Thursday, November 20, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 11.20.08

I'm still mad that they named the merged tribe Nobag. Really? Really?

Randy is stunned that he was not voted out, because he has no friends, but he thinks that they made the right choice. The remaining Onion, mainly Corrine, is feeling nervous about her future.

Sugar is gunning for Randy. She had a chat with Bob and he told her that he made a fake idol. She was impressed. He says he is only going to tell her about it. I would love to see a Sugar/Bob alliance to the end. That would be pretty cool.

Corinne and Randy had a talk about the peeling of the Onion alliance, and they agreed that they hate everyone else. They want to work on Matty, and try to pull him over to their side.

Treemail has individual envelopes for everyone, and it's time for the Survivor Auction!!!

They each have $500, bidding in increments of $20, and they cannot pool or share.

The first item is beer and peanuts. Randy and Sugar bid on it, and it goes for $180 to Randy. The next item is hidden, and Ken and Randy bid back and forth. Ken got it for $340 and it turned out to be a scroll reading - "Send yourself or someone else to Exile, and if you send someone else, you get all their money." He sent Bob, and took his money.

The next item was also covered, and Randy and Ken went back and forth, until Sugar upped it to $340, and she got chocolate and peanut butter. This was enough to get Heidi and Jenna naked a few seasons ago, so I think she got a bargain.

The next item is a hot bath and grooming materials, and a clean set of their own clothes. Susie got it for $340. Sugar said Ken should have gone for it, because she would have cuddled with him with no clothes on, and he said "Would you cuddle with a rich man?" no answer.

The next item is burgers, fries, and a soda. Matty got it for $400.

Susie decided to get out of her bath after a really short amount of time because it was too hot. Crazy.

The next covered item went to Randy and it was $280 - Spaghetti, garlic bread and a glass of wine.

Corinne got the next item (for all of her $500) when Ken gave it up. It's a bottle with a clue in it, and it remains sealed until the next immunity item.

Next, Randy bought a covered item for $20 for the whole tribe, and it was a tray of chocolate chip cookies. Sugar wanted to give hers to Matty, and he said no, and gave it to Corinne, and then Randy offered Sugar his own cookie, and she gave it to Matty. And the auction is over. I don't get the animosity between Sugar and Randy. I don't think we have seen the whole story.

Randy is out of his mind mad back at camp. about a cookie. Insane. Matty went to chat with Randy and Corrine, and told him that he set himself up, and needs to drop the attitude.

Over at Exile, Bob goes for a clue and realizes he's already gotten the clue, so went off on his own personal safari, and just enjoyed it. It was a breathtaking bit of editing, and I still love his attitude.

Back at camp, there are talks amongst everyone. Everyone wants to get rid of Randy, except Matty wants Bob gone because he's more of a physical threat. Sugar thinks that Matty is really playing the game, and as a physical threat, he doesn't want Bob, the other physical threat around. He is sure it needs to be Bob, then Randy, then Corinne.

The next morning, Randy talked to Corinne, and told her he was going to crash and burn all day, and make everyone miserable, and hopes that Bob will give him the Hidden Idol. Little does he know that it's fake. I hope that Bob gives him the fake one and says nothing. That would make me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Randy followed his plan pretty well, and Crystal said he was "wreaking havoc in the Nobag Tribe." I can't take that tribe name seriously. Randy calls his plan "Operation Strongarm." We'll see about that.

And it's time for an Immunity Challenge!

The challenge involves racing across balance beams carrying a bag of puzzle blocks. The first two people to get three bags across the line move on.

The final round involves Puzzle blocks arranged on a multi-level platform, avoiding trip wires, to arrange them like dominos, to fall and raise their flag.

Corrine's bottle is opened, and she gets an automatic pass in the first round, so the first two people move on.

Matty and Ken are first across, followed by Bob and Susie. Matty and Ken get their second bags, and poor Bob fell off right at the end with his second bag and missed it. Matty got his third bag across, and then it was a battle, ending with Ken securing his place in the next round.

The Domino round is tricky. Corinne and Matty started at the beginning, and Ken went to the end first, and that was not the best strategy, because he tripped the wires easily. He picked up the pieces and kept arranging. Ken and Matty seemed to finish at about the same time, and Ken gave his a shot first. His spacing was off and he failed the first time. Matty and Ken both gave it a try, with Corrine following suit. It was a fight to the end, and Corrine's stopped short, along with Matty's, and Ken managed to work it out and win Immunity. Good for him.

Back at camp, Ken is pretty happy about his win, and Randy is grumped out. He thinks the majority is gunning for him, and he wouldn't be wrong. Sugar tells Bob that he should offer Randy the fake idol, and looks forward to seeing the hilarity. So do I. Bob acknowledges that he can't save himself directly with the fake idol, but he could keep his longevity a while longer with the fake one. Corinne talks to Bob and tells him that she hopes he can share the idol with Randy. Bob did a wonderful acting job, acting unsure about what to do with it, and then ended up giving over the (fake) idol in the forest. Tee hee.

I think if nothing else, Sugar is on Bob's side wholeheartedly now.

Sugar told Ken and Crystal "Tonight is going to be the funkiest night of your life. Wait for it. Wait for it." I am so excited.

At Tribal, the Cookie Fiasco is brought up again. Randy won't let it go. I forsee this being an issue at the Reunion. Susie says that she thinks Randy is probably a sad person inside, and she feels sorry for him. He gets defensive and says that he feels that's like her saying "You're so pathetic." To me, that would be about right.

Let's get right to the vote. There were some unpleasant words from Sugar towards Randy (and I can't say I disagree.) As most of them whisper at the vote, but Crystal practically yelled her joy at voting for Randy, and the people back at the benches looked incredulous.

And hilarity ensued. Randy played the Fake Idol. Go Bob.

Sugar and Crystal tittered as Jeff tossed the Fake Idol into the fire. Corinne looked stricken. The votes were read, and Randy is outta here. I hope that Bob manages to stick around for a while - and that this doesn't potentially cost him jury votes.

Corrine looked pissed.

I'm kind of sad that Bob's wonderful fake idol got burned. It was so good.

And next week, it gets more interesting. There was a scene of Bob telling Corinne that Marcus hid the "disposed" Immunity Idol at camp (after hiding it in his pocket), and told him (Bob) where it was. Is this an attempt at fooling Corrine right out of the game, too? We'll see.

Can't wait to see it!


Lyra said...

I suddenly crave a meal of spaghetti/bread and wine and a dessert of chocolat and peanut butter :P

Ed said...

I love it when immunity idols are played, especially when it’s a fake one. It’s even better when the person playing it is a tool. Even more fun than that is when 6 of the 8 people know that it’s fake. In summary, I’m glad Randy’s gone.

And, while I'm not a Crystal fan, her loudly proclaiming her goodbye to Randy while she was voting was one of the best vote-off moments I can recall.

Lars said...

Freaking righteous, just righteous. Finally caught up after missing three weeks running for a variety of reasons, and man, am I ever glad to be back up to speed.

Righteous. :)