Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Runway - 1.28.10

Heidi sends the designers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to meet Tim.  There are 10 iconic looks around them from a collection at the Met.  It's a team challenge - 2 to a team - to create a high end look that would fit in.  They have an amazing $500 (the highest ever for a challenge) and 2 days.  Jay, Jesus, Anthony, Mila, Jeanine, Ping, and Emilio are team leaders.

Jay chose Maya, Jesus chose Amy, Anthony chose Seth Aaron, Jeanine chose Ben, Mila chose Jonathan, and Ping chose Jesse. Emilio got Anna by default.

They got to look at the classic pieces to reflect and get inspired.

Back to Parson's to sketch!   I predict disaster from Ping and JC.  At Mood, the designers are excited about using expensive fabric, and Ping lost her sketch book, and then nearly lost the money.  Yup.  I predict disaster.

Back at the workroom, Ping and Jesse are still butting heads.  He said he feels like he is just trying to reign in the crazy, and tells her he's not doubting the vision, he's just hoping there is one.  Yup.

Anthony and Seth Aaron were using bright yellow, red, and black, and Anthony said he thought they might be designing for the head of McDonald's, but hey, everyone needs a dress.

Time for Tim's Gather-Round.  And a bomb shell - they need to create a look for less, using only $50, derived from the look of another team.  He told them to make sure it was derivaton and not plagarism.  Ping chose Emilio's look, Jeanine chose Mila's, Ben chose Anthony, Anthony chose Jesus, and Jesus chose Ping.  Emilio got Jay's.  20 minutes to sketch, then one team member goes to Mood for the $50 fabric.

The fabric that Ping brought back, Jesse called it "hooker shiny something."  Yup.  Disaster.

Anthony and Seth Aaron also aren't working together, though Anthony conceded  that "slapping the hell out of Seth Aaron isn't the best way to get the result."

Enter the models.

Ping feels like Jesse doesn't take her seriously as a model.  Agreed.  With reason.

Tim came in for a look see.  He urged Jay and Maya to keep it simple.  He thought that the fabric Ping picked out for the second look was like cheap wrapping paper.  Wow.  No other really big problems.  Jonathan is nervous because he has a lot of work left to do, and Mila has only worked on the jacket for the most part.  Jay was kind of slacking because he has immunity.  Jonathan worries that Mila would sell him out, and admits that he would sell her out in a second.  She says that whole outfit was her vision.

Enter the models for hair, make-up, and thoughtful accessories.

Runway Show

Joining Heidi, Michael, and Nina on the judge's panel is British designer, Matthew Williamson.  I adore Heidi's dress.

Anthony & Seth Aaron:  Signature look - interesting, not fantastic.  A little barbie for me. Look for Less -Looked like a cocktail dress from the 80's.  Did not like it.

Jesus & Amy:  Signature look - the fabric looks a little like camoflague, but I really dig the shape of it.  Look for Less - Their pants were like harem pants, and I officially hate them.

Mila & Jonathan: Signature look - I am not fond of the pants.  It looks like a tracksuit with a huge weird jacket. Look for Less - It was a little too plagaristic I think, right down to the feathery lacey detailing, but it was cute.  I like yellow, so I'm biased.  The babydoll dres was stupid, though.

Janeane & Ben: Signature look - It's a simple black dress, but really well done I think.  It fits the model very well and I like the subtle panels.  Look for Less -  I like it better than the Tracksuit original.

Emilio & Anna:  Signature look - The dress was really gorgeous.  I love the shape of it and the fabric was really pretty.  Look for Less - Love this dress.  So cute.

Jay & Maya: Signature look - Love the shape of it, and the growth on the shoulder didn't bug me as much as shoulder growths sometimes do. It looked like layers of shale or something.  Really interesting and well done. Look for Less - Cute, but nothing much.

Ping & Jesse: Signature look - Ok, it came out really nicely.  The dress (by Jesse) probably would have been better without Ping's weird ass drapey thing, though.  Look for Less - eh.  Didn't look well sewn particularly or interesting.

Janeane & Ben, Jesus & Amy, and Emilio & Anna were middle of the pack safe.

Anthony & Seth Aaron and Ping & Jesse have the lowest scores, and are temporarilly dismissed to make way for talking to the top tier.

Jay said that immunity didn't matter to him.  Michael thought their $46 version was more interesting and more beautiful than the $500 version.

Of course the judges love the tracksuit that I hated.  Of course.  The judges weren't in love with the look for less, and Michael wasn't fond of the babydoll dress.  Thanks.

Nina worried that the drapey thing on Ping & Jesse's look was a tail, and Michael said she would have to stand like the statue of liberty to wear it.  The judges called their look for less and ill fitting grey dress, that's it.  Jesse said that he did all of the sewing and had to teach Ping to sew.  The model in the look for less said that Ping never saw her in the dress at all.

Michael thought that Anthony's dress was Southern Cotillion gone wrong.  Michael thought the look for less was an acetate cocktail dress gone wrong, and thought that the dresses were both really ugly.

In the end, Jonathan was safe, and Mila and the tracksuit won.  Boo.  Whatever.  It was at least well made, I'll give it that.  I just hated it.  Maya and Jay were also safe.  Seth Aaron was slapped on the wrist, but was safe.  Jesse joined him in safety.  I hope that Ping is gone because Anthony is more amusing.  And, in fact, the disaster that is Ping is cut.  Thank goodness.  She was only mildly interesting for a couple episodes.  I will not miss her.


Ed said...

I keep forgeting to look at who's directing the episodes, but I have a sneaking suspition that the last couple of episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" were directed by NPH. At least the part where they break into song. Not hating, just saying that it felt a lot like him.

Ed said...

The above was supposed to be a comment on the NPH American Idol guest judge episode.