered if I was the only one who was curious about that...

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Astrid, do you read Jeff's blog. It's usually up by now and I can't find it.

Kelliewith3kiddos (march mommy)

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Lyra said... I crave apple pie and a PB&J sandwich....