Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Project Runway: 9/3/08

Heidi is very sparkly tonight. That woman is just gorgeous. Leanne sticks with her model, so no drama there. Tim gets a rare appearance on the runway, and he announces that they get to design for a fashion legend. Leanne is happy not to be designing for Tim. Blayne wants the legend to be Mary-Kate Olsen. I don't think so honey. He also expressed his dream to marry Mary-Kate. Also don't know about that one, honey. Keep dreaming. Instead, they get to design for Diane von Furstenberg. Kenley burst into tears (of joy). Their challenge is to create a look for her fall collection based on the movie A Foreign Affair. They get to visit her sample room and use some of her fabrics. The winning look will be produced and sold to American Express cardholders, and part of the proceeds will go to CFDA.

In the sample room, everyone is doing a great job and having fun picking out fabrics. Stella again whines for help. Tim tells her to work it out, pretty much, and Kenley tosses the fabric at her.

In the work room, they each get to look through the look book, and almost everyone is doing three pieces, except for Kenley, who opts for a dress. Suede used some more annoying third person and I tuned him out. Blayne went black instead of neon, and Terri whipped up another pair of pants. That girl makes beautiful pants, but she seems to be redoing the same thing over and over. Korto starts to get catty. Jerell's outfit could be nice if it looks anything like his drawing. Joe's looks really neat and unique. Leanne admits that she has never been out of the country, and has had no foreign affairs, but thinks it would be fun to be a spy. Suede fears that Suede's blue hair would give him away.

Enter Tim! He questioned Suede's vest shape, and calls Leanne's dress phenomenal (and I agree) - though he thought her jacket was floppy. Joe's dress and hooded shawl is interesting, and Tim wants him to work it out. Korto's dress has a pop of yellow that Tim worries looks like a bra strap. Stella's fabric looked like it had some leatha in it, and she didn't have anything cohesive yet, and said that the judges didn't like her design last week because they were clueless. He liked Kenley's sillhouette, but said that it could go either way with her only having one piece. Kenley cried (again). Her voice is truly annoying me. Stella lamented that Diane is not rock and roll, so might not understand her design.

Crunch time at Parson's! Everyone is scrambling except for Kenley, and everyone is sewing their models into their outfits and furiously sewing their final bits. Sadly, Joe's deisign looked like a mess upon quick glance, and Stella might be done.

Runway time!

Fern Malace is filling in for Nina this week, along with Heidi, Michael, and Diane von F.

Joe's Outfit: It was better than it looked in the workroom, but the front flap and buttons looked crooked, and I don't get the theme from it much.

Leanne's Outfit: The dress is truly gorgeous, but I hate the lump of grey jacket she felt obliged to throw on top of it. The gown, though, is impressive.

Terri's Outfit: Pretty nice, but it just looks like everything else she has done. I wanted her model to take off the jacket so I could see the blouse.

Jerrel's Outfit: The electric blue belt and the jaunty little hat don't fit the rest of the outfit, but other than that, it isn't bad. Not as good as I expected it to be, though.

Korto's Outfit: I love her fabric, and the yellow works where she ended up putting it, down in a kick pleat type thing. In the top, it did look a little like bra straps.

Blayne's Outfit: What the heck was he making? Poofy pantaloons? Not only is the idiot wearing what looks like leftover fabric wrapped around his little addled head, but he made pantaloons. The jacket is interesting, and the shirt doesn't go.

Suede's Outfit: It's nothing really special. I don't know why one would wear a vest with a pretty dress like hat, and it did manage to make his skinny model look a bit hippy - not a good thing.

Stella's Outfit: The pants are nice, and the vest on top was something. I don't know that I was digging it, though.

Kenley's Outfit: The dress was really pretty. Nice job, Kenley.

Terri, Jerell, and Blayne are the middle of the roaders this week. Boo for pantaloons!

Korto is in the top, and her outfit gets good marks. The jacket was very very nice. Joe's outfit is not well made and not cohesive. The skirt didn't match up, the belt didn't match up. Just not good. Kenley pat herself on the back, and talked over Heidi when she was trying to critique her. Diane liked the dress, but Kenley needed to shut the heck up. The other judges liked it. Stella's outfit was badly tailored, and the cape was not a 40's cape, it was called a "dracula cape". Not good. Leanne's outfit (even the jacket) was well received. They loved the ruffles on the back. Suede's outfit was called unflattering with a superfluous slit in back. The herringbone didn't go at all, and Michael says it looked like the model got dressed in the dark. Ouch.

Korto is safe, and not the winner. Leanne is the winner, and I am thrilled. Her dress was simply and utterly astounding. The jacket I was not thrilled with, but I guess it was a look. Kenley is safe, and I wonder if she was on her way to cry some more. Suede's design was not bad enough to get Suede booted this week. So, it's down to Stella and Joe. The trash bag didn't do her in, but Diane von Furstenberg did. Stella's out. I won't miss her. Joe needs to step it up and get his act together on the hems. Stella pretty much said F-you to the whole Project Runway experience. "If you like my designs, com buy it, if not, keep walking." She will be happy to get back to all Leatha all the Time.

Can't wait for next week! (And sorry if I am a bit off this week, I have a little cold)

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