Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Preview

My DVR picked this preview up and I thought it was on CBS (Sorry, Ed), but it was actually on the TV Guide Network.

A couple neat things that I learned.

There is an "Exile Island" this season still, and the person sent there will have a choice of a clue to find immunity, or comfort, like an apple and some pillows. Probst said "I hope that someone is dumb enough to get a chance at Immunity, which will keep them in the game, and they choose an apple." He is sadistic sometimes.

The Rock Climbing Granny is wonderful in the preview. She's from South Africa originally, so she has that awesome accent. I love the South African accent.

I love to see Probst's original views on the castaways. It's always neat.

Michelle is a real cutie, and she's a boxer, which is neat. She moved to Hawaii and got married (and is now divorced) at a young age. I have a friend who has the same story. Minus the boxing.

Ace is still on the fence for me, but he seems really annoying.

Jessica "Sugar" said that she is going to act stupid. She said that she isn't planning on telling people that she is an actor, because then people will always think she is lying to them. She thinks she is there for comic relief, because she's really not physical. I don't think she'll last long.

The preview showed this season's Tribal Council, and it is beautiful. The snuffer is in the shape of an elephant head, and that is awesome. Probst just looks like he has so much fun with his job.

Crystal is the Olympic Gold Medalist, and she is not planning on telling anyone that little tidbit. She says "If anything, I'm going to lie and say that I'm a basketball player." She's 6'3". That's insane. I could like her.
Marcus seems like an ass, and Probst boldly said "Marcus is not going to win."

Kelly is adorable, and Probst calls her the "Hot Chick of the Season," and I hope she is more than that.

Matty is the trust fund boy who piddled it all away.

Corrine said that she never thinks about people's feelings before saying anything. I don't know if I can handle her for long. If she wins, she wants to get the money in $1 bills, fill a giant tank, and do the backstroke. Yeah, good luck with that.

There is some background of what happens behind the scenes. They shoot about 2500 hours of footage per season. Producers and small crews basically live on the beach with the castaways. Their shooting ratio is 300:1 - for every minute you see, there is 300 minutes you didn't. Each episode takes about 4 weeks to edit. That's crazy. I like seeing that type of information.

This season, there were issues getting supplies to the set, and they said that because this season is in HD, they had to pay a little more attention to detail - "So you don't see the duct tape that you couldn't see before." I can't wait.

Randy is the guy who I hope is out first. He's a wedding videographer, and I can't imagine hiring him to videotape something pleasant. He said he's had tens of thousands of dollars of therapy, which has made him realize that he needs to just keep his distance.

Paloma is pretty uber religious, and Jeff is worried that she is going to fade away. She is so beautiful, though.

Bob is the attempt at Yau Man v.2.0. I really want him to do well. He's adorable. He plans on staying under the radar.

Susie has a tshirt with a picture of her kid on it. I don't know about that.

Dan is a wildcard. Jeff said "He appears to have it all together and appears to be a smart guy, but when I listen to him, I'm not so sure." Ha ha.

They ended the preview with a look at the first immunity challenge, and it looks like a killer one.

Who's excited???


Ed said...

I'm excited! A day and two weeks!

I guess it's good that I no longer get the TV guide channel (thank you very much Comcast) because I would have been upset had I missed this.

Last season's preview was very informative, and, in our "office pool," I correctly picked the first person voted off to get a huge jump in points on the rest of the crowd.

Lyra said...

Awwwwww I'm actually in your Blog??? :D LOL I may not be a boxer, but I ran the Honolulu Marathon ;-)