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Amazing Race - 11.9.08

In New Delhi, India, the teams are at the Bahai House, the pit stop. From there, they head to Deshbandu Apartments, find the central park there, and get their next clue. Nick and Starr head out first, followed by Kelly and Christy. Nick and Starr say that their strategy is little white lies, and Kelly and Christy strategize on the proper hair do for India. They decide that their hair up is better. Dallas and Toni are off next, and Sarah and Terence are next. Meanwhile, Kelly and Christy decide which one of the frat boys they would make out with if they had to. Seriously, they are the kind of girls that I hates in high school. And college. And junior high. And now. Ugh. The Frat Boys and Ken and Tina bring up the rear.

Arriving first at the apartments, Nick and Starr are first to the Roadblock.

One person from a team have to take place in the traditional Holi Water. This basically involves being pelted with powdered dye and water while trying to climb to the top of a pole and search through hundreds of envelopes marked "Try Again" for one of six labeled "Amazing Race."

Starr managed to get through without being too colorful.

The next stop is the Charity Birds hospital. As they headed out, Nick got whacked with some fuschia dye. Oops.

Dallas begins his search, and Kelly and Christy on their way declare that India is smelly. Yup, hate them. Dallas did a good job and seemed to get through with most of his original color intact.

Kelly did the Roadblock for the Divorced Bitches team, and I couldn't help but cackle at how much dye she got pelted with. She was completely covered and had to take a water break. They again failed at the reading of the clue and Kelly ran each envelope back to Christy before opening it.

Terence and Sarah arrived next, and Terence did the Roadblock. In a bit of hilarity, he said to her "Who's my girl?" and she said "You are! I mean, I am!" He turned completely fuschia and they were on their way. He complained relentlessly about the dye he breathed in, but I expected as much.

While Kelly continued to suck at the reading of the clue, the Frat Boys speedily did the task. They said it was like a crazy rave that the chicks didn't go to, since it was men throwing the dye.
Kelly ran back out and did a header into the dye and declared the task to just be too hard. Maybe if she was doing it right, she wouldn't be sucking so badly. Finally, they decided to actually read the clue and found it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they didn't have their taxi stay and no one wanted to take them all dyed up.

Ken and Tina arrived seemingly just as the girls were trying to leave, and Ken did the task. Tina got pelted with dye as well, and ended up a lovely shade of green. She declared everyone a bunch of morons. Nice.

At the Bird Hospital, Nick and Starr arrived first, to find that they had to search, barefoot (in respect for the temple) through the rows of bird cages, for their next clue, which is a Detour.

Bleary Eyed - Follow a power line and keep track of the specific sporatic numbered tags along the line, then give a man at a stall the list of correct numbers. If they are right, they get a little electic Ganesh (elephant god statue) to plug in across the street and light up for their next clue.
Yipes, that one looks really hard. The power lines are all tangled together and the tags are very small.

Teary Eyed - Teams have to go to a spice market and carry two 40 lb bags of dried chilis to another place 1/4 mile away. They have to crush the chilis to fill a container. These are hot chilis, and they could be in for some pain.

Nick and Starr did Bleary Eyed, as did Dallas and Toni.

Terence and Sarah are disturbing the poor birds in the hospital (Classic - "These birds are really messed up, babe," Terence said. "That's why it's a bird hospital, babe.") They went to Teary Eyed. The Frat boys went to Bleary Eyed.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Christy made jerks of themselves by making faces at passers by in the taxi. Their driver looked like he wanted to punch them. So did I. Ugh.

Ken and Tina hit their Speedbump, for coming in last on the non-elimination leg. They have to serve Holy Water at a temple, until there are no more temple goers desiring water. That is a tough one.

Kelly and Christy went for Bleary Eyed.

Dallas and Toni and Nick and Starr ended up working together on the task (after Nick and Starr tried to do it on their own and decided it was too hard). Terence and Sarah started on the chilis, and complained about how heavy it was, then how spicy it was. Kelly and Christy were in a bike taxi, and their driver was pointing out sights to them. Not so helpful. When they got to the street with the power line, they had the taxi go down the street with them looking. Not sure that was allowed.

Ken and Tina spent a lot of time serving water, and didn't seem particularly reverent, but did their task, and headed back to the Bird Hospital.

Nick and Starr and Dallas and Toni finished up the task and headed off to the Pit Stop.

Crushing peppers, Sarah and Terence felt like complaining some more, and Sarah said that she didn't think that the shop owner was very nice or generous with his evaluations. She doesn't seem to understand that it's the same type of thing he probably does every day. Sarah wished that some other teams were their suffering with them. Spread the wealth.

Andrew and Dan and Kelly and Christy both get numbers missing in their lists. I think they were looking at the wrong numbers entirely.

Nick and Starr fought through the traffic and got to the Pit Stop first, winning a trip to Hawaii. Dallas and Toni arrived next.

Andrew and Dan were still getting their sequence wrong, and Kelly and Christy complained about how hard the task was. Meanwhile, Ken and Tina arrived at the task. Andrew and Dan offered to work with Christy and Kelly, but they declined. Ken and Tina finished their first run down the street quickly, and Kelly and Christy were getting their numbers checked when they got to the man to check it, and the Not So Super Divorcees held up fabric so that Ken and Tina couldn't see their numbers. So infantile. Ugh.

They were wrong again, of course, since they aren't even looking at the right numbers.

Ken and Tina got it right the first time. Terence and Sarah also finished their task, and Sarah proclaimed that if someone told her that putting cow poo on herself to make her feel better, she would do it. Sadistically, I wish that someone would tell her that.

Ken and Tina helped Dan and Andrew out by telling them to look for the little tags, and Kelly and Christy figured out their error at the same time. They both got their clues to the Pit Stop at about the same time.

Tina looks kind of nice with green hair. It was a good job of thorough dying on the part of the dye pelters.

Christy and Kelly complained about the traffic and that "India has a lot of people, it's gross." I hate people like them. Joyfully, they came in last, and they are gone gone gone. I will not miss them even a little. Goodbye.

(I'll try to format tomorrow)

There is a Fast Forward next week, and it looks like a close one. Can't wait for it.

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Denmom said...

Thanks for the recap. I agree about the divorced girls. I wonder if their exs were laughing through the course of the show?