Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay for a New Season - Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares!

I'm not going play by play for this one, but I am so happy to see it back. For the premiere, Ramsey is revisiting 6 restaurants he worked his magic on last season to see if his changes stuck. I am happy to see this Where Are They Now. I always wonder what happens after the cameras stop rolling.

Finn McCool's has done well for themselves, and managed to make it through the owner's heart attack and they are making money. The chef is happy and is doing a fantastic job. They did a good job at listening and applying what was suggested.

The Old Stone Mill was a mess before Ramsey's intervention, and they have improved incredibly since. They are up over 25% now. That's awesome. The chef is happy and confident, and it's looking good. Another good job.

The Mixing Bowl made such a great transformation under Ramsey's watchful eye. Did they keep it up? They did indeed! They are selling out every night! They need more seats! It's doing wonderfully. Everyone is happy and smiling. See what happens when you listen to Ramsey?

Dillons was the strange Indian/non-Indian bug haven in Manhattan before Ramsey showed up. Ramsey renamed it Purnima Dillons Restaurant, which was a more Indian name, and installed a new authentic Indian chef. After they spent some time on their own, they claim to be proud of what they are doing. Their new Indian chef, Vikas, is amazing, and has become a "visionary" of the restaurant. How nice. The restaurant and kitchen are gorgeous and emmaculately clean. They have done a great job, and there is one head chef who can thank Ramsey for his job. I guess he was good before, but now he is working at a very sucessful restaurant and he can be proud.

Campania was a mess last time, with surley chefs and waitstaff who didn't help the restaurant at all. Post-transformation, it is a total success. They continue to serve on the smaller plates that Ramsey brought in, and Ramsey got their meatballs declared the Best Meatball in their bourough (maybe in NJ, I couldn't hear). It was great. Ramsey actually brought some of the meatballs home with him.

Finally, on to Peter's, the family run restaurant with the gangsta wannabe. Peter was so annoying - buying himself a suit instead of buying a stove and the like. Now, it's another success story. They have a new (calm) head chef, and that is awesome. The whole thing is doing very well.

Say what you will about his tactics, but Ramsey is effective, it seems.

And coming up in the season - more gross and dangerous kitchens. I can't wait to see how it goes from here!

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