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So You Think You Can Dance - 12.16.09

Finale time!

At the start of the show, we get the dramatically lit "what it would be like to win" speech from all of the finalists.  Duhn duhn duhn... Can you feel the excitement?

Group Dance is to Scared of Me and it's a jazz number.  It features all Top 20.  It's pretty awesome.  What a Top 20 we had this season! The final 6 entered later than the others to some really cool showcasing lights.  Everyone looks awesome.  Ashleigh and Ryan got to pair up again, and it was grand.  At the end, only the final 6 were left standing.  Ooooh - how symbolic.  And Jakob has some seriously crazy guyliner.

Cat entered, looking luminous.  Seriously, I think she made friends with the hair people again, because her hair is astounding.  And her dress is shimmery and short and appropriate for the finale.  She's all in gold and silver.  Love it.

Guest performers abound, when I wish there was just dancing.

Lil C, Tyce, and Debbie Allen join Adam, Mary and Nigel tonight.

Before we find out what's going down tonight, let's recap last night for the memory impaired.  Or, fast forward through the recap.  That works, too.

Each person at the judge's table will get to pick their favorite dances to see again.

Lil C brought back the buckness with the Hip Hop dancers - Kevin, Legacy and Russell together, dancing to Begging.  I love to see Kevin tossing Legacy around, and then Russell hopped off the stage and did his thing.  It was fantastic.  I love seeing Legacy spin around on his head.  It was really awesome.

Adam wanted to see Sonya's routine with Ellenore & Jakob again, and I am thrilled.  What a fantastic piece.  They are magic together, and Sonya was just perfectly in tune with them.  I adore every second of it.  I think they were even better tonight..  Love it.  So freaking cool.

And there's Melissa the Ballerina in the audience behind the choreographers.  Hi, Melissa!  I loved you!

Nigel brought back the tappers!  Big surprise, huh?  Their first routine from their own style.  Tap time!  Bianca, Peter, and Phillip take the stage.  I liked them a lot and wish they had been more versatile. 

Mary decided that she wanted to see something completely new - Ryan & Ashleigh in their own style, together.  A jive, choreographed by them!  Slick. And I am happy with Mary on this one -  It's astoundingly good.  Look at those feet go!  And Ashleigh spun around so many times I was dizzy.  I loved it.

Leona Lewis is getting fast forwarded.  She's really good, but I want to see dance.  She does look like she's wearing a ballroom suit of armor, though.  It's kind of a mullet dress, though.

Guest perfomance in dance now, with the Groovaloos.  Again... They are great, I'm sure, but I want the results and to see the dancers from this show.  Thanks.  Fast forward.

Nigel's next pick was Dwight & Desmond's contemporary from last night with Jakob & Kathryn.  Wonderful, but we just saw it last night.  It's just as good tonight, though.  The way she throws herself at him with wild abandon is just wonderful.  I love the roll they do entangled in each other across the floor.  Very sexy.

Tyce's pick is Bollywood with Nathan & Mollee.  Good pick, because it was one of their better routines.  I wish we had a chance to see Russell & Ashleigh's Bollywood that we didn't get to see them dancing together.  You know, the one that broke her.  Mollee is better in this than Nathan, I have to admit.  She is sharper in her movements and seemed more committed.

And Cat's microphone wasn't working when she called the Final 6 out, and in a moment on Live TV, someone ran up with a microphone for her.  Ashleigh, Jakob, and Kathryn came out on stage, and then Cat was confused as to what happened to the other three - Russell was helped out by Ryan and Ellenore, and he did something to his leg!  Oh, crap.  Cat promised to get him some help, but results came first.  Poor Russell!

The person in 6th place is Ryan.  I think that's about right.  Cat gave Ryan a hug but didn't make him move from his supportive position next to Russell.

Ok, I'm watching Adam Lambert.  I don't know if I would have picked this as the second single off his album, which I listened to when it was streaming, but it was good.  And there were no crazy antics.  A downright subdued performance.

Flashback to crazy auditioners.  I don't care about crazy screaming man.  Then, on to Vegas, and Adam crying, and the ouster of Kasperczak Part Deux, and then on to the Top 20 and too much Mary screaming. 

Russell has himself a still now.  Poor guy.

In fifth place is Ashleigh.  Again, that sounds about right.

Adam's choice for the next routine is Legacy & Ellenore's Travis Wall routine from last week.  Woo.  I lvoe to see that one again.  Just stunning.

Debbie chose the African Jazz, with Noelle & Russell.  But can Russell dance it?  Nope.  They are showing a tape of the original performance.  I feel badly for Noelle not being able to dance it again for the finale.

Now, who is coming in fourth?  I called it again with Ellenore.  I think that's about right, again.

(I see that Kathryn is in her hip hop outfit from last night, another dance with Russell.  Looks like we'll be getting another tape, and she has had a costume change for nothing...)

Lil C has chosen (verbosely) an orgy of magestic contemporary something or other, it's Channing, Ariana, Jakob & Nathan's original in-their-style dance.  Jakob tore his shirt to pieces as if it was made of toilet paper.  It was a beautiful routine.  I hope they keep that Showcase the Top 20 show for future seasons.  It was wonderful.

Mary's next choice is another from last night - Kathryn & Russell's hip hop from last night.  Again, roll the tape.

I care not a tick about Mary K. Blige.  Fast Forward.

Nigel sang the praises of the Showcase Show, and introduced the last group number, which was the Wade Robeson Top 20 Routine in that show.  Roll the tape because Russell can't dance.  I was glad to see this dance again.  It was an amazing choreography job.

Who's in third place?  I think it should be Russell.   But, no.  It's Kathryn!  Boo.  It should have come down to her and Jakob.  I am amazed at Kathryn's growth, because I really didn't like her in the beginning, because of the squeaking, which she never repeated after the initial bit, and only came back to a little at the ouster (and she apologized for it). 

Jennifer Lopez, as choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon?  This song is about expensive shoes, which I somehow don't think Jenny from the Block cared much about.  And it was so painfully lip synced I couldn't handle it.  Why bother with a microphone at all?  Fast forward.

After the performance, Jennifer Lopez and Cat compare shiny metallic dresses, and she pimped her album.  Some of her dancers were from the show (and though I fast forwarded, I appreciate that).

Time for the final results!  Please let Jakob be the winner.  Nothing against Russell, because he's wonderful... but Jakob!  Seriously, to quote Cat.

Wow.  Russell won.  That, I did not expect.  I suppose he did push himself farther.  That is impressive in it's won right.  Russell ripped off his shirt and fell to the ground thanking God.  He then thanked everyone else, and I have to give it to him.  He put in some great performances, and probably learned a lot more than Jakob, who is a star and will have no problem in the world of dance.

What do you think?

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