Thursday, July 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.16.09

The beginning group number is to So Much Better by Janet Jackson. It has kind of a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vibe to it,and is very interesting. Melissa got a starring role, and spent a good amount of time en pointe. I couldn't tell the guys apart so easily, because they were wearing Chinese hats. It was a very cool number, choreographed by Wade Robeson and his wife.

Cat looks like a Disco Ball exploded on her, and her dress has a very unfortunate cut which make her look boxy. She also seemed to have an encounter with a bumpit in the hairstylist chair. It's sad, because she looked so good last night. At least her legs get to have their day. The dress is like a sparkly potato sack, and her hair and makeup looks like someone used her like one of those Barbie Heads.

Mia's door routine for last year, Tabitha & Napoleon's Bleeding Love with Mark and Chelsie, Tyce's Silence dance, Dmitry's tango were nominated for Emmy's. Awesome.

Bottom guy and Bottom girl are gone tonight. Nigel is absent today - because he is getting an honorary doctorate from a University in the UK. Cool. Cat declares it lady's night.

Recap of last night - and I'm still in love with Travis' choreography, and I still didn't buy the Pasa Doble.

The Top 5 Ladies joined Cat on stage. The bottom 2 are Randi in her gossimer blue gown and Melissa. It had better be Randi going home is all I can say, because Melissa is flipping brilliant.

(Fast forwarding through Audition Previews for Season 6 for the fall)

The Top 5 Guys join cat next. The bottom 2 are Kupono and his odd harem pants with a curtain tie back wrapped around his waist, and Ade and his silly pick.

Next week's performance show is the 99th episode, and Nigel and Mary will be joined by Mia Michaels, and Ellen Degeneres is also going to be on the show. And for the 100th episode, there will be some new performances of Award Winning routines - The bench, the hummingbird, and Ramalama! And of course, Katie Holmes. Cool.

Randi's solo was nice, but I hope that she's going home. I adore Melissa and she needs to be safe. Mary seemed to be near tears at the thought of Randi going home, and Debbie loves Randi's outfit tonight, but she is not a fan of the pasa doble at all. Mary almost attacked her for that one. A cackling attack. I was a little scared.

Kupono's solo was as weird as his outfit. Well, maybe not quite as weird. He had fun at least. His pants looked like they were in danger of falling off. Yipes. Mary didn't love his solo, and wants him to bring more if he has the chance.

Melissa's solo was beautiful and I adore her, and her big poofy bun. Debbie wants more in her solo if she gets a chance.

Ade's solo was the same as last night's, with the frantic movements to Unchained Melody, and I find myself agreeing with my husband. It doesn't fit with the music. He looked like he nearly fell in his backflip. And tonight, he's got a shirt on. Mary shrieked her love and Debbie talked over her because time was running out.

Performance time, Black Eyed Peas. Fast forward. I like them alright, but I just want the nitty gritty. They got confetti all over the stage and made quite a mess.

So, which girl is going home? In the end, it's Randi and I can't say I'm happy, because I like her, but I'm satisfied. At this point, I pretty much love everyone, so it's going to be really difficult to say goodbye to anyone.

And will it be Kupono or Ade? Kupono joins his partner in leaving, and I think that's fitting. He just isn't up to par with everyone else. The Addiction routine last week was astounding, though. I'll give that to him. I'm really glad that he cut his hair before coming onto the show.

Looking forward to the big week next week!


Jeanne said...

That was who I thought should go too, but from now on it will be hard since I pretty much like everyone left. I did see in our paper this morning....August 20th is the premier for Project Runway on LIfetime!! Yay. The Design Show or whatever it's called on Bravo just isn't the same. Not even close.

April said...

I was sad to see Randi leave, would've liked for Kacey (or whatever the blonde girl's name is) to go...not that she's not good, but I get totally turned off when the judges put someone on a pedestal right from the beginning (if they're really that good, than why do they need the show to go anywhere, just my opinion though). I was thrilled to see Kupono go however :) And Ellen DeGeneres next week is going to be just downright hilarious....its been a long time since I've said I absolutely cannot miss something on tv...but next week's SYTYCD is definitely a MUST SEE!