Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Idol: 1.27.10

Dallas!  And Neil Patrick Harris!  I am the happiest girl here tonight.  I love NPH.  Will I love Dallas?  Let's see!

11,000 people showed up for auditions.  NPH wants to shatter people's dreams and crush the hopes of 2-3 dozen.  Awesome.

Julie Kevilighan (28) She auditioned the first season and was unanimously sent home.  She is back with more blue eyeshadow and more blue sequins.  She has taken a lot of singing lessons since then.  She is just not a natural singer.  It was bad.  NPH had a problem with the squished lettering on the sign.  I love him.  No's from everyone, and she insisted on singing more and more and more.  Bad bad bad.  She thinks that better breathing would help her.  I think some better talent would have helped her.

11 AM, and montage of Golden Ticketed ladies, and we didn't see any of them.  Boo to that.

Lloyd Thomas (29) He's got a back story!  He's got a sucky job!  He's got cute kids!  He's also got a really good voice.  His fashion sense is dreadful (dude, don't wear a baseball hat with a tie.  Just don't).  Kara loved him (and his story), and NPH loved his voice, but wanted more personality.  Simon thought he was the best of the day so far.  He's in.

Montage of NPH and Simon disagreeing.  Love NPH.

Kimberly Carver (26) She's singing an original song, and she's really fabulous.  It's another bluesy voice.  I like it a lot.  Randy said she has a brilliant voice.  Agreed.  Simon saw nothing current or interesting in her.  NPH disagreed and thought it was quite great.  Kara loved her, too.  Simon said that it would be good on Jazz TV.  She's in, because Simon is out-voted.  She vowed to watch some vintage Doogie Howser.  Love it.

Dexter Ward (20)  He is sure he is the next America's Top Idol.  He is absolutely not.  The editors had fun with him, though.  I think a caterpillar crawled onto his lip and died.  Maybe it died because he sang to it.  It was creepy and weird.  Kara asked Randy for help, and he said "no, dude, right?  That looked like it hurt."  Randy then pulled out the "singing's not your thing, dude."  Dexter is booted, but Simon said his smile would take him far in life.

Montage of crying rejects.

NPH chatted with Ryan and he said that he was surprised by the talent that they are actually seeing, and thinks that hopefuls don't belong there if they can't take the heat.

Erika Rhodes (23) She was in Barney as a child.  That doesn't make her any better for me.  She's got a whip.  She sang a bit from the Barney theme song, and she's got a great voice.  Even though I hate that song.  She sang Free Your Mind, and she pretty good.  I think she was better in the Barney song.  NPH said that Barney kids grown up to be dirty little girls.  I love him.  She's got 4 yes votes, and she's in.  Hope that she leaves the whip at home.

Another montage of unseen golden ticket holders.  Gah.

Dave Pittman (27) He's got another back story, and hey, he has Tourette's.  That just spells success for someone who is going to be on stage.  He says it doesn't effect him on stage.  Let's see.  He's got a good voice, even though I wish he would open his eyes and connect a little.  And I wish he had shaved.  The runs were kind of all over the place.  NPH loved him, and Randy did, too.  Simon predicted people would like him.  NPH thought he was crazy brave.  He's in.

15 people made it to Hollywood from Dallas on Day 1.  And we saw 4 of them.  That's ridiculous.

And time for Day 2, we lose NPH for Joe Jonas.  Really?  I feel like turning the tv off right now. 

Todrick Hall (24) He sang backup with Fantasia, and sang an original song, which was pretty funny, all about the judges.  "Simon's looking unimpressed... just send me to Hollywood!"  It was clever and he has the voice to back it up.  He got resounding yes votes from Randy, Joe, and Kara, and a begrudging yes from Simon.

Dawntona Thompson - quick yes, who shook her head too much.  Stephanie Daulong - another quick yes, with a stupid headband, but a good voice.

Maegan Wright (20) She's another of these girls with a really bluesy voice.  Her transitions were really nice.  Kara loved her voice.  Simon liked her, too, as did Joe and Randy. She's in.

Vanessa Johnston (22) She's wearing a shirt that looks like a woven friendship bracelet.  Wow.  Straight hot pink out of the 80's.  Ugh.  She can't find this decade, and she can't find a note to save her life.  She's off pitch painfully, and made me wince.  Simon said she was his worst nightmare.  She said at least he's dreaming about her. 

Montage of terrible, and of Simon's harsh words.  Montage of what the audition process is like, and why Simon is so grumpy, and probably also why he is quitting.

Christian Spear
(16) Ooooh, it's another back story!  She had leukemia at 6.  She's been cancer free for 8 years now.  Good for her.  And I mean that.  To me, she doesn't have that special of a voice, and the mannerisms and extraneous runs do not impress me.  The judges loved her and her confidence.  She's in.  I would not have put her in. 

That's a total of 17 on Day 2, and we only saw 5.  Again, that's pathetic.  Come on, AI.  Show us the good people!  Please!

Next week - Denver.  I think the guest judge is Posh again, and ... a nude contestant?  Should be interesting!

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