Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway - 1.21.10

Jesus was not happy to find himself in the bottom 3.  The designers are woken up early.  They are excited for their first trip to the actual Mood store.

Heidi (so cute and preggers) announced that they are going on an "out there" field trip, to show what they are made of.  It's a day on the farm!  All the models were with Tim, wearing potato sacks.  So... no Mood then?

They will be making a party worthy look out of potato sacks.  The models actually are their clients, and they are going to be wearing the designs to an industry event, and they get to choose their designers.

I don't know anyone well enough to care who is getting chosen.  I think that most of the models kept their original designers.  Alexis switched to Anthony from Mila, though.  Alison picked Amy after losing Anthony.  Valeria chose Jeanine and Mila was the last chosen.

They went shopping at the "farm stand," full of embellishments, for 15 minutes. 

Back to the workroom, and to the HP sponsored tablets for sketching!  Tim warned them to not loose sight of their own visions.  They have until midnight that night.  Mila is pissed at not being picked by her previous model and puts the bitch on. 

Sewing madness!

Anne Marie was doing potato print dying.  I kind of love it.

Tim's check in!  He loved how Pamela dyed the burlap, but worried about her skirt design.  He wrinkled his nose at Mila's dress, and the tulle that her model loved.  He worried that Jay was going to run out of time to do elaborate trim.  He found Ping intriguing, but worried about the length of the skirt and the runway making it vulgar.  He loved Amy's dip dying treatment but worried she might lose herself in the model's request.  Jesus' burlap is completely disappearing under ribbons, and that's not what the challenge is. 

Enter the models!  Ping's model agreed that she hoped to have her buttocks covered.  Emilio's  model was super crazy.
It's the morning of the Runway show, and there is still a lot of sewing going on.  Tim arrived to give them the 2 hour warning to get hair, make-up, accesorizing, and all the sewing done...

Ping's dress has an "ass flap."  It's something else, that's for sure.

Models were getting sewn into their dresses.  It was a mad rush at the end. 

Runway Show

Joining Heidi (who is not in a potato sack, but a maternity tunic that could be made out of a shiny one perhaps...), Michael, and Nina, is Lauren Hutton.  Cool.

Anthony's dress is pretty awesome and red/dark pink.  It had a great and flattering shape and you'd never guess it was burlap.

Ping's dress is an unflattering box around the hips.  It didn't move. He butt was hanging out.  It was awful. 

Ben's dress was dark pink, too.  The model didn't work it very much, in my opinion, and I think it was a little 80's.

Mila's dress had a neat metallic detailing panel and I liked it.  She left off the tulle and that was a good choice.

Anna Marie's potato printed burlap ended up looking kind of gold.

Jesse did [ants and a vest and I hated it.

Seth Aaron made a dress with a weird button on hood... eh.

Amy's dress was really neat.  I liked the dip dye.  She looked like a fairy.

Janeane's dress was a litte weird in places, but pretty neat.

Jay's dress was really short, but kind of fun.

Emilio's dress was really neat, and I loved the red.

Jesus's dress had no exposed burlap, and athough it was pretty, I think it might bite him.

Jonathan's dress looked like a nightie.

Maya's dress was weird and ruffley.

Pamela's dye job was neat.  The back was not very well fitted, though.

Pamela, Mila, Ping, Jesus, Jay, and Amy are the top and the bottom.

Jay is up first.  The skirt, which I thought was feathers, was actually burlap!  Very cool.  Pamela's dress was too short and too tight, and the judges didn't think it was very flattering.  Her model was uncomfortable in it.  Milla's dress was a favorite of Heidi and Nina, but Michael thought it was gapping.  Ping worried that the color of the burlap was too close to the model's skin color.  The bigger problem was the fact that her model's ass was hanging out.  Jesus' bodice is potato sack, but the ribbon sewn together was akin to cheating.  Lauren thought it was a confused assault on the eye.  Amy is so much shorter than her model it's almost comical.  Her dress was flirty and feminine and the judges loved it.

In the end, Amy was safe, and Jay was the winner.  Though I loved Milla's dress, I actually am happy to see Jay win, because of his use of the burlap.  Ping is in, too... to bare an ass another day!  It's between Pamela and Jesus for the auf.  In the end, it's Pamela's time to go, and Jesus gets another chance.  Though her dye job was beautiful, I can't disagree with the decision.  Her dress made her model look huge, and you know that wasn't the case.  Pamela left with tears and love for everyone.

Goodness - next week is duo week.  Ugh.  Someone has to work with Ping.  not pretty.

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