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So You Think You Can Dance 7.8.09

Cat is looking mighty fab tonight, kind of 40's glam, and she tells us that each couple will be doing two dances tonight instead of just one. That's a way to fill two hours. I like it - more dance = good.

Joining Mary and Nigel tonight is Tyce Diorio. Those that want to vote, the numbers are 1-866-TEMPO-##

Melissa & Ade (Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. Song: Move on Up, by Destination) Melissa's hair is supa-disco curly, and Ade got to wear a shimmery blue Saturday Night Fever costume reject. They sold the dsico, I think, and of course the lifts were fantastic, especially one where Ade lifted Melissa while she did a complete front to back split and spun her around. Nigel said it was an incredible start to the evening. Melissa fell down at the end of the routine in a hold, and I didn't even notice. Mary said that they must have prayed to the disco gods well, and started screeching. Ade was dripping with sweat. Mary loved that Melissa let go of her ballet stiffness and had fun. Tyce adores Melissa and her versatility, and called her body brilliant. He loved Ade's rhythm, and natural style.

Kayla & Kupono (Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels. Song: Gravity, by Sara Borelis) The dance is about addiction, with Kupono being the addiction. She wants him to be sinister. Kupono has been touched by addiction (friends/family) in his life, so he is hoping to bring that to the dance. It is beautifully danced, and Kayla looked entirely in the control of the addiction. Kupono played the part well. Their lines work really well together, and their performance gave me chills. Kayla looked like she was struggling to get free and never really did. It was fantastic. Good job to them. What a moving piece. Nigel worried that Kayla's hair covers up her facial expressions too much, and I agree. He said that Kupono sold the malevolence. Mary loved Kupono's intensity, and loved Kayla. Tyce thought that Mia's choreography brought another level to their dance, and he feels like he had an experience instead of just watching the dance. He thinks that Kupono's body could be stronger, but his acting was superb, and he called Kayla a beast (in a good way). It was a total stand out. I do agree with Nigel, though... I've felt that Kayla's been covered by her hair a bit.

Caitlin & Jason (American Style Fox Trot, choreographed by Tony Meridith & Melony. Song: Minnie the Moocher, by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) Kayla was excited to get an elegant sparkly costume, instead of a foil tipped catsuit. I have to say, sadly, I tink the dancing left me a bit cold in the beginning. Once they hit their stride, it picked up some. The lifts were gorgeous. It all seemed kind of slow. I don't know if that's inherent to the dance, but I was not wowed. I still like them, though. Nigel said Caitlin made everything look simple and compared her to Grace Kelly in High Society, which I can see. He applauded Jason's footwork. Nigel said the only thing Caitlin was missing was a glass of champagne in her hand. Mary said they made it look easy and they looked cool and suave. She loved them. I guess it was better than I thought it was. Tyce thought they looked like stars and captured the essence, but wanted more glide.

Jeanine & Phillip (Russian Folk Dance, choreographed by Youri & Lilia. Song: Kalinka by Barynia) Janine is dressed like a stacking doll, and Phillip looks like Hansel. He did the low kicks very well, and his style lends itself to the spinning kicks. They did a spin with her squatting at the end which was cute. I liked it and thought they did well, but it was ... odd. Nigel wasn't sure about the decision to do Russian Folk Dance in the program. He didn't think the choreography was hard enough (next to Joshua and Twitch) and felt he needed lots of vodka to put up with the performance. He loved the leg work on the turn over, and thought that Janine looked good. Mary said that Janine made it beautiful, and appreciated Phillip's leg kicks. She also worried it wasn't hard enough to bring it home. Tyce wants to honor the dance, and thinks that they did very well. He thought Phillip was going to be terrible, and was impressed with him. He is (rightly) judging the dancer, not the choreographer. Thank you, Tyce.

Randi & Evan (Hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon. Song: Halo by Beyonce) Poor, married Randi - she is supposed to have discovered she is pregnant in this dance. Color me impressed. They worked it out! I love Tabitha and Napoleon because they can choreograph hip hop that is loving and beautiful. I am impressed with the both of them. Nigel loved that they weren't asked to be urban, just asked to be themselves to a hip hop feel. I love that, too. He thinks that the two of them are an assett to the program. Mary was expecting a train wreck, and thinks that they did a great job. She was looking for Evan to mess up, and didn't see it. She gave a little yip but held off on the screeching. Tyce loves the storytelling, but wants Evan to find more within himself. He loved Randi.

Brandon & Janette (Argentine Tango, choreographed by Miriam Larichi & Leonardo. Song: Libertango, from Forever Tango) Janette's feet and legs were just gorgeous. Brandon was keeping right up with her. There was a lift sequence at the end that was amazing. Great job to these two. Nigel silently started a standing ovation, which was followed by the others on the judge's panel. Wow. Nigel found words and said it was as close to perfection for a ballroom routine as he has ever seen on this stage. He held his ears as Mary screeched them right onto the Hot Tamale Train. She patted herself on the back for her adoration of Brandon from the get go and called Janette flawless. Oh, why won't Mary Murphy shut up? Tyce called them a power couple with great specifics and attention to detail. He compared them to fresh squeezed orange juice. Um... ok. There was more screeching from Mary.

Time for the second dances! Before the second dances, Cat reminds us that next week will find couple mix-ups.

Melissa & Ade (Waltz, choreographed by Ron Montez. Song: Natural Woman, by Mary Blige) Melissa looks gorgeous, and Ade made her look like a natural woman, I tell you. They had beautiful lines, and as always, near perfection in lifts. It was a great dance for their final dance as a couple. Nigel thought it was beautiful and sucked up to the choreographer, and loved Ade's strength. He wanted more rise and fall from Ade. Mary thought it was beautiful and loved Ade's lifts, but wanted more strength and ease from him in some of the more waltzy moves. She did think Melissa was mesmerizing, though, and called Nigel an English muffin. Um, ok. Tyce wanted some more emoting from Melissa, and thinks that Ade is so good he doesn't look like he's working hard. I love them and I am sad that they will be broken up.

Kayla & Kupono (Broadway, choreographed by Joey Dowling. Song: The Dance at the Gym from West Side Story) The dance is about love at first sight, with lots of emoting. Wonderful that Kayla's hair is out of her face. They danced it well, but I don't know if I felt love or just two people having fun. Her dress was super cute. Nigel said he didn't feel the danger and true emotion in the dance. I agree. It was kind of... two people having fun - not true emoting. He did think they danced it well, but needs more. Mary admitted that they didn't latch onto the style, but still thinks they are a force to be reckoned with. Tyce sucked up to Joey, but wanted the two of them to get down and into the dance. He thinks they'll be around for a while.

Caitlin & Jason (Lyrical Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore. Song: Show me Heaven, by Maria McKay) This dance is in their wheelhouse, stylistically. They danced it beautifully. I love it. The lifts were beautiful, and the emotion was there, too. Her dress did get in his face in one lift, but he got it out of the way well. It was a really wonderful job. Nigel sucked up to Mandy, and thought it was danced well, though he doesn't see chemistry between them much. Mary does see chemisty, but thought it was missing the magic. She thought they danced it really well, but didn't know if it was memorable. Tyce thought that their lines were beautiful and loved the choreography, but thought they needed to give it more.

Jeanine & Phillip (Jive, choreographed by Tony Meridith & Melony. Song: Stuff Like That There, by Better Middler) I thought they did a very nice job, and they looked like they were having fun. The lifts didn't look that bad, either. They got into character and looked like they were having a blast. Nigel sucked up to Tony & Melony, and said it was the best Phillip has been out of his own style. He actually slipped at one point, which I didn't see. He just loved Jeanine, though. Mary guarenteed that Jeanine would be here next week. She was impressed with Phillip's fast partnership and told people not to count him out. Mary screeched that Jeanine was on fire. She put them (at least Jeanine, and probably Phillip by association) on the Hot Tamale Train. Tyce thougt that Phillip made up for any lack of technique in style, and loved Jeanine.

Randi & Evan (Samba, choreographed by Pasha & Anya. Song: Ritmo de Bom Bom, by Jubaba) Pasha! Go Pasha! And Anya, too! They were way out of their comfort zones in this dance, and both of them did a good job selling it, I thought. The hops weren't fantastic, but the character was there. It was kind of like an African Tribal Samba. I wanted more shimmy. I still love them. Nigel doesn't look at Evan like a hot samba king. He does think Randi is hot, but doesn't think they made it work so well as a couple. Mary thought it was a fabulous routine, with a slow sizzle instead of a dynamic fiery dance. She wanted more command. I would agree. She screeched at them that she knew it was in there, but Evan needs to find it. Tyce thought that Evan should have done some research on previous hot sambas on the show, to see what made them hot. She thought that Randi carried the show. Mary interrupted Tyce to place Randi on the Hot Tamale Train (he stopped her before she was done screeching before. I think I might love him a little)

Brandon & Janette (Jazz, choreographed by Wade Robeson. Song: Ruby Blue, by Roisin Murphy) Their routine is about two thieves, with swift, cartoon-like movements. Ah, Wade. It was an odd dance, and they sold it. They were right their with their characters, and they looked like they were having fun. Nigel said that they have proved that they just do anything they try brilliantly. He can barely remember that Janette is a salsa specialist. He thinks they are the strongest couple of the night. Mary screeched that they saved the best for last, and called it spontaneous combustion. I hate Mary, because she used the word "stoled." No, please. Tyce loves that they can do anything.

I adored Janette & Brandon and Melissa & Ade and I think Caitlin & Jason are in the most trouble tonight. Evan & Randi will probably be joining them in the bottom 3. Will Kayla & Kupono's Broadway put them there with them, even though their Mia Michaels routine was amazing? I think so. I think it will likely be Caitlin & Jason going home. Phillip & Jeanine might be in trouble because of the Russian dance, but their jive was so much fun.

The best dances of the night, I think, were Kayla & Kupono's Mia Michael's routine, and both of Janette & Brandon's routines.

Who do you think is in trouble?

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Jeanne said...

I agree with you. I loved Brandon/Janette and Melissa/Ade last night. They rocked both their dances. It will be hard to see them split up. I liked Kayla/Kapono's first dance but not the 2nd. I like Kaitlin but not Jason so much, but I didn't really care for their routines. And I'm not that hip on Jeanine/Philip. And I love Randi/Evan but I think they might be in trouble...