Thursday, July 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: 7.29.10

Oh, I hope that Lauren is ok!  Cat's in a dayglow pink dress with bed head.  She she pulls it off.

I don't see Lauren in the (very very cool) group number... I wonder if she was supposed to have Allison's part?  I think this might be... Wade Robeson?  I really dig it.  It's really neat and weird.  It could also be Sonya.  Oooh - it was Mia!  Very very cool, Mia!  Bravo!

Lauren is ok (though she couldn't do the group routine).  Yay!  Hope that she's safe. 

First up to find out their fates are Kent and Jose.  If there's any justice, it will be Jose in the bottom 3.    And, there is justice.  Kent is safe.

Billy (looking dapper in a cravat) and Adechike are next.  I'm betting on Adechike in this group to be in the bottom.  Gah.  Billy is in the bottom 3.  I think he'll be safe.  Unless Lauren lands in the bottom 3 for some unknown reason...

Between Robert and Lauren, I really think it's going to be Robert.  And... it's Lauren!

Oh man, I bet the judges don't want to send two home tonight!  I think Jose is a lock to leave, but between Billy and Lauren?  That's tough!  I think it's going to depend on the solos.

Fast forward through the dancers.  And the first guest singer.  He's like a boy band boy without the boy band.  In wickedly unpleasant highwater pants.

Jose's Solo:  His solo had a few new tricks in it, and he's sweet, but ... I think it's definitely his time.  And has been for a couple weeks.

Billy's Solo:  Very neat and different solo.  I liked it.  I hope that Lauren kills it, because I don't want her gone.  His giant floppy cravat kind of got in his face a bit.

Lauren's Solo:  You would never know that Lauren went to see the medics yesterday.  She did a flying leap into a split on the ground and it was beautiful.  I really hope they save her.

Guest performance by Allison Iraheta.  I'll watch at least part of this one.  Those are not All-Stars dancing for her.  Odd.  Her hair has gotten rather ... patriotic... hasn't it?  Orianthe's guitar is beautiful... but I am fast forwarding.  She's good, but I want to see the results!

The judges are unanimous, and say it's the toughest decision yet... and their last, because America decides after this one.  They don't think Billy is connecting with viewers, but they think he connects beautifully with the choreographers.  And Lauren is IN.  Hoooooray!!!!

I think the judges made the absolutely right decision.  I would not have put Billy or Lauren in the bottom, but... they did the right thing with what they were given.  What do you think?


Jeanne said...

I am sad that Billy left, I really though Adechike should have gone before him. Though I'm glad Jose went. I knew once Lauren was in the bottom 3 and not Robert that Billy was gone. :( I'm deciding whether to ask for tickets to the tour for my birthday. They are coming thru Vegas in Nov....Are you watching Top Chef? What did you think about the pea incident? Adn are you going to blog Project Runway this go around?

Astrid said...

I am watching Top Chef and PR, and not blogging either, though I may occasionally blog PR... Cassanova's abomination was so awful last night! They always keep the kooks around in the beginning, though, even if they produce horrible things...

The pea puree incident bugged me.. I don't know if it was theft, but if it was... I always hate to see these so-called professional chefs sabotaging each other.

I hate to say it, but my other blogs are taking more precedence than this one... this one is fun, though...

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