Sunday, November 2, 2008

Amazing Race - 11.2.08

This week's leg starts in Cambodia, and Nick and Starr are the first to head out - to Delhi, India. They then have to travel by taxi to Moonlight Motors. They are given instructions to buy airline tickets at a specific travel agency. Dallas and Toni are next, and he admits that there is some flirting going on between him and Starr, but it is awkward to try to flirt with his mom and her brother around. Ken and Tina are out next, followed by Kelly and Kristy, who claim to be quick learners (that explains their lack of reading ability in the past). Terence and Sarah get to the travel agency next, and pulling up the rear are The Frat Boys.

At the travel agency, after they get their tickets booked, most (if not all) of the teams do some research on India, and on directions to Moonlight Motors.

Everyone seems to be getting on the same flight. That always makes it less interesting.

In Delhi, it's all about getting a good taxi who knows where Moonlight Motors is. Nick and Starr mention the fact that Kelly and Kristy are wearing very skimpy shorts, which seemed to be getting them the wrong kind of attention in India, but they blew Nick off when he mentioned it because it is hot. Cows are in the road all over the place, and the traffic is crazy. Ken and Tina's cabbie has no idea where it is, and Tina is pretty sure where it is, but they stop and ask for directions.

Nick and Starr arrive first at the Roadblock. One team member must mask off and paint a little rickshaw green, to show that it has "Gone Green." The Frat Boys are amazingly second.

Starr and Andrew get to work with the task. Toni and Dallas arrive next, and Toni takes the job. Kelly and Kristy get their next, and get to work. Terrence and Sarah and Ken and Tina are still kind of hopelessly lost. They both eventually find it, but Ken and Tina came in last.

Starr finished masking first, and got to spray painting, followed shortly by Andrew. Terrence got very annoying with Sarah again, and Tina also got very controlling with Ken. You have to wonder why Tina and Terrence didn't just do the tasks themselves. Nag, nag, nag from both of them. Between the "Babe"s and "Dude"s, I was very confused which teams were talking. Andrew and Dan amazingly finished first, followed by Nick and Starr. Nick and Starr seemed to get the first taxi. Dallas and Toni got the next spot. Ken and Tina managed to get their old taxi who waited for them, and micromanaging Terrence and Sarah are still working on it and freaking out. Kelly and Kristy squealed about their completion, leaving Terrence and Sarah to Babe at each other for a while longer.

The next stop is the Ambassador Hotel, where they have to search the gardens for an Indian doorman and their next clue.

Nick and Starr reached the hotel first, followed by Dallas and Toni. Ken and Tina are questioning keeping their directionally challenged cabbie.

It's a Detour

Launder Money - Make a wedding necklace decorated with rupees, with 10 notes adding up to 780 rupees. That sounds really tough.

Launder Clothes - Using a traditional charcoal heated iron, iron 20 shirts.

Terrence and Sarah finally finish their road block and are freaking out about being in last place.

Nick and Starr head for the laundry (I would have done that one as well).

Terrence and Sarah got to the hotel first and decided to launder money. Ken and Tina switched cabbies, and headed to the Laundering Money task as well. A lot of teams seemed pretty lost, but also most headed for the ironing task. Nick and Starr have a huge advantage because they had some gloves in their own bags. This allowed them to finish first, and head to the pit stop - Baha'i House.

As the first team to the Pit Stop, Nick and Starr each won an electric car! That's pretty awesome.

Kelly and Kristy finish the ironing task second, while Andrew and Dan struggled mightily. The money changing in the other half of the detour is going pretty well for Terrence and Sarah, who managed to get their money in the hopefully correct notes and began work on their necklace. Ken and Tina had a harder time of it. They just began their assembly as Terrence and Sarah finished up, but they had a terrible time finding a groom to give their finished necklace to in the giant crowd.

Dallas and Toni finished their ironing and headed to the roadblock as well. Andrew and Dan were stymied by a big gust of wind which knocked over half of their clothes. Terence and Sarah finally found their groom and headed on their way, seemingly just as Ken and Tina found theirs. Terrence and Sarah got their same taxi, but Ken and Tina had to find a new one.

Kelly and Kristy came in second at the pit stop, followed by Dallas and Toni, then Terrence and Sarah. I'm sure there was much babe-ing in happiness at their finish. Ken and Tina finally found a cabbie just as the editors would have us believe the Frat Boys finished their task and headed out. Ken's height was a problem in the cab, and he looked squished in there. Andrew and Dan got the better cabbie and came in fifth. There was much rejoicing.

Ken and Tina came in last. The good news is - it is a non-elimination leg. Sometime during the next leg of the race, there will be a Speedbump, which is a task only they will have to complete before continuing on. I like the Speedbump more than some of the other non-elimination leg twists, like no money (forcing the contestents to beg, which always rubbed me the wrong way), and the no belongings other than what was on their backs, because the teams learned how to get around that one pretty well by layering everything from their bags onto their bodies before going to the pit stop if they thought they were last. The Speedbump seems more in tune with the rest of the race.

Let's see how next week goes! Looks like tantrums abound.

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