Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the bubble: Pushing Daisies

It's fate is unsettled currently.

I have signed the petition (not sure if this will do anything to help, but it certainly can't hurt).

I will cry and cry if it gets canceled.

I'll be buying whatever seasons they do make on dvd, but I don't want the forensic fairy tale to end.

Hope hope hope hope hope.

I don't want a CSI: Peoria, I want more Pushing Daisies.


ButterflyInTheWind said...

LOL CSI: Milton

I love CSI actually, and I haven't seen Pushing Daisies. But if you like it, I hope they keep it!! :)

Astrid said...

You should check out Pushing Daisies. It is so fantastic in every every way. I feel wrapped in a warm blanket of goodness every week. Look for the Pie-let (that would be the Pilot) and fall in love. I plan on buying both seasons on DVD and watching them over and over again. And I don't own any tv shows on dvd, so that's saying a lot. This is one I want to keep forever and ever. If two seasons is all I get, I'll take that.