Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Runway: 9/10/08

The pre-challenge segment included Suede relating about his dream in which they all had to make sweetheart neckline dresses out of chiffon and poptarts. That's interesting.

Someone asked him if he had been drinking before going to bed.

Heidi is looking fab, and Leanne didn't switch models, so Kendel's trashbag wearing days are over. Enter "special guests" - the eliminated designers! The designers still in the game have to work with one of the eliminated designers to create an avant garde design. The look has to be inspired by the astrological sign of one of the members of the team. (I italicized the sign they are using for each team)

Korto is Aquarius, and is paired with Kelly, a cancer.

Kenley is Aquarius, and is paired with Scorpio Wesley.

Joe is Aries, working with Sagitarius Daniel.

Leanne is Libra, working with Emily, a Scorpio.

Blayne is a Libra, and is saddled with Scorpio Stella.

Terri is Sagitarius, paired with Keith, a Leo.

Jerrell is a Sagitarius, working with Jennifer, a Taurus

Suede is a Sagitarius, working with Jerry, a Libra.

They have 2 days, 30 minutes to plan (with the help of astrological sign dossiers). They have 30 minutes, and $250 at Mood.

Can I just say, Keith is a bitch and I don't miss him.

Leanne keeps rolling her eyes at Kenley. I would probably roll my eyes at Kenley, too, but she should try to be a little more subtle.

Tim visits, and Blayne again attempted to make him Holla at Your Boy, to which Tim answered "Do it to it." Go Tim. Don't let that wannabe catch phrase happen. Tim is worried at Jerell's fabric choice, and Leanne's exoskelaton dress is intruiging. He tells Kenley there is a fine line between Avant Garde and Costume, and Kenley swears her design will be super fabulous, I don't know about that. Terri and Keith are not working well together, and Tim is concerned. Keith only speaks up when Tim is around. How annoying.

Note from Heidi - They are showcasing their designs at a special show at the Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History and two designers will be eliminated! And they don't have until midnight, they have until 8 PM.

Everyone is busting ass. Except for Terri and Keith, who are standing around staring at each other and not doing much. When they have an hour left before the party, Tim says that the models AND the designers have to be prepared for the party.

Oh, and no more immunity. Ever.

Kenley is insanely overconfident.

The "special guests" at the party are previous finalists and winners from past seasons. The past designers get to pick the winner, but it won't be revealed until the runway the next day.

Heidi has an issue with ther placement of boobs on Kenley's dress. If someone is going to know something about bust support or lack thereof, it's the Victoria's Secret model. Kenley thinks that she's talking nonsense. She says that Blayne's design looks like old women's panties in color. Blayne (wearing a ridiculous headband) tells her to think outside of the box.

The next day, they have a runway show, and they have some time to fiddle with their designs before going out. Kenley padded her model's chest so that the boobs were better for Heidi. In Kenley's defense, her model is pretty flat chested. Stella got to pound some grommets into leatha. Ah, good times. Suede was really really sad that two people are going home tonight. Keith took a nap.

Runway time!

Michael Kors, Nina Garcia (yay, she's back), and Francisco Costa (a designer) are the judges with Heidi tonight.
Blayne's Outfit: It looked like a Barbie closet exploded on the arm of an Ancient Roman woman, ad she decided to tie it on with leather. Really? Quite dreadful. Can he just go now?
Kenley's Outfit: She looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It's a mishmosh of a lot of dreadful. Wow. Hideously giant bulbous arms, and no editing.

Terri's Outfit: Miles better without the fur. The dress is slinky and not pants, ad the color she added really adds a lot to the outfit. The model's styling is spot on. Love it. I don't know about the slimy look of the red, though.
Korto's Outfit: Very water-inspired, and that's nice. Lots of great colors - deep blues and purples. Very flowy. I don't know how avante garde it is.

Joe's Outfit: Much better made. The skirt was fantastic, with lots of layers of reds and oranges and yellows, and the bodice was ok. I'm not sure about the fit of it, and was there exposed skin on her stomache? Hmmm. I love the skirt, though.

Jerell's Outfit: What the hell was he thinking with the fabric? It just didn't work.

Leanne's Outfit: I love the exoskelaton and the underdress. Lovely. Not that I'd wear it, but it's quite beautiful and different.

Suede's Outfit: Yawn. It's nice, but it doesn't look avante garde to me. It looks a little lumpy, and the pants are satin and show all sorts of wrinkles.

Korto, Jerell, Leanne, and Joe are among the top. Who will win? We have to wait until after the ouster to find out.

Terri, Blayne, Suede, and Kenley are in the bottom. That's about right.

Blayne attempted to talk up his design and his idea, but Nina said that it looked like a one-legged monster, and Heidi called it not pretty. Michael says it looks like she is pooping fabric. So not good.

Terri is berated for not being able to work with anyone, and Michael called it very costumey and said she looked like Voodoo Princess in Hell. Terri is shocked at the bad reviews.
Kenley again can't shut up long enough to listen to her critique. Michael says it looks like stuff he's seen, and that it looks Dolce on the bottom, and she snips back "I don't look at collections." She is shocked that they hate her design and say Nina says that she thinks that Kenley did what she wanted to do and completely disregarded the challenge.

Suede talked about himself in third person way too much. Nina and Heidi call it safe and not avante garde. I would agree. Michael says "It's not the 'I need to make this and put it in the department store challenge.'"

In judging, Michael finally spoke about Suede's talking about Suede in third person, and said it was a lot of self delusion. Bingo.

Time for the winner. It's Jerell! I don't know about that. I thought it was a mess. Oh well. Goes how much I know.

Kenley and her bitchy attitude are safe. Finally, Blayne is out. I just have to say, that's fantastilicious. I will not Holla at Your Boy, you idiot. Goodbye. Suede and his self delusion are safe, and Terri is out in the one week she didn't make a pantsuit. I think she was doomed by her inability to work with Keith.

Edited to add: How come I've never read the blogs on Bravo before? For your reading pleasure - Tim's Blog and Michael Kors' blog! I'm so totally in love with Tim Gunn.

Please still read my blog, too. I need the love.


Kathleen said...

darling agree, agree, agree....just great response to the outfits, except for last week I adored Leanne's little jacket over her fantabulous Marta Hari style dress...
excellent execution!!!!

Márcia Bezelga said...

Sorry, only asking now, but would it be possible to explain the exact meaning of the expression " holla at your boy"? I´d love to know wether we have some expression with similar meaning here in Brazil. thanks a lot in advance

Astrid said...

You know, I really can't tell you what "holla at your boy" means - it seems to be some sort of "yeah, that's right" statement, but it is out of my idiom.