Thursday, November 27, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Thanksgiving Recap episode

Let's go back in the season, shall we? Let's remember when Fang was totally floundering, and when it looked like the end for the whole tribe. Goodbye Paloma, Goodbye Spunky Grandma, Goodbye the first girl I forget. And the Onion? The Onion looked so strong, like such a sure thing, didn't they? Well, look how the mighty have fallen, that Onion peeled back layer by layer and discarded until only Corrine remained at it's bitter center.

This is the kind of story Survivor has been wanting to tell for a long time in a recap episode. The grand comeback of the underdogs.

And there's going to be audition videos! Yippee!!

Ace's Audition video featured him on a beach in a suit.
Randy's Audition video featured him loving his dog (bald).

Bob's video showed him doing science and being chased by a "bear" in the woods and hanging out with the cafeteria ladies saying he can eat anything since he was eating cafeteria food for 20+ years. He he.

Crystal apparently auditioned at a casting call, and she claimed to have "beauty, brains, and blazing speed." Yeah, haven't seen any of that.

Susie just wanted to bring her tweezers so she wouldn't have a mustache and a beard.

Ken had braces in his video.

Corrine graduated at the top of her class, in three years, with a full academic scholarship. She planned on flirting and manipulating her way to the top, and then she got into a bikini and jumped into the pool.

Sugar was featured homeless with a tongue ring. She wanted to eat a whole lot of funky food and do whatever it takes.

Matty's video showed his girlfriend and his dog, and he said he wanted a little pain and suffering. He sure got that with Fang.

It's back to the recaps. Kota was living large and Fang was scraping the bottom of the barrel and eating "Gabon Pears," which they said were icky, and grasshoppers. Randy got a leach. Matty was safe, or so he thought, but he had one.

The formation of The Onion over at Kota was cemented by the continued winning. Dan's ineptitude at idol searching was showed again. Apparently at Kota, Marcus was getting chummy with Jacquie, and Corrine disapproved of their possible relationship.

Sugar was horrifically maligned by Kota when she was sent to Exile. Corinne thought she would be clutching herself and shaking instead of doing anything clever. Little did Corinne know that Sugar was handily finding the Idol. He he.

Ah, Ace. He was so cocky about everything. He was so sure that Sugar would set him up to be safe with her idol. Over at starving Fang, Matty sang a song in honor of his girlfriend because he missed her birthday. And made everyone else sing with him. He seems a little like a stalker and I hope his girlfriend loves him as much as he loves her. Randy said that the only thing he ever loved was his dog who died five years ago, and he plans on getting a new dog when he gets home.

A Fang alliance was formed with Randy, Susie, Matty, and Dan - just in time for the first Tribal shakeup. The new Fang proved to be as inept as the previous Fang. Jacquie was sent home, and I hardly had a chance to know her. Sugar missed Jacquie. Corinne missed Jacquie. Marcus missed Jacquie.

Bob's awesomeness was featured. He made a bench. He made a slingshot. He made a tripod for over the fire. He made a spoon. He made a sundial. Yup, Bob pretty much rules.

Crystal and GC's "Eat your rice" spat was shown again, and it is a poor imitation of Alicia's finger waiving moment. GC quit, and I cannot respect a quitter.

Kota continued to dominate, and Crystal called Randy a troll when he complained about her crying. Kelli went home.

Kota got to have a picnic on the mountain, with their letters. The picnic was fantastic looking, with pickles, various cheeses, etc. Corinne thought everyone was an idiot because they didn't know what some of the picnic items were. The champagne was a bone of contention, with complaints about people getting more than their share.

Sugar got some screen time for the Sugar Shack. She made herself a new dress out of a rug at the shack. She picked flowers. She had a lot of guilt about food when no one else had it in the tribe.

Ken's dominance began to emerge, with the ouster of Ace, and the lawyer was sent packing at Kota.

Next came the presumptive merge and the idol that was tossed into the ocean (*or was it?* I am pretty sure it was, but there's some gameplay going on with it next week. Can't wait)

And the non-merge came, with Matty telling Sugar that Ken fooled her into getting rid of Ace. Marcus was totally cocky. This was his downfall and Marcus was gone.

Poor Bob didn't find the idol, and then made his Most Awesome Fake Idol. I wish Bob had been my physics teacher. Seriously. Awesomeness.

The domination of the Underdogs came to light with the ouster of Charlie. Sugar tried to talk to Corinne about how to get along with people. Corinne was completely unreceptive. Sugar said Corinne's complaints about people are "like cancer in my ears." Corinne went off because Sugar is not college educated and has no job right now. Corinne and Randy had a complaining whispering conversation in the woods about how stupid Sugar is (I don't think she is), and how much she hates Sugar. She really is a bitter, total elitist, isn't she?

The Randy vs. Sugar Cookie Debacle was recapped. Randy was so sure that Sugar was a complete idiot and couldn't possibly have found the idol that it was his downfall. Randy decided his strategy was to be an ass to everyone, and people were scared he was going to sabotage the camp before they had a chance to vote him out.

I still can't freaking stand the fact that they named their merged tribe "Nobag." That has got to be the stupidest merged tribe name ever.

The Fake Idol came into play, and it was classic and hi-freaking-larious. I would have been giggling like Sugar if I had been there. So glad to see him gone.

And next week, we'll get our first joyful Randy-less week. Yippee!

That was a pretty good recap episode. It ended with the boys of the original Kota getting naked and jumping into the water, with cat calls from the girls. Including Bob - who didn't seem to get any cat calls, but he is still full to the brim with Awesome.


Anonymous said...

this is actually one of the best Survivor blogs i've found... its pretty much everything that i think.. & why the hell is Corinne so jealous Sugar... its pretty obvious... i mean she expected to be the good looking flirtatious one... Sugar got that title :)

Astrid said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I hope that you continue to enjoy my blog. And I think that Corinne has severely underestimated Sugar's brain and as far as her being flirtatious? Usually one would have to be slightly likeable for flirting to work. Don't you think?