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Project Runway: 9/24/08

Since they didn't work with their own models last week, and eliminated two designers, three of the models are out this week. Kenley chose Joe's old model, and Leanne switched to Suede's model, which made Suede pissy. It's part of the competition, and he needs to get over it.

Tim reveals that the designers will be designing for each other. Suede will be designing for Jerell. Kenley will be designing for Leanne, Korto for Suede, Jerell for Kenley, and Leanne for Korto. They must each create a look for their client inspired by a specific musical genre. Cool.

Kenley's genre is pop, and it sent her into a fit of nervous giggles. She thinks pop is cheesy. I think she is cheesy. Jerell wants to make her "Kenley Spears."

Suede's genre is punk. Korto is nervous. Suede had some interesting ideas. Korto told him to come to her with any concerns before Tim comes around so that she doesn't have to kick his ass.

Korto's genre is country. She is not thrilled. While they were brainstorming, Kenley tried to barge in and take their time and whined and annoyed me some more.

Leanne's genre is, hilariously enough, hip hop. Designed by Kenley. That's right. Leanne had a funny rhyme/rap attempt. "Yo, Kenley's gonna make an outfit for me, she'd better not make it look like it's from 1950." She even attempted to it with rapper attitude. She failed miserably, but she tried, and it was cute.

Jerell's genre is rock and roll. Suede is worried about doing something dated.

Shopping was interesting. Kenley chose a typical Kenley floral looking pattern and when Tim questioned it, she claimed that it is totally hip hop because it's grafitti. Keep up the delusion, Kenley.

Korto got a little into genre and started singing and line dancing (terribly). Kenley was nervous about Jerell's outfit, and burst into a fit of giggling. I thought it looked pretty hot. Enter Tim, who urged Jerell to add "the right more." He worried that Leanne was being too subtle, and she didn't want to get too costumey. Korto's look was not punk enough for Tim yet. Suede's outfit was kind of boring to Tim, and urged Suede to work on all the details. I think it looks dreadful so far, so I think that Tim was being kind. Kenley talked back to Tim and whined that she didn't want to make Leanne look stupid. Kenley cannot take criticism, and it made Tim really upset, telling her that she needs to drop the sarcasm and the attitude. Go Tim. Kenley then declared that she knows way more about hip hop than Tim (in her confessional) and further declared that she just was going to ignore him. *sigh* I am so done with her.

Tim could hardly hold in his laughter when he saw how the designers were decked out for the show.

I'm right with him.

Runway Time!

(with guest judge LL Cool J)

Leanne's Design: Korto looked as country as Korto could be.

Jerell's Design: Awesome. In order to make Kenley pop, he did some genius work.

Kenley's Design: Kenley claimed that Leanne was not selling the outfit and that was the problem. Right. Because the hideous shirt, the too-tight, too-high waisted pants, and the ridiculous jewelry had nothing to do with the failure of the outfit. Nothing at all. I guess I can see where Kenley sees the Alicia Keys vibe in that outfit, but seeing as Alicia Keys' bad style is veyr often featured on Go Fug Yourself, I don't think that was a wise direction to go in. Plus, as Jerell said, Alicia Keys is more R & B than hip hop. The crotch on the pants were ridiculous.

Korto's Design: The punk was awesome, and Suede sold it. Jerell continues to impress me.

Suede's Design: The vest looked like it was taped together, and the shirt was ridiculous. I guess the pants were ok, but... really?

The judges loved Korto's design for Suede, and they actually liked Suede's vest. Surprising. They thought the pants were too subtle and there was no oomph to the outfit. Jerell's sexified Kenley outfit was very well received. It made Kenley giggle. Heidi (queen of undergarments) wanted more breastage support. Michael called it sexy, but not vulgar. Heidi called Kenley's supposed hip hop jeans the least flattering pants she had ever seen. Kenley whined that she wanted it to look fashion forward, and complained that she didn't have enough time to make it look luxury. Nina said that everyone had time constraints and yet Kenley is the only one who had problems to the extent. Leanne's skirt got good marks, but not really country enough.

Jerell and Korto got really high marks for their looks. Michael called Suede's look "Rock and roll going to the grocery store." LL Cool J accused Kenley of making Mom Jeans. Ugh. He also said that Leanne's look for Korto looked like a waitress at a theme park. Double ouch.

Korto is the winner this week, and I'll bet it was close between her and Jerell. She did a wonderful job, though, and the detail of the bleaching was awesome. Jerell is safe, too, of course. Leanne is also safe. The aufing is between Kenley and Suede.

I'll bet this one was a close call, too. But, being in the bottom for three weeks in a row, Suede is out. Astrid won't miss Suede. It was kind of amusing seeing him leave in full punk regalia.

Looks like Kenley is going to do some more whining next week, this time directing her ire at Heidi. Please let her be aufed next. I can. not. take. her. anymore.

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Jeni said...

I so agree about Kenley! They need to get rid of her just because she is a pain!