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Survivor Samoa: 12.10.09

After voting off John, Shambo is feeling just as blindsided as he was.  Russell played it that John was trying to get rid of Shambo.  Smart move, Russell.  He admitted in confessional that he was lying about everything in the game, and it was easy. 

The next morning, Jaison claimed to Brett and Monica that he is the brains behind Russell, and he set him up to be the Bulldog.  Hmm.  They are discussing who is going to get the most votes from the jury.  Jaison told them that Russell is a millionaire already.  Nice backstabbing there, Jaison.

No Reward Challenge - it's an Immunity Challenge!

Russell is happy to see an Immunity Challenge "so I can start getting rid of people."  He's so cocky, I don't know if I love it or hate it.

It's a Survivor Bowling Tournament.  Random pairs will roll against each other, and the winner goes on to the next round.  Simple enough.  They get 2 rolls each.

Natalie and Shambo are the first pair, and Natalie gets a gutter ball.  Shambo got 9 on her first roll.  Natalie only gets a couple down on her second roll, and it's not enough.

Brett got a gutter ball on his first roll, and Russell got 4.  Brett got a gutter ball again and is out.

Jaison got 2 on his first roll, and Monica got a gutter ball.  On his second roll, Jaison got 4 more, and Monica got a gutter ball and is out.

Mick knocked down 4 pins on his first roll, and Dave got a strike.  Mick got a couple more balls (and whacked the camera), but was out.

Shambo vs. Russell was up first.  Shambo had a nice roll and knocked down 5 pins on her first roll, followed by Russell with 4.  Shambo got none on her second roll, and neither did Russell.  Shambo moves on.

Jaison got a gutter ball, and Dave pulled a gutter ball as well.  Second rolls, and Jaison got 7.  Dave got another gutter ball.  He's out, and Jaison is against Shambo for the win.

Shambo got a gutter ball on the first roll, and so did Jaison.  On the second roll, Shambo got another gutter ball, and Jaison got 2 down, to win Individual Immunity again.  Nice job.

Shambo is just happy that Dave didn't win, and wants to send him home immediately.  Back at camp, Natalie hung her lacy undies on a tree to dry, and Monica and Dave wanted to stay calm and listen to everything he said.  Russell went to Mick and Natalie and told them that Dave should be gone, and Dr. Mick said that it was mainly to keep Shambo happy and keep waters calm.  Monica asked Russell what was happening, and he told her that Dave was going home.  Monica made a plea that Shambo does a lot at camp, and that the majority of the jury is Galu, and they would vote for her.  That might be true, if any of them liked her at all.  He listened to her, and said that keeping Dave might be a good strategic move, because he would win against him hands down.  He then went to Dave and said that it could go for either him, or Shambo.  Russell admitted that he could let Shambo go tonight.

He could do that, and guarantee that Shambo would never ever vote for him to win.


Tribal Council

At only 27 minutes in?  Is a second person getting voted off tonight?  This is ridiculously quick.

Jaison said that the reasons to get rid of people now have changed a lot from previous votes.  Probst asked Shambo if she still wants to get people out who don't deserve it, and admitted that she would never have voted John out, and said she was just as blindsided as he was.  Probst accused her of working the jury, but she claimed to be telling the absolute truth.

Monica said that you need people who you can talk strategy with, and Dave said that it's all about talking people into taking them to the end.  Russell said it is important to get rid of people who are going to get all the votes from the jury.

Shambo voted for Dave, and Dave voted for Shambo, but how did the rest of the votes go?

Russell felt safe enough to not play the hidden immunity idol. 

Dave got a second vote, and a third vote, and a fourth vote, and he is out.  Good.  I think that was the wiser choice at this point.

Foa Foa now has the advantage, and Probst seems as surprised as anyone. 

Has anyone else seen that Laura knows Brett from her church?  She told him to stay strong in a whisper as they left the Tribal Council.  I don't know if that's kosher.

Onward to more Survivor!

Russell told Dr. Mick that Brett is too likeable and is the biggest threat right now.  Dr. Mick asked Russell who he is going to take with him to the end, and Russell claims that he was always talking about voting Brett out.  Russell was nervous that Dr. Mick was nervous, because that could precede a flip...

Second Immunity Challenge

They have to race out into the water, retrieve one of three bags, and then return to shore and use a plank to launch their bag into a basket.  First to get all three bags in wins.

Jaison is the first person with his bag, followed by Dr. Mick, Brett, Russell, Monica, and Shambo and Natalie bringing up the rear.   Brett is the first person to get his bag in a basket, followed by Mick, and then Russell, and then Shambo.

Brett was first back with his second bag, followed by Mick, and they both got their second bags in with no troubles.  Right before Russell got his second bag in, Jaison got his first bag in. 

Brett was the first back with his final bag, and he got it in the basket.  Immunity for him, and disappointment for Russell's plans.

Back at camp, Russell told Dr. Mick and Jaison that it's a no-brainer, because Monica needs to go now.  She knows she's in danger and wants to scramble.  Brett and Monica chatted with Dr. Mick, and said that he needs to think if Russell is going to bring him to the end.  Dr. Mick said that he knows that Russell is a snake, and wouldn't be surprised if he bites him.  He admitted to thinking about the big move.  Dr. Mick then went to talk to Jaison to see how confident he is that Russell would bring them and not Natalie and Shambo.

Monica told Russell that she thinks he is keeping a lot of threats left, and told him that Jaison is just counting down the days until Russell can't play the idol anymore, and admitted that she knows he's a multi-millionaire, but said that Natalie told her (which is not true).  She said that she is voting based on need.

Mad as a wet cat, Russell went to find out if Natalie did in fact tell, and she said that she did not at all, and they went to Brett, who said it was Jaison who told them, and then of course Russell went to Jaison to ask him about it.  He was not happy.

Russell said that if he feels any threat at all, he will play the idol.

Second Tribal Council

Russell immediately pulled out the hidden idol and put it on, saying "I found a pretty necklace and thought I'd wear it."  Probst asked if anyone was shocked, and Monica said absolutely not, but thinks that Russell is getting cocky.  Brett said that it is important to stay humble, and Shambo said that it was the worst day before a tribal, because Russell's feathers were ruffled, and Monica said it was awesome, and said it was great to push Russell's buttons for a change, after he did all of the ruffling.  Russell said that if he and Monica had been on the same tribe the whole time, they would be dangerous together.  He said that he has played hard the whole time, and Monica said it was because of the idols.  He said (rightfully) that that was part of playing hard.  Dr. Mick said that you have to think about the finals, because it's getting down there.

Russell voted for Monica, saying she was a "stupid, stupid little girl with bad strategy."  Monica, of course, voted for Russell.

Does he need to play the idol?  He does not think so, and I hope for his sake that isn't a cocky cocky move.

Monica and Russell both got votes, but in the end, Russell's cockiness was warranted, and Monica is out.

Woo.  What a night.  That was an action packed episode!  Monica was happy to make it as far as she did, and is happy to have stirred up some conflict on her way out.

Next week, Natalie, Dr. Mick, and Brett seem to have something going on, and Russell knows it.  Can't wait!

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Ed said...

The fact that Russell pulled out the idol, and DIDN'T play it!!! made my night.