Thursday, July 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.9.09

The group dance was set to The White Stripes Seven Nation Army, and it was a pretty cool dance, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Cat looking lovely with a giant bedazzled neckline to her almost mod dress, introduced the judges and let us know it was Nigel's 60th birthday. There were some botox jibes. Happy Birthday, Nigel. They wanted to do a Michael Jackson tribute, but they couldn't get the music cleared, even though choreographers were all on board. That's a shame. It would have been a good show.

The first two couples down on the stage are Caitlin & Jason and Janette & Brandon. As I predicted, Caitlin & Jason are in the bottom 3.

The next two couples to take the stage are Evan & Randi and Phillip & Jeanine. In the bottom 3 are Phillip & Jeanine. I am very happy that Randi & Evan are safe. Interestingly, Nigel revealed that the judges know the morning before the show who is going to be in the bottom 3 couples, and they generally make up their minds before the solos even come up, unless the solos change their minds. And, he said, even the cut dancers tonight might end up on the tour, so it makes me wonder if they are all set to eliminate Phillip, but want us to never fear, because they want him on the tour? Verry verrrry interesting...

Is the final couple Melissa & Ade, or Kayla & Kupono? I notice that Kayla's hair is pulled out of her face in anticipation of a possible solo... good plan, in case. Well, she didn't need to worry. Melissa & Ade are in the bottom 3. I'm sad, but looking forward to seeing Melissa's solo. I cannot believe that Ade is on the stage with that freaking pick in his hair.

While the dancers prep for their solos, it's time for a highlight reel from the coming fall season. Since I intend on watching (and blogging) this in the fall, and it's late, I fast forwarded.

Caitlin's solo was set to Stand By Me, and she put some cute moves in there,but I really think she is going to be the one going tonight.

Jason's solo was shirtless (Skin to Win!) and he showed som really interesting moves and I liked the solo a lot.

Janine shouldn't be going anywhere. She's wonderful. Her little gold lame dress was nice, too.

Phillip's solo was to the Diva Dance from Fifth Element. Love it. He sure does look like an alien! He might be going home, from what Nigel said earlier.

Melissa's solo was wonderful and she isn't going anywhere, I don't think. Watching her makes my toes ache.

Ade's solo was very neat, and included some seriously impressive tumbling. I was worried for him coming into it, but I think his solo might have saved him.

I'm fast forwarding through the musical guest, and I'm guessing that Caitlin & Phillip are going. Let's see if I'm right.

The judges are unanimous on the girl going home. I am right, and Caitlin is going home.

How about the guy going home? It's unanimous again. Phillip looks about ready to cry, and with reason, because he is going home. Still, he and Caitlin are going to be on the tour - "secured with the producers." Cool. I don't intend to go see the tour, but it's good news for them.

Can't wait to see how they do with the mixed up couples next week!

Do you think the right people went home?

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