Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol: 1.19.10 (Abbreviated Blog)

It's my birthday, and I am not going to do a detailed blog, because I am taking it easy.

I'll write up my best of picks, though.

Katelyn Epperly (19) is just fabulous.  She's gorgeous and has a kind of Kelly Clarkson vibe to her voice.  She's got wonderful control and she's really likeable.  She's through.

Charity Lance (16, Arkansas) has some voice in there, but she wasn't my favorite.  She went a little nasal in parts up high, I thought. She's through.

Angela Martin has been to Hollywood twice, and had a traffic court date last season and had to leave during Hollywood.  She is quite good, even though she's not really my favorite kind of voice. 

John Park has a nice voice, and it's very soulful.  He's in, and he made Shania make uncomfortable jokes.  It was funny.

Paige Dechausse (21) has a back story, so you know she's good.  She had an asthmatic anaphlactic shock and almost died, but managed to survive without brain damage.  She's another soulful voice, which we've heard a lot of so far this season, and I like it.  Simon gave her a no, but the others gave her a chance.

Keith Semple had a guitar with him that they wouldn't let him play but I really really liked him.

Only 13 people from Chicago made it to Hollywood.  Those above were my standouts.  What did you think?

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