Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 12.9.09

The group dance is to a remix of Pon de Floor, and the costumes look like a depressed jester got a hold of them - half black and half rainbow.  They are very weird.  I have to say, I am impressed by how hard Ellenore and Kathryn hit.  I do notice that poor Ashleigh is missing from the group number.  I hope she gets through and I hope that she is well enough to dance by next week.  Russell got to do some flying even.  It was a pretty neat routine.  Very odd.  I didn't even notice their multicolored hair until after they were done dancing.  It was choreographed by Sonya.  There you go.  Hence the weird.

Cat looks like she's made up with her closet, and she is in a very slick black (or maybe dark blue-grey) strapless frock with a yellow belt, and her hair is pleasingly smooth and shiny.  Oh, upon further inspection, her dress is black on the sides and blue down the middle, with a yellow belt.  That's not so bad...

Profile on Samantha Ronson, who did some remixes for the show.

First on the floor are the guys.  Holy cow they changed costumes quickly, and got the colors out o their hair.  Impressive.

Russell is safe.  Legacy is in danger.  I worry for Ryan.  Not surprisingly, Jakob is safe.  Mary screamed about Jakob and Russell being awesome.  I have no idea what she is wearing, but it looks very 90's to me.

Time for the ladies, and Ashleigh is with them, looking ready to dance.  Kathryn is deservedly safe.  Ellenore is in danger, and I blame Tabitha and Napoleon.   It's between Mollee and Ashleigh for the second place in the bottom.  America came through and voted Ashleigh through to the finals!!!  Yippppppeeee!!!

Now, will Ryan be able to prevail to get to the finale with his wife?  I sure as heck hope so!

Adam thinks that Mollee had the best performances of her own run on the show and perhaps on the show in it's entirety, and I agree, and he blames her partnership with Nathan for holding her back for a lot of the competition.  I agree.  I still think she's a cheerleader, but still.  He thinks that Kathryn had "A Star is Born" moment last night, and thinks she is just coming on perfectly like Jeanine did last season.  Agreed.  Cat cut Adam off because he was running way too long.

Performance by a group I've never heard of, and they look like an Asian version of the Supremes.  Fast forward, because I want some meat.

Also fast forwarded through the segment where the contestants gave gifts to each other for Christmas.

Wow - Legacy did his solo to a string quartet, and it worked.  A lot.  He is great.  I still want Ryan in the finals instead of him, though.

Ellenore's solo brought back some of her fun quirky, and I think was stronger than last night's.

Ryan's solo was the same as last night's, I think. It's odd to see him dancing in jeans.  I really love him as a partner, so I hope he stays.  I'm sappy and want to see him dance with Ashleigh.

Mollee's solo is different than last night's, too.  It was a very strong solo.  Again.  I still don't like her, but I think she did a better solo (and did better on her total dancing) than Ellenore.

Why, Hello, Kris Allen.  I like you and I'm glad you won American Idol (though I kind of like Adam's album, I have to admit it).  However, fast forward.  I'm sure you did a good job.

The girl going home is Mollee.  I am glad, because I like Ellenore more, but I feel badly for little Mollee.  She was a good cheerleader, and should go work on Broadway.

And how about the guys?  Ryan will in fact get a chance to dance with his wife in the finale.  I am so so so happy!!!  Legacy was great, but I am still happy. 

I'm excited about the finale next week!  How about you?  Did your favorites make it through?

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