Thursday, October 30, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.30.08

Fang is starving, and Matty is losing hope. Then, Crystal spilled some rice. She said it was just a little bit, but it was a ton. Later, she skipped her portion of rice because she didn't want to take anything from them. Ken is feeling insecure about the Matty and Ace vs. Crystal thing going on.

Kota is having a much better time, sitting around chatting and having coffee. Dan is feeling insecure about Corrine, Charlie, and Marcus being so tight. He confronted them about feeling insecure, and Corrine said "I don't know if he's a former fatty, or why he wasn't liked as a child, but..." They tried to reassure him a little, to stroke his ego enough to keep him working.

The Reward Challenge is a game of keep away. Three people from one team toss a breakable ball back and forth, with one person from the opposite team trying to smash it. The winning tribe gets a helicopter ride to a beautiful place and have a picnic. Charlie and Corrine.

First round is Randy vs. Fang, and Ace vs. Kota. Randy won the first point for Kota. The next round has Bob as the attacker for Kota and Sugar the attacker for Fang. Sugar complained about how annoying and mean Randy is. Bob is aggressive and takes down people left and right, but the ball remains unbroken, until a fumbled pass gives Kota their second point. Dan and Matty are the attackers in the third round. The third round is over quickly, and Kota wins it. Sugar is returning to the Sugar Shack. Poor thing.

Matty is really hungry (for a win and some food) and is bitter at Sugar being worthless at challenges (she pretty well is).

Kota is off on their helicopter ride, and Bob is feeling super grateful. They land near a giant cliff, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Matty went on about how worthless Sugar was. I wonder why they didn't have Crystal (the tall person) act as attacker. She could have been better than Sugar. Matty brought Ace out on the boat to try to get rid of Sugar. Ace manipulated him off of Sugar and back to Crystal. Meanwhile, at the shore, Crystal schemed with Ken to blindside Ace.

Back at the picnic, Kota is stunned to receive letters from home. Poor Bob broke down in the sweetest tears I have ever seen to read his. Everyone is flabbergasted, and so happy. I really love Bob, I have to say.

Sugar had a seemingly uneventful time in the Sugar Shack.

It's Immunity Challenge Time.

Both tribes are going to tribal council, and both tribes will vote someone off. There is individual immunity up for grabs. It's a log roll, and each person goes up against another person (from their tribe or from the other tribe). There is an unnamed twist to be revealed later.

First matchup is Dan vs. Ace. Ace dominated and Dan was knocked off easily. The next round is Charlie vs. Crystal, and Crystal went down. Next was Marcus vs. Matty, and Matty was done. Randy vs Susie sent Susie into the drink. Ken vs. Sugar send Ken in first. Bob vs. Corinne was last for the first round. Bob said he was a former log roll champion, and he sent Corrine swimming.

Ace vs. Charlie was first in the second round. There was a lot of fancy footwork and Charlie went in a second before Ace. Marcus vs. Randy sent Randy in. Sugar vs Bob was last in this round, and Bob slipped to give Sugar the win for the round.

All three finalists are on the log at the same time for the final round. Ace is in the middle (they drew for spots), with Marcus and Sugar on either end. It was a good start, but Sugar went in first. Marcus hung on just long enough to win individual immunity. He read the twist, which was to assign immunity to one member of the other tribe. He chose Sugar. This gives her two immunities. Will she give her Idol to Ace? I hope not!

Fang ponders who to get rid of. Ken approached Sugar and told her that Ace was going after her, and that Crystal also wants her gone. He is not a very good liar, but he did tell her that Ace wants the hidden Immunity Idol back from her. She told him that she would say that she would vote for Crystal, but she will vote for Ace with Ken and Crystal. I hope that she does that. Ace approached Sugar to try to wheedle the Hidden Idol away from her, and she told him that he doesn't need it, and told him she had to think about it. She does not immediately make up her mind (to the camera).

Fang heads to Tribal first. The Rice Spilling debacle was discussed. Matty tells Probst that each of them gets about 6-8 spoonfuls of rice per day, and even Probst was surprised at those rations. Crystal is feeling put upon about the Rice Debacle, saying that even though she said she wasn't going to eat, they should have saved her some if they really cared, even though she declined it three times when Ace offered. She's a little paranoid. Sugar keeps her necklace - but did she keep her hidden idol?

Sugar kept the Hidden Idol to herself, and Ace is gone! His cockiness will never end, and he personally thanked Sugar under his breath for the ouster. Though he was a strong player, he was so sure of himself that I am thrilled to see him gone.

Kota's turn to strategize! Susie is on people's lips, and also Dan. Corrine went to talk to Susie, and told her that she trusts her, and wouldn't vote her out, and then Susie makes the complete blunder of telling Corrine that she was thinking of voting HER out because she doesn't help out enough at camp. Corrine then confessed that she hates Susie and wants to "stab her in the face." Corrine went to tell Randy of her newfound hatred of Susie, and he wants her gone, too. Corrine chats with the center of the Onion, and they are not sure if they should get rid of Dan or Susie.

At Tribal, Susie went after Corrine again, saying that she is stronger than her. Susie is delusional. Randy says that he knows himself pretty well, which gives him advantages and disadvantages. I'd agree with that. Dan admits to being a worry wart.

After all the talk of Susie against Corrine, she voted for Dan. hmm.

The votes go to a tie between Dan and Susie, but the final vote went to Dan and he is out. I wish it had been Susie, but I understand them getting rid of Dan. He was really obnoxious and annoying, so I don't blame them. I hope that Susie is gone soon.

Next week, it looks to be a merge, and Randy is feeling like King of Gabon. Let's hope not.

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