Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay for a New Season - Project Runway 1.14.10

Back in NYC!

Intros - Seth Aaron has spikey hair and has some neat things in his portfolio.

Janeane is from Portland, OR.  I am not entirely sure about her portfolio, but she was in tears about being in NYC.

Ping is a Physical therapist and a fashion designer.  Her designs look a little cuckoo.

Ben  is from Tampa and likes comic books.

Anthony is from Georgia and has ambitions to design pageant gowns.

Jay is from San Francisco and he has a mullet hawk.

Pamela is older (47) and worked in advertising until recently.  I really do like her portfolio.

Anna is a youngin and she could be one of the models.  She's straight out of fashion school, seemingly.

Jonathan also has a mohawk going on.  He does hand painting and  kind of like it.

Jesse was an actor at Disney, playing Jack Sparrow (he looked good).

Mila was a costume designer for about the past dozen years.

Maya is punk inspired.

Christine lived in the Ivory Coast.

Jesus is another one with huge man hair.

Emilio speaks Spanish.

Amy is Iranian in heritage.

Roof top toast time with Heidi and Tim!  Heidi did not partake in the champagne because she was pregnant during filming.

The next day, they are to meet Tim in Central Park for the first Challenge details!

Gorgeous fabric was strewn all over the park (from Mood, natch).  For the challenge, they have to embody who they are as designers.  They have 3 minutes from the word go to gather all the fabric they can before heading to the workroom.

Mad dash of insanity.

Tim then gave them the twist - editing.  They all had to pick only 5 fabrics from their stashes to use.

Time for Parsons!  Also, time for Product Placement - HP Touchsmart Notebooks, which they can use to sketch on if they choose.  Each designer gets their designated model's measurements, and they have the rest of that day, and a little time the next day to finish their looks.

Ping is the first one to act crazy - she likes to drape her designs on herself.  Interesting.

Tim sent in the models and they had 30 minutes.  Jesus' dress had a train that was attached to the bottom of a miniskirt, and it looked stupid, in my opinion.

When it came time for Tim's check in, Christiane isn't sure if her dress is out there enough.  Tim told her to finish it impeccably.  Ping was wrapped in her own fabrics, and Tim was concerned.  Seth Aaron had stupid zippers.  Jeanine was using a bad fabric for her dress, because it was all puckered... Anthony's dress wasn't working for him, nor was it working for Tim.  Jesus had to lengthen his dress, and the construction disturbed Tim.  Emilio only had an unfinished top, and Tim worried that he would become the first ever not to finish.  (I think Tim is forgetting the sheer piece of fabric that went down the runway draped on a model last season...)

On the day of the Runway show, chaos reigned in the workroom.  Tim entered and sent in the models, giving them an hour for fitting, hair, make-up, and accessories.

Runway Show

Yay for Michael, Nina, and Heidi, joined by Nicole Richie. 

Jonathan's dress is really neat.  I like the bodice a lot and the back cutout was interesting.

Seth Aaron's dress looked like it was a picnic blanket with a pair of suspender attached to it.  Weird.

Jesus sent down a very slinky snakey dress (he opted out of the mini-dress).  I'm not sure about the train, but I like his model.

Ben's dress included huge pointy shoulders, which I don't see as a good look for anyone.

Jay sent down what could be a cute outfit, but I question a giant bow right on the bellybutton.

Pamela's dress was super pink, which I don't like, but I liked the cut.

Emilio's dress was kind of awesome.  I loved his fabric and his cut.

Jesse's dress was interesting.  The zip off top was neat, but I liked it much better with the plain red top underneath.

Ping's look was nutty.

Chritiane's dress was kind of rumpled in places, but I liked the blue.

Amy's dress was weird.  I thought the top looked like she forgot to put on a top.

Jeanine's dress was kind of neat in the end.

Mila's coat was neat, and she used patterns really interesting.

Anthony's dress fabric was awesome, but I don't know any woman who would ask for a dress with a huge ass bow on the hip.

Anna's dress was cuyte and shimmery.  I liked it.

Maya's dress featured a giant cascade of oversized rosettes on the shoulder.  I do not generally like that look.

Amy, Anna, Ben, Jeanine, Jay, Jesse, Jonathan, Maya, Mia, and Pamela were all deemed safe (in alphabetical order I might add)

For the critiques. 

Anthony's dress - Michael thought that it looked like an amalgam of weird dresses, and didn't like the hip thing.  Nicole didn't think the back looked like it fit well. 

Seth Aaron's dress - he called it "Little Tokyo" and he had a story for it.  Nicole thought he committed and she liked it.  Michael and Nina loved the back.

Ping's dress - Nicole thought it was great.  Nina thought the hanger appeal was missing, and thought the model looked uncomfortable.

Jesus' dress - Heidi didn't know how fashionable it was, and Michael thought a huge crocodile trunk exploded.  Nina thought she looked like a Hershey Chocolate Bar.  Heidi noticed the seem where he changed it from a mini skirt and didn't appreciate it.

Christiane's dress - Nina liked the draping, but not the fabrics, and the hem was not finished. 

Emilio's dress - Michael thought it was deceptively simple.  Heidi loved the weaving effect.  Nina liked the technical work, and thought it had a lot of hanger appeal.  Nicole loved the silhouette. 

Interesting.  No super flops.

Well, except for Christiane.

I think Emilio was my favorite.  I loved his fabric.  Nicole liked Ping's best.  Eh.

Ping is the first one safe.  Emilio is the winner, and I am very happy.  He did a great job.  Seth Aaron is safe, as is Anthony.

That means it's down to Christiane and Jesus.  Christiane is the first one out, and I think that was the right decision.  Her dress was a mess.

What did you think?  Any standouts for you?  Are you happy that Emilio won?

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