Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.1.09

Cat's looking a little like a Pink Lady up for the prom, with a cute hot pink dress and an out of place studded belt. Interesting.

Joining Nigel and Mary tonight on the panel is Mia Michaels. Cat asked Mia the loaded question of whether her opinions about certain people (Brandon) has changed, and she didn't name names (Brandon) but her opinion has changed for the better, for a "small male dancer" possibly with "the initials Brandon" according to Nigel.

This week, they are having the couples recap their performances so far in the show. Is that really necessary? It's only been a couple of weeks. Anyhow...

Anyone wishing to vote should call 1-888-TEMPO-##

Janette & Brandon (Cha Cha, choreographed by Jean Marc Genireaux and France. Song: Hush Hush Hush Hush, by The Pussycat Dolls) We already knew that these two can move quickly, from the Disco a couple weeks ago, and Janette has quite the shimmy dance on. She pulls some faces that I don't love, but they work for the most part. This was one hell of a cha cha. If Mary likes the cha cha rough, she ought to adore this. It was something else. What is it with Cat and the bumping? Nigel said it was possibly the best damned cha cha he's ever seen on the show ever. I'd agree. It was amazing. He called Brandon the Michaelangelo of the dance floor, and called them brilliant. Mary applauded Janette for her cha cha feet (which are very different from salsa feet), and then she drooled over Brandon some more, then screeched their entrance onto the Hot Tamale Train. She may have said some other things, but I muted her. Mia ate her foot and said that she is toughest on the dancers who she sees talent in, and spent some time drooling over Brandon, too. She warned him that he would love her and hate her on the journey. She took some time to tell Janette she's been on fire since Day 1.

Kayla & Kupono (Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Song: Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation) Sonya's choreography is so weird, but it's so neat. They were playing kind of a battle, with Kayla struggling against death and Kupono pulling her towards it. It was really neat. They had some fabulously synced up leaps. Nigel appreciated the vampiric inspiration, and thought that Kupono was a new man up there. I would agree. He moved just beautifully, and for one of the first times, I really thought he belonged. He said the pair of them were reaching their true potential, and they complement each other. Mary said that in spite of the death involved in the dance, they are alive and kicking, and Sonya played to their strengths, and she spent some time admiring Kayla's impressive legs, and Kupono's character work and also his beautiful feet. She's keeping them on the hot tamale train. Blessedly, there was no screeching. Mia thought that they were just gorgeous together, and heaped some love on the costume and makeup people, and said it was Sonya's best piece ever on the show. She loves Kayla's commitment, and loves the growth in Kupono, and his calm power, and compared him to Mark from last season, who I just adored. It was a wonderful performance.

Randi & Evan (Broadway, choreographed by Joey Dowling. Song: Rich Man's Frug from Sweet Charity) Though it is Evan's style, it was a different side of the style than he's used to, and the rehearsals looked intense and rough. In the actual dance, though? They brough it, and they were wonderful. I just love watching them! It was a really fun dance, and I kind of like Evan's hair all messed up. Randi makes a great flapper! Nigel said it was a really great homage to Bob Fossey. He loved Randi, but was a little disappointed in Evan, but said they are still in his top 10. Mary said it's hard not to go crazy when they have dancing this great. She thinks that Evan did the style pretty well, and Randi, too. She really enjoyed it and thought it was entertaining, but was kind of subdued about it. Mia heaped praise on the choreographer, but picked on Randi and Evan for being too short to pull of the choreography well. She felt that Randi moved a little heavily, and she expected more from Evan. She gave them a good job instead of a bravo.

Jason & Caitlin (Pop Jazz, choreographed by Brian Friedman. Song: Creator by Santigold) Caitlin is an Alien who blew up Earth, looking for a human mate in Jason. It requires Caitlin to be totally dominant, and that's tough. I give Caitlin props for dancing with spikes on her head. Jason had some really great character going on, too. It was a really weird dance. I didn't see anything wrong with it, per se, but it was really odd. Nigel thought that Brian Friedman is from a different planet. He agreed with me, that it was very weird, and thought that they really did commit themselves, though he thought that Caitlin looked like a dancing condom, and if she was trying to impregnate the human, she had a bit too much on for that. Mary thought they dug in with the characters, but didn't think the choreography played to their strengths so much. Mia thought that Brian was just going to have fun. She didn't like the tin foil all over Caitlin, but thought it was enjoyable. I'd agree. They shouldn't go home for that. BUT - the other dancers have been astounding tonight, so we'll see.

Jeanine & Phillip (Hip Hop, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Song: Love Lockdown by Kanye West.) The routine is about being connected and locked into a partnership. And they'll be chained together. Color me impressed at their ability to dance witha chain connecting them. They used some of Phillip's contortionism, but not a whole lot. It was pretty darned cool. Nobody tripped on the chain. Nobody split their pants. It was good. Nigel said it was tremendous and thinks maybe they should be chained together for life, and loved it. He sucked up to Napoleon and Tabitha some, for good measure. Mary loved the creativity of the dance, and loved how they worked with the chains attatched to their ankles. I hate how Mary talks to people like they are puppies. "You are just so good up there, yes you are!!" Mia loves Napoleon and Tabitha so much she joined Nigel in calling them Nap & Tabs. She worried that she was caught up in chainography and the uncontrollable sloppiness in that, and it took away from how hard they were hitting it, and how great a job they did with it, because they did do a great job with it. Jeanine admitted to having chains all over the place in the apartment. Awkward moment there. I love them.

Melissa & Ade (Classical Pas de Deux choreographed by Thordal Christienson. Song: Love Scene from Romeo and Juliet) It's a pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet, and Melissa has always wanted to play Juliet, so she is thrilled. It's the first time there have been pointe shoes on the show, and Melissa felt at home in them. It was just beautiful. I loved to see her in her style. Nigel applaudes the show for doing classical ballet. He said that Ade's feet could be a little better, but loved how his carriage was and his strength in lifts. He then patted the show on the back for diversity in styles. Mary just loved it, and thought that the chemistry was totally believable, and said that Melissa's pointe work was wonderful. She said they put her in a dream-like state that she didn't want to wake up from. Mia said that classical ballet celebrates everything that makes you a great dancer, and was so glad to see it danced as well as it was. She said it was a fairytale and done just beautifully, and you can't fake it, because classical ballet exposes everything, and loved Melissa's ballet work. Cat reminded them to give a shout out to the choreographer.

Before the final dance, it's a bit with Katie Holmes, talking about the Dizzy Feet Foundation, for underpriveledged dancers. Carrie-Anne, judge from Dancing with the Stars, is also involved. It's pretty cool. Many people in the dance world are involved. And then there's Miley Cyrus. *sigh* Because it's impossible to get away from her. Luckily, other, more talented people, are also involved. The show's 100th episode on the 23rd of July, and there will be a tribute to Judy Garland, choreographed by Tyce D'iorio, and featuring Katie Holmes. Now, back to the dancing.

Karla & Vitolio (Quickstep, choreographed by Jean Marc Genereaux and France. Song: Puttin' on the Ritz, by Rufus Wrainright) Ok, color me impressed at the dress transformation! It was astounding! They managed to get the feet in there, I think. It didn't always look effortless, but I think they got the steps pretty good in there. It was entertaining. Nigel loved the choreography and the quick dress change. Mary tried to make a joke and failed. Nigel thought their quick step was very good. Mary screeched that they did a great job, and thought it was well done, though sometimes they drifted just a little, but thought they did a fantastic job. Mia thought that Jean Marc is just a genius, and loved the growth in Vitolio, but worried about his consistancy. She said that they didn't kiss death, they made out with it, and that's a good thing. She warned Karla not to look scared.

Yipes! Everyone was great tonight! Janette & Brandon's cha cha was killer, Kayla & Kupono's contemporary was funky and fun. I loved Randi & Evan, but they may be in the bottom 3. Hope not. I worry about Caitlin & Jason, because of that weird alien dance. Jeanine & Phillip were awesome. And the Pas De Deux from Melissa & Ade? For heaven's sake! I wonder if Karla & Vitolio are going to be in the bottom just for the new partnership. Who would you put in the bottom 3?

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Jeanne said...

This is a tough one this week. For the most part they all did great. I loved Brandon/Janette and Melissa/Ade. They are my favorite pairs. And this is the first week that I've really liked Kupono. I thought he finally danced at Kayla's level. I think Kaitlin/Jason will be in the bottom because of the weird #. It's not their fault sadly, it's the bizarre dance. And I'm not that hot on Jeanine/Phillip. Either Randi/Evan (who I like a lot) or Karla/Vitolio will be the other pair. I'm not liking Karla, I never remember her at the end of the night.